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Beyond matter management: how Anglo American are modernising processes and systems with HighQ and SYKE

22 February 2022, 11.00am GMT

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Beyond matter management: how Anglo American are modernising processes and systems with HighQ and SYKE


Matter management is traditionally a tedious chore – but a modern legal team needs to understand all of their matters instantly and be able to track them clearly in order to drive actionable insight and offer value to their business stakeholders.

Key members of the project team from SYKE and Anglo American will discuss the ways that Anglo American has utilised Thomson Reuters HighQ to modernise and future-proof their matter management processes. Anglo American will discuss their experience of implementing and rolling out HighQ and the impact which it has had so far on their team.

Anna Lolua and Thom Barr from SYKE will also give their unique perspective on how they go about designing bespoke HighQ instances to deliver the maximum possible value for their clients. This will be a live, informative and interactive session, with the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists at the end.

James Byrne, manager of solution consulting at Thomson Reuters, will also be on hand to answer any specific questions relating to the functionality and capabilities of HighQ, your integrated legal operations hub.


Ashley John

Head of legal – operations, Anglo American
Ashley John is the head of legal – operations for Anglo American and is responsible for business of law activities across the group legal team, which includes the delivery of their technology and innovation roadmap. Coming from a consulting and industry background and having worked across the globe in mining and metals, oil and gas, government and pharmaceutical sectors, Ash has spent most of his career in continuous improvement roles within operations or within large-scale transformation programmes.

James Byrne

Manager, solution consulting, Thomson Reuters
James manages a team of solution consultants and customer success managers for legal software solutions in the corporates Europe business of Thomson Reuters. His team are the technical specialists for the legal software suite of solutions at Thomson Reuters, presenting HighQ and Legal Tracker to corporate legal departments and helping customers get the most out of their legal technology.

James has been at Thomson Reuters for seven years and has held various roles in the solution consultant team to identify and deliver innovative technology solutions for customers. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters in 2014, James trained in tax at a ‘big four’ accounting firm and was a tax manager for a large multinational financial services firm.

Anna Lolua

Director of legal innovation at SYKE
Anna is one of the world’s leading experts on HighQ and Contract Express, ​advising corporate legal teams and law firms on how to procure and implement ​legal technology. ​

Anna helps bridge the gap between IT and legal, with a proven track record of ​delivering sophisticated matter management, CLM, process and document ​automation solutions to all sectors of the market. ​
Anna has assembled and led legal engineering teams in multiple jurisdictions, ​is an experienced corporate and commercial lawyer and an MBA qualified ​business consultant.

Thom Barr

Senior legal engineer,  Thomson Reuters practice area, SYKE
Thom is a senior legal engineer in the Thomson Reuters practice area at SYKE. He works closely with clients and legal engineers to lead a number of implementation projects involving HighQ and Contract Express. Thom has over five years prior experience in legal technology – both in Contract Express document automation at global law firms as a legal engineer and driving adoption of service automation with key accounts as a customer success manager at a leading legal tech SaaS company.

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