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A guide to M&A in Mexico: Market opportunities and legal trends within sight

27 October 2020, 10.00am Mexico City

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A guide to M&A in Mexico: Market opportunities and legal trends within sight

As the world grapples with the pandemic, buyers and sellers find themselves in a drastically altered marketplace. The disruptions brought forth by Covid-19 have been unprecedented and will significantly alter how parties approach M&A transactions going forward.

This webinar brought to you by The Legal 500 and González Calvillo, SC, is designed to give GCs the essential knowledge they need to navigate their businesses through the ongoing crisis, while delivering relevant insights into likely trends and regulatory issues on inbound and outbound transactions in the coming years.



  • Jorge Cervantes Trejo, partner, Gonzalez Calvillo
  • José Ignacio Rivero Andere, partner, Gonzalez Calvillo
  • Hernando Becerra de Cima, partner, Gonzalez Calvillo
  • Thomas E. Heather, senior vice president and associate director of M&A for Latin America, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA)
  • Jorge Dengo, chief counsel, Philip Morris International

Discussion points include:

  • Mexico’s social and political context
  • Macroeconomics and investment grade considerations
  • M&A trends: An overview; market opportunities, challenges and a focus on energy and infrastructure M&A in Mexico.

Founded in 1987, Gonzalez Calvillo stands as a leading solution-centered Mexican firm that has rewritten the full-service firm model by blending it with its transactional deal-making core and international reach. Throughout the past 30 years, the firm has focused on being client-oriented and thus has grown steadily while very selectively succeeding at creating the best teams to fulfil clients’ needs.

The Legal 500 is keen to make this session interactive and want to address as many questions and comments as we can during the webinar. Should you have any questions to pose to our speakers, please contact James Wood, Head of International Content at The Legal 500, directly via e-mail at: