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London Bar > Agriculture Tier 1

Falcon Chambers remains a top choice for agricultural work, offering significant senior and junior expertise on a diverse range of issues, including high-value cases, issues of historical law, and regular high-level representations. Specialist expertise includes partnership law, proprietary estoppel, boundaries issues, restrictive covenants, shooting and hunting rights and development rights, alongside a notable telecoms offering, an area of strength for new Silk Oliver Radley-Gardner QC. Stephen Jourdan QC led on Earl of Plymouth v Rees, a Court of Appeal case relating to a landlord’s rights of entry to agricultural land to carry out surveys, including installing unmanned bat detectors, against the wishes of a tenant in advance of a planned development on the land. Caroline Shea QC has broad expertise across agricultural tenancies, succession and easement and covenant cases. Jonathan Karas QC remains a highly respected figure, regularly leading other QCs, and combines property and agricultural expertise, particularly in high-value transactional disputes, development, and farming cases. Catherine Taskis QC took silk in 2021, and has litigation experience at all levels in cases involving agricultural holdings, succession, notices to quit and farming partnerships.

Rising stars

Gavin Bennison - Falcon ChambersFor a junior of this level of call, incredible maturity, good in conference, and very good on paper. Also able in court.
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 1
Caroline Shea QC - Falcon ChambersPragmatic is the word that immediately comes to mind with Caroline. She is challenging to the whole team to deliver the best outcome for clients. She will not rest until she has every detail mastered. She is an excellent advocate and outstanding in terms of her ability to advise clients on complex issues but also in explaining the commercial realities and risks they face. Absolutely a team player with whom it is always a pleasure to work.
Ranked: Tier 1
Jonathan Karas QC - Falcon ChambersVery intelligent, provides excellent clear, commercial advice and doesn't sit on the fence.
Ranked: Tier 2

2021 Silks

Catherine Taskis QC - Falcon ChambersGood commercial as well as legal brain, very approachable and good with all manner of clients. Quick to see pragmatic solutions but happy to roll up sleeves if required.

Leading Juniors

Edward Peters - Falcon ChambersEd is one of the cleverest barristers that I have instructed. His written style is outstanding. His understated advocacy (very much in the style of David Neuberger) is very effective.
Ranked: Tier 1
Emily Windsor - Falcon ChambersApproachable and easy to work with. Emily is razor-sharp and gives robust advice - she is the go-to barrister in agricultural disputes.
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 4



Pre-eminent Chambers with quality from top to bottom.

Leaders in agriculture and enormous strength in depth across all real property litigation. Have shown ability to adapt to emerging work areas such as telecommunications.

Falcon continues to be at the forefront when it comes to talented barristers in chancery matters with an agricultural twist.

Falcon chambers has a reputation for the property knowledge of all its barristers. As a firm we use Falcon Chambers for all property matters which includes Agricultural.


John Stannard is outstanding.

Courteous, helpful and timely. Quickly identified the most appropriate barrister when I made enquiries.

London Bar > Property litigation Tier 1

Falcon Chambers offers broad expertise at junior and senior level across the full range of property litigation matters, with members involved in a number of top cases during 2020, including high-profile and legally significant proceedings relating to rights to light, nuisance, rent obligations during Covid-19, and and telecoms issues. Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC and Elizabeth Fitzgerald represented the management of the Tate Modern in the high-profile Fearn v Trustees of the Tate Gallery case, relating to the gallery’s viewing platform, with the case resulting in a ruling that nuisance did not extend to overlooking. Stephen Jourdan QC and Emily Windsor  were involved in Alexander Devine Children’s Cancer Trust v Housing Solutions, the first case concerning the public interest requirement on applications to discharge restrictive covenants to reach the Supreme Court. Gary Cowen QC, Fetherstonhaugh QC and Fitzgerald have also been involved in several precedent-setting cases relating to retail tenants and their obligations to pay rent during the Covid-19 pandemic. The set’s senior expertise was bolstered by Oliver Radley-Gardner QC and Catherine Taskis QC taking silk during 2021; Taskis has a notable specialism in agricultural property disputes, and Radley-Gardner has expertise in telecoms, mortgage, and adverse possession cases.

Rising stars

Toby Boncey - Falcon ChambersAn excellent advocate who is calm when under pressure and when things do not go to plan. He shows a calm approach above his call which clients have greatly appreciated.
Ranked: Tier 1
Mark GaltreyFalcon ChambersApproachable, client friendly, excellent value for money, underestimated in terms of quality – someone who is going places. A definite one to watch.
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC - Falcon ChambersProbably the best property litigation silk in the business.
Ranked: Tier 1
Stephen Jourdan QC - Falcon ChambersStephen has an incisive legal mind which can unpick a complex issue ridiculously quickly. He has both an eye for detail (and is willing to get into it) and a feel for how the court is likely to decide a technical legal point. He is ruthless in cross-examination, especially of expert witnesses.
Ranked: Tier 1
Janet Bignell QCFalcon Chambers 'A highly authoritative and detail-orientated silk, who provides very thorough advice. She has an excellent manner with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Jonathan Karas QC - Falcon ChambersHe is a master of detail and is unafraid to challenge all of those involved in the case. He is able to get to the heart of the matter and is unswerving in his pursuit of the required outcomes.
Ranked: Tier 2
Mark Sefton QC - Falcon ChambersMark has a depth of knowledge and a clarity of thought which is outstanding and makes him my first choice barrister for many of the knotty property issues that come across my path. He is especially good on issues of interpretation and his grasp of property valuations and their methodology is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 3
Caroline Shea QC - Falcon ChambersExcellent commercial nous - Caroline gives decisive advice and does not sit on the fence. She is able to instill confidence in clients very quickly.
Ranked: Tier 3
Stephanie Tozer QC - Falcon ChambersClear, focused advice and able to give a firm view on merits.
Ranked: Tier 5

2020 Silks

2021 Silks

Leading Juniors

Wayne Clark - Falcon ChambersWayne has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and installs absolute confidence in the client. He is always three steps ahead of his opponent.
Ranked: Tier 1
Martin Dray - Falcon ChambersConcise language, speed of response, commitment to the job at hand.
Ranked: Tier 1
Anthony Radevsky - Falcon ChambersAnthony is a leading expert in enfranchisement law and so would be my first option for any enfranchisement work. He is meticulous and thorough and is able to explain complicated concepts clearly so that they can be understood by clients.
Ranked: Tier 1
Emily Windsor - Falcon ChambersEmily's strengths are commitment to the client and holding that relationship, and working on the minutiae of a case: an encyclopedic knowledge of the underlying law and procedural information and quick to grasp the necessary details.
Ranked: Tier 1
Nathaniel Duckworth - Falcon ChambersNat is an absolute leader in his field. He is exceptionally astute and his ability to collate facts and evidence is outstanding. He produces some of the best pleadings I have seen, and he is exceptionally user friendly with clients and is a natural leader. Diligent, reliable, incredibly intelligent, a superb advocate and extremely focused.
Ranked: Tier 2
Elizabeth Fitzgerald - Falcon ChambersIncredibly driven and determined; very clever; personable; great at assimilating evidence and very much a QC in the making.
Ranked: Tier 2
Greville Healey - Falcon ChambersVery quick to pick up a point and to get to grips with the key issues in a case. He is an excellent advocate and very quick thinking on his feet. His written advice is well thought through and he provides sensible commercial advice.
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Kester Lees - Falcon ChambersAn exceptional advocate - first in class on paper, in court and conference. Meticulous eye to detail and encyclopaedic knowledge of property law. My go to Counsel for title rectification and complex property related rectification work.
Ranked: Tier 3
Joseph Ollech - Falcon ChambersJoseph is very good with clients. He manages to convince them to see the matter in purely legal terms and without all the emotional baggage that came with the case. He then negotiates terms that are acceptable to both parties.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Tamsin Cox - Falcon ChambersExcellent legal analysis and advice. Notwithstanding the challenges of the remote hearings and the arcane subject matter of the case, Tamsin presents calmly and persuasively.
Ranked: Tier 3
Camilla Chorfi - Falcon ChambersCamilla is an extremely clever lawyer and has an excellent grasp of detail. She can be very probing and identifies the strengths and the weaknesses in a case.
Ranked: Tier 4
Cecily Crampin - Falcon ChambersCecily is a go-to barrister. She is a very tenacious advocate with a firm and nuanced grasp of the detail and the technicalities of the law, but a very human touch in dealing with clients.
Ranked: Tier 4
Ciara Fairley - Falcon ChambersCiara is very clever. Her attention to detail is second to none. Her commitment to the cause of the client is outstanding. Highly recommended.
Ranked: Tier 5
Julia Petrenko - Falcon ChambersJulia is remarkably thorough, quick thinking and very client friendly. It was very telling that the other side's solicitor commented after a hearing that our barrister was truly brilliant on her feet.
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5



Outstanding chambers in this field. Strength in depth means they are our go to chambers.

Falcon is our go to set. They are unrivalled for breadth of expertise. We find counsel to be accessible and responsive – very user friendly. I have noted excellent output on social media (LinkedIn) and very good training programmes.

Enormous quality and strength in depth for real property disputes. Falcon Chambers has been the go to chambers for many years. My team and I have established a very close relationship with Falcon Chambers working with very many barristers. 

Falcon is our go to set. Members have a high level of expertise at all levels which which aid us in being able to recommend the set to clients.


John Stannard leads the team and is always our first contact point. He has a strong sense of what is required by our clients and our team.

The clerking service is excellent and the senior clerk, John Stannard, is effective and brilliant at organising the barristers, and the courts.

London Bar > Professional negligence

Chambers specialises in litigation and advice on all aspects of the law of property and matters relating to it. Falcon Chambers is regarded as one of the leading sets for property litigation and commercial property, as well as landlord and tenant and agricultural law.

The set: Members of chambers work principally in the litigation of the many aspects of real property and property-related law, and also in advisory and drafting work in the same fields. All kinds of property are dealt with: commercial, residential, agricultural, leisure, marine, retail and other more specialised areas.

Members aim to give the same degree of commitment to clients irrespective of their identity, size or financial power. Members of chambers strive to give down-to-earth, straightforward and commercially astute legal advice to clients.

A number of members are authors or editors of leading textbooks in their specialist fields, including Woodfall on Landlord and Tenant, Megarry on the Rent Acts, Muir Watt and Moss on Agricultural Holdings, Megarry & Wade Law of Real Property, Gale on Easements, Fisher and Lightwood Law of Mortgage, The Electronic Communications Code and Property Law, Hague on Leasehold Enfranchisement, Registered Land and Commonhold.

Chambers organises the Blundell Lectures every year. All members belong to the Chancery Bar Association, the Property Bar Association and the London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association. Joanne Moss is a past chairman of the Agricultural Law Association.  Emily Windsor is a past chair of the Young Bar and a past member of the Bar Standards Board.

Types of work undertaken: All members are expert in landlord and tenant law, including commercial property, rent review, residential landlord and tenant, and agricultural holdings, tenancies and production controls.

They also provide expertise in the more general areas of property law, including easements, restrictive covenants, mortgages, conveyancing, co-ownership and trusts of land, options, rights of pre-emption, the Telecommunications Code, mining and mineral rights.

Members are frequently instructed in cases where property rights and principles of insolvency law meet, and where claims for negligence arise against solicitors and surveyors. Some members specialise in the fields of town and country planning, compulsory purchase, EU competition law, and building and engineering disputes.

Chambers is frequently involved in advisory and litigious work in other jurisdictions, particularly in other common law countries in the Commonwealth.

Members of chambers appear in appeals to the Privy Council and have appeared or advised in relation to disputes in Belize, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Brunei, the Cayman Islands, the Channel Islands, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak), Mauritius, Northern Ireland, the Seychelles, Singapore, Scotland and Ukraine.

Even in member’s specialist fields, a good deal of their work is concerned with contract law and statutory interpretation. Their activities in commercial property matters have given them considerable expertise in arbitration law and practice, and in work involving valuers and the principles of valuation. Chambers has strong links with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Though litigation is the core of member’s work, they have always carried out a substantial volume of advisory work. Some of this work is connected with actual or prospective litigation, but much is purely advisory.

Chambers accepts work through the Bar Council’s Licensed Access scheme in appropriate cases. Members also accept appointments as arbitrators, legal assessors or experts.


Chambers director Edith A Robertson
Senior clerk Johnathan Stannard
Joint Head of Chambers FETHERSTONHAUGH QC, Guy (1983)
Joint Head of Chambers JOURDAN QC, Stephen (1989)
Members of Chambers WOOD CBE QC, Derek (1964)
Members of Chambers GAUNT QC, Jonathan (1972)
Members of Chambers REYNOLDS QC, Kirk (1974)
Members of Chambers KARAS QC, Jonathan (1986)
Members of Chambers SMALL QC, Jonathan (1990)
Members of Chambers BIGNELL QC, Janet (1992)
Members of Chambers SHEA QC, Caroline (1994)
Members of Chambers SEFTON QC, Mark (1996)
Members of Chambers TOZER QC, Stephanie (1996)
Members of Chambers COWEN QC, Gary (1990)
Members of Chambers ROSENTHAL, QC Adam (1999)
Members of Chambers RADEVSKY, Anthony (1978)
Members of Chambers CLARK, Wayne (1982)
Members of Chambers DENYER-GREEN, Barry (1972)
Members of Chambers LETMAN, Paul (1987)
Members of Chambers DRAY, Martin (1992)
Members of Chambers TANNEY, Anthony (1994)
Members of Chambers TASKIS, Catherine (1995)
Members of Chambers WINDSOR, Emily (1995)
Members of Chambers PETERS, Edward (1998)
Members of Chambers FITZGERALD, Elizabeth (2001)
Members of Chambers HEALEY, Greville (2002)
Members of Chambers DUCKWORTH, Nathaniel (2002)
Members of Chambers RADLEY-GARDNER, Oliver (2003)
Members of Chambers COX, Tamsin (2005)
Members of Chambers SISSONS, Philip (2005)
Members of Chambers OLLECH, Joseph (2006)
Members of Chambers CHORFI, Camilla (2008)
Members of Chambers CRAMPIN, Cecily (2008)
Members of Chambers SUTHERLAND, Jamie (2010)
Members of Chambers LEES, Kester (2010)
Members of Chambers FAIRLEY, Ciara (2011)
Members of Chambers BONCEY, Toby (2013)
Members of Chambers HEMANS, Tricia (2013)
Members of Chambers PETRENKO, Julia (2013)
Members of Chambers TIPLER, James (2013)
Members of Chambers GALTREY, Mark (2015)
Members of Chambers BENNISON, Gavin (2015)
Members of Chambers DODDS, Imogen (2017)
Members of Chambers ROTHWELL, Thomas (2017)
Members of Chambers SCHOFIELD, Fern (2018)
Members of Chambers RANSON, Michael (2019)
Members of Chambers SHAH, Kavish (2019)
Members of Chambers RAJAH, Ashpen (2020)
Members of Chambers BLAKENEY, Edward (2016)
Members of Chambers BLACK, Daniel (2015)
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Greville Healey photo Greville HealeyReal property and landlord and tenant law.
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Stephen Jourdan photo Stephen JourdanAll aspects of property and agricultural litigation, including insolvency, telecoms professional negligence…
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Joanne Moss photo Joanne MossReal property litigation generally and in particular the law relating to agriculture/agricultural…
Joseph Ollech photo Joseph OllechAll matters relating to real estate, litigation and advisory: commercial, residential, agricultural,…
Edward Peters photo Edward PetersProperty litigation specialist experienced in all aspects of real property and landlord…
Julia Petrenko photo Julia PetrenkoAll areas of Landlord and Tenant Law, Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Law. 
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Kavish Shah photo Kavish ShahBarrister specialising in property litigation, real property, landlord and tenant, commercial property.
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James Tipler photo James TiplerBarrister (2013 Call)
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