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Legal automation: doing more with less

19 May 2021, 11.00am BST

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Legal automation: doing more with less


While many governance leaders wax lyrical about their agile and smart working practices, talented governance professionals are still often shouldered with burdensome and repetitive – but necessary – low-level work that keeps them from fulfilling their true potential. Entity management and compliance automation provides a real solution to this perennial problem. By using leveraging automation effectively, governance teams can ensure efficiency and accuracy, but also focus on what really matters: truly strategic initiatives such as M&A, IPOs, protecting brand reputation and advising leadership.

This panel discussion and Q&A session sees an expert panel discuss the evolution of entity management and compliance from a tick box activity to one that provides strategic value, the internal and external challenges governance teams face that result in inefficiency and risk, how leading companies are doing more with less, and what they’re using their new-found time on.

Discussion points

  • The increasing workload and remit of governance teams.
  • How to streamline entity management and compliance across the organisation.
  • Which tasks and processes are being automated and how?
  • How leading governance teams are leveraging the extra time and resources.


Sarah Hollinsworth

Director, corporate secretariat, Barclays

Nicola Marsh

Assistant vice president, Barclays

Sulaiman Durrani

Regional sales director, Diligent

Daniel Connell

Legal entity management and governance leader, Deloitte

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