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IT and telecoms

IT and telecoms (excluding regulatory) - Leading Juniors

Michael Hicks - Hogarth ChambersHe’s pragmatic, unflappable, responsive and incredibly user-friendly.
Ranked: Tier 1
Guy Tritton - Hogarth ChambersHe has a friendly manner and the ability to judge accurately the strengths and weaknesses of a case.
Ranked: Tier 2

Intellectual property Tier 2

Hogarth Chambers is a specialist IP set that acts in relation to all aspects of the enforcement of IP rights; its members regularly appear in courts at the highest level, including significant recent decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). For example, Andrew Norris QC, who took silk in 2020, represented Tullianan Burlington in a leading trade mark case that was appealed to the CJEU. Elsewhere in chambers, Roger Wyand QC represented ATB Sales in a logo copyright infringement action, and Nicholas Caddick QC acted in TBD (Owen Holland) v Simons & others, which involved High Court proceedings for infringement of IP rights and conspiracy.

Leading Silks

Roger Wyand QC - Hogarth ChambersHighly regarded by clients and very good on his feet.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alastair Wilson QC  - Hogarth ChambersFantastic for highly technical matters.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Caddick QC - Hogarth ChambersA calm presence who is highly intelligent.
Ranked: Tier 4

2020 Silks

Andrew Norris - Hogarth ChambersHighly recommended - clients relish working with him.

Leading Juniors

Michael Hicks - Hogarth ChambersExtremely user friendly and hardworking.
Ranked: Tier 1
Richard Davis - Hogarth ChambersQuickly arrives at the heart of the issues and is incredibly bright.
Ranked: Tier 2
Guy Tritton - Hogarth ChambersA convincing advocate who provides considered and intelligent advice, with the ability to analyse both sides of the argument.
Ranked: Tier 2
Amanda Michaels - Hogarth ChambersA highly knowledgeable trade mark specialist.
Ranked: Tier 3
Tom St Quintin - Hogarth ChambersTom St Quintin has a great future. 
Ranked: Tier 3
Charlotte Blythe - Hogarth ChambersA reliable junior with good knowledge, who offers practical advice and assistance.
Ranked: Tier 4
Gwilym Harbottle - Hogarth ChambersA well-respected barrister practising in this specialist area.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ben Longstaff - Hogarth ChambersA talented junior with whom it is a pleasure to work with.
Ranked: Tier 4

Jonathan Moss - Hogarth Chambers ‘Very personable and well informed.

Ranked: Tier 4

Jamie Muir Wood - Hogarth Chambers ‘More than a match for more senior counsels.

Ranked: Tier 4

Media and entertainment (including art and cultural property) Tier 2

A 'go-to set for IP-related matters', Hogarth Chambers is particularly adept at handling copyright, merchandising rights, recording contracts and publishing agreements disputes arising out of the music, publishing, film and television industry. Chambers is praised particularly for its 'good range of counsel', which includes Andrew Norris QC who took silk in 2020 and acted for the BBC in Molavi v BBC, a High Court screenplay copyright claim initially brought against ITV. In another highlight, Jeremy Reed was instructed by Phil McIntyre Entertainment in two High Court claims brought by Faulty Towers in relation to the defendant's production of an interactive "Fawlty Towers" dining experience.

2021 Silks

Jeremy Reed QC - Hogarth ChambersHe is forensically astute.

Media and entertainment - 2020 Silks

Andrew Norris QC - Hogarth ChambersClear and concise on paper and in person, always prepared to roll his sleeves up.

Media and entertainment - Leading Juniors

Gwilym Harbottle - Hogarth ChambersBright as a button and methodical, a very capable junior.
Ranked: Tier 1
Amanda Michaels - Hogarth ChambersVery down-to-earth with both excellent technical knowledge and insight into the inner workings of various courts and tribunals.
Ranked: Tier 1
Michael Hicks - Hogarth ChambersHe understands a client's business very well and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
Ranked: Tier 2
Jonathan Moss - Hogarth ChambersA commercially pragmatic barrister who has the ability to think outside the box.
Ranked: Tier 3
Guy Tritton - Hogarth ChambersHuge attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the law.
Ranked: Tier 3

Defamation and privacy

2021 Silks

Jeremy Reed QC - Hogarth ChambersAn experienced media and privacy litigator.

Set overviews: England and Wales

Specialist intellectual property set Hogarth Chambers also has expertise in the IT and media spaces. The set celebrated the elevation of Andrew Norris QC to Queen’s Counsel in March 2020.


Hogarth Chambers is reputed for the outstanding legal knowledge and commercial acumen of its members and its friendly and responsive clerking team. It is consistently ranked as a leading set for intellectual property (and media and entertainment) and its members have acted in recent seminal IP cases in the UK.

Hogarth also has a longstanding reputation for chancery and commercial law, as well as expertise in ADR, mediation and arbitration. At Hogarth, the team is committed to providing a high-quality, cost-effective service. Chambers accepts instructions from solicitors, in-house lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys, foreign lawyers, public access clients and other approved bodies.

The set: Hogarth is one of the largest intellectual property sets in the UK, with QCs and juniors barristers at all levels of seniority and expertise. They appear as advocates in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, the High Court, the Patents County Court, the criminal courts, the UK IPO, the Copyright Tribunal and Lands Tribunal. Members also have in-depth experience of EU courts, regularly appearing before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the General Court in Luxembourg, and the European Patent Office in Munich.

Types of work undertaken: Hogarth specialises in all aspects of IP including patents, copyright, designs, trade marks, passing off, and entertainment and media. Chambers also specialises in related areas such as confidential information, privacy, IT litigation, domain name disputes, franchising, character merchandising, trade libel, freedom of information, counterfeiting, EU and UK competition law, IP insurance and commercial matters requiring technical competence. Chambers’ expertise in customs/criminal proceedings connected with IP rights is unparalleled.

Chancery/commercial work includes: insolvency (corporate and personal); company; partnership; banking and securities; e-commerce; commercial contracts; professional negligence; land law and landlord and tenant; charities; trusts, wills, probate, and Inheritance Act applications.

Leading practitioners’ books edited in chambers include: Copinger and Skone James on Copyright; Moral Rights; Intellectual Property in Europe; The Modern Law of Patents; The Modern Law of Trade Marks; A Practical Guide to Trade Marks Law; A User’s Guide to Trade Marks and Passing Off.


Department Name Email Telephone
Chambers Director Ian Bowie
Senior Clerk Clive Nicholls
1st Junior Clerk John Davies
Junior Clerk Alistair Luckman
Administration and Marketing Assistant Sasha Holland
Members of Chambers MORCOM QC, Christopher (1963)
Members of Chambers WILSON QC, Alastair (1968)
Members of Chambers WYAND QC, Roger (1973)
Members of Chambers CADDICK QC, Nick (1986)
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Gillian (1961)
Members of Chambers STEWART, Alexander (1975)
Members of Chambers HICKS, Michael (1976)
Members of Chambers BRAGIEL, Edward (1977)
Members of Chambers MICHAELS, Amanda (1981)
Members of Chambers HARBOTTLE, Gwilym (1987)
Members of Chambers TRITTON, Guy (1987)
Members of Chambers DAVIS, Richard (1992)
Members of Chambers NORRIS, Andrew (1995)
Members of Chambers REED, Jeremy (1997)
Members of Chambers ZWECK, Nick (2014)
Members of Chambers ST QUINTIN, Tom (2006)
Members of Chambers LONGSTAFF, Ben (2009)
Members of Chambers MOSS, Jonathan (2009)
Members of Chambers SCOTT, Charlotte (2012)
Members of Chambers MUIR WOOD, Jamie (2012)
Members of Chambers CARTER, Sam (2014)
Members of Chambers CRONAN, Edward (2018)
Photo Name Position Profile
 Charlotte Blythe  photo Charlotte Blythe Barrister specialising in soft intellectual property, including trade marks, passing off, design…
 Edward Bragiel  photo Edward Bragiel Barrister specialising in: intellectual property including copyright, passing off, trade marks, breach…
 Nicholas Caddick photo Nicholas Caddick Barrister specialising in:(1) Intellectual property – copyright, designs, trade marks, breach of…
 Sam Carter  photo Sam Carter Sam is a barrister specialising in all areas of intellectual property law,…
 Edward Cronan  photo Edward Cronan Barrister practising in Intellectual Property and Media & Entertainment
Dr Gillian Davies  photo Dr Gillian Davies Barrister specialising in international and European intellectual property law predominantly patents and…
 Richard Davis  photo Richard Davis Richard practises from Hogarth Chambers, a leading set of specialist IP trial…
 Gwilym Harbottle  photo Gwilym Harbottle Specialist in intellectual property (excluding patents) and media and entertainment. Cases of…
 Michael Hicks  photo Michael Hicks Barrister specialising in intellectual property, information technology and other disputes concerning technology.…
 Ben Longstaff  photo Ben Longstaff Barrister specialising in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, trade marks,…
 Amanda Michaels  photo Amanda Michaels Barrister specialising in intellectual property and media and entertainment law, dealing widely…
 Christopher Morcom photo Christopher Morcom Previous head of Hogarth Chambers. Barrister specialising in intellectual property with trade…
 Jonathan Moss  photo Jonathan Moss Specialist in advisory and litigation work in all aspects of intellectual property…
 Jamie Muir Wood  photo Jamie Muir Wood Barristers specialising in Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment, Privacy
 Andrew Norris  photo Andrew Norris Specialist in advisory and litigation work in all aspects of intellectual property…
 Jeremy Reed  photo Jeremy Reed Barrister specialising in all areas of intellectual property law (patents, trade marks,…
 Tom St Quintin  photo Tom St Quintin Barrister specialising in all areas of intellectual property and information technology, including…
 Alexander Stewart  photo Alexander Stewart Barrister specialising in all aspects of corporate insolvency, personal insolvency and company…
 Guy Tritton  photo Guy Tritton Barrister dealing with intellectual property, competition, media and entertainment, franchise, information technology…
 Alastair Wilson photo Alastair Wilson Joint head of chambers. Barrister specialising in all aspects of intellectual property,…
 Roger Wyand photo Roger Wyand Barrister specialising in: patents including the whole range of technology from pharmaceutical…
 Nick Zweck  photo Nick Zweck Barrister, Middle Temple.  Practices in all areas of intellectual property law and…

Chambers, its members and staff do not discriminate unlawfully against, victimise or harass any other person on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, disability, age, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief.

Our Equality and Diversity policy covers all persons working with and within chambers including members, door tenants, employees, volunteers, pupils, mini-pupils, students, interns, casual workers and agency staff, as well as those instructing us.

All Hogarth Chambers’ recruitment and selection processes are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Bar Standards Board Handbook and the Bar Council’s Fair Recruitment Guide and uses objective and fair criteria published in advance. Except in unforeseen and exceptional circumstances the person with lead responsibility for any selection panel and every member of any selection panel will have received recent and appropriate training in fair recruitment and selection processes. This will consist of private study of the Bar Council’s Fair Recruitment Guide; and, in the case of the person with lead responsibility for any selection panel, where practicable, classroom or online course attendance.

Hogarth Chambers conducts a regular review of its policy on equality and diversity and of its implementation in order to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the Bar Standards Board Handbook and takes any appropriate remedial action identified in the light of that review.