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Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

'It is a very professional firm and has great experience in the market', says a client of Legalia Law Office. The firm advises a growing number of international brands on corporate and commercial matters, often acting as local counsel in partnership with international law firms. Partner Hamdy Mostafa (who is 'very creative and cooperative'), and associates Ashraf Ghallab, Mahmoud Galal and Batool Oleimy are the lead lawyers.

Practice head(s):

Hamdy Mostafa; Ashraf Ghallab; Mahmoud Galal; Batool Oleimy


‘The firm has a solid grounding in corporate governance and practice, regulations and prompt execution.’

‘The firm provides accurate legal and corporate advisory and document drafting.’

‘They show commitment and efficiency, thereby saving time.’

‘Legalia is a very professional firm and it has great experience in the market.’

‘The managing director of Legalia has grest experience over 22 years and is very creative and cooperative’.

‘Legalia has incredible dedication to its clients, and their full knowledge of the local and the international environment is remarkable.’

‘Ethics is one of the most important characteristics of the firm.’

‘I believe the multinational background is the main reason for giving them such weight.’

‘The firm is very highly engaged and has an exceptional level of understanding of the business and analysis of the situation.’

Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 3

Legalia Law Office is active in investment and commercial disputes, as well as cases involving professional negligence, projects, finance, construction, cross-border employment issues, fraud and M&A transactions. Though it is focused predominantly on cases in the Egyptian courts, the firm nevertheless works with international law firms on multi-jurisdictional disputes. 'The team demonstrates a sound consultative approach along with great knowledge and experience', remarks a client. Hamdy Mostafa, Ahmed El Shemee and Mahmoud Galal are the lead partners.

Practice head(s):

Hamdy Mostafa; Ahmed Al Shemee; Mahmoud Galal


‘The team demonstrates a sound consultative approach when approached by the client. There are multiple strategies which are discussed and assessed critically and with great transparency.’

‘Great knowledge and experience is demonstrated in all areas of practice, by the partner and the entirety of the team.’

‘The exceptionally competitive pricing is a bonus for anyone wishing to collaborate with Legalia.’

‘The team is made up of experts in each legal sector and has generated proven results by applying its specific knowledge to best serve their clients’ needs.’

‘Hamdy Mostafa has offered a truly market-leading service. His consultative style, his support level throughout the entirety of the case, and his expertise in their respective focus areas are the elements that define his position in the market.’

‘Alongside their legal expertise, there is a wealth of knowledge through previous experience that puts the client at ease; and there is a multilingual capacity to compliment the service which is a very unique offering available in this market.’

Key clients


Sameem Financial Investments


Antal Egypt


Pastorfrigor SpA.

The Greek Co.

Employment Tier 3

Legalia Law Office handles all matters related to labour and employment law, including directors’ service contracts, employment agreements, dispute resolutions, HR policies, employee development, executive remuneration and employee benefits. Its expanding client base includes the local divisions of adidas and PwC. Partner Hamdy Mostafa and associates Ahmed El Shemee and Mahmoud Galal are the main practitioners.

Practice head(s):

Hamdy Mostafa; Ahmed EL Shemee; Mahmoud Galal

Key clients


Sameem Financial


PwC Egypt

Mundipharma Egypt LLC


Wilo SE

LEGALIA, is a leading law firm that delivers end-to-end corporate, M&A, capital market and commercial legal solutions. We involve ourselves with our clients from setting strategies and business legal planning; using our background legal expertise to help shape commercial transactions, to preventing and solving of disputes. Our unparalleled experience in private practice and our in-depth knowledge of in-house and business needs make us the first “one stop legal shop” in the market.

Our expansive network around the world allows us to handle cross-border deals and, at the same time, use our local market knowledge and deep understanding of industry-specific issues to ensure we provide the best guidance and solutions for clients, wherever they are.

Our lawyers provide innovative and commercially-aware legal and business solutions. The depth of our lawyers’ experience and knowledge, combined with the responsiveness and efficiencies enable us to advise in relation to a multitude of commercial relationships. These include serving clients from start-up with guidance on the most appropriate business structures; at the negotiating table with investors, lenders, suppliers and customers; providing essential support and assistance before regulatory bodies; if necessary in the courtrooms, and beyond.

Corporate and Commercial
We advise our clients about all aspects of general corporate law, establishment of legal entities, corporate restructuring and every day commercial activities such as transactions, local and foreign investment, drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, and all other elements of business law such as agencies, distributorship, franchises, consultancies, intellectual property protection and licensing, and others.

We advise and support our clients in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, and all other types of alliances, proposing the right structure, analyzing the risks and ensuring that the deal is realized to their maximum benefit.
In doing so, we work on the transactions themselves, advise and assist in fulfilling regulatory requirements, prepare the documentation and conduct due diligence.

By combining sophisticated business advisory and crisis management skills with extensive experience in domestic and international insolvency matters, we help clients in the turmoil of situations involving financially troubled companies. We advise clients on complex corporate restructuring, workout and bankruptcy planning, negotiation and litigation.

Private equity
We offer all services related to private equity transactions, making sure our clients reach the best effective deal to their maximum benefit. We represent our clients in all stages of the cycle and ensure at all stages compliance with the regulations and optimum market penetration methodology.
At the final exit strategy, we are also advising our clients on planning, liquidation, regulatory matters, tax matters, and all other relevant matters.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Our litigators work on cases in areas such as investment and commercial disputes, professional negligence, project and finance, construction, cross-border employment, fraud and M&A. We also regularly convene teams of lawyers across the world to address specific client problems that may affect business transactions on a global scale. As well as our highly regarded domestic litigation practice, we have a leading arbitration/ADR practice. Additionally we serve as ad hoc arbitrators for third parties other than our own client base.

We advise our clients on all matters related to labor and employment such as directors’ service contracts, employment agreements, dispute resolutions, keeping a legal framework for labor management at the workplace, employee development, executives’ remuneration, employee benefits, and other matters.

Whether our clients need to plan their taxes or are facing tax problems, we are here to advise and support them.
Our advice includes all types of local and international taxation related to business transactions, business structuring, M&As, and with respect to all types of taxes including but not limited to income tax and sales tax.

Intellectual Property (IP)
We advise our clients on all elements of IP, including without limitation, portfolio management, trademark, copyrights, industrial designs, and patents in terms of planning, protection, registration,
enforcement, and dispute resolution. We also advise on commercialization; helping our clients to achieve the best returns on their research and development projects. These services are provided locally and internationally.
To make sure our clients are always in compliance with all domestic and international laws, we provide compliance check services. Our portfolio also covers internal guidelines of our clients’ firms.

Contract and Claims Management
We manage all aspects of the contracts starting from drafting, reviewing, negotiating, follow-up, termination and any claims related thereto.

Corporate governance
We advise and support our clients in all aspects of corporate governance and its development, including board and shareholders’ meetings’ preparation, invitation, and registering, executives’ remuneration, board composition, company policy, audit, asset management, regulatory work with the competent authorities. Our portfolio covers domestic and international corporate governance requirements.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Hamdy Mostafa
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Ahmed Al-Shemee photo Mr Ahmed Al-Shemee Senior Associate
 Yasser Attia  photo Yasser Attia Associate
 Mahmoud Galal photo Mahmoud Galal Associate
Mr Ashraf Ghallab photo Mr Ashraf Ghallab Head of Corporate Services
Mrs Julia Mahmood photo Mrs Julia Mahmood
Mr Hamdy Mostafa photo Mr Hamdy Mostafa Managing Partner
 Batool Oleimy photo Batool Oleimy Associate
 Habiba Wahdan  photo Habiba Wahdan Associate