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Leading Silks

Francis Barlow QC - Ten Old SquareHe is immensely experienced in terms of VTAs (having been involved in many dozens of them) and in relation to trusts generally - clients feel they are in very safe hands.
Gilead Cooper QCWilberforce ChambersA piercing intellect and a highly imaginative approach to the issues thrown up in trusts disputes make Gilead one of the top ranking, go to barristers in this area. It has always been a very great pleasure working with him.
Michael Furness QCWilberforce ChambersA top, top silk with vast experience who delivers concise and commercial advice.
Brian Green QCWilberforce ChambersBrian is phenomenal – both on legal excellence and personality. He is astute, wise and highly emotionally intelligent. Brian has an extraordinary ability to deliver difficult advice in a compassionate and persuasive manner.
Robert Ham QCWilberforce ChambersThere is probably no London QC more experienced in Bermuda trust law than Robert. He provides real gravitas to any case. His technical ability is matched by his approachability.
Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtOne of the most impressive QCs working in this area. His measured and reasoned response to client's queries is invaluable in determining a strategy going forwards.
Henry Legge QC - 5 Stone BuildingsHenry is an outstanding barrister right on top of his game. He throws himself completely into the cases on which he is instructed and gives peerless service to his clients. He is a great lateral thinker and having staked out a different way of tackling a claim pursues this with impressive vigour and effectiveness.
Nicholas Le Poidevin QC - New Square ChambersNick grasps the issues quickly and provides sound advice.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsElspeth is highly regarded as at the pinnacle of the Chancery Bar: tough while gracious, with clients, opponents and judges; very good-humoured; always to the point, a model of conciseness - not a word wasted.
Clare Stanley QCWilberforce ChambersA skilled advocate who builds great relationships with clients. Clare combines a down to earth approach with an encyclopaedic and authoritative knowledge of trusts law. She is thoroughly across the detail yet maintains a clear strategic focus and is completely committed to pursuing the best result for the client.
Simon Taube QC - Ten Old SquareHe is an excellent advocate with a razor-sharp intellect. Able to put lay clients at ease and explain complex tax and trust issues in a way they can understand.
Shân Warnock-Smith QC - 5 Stone BuildingsShe is one of the most experienced and respected practitioners in this area. She is able to cut through some of the most complex issues to provide a clear direction and solutions, in terms which clients understand.
Jonathan Adkin QC - Serle CourtA formidable court advocate and very good at focusing on the real issues and screening out irrelevances.
Tracey Angus QC - 5 Stone BuildingsShe has an impressive grasp of the facts in a longstanding and complex case. Very personable and responsive.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsEdward is that rare thing amongst Chancery barristers in that he is not only extremely bright but also extremely client friendly. He is able to deal with complex contentious problems, whether trust or commercial, and distil them in an accessible way for clients. Solicitors have him on direct dial.
John Machell QC - Serle CourtOne of the cleverest barristers at the chancery bar. He has a piercing intellect, huge experience working on some of the highest profile cases in this area and an imaginative approach to the cases he is instructed on. All in all, a formidable operator.
Christopher McCall QC - Maitland ChambersHe has an outstanding depth of knowledge on issues of trust law, very often spotting points that others miss and finding consensual resolutions to highly vexed family disputes. His advice tends to be highly practical. Rare amongst lawyers, he is highly numerate and able to assess quite complicated financial issues with acuity.
Robert Pearce QC - Radcliffe ChambersExtremely calm under pressure; great attention to detail; deeply analytical.
Eason Rajah QC - Ten Old SquareA superb advocate for his clients in all respects. A brilliant client handler, a genuinely creative problem solver and fine courtroom operator. Rightly singled out at the start of big trusts and estates cases as a barrister you want to have on your side, and not on the other.
Penelope Reed QC - 5 Stone BuildingsPenelope is a phenomenally gifted trusts lawyer. She is not just technically excellent but it is her wealth of experience and impeccable judgement that makes her advice so valuable. She also has a steely edge when necessary, while being a pleasure to work with.
David Rees QC - 5 Stone BuildingsDavid's reputation in the trusts, probate and succession disputes arena is thoroughly justified. He is particularly good on knotty problems about construction. His advocacy in measured and very effective.
Richard Wilson QC - Serle CourtOne of the stars of his generation - equally good for strategic advice in conference as he is on his feet in court, Richard is the go-to barrister for any complicated trust matter.
David Blayney QC - Serle CourtImmensely clever and creative and a must have member of any team.
Ian Clarke QC - Selborne ChambersIan is a fierce litigator with a fantastic intellectual mind. His analytical mind is a force to be reckoned with.
Jonathan Davey QCWilberforce ChambersHe is just super in terms of written and oral advocacy. He is great with clients – having a conference with him must be like being given a hug by valium; he really makes you believe that everything is under control and will be alright. He has a great connection with judges and a huge amount of experience in complex litigation.
Dominic Dowley QC - Serle CourtA total class act - a brilliant advocate who is also extremely commercial and level-headed, with a unique talent for cutting through extremely complex issues to get to a practical solution.
Dakis Hagen QC - Serle CourtIncredibly bright, charming and hardworking - he will always strive to make himself available no matter how busy he is.
Prof Jonathan Harris QC - Serle CourtExtremely knowledgeable about conflicts of laws issues, very well networked among senior counsel, judiciary in this area. He has an extremely large brain.
Constance McDonnell QC - Serle CourtA brilliant technician, utterly clear advice and first-rate drafting. Excellent with clients too.
Fenner Moeran QCWilberforce ChambersHe has a brilliant analytical brain, communicates wonderfully with clients. Picks up essential points in a case very quickly.
Tiffany Scott QCWilberforce ChambersTiffany provides insightful and comprehensive advice on very complex trust matters. She is approachable and is quick to understand and address the needs of clients.
Brie Stevens-Hoare QC - Gatehouse ChambersBrie is highly attuned to her clients' needs, imaginative, robust and a very persuasive advocate.
Christopher Tidmarsh QC - 5 Stone BuildingsA superb advocate. He articulates the strengths of the case in pleading and argument so as to appeal to the court. He homes in on the points which will win, anticipating the points which the other side may raise. He is always several moves ahead.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFor a senior silk Francis is easy to deal with and is down to earth. His advice and strategy for matters is sound.

2020 Silks

Zoë Barton QCWilberforce ChambersZoë is very clear, decided and commercial in advising, is technically very good and is also good in relation to points of evidence.
Andrew Mold QCWilberforce ChambersAndrew is an understated and very polite assassin. He brings clarity to great complexity and it is his precision that really sets him apart.
Kate Selway QC - Radcliffe ChambersA high level of in-depth knowledge presented in a straightforward and comprehensible manner for both instructing solicitors and their clients. Approachable and empathetic.

2021 Silks

Sarah Haren QC - 5 Stone BuildingsVery calm and measured. She has a depth of knowledge and experience which she brings to bear on every case she's involved in - a manner that reassures clients that she know what she is talking about (which she does).
Alexander Learmonth QC - New Square ChambersAlex's recent appointment to Silk shows that he is really an outstanding barrister. He is excellent with clients because he is incredibly bright but also an arch-strategist. He is very user friendly and always willing to help out.

2022 Silks

Giles Richardson QC - Serle CourtIs incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of contentious trust and private client work, which he combines to great effect with charm, hard work and approachability.

Leading Juniors

James Brightwell - Serle CourtJames has a razor-sharp legal mind and is one of the very best juniors around. He very literally wrote the book on trust law - when he speaks, clients listen. He is a strong advocate with a superb ability to make complex areas of law seem simple and understandable.
Emily CampbellWilberforce ChambersShe has a brain the size of a mountain, and cuts through problems with razor sharp clarity, a problem solver, rather than a problem maker.
Piers Feltham - Radcliffe ChambersHe is a brilliant advocate who he fights very hard for his clients.
Lynton Tucker - New Square ChambersTechnically very strong but also pragmatic. He provides practical solutions to very technical questions.
James Weale - Serle CourtExtremely hardworking and all over the detail. Lovely with clients.
Georgia Bedworth - Ten Old SquareShe is a brilliant barrister - she is thorough, hardworking, technically spot on, very clear in disseminating advice and excellent with clients. On top of all that, she is approachable - always happy to pick up the phone and have a chat.
Daniel Burton - Radcliffe ChambersA really superb junior - excellent legal brain, savvy, with great commercial awareness. Definitely one to watch.
Adam Cloherty - XXIV Old BuildingsAdam provies clear and practical advice in conference. He is approachable and addresses questions raised in a knowledgeable way.
Andrew Holden - XXIV Old BuildingsThe full package. His written work and communication skills are first-rate. He is someone you want on your team and is a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive an easy to work with.
Mark Hubbard - New Square ChambersHe contributes supreme legal knowledge in his specialist area of wills and trusts. Excellent on his feet and also willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in with drafting. Well liked by clients.
Susannah Meadway - Ten Old SquareTremendously capable.
Elizabeth Weaver - XXIV Old BuildingsGood to deal with, sound advice, good turnaround, accommodating.
Toby Bishop - 5 Stone BuildingsClever, approachable and excellent at finding solutions for complex issues.
Rory Brown - 9 Stone BuildingsAn extremely bright individual, a pleasure to deal with and a firm favourite with clients. He always thinks outside the box and produces excellent results and is a skilled advocate.
Thomas Fletcher - Maitland ChambersReally superb technically with fantastic knowledge of the area, very user-friendly and adaptable and always gives great advice. Always an asset on any matter.
Jonathan Fowles - Serle CourtExcellent analytical mind. Good on paper and a persuasive advocate.
Katherine McQuail - Radcliffe ChambersKatherine is extremely hardworking and tenacious. She is very good to deal with, always available and willing to go the extra mile. She is tremendous with clients, particularly vulnerable ones, and builds rapport quickly. Always one to provide solid practical advice throughout the course of a dispute.
William Moffett - Radcliffe ChambersExcellent level of technical knowledgeable and an eye for the detail. Sets out advice clearly and concisely. Very good on tactical considerations throughout.
Michael O'Sullivan - 5 Stone BuildingsHe provides clear and well-reasoned advice. Incredibly efficient and reliable.
Stephen Woodward - Three StoneWith a razor-sharp intellect and an encyclopaedic knowledge of trust and tax law, what sets Stephen apart from his fellow trust/tax advisers in the Private Client community is his practical understanding of financial remedy law and practice. To a financial remedy specialist this is both rare and invaluable.
Miranda Allardice - 5 Stone BuildingsShe has a formidable intellect, an ability to assimilate large amounts of information and distil quickly into clear advice. An ability to communicate with clients and put them at ease.
Luke Barnes - 3 DR JOHNSON'S BUILDINGSLuke is always enthusiastic and approachable. He can turn a difficult case around and will dedicate himself to putting the best possible arguments forward for the client.
Aidan Briggs - New Square ChambersAnalytical and articulate, with excellent client and solicitor-handling skills. Also, a personable and decent person.
Marcus Flavin - Radcliffe ChambersHe has subtle but clever cross-examination skills. Marcus digests and retains large volume of information well.
Helen Galley - XXIV Old BuildingsHelen is very knowledgeable, calm and exceptionally good with clients. She is a very good advocate and will represent the client's best interests at all times but will not shy away from giving the client firm and sometimes unwelcome advice.
Emma Hargreaves - Serle CourtBrilliantly focused and relentlessly hardworking; very in-demand in the London market and justifiably so; her star has rightly risen very rapidly.
Edward Hewitt - 5 Stone BuildingsOne of the few juniors at the Bar who is truly schooled in Chancery drafting and advisory work. He is a delight to work with but, as a litigator, there is a steely core beneath his obvious charm.
Edward Hicks - Radcliffe ChambersEdward has a forensic eye for detail able to review complex matters and distil the key details for both lay clients and the Court. He is excellent in getting into a judge's mind, assessing a claim dispassionately with unerring accuracy.
Charles Holbech - Radcliffe ChambersCharles is excellent at quickly identifying the issues and advising on the law. He is excellent in his technical knowledge but is also able to explain it in a way which is easily able to be understood by the beneficiaries. He is always approachable and helpful.
Jordan Holland - 5 Stone BuildingsHe is exceptionally bright and thinks outside the box. Jordan is very confident and that confidence is well-placed. He has an excellent reputation on his feet in court. His client handling is very good.
Justin Holmes - Radcliffe ChambersJustin presents well to clients in conference, has complete mastery of the jurisdiction and understanding of the issues that need to be brought to bear in order to win a case and is good in front of both masters and High Court judges.
Ruth Hughes - 5 Stone BuildingsRuth is extremely sharp and goes through issues concisely and clearly. She is also practical in her approach
Charlotte John - Gatehouse ChambersCharlotte is exceptionally thorough. She is diligent, responsive, and engaging. In addition, we are very pleased with her client interaction including Charlotte's ability to communicate with people at all levels.
Adil Mohamedbhai - Serle CourtMeticulous, detailed, and with a formidable memory. He is extremely hardworking and stands out in a set that demonstrably has many excellent juniors.
Roger Mullis - Radcliffe ChambersRoger has a brilliant mind. Combine this with his experience of trust and tax matters means that he is able to analyse and identify the practical solutions available. Roger can simplify very complicated matters.
Heather Murphy - XXIV Old BuildingsShe is very focused on getting a good result for clients and not afraid to take novel points. Good at unpicking difficult issues.
Francis Ng - Selborne ChambersFrancis has a keen tactical brain and is great at looking at the strategy of a case. His advice is pointed, accurate and practical with an eye for detail. He is a rising star in the field of contentious trusts and probate and destined for great things. Excellent in Court and his preparation is second to none.
Elaine Palser - Outer Temple ChambersPersuasive and effective in court, her written advocacy is incisive, thorough, and thoughtful.
Matthew Paton - 5 Stone BuildingsHe has enormous experience of conducting difficult trust litigation as an advocate and solicitor. He is an excellent tactician and fights extremely hard for his client.
Mathew Roper - 5 Stone BuildingsHighly competent and user-friendly.
Bajul Shah - XXIV Old BuildingsBajul is a very calm and engaging advocate. He is very likeable in court and unassuming. He is tactically highly astute and very sensitive to the tribunal. He is easy to work with.
Daniel Warents - XXIV Old BuildingsDaniel is a seriously bright junior destined for great things - hardworking, across the detail, calm under fire and extremely user-friendly.
George Woodhead - Selborne ChambersGeorge is a rare breed, a brave tenacious advocate, coupled with a exceptional client handling skills and impressive solicitor handling skills. Solicitors have no qualms in instructing him on a heavy hitting case against QC opponents given his sharp intellect and excellent tactical skills.

Rising Stars

Michael AshdownWilberforce ChambersMichael’s intellect, attitude and accessibility are extremely impressive.
Rupert Coe - Three StoneVery user friendly, good with clients and a wealth of trust experience. Always approachable and advises on the most technical of matters with ease.
James GoodwinWilberforce ChambersTechnically, commercially and intellectually capable. Extremely effective and an advocate who is able to hold his own against silks. James is able to read the court and its mood effectively. Fantastic written advocacy.
Oliver Jones - Serle CourtExtremely impressive. He is intelligent, diligent and reliable. Thorough and forensic in his approach, he has very sound judgement.
James Poole - Ten Old SquareJames is clear and concise in his advice, giving good guidance and direction. He has an excellent manner with clients and very responsive.
Sophia Rogers - Radcliffe ChambersSophia is brilliant with clients and thorough in her written advice. Sophia is wise beyond her years and fights hard for her clients.
Timothy Sherwin - XXIV Old BuildingsTimothy is a real up and comer and is clearly developing a strong reputation for private client / offshore trust work. His written work is excellent and he works well part of a team.
Joseph SteadmanWilberforce ChambersExtremely intelligent, he knows the law backwards, gives very practical advice. He is an ideal person to have on the team.
Cameron Stocks - Gatehouse ChambersCameron has the knack of distilling complex property and private client law into simple easy to digest advice for the client without losing the subtle nuances of the area of law. Cameron also performs well in court and his affable manner belies his ability to forcibly advocate when necessary.

Private client: trusts and probate in London Bar

5 Stone Buildings

5 Stone Buildings is one of the ‘best traditional Chancery sets.’ In one major case Penelope Reed QC acted for Alan Graham through his litigation friend in a case whereby the court ordered the rectification of four trusts that had been established in the British Virgin Islands Graham v Lynch.  Tracey Angus QC acted for the Michael Cowan Foundation in Cowan v Foreman,  an Inheritance Act claim over an estate worth over £20m with issues concerning time limit extensions. At the senior end the set was strengthened even further when Sarah Haren QC took silk in 2021.



This is to my mind is the best set for domestic trusts and probate work. It has great depth of experience and offers fantastic, free seminars for solicitors.’

‘The go to set for trusts disputes.

‘Very impressive from top to bottom. It recruits excellent juniors, who are always very well trained. Everyone there is extremely approachable and hardworking.

The pre-eminent Chancery set.’

‘We rate 5 SB very much, probably one of the top sets, amazing set of barristers and clerks who want to make the transition and working arrangements with the solicitors work properly.


‘The clerks are fantastic (Paul Jennings and Dan Coote in particular).’

Paul Jennings is an excellent head clerk. He is readily available and is always open to discussion on fees and Counsel to be instructed. He gives good guidance as to where matters should be placed and certainly has built an excellent relationship over the years.

Excellent – hugely accommodating and very efficient. ‘

‘Responsive. Dan Coote is extremely helpful.’

‘Excellent clerks, will have sensible conversations about costs, easy to work with, down to earth but knowledgeable about the field.

‘In my experience they have always been excellent and operate without ‘fuss’.

Serle Court

Serle Court is ‘simply very, very good with a diverse range of excellent practitioners.’  Trust law and offshore contentious trust law has been described as ‘its forte.’ In Peckson Ltd; Ng v Chen Philip Jones QC acted for Ng Man Sun in a high-value  case which centred on the issue of whether a resulting trust arose out of a gratuitous transfer of shares from the owner of the shares to his de facto wife – the case eventually settled in the run-up to planned second hearing by the Privy Council. John Machell QC  recently appeared before the Bermuda Court of Appeal in an important three day appeal concerning the Court’s supervisory jurisdiction over trusts and the application of the rules of natural justice - the matter is ongoing.



‘Serle Court remains one of the top chambers in this area with good availability.’

‘Serle Court is an excellent set, particularly good for contentious trust and offshore work. A varied spectrum of skilled practitioners.’

‘Serle Court as a whole has an excellent profile in offshore work.’

The leading chambers for the big offshore trusts disputes.’

Still my go to set for commercial chancery work. It has a great bench of barristers at all levels.’

The set as a whole has a high profile in private client and trust work and has able individuals at all levels.’


‘The clerks have always been responsive and friendly.’

‘Top notch. A pleasure to work with.’

‘The clerks are good, in particular Steven Whitaker and Nick Hockney are always very helpful.’

‘I have always found the clerking services responsive and provide a professional and helpful approach to all queries.’

‘Excellent service – I have always found Serle Court’s clerks to be accessible, commercial and easy to work with.’

‘All very able and efficient in my experience. Paul Ballard has been particularly good.’

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers ‘obviously is one of the top sets for offshore trusts’ and is a ‘set that excels in this field.’ The ‘highly intelligentBrian Green QC is acting for the defendant (a major bank) in £450m Hong Kong proceedings concerning the alleged breach of trust and other consequential issues. In another major case Gilead Cooper QC (an ‘intellectual giant’) is acting for Paul Nicholls (guardian of the infants) in Kea v Watson & Ors, a long-running dispute between two New Zealanders before the Jersey courts, concerning the validity of an interim arrêt (a form of seizure) of interests in three trusts to enforce payment of UK judgments.



‘This is a pre-eminent set with some legendary members in this world.’

‘The Chambers is made up of great talent and there is always help at a high level when needed.

‘Fantastic set with quality throughout.’

Excellent, top of the market, with a price tag to match, but worth every penny!

‘Wilberforce is undoubtedly the top set in the trusts and probate world. Its strength in depth is second to none.’

‘The set as a whole has an extremely strong profile in the area with some really stellar performers.


‘The clerking at Wilberforce is exceptional and exemplary. All of the clerks are so efficient and brilliant at what they do. Fraser Geddes deserves specific praise – he really understands what solicitors need and works tirelessly to help make cases run smoothly. The up and coming Harvey Scott looks set to follow in his footsteps.’

Excellent clerking. We love Stewart Cameron.

Always available and helpful with great knowledge of the members’ abilities.’

‘Excellent service, friendly and approachable. Mark Rushton stands out.’


I have always found them hugely personable and straightforward to deal with.’

XXIV Old Buildings

XXIV Old Buildings is a 'go to set for tricky trust problems and is also very good for contentious and non-contentious private client, trusts and estates work.' Stephen Moverley Smith QC successfully acted for the defendant in a case that involved a consideration of the circumstances in which the blessing of a court to a decision by the trustees could be set aside (Twin Benefits Ltd v Barker). The set has a number of 'excellent' practitioners among them Elspeth Talbot Rice QC who has an ‘encyclopaedic knowledge of onshore and offshore trust law’ and the ‘fiercely brightEdward Cumming QC. The ‘very knowledgeable and tenaciousHeather Murphy has been added to the rankings at the junior end. In the rising star category Timothy Sherwin remains ‘a highly effective junior, and an excellent advocate on his own feet.’  The set is 'full of very clever people who manage to avoid being grand about it.'



‘The set is fantastic. All the barristers we have worked with are highly intelligent and provide practical, commercial and detailed advice and are very easy to work with. ‘

‘A good set for Chancery work particularly onshore and offshore trust and probate work. A number of heavy hitting leading counsel and very bright and knowledgeable juniors.’

‘XXIV has for many years been one of the premier sets with a focus on the offshore market. It has the sort of strength and depth that one would expect in this area.

‘XXIV is an extraordinary set. The members work well as a team offering good QC and junior combinations thus providing the client with real value.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings is an exceptional set with a group of excellent barristers.’


The clerks are professional and easy to deal with.

‘The clerks are a pleasure to deal with, very response and organised.’

Paul Horsfield in particular is extremely user friendly and conscientious.’

The clerks room is very responsive, in particular James Ladbrook. James will respond quickly to the requests that we make and will do all he can to accommodate requests.

‘James Ladbrook has wonderful client service skills. He’s keen to build relationships with solicitors and works hand in hand with his barristers to ensure everything runs smoothly.’

Paul Horsfeld and Perry Brown are a pleasure to deal with. Very responsive clerks’ room.’

New Square Chambers

At New Square Chambers Alexander Learmonth QC took silk in 2021. In Moaven v Texeira, he made a successful application to have his client’s brother-in-law removed as trustee of her late husband’s will trust, and an order for costs. In another substantive matter, Mark Hubbard is acting as sole English counsel for the claimant in a dispute between brothers about the ownership and control of a Manx company which holds a substantial property portfolio.



‘Strong reputation in the trust & probate dispute resolution field.

The set is well renowned and justly so for its expertise in Chancery matters. I find the clerks helpful and Counsel approachable, hardworking and knowledgeable.’

High quality set of experts and have never had an issue with availability of counsel.’

I am grateful that the Barristers I am working with are always available to deal with my matters in a very satisfactory way.’

‘New Square Chambers has fantastic collection of experienced private client practitioners. The Chambers has done a lot this year to move its training/CPD seminars online. This has been invaluable to me.’


‘Welcoming and helpful to our clients at conferences. They have a commercial sense when it comes to fees, always realistic and approachable keeping in mind client budget and expectations. When time was tight for an urgent injunction, the clerks at New Square Chambers joined in the effort to get the case ready for court on time. Michelle Greene understands how to help solicitors best serve their clients, and Nathan Hitchman is insightful, helpful and pragmatic.’

Clerks have always been very helpful – Michelle Greene in particular was very responsive.’

Phil Reeves is the Senior Clerk and is very helpful, responsive and eminently commercial. They are lucky to have him.’

‘I think the clerking team is well run and that is thanks to the expert leadership given in Phil Reeves. I also think that the role played by John Campbell can’t be underestimated. He has done a fantastic job in promoting the services that are offered by New Square.

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers has’ strength in depth across all levels of experience in the contentious trust sector.’ In a high-profile matter Robert Pearce QC was instructed by the trustee of The National Fund, a charity set up by an anonymous donor in 1928 aiming to repay the national debt in full in the virtually impossible event it becomes able to do so, in Attorney General v Zedra Fiduciary Services (UK) Ltd : the Attorney General has applied to the court for the funds to be released to the National Debt Commissioners and the trustee argues that the fund should be applied for charitable purposes, and donor's heirs argue that the trust was invalid.



‘All the counsel that I have used from the set have always been excellent, and I regard this as one of the best sets of chambers for Trust and Probate disputes. Availability of counsel is good. Its training programme is good.

Radcliffe Chambers is a market-leading set with a long-standing reputation for outstanding service. ‘

‘Excellent chambers, friendly, efficient, approachable and professional. Whilst counsel are busy, they will always try to accommodate our needs, and will help identify counsel suitable for the case. The Chambers run excellent training programmes and its YouTube channel is particularly useful, meaning you can view the programmes out of hours.

‘Radcliffe Chambers is my go-to set for Contentious Probate mattes. Its counsel are down to earth, approachable and compassionate. There is always someone available to help, and everyone goes to extra mile to do so. ‘#

Radcliffe Chambers is a very strong set, with a number of leading contentious trust and probate litigators. They all share an innate ability to work collaboratively with instructing solicitors to get the best results for the client. It has excellent counsel at all levels and regularly offers first rate training and seminars.


‘I have always found the service and clerks to be excellent too, and they were recently particularly helpful when we had a last minute instructions on a matter with an imminent court hearing.

‘Always willing to go above and beyond and sensible in fee negotiations. I would highly recommend Justin Allen and John Clark .’

The clerks are very responsive, friendly and helpful.’

Well staffed clerks room with helpful clerks.

John Clark is our main contact and he is very efficient and reassuring.’

Ten Old Square

The ‘vastly wise and experienced’ Francis Barlow QC at Ten Old Square is advising on four concurrent applications under the Variation of Trusts Act 1958 for the variation of a number of settlements worth over a billion pounds. In another key matter the ‘very knowledgeable and user-friendly’ Simon Taube QC was instructed by Taylor Wessing in the Dawson-Damer v Taylor Wessing case, which went to the Court of Appeal on a point concerning subject access requests for data which under common law is covered by trustees’ duties of confidentiality. Also at silk level Eason Rajah QC  is an ‘extremely polished advocate.’



‘Excellent chambers, with real strength-in-depth. Availability of counsel at all levels. Those seminars I have attended have always been both informative and enjoyable.

‘Great strength in CT&P at all levels.’

‘Excellent chambers.’

Ten Old Square is a hidden gem in the trusts field.’

’10 Old Square has excellent depth particularly with its juniors. If somebody is unavailable, it is always quick to provide suitable cover. You can be confident that whoever is available will be easy to deal with and do an excellent job.


‘Keith Plowman and Marc Schofield give a superb service, and are always extremely pleasant to deal with.’

‘Strong and commercial, pragmatic.’

The clerks are exceptional. I enjoy working with them.

Clerks are top notch, especially Marc Schofield who responds quickly, is easy to deal with and really makes an effort to assist however he can.

‘Clerks room is exceptional.’

Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers is an ‘excellent’ set, members of which are regularly involved in a broad array of trust and estate cases especially those with a tax, company or civil fraud component. It has a number of skilled practitioners who frequently appear in the courts of a number of offshore jurisdictions. At a senior level Christopher McCall and Catherine Newman QC are highly accomplished and at the junior end  the 'incredibly committed' Thomas Fletcher ascended the junior rankings.



‘Maitland Chambers is extremely capable and is my ‘go to’ for assistance.’

‘Efficient and knowledgeable.’


Perfectly effective and responsive.’