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London Bar > Employment Tier 3

Housing ‘a great employment team with an excellent range of barristers‘, 42 Bedford Row‘s barristers regularly appear in Employment Tribunals, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the High Court. In recent highlights, senior junior Jonathan Davies acted for over 400 claimants in a sizeable, multi-party pay claim in the High Court (Prior v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis), which concerned the payment of overtime, and away from home and hardship allowances; and at the more junior end of chambers, Eleanor Wheeler represented the respondent in in Walsh v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, comprising an EAT appeal hearing that involved a previously undecided issue of flexible working law and procedure.

2023 Silks

Iris Ferber KC - 42 Bedford RowIris is cool calm and collected. No matter what the hearing or trial throws up, she is always in control and her technical knowledge means nothing throws her. Her examination technique is one of the best around - articulate and precise. She doesn't bully or harass the witnesses, but rather leads them along a path; and without them realising, she has managed to extract the evidence she needed. A real skill!
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Jude Shepherd42 Bedford RowJude is exceptional in terms of working with solicitors in a seamless manner, relationships with clients, legal expertise and strategy. She is an exceptional advocate and regularly achieves unexpected positive results through her sheer hard work and skill. Jude ensures that she has all detail to hand, so that she can put the best case forward. She copes with a very high workload, but always delivers service in a way that clients feel like her absolute priority – one in a million in terms of exceptional expertise.
Ranked: Tier 2
Michael Salter - 42 Bedford RowSuperb client-handling skills and super-sharp on legal detail and commerciality. Always on top of the papers and proactive in terms of the next steps and getting the client the result. On his feet, he has a naturally calm, measured but robust style of advocacy - very able to get the panel on-side with his helpful and pragmatic approach.
Ranked: Tier 3
Safia Tharoo - 42 Bedford RowSafia is very quick to get to the crux of a case and focus on how best to approach it. She is honest and direct, and gives clear advice on a case's strengths and weaknesses.
Ranked: Tier 4
Catherine Urquhart - 42 Bedford RowCatherine goes above and beyond in terms of her work and advice. She is very willing to get stuck in, is always thoroughly prepared, and gives advice in a clear and concise way that clients like.
Ranked: Tier 4
Orlando Holloway - 42 Bedford RowOrlando is an exceptional barrister. Aside from his technical ability (which is a given), his biggest strength is his personality and ability to build a rapport with witnesses and put them at ease.
Ranked: Tier 4
Rebecca Thomas - 42 Bedford RowRebecca is very clear, precise, and always has a very good grasp of all details of the claims. Rebecca is also very calm and patient, and is able to make clients and witnesses feel very comfortable.
Ranked: Tier 4
Aysha Ahmad - 42 Bedford RowAysha is a robust and persuasive advocate, who is particularly strong and quick on her feet. Her cross-examination is fearless and effective, and she is to be commended for her skills and manner with clients and witnesses.
Ranked: Tier 4
Jason Braier - 42 Bedford RowJason has a standout ability to sift through and digest vast and dense information quickly, get to grips with it and create an articulate, strong, logical and well-organised narrative, set of pleadings, appeal or submission. He can also prepare legal submissions on tricky legal points quickly and at short notice.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Rad Kohanzad - 42 Bedford RowRad is a very well-prepared and meticulous advocate, who has a friendly demeanour but can be firm and persistent where needed. His particular strength is getting to the crux of the issue quickly and building a strong rapport with the client.
Ranked: Tier 5
Nick Singer - 42 Bedford RowNick is great on the detail and always gets really stuck into a case so that he knows it well. He is good at challenging witnesses so that they are better prepared for a final hearing, and is happy to provide his view on merits and lability.
Ranked: Tier 5
Benjamin Uduje - 42 Bedford RowExcellent at putting clients at ease. He provides advice in a measured and commercial manner, and is well prepped for conferences and hearings, which is very reassuring. He is intelligent, empathetic and very helpful, and his reputation for being an excellent barrister is well deserved.
Ranked: Tier 5
Tim Welch - 42 Bedford RowVery perceptive and able to get to the nub of the matter - also very cost effective, smart and a pleasure to deal with.
Ranked: Tier 5
Jonathan Davies - 42 Bedford Row 'Jonathan has a brilliant legal mind, and gets to the heart of the issues incredibly quickly. He is a very accomplished and impressive advocate, who will skilfully guide judges through complex areas of law, and he is an astute strategist who is commercially aware. He gets to grips with large bundles at speed, has great attention to detail, and his drafting skills are second to none. Clients love him! '
Ranked: Tier 5
Nick Bidnell-Edwards42 Bedford RowGreat with clients and witnesses, very responsive, and calm and clear as an advocate – but not afraid to take a point with a judge and fight the client’s corner.
Ranked: Tier 5
Amy Stroud - 42 Bedford Row 'Amy is a very persuasive and erudite advocate, who grasps points quickly and relays them persuasively and clearly - she has excellent knowledge of employment law, and is a clear and concise drafter. A strong negotiator, Amy is commercial and very good with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Eleanor Wheeler - 42 Bedford RowMethodical, while being clear and concise about the salient aspects of the law. Fully across her brief, engaging and persuasive as an advocate, and highly skilled in courtroom etiquette, practice and procedure.
Ranked: Tier 5
Susan Chan - 42 Bedford RowSusan Chan is a wonderfully calm and measured advocate. She is excellent at dealing with clients and her advocacy is fantastic.
Ranked: Tier 5
Gillian Crew - 42 Bedford RowRemarkably personable, and has a great way of disarming clients and making them feel relaxed. This extends to her cross-examination style, which makes it really effective - also very sensible and methodical in her analysis of disputes.
Ranked: Tier 5



42BR has a number of counsel with excellent employment experience and expertise; and a common theme is the practical and helpful approach taken by counsel.

A great employment team with an excellent range of barristers who work really collaboratively, which helps to solve problems for different sorts of clients.

Provides a consistently high standard of service.

A great set, with good all-rounders.

A go-to set for employment work.


The clerks at 42BR stand out. They could not be more helpful and accommodating, whether it be a last-minute hearing or a client on a budget – they always find a package to suit clients’ needs.

London Bar > Social housing Tier 3

42 Bedford Row‘s social housing team provides a ‘fantastic service’ and has ‘good availability with a range of counsel of different call’. Members act for individuals, such as tenants and landlords, as well as local and public authorities and housing associations in work. In a recent matter, Iris Ferber KC successfully acted for the council in Southend-on-Sea Borough Council v Shaw, a case concerning the defendants’ breach of anti-social behaviour injunctions to return to their house allegedly to care for 200 guinea pigs; the committal sanction of “asset seizure” was deployed by the court to order the seizure and rehoming of the guinea pigs, which had been subject to severe abuse by the defendants. In another matter, Mathew McDermott acted for the local athority in Allen v Ealing LBC, a case concerning the service of notices of intended prosecutions against local authorities.

2023 Silks

Iris Ferber KC42 Bedford RowShe is experienced and knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. Iris is always well-prepared for hearings and is a wonderful advocate.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Desmond Kilcoyne42 Bedford RowDesmond is a housing law guru. Great advocacy and very pragmatic.
Ranked: Tier 3
Naomi Hawkes42 Bedford RowNaomi is knowledgeable with many years experience of housing, property and litigation law and has excellent written communication skills.
Ranked: Tier 4
Mathew McDermott42 Bedford RowMatthew’s advice is very thorough and he is a very skilled orator.'
Ranked: Tier 4



’42 Bedford Row is an excellent chambers.’

‘The chambers is well known to deliver to a high standard and I cannot find any fault.’

‘Excellent chambers. Always helpful, reasonably priced and excellent value for the quality of the team.’

‘A great set of chambers with a good range of barristers at all levels.’

‘An established set of housing and public law barristers.’


‘The clerks are excellent. They are professional, helpful, organised and have good time management skills. They listen to our requests and will work according to our needs.’

London Bar > Children law (including public and private law) Tier 3

42 Bedford Row is a set of ‘highly experienced barristers who are knowledgeable on the law and its implementation’. Tina Cook KC is ‘a very knowledgeable and formidable barrister’ practicing solely in children law matters and representing all parties, parents, local authorities, and children with a majority of her cases in the High Court. Gemma Taylor KC is an ‘extremely efficient, effective and persistent advocate’ and has extensive experience of handling cases that involve complex medical evidence, serious injuries, and sexual abuse. Jonathan Bennett specializes in care and adoption proceedings, while ‘strong cross-examiner’ Katie Phillips focuses on public law work. Gemma Farrington KC was appointed silk in 2022.

Leading Silks

Tina Cook KC42 Bedford Row ‘Tina is a very knowledgeable and formidable barrister. She is very courteous in delivering a case on behalf of the LA and the professionalism. She clearly explains an issue or position to the court and parties, and her advocacy skills are first class.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Gemma Taylor KC42 Bedford Row ‘Gemma is an outstanding children law barrister. She is an advocate who leaves no stone unturned for her client. She is able to present a case with authority and sensitivity, and her forensic style of cross examination is magical.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Damian Woodward-Carlton KC42 Bedford Row ‘Damian has fantastic and effective advocacy style, which gets the job done well and with compassion and understanding - essential in the field of public children law.’
Ranked: Tier 3

2022 Silks

Gemma Farrington KC – 42 Bedford Row ‘Gemma has a good grasp of the issues in a case. She is always well prepared and is good at engaging with clients. Her cross-examination is thorough but always polite and well focused.’

Leading Juniors

Jonathan Bennett42 Bedford Row 'Jonathan is an excellent barrister who is always well prepared and able to cross-examine and present the case for the clients.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Katie Phillips42 Bedford Row ‘Katie is one of the best junior barristers who always does a very high level of preparation. Her knowledge of the law, social work practice, medical knowledge and procedure is very good.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 5
Sharan Bhachu42 Bedford Row ‘Sharan is extremely forensic on contested cases, and doesn’t shy away from distasteful elements.’
Ranked: Tier 5



‘42 Bedford Row Chambers is a very experienced set and the go-to chambers.’

‘42 Bedford Row is an excellent set of chambers with a supportive team of barristers who appear to work as a team and collaborate with each other in a professional way.’

‘42 Bedford Row is a very busy and well-regarded set with excellent members and provides counsel for all types of care work.’

‘42 Bedford Row is a very good set.’

‘42 Bedford Row offers a varied training program and has very experienced counsel in all fields of public and private law.’

‘42 Bedford Row has a good standard of care practitioners.’  


Work highlights

    South Eastern Circuit > Family and children law

    Rising Stars: Child Law (Public and Private)

    Samuel Davis –42 Bedford Row  ‘Samuel is an extremely competent and personable barrister who quickly understands the issues in dispute and proactively attempts to solve them.’
    Ranked: Tier 1

    Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public and Private)

    Kate Kochnari42 Bedford Row ‘Kate is skilled in supporting and reassuring vulnerable clients. Her thorough preparation, attention to detail and skilled advocacy gets results.’
    Ranked: Tier 3

    London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud

    Personal injury - Leading Juniors

    Richard Furniss42 Bedford Row ‘Richard is astute, strategic and has a great gift for marshalling evidence and honing in on the key issues of a case.'
    Ranked: Tier 2
    Richard Gregory42 Bedford Row 'Richard is incredibly astute, with a very analytical approach.'
    Ranked: Tier 3

    London Bar > Clinical negligence

    Leading Juniors

    Richard Furniss42 Bedford Row ‘He has a very pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to cases and is very good with clients.'    
    Ranked: Tier 3
    Thomas Wood42 Bedford RowHe is extremely thorough and is very good at explaining the issues to the lay claimant. He gets to the crux of the matter well and is very supportive of all involved parties.'
    Ranked: Tier 4

    London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

    London Bar > Property litigation

    Leading Juniors

    Mathew McDermott42 Bedford Row ‘Mathew is extremely thorough in his approach and tends to provide comprehensive advice, covering both the legal position and the practical steps necessary to achieve the desired result.
    Ranked: Tier 5

    Regional Bar > South Eastern Circuit > Family and children law

    Rising Stars: Child Law (Public and Private)

    Samuel Davis –42 Bedford Row  ‘Samuel is an extremely competent and personable barrister who quickly understands the issues in dispute and proactively attempts to solve them.’
    Ranked: Tier 1

    Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public and Private)

    Kate Kochnari42 Bedford Row ‘Kate is skilled in supporting and reassuring vulnerable clients. Her thorough preparation, attention to detail and skilled advocacy gets results.’
    Ranked: Tier 3

    42 Bedford Row is one of the leading multi-disciplinary sets of chambers with 120 members specialising across the spectrum of civil and family law. The set is instructed across England and Wales and internationally on both complex and sensitive matters requiring the highest levels of skill, and on relatively more straightforward matters that require very efficient resolution.

    The set: 42 Bedford Row represents a group of 120 barristers who work for law firms, corporate clients, local authorities, public institutions and private individuals. It has well-established practice groups in family, business and property, employment, housing, personal injury and clinical negligence, with increasing strength and depth in every field year on year. Further specialist teams have now been developed in the fields of coronial law, Court of Protection, animal welfare, disciplinary and professional regulatory matters. Building such a breadth of expertise under one roof has proved to be a compelling proposition for clients of all types.

    42 Bedford Row is well-known for the quality of its advice and advocacy and for its high levels of client service and it is especially proud of the fact that it works for clients from all parts of the UK and internationally. On any given day, members will be working for clients in courts and tribunals across England and Wales and in countries across the world.

    Types of work undertaken: Members are organised into specialist practice areas that share expertise with each other and organise workshops for clients. With 120 members the set is particularly known for its family work (child protection and growing financial remedy work); clinical negligence and personal injury; employment and rapidly growing business and property, housing, inquest, animal welfare and professional regulatory and disciplinary practices. Many barristers accept direct public access work.

    20 members are listed individually as leaders in their fields in Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500. Past members include Rose LJ, Janet Smith LJ, Leveson LJ, David Clarke J and Caroline Swift J.

    In the last year 42 Bedford Row has maintained or won places on over 20 client panels, often for multiple practice areas. The set continues to be a strong destination for barristers coming from other chambers looking to develop their careers and join a progressive, commercially managed set with a very strong client focus.

    Chambers Director Vincent Denhamvincent.denham@42br.com020 7831 0222
    Director of Clerking Steve Sheridansteves@42br.com020 7831 0222
    Senior Practice Manager James Tidnamjamest@42br.com020 7831 0222
    Senior Practice Manager Stuart Ritchiestuartr@42br.com020 7831 0222
    Member of Chambers COOK KC, Tina (1988)
    Member of Chambers TAYLOR KC, Gemma (1988)
    Member of Chambers FARRINGTON KC, Gemma (1988)
    Member of Chambers HENDERSON KC (Scot), Lisa (1995)
    Member of Chambers WOODWARD-CARLTON KC, Damian (1995)
    Member of Chambers NEWMAN, Philip (1977)
    Member of Chambers LEDERMAN, Howard (1982)
    Member of Chambers POTE, Andrew (1983)
    Member of Chambers AZIM, Rehna (1984)
    Member of Chambers DABBS, David (1984)
    Member of Chambers FORD, Monica (1984)
    Member of Chambers BENNETT, Jonathan (1985)
    Member of Chambers VICKERY, Neil (1985)
    Member of Chambers KING, Fawzia (1985)
    Member of Chambers MAITLAND-JONES, Mark (1986)
    Member of Chambers BRAITHWAITE, Garfield (1987)
    Member of Chambers HALL, Jeremy (1988)
    Member of Chambers PHIL-EBOSIE, Sheila (1988)
    Member of Chambers CRAMSIE, Sinclair (1988)
    Member of Chambers HAUKELAND, Martin (1989)
    Member of Chambers COSTER, Ronald (1989)
    Member of Chambers KILCOYNE, Desmond (1990)
    Member of Chambers HIGGINS, Adrian (1990)
    Member of Chambers WALTERS, Edmund (1991)
    Member of Chambers FURNISS, Richard (1991)
    Member of Chambers TODMAN, Deborah (1991)
    Member of Chambers OTWAL, Mukhtiar (1991)
    Member of Chambers UDUJE, Ben (1992)
    Member of Chambers HYDE, Marcia (1992)
    Member of Chambers BUTTIMORE, Gabriel (1993)
    Member of Chambers BALDWIN, Marcus (1994)
    Member of Chambers HAWKES, Naomi (1994)
    Member of Chambers McCORMACK, Philip (1994)
    Member of Chambers CHAN, Susan (1994)
    Member of Chambers MATTHEWSON, Scott (1996)
    Member of Chambers SHEPHERD, Jude (1996)
    Member of Chambers AHMAD, Aysha (1996)
    Member of Chambers GARDNER, Eilidh (1997)
    Member of Chambers WOODHOUSE, Nigel (1997)
    Member of Chambers MANN, Christopher (1998)
    Member of Chambers CREW, Gillian (1998)
    Member of Chambers O'BRIEN, Niamh (1998)
    Member of Chambers BHACHU, Sharan (1999)
    Member of Chambers THOMAS, Rebecca (1999)
    Member of Chambers SALTER, Michael (1999)
    Member of Chambers LITTLE, Richard (2000)
    Member of Chambers GREGORY, Richard (2000)
    Member of Chambers PIEARS, Angela (2001)
    Member of Chambers KHAN, Arfan (2001)
    Member of Chambers PHILLIPS, Katie (2002)
    Member of Chambers CHALONER, Mark (2002)
    Member of Chambers WOOD, Thomas (2002)
    Member of Chambers BRAIER, Jason (2002)
    Member of Chambers CAMERON, Robert (2003)
    Member of Chambers DILLON, Anne (2003)
    Member of Chambers WALKER, Maria-Amália (2003)
    Member of Chambers SMITH, Siân (2003)
    Member of Chambers DAVIES, Jonathan (2003)
    Member of Chambers NABI, Sajjad (2003)
    Member of Chambers BUTLER, George (2004)
    Member of Chambers THAROO, Safia (2004)
    Member of Chambers HOLLOWAY, Orlando (2004)
    Member of Chambers CHAN, Rachel (2004)
    Member of Chambers STROUD, Amy (2004)
    Member of Chambers GLAISTER - YOUNG, Shelly (2004)
    Member of Chambers FERBER, Iris (2005)
    Member of Chambers JEPSON, Amanda (2005)
    Member of Chambers ROBERTSON, Mary (2005)
    Member of Chambers SINGER, Nick (2006)
    Member of Chambers ATKINSON, Jessica (2006)
    Member of Chambers WEBBER, Ruth (2006)
    Member of Chambers VAKIL, Sarah (2006)
    Member of Chambers KOHANZAD, Rad (2007)
    Member of Chambers CLARK, Neil (2007)
    Member of Chambers IRVINE, Celeste (2007)
    Member of Chambers PRYOR, Alison (2008)
    Member of Chambers McDERMOTT, Mathew (2008)
    Member of Chambers MENDOROS, Stephanie (2008)
    Member of Chambers KOCHNARI, Kate (2008)
    Member of Chambers NETTLESHIP, Helen (2009)
    Member of Chambers STIMMLER, Ben (2009)
    Member of Chambers GIACHARDI, Laura (2009)
    Member of Chambers ARLIDGE, Heather (2009)
    Member of Chambers GRANT, Michael (2009)
    Member of Chambers WELCH, Tim (2009)
    Member of Chambers HAMMOND, Sara (2009)
    Member of Chambers BERTHELSEN, Eleonore (2009)
    Member of Chambers URQUHART, Catherine (2010)
    Member of Chambers ZOVIDAVI, Hamed (2010)
    Member of Chambers MACKENZIE, Charlotte (2011)
    Member of Chambers TROY, Pauline (2011)
    Member of Chambers FOSTER, Natalie (2011)
    Member of Chambers BIDNELL-EDWARDS, Nicholas (2012)
    Member of Chambers SCARBOROUGH, Christi (2012)
    Member of Chambers LLOYD-JONES, Edward (2012)
    Member of Chambers PEARCE, Jonathan (2012)
    Member of Chambers PATEL, Krishma (2012)
    Member of Chambers LIBERADZKI, Stefan (2013)
    Member of Chambers KELLEHER, Lee (2013)
    Member of Chambers SHARPE, James Arthur (2014)
    Member of Chambers JOLLEY, Peter (2014)
    Member of Chambers WHEELER, Eleanor (2014)
    Member of Chambers BARKER, Chantelle (2014)
    Member of Chambers PHIPPS, Vondez (2014)
    Member of Chambers YOUNGS, Jennifer (2016)
    Member of Chambers GORDON, Max (2016)
    Member of Chambers WHITTINGTON, Louise (2016)
    Member of Chambers FIREMAN, Jamie (2016)
    Member of Chambers DAVIS, Samuel (2016)
    Member of Chambers ARCHER, Katherine (2018)
    Member of Chambers CARTER, Andrew (2018)
    Member of Chambers CLAXTON, Kate (2019)
    Member of Chambers COX, Hannah (2019)
    Member of Chambers WINSPEAR, Robert (2019)
    Member of Chambers HOWELLS, Catrin (2019)
    Member of Chambers CLUBB, Charmaine (2020)
    Member of Chambers FULLER, Paul (2021)
    Member of Chambers SAMURIWO, Hazel (2021)
    Member of Chambers McGRATH, Zoe (2022)
    Member of Chambers THOMAS, Philippa
    Aysha Ahmad photo Aysha Ahmad
    Jonathan Bennett photoMr Jonathan BennettMainly public law care proceedings, but also other family and local authority…
    Sharan Bhachu photo Sharan Bhachu
    Nick Bidnell-Edwards photo Nick Bidnell-Edwards
    Jason Braier photo Jason Braier
    Susan Chan photoMiss Susan ChanSusan practices in employment law, public law, personal injury/clinical negligence and inquests.…
    Tina Cook photoMiss Tina CookFamily law specialist with a special emphasis on children work,. Tina often…
    Gillian Crew photo Gillian Crew
    Jonathan Davies photo Jonathan Davies
    Samuel Davis photo Samuel Davis
    Gemma  Farrington  photo Gemma Farrington
    Iris Ferber KC photoMiss Iris Ferber KCSpecialist in all aspects of employment law and in property law, especially…
    Richard Furniss photoMr Richard FurnissRichard is a well-known specialist in medical law, and has vast experience…
    Richard Gregory photoMr Richard GregoryRichard Gregory is an established personal injury and clinical negligence practitioner, with…
    Naomi Hawkes photoMiss Naomi HawkesNaomi was called to the Bar in 1994. She has over 20…
    Orlando Holloway photoMr Orlando HollowayOrlando was called to the Bar in 2004. Since becoming a tenant…
    Marcia Hyde photo Marcia Hyde
    Desmond Kilcoyne photo Desmond Kilcoyne
    Kate Kochnari photo Kate Kochnari
    Rad Kohanzad photo Rad Kohanzad
    Mathew McDermott photo Mathew McDermott
    Katie Phillips photoMiss Katie PhillipsKatie is a family law specialist, practising across all areas of children…
    Michael Salter photo Michael Salter
    Jude Shepherd photoMiss Jude ShepherdJude Shepherd is Head of the Employment Team at 42 Bedford Row
    Nick Singer photo Nick Singer
    Amy Stroud photo Amy Stroud
    Gemma Taylor photoMiss Gemma TaylorGemma practises family law, primarily public law care and adoption proceedings for…
    Safia Tharoo photo Safia Tharoo
    Rebecca Thomas photo Rebecca Thomas
    Benjamin Uduje photo Benjamin Uduje
    Catherine Urquhart photo Catherine Urquhart
    Tim Welch photo Tim Welch
    Eleanor Wheeler photo Eleanor Wheeler
    Thomas Wood photo Thomas Wood
    Damian Woodward-Carlton photoMr Damian Woodward-CarltonDamian is a family practitioner, appearing in the Family Court (High Court,…

    Out of our 140 workforce:

    • 47% are female.
    • 48% are from a non-white British heritage.
    • 7% have a disability.
    • 4% are part of the LGBTQ+ community.
    • 58% attended a UK State School.
    • 55% are the primary carer for a child under the age of 18. 42BR have policies in place to ensure carers are equipped to work from home to facilitate childcare arrangements, as well as having a maternity policy in place.
    • 80% of our QC’s are female.
    • 42BR have one female Head of Chambers, and one male Head of Chambers.

    *This data was collected in December 2020 via questionnaire. “Workforce” includes self-employed barristers, pupils and employed staff. The questionnaire return rate for this data was 62%. The results reflect only those who responded. As such, they may not accurately reflect the make-up of chambers as a whole. Some of those who responded to the survey either did not answer all the questions or did not give their permission for their data to be processed or published.

    42BR is committed to ensuring that no-one within Chambers, whether a barrister, member of staff, client, contactor, pupil, mini-pupil or student, receives less favourable treatment (directly or indirectly) on the grounds of age, gender reassignment, marital status or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, disability, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, or religion or belief.

    42BR, is a diverse and forward-thinking Chambers. Two of our members were recently chosen by the Bar Council to be Social Mobility Advocates in their I Am The Bar campaign. We also have a member who is a Mentor for Bridging the Bar.

    We have several initiatives, outlined below, which ensure everyone has the same opportunities to access the Bar.

    42BR’s Schools Outreach Programme is grounded in our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The aim of the programme is to provide access to information about becoming a barrister to those from under-represented or ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds, specifically those from non-fee-paying schools.

    Similarly, 42BR offers a University Outreach Programme which works in a similar way to the Schools Outreach Programme, outlined above, but for university students.

    42BR is proud to support the Bar Council’s “10,000 Black Interns” initiative, in which we offer an internship to a student of Black African, Black Caribbean, and/or Black British heritage, including those of mixed Black ancestry.

    42BR also runs a funded internship scheme to engage those from minority backgrounds, who have completed Bar school, but are yet to obtain pupillage. The purpose behind the programme is to enable interns from minority groups to improve their prospects of beginning a career at the Bar through educational and career development opportunities. An Internship Committee ensures the fair recruitment of interns and ongoing support during their time in Chambers.

    42BR offers 8 mini pupillages per calendar month. The selection panel comprises of two members of Chambers, both of whom have undergone equality and diversity training.

    Our commitment to pro-bono work has increased significantly over the last year; many members are active supporters of Advocate and we are viewed as a core resource by them. One of our junior members sits on Advocate’s Young Bar Executive Committee.

    As part of our on-going support of our more junior members, 42BR has a mentoring scheme in which members below 5 years call are paired with more experienced members. The scheme is designed to facilitate conversation between mentor and mentee to promote well-being, mental health and personal and career growth in Chambers.

    We are also in the process of setting up a mentoring scheme in which all members are offered general support, including guidance when returning from parental leave, sick leave, assistance with applications for judicial appointments or any other concerns.