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Dispute resolution Tier 4

Jurline, which is based in Odessa, handles commercial, construction, maritime and investment disputes. Vitaliy Cherkes and Volodymyr Zubar are the key partners. For a shipowner, Zubar handled a London Maritime Arbitrators Association dispute seeking the recovery of a $14m debt.

The firm

The history of the firm dates back to 1994, when several young lawyers united under the leadership of the experienced and ambitious legal scholar Oleg Kutateladze. It was one of the first law firms in Odessa that provided legal support for businesses and legal assistance to individuals. Over time, the legislative changes and demands in the legal sphere ensured it was necessary to reconsider the structure of the firm. Therefore, in 2004 the firm became a partnership entitled Jurline. Today the firm comprises six partners who ensure the provision of first-class services and legal assistance to clients together with the counsels, associates, and trainees of the firm.

During the last few years the firm has expanded its practice into international arbitration, criminal law and white-collar crime. Further, two counsels of the firm, Aleksey Ryazanov and Maxim Kapelist, were promoted to partners of the firm, and Oleksandr Vovk was promoted to the counsel of the firm. Jurline has developed extensive connections with European, UK and US law firms and chambers that allow its clients to receive comprehensive advice in relation to various matters arising in the course of business conduct in Ukraine.

The firm focuses on the provision of legal services in the south of Ukraine. The regional status of Jurline does not limit the firm, should legal assistance be required outside the region. The firm’s experienced and highly qualified lawyers, as well as the co-operation with Ukrainian and foreign legal firms, allow the firm to provide its clients with the required range of legal services at a high standard.

Areas of practice

The long-standing legal support of different businesses that work at ports of the Black Sea region (Odessa, Yuzhny, Chornomorsk and Mykolaiv) allows Jurline to provide clients with the full scope of services on legal support of transport enterprises, sea terminals, forwarders, ship repair companies, and other business entities related to the port infrastructure. Jurline has provided legal support to the multimillion investment projects on the construction of port infrastructure, lease of the integral property complexes and privatisation projects.

The court practice is one of the prevailing activities of the firm. Jurline’s lawyers are experienced court attorneys who act with the purpose of the most effective defence of clients’ interests. The firm is capable of successfully handling the most complicated trials and settlement of disputes. The firm is one of the few regional law firms that holds experience in arbitration in accordance with the rules of GAFTA, FOSFA, LCIA, LMAA, and other arbitration institutions.

Jurline provides legal support to the projects of construction of commercial and industrial real estate objects, and to the construction companies that specialise in elite housing development. The firm has many years of experience working with agrarian business and the food industry, allowing the firm to provide the full range of services in all spheres of food and grain business.

The lawyers of the firm have significant experience in supporting complicated transactions on corporate rights including M&A transactions, providing the full scope of the accompanying services on the issues of taxation, antimonopoly legislation, labour management relations, obtaining of licences, authorisations, permits as well as resolving problematic issues of privatisation in Ukrainian enterprises.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution Vitaliy Cherkes
Dispute resolution Oleksandr Vovk
Corporate/M&A Volodymyr Zubar
Corporate/M&A Svitlana Panova
Maritime and transport Volodymyr Zubar
Maritime and transport Maxim Kapelist
Tax planning and tax disputes Vitaliy Cherkes
Tax planning and tax disputes Pavlo Bogachenko
Criminal/white-collar crime Aleksey Inozemtsev
Criminal/white-collar crime Maxim Kapelist
Real estate and construction Aleksey Ryazanov
Real estate and construction Nina Rizun
Antitrust and competition Aleksey Ryazanov
Antitrust and competition Nina Risun
International arbitration Daria Minchenko
International arbitration Pavlo Bogachenko
Family Volodymyr Zubar
Family Vitaliy Cherkes
International trade Volodymyr Zubar
International trade Daria Minchenko
Number of lawyers : 27