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London Bar > Employment Tier 3

42 Bedford Row's 'employment team is very strong, with a wide range of counsel to suit any type of case and budget'. The set's clients include major employers, small businesses and large public and private sector organisations, as well as employees at all levels. Practicing exclusively in employment law, the set's employment group head Jude Shepherd successfully defended the Health and Care Professions Council against allegations of discrimination during professional conduct proceedings, by failing to make reasonable adjustments for the claimant's disability; and Iris Ferber recently acted for the respondent in McCarthy v Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, a sensitive disability discrimination claim that involved allegations of failure to make reasonable adjustments for the claimant, who suffered from complex PTSD and wanted to work from home.

Rising stars

Eleanor Wheeler - 42 Bedford RowProvides straightforward and user-friendly advice. 
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Michael Salter - 42 Bedford RowMichael is a pleasure to work with. He has the technical expertise, but also the pragmatism and ability to engage effectively with witnesses and clients; and he is very personable. He is responsive, flexible and provides valuable assistance during the preparation of claims, even when he is engaged in other matters.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jude Shepherd - 42 Bedford RowJude has a very reassuring presence, and is excellent on strategy and responsive throughout the progress of a case. Jude is great with clients and a pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 3
Iris Ferber - 42 Bedford RowIris has the ability to put clients at ease and is extremely approachable, and in contrast, fierce in cross-examination. Iris is very knowledgeable, eminently practical.
Ranked: Tier 4
Orlando Holloway - 42 Bedford RowOrlando's principal strength is the ability to explain complex legal concepts to clients and witnesses in a straightforward way. He is very adept at adapting litigation strategy to meet the client’s changing needs, including at short notice.
Ranked: Tier 4
Rebecca Thomas - 42 Bedford RowRebecca is very astute, and has a great understanding of both the legal issues and the commercial considerations relevant to claims. Rebecca is able to put clients at ease and ensures they focus on the key elements of the claim. Rebecca is always very calm.
Ranked: Tier 4
Aysha Ahmad - 42 Bedford RowAysha is technically strong in employment law and very experienced. She is commercial in the approach taken, which is important for clients, she manages client expectations well, and her honesty on prospects is welcomed. Aysha is confident and robust in her delivery, which clients find reassuring.
Ranked: Tier 5
Jason Braier - 42 Bedford RowJason is extremely thorough and conscientious, and works brilliantly as part of a team. His written work is second to none, attention to detail impeccable, and he immediately grasps the crux of the issues from a commercial as well as legal perspective.
Ranked: Tier 5
Susan Chan - 42 Bedford RowSusan provides clear, concise and practical advice. A key strength is Susan's ability to grasp the legal issues that are relevant to the claim quickly, and provide assistance using a calm and considered approach.
Ranked: Tier 5
Gillian Crew - 42 Bedford RowGillian is superb at making a client feel at ease with her calm approach, but is equally superb at persuading the tribunal to see the case from her client's perspective. Gillian is reassuring to work with and incredibly knowledgeable and effective as an advocate.
Ranked: Tier 5
Martin Khoshdel - 42 Bedford RowMartin has a steady, calm, excellent attention to detail and persuasive advocacy skills.
Ranked: Tier 5
Rad Kohanzad - 42 Bedford RowRad's client service to his solicitor is first class - always responsive, goes the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble, and he is unflappable in a pressure situation. Also excellent with clients - they love him, And, importantly, technically, he is excellent in terms of knowledge of the law, advocacy and the creation of strong arguments. He is definitely a can-do barrister. 
Ranked: Tier 5
Nick Singer - 42 Bedford RowNick is great on the technical work, but also pragmatic, responsive and good with witnesses.
Ranked: Tier 5
Safia Tharoo - 42 Bedford RowShe is excellent all-round. Very knowledgable on the law, a very good advocate, great with clients and well liked and respected by judges. She is the person you want in your corner, and will do everything she can to fight her client’s case.
Ranked: Tier 5
Benjamin Uduje - 42 Bedford RowBenjamin is a very committed barrister; he is thorough, and a team player who is open to discussing matters and receiving feedback/questions. He also has an open and friendly style, which is much appreciated by lay clients.
Ranked: Tier 5
Catherine Urquhart - 42 Bedford RowVery easy to work with, and communicates very well with clients and instructing solicitors alike. She has an easy-going manner, which puts clients at ease and creates minimal work for instructing solicitors.
Ranked: Tier 5
Tim Welch - 42 Bedford RowExtremely hard-working and thorough in preparation - very clever and tactically astute with good judgement, and totally dependable as a junior. Excellent client manner that inspires confidence.
Ranked: Tier 5



The employment team is very strong, with a wide range of counsel to suit any type of case and budget.

Very strong employment set with good availability at different levels.

The barristers I have instructed from 42 Bedford Row have all been excellent, both at preliminary and final hearings.

Flexible and pragmatic on fees – always keen to build a good relationship with instructing solicitors.

Chambers offers regular, helpful training, and is very supportive when we need their assistance.


I have been impressed by 42 Bedford Row. The clerks are very responsive and professional.

London Bar > Social housing Tier 3

42 Bedford Row offers advice to individuals, such as tenants and leaseholders, as well as local and public authorities, housing associations, registered landlords, banks and developers on the full spectrum of social housing law. The set has a particular niche area of expertise for matters at the intersection of housing and family issues, as well as serious anti-social behaviour. Iris Ferber is currently acting in Primesight Developments v Majestic Court Management Company which concerns the question in landlord and tenant law whether a default judgment for service charge arrears amounts to a “final determination” under s81 Housing Act 1996, entitling a landlord to forfeit the lease. Desmond Kilcoyne successfully acted for the local authority in Lambeth v Gniewosz concerning the roofing materials used for a re-development. Mathew McDermott frequently acts in judicial reviews with a focus on those relating to local authorities’ duties to the homeless.

Leading Juniors

Iris Ferber - 42 Bedford RowIris has obvious intellectual ability and is well ahead of her peers. Firm, yet friendly, and a strategic thinker - a leader at the housing Bar and beyond.
Ranked: Tier 3
Naomi Hawkes - 42 Bedford RowShe is knowledgeable with many years experience of housing, property and litigation law and has excellent written communication skills.
Ranked: Tier 4
Desmond Kilcoyne - 42 Bedford RowVery knowledgeable, highly skilled, extremely thorough and can always be relied on to achieve the best outcome for our client department - even in instances where there a limited instructions.
Ranked: Tier 4
Mathew McDermott - 42 Bedford RowMathew has a particular eye for detail and does not leave any stone unturned.
Ranked: Tier 4



‘This set of chambers is in my view outstanding. They always go out of their way to assist you with counsel availability, particularly in matters of injunctions where counsel is required at the last minute.’

‘A good chambers with a variety of counsel at differing levels at competitive rates. Always willing to accommodate emergency instructions.’

‘Chambers are highly efficient and provide an excellent service. They provide a very good selection of Barristers in each field and provide an explanation of each Barrister’s ability and competency for the case at hand allowing an Instructing Solicitor to make the correct choice.’

‘The Chambers has a good cover at junior level for Housing Claims, their clerks are very approachable.’

‘I have utilised the chambers on many occasions. Other barristers at the set are happy to step in and assist where they can. The set is complemented by excellent clerks who are very much “on the ball”.’


‘All of the clerks are excellent and offer a top rate service.’

London Bar > Children law (including public and private law) Tier 4

42 Bedford Row is ‘exceptionally experienced' in this area. The members are ‘approachable and easy to work with’. The set is especially known for its public law children work and its private law practice continues to grow.  It is a 'great chambers with a good selection of experienced and well-respected family barristers'. Gemma Taylor QC  has a track record of work involving some allegations of some of the most serious child abuse possible, while Katie Phillips has been instructed in diplomatically-sensitive international child law proceedings.

Leading Silks

Tina Cook QC - 42 Bedford RowA force of nature. Tina is whip smart, utterly driven and takes no prisoners. She thinks at lightening speed and chases down every point. Her cross examination is forensic and attuned to the witness in question. She can be devastating. She is also a master strategist and reads the case, the judge and her opponents with considerable insight.
Ranked: Tier 2
Gemma Taylor QC - 42 Bedford RowIs a formidable opponent because she is always well prepared. She knows her case and understands her clients. She has a knowledge of the law that is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 3
Damian Woodward-Carlton QC - 42 Bedford RowA class act. He is absolutely unflappable. He has a calm and collected demeanour combined with a sharp, forensic mind. His cross-examination is superlative. Damian is like an iron fist in a velvet glove.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Ranked: Tier 2
Katie Phillips - 42 Bedford RowAn extremely able barrister: Katie has a ready grasp of the salient issues in a case and advocates in an attractive and economical way that is very effective. She has pragmatic, fair-minded and balanced approach to cases, and is able to make serious and complex points effectively and efficiently.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 5



‘42’s family group is full of talent. There are some excellent practitioners and the team is chock full of able lawyers. They are renowned for those who practice children law, with am emphasis on public law. There is an expectation of quality in respect of senior and junior members of chambers alike as its reputation continues to grow.’

’42 Bedford Row has an impressive list of members with a range that can meet the needs of any case . The clerking team is always very helpful and bends over backwards to ensure the right counsel is made available if at all possible. Given the range of specialisms available it is rare not to be able to find someone who is right for any given case . Regular webinars are available which are always informative and topical.’

‘The chambers is always my first choice as it has a good range of experienced barristers and almost always manages to find someone even in an emergency. It also offers my team training on a fairly regular basis.’

‘Easily contactable and good range of skill base with regards to barristers.


The clerks are brilliant. They were some of the nicest clerks in the business. It is a breath of fresh air to what has more recently become a more commercial approach to clerking.

‘James Tidnam is extremely impressive . He has his finger on the pulse at all times.  He is well supported by the rest of the team.’

South Eastern Circuit > Family and children law

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public and Private)

Samuel Davis - 42 Bedford Row ‘Samuel is a fearless and impressive advocate in court. He is unafraid to give robust advice and is empathic with clients, with whom he quickly builds rapport.
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Clinical negligence

Leading Juniors

Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowScott is absolutely fearless, incredibly bright, and an excellent communicator.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Furniss - 42 Bedford RowHe has strong analytical skills and an incisive and intelligent approach to claims. An unflappable junior.
Ranked: Tier 3
Thomas Wood - 42 Bedford RowA skilled negotiator who is very persuasive in court. He will go out of his way to put clients at their ease. His advice is sound and very detailed.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud

Personal injury - Leading Juniors

Richard Furniss - 42 Bedford RowAn extremely composed, authoritative and persuasive advocate, who effortlessly puts clients' minds at ease.
Ranked: Tier 2
Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowA disarmingly charming barrister whose light-hearted and self-deprecating approach belies his skill as a highly experienced and highly effective advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Gregory - 42 Bedford RowPersonable, quietly confident and a persuasive advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

Leading Juniors

Richard Furniss - 42 Bedford RowA persuasive advocate who obtains great results.
Ranked: Tier 3
Scott Matthewson - 42 Bedford RowA really safe pair of hands in the most complex of inquests.
Ranked: Tier 3

Regional Bar > South Eastern Circuit > Family and children law

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public and Private)

Samuel Davis - 42 Bedford Row ‘Samuel is a fearless and impressive advocate in court. He is unafraid to give robust advice and is empathic with clients, with whom he quickly builds rapport.
Ranked: Tier 1

42 Bedford Row is one of the leading multi-disciplinary sets of chambers with over 110 members specialising across the spectrum of civil law. The set is instructed across England and Wales and internationally on both complex and sensitive matters requiring the highest levels of skill, and on relatively more straightforward matters that require very efficient resolution.

The set: 42 Bedford Row represents a group of more than 100 barristers who work for law firms, corporate clients, local authorities, public institutions and private individuals. It has well-established practice groups in family, business and property, employment, housing, personal injury and clinical negligence, with increasing strength and depth in every field year on year. Further specialist teams have now been developed in the fields of coronial law, Court of Protection, disciplinary and professional regulatory matters. Building such a breadth of expertise under one roof has proved to be a compelling proposition for clients of all types.

42 Bedford Row is well-known for the quality of its advice and advocacy and for its high levels of client service and it is especially proud of the fact that it works for clients from all parts of the UK and internationally. On any given day, members will be working for clients in courts and tribunals across England and Wales and in countries across the world.

Types of work undertaken: Members are organised into specialist practice areas that share expertise with each other and organise workshops for clients. With over 110 members the set is particularly known for its family work (child protection and growing financial remedy work); clinical negligence and personal injury; employment and rapidly growing business and property, housing, inquest, and professional regulatory and disciplinary practices. Many barristers accept direct public access work.

20 members are listed individually as leaders in their fields in Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500. Past members include Rose LJ, Janet Smith LJ, Leveson LJ, David Clarke J and Caroline Swift J.

In the last year 42 Bedford Row has maintained or won places on over 20 client panels, often for multiple practice areas. The set continues to be a strong destination for barristers coming from other chambers looking to develop their careers and join a progressive, commercially managed set with a very strong client focus.

Chambers Director Vincent Denhamvincent.denham@42br.com020 7831 0222
Member of Chambers COOK QC, Tina (1988)
Member of Chambers TAYLOR QC, Gemma (1988)
Member of Chambers HENDERSON QC (Scot), Lisa (1995)
Member of Chambers WOODWARD-CARLTON QC, Damian (1995)
Member of Chambers DAICHES, Michael (1977)
Member of Chambers NEWMAN, Philip (1977)
Member of Chambers LEDERMAN, Howard (1982)
Member of Chambers POTE, Andrew (1983)
Member of Chambers AZIM, Rehna (1984)
Member of Chambers DABBS, David (1984)
Member of Chambers FORD, Monica (1984)
Member of Chambers BENNETT, Jonathan (1985)
Member of Chambers VICKERY, Neil (1985)
Member of Chambers KING, Fawzia (1985)
Member of Chambers MAITLAND-JONES, Mark (1986)
Member of Chambers BRAITHWAITE, Garfield (1987)
Member of Chambers HALL, Jeremy (1988)
Member of Chambers PHIL-EBOSIE, Sheila (1988)
Member of Chambers CRAMSIE, Sinclair (1988)
Member of Chambers HAUKELAND, Martin (1989)
Member of Chambers COSTER, Ronald (1989)
Member of Chambers KILCOYNE, Desmond (1990)
Member of Chambers HIGGINS, Adrian (1990)
Member of Chambers WALTERS, Edmund (1991)
Member of Chambers FURNISS, Richard (1991)
Member of Chambers TODMAN, Deborah (1991)
Member of Chambers OTWAL, Mukhtiar (1991)
Member of Chambers UDUJE, Ben (1992)
Member of Chambers HYDE, Marcia (1992)
Member of Chambers BUTTIMORE, Gabriel (1993)
Member of Chambers BALDWIN, Marcus (1994)
Member of Chambers HAWKES, Naomi (1994)
Member of Chambers McCORMACK, Philip (1994)
Member of Chambers CHAN, Susan (1994)
Member of Chambers FARRINGTON, Gemma (1994)
Member of Chambers MATTHEWSON, Scott (1996)
Member of Chambers SHEPHERD, Jude (1996)
Member of Chambers AHMAD, Aysha (1996)
Member of Chambers GARDNER, Eilidh (1997)
Members of Chambers HAYFORD, Jane (1997)
Member of Chambers WOODHOUSE, Nigel (1997)
Member of Chambers MANN, Christopher (1998)
Member of Chambers CREW, Gillian (1998)
Member of Chambers O'BRIEN, Niamh (1998)
Member of Chambers BHACHU, Sharan (1999)
Member of Chambers THOMAS, Rebecca (1999)
Member of Chambers SALTER, Michael (1999)
Member of Chambers LITTLE, Richard (2000)
Member of Chambers GREGORY, Richard (2000)
Member of Chambers CASSIDY, Francis (2000)
Member of Chambers PIEARS, Angela (2001)
Member of Chambers KHAN, Arfan (2001)
Member of Chambers PHILLIPS, Katie (2002)
Member of Chambers CHALONER, Mark (2002)
Member of Chambers WOOD, Thomas (2002)
Member of Chambers BRAIER, Jason (2002)
Member of Chambers CAMERON, Robert (2003)
Member of Chambers DILLON, Anne (2003)
Member of Chambers WALKER, Maria-Amália (2003)
Member of Chambers SMITH, Siân (2003)
Member of Chambers DAVIES, Jonathan (2003)
Member of Chambers BUTLER, George (2004)
Member of Chambers THAROO, Safia (2004)
Member of Chambers HOLLOWAY, Orlando (2004)
Member of Chambers CHAN, Rachel (2004)
Member of Chambers STROUD, Amy (2004)
Member of Chambers GLAISTER - YOUNG, Shelly (2004)
Member of Chambers FERBER, Iris (2005)
Member of Chambers JEPSON, Amanda (2005)
Member of Chambers ROBERTSON, Mary (2005)
Member of Chambers SINGER, Nick (2006)
Member of Chambers ATKINSON, Jessica (2006)
Member of Chambers WEBBER, Ruth (2006)
Member of Chambers KOHANZAD, Rad (2007)
Member of Chambers CLARK, Neil (2007)
Member of Chambers IRVINE, Celeste (2007)
Member of Chambers PRYOR, Alison (2008)
Member of Chambers McDERMOTT, Mathew (2008)
Member of Chambers NETTLESHIP, Helen (2009)
Member of Chambers STIMMLER, Ben (2009)
Member of Chambers GIACHARDI, Laura (2009)
Member of Chambers ARLIDGE, Heather (2009)
Member of Chambers GRANT, Michael (2009)
Member of Chambers WELCH, Tim (2009)
Member of Chambers HAMMOND, Sara (2009)
Member of Chambers BERTHELSEN, Eleonore (2009)
Member of Chambers URQUHART, Catherine (2010)
Member of Chambers ZOVIDAVI, Hamed (2010)
Member of Chambers KHOSHDEL, Martin (2010)
Member of Chambers MACKENZIE, Charlotte (2011)
Member of Chambers TROY, Pauline (2011)
Member of Chambers FOSTER, Natalie (2011)
Member of Chambers BIDNELL-EDWARDS, Nicholas (2012)
Member of Chambers SCARBOROUGH, Christi (2012)
Member of Chambers LLOYD-JONES, Edward (2012)
Member of Chambers PEARCE, Jonathan (2012)
Member of Chambers PATEL, Krishma (2012)
Member of Chambers LIBERADZKI, Stefan (2013)
Member of Chambers SHARPE, James Arthur (2014)
Member of Chambers JOLLEY, Peter (2014)
Member of Chambers WHEELER, Eleanor (2014)
Member of Chambers BARKER, Chantelle (2014)
Member of Chambers PHIPPS, Vondez (2014)
Member of Chambers YOUNGS, Jennifer (2016)
Member of Chambers GORDON, Max (2016)
Member of Chambers WHITTINGTON, Louise (2016)
Member of Chambers FIREMAN, Jamie (2016)
Member of Chambers ARCHER, Katherine (2018)
Member of Chambers CARTER, Andrew (2018)
Member of Chambers LANDES, Caroline (2019)
Member of Chambers CLAXTON, Kate (2019)
Member of Chambers COX, Hannah (2019)
Jonathan Bennett photo Jonathan BennettMainly public law care proceedings, but also other family and local authority…
Susan Chan  photo Susan Chan Susan practices in employment law, public law, personal injury/clinical negligence and inquests.…
Tina Cook photo Tina CookFamily law specialist with a special emphasis on children work,. Tina often…
Iris Ferber  photo Iris Ferber Specialist in all aspects of employment law and in property law, especially…
Richard Furniss  photo Richard Furniss Richard is a well-known specialist in medical law, and has vast experience…
Richard Gregory  photo Richard Gregory Richard Gregory is an established personal injury and clinical negligence practitioner, with…
Naomi Hawkes  photo Naomi Hawkes Naomi was called to the Bar in 1994. She has over 20…
Orlando Holloway  photo Orlando Holloway Orlando was called to the Bar in 2004. Since becoming a tenant…
Scott Matthewson  photo Scott Matthewson Scott is head of the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Team at…
Katie Phillips  photo Katie Phillips Katie is a family law specialist, practising across all areas of children…
Jude Shepherd  photo Jude Shepherd Jude Shepherd is Head of the Employment Team at 42 Bedford Row
Gemma Taylor photo Gemma TaylorGemma practises family law, primarily public law care and adoption proceedings for…
Damian Woodward-Carlton photo Damian Woodward-CarltonDamian is a family practitioner, appearing in the Family Court (High Court,…

CLIENT: Alison Harbour
COMPANY/FIRM: GoodLaw Solicitors
TESTIMONIAL: I have always valued the quality of the members of chambers and high level of commitment and competence they bring to every case. The clerks are consistently helpful and have got me out of a tight corner many times when I have had instructions for a short notice hearing. I genuinely value everything that 42br has to offer. My job would be a lot harder without them.

CLIENT: Heather Davies
COMPANY/FIRM: Wilson Browne Solicitors
TESTIMONIAL: Communication is one of the key factors for me in choosing counsel and dealing with chambers and I have been very pleased with both. The counsel I have dealt with have been responsive and available both before the hearing and afterwards with prompt liaison and updates. I have instructed on some cases with complex issues and challenges which have been very well managed by the counsel I have used.

CLIENT: Peter Harris & Caron Theobalds
COMPANY/FIRM: Harris Temperley LLP
TESTIMONIAL: Across the board from Juniors to Silks we have never been disappointed and very much rate the high standard of sensitive, fair and expert advocacy received. The barristers at 42 Bedford Row are not afraid to provide realistic advice to the clients or indeed to those instructing them.

CLIENT: Rachel Carter
TESTIMONIAL: We use various counsel, from QC to junior, in very complex care proceedings involving non-accidental injury or FII. Those that we instruct have a sound medical knowledge and great legal expertise. The clerking team, James, in particular, are immensely helpful and go above and beyond to assist (for example if counsel is not available for a hearing, they will actively seek cover).

CLIENT: Keeley Lengthorn
TESTIMONIAL: I have instructed members of 42BR for approximately 8 years, having first instructed them when I joined MW Solicitors. They came highly recommended to me then and have not failed to disappoint me since. The reason why I continue to instruct 42BR is mostly because of the powerful expertise displayed by all members I instruct