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Chambers of Deborah Eaton QC and Philip Marshall QC
1 King's Bench Walk

Family (including divorce and financial remedy) Tier 1

1 KING'S BENCH WALK is strong in both matrimonial finance and children law matters and is routinely involved in the largest finance cases with complex multi-jurisdictional issuesChristopher Pocock QC acted for the husband in a  jurisdiction dispute which necessitated an appeal to the Court of Appeal about the meaning and effect of Article 16 of the Brussels II Revised Regulation (2201/2003). The set is praised by clients for its ‘collegiate atmosphere’.

Leading Silks

Charles Howard QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas an exceptional intellect, and always gets straight to the heart of a problem – he is an outstanding advocate.
Ranked: Tier 1

Philip Marshall QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKAn iron fist in a velvet glove – he is utterly charming, but is a tenacious and formidable cross-examiner too.

Ranked: Tier 1
Deborah Eaton QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHer advocacy skills are quite simply second to none – she manages to quash the opposition in an elegant fashion.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Harrison QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHe has a head for figures and his judgement is impeccable.
Ranked: Tier 2
Christopher Pocock QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKA skilled advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
James Turner QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKA star in international family law.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Anelay QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKContinues to be a commanding voice in court.
Ranked: Tier 4
Frank Feehan QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs a top-class practitioner, diligent with an elegant style and poise.
Ranked: Tier 4

2019 Silks

James Roberts QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas the ear of the court and the ability to gauge what point to pursue and when – his advocacy is silky smooth.

Leading Juniors

Harry Oliver - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKTechnically brilliant, charismatic, the utmost attention to detail, has the ear of the court, fantastic judgment and always thinking steps ahead of everybody else.
Ranked: Tier 1
Richard Castle - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs a first-rate advocate – persuasive and pragmatic – works tirelessly for his clients with charm and good humour.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alexander Chandler - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas an excellent client manner and is unflappable in court; his preparation is top notch.
Ranked: Tier 2
Katherine Kelsey - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKExcellent with tricky finances cases; her advocacy is very engaging and she is completely unflappable.
Ranked: Tier 2
Deepak Nagpal - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas an impressive intellect, phenomenal technical knowledge and superb advocacy skills – he’s fantastic on his feet.
Ranked: Tier 2
Katy Chokowry - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHer case preparation is meticulous, she is diligent and thorough and a brilliant advocate with wonderful client skills – she is, quite simply, the complete package.
Ranked: Tier 3
Caroline Lister - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs an excellent advocate, and has a good analytical mind.
Ranked: Tier 3
Christopher McCourt - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKAn experienced advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3
Peter Newman - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKCrafts strong arguments which judges listen to.
Ranked: Tier 3
Samantha Ridley - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKShe charms clients even when telling them what they don’t want to hear and she is a tenacious advocate in difficult cases.
Ranked: Tier 4

Children law (including public and private law) Tier 2

1 KING'S BENCH WALK has, according to one source, ‘rather unusually, many silks and juniors who specialise in both finance and complex children work which gives the set an added dimension in many cases’. Or, as another puts it, chambers is a ‘strong set for children work’ and has an 'excellent team of juniors who leave no stone unturned'. Anthony Kirk QC represented the father in a complicated case involving an application for a care order in respect of a baby who had suffered catastrophic brain injuries. Also of note, Deborah Eaton QC is a hugely respected silk and is described as 'a force of nature in private children proceedings' and 'the advocate whom her peers least want to find themselves against'.

Leading Silks

Deborah Eaton QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKA fighter who brings lots of emotional intelligence to her cases.
Ranked: Tier 1
James Turner QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs a star silk.
Ranked: Tier 1
Frank Feehan QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHis experience of the higher courts is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Harrison QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs a devastating cross-examiner and he is super bright and assured in dealing with clients.
Ranked: Tier 2
Charles Howard QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKYou really don’t want to be on the other side of him in a battle because he is just so good.
Ranked: Tier 2
Anthony Kirk QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKA very experienced silk.
Ranked: Tier 2
Richard Anelay QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKInspires the utmost respect from judges and his opposition.
Ranked: Tier 3
Pamela Scriven QC - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHighly regarded.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Caroline Lister - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKTackles difficult issues head on, and has very good judgement.
Ranked: Tier 1
Madeleine Reardon - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKAlways well prepared.
Ranked: Tier 1
Markanza Cudby - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKAn excellent advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicola Fox - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKA class act whose star continues to rise.
Ranked: Tier 2
Katherine Kelsey - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas a great ability to build rapport with clients in conference; is a forceful and compassionate advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicholas Anderson - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKHas a very agile mind and extremely persuasive style of advocacy.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jennifer Perrins - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKIs always very able on her feet and in answering any tricky questions the judge may pose.
Ranked: Tier 3
Cherry Harding - 1 KING'S BENCH WALKWell regarded.
Ranked: Tier 5

Set overviews: England and Wales

1 KING'S BENCH WALK ‘nail it for being the set that best combines top-quality money and children practitioners’ as well as those who ‘scale the heights in the intellectually highbrow family law/human rights jurisdictional disputes’. One of the strongest children law chambers’ and ‘a major player’ for complex financial matters, 1KBW offers ‘strength in depth’ and ‘high-calibre’ barristers who ‘look after solicitors very well’. In recent chambers news, Philip J Marshall QC, immediate past chair of the Family Law Bar Association, was elected an honorary life vice-president of the association, and James Roberts QC took silk in 2019. Also of note, juniors Katherine Kelsey and Juliet Chapman have returned from their respective maternity leaves. Led by senior clerk Chris Gittins and deputy senior clerk Mark Betts, the ‘user-friendly’ clerking team is ‘better than any other set by a long way’. Nicola Cade, Tim Madden, and Chris Young are other clerks to note for delivering ‘excellent client service’. Offices in: London

1KBW is a leading chambers specialising in family law, with a pre-eminent reputation in family law, both nationally and internationally. We are consistently ranked by the legal directories in the top tiers of leading sets for family law. Our barristers have been at the cutting edge of the development of family law and have been in most of the ground-breaking cases over the last two decades. We also have one of the most innovative and experienced Dispute Resolution teams in the country.

We have a dedicated and professional clerking team, led by our Senior Clerk Chris Gittins, who are able to deal with any case and is widely regarded as one of the most helpful and reassuring clerking teams in the field. Also supporting our barristers is a team of fees clerks, administrators, typists and other support staff, overseen by our Chief Executive.

The set: 1KBW comprises 58 barristers, including 13 QCs. The set is widely acknowledged to have an unrivalled breadth of talent, with leading practitioners at every level of seniority and juniors. As well as some of the most eminent practitioners at the family bar, former members of 1KBW have included Baroness Hale, the first female President of the United Kingdom Supreme Court, Lord Justice McFarlane, Mrs Justice Parker and numerous leading members of the judiciary.

The set offers a highly professional, supportive and responsive service to clients. There is a tremendous sense of commitment at this set, both to the development of the law and to the needs of clients.

Chambers provides a comprehensive programme of CPD-accredited conferences for solicitors. These are extremely popular and always highly recommended.

Types of work undertaken: 1KBW specialises in family law, and our reputation is founded in this field. In the past, 1KBW has been a general common law set, with an emphasis on family law and criminal law. Our expertise in criminal law has led to a focus on advocacy, in particular trial advocacy, and this is something for which we are well known.

1KBW has a substantial dispute resolution team, comprising 17 members of whom four are QCs.


Department Name Email Telephone
Senior clerk Chris Gittins
Consultant CEO Jo Pickersgill
Member of Chambers EATON QC, Deborah (1985)
Member of Chambers MARSHALL QC, Philip (1989)
Member of Chambers SCRIVEN QC, Pamela (1970)
Member of Chambers ANELAY QC, Richard (1970)
Member of Chambers TURNER QC, James (1976)
Member of Chambers HOWARD QC, Charles (1975)
Member of Chambers KIRK QC, Anthony (1981)
Member of Chambers NEWTON QC, Clive (1968)
Member of Chambers POCOCK QC, Christopher (1984)
Member of Chambers FEEHAN QC, Frank (1988)
Member of Chambers HARRISON QC, Richard (1993)
Member of Chambers McKENNA QC, Anna (1994)
Member of Chambers ROBERTS QC, James (1993)
Member of Chambers BUDDEN, Caroline (1977)
Member of Chambers HARDING, Cherry (1978)
Member of Chambers LISTER, Caroline (1980)
Member of Chambers WOODBRIDGE, Julian (1981)
Member of Chambers CUDBY, Markanza (1983)
Member of Chambers SELMAN, Elizabeth (1989)
Member of Chambers FLETCHER, Marcus (1990)
Member of Chambers McCOURT, Christopher (1993)
Member of Chambers BAUGHAN, Andrew (1994)
Members of Chambers GREEN, Victoria (1994)
Member of Chambers CHANDLER, Alexander (1995)
Member of Chambers CROSTHWAITE, Graham (1995)
Member of Chambers FOX, Nicola (1996)
Member of Chambers THAIN, Ashley (1996)
Member of Chambers ANDERSON, Nicholas (1995)
Member of Chambers CASTLE, Richard (1998)
Member of Chambers OLIVER, Harry (1999)
Member of Chambers NAGPAL, Deepak (2002)
Member of Chambers KELSEY, Katherine (2003)
Member of Chambers HOLMES, Martha (2003)
Member of Chambers HARRIS, Caroline (2004)
Member of Chambers PERRINS, Jennifer (2004)
Member of Chambers TAHIR, Perican (2004)
Member of Chambers NEWMAN, Peter (2005)
Member of Chambers JARMAIN, Stephen (2005)
Member of Chambers WATTS, Andrea (2006)
Member of Chambers TATTON-BENNETT, Alex (2007)
Member of Chambers OZWELL, Kate (2007)
Member of Chambers McHUGH, Kelan (2007)
Member of Chambers CHOKOWRY, Katy (2003)
Member of Chambers MOYS, Laura (2008)
Member of Chambers RIDLEY, Samantha (2009)
Member of Chambers HARTLEY, Charlotte (2009)
Member of Chambers CHAPMAN, Juliet (2009)
Member of Chambers GORDON, George (2010)
Member of Chambers PALMER, Jennifer (2011)
Member of Chambers DANCE, Tom (2012)
Member of Chambers POMEROY, Helen (2012)
Member of Chambers HARRIS, Frances (2013)
Member of Chambers BENSON, Millie (2014)
Member of Chambers CRIMP, Lucia (2015)
Member of Chambers SUTCLIFFE, Anna (2015)
Member of Chambers LLOYD_THOMAS, Imogen (2015)
Member of Chambers TURNELL, Max (2016)
Member of Chambers HALSALL, Victoria (2017)
Member of Chambers Emma Wilson (2017)
Member of Chambers Elle Tait (2018)
Photo Name Position Profile
 Nicholas Anderson  photo Nicholas Anderson
 Richard Anelay QC photo Richard Anelay QC
 Millie Benson  photo Millie Benson
 Caroline Budden  photo Caroline Budden
 Richard Castle  photo Richard Castle
 Alexander Chandler  photo Alexander Chandler
 Juliet Chapman  photo Juliet Chapman
 Katy Chokowry  photo Katy Chokowry
 Lucia Crimp  photo Lucia Crimp
 Markanza Cudby  photo Markanza Cudby
 Thomas Dance  photo Thomas Dance
 Deborah Eaton QC photo Deborah Eaton QC
 Frank Feehan QC photo Frank Feehan QC
 Marcus Fletcher  photo Marcus Fletcher
 Nicola Fox  photo Nicola Fox
 George Gordon  photo George Gordon
 Victoria Green  photo Victoria Green
 Victoria Halsall  photo Victoria Halsall
 Cherry Harding  photo Cherry Harding
 Caroline Harris  photo Caroline Harris
 Richard Harrison QC photo Richard Harrison QC
 Charlotte Hartley  photo Charlotte Hartley
 Martha Holmes  photo Martha Holmes
 Charles Howard QC photo Charles Howard QC
 Stephen Jarmain  photo Stephen Jarmain
 Katherine Kelsey  photo Katherine Kelsey
 Anthony Kirk QC photo Anthony Kirk QC
 Caroline Lister  photo Caroline Lister
 Imogen Lloyd-Thomas  photo Imogen Lloyd-Thomas
 Philip J Marshall QC photo Philip J Marshall QC
 Christopher McCourt  photo Christopher McCourt
 Anna McKenna QC photo Anna McKenna QC
 Kelan Mchugh  photo Kelan Mchugh
 Laura Moys  photo Laura Moys
 Deepak Nagpal  photo Deepak Nagpal
 Peter Newman  photo Peter Newman
 Clive Newton QC photo Clive Newton QC
 Harry Oliver  photo Harry Oliver
 Kate Elizabeth Ozwell  photo Kate Elizabeth Ozwell
 Jennifer Palmer  photo Jennifer Palmer
 Jennifer Perrins  photo Jennifer Perrins
Mr Christopher Pocock QC photo Mr Christopher Pocock QC
 Helen Pomeroy  photo Helen Pomeroy
 Samantha Ridley  photo Samantha Ridley
 James Roberts QC photo James Roberts QC
 Elizabeth Selman  photo Elizabeth Selman
 Frances Stratton  photo Frances Stratton
 Anna Sutcliffe  photo Anna Sutcliffe
 Perican Tahir  photo Perican Tahir
 Alex Tatton-bennett  photo Alex Tatton-bennett
 Ashley Thain  photo Ashley Thain
 Max Turnell  photo Max Turnell
 James Turner QC photo James Turner QC
 Andrea Watts  photo Andrea Watts
 Julian Woodbridge  photo Julian Woodbridge
Mark Betts : Deputy Senior Clerk
Nicola Cade : Senior Practice Manager
Tim Madden : Senior Practice Manager
Chris Young : Practice Manager
Lewis Hicks : Practice Manager
Will Inkin : Practice Assistant
Callum Gordon : Junior Clerk