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Chapman & Asociados is praised for its ‘specialised service’, with clients highlighting the firm’s inclusion of lawyers with experience in each of the fields of labour law, providing ‘specific and high-level knowledge’. The firm takes on individual matters, such as remuneration and working hours; labour issues after a company’s liquidation; social security matters; and collective bargaining negotiations, particularly with the coal sector. Practice heads Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches are ‘magnificent lawyers, with high preparation, seriousness and decisive capacity’. Chapman specialises in collective labour law and is ‘an excellent negotiator’, assisting Litoplas obtain a declaration of illegality regarding employees’ affiliation with a union outside of their industry. Wilches, described as ‘remarkable’, advises on labour administrative law, labour and constitutional consultancy and payroll audits, and defended a construction supply company in 20 guardianship actions brought by former employees. Director of labour litigation Heimy Blanco aided Chapman in the Litoplas case and in proving the validity of a transactional agreement before the labour court.

Practice head(s):

Charles Chapman López; Mirna Wilches Navarro


With this firm I always feel cared for in the best possible way. Their responses are always very fast and of high quality.

Besides having a national presence, what I like the most is that they know exactly what local procedures are like.’

Mirna Wilches and Mauricio Crespo have been strategic allies for our operation. In addition to always being willing to provide the best possible advice in the shortest time possible, they are lawyers who understand perfectly how our business works and therefore are able to provide us with the best possible advice, according to our needs.’

I really like that this firm is an expert in the topics we consult, which are basically labour and social security. The one that has a lawyer assigned to the account for all the issues that centralises all our needs is great; regardless of the fact that within the firm there are different lawyers specialising in different matters, attending to the issues.’

They are a highly prepared legal team, each of its members is destined to provide a specialised service for particular issues, which allows communication to be very fluid.

They are characterised by: specific and high-level knowledge; their ability to analyse and willingness to change; their very professional service provision; and their expressing of opinions in a professional and commercial way. They are also honest with clients and only carry out processes that are suitable, advising the client so as not to incur extra costs.

‘The joint work with the in-house lawyers allows very strong arguments to be achieved to demonstrate the legal position; collaboration by the firm is considerable, which has allowed positive results for our company.

Chapman & Asociados’ team is very executive, both in the way it expresses itself verbally, and in its writings, reports and publications. This facilitates decision-making for clients and the understanding of the strategic or managerial level of the company. The fact of having an executive and corporate language differentiates it from the rest of the firms.

All the attorneys already act under the same interpretive guidelines. Confidence has been generated in each one of them. I would like to highlight Heimy Blanco, the coordinator of hearings in the litigation area: she has extensive experience and knows how to convey ideas clearly. Luisa Velazquez – the advisory department is brilliant and always looks for different solutions and alternatives that adapt to the corporate policy in question so that the company can maintain legal security. Mirna Wilches and Charles Chapman are magnificent lawyers, with high preparation, seriousness and decisive capacity.

Their adaptation to the Covid-19 contingencies has been magnificent. Legislative updates on the pandemic have been sent expeditiously. Communication has not been affected, nor its quality with clients, despite not being able to hold face-to-face meetings.

It is a team that demonstrates security and handles issues with experience and legal knowledge. Over time, more constant profiles have been consolidated at the firm and these guarantee continuity in criteria and timely attention to processes.

It is a team with a grasp of the local market and with an understanding of business dynamics, they are also focused on the objectives and have the ability to improve every day.

In the last year they have strengthened the support in legal concepts that was very centralised before; they have also strengthened the subject of training and notes of interest.

The Chapman y Asociados team is incomparable in a very positive way as they have staff who are not only qualified to advise on legal matters, but also stand out for their teamwork skills and their treatment of us as clients. It is very gratifying to know that even when they have a person responsible for our company, we can call them and rely on other people on the team who are aware of the process and where we are given the importance that we need as a client, because in this way we can receive timely and accurate answers.

Without any comparison the excellent human quality, professionalism of: Daniel Rodríguez, Mirna Wilches and Mauricio Crespo.

The collaboration is unique, as is the professionalism of each of the people in the firm with whom we have interacted. They have given us peace of mind and security that we are conducting our legal processes in the best way possible.

They offer personalised attention, with permanent availability to understand the needs of the company, presenting alternative solutions for each one of them.

It has active personnel in each of the foci or fields of labour law, provide training in investigations and regulatory updates.

The lawyers Charles Chapman and Mauricio Crespo have a direct relationship with the client; their empathy and closeness has allowed them to know the company’s needs, they are timely and practical in their responses, and they provide comprehensive support. They have extensive knowledge of jurisprudence, their normative interpretations are consistent and truthful, and they have a clear conceptual language.

They are characterised by their ability to react in a timely manner to the difficulties of the company; their closeness and empathy with their clients generate trust in the advice and support provided by them.

I’d highlight their knowledge and the capacity for analysis and research; it is a highly technical and interdisciplinary team with mastery in the subjects. The preparation and serious study of the cases is evident in the way they present their concepts, since they do not limit themselves to giving an answer but to justifying the reason for it. Suffice to say it compares favourably with other teams.

The academic preparation and the rigour of their concepts are, I think, the key points that make them stand out from their competitors.

They are always ready for collaboration and immediate attention.

Chapman offers us a personalised service where we have lawyers with experience in each of the fields of the labour area that we require, not only in terms of the content of the law, but also in terms of practical management. Another of the strengths of Chapman’s practice is their extensive experience in the periodical negotiation of union agreements. In addition to this, for our team legal and human management, the communications they send us in which they care about keeping us up to date on all regulatory developments are very useful.

Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches – we have negotiated specifiations with them obtaining good results for both parties; they’re excellent negotiators.’

‘Juliana Londoño is the person assigned to our company and with whom we have excellent communication and speed in the processes we request.

The Chapman support areas are efficient.

It is a boutique firm, its specialty is labour law, the degree of expertise is very high.

Mirna Wilches is remarkable and thorough in her work; Charles Chapman is an excellent negotiator.

The work is very close between client and lawyer; the relationship is very direct.

We have periodic consultancy with clear definitions and innovative ideas.

The agility in the responses through productive meetings via teams has been very effective.

They have a sense of equity and justice for the employer and workers.

‘They value the generation and maintenance of employment under conditions of sustainability. They understand the context of the employer and generate practical recommendations aligned with the reality of the country and the companies. They also have extensive experience in collective law, which generates a lot of value for the definition of organisational positions based on its concepts.

The main partners at the firm have extensive experience and are recognized at the national level not only by companies but by other organisations such as associations, educational and/or training entities, and even (workers’) unions themselves.

The team that accompanies the partners is judicious, orderly and they advise with good general judgement.

An organised, methodical office – they follow up and listen to the client to understand them and respond to their needs. They handle virtuality well and, especially in an environment like the one generated by the pandemic, it is something that adds a lot of value to the agility and timeliness of the procedures.

Mirna, Charles and Mauricio: human and professional quality… their availability and excellent contribution!

Knowledge, timely service and their determination to support decisions.

I’d highlight the very timely attention and that they adopt or take on the position of the company; we feel truly supported.

Chapman & Asociados differs from the other firms in that they do not limit themselves to giving a concept, but accompany the client in the execution of the strategy.

Without a doubt what makes this firm excellent is its human talent; Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches are bright, accessible people who are always ready to contribute.’

Key clients

Eternit Colombiana


Industrias Puro Pollo


Ministry of Information and Communication

Technologies of Colombia -MinTic

Atlantico Governorate

Prime Energy

Universidad del Atlántico

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

CI Interamerican Conminas

Chapman & Asociados is one of the best law firms in Colombia in labor and employment areas. It provides innovative and cutting-edge legal advice to an excellent standard, to more than 300 national and international companies. Close engagement with clients and a deep understanding of their needs allow the firm to give support in a unique strategic and proactive and preventive way. Clients also receive practical, clear and comprehensive advice, and a commitment to excellence.

Main areas of practice
Permanent legal advice on employment and labor law (individual): the firm handles different employment matters, including employment discrimination, contracts, sexual harassment, wage and hour litigation, wrongful termination, family and medical leave violations, disability discrimination, dismissals, discipline and grievance, benefits, pensions, and others.

Permanent legal advice on employment and labor law (collective): the firm provides a wide range of services in the following aspects, including others: unions rights, unionized workers, union relations, abuse of rights, and creation of successive union organizations.

Labor administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Labor: this area is central to Chapman & Asociados because it requires a high level of expertise and strong legal bases, because it involves a substantial application of both labor law as well as administrative law. In these matters, proceedings require lawyers to have strong bases and knowledge in both fields of law.

Judicial actions/disputes – labor and administrative law: litigation is the most important area offered by Chapman & Asociados. Its ample scope involves different employment, social security and administrative issues. It is the largest area in the firm.

Immigration issues: the firm has also experience providing legal counsel to companies and natural persons about immigration issues, especially those concerning recruitment, hiring and contract terminations of foreign nationals.

Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia: Chapman & Asociados is a boutique firm specializing in some of the most complex and dense legal cases around. The legal assistance includes proceedings before the Supreme Court of Colombia concerning processes that entail special abilities because of the evidentiary period expertise that is required. In the last 12 months, Chapman & Asociados has conducted more than 494 cases before this High Court, an expression of its commitment to achieving the greatest level of possible client satisfaction.

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