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Intellectual property: PRC firms

Unitalen Attorneys at Law is an IP boutique with experience in the procurement, licensing and enforcement of IP rights, as well as expertise in matters related to the infringement of existing third-party IP rights. The firm is also known for advising on patent, trade mark and copyright applications. Notable in this area are Deshan Li, who focuses on patent procurement and patent enforcement; and Bradley Yu, who specialises in trade mark, trade dress, unfair competition, domain names, licensing and anti-counterfeiting matters.

The firm: Since its founding in 1994, Unitalen has assumed its place as China’s preeminent, full-service, intellectual property law firm. Its staff, comprising of 600 attorneys, paralegals and law clerks, provides services to the firm’s clients from its branch offices in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Jinjiang, Haikou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Changsha, Baoding, Kunming, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changchun, Suzhou Dongguan Hefei and Dalian centrally coordinated by the firm’s Beijing headquarters.

With many years of practice in this arcane field of law, Unitalen has blossomed into one of China’s largest intellectual property law firms, offering a full battery of intellectual property (IP) and other technology services, including procuring, licensing and enforcing IP rights, and providing guidance to avoid infringement of existing third-party IP rights. Unitalen has extensive experience in the preparation of patent, trademark and copyright applications. This is amply demonstrated by the sheer volume of its activity in these areas: it files annually more than 8,000 new patent applications and over 15,000 new trademark applications with the Patent and Trademark Offices of the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC. The firm further files a significant number of foreign patent applications and trademark registrations every year. It is also active in fields ancillary to IP, such as broadcasting, entertainment and sports law. The firm vigorously represents the interests of its clients before regulatory and administrative agencies and courts.

Unitalen is also proud to offer services which protect and promote clients’ interests by safeguarding trade secrets and know-how. It does this by devising individually targeted strategies for optimising internal corporate security and human resources management. It has a wealth of experience in technology transfer and non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, which it deploys to maximise the integrity and security of transmission of sensitive information. It further offers clients counselling regarding trade secrets. Grappling with the thorny issues surrounding the formation and funding of technology enterprises and their interrelationships with venture capital is a mainstay of the practice.

Areas of practice: Unitalen is now handling the following business entrusted by domestic and foreign clients in the intellectual property field:

Patent: patent application and protection involving mechanical, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, foodstuff, light industrial, agricultural, electric, electronic, telecommunication, computers, aeronautic and space engineering, oceanological and geological and other technical fields; filing patent applications, request for re-examination, request for revocation and invalidation of a patent right and other matters; appeal to the people’s court on behalf of the client, not satisfied with the decision of re-examination, revocation and invalidation in respect of a patent right; services concerning consultation, investigation, obtaining of evidences, request for administrative mediation, institution of legal proceedings in the court for the interested party; services on licensing and assignment of patents; services for patent search and market supervision; patent lawyer.

Trademark: trademark application and protection; filing trademark applications, request for re-examination, opposition adjudication of disputes and cancellation of improperly registered trademarks; services for licensing and assignment of trademarks; consultation and search service of trademarks; services in consultation, investigation and obtaining evidence for trademark disputes; request for administrative punishment; institution of legal proceedings on behalf of clients; providing infringement supervision service for clients through net work established in the main cities of PRC.

Trademark lawyers include Mr Ray Zhao, Ms Danny Chen, Ms Ying Huang, Mr Yingtao He, Mr Yongbo Li and Mr Yazhou Zhang.

Patent lawyers include Ms Wei Chen, Mr Chunhui Li, Mr Shengyou Cai, Mr Jinwei Gu, Mr Yanjiang Wang and Ms Min Dong.

Department Name Email Telephone
Electricity engineering, computer science and telecommunication technology Ms Wei Chen
Electricity engineering, computer science and telecommunication technology Mr Cheng Du
Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry Mr Shengyou Cai
Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry Mr Jinwei Gu
Mechanics Mr Yanjiang Wang
Mechanics Ms Min Dong
Trademark, copyright and design Mr Ray Zhao
Trademark, copyright and design Ms Danny Chen
Litigation and abitration Mr Yongbo Li
Litigation and abitration Mr Yazhou Zhang
Corporation Mr Bradley Yu
Corporation Mr Deshan Li
International trade and investment Mr Kan Zu
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Dan Chen  photo Ms Dan Chen
Mr Yingtao He  photo Mr Yingtao He
Ms Ying Huang  photo Ms Ying Huang
Mr Fanwen Kong  photo Mr Fanwen Kong
Mr Yongbo( Robert) Li  photo Mr Yongbo( Robert) Li
Mr Deshan Li  photo Mr Deshan Li
Mr Chunhui Li  photo Mr Chunhui Li
Mr Wei Wei  photo Mr Wei Wei
Mr Shuchen Wu  photo Mr Shuchen Wu
Mr Yazhou Zhang  photo Mr Yazhou Zhang
Mr Lei Zhao  photo Mr Lei Zhao
Ms Xinyan Zhou  photo Ms Xinyan Zhou
Mr kan zu  photo Mr kan zu
Number of lawyers : 102
at this office : 61