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White-collar crime Tier 1

Praised as ‘extremely reliable' and 'very experienced’, Ioannis Giannidis Law Firm is widely acclaimed for its expertise in fraud and corruption cases, with particular strength in handling criminal cases with a political or VAT component. Practice head Ioannis Giannidis is a 'top practitioner’ in the field, with an extensive track record in representing foreign banks and other multinationals in financial crime, breach of trust, money laundering and corporate criminal liability matters. Also of note is Panagiotis Koureleas; he ‘inspires confidence’ through his ability to ‘think proactively’.

Practice head(s):


The Firm is very responsive and client orientated and efficient.

Giannis Giannidis has very sound academic capabilities in his capacity as Professor at the University of Athens and a broad overview and practical experience in white collar crime matters.

Panagiotis Koureleas is a valuable colleague and very experienced in this area.

Mr. Giannidis is fairly & undisputedly considered as the top practitioner in his practice. However and most importantly, this is not an outcome of his impressive academic credentials as a Professor of Athens’ Law School, but is based on his profound proficiency, tremendous and unparalleled case track record.

Mr. Panagiotis Koureleas role was also paramount. He is considered by the market as a top tier criminal law practitioner with in depth and hands on knowledge on these matters and also personal participation in high profile cases with impressive positive results.’

The team is extremely reliable, quick in answering to questions, very experienced and capable to provide complete and clear advice on the most complex matters.

Professor Giannidis, the managing partner of the firm, is the counsel every client would want to work with: extremely knowledgeable, calm and patient, he is able to explain the most complex thing with clarity, leaving the client confident that a solution will be found (which afterwards comes out to be true). He quickly identifies the issues and shows the various options to the client, guiding him through the many pros and cons.

To my view, Ioannis Giannidis Law Firm is the best law firm in Greece for corporate criminal law and white collar crime. They are specialised corporate criminal lawyers combining in a unique way their criminal law expertise with a deep understanding of the corporate environment.

Their advice to us is always practical, business oriented and to the point, making them excellent interlocutors for in-house peers. Last but definitely not least, they manage to be always very responsive despite their workload. It is a practice I can trust and rely on.

Prof. Ioannis Giannidis, a brilliant criminal law mind and a renowned professor with vast experience and knowledge on the sector and a unique ability to see the bigger picture. 

Panagiotis Koureleas; he inspires confidence, is fully updated on his field of expertise, an excellent litigator, very responsive and with a charisma to think proactively and in a practical way.

Key clients

Fraport Greece

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG

Heracles Group of companies

Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations

Wind Hellas Telecommunications

Public Properties Company SA

Air Liquide Hellas

Unicredit Bank AG

VTB Capital

Piraeus Bank

Bank of Cyprus




DEPA public gas corporation


Temes SA

Aegean Motorway

Regency Entertainment SA

Ioannis Giannidis Law Firm was founded by Ioannis Giannidis, Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law and Penal Procedure, Faculty of law, University of Athens.

It is a leading law firm in white-collar criminal cases and corporate criminal liability, combining consulting and criminal litigation.

The Firm is one of the first choices of leading multinationals and top tier international law firms and has a well- deserved reputation among the in-house counsels of companies which undertake major projects in Greece.

The list of clients includes leading greek and foreign financial institutions and funds, companies active in the area of construction, heavy industry, concession, airports, shipping, aviation, telecommunication, technology, informatics, energy, health, pharmaceutics, nutrition and media.

The Firm efficiently undertakes the overall handling of corporate criminal cases, representing directors and executives in criminal trial hearings, and providing advice to multinationals on their day to day activity.

In the last three decades the firm has represented clients in almost all major financial criminal cases in Greece (fraud, corruption etc). It stands out for its efficiency in handling major criminal tax cases related to tax/VAT assessments raised against multinationals in Greece and it is also known for its unparalleled experience in handling delicate criminal matters for Banks and financial institutions for over 30 years.

Department Name Email Telephone
White-collar crime (fraud, corruption, breach of trust/misappropriation etc), Corporate criminal liability, Tax criminal Law, Money Laundering, Criminal negligence, Competition (criminal aspects), Crimes against cultural inheritance, International/European Arrest Warrant/Mutual Assistance Ioannis Giannidis/Founder and Managing Partner +302103609483, +302103628061
White-collar crime (fraud, corruption, breach of trust/misappropriation etc), Tax criminal Law, Money Laundering, Crimes against cultural inheritance, International/European Arrest Warrant/Mutual Assistance Natasha Kaisari/Partner +302103609483, +302103628061
Corporate criminal liability, Criminal negligence, Environmental offences (criminal aspects), Labour (criminal aspects), Competition (criminal aspects) Panagiotis Koureleas/Partner +302103609483, +302103628061
Environmental offences (criminal aspects), Labour (criminal aspects) Ioanna Korbi/Associate +302103609483, +302103628061
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Mrs Natalia Chrysagi-Zourenko  photo Mrs Natalia Chrysagi-Zourenko OF COUNSEL
Mr Ioannis Giannidis  photo Mr Ioannis Giannidis Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, School of Law, National…
Mrs Anastasia Kaisari  photo Mrs Anastasia Kaisari Partner
Mrs Ioanna Korbi  photo Mrs Ioanna Korbi Associate
Mr Panagiotis Koureleas  photo Mr Panagiotis Koureleas Partner
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