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Leading Silks

Jonathan Adkin KCSerle Court ‘Jonathan has a superlative ability to get to the heart of a case and identify good points and jettison bad ones. He analyses complex issues incisively and persuasively. He provides clear advice on complex legal issues and is an excellent tactician.’
Gilead Cooper KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Gilead has the ability to take hugely complex issues and distil them into crystal-clear concepts that clients and courts find compelling. He is a first-rate advocate and consummate trust lawyer.’
Brian Green KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Brian is an outstanding intellect, with a complete mastery of the papers and a single-minded determination to protect his clients, with the capacity to roll up his sleeves and do what is required on a case, even if it may be considered beneath an advocate of his calibre. He is a complete team player and inspires those around him to operate at a higher level.’  
Robert Ham KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Robert is incredibly knowledgeable, bright and articulate. He is well-liked by clients.’
Henry Legge KC5 Stone Buildings ‘Henry is exceedingly clever. He excels in dealing with complicated cases and issues and enjoys strategy. He is a creative thinker and very good on his feet.’
Nicholas Le Poidevin KCNew Square Chambers ‘Nicholas is an outstanding Chancery silk. His technical expertise is of the highest order, and his written advice is utterly lucid and on point. He has a very nice persuasive advocacy style.’
Penelope Reed KC5 Stone Buildings ‘Penelope is hugely experienced and intelligent. She has the respect of all judges and parties involved and is a collegiate person to work with.’
Clare Stanley KCWilberforce ChambersClare is an outstanding advocate. She is always meticulously prepared in court, delivers punchy submissions and searches cross-examination.
Elspeth Talbot Rice KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Elspeth is a very decisive strategist and best advocates on her feet. She is a go-to barrister.'
Richard Wilson KCSerle Court 'Richard is the all-around superstar of a barrister. He is very affable, with internal and external clients being drawn to his warm personality.'
Tracey Angus KC5 Stone BuildingsTracey has an exceptional eye for detail and grasp of complex legal issues.
David Brownbill KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘David is a fantastic technical lawyer with an ability to reduce complex analysis to readily understandable work product. He is thoroughly committed to his clients and understands all the context and nuance of trust work.’
Edward Cumming KCXXIV Old BuildingsEdward is an absolute superstar. He has a phenomenal work rate, huge intellect, an elephantine memory, and utterly charming with it.
Jonathan Hilliard KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan has an incredible ability to be all over the detail of a matter and provides excellent strategic and commercial advice. He has an amazing mind and is incredibly knowledgeable.’
Elizabeth Jones KCSerle Court ‘Elizabeth is a great strategist and advocate.’
John Machell KCSerle Court ‘John is a heavyweight in the trust litigation world. He is vastly knowledgeable and immediately grasps the key legal and commercial issues. His drafting and advocacy skills are also excellent.’
Constance McDonnell KC  – Serle Court ‘Constance is a first choice for high-value estate claims. She has a fantastic judgement, is aggressive when needed, and is one to have on your side. She strikes fear into the hearts of opponents and can win unwinnable cases.’
Robert Pearce KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Robert is a supremely clever and authoritative barrister who judges listen to. He possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.’
David Rees KC5 Stone Buildings ‘David is an exceptional lawyer and is a go-to silk. He is technically excellent in both strategy and his subject matter. He is a level head and calming influence in some very difficult client situations.’
Shân Warnock-Smith KC5 Stone Buildings ‘Shân is an immensely experienced and brilliant strategist and stays calm even in the face of an overly aggressive adversary. She is down to earth, has a lovely human side, and clients love her – she is someone you want on your team.’
Zoë Barton KCWilberforce ChambersZoë is very robust and commercial and has great judgement.
Ian Clarke KCSelborne Chambers 'Ian is an exceptional legal brain, quickly processes huge volumes of documentation and can cut straight to the heart of the case. He immediately gains the client's trust and instructs solicitors with the quality of his advice and tactical acumen.'
Clifford Darton KC – Selborne Chambers ‘Clifford’s advocacy is second-to-none. He is always polite and calm.’
Jonathan Davey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan has an impressive knowledge of trusts law. He is a tenacious advocate who fights his client’s corner with great skill and care. His written work is excellent, charming the reader to his way of thinking.’
Thomas Dumont KC – Radcliffe Chambers ‘Thomas has incisive analysis, imbues confidence in his advice and has a supportive approach. He gets to the nub of the issue - prepares excellent and to-the-point skeletons and other written advice. He is a general go-to person for complex trust issues.’
Jonathan Harris KCSerle Court ‘Jonathan is exceptionally knowledgeable, incredibly user-friendly and sensible to deal with.’
Alexander Learmonth KCNew Square Chambers ‘Alexander can digest and fully understand the brief thoroughly and quickly. He can succinctly set out his reasoning to clients whilst always remaining contactable. He is friendly, courteous and professional.’
Andrew Mold KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Andrew has a first-rate mind. His advocacy and cross-examination are insightful and incisive. He is also supremely user-friendly, works well with people at all levels, and is strategically brilliant.’
Tiffany Scott KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Tiffany is a superb advocate with an extraordinary grasp of all issues. Her superpower is her modesty.’
Kate Selway KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Kate's advice is always thorough and technically first-class.’
Brie Stevens-Hoare KCGatehouse Chambers 'She controls the court room and her language, tone and powers of persuasion are second to none.'
Christopher Tidmarsh KC5 Stone Buildings ‘Christopher is very user-friendly. He rolls up his sleeves and makes practical and pragmatic recommendations. He gets straight to the point and is straightforward to work with. He can distil lots of complicated detail into concise takeaways.’
Francis Tregear KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Francis is hugely experienced, yet down to earth and a team player. He is a brilliant advocate.’

2022 Silks

David E Grant KC – Outer Temple Chambers 'David works hard to find solutions to intractable problems. He is hardworking and bright. He is a 'go to' practitioner in this area of work.'
Giles Richardson KCSerle Court 'Giles is simply superb who works exceptionally hard. He is collaborative and helpful team member.' 

2023 Silks

Adam Cloherty KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Adam is very bright, hardworking and commercial. He is excellent in court and is at his best in complicated disputes.’

Leading Juniors

Piers FelthamRadcliffe ChambersPiers is very bright, extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned, articulate and passionate about what he does. He is a great advocate and really fights his client's corner.
William HendersonSerle Court ‘William is technically superb. He is an excellent advocate. He brings the complete package to any case, however complex. He can draft the trust documents, direct the strategy, see the bigger picture and represent the client in court.’
Lynton TuckerNew Square ChambersLynton has a vast experience of all matters relating to trusts both contentious and non-contentious and his wisdom is very deep. He is very thoughtful and very practical in his advice.
James WealeSerle Court ‘James is a first-choice barrister in contentious trusts matters. He is incredibly smart and able to grasp very complex issues immediately. His advocacy is outstanding, and his style of advocacy demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject matter, the facts and the legal arguments, and he is impassioned in making his submissions.’
Georgia BedworthTen Old Square ‘Georgia is very approachable and commercial. She provides clear and concise opinions.’
Daniel BurtonRadcliffe Chambers ‘Daniel is excellent counsel. He is great with clients and provides thoughtful and practical written advice. In court, he is never flustered and argues his corner persuasively and tenaciously. He is a real team player who is always available.’
Richard DewTen Old Square ‘Richard is a very capable barrister and easy to work with.’
Elis Gomer – 5 Stone Buildings 'Elis is a master of his trade. His knowledge and expertise of this work-type is formidable and coupled with his collaborative approach, he is simply the first-choice counsel on all trusts, estates, and probate disputes.'
Andrew HoldenXXIV Old Buildings ‘Andrew is the full package and brings real value to all the matters he works on. His written work is first-rate. He is technically strong, client-focused and commercial.’
Mark HubbardNew Square Chambers ‘Mark is encyclopaedically intelligent and delivers his advice with clarity. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with the very best. His advocacy is his real strength.’
Susannah MeadwayTen Old Square ‘Susannah is immensely clever and completely steeped in every aspect. The range of her experience and the depth of her expertise are truly impressive. Her knowledge and understanding in all areas of trusts and probate seem unlimited. Her advice is always delivered with clarity, conciseness and pragmatism.'
Daniel WarentsXXIV Old Buildings ‘Daniel is an outstanding advocate. He has the ear of the court and combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of the papers and law with a sharp, persuasive and witty approach.’
Toby Bishop5 Stone Buildings ‘Toby is excellent with clients and puts them at ease with his down-to-earth nature. He is technically brilliant and never misses anything. He is always available when needed and never seems stressed or too busy to help.’
Aidan BriggsNew Square Chambers ‘Aidan is extremely bright, responsive, articulate and excellent with the clients. He is personable and user-friendly, and his advice is succinct and accessible. He is excellent on his feet, well prepared, articulate and persuasive.’
Rory Brown9 Stone Buildings ‘Rory provides strategic and practical advice. He has excellent drafting and cross-examination skills.’
Sarah Egan  – New Square Chambers 'Sarah is a very thorough barrister and goes the extra mile. She has great attention to detail and preparation.'
Thomas Fletcher  - Serle Court  ‘Thomas is incredibly knowledgeable. He advises carefully and is an excellent advocate.’
Emma HargreavesSerle Court ‘Emma is extremely hardworking and has an excellent memory and attention to detail. She is a good tactical thinker, very enthusiastic and pleasant.’
Ruth Hughes5 Stone Buildings 'Ruth is tenacious in her advocacy and makes her points strongly and well. She is good in her written advice.'
James MacDougaldTen Old Square 'James can provide thorough and considered advice. His written advice is detailed but still clear and client-friendly. He is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with.'
William MoffettRadcliffe Chambers 'William is excellent with clients, possesses very strong drafting skills and is a persuasive advocate.'
Adil MohamedbhaiSerle Court 'Adil is a fantastic advocate. His legal knowledge is second to none and brilliant litigation instincts.'
Michael O’Sullivan5 Stone Buildings 'Michael is technically brilliant and delivers an excellent, timely service.'
Sophia RogersRadcliffe Chambers 'Sophia is a determined and effective advocate. She advises clearly and fully and works as hard as is required.'
Stephen WoodwardThree Stone ‘Stephen can outline the technical legal aspects of each case to provide detailed, practical advice on how to proceed in each case.’
Michael AshdownWilberforce Chambers ‘Michael can explain the most complex trust issues clearly and cogently. His drafting skills are second-to-none. He is extremely bright, user-friendly and responsive.’
Luke Barnes3DJB ‘Luke has a meticulous eye for detail, and his knowledge is unmatched. His advocacy is precision and insight and a sharp intellect.’
Amy Berry – New Square Chambers 'Amy offers excellent client care skills, pragmatic advice and passionate and detailed advocacy. She finds practical solutions to complex disputes.'
Charlotte Beynon Serle Court ‘Charlotte is incredibly intelligent. She has great self-confidence without being arrogant and is always prepared to speak up and give her views.’
Chris Bryden4 King’s Bench Walk ‘Chris’ advice is clear and cogent and assesses both the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case. He is an excellent advocate.’
Rupert CoeThree Stone ‘Rupert is very client-focused and clear in his advice and support. He is approachable and good at managing expectations.’
Hugh Cumber 5 Stone Buildings 'Hugh provides excellent advice throughout all aspects of the litigation, including mediation. He is always on hand to assist with all steps in the process and goes the extra mile to help and assist his instructing solicitors.'
William East5 Stone Buildings ‘William knows the law and understands the commercial context and the particular judge involved.’
Marcus FlavinRadcliffe Chambers ‘Marcus is very knowledgeable and applies this knowledge to the case in a very logical and common-sense way. He is very good at trimming an issue down to the fundamentals and then considering it a base level.’
Helen GalleyXXIV Old BuildingsHelen is pragmatic, calm and engaging with the clients and her down to earth and easy to deal with at a time when they are usually quite stressed. She is incisive and looks for the quickest and best route to the solution of the problem.
James GoodwinWilberforce Chambers ‘James has an outstanding intellect and a complete mastery of his brief. He instils confidence in all who work with him. He is a simply magnificent lawyer.’
Luke Harris  – 5 Stone Buildings 'He is very hard-working, great value, and a go-to barrister in contentious trusts and estate matters.'
Edward Hewitt5 Stone Buildings ‘Edward's advocacy is tough and tenacious but glazed in charm. He is an excellent strategic thinker but has all the skills of a traditional chancery barrister, making him a top choice for complex trusts and estate litigation.’
Edward HicksRadcliffe Chambers ‘Edward has an excellent depth of knowledge. He has incredible attention to detail and provides robust and detailed advice which stands up to scrutiny.’
Charles HolbechRadcliffe Chambers ‘Charles has the excellent technical knowledge and is excellent in legal argument, even on very technical complex matters but also able to explain them to lay people.’
Jordan Holland5 Stone Buildings ‘Jordan is an excellent advocate. He is confident, incisive and persuasive. His drafting is also extremely good. He is good under pressure and very commercially-minded.’
Justin HolmesRadcliffe Chambers ‘Justin is very experienced in the area and always provides sound and clear advice to the clients. He is excellent in his written advice and also at conferences or mediations. He ensures that all bases are covered and always remains balanced and calm at all times.’
Elizabeth Houghton Wilberforce Chambers ‘Elizabeth is articulate, bright and very hard-working.’
Oliver Ingham 3PB ‘Oliver is quick to identify the essential nature of the case and is adept at conveying that to the client. He is also very client-friendly.’
Charlotte JohnGatehouse Chambers 'Charlotte is incredibly hard working and dedicated.'
Cheryl Jones – 3PB 'Cheryl is an excellent advocate, helping the judge to see things from her client's point of view and a fierce cross-examiner. She leaves no stone unturned in the interests of her client.'
Oliver JonesSerle Court ‘Oliver is an absolute gem. He is very skilful in all areas, a good technician, thorough, and highly persuasive in the written and spoken word.’
Kira King  - South Square  ‘Kira grasps the important points quickly and explains them clearly. She is very responsive.’
Josh LewisonRadcliffe Chambers ‘Josh is a forceful advocate who has a strong ability to distil complex issues clearly and logically. His written advice is refreshingly practical. He provides direction to complex cases, which clients value.'
James McKeanNew Square Chambers ‘James can communicate with all manner of clients from whatever walk of life and engage them, explain things in a careful, considered way with care and kindness. In the courtroom, he is tenacious, conscientious, very well prepared, and his advocacy skills are exceptional.’
Roger MullisRadcliffe Chambers ‘Roger is very responsive and able to provide prompt, concise and pragmatic advice by phone and email. He is well-prepared, able to think on his feet and is impressive at presenting his arguments. He has in-depth knowledge of the law in his chosen practice area.’
Heather MurphyXXIV Old Buildings ‘Heather has a practical approach and an ability to explain highly complex matters in a user-friendly way. She focuses on solutions rather than the obstacles in the way.’
Francis Ng – 5 Stone Buildings ‘Francis has an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. He is insightful, professional and provides robust advice on the strengths and weaknesses of the case. He is good on his feet and can navigate thorny issues effortlessly.’
Elaine PalserOuter Temple Chambers ‘Elaine is impressive at pulling extremely complicated issues together in a way that impresses a judge. She has a sharp mind and fantastic analytical skills. She is able to deconstruct complex issues and give detailed advice on tricky matters in a language her clients understand. Her ability to think on his feet in court and respond to any issues as they arise is a great strength. Her quiet manner hides a fierce litigator, a real silent assassin.’
Matthew Paton5 Stone Buildings ‘Matthew is highly personable and a real team player. He is calm and composed in court, a good strategist who is able to assess the merits of a claim dispassionately and accurately. He is very good at thinking outside the box.’
Amy Proferes Serle Court 'Amy's main strengths are clarity of thought which translates into very clear and persuasive drafting, and speed of turnaround.'
Mathew Roper5 Stone Buildings ‘Mathew can grapple with complex legal issues and his ability to present arguments clearly and attractively to the court.’
Edward Sawyer Wilberforce Chambers ‘Edward is exceptionally able, a very strong strategist and advocate. He is creative in working out how to use the court processes to get the client where it needs to be. He has excellent oral and written advocacy - just the right blend of succinctness and detail and is able to present complex facts clearly.’
Bajul ShahXXIV Old Buildings ‘Bajul has a powerful advocacy style.’
Timothy SherwinXXIV Old Buildings ‘Timothy is hardworking, responsive and provides strategic advice. He is incredibly intelligent.’
Cameron StocksGatehouse Chambers 'Cameron very much holds his own in court against the most difficult opponents and tricky judges.'
Stephanie Thompson Serle Court ‘Stephanie has a great brain and is an excellent communicator. Her attention to detail is first-rate.’
George WoodheadSelborne ChambersGeorge is truly a first-class advocate, keen to close any gaps in the lead up to a hearing by working closely with his instructing solicitors and thus ensuring the best chance of a positive outcome.

Rising Stars

Rose Fetherstonhaugh 5 Stone Buildings ‘Rose is excellent with clients and delivers advice in a way which is clear and easily understandable. She has an excellent manner and puts clients at ease while instilling confidence. She is excellent at the detail but also adopts a pragmatic and realistic approach to litigation.’
Sparsh Garg – Serle Court 'Sparsh is a bright and adept junior.'
Gregor Hogan Serle Court ‘Gregor has a first-class brain and is a hard and diligent worker. He is very good at distilling a point down to its simplest form.’
James Kirby  – Ten Old Square  'James is extremely concise and has a great ability to distil the law into user-friendly advice. He has considered judgement and inspires confidence.'
Matthew MillsRadcliffe Chambers ‘Matthew is an exceptional advocate. His clarity of thought under some extremely high-pressure circumstances in court is remarkable. His presentation skills are excellent. He relates to clients incredibly well and puts them at ease.’
James PooleTen Old Square ‘James is fantastic to work with. He is responsive and has a great eye for detail. He can step back and look at the bigger picture and understands the client's needs which he factors into advice and strategy.’
James Saunders – New Square Chambers 'James is down to earth with excellent communication skills. He is bright, responsive and thoughtful.'

Private client: trusts and probate in London Bar

5 Stone Buildings

5 Stone Buildings is the ‘go-to set for complex trusts and estates work’ and ‘a superlative set of excellent lawyers whose expertise is beyond doubt’. Penelope Reed KC recently appeared before the Supreme Court in Guest v Guest, a Supreme Court case concerning what relief the courts should provide in proprietary estoppel claims. Turning to the set's juniors, Ruth Hughes represented the claimant in the Clitheroe v Bond litigation, a dispute between siblings raising complex issues of the correct test for testamentary capacity, and issues regarding testators' deluded beliefs, while Mathew Roper  represented successful claimants who rescinded mis-sold trust products, which purported to protect family homes from care home fee means-testing but instead created capital gains tax problems. Rose Fetherstonhaugh is known for ‘cross-examining witnesses in a very effective matter.’


‘Paul Jennings and Dan Coote are highly experienced and reliable clerks who provide great service.’

‘All of the clerks are responsive, well-organised and pragmatic. Paul Jennings is one of the best clerks to work with and always allows matters to run smoothly. Dan Coote is also excellent.’

‘5 Stone Buildings is a strong set. Each barrister is a capable lot across the board.’

‘5 Stone Buildings provides an excellent offering for contentious trusts and probate. Junior counsels’ work is invariable of the highest standard and is approachable.’

‘5 Stone Buildings is the stand-out set for traditional trusts and probate litigation. It has a strength in depth across its members. The juniors, in particular, are at the top of their game.’

Work highlights

Serle Court

Serle Court is the ‘go-to set for all high-value trusts work’ with ‘excellent strength in depth’ in complex trust and offshore disputes. Richard Wilson KC is ‘well known for finding solutions to complex problems’ and represented Tony Wang in the Wong v Grand View trusts litigation in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council concerning Bermudian trusts storing wealth for the family that created the Formosa Plastics Corporation in Taiwan. John Machell KC ‘excels under pressure’ and has been instructed in the ITG v Glenalla Properties Limited dispute, a part of the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust saga, with issues concerning how to deal with insolvent trusts. William Henderson represented the government in Re the Will of His late Royal Highness Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, a case concerning The Guardian’s opposition to the practice of sealing wills of members of the royal family, outside the usual principle that all wills are open to inspection. ‘Incredibly perceptive and intelligent’ James Weale recently acted for the defendant in Sofer v Swiss Independent Trustees Ltd, a fraud claim relating to assets worth $60m.


‘The clerks are extremely capable, friendly and efficient, particularly Nick Hockney and Dan Wheeler.’

‘The clerks provide excellent service. Nick Hockney, in particular, is responsive, personable and visible.’

‘Serle Court is the market leader for offshore trust litigation. Their members are invariable of the very highest standard.’

‘Serle is a great set. It has so much quality for silks and juniors in commercial litigation, civil fraud and trust litigation.’

‘Serle Court is a go-to set, which has a good number and depth of barristers at all levels of call.’

Work highlights

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers is ‘a leading set on all matters relating to trusts’ and ‘a real powerhouse in private wealth work’. ‘Trusts expert’ Clare Stanley KC is ‘a persuasive advocate’; sherepresented Simon Halabi in the Halabi v Equity Trust case before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, an appeal from the Jersey courts concerning if trustees have priority over other creditors of an insolvent trust. In addition, Jonathan Davey KC represented HMRC in Levack v Bay Trust International test case concerning the doctrine of mistake, and trustees placing themselves at risk of mistakes as applied to tax structures, in this case one established by the practice of struck-off solicitor-turned-pornographer Paul Baxendale-Walker. Turning to the set’s juniors. Simon Atkinson represented the trustees in Goodrich v AB – a case concerning if provisions in a trust deed drawn up in 1990 should, in the light of subsequent legislation, should be interpreted as including stepchildren as children and civil partners as spouses.


‘Nicholas Luckman is an exceptional presence in the clerk’s room. He always ensures excellent advice is delivered to clients by the barristers, even at short notice and in challenging circumstances.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers clerks a professional, efficient and very smooth service under the leadership of Nicholas Luckman.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers is an excellent set with a wide range of chancery expertise, including in some very specialist areas such as pensions work.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers is a strong set, packed to the rafters with skilled barristers at all levels.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers is an excellent and go-to set, the range of expertise is very wide, and the private client briefings are excellent.’

Work highlights

XXIV Old Buildings

XXIV Old Buildings is a ‘well-known and reputable set with exceptional offering for contentious trust and estates work’. Elspeth Talbot Rice KC is a ‘robust and client-friendly advocate’ – she appeared in the Bermudian Wong v Grand View case before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council regarding the powers of trustees, stemming from disagreements within the family of the founders of Formosa Plastics Corporation; before the same forum David Brownbill KC represented the claimants in Perry v Lopag, who seek to challenge the transfer of a Caymanian company into a Liechtenstein trust on the basis that the settlor made a mistake regarding the rights of the beneficiaries under Liechtenstein law, which changed in a way unfavourable to them. Edward Cumming KC represents the children of Monty Python star Terry Jones in a trust and probate dispute with his second wife. Turning to the set’s juniors, Owen Curry successfully represented a man who applied under the Relief From Forfeiture Act 1982 after admitting being convicted of the manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility of his wife. Adam Cloherty KC was appointed silk in 2023.


‘The clerks at XXIV Old Buildings are super, efficient and personable. James Ladbrook always goes out of his way to help.’

‘James Ladbrook goes above and beyond and is a thoroughly nice guy.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings is a top set with fantastic silks and juniors.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings is the supreme set for trust, commercial work and anything offshore, with excellent counsel at all levels.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings is an excellent set, sound ability throughout a deep bench, and consistently easy to deal with.’

Work highlights

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers is ‘an excellent set’ for the full range of contentious and non-contentious trust work. Nicholas Le Poidevin KC is ‘always able to explain difficult issues simply and clearly’ and specialises in breach of trust disputes, reorganisation of trusts, and litigation, while Lynton Tucker is experienced in matters related to offshore trusts. Mark Hubbard is working with Manx advocates in the Re Montpelier (Trusts and Corporate) Sevices Limited (in liquidation) case in Douglas concerning the liquidation of a trusts services provider, having been granted a temporary advocates licence, while closer to home Aidan Briggs represented (through a litigation friend) the severely disabled daughter of Cecil Parkinson and his mistress in an Inheritance Act claim against the former home secretary's estate after maintenance payments stopped after his death.


‘New Square Chambers has a very good clerking team. Michelle Greene is excellent, and Cameron Grant is very responsive.’

‘Nathan Hitchman and Charlie Sherwood are always happy to help, approachable and understanding.’

‘New Square Chambers is an excellent set of chambers and go-to set for contentious trusts and estates work. Both senior and junior counsel are responsive, hardworking and thorough in their preparation.’

‘New Square Chambers is an excellent set that distinguishes itself by the high quality and range of barristers.’

‘New Square Chambers is a great set. All counsel are excellent.’

Work highlights

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers is a ‘great set for contentious trusts and estates work’ with a ‘huge strength in depth and a range of counsel’. Robert Pearce KC represented the trustees in Attorney General v Zedra Fiduciary Services (UK) Ltd, a matter related to deciding the use of The National Fund, which was set up in 1928 with the aim of repaying the national debt off in full, a goal which became impossible – the court found the fund should be used to partially repay the national debt now. In Fraser v Khawaja, Oliver Hilton  represented the attorney of the deceased intestate beneficiaries in a challenge to a will which was made in favour of an unknown person with no witnesses.  Rising star Matthew Mills is an ‘impressive advocate’ who is currently representing the beneficiary of a matrimonial home in Re Ivor Percy James, a dispute over a codicil to a will shifting the testator’s interest in his matrimonial home from his grandchildren to his second wife. Other key members of the team include ‘immensely thorough advocate’ Piers Feltham and Daniel Burton, who is ‘always very helpful, responsive, and conscientious’.


‘John Clarke is excellent and gets things done.’

‘Radcliffe Chambers has an excellent clerk team, John Clarke, in particular, always goes out of his way to assist.’

‘Radcliffe Chambers is an excellent set with great depth of experience and expertise.’

‘Radcliffe Chambers provides a first-class full-service set packed with consistently good performers across the board.’

‘Radcliffe Chambers offer an excellent range of counsel for contentious trusts and estates work – from juniors up to heavy-hitting silks.’

Work highlights

Ten Old Square

Ten Old Square is described as a ‘very good set’ with ‘professional and approachable counsel who provide high-quality advice’. Richard Dew represented a firm of solicitors in Gorbachev v Guriev, in which a Russian billionaire saught disclosure of a document held by the firm concerning advice given to two trusts of which the claimant is a beneficiary. James MacDougald  represented the trust services prodiver in Velutini Perez v Equiom Trust Corp (UK) Ltd, in which a settlor directed the trustees to revoke a trust despite the trustees’ concern about the claimant’s capacity. Eason Rajah KC, as was, is now a High Court judge.


‘Keith Plowman is helpful and responds quickly.’

‘Marc Schofield is brilliant, so responsive and easy to talk to. He knows his barristers well.’

‘Ten Old Square offers a range of leading experts in the field and is always happy to help match counsel to the client’s needs.’

‘Ten Old Square is a go-to set for chancery work. It has tremendous strength and depth of expertise, excellent availability of counsel and can always be relied upon to deliver work within agreed time-frames.’

‘Ten Old Square has fantastic expertise in all traditional chancery areas.’


Work highlights