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Established in January 2020 by René Offersen and Jonas Christoffersen, offersen:christoffersen law is a litigation and arbitration boutique. The group advises a range of clients, from municipalities to financial institutions and has extensive cross-border expertise.

We are a specialised lawfirm guided by the values of quality, ethics and generosity.

Quality means, first and foremost, that our work is of a very high standard. If we are asked to advise and cannot live up to our own high levels, we refer the client to another attorney.

Ethics means that our work doesn’t only have to comply with legal rulings. We see ethics as much more than a professional duty. The willingness to exhibit a high degree of ethical conduct is an inspiration and an objective for our work as attorneys.

Generosity means that we are not petty about detail or mean spirited in our dealings with one another and our surroundings. Generosity also means that we take pride in raising social responsibility. We consider it important to participate in public debate and to take responsibility for the community.

Our law firm does not require size, but legal, professional and personal integrity as well as freedom from personal and financial conflicts of interest.

Jonas 41 23 88 61
René 51 37 22 13
Marie Steen 29 93 74 99
Anna 51 70 86 88
Christopher 51 33 33 66
Lene Grø 48 41 48 41
Tina 48 41 48 41
Christina Frilund 48 41 48 41
Laura 48 41 48 41
Peter Hulthin 48 41 48 41
René Offersen photo René OffersenAttorney