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White-collar crime Tier 2

At EQUITY Law Firm, ‘the white-collar crime practice is one of the strongest in Ukraine'. The firm has grown its presence in landmark cases, as is evidenced by its work for government officials and business leaders, including the defence of the Mayor of Odessa in an embezzlement case. Five litigation partners are involved in the practice - Viktor Barsuk, Yaroslav Zeikan, Vyacheslav Krahlevych, Oleksandr Lysak and Taras Poshyvanyuk. The firm also has a strong team of associates, including Bohdan Slobodian.

Practice head(s):

Viktor Borsuk; Yaroslav Zeikan; Vyacheslav Krahlevych; Oleksandr Lysak; Taras Poshyvanyuk.

Other key lawyers:

Bohdan Slobodian


‘The white-collar crime practice at EQUITY is one of the strongest and famous in Ukraine. This company is only one in Ukraine that can achieve acquittals for clients, even in the most complex cases.’

‘EQUITY is the only firm that accompanies the operation of the company. Their lawyers represent our interest in courts and act as intermediaries in negotiations. Considering that our case is one of the most debatable in the country, they provide their services with dignity and at the highest level.’

‘Vyacheslav Krahlevych and Taras Poshymanuyk are excellent professionals. I can say that Vyacheslav Krahlevych is definitely a lawyer who is 24/7 available, it seems that he dedicates all the time to his work. Taras knows Ukrainian legislation very well in criminal law and bankruptcy. I can approach him at any time of the day and I am sure to receive expert help and advice. ’

‘The key contacts are Vyacheslav Krahlevych and Bohdan Slobodian. They are skilful and reliable lawyers. Vyacheslav is a good litigator and negotiator. Bohdan is a skilled legal practitioner. He provides the optimum legal and business solution possible. I know that this company has good expertise in Ukraine and can solve all problems I would have.’

‘EQUITY is the strongest law firm in this area, because their lawyers have a wealth of practical experience. Everybody knows that they defend politicians and businessmen in the most difficult cases. I believe that their main strength is strategic thinking and full scope of the problem.’

‘My key contacts are partners of the firm Taras Poshivanuk and Olexandr Lysak. They are an excellent team. They prepare a detailed and efficient plan of actions to defend my interests as an injured person in a criminal case. They also prepared a strong and persuasive legal position for my case. I see how it is being realised now.’

‘Equity represented me and a colleague in a criminal investigation. I am sure that its main strength is the extremely efficient and high-quality work, even when deadlines are tight. They always consider and plan several steps ahead and suggest a strategy for defence which takes into account all the details and possible risks.’

‘I work closely with Taras Poshivanuk and Oleksandr Lysak. I appreciate their depth of knowledge. Their team also impressed me with the speed of providing legal advice and drafting documents. They also represented me in court. Bohdan Slobodian is a young lawyer in their team, but he is really talented, he is always well prepared and organised and attentive to all the details.’

Key clients

Executives of “Gavrylivski Kurchata”

Pavel Vougelman

Nasirov Roman

Dmytro Kryuchkov

Volodymyr Omelian

Odesa city council official

Mykytas Maksym

Corporate non-governmental pension fund of National Bank of Ukraine

Alexandr Efremov

LLC “Dilays”, Oleh Seminsky

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

EQUITY Law Firm frequently handles bankruptcy, debt collection and contentious banking and finance matters for both debtors and creditors. The 'cool-headed and diplomaticAndriy Nikitin and the 'prompt and flexible' Sergey Chuyev are the lead partners, with Chuyev increasingly assisting clients with portfolios of non-performing loans and distressed assets. The firm also has a busy debt restructuring practice and recently assisted Azovmash Group with the restructuring of $810m of debt.

Practice head(s):

Andriy Nikitin; Sergey Chuyev


‘They advise us on various issues related to the banking sector. We entrust them with our legal issues, and they have people in the team who can also help with not only legal but also analytical work.’

‘ Sergiy Chuyev has deep knowledge in Ukrainian banking and finance legislation. He is prompt and flexible. His team consists of really strong lawyers.’

‘EQUITY has a leading position in banking and finance in the Ukrainian market. The team has developed a unique approach to clients. No matter what problem you come up with, you have a strong feeling that this company will solve it.’

‘Sergey Chuyev is very strong and knowledgeable, especially in asset finance disputes. His ability to effectively communicate the finer points of the case to the court is invaluable. Andriy Nikitin is a cool-headed lawyer that can solve any of your legal problem. He has perfect communication skills and is very diplomatic. It helps to work with opponents.’

Key clients

LLC “Finance Company”

Corporate Non-Governmental Pension Fund of the National Bank of Ukraine

PJSC “UkrInCom” (UkrInBank)

Azovmash Group

LLC “Expert Invest”

LLC “Finance Company “Helios”


Dispute resolution Tier 3

EQUITY Law Firm has expanded its domestic litigation and international arbitration practice, and plays a prominent role in high-value disputes. The firm recently acted for engineering company Azovmash Group in litigation to recover $850m from ten banks. The practice is led by the 'intelligent and cool-headedViktor Barsuk, Oleg Malinevsky and Sergey Chuyev. The firm recently launched a new arbitration department with the hire of counsel Oksana Varakina from Winston & Strawn LLP in Paris.

Practice head(s):

Viktor Barsuk; Oleg Malinevskiy; Serhiy Chuyev

Other key lawyers:

Oksana Varakina


In EQUITY, there is a highly efficient, commercially savvy team, that is focused on achieving the best results. A high level of partners engagement is another key feature that makes this company renowned in dispute resolution practice.’

Viktor is intelligent and cool-headed. Oleg’s creative approach and out-of-the-box thinking makes him an extremely valued professional and strong opponent in the court.’ 

They are timely and detailed in their responses and work. The team combines top-quality technical skills with efficiency, cost management and commercial practicality.’

Oleg Malinevskiy is at the top in dispute resolution in Ukraine. His strong litigation team is really unique and insuperable.’

EQUITY team’s experience is large and covers many areas of expertise. They provide efficient solutions to the most challenging matters and build lasting relationship with clients.’

Oleg Malinevskiy and Viktor Barsuk are the strongest and client-oriented lawyers. They are knowledgeable on litigation procedures and Ukrainian legislation. Viktor is a leader at EQUITY and always proposes and finds new ways to solve all problems.’

Key clients

Azovmash Group

Ukrinbank PJSC

Helen Marlen Group

United Cardboard Company Ukraine LLC

Stockman Interhold

Laran-07 LLC

Corporate Non-Governmental Pension Fund of the National Bank of Ukraine

Porsche Finance Group Ukraine

Tax Tier 3

EQUITY Law Firm 'always follows the latest legislative changes and is ready to provide a quality solution to any problem'. The firm joins the ranking having been involved in many high-value tax litigation, among them a  $56m dispute for Arterium Corporation. Viktor Barsuk and Sergey Chuyev (who 'offers new strategies and solutions') are the lead partners. Counsel Andriy Ivaniv is also highly recommended by clients.

Practice head(s):

Viktor Barsuk; Sergey Chuyev

Other key lawyers:

Andriy Ivaniv


‘Despite the fact that the tax practice is very complex and requires a lot of knowledge, EQUITY lawyers always follow the latest legislative changes and are ready to provide a quality solution to the problem.’

‘Sergey Chuyev always demonstrates his breadth of knowledge and experience in the tax areas. He offers new strategies and solutions that is very important for me as a businessman. Andriy Ivaniv possesses strong knowledge of the law, with the capacity to apply the law on a practical basis to move cases forward.’

‘EQUITY is good at tax law. Our cases were related both banking and tax practices. They show their deep knowledge in all practices included tax.’

‘Sergiy Chuyev has deep knowledge in Ukrainian banking and finance legislation. He is prompt and flexible. His team consists of really strong lawyers, including counsel Andriy Ivaniv.’

Key clients

Azovmash Group

Arterium Corporation

PJSC “UkrInCom” (PJSC “UkrInBank”)

LLC “Industrial Construction”

EQUITY is a leading Ukrainian law firm recommended for both transactional and dispute resolution experience.

The firm’s team has a profound 15+ years’ experience across practices, including corporate, banking and finance, insolvency and restructuring, tax, real estate and construction, antitrust, intellectual property, domestic and cross-border ligation, international arbitration, and white-collar crime.

EQUITY has worked for 1,000+ companies and individuals. The clients’ list includes industry leaders such as Arterium Corporation, Ferrexpo, AvtoKrAZ, NEST Corporation, Concorde Capital, AIS Corporation, Azovmash, Agroholding Mriya, Helen Marlen Group.

The firm regularly defends the interests of Ukrainian top officials and high net worth individuals in pending investigations, including Volodymyr Omelyan (former Minister of Infrastructure), Hennadiy Trukhanov (Mayor of the City of Odessa) and Roman Nasirov (former Head of the State Fiscal Service).

Dispute resolution precedents
EQUITY team has acted for clients in 2 landmark cases in the Supreme Court of Ukraine which resulted in the new precedents in insolvency matters.

In one case, the Supreme Court upheld EQUITY’s reasoning and ruled that the court may not adopt a formalistic approach in assessing the facts and taking a decision on the commencement of the insolvency proceeding.

In another case, the Supreme Court upheld EQUITY’s reasoning and confirmed that the central bank had unlawfully declared one of Ukrainian banks insolvent.

In 2020, Oleksandr Lysak and Taras Poshyvanuyk obtained 3 acquittals in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. This has proved the firm’s outstanding experience in white-collar crime matters, given that acquittals constitute only 1% of the decisions in criminal proceedings.

Thought leadership and social responsibility
EQUITY partners are thought leaders of the dispute resolution market of Ukraine. The firm co-organizes major legal forums under the auspices of the Ukrainian Bar Association, the Ukrainian Advocates Association and Yuridicheskaya Praktika.

Following the years of in-depth research, EQUITY partners Viktor Barsuk, Oleksandr Lysak and Yaroslav Zeikan published 5 books: 

  • the study guide «Attorney’s Techniques (preparation to proceedings and methods of persuasion)», 2017;
  • the book «Defense Strategy and Tactics in Criminal Process», 2018;
  • the book «Inadmissible evidence», 2019;
  • second edition of the study guide «Attorney’s Techniques (preparation to proceedings and methods of persuasion)», 2019;
  • the book «Introductory and closing speech in criminal proceedings», 2020.

As part of the social responsibility of the firm, EQUITY supported Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019, the Ukrainian Wakeboarding Federation and Legal High School, an innovative platform for online legal education in Ukraine.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute Resolution Viktor Barsuk
Dispute Resolution, Restructuring/Insolvency Oleg Malinevskiy
White-Collar Crime Taras Poshyvanyuk
Dispute Resolution Serhiy Chuyev
Banking and Finance Andriy Nikitin
Real Estate, White-Collar Crime Vyacheslav Krahlevych
White-Collar Crime Oleksandr Lysak
White-Collar Crime Yaroslav Zeikan
Dispute Resolution, Private Client Oksana Varakina
Dispute Resolution Andrii Ivaniv
Dispute Resolution, Restructuring/Insolvency Dmytro Tylipskyi
Dispute Resolution, Restructuring/Insolvency Oleksiy Stepanenko
Banking and Finance Yevgen Filonenko
White-Collar Crime Bohdan Slobodian
White-Collar Crime Rodion Kokosh
Partners : 8
Counsels : 6
Associates : 40+
Ukrainian Advocates Association
Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA)

Viktor Barsuk, Senior partner and Oleg Malinevskiy, Partner

 What has been your greatest achievement, in a professional and personal capability?

Having built up a company which is a leader in litigation, bankruptcy and criminal defense is our greatest achievement. We are proud to be recognized by national rankings as a top-tier law firm in the mentioned practices. For instance, in the latest edition of the Legal Awards 2020, Yuridicheskaya practica’s directory, we have been ranked No.1 in Litigation and White-collar crime, confirming our title of 2018 and 2016.

Thus, we have managed to put together a superlitigation team that can become a one-stop shop for legal protection of our client in all possible matters. It is our team which is the ultimate expression of our common professional success.

Generally, EQUITY is an achievement of at least 5 in 1. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to do a legal work of love at the highest professional level and develop constantly. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to work with the most successful Ukrainian businessmen, domestic and foreign investors, renown giants in various sectors, effectively protect their property and rights in courts and law-enforcement bodies.

Finally, success, knowledge and experience gained at our company enable to profess the philosophy of responsible leadership. As a matter of fact, we support projects in the sphere of law-making, legal education and professional communication, openly share our practical knowledge and experience, making a substantial contribution into development of successful future of the whole legal profession.

As to local achievements, we take pride in each project, each won case. We specialize mainly in complex cases, which are real professional challenges, as they mobilize all available knowledge and practical skills, make the brain actively search for the most effective and sometimes the only possible solution. A high-profile procedural opponent only adds enthusiasm, multiplying emotional effect from the obtained result. Clients in such cases are, as a rule, quite interesting individuals, acquaintance and communication with whom significantly extends the angle of one’s perception of the world.

What do you do differently from your peers in the industry?

People, primarily our team and clients, have always been the most important capital in our firm. The first constituent – the team – is an intellectual foundation of success and simultaneously testimony of the lawyer’s ability to consolidate behind himself like-minded highly-qualified coworkers. Clients and projects associated with them speak for professionalism of the lawyer and his team. Respect of colleagues, high positions in ratings and other outward attributes of success make up only derivative evidence that the lawyer and his firm is on the right path. Keeping highly professional and family friendly EQUITY staff as well respectability of our clients in mind, we are happy to take pride in the success we have managed to achieve in recent years and get even more excited about future of our firm.

Another aspect which makes us different from our colleagues is a clear internal and external strategy of our team development – to be a flagship in the market of litigation and criminal procedure of a new generation. This strategy is aimed at finally withdrawing from one-sided understanding of the criminal lawyer (defender) as a monofunctional practitioner who represents interests of a person suspected of crimes against human life and health, violence, etc.

Today, the criminal law practice is increasingly mentioned in terms of white-collar crime and corruption crimes defense. It requires a combination of approaches and specific knowledge in commercial, administrative and civil procedures. This is the so-called superlitigation which presupposes expansion of usual boundaries and stereotypes in common understanding of the litigation lawyer, ultimate expression of all his incarnations in all directions of the judicial practice the client needs.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Looking back on our 20 years experience, I would advise all young legal practitioners to do what appeals to them personally rather that what is popular in the market. Listen to yourself and don’t give in to hype. It is not worth going by profitability of a specific sector. It is much better to choose something to one’s heart, work hard, improve to become later the best.
Sharing views of the Ukrainian philosopher, Hryhoriy Skovoroda, regarding importance of “compatibility” of chosen work field with your inner “self,” I am convinced that the basic foundation of success lies in “emotional affection” for a profession when all other economic activities, income or self-realization opportunities become secondary against the chosen realm. Such perception ensures utmost focus on one’s business, increases workability, complete and prompt professional development.

It is also important to find a mentor who would inspire you in your professional realm. As young lawyers get easily confused in the vast ocean of the domestic legal market, it is of primary significance to have certain moral and professional guidelines that would help them follow their path. Such guidelines may be provided by your supervisor, university professor or defense lawyer you like. Address him or her for advice, instruction or word of encouragement. Legal profession is one of few sectors in which mentoring flourishes. I think that is really cool!

We really like the slogan “demand impossible and get maximum.” It has to do with both a specific case and career heights. That is why one should not be afraid to set super ambitious goals. Correct approach made, they tend to come true.

In regard to professional growth, it is important to arm oneself with patience and develop, become better than a day before, have a finger on the pulse of market trends, legislation and practice without forgetting to develop professional “tricks” that would ensure competitive advantage over colleagues.

Within your sector, what do you think will be the biggest challenge for clients over the next 12 months?

One could single out two kinds of challenges – non-legal and legal. The first comprises, of course, the world pandemic caused by COVID-19. This, undoubtedly, will leave its imprint leading to an economic liquidity crisis, increased number of court disputes and bankruptcies. Despite the fact that the legal market is extremely flexible and is one of the first to adapt to new reality we depend on solvency of our clients who have recently been encountering certain problems and limitations.

As far as legal challenges are concerned, it is critical to successfully complete or continue the judicial reform and solve the problem of deficit of judges, especially in general courts. The judicial reform underway was aimed at renewing some bodies of the judicial power. Instead, it has blocked their work and made influx of new judicial personnel virtually impossible.

Currently, the given matter is being actively discussed in the parliament, though final solution to the problem is unlikely to be found in the near future. This, in turn, maintains high demand for high-level litigation lawyers both among representatives of the business community and ordinary citizens.

Indeed, litigation lawyers will continue to be highly requested on the market. Moreover, according to various researches conducted by renown Ukrainian legal publishings, almost 95% of existing law firms have their own litigation practice. Superlitigation (litigation, bankruptcy and criminal defense), meanwhile, provides around 30-35% of the overall market revenues.
Talking of the make-up of client demand, it is worth noting one important trend that is formed by the volatile state of post pandemic and post reformation Ukrainian market. It is the request by a large client for a complex litigation, which combines highly-qualified expertise not only in the field of civil, economic and administrative proceedings, but also in the field of criminal defense, asset tracing, bankruptcy, cross-border litigation, arbitration, mediation. In other words, in all areas of a potential solution to a client’s legal problem, where he or she asks for professional protection.

EQUITY Successfully Protects Interests of the Corporate Non-State Pension Fund of the NBU

EQUITY lawyers have successfully defended the interests of the Corporate Non-State Pension Fund of the National Bank of Ukraine in a number of disputes in the amount around UAH 28 mln.

EQUITY Team Continues to Successfully Protect Interests of Azovmash Group

EQUITY lawyers have substantiated the refusal to initiate proceedings over the bankruptcy of Poltavkhimmash PJSC on the grounds of “a dispute over a right” and no signs of insolvency of the debtor.

EQUITY returned a big sum of money, which was confiscated from a non-resident Client by the SFCA!

EQUITY team proved the legal origin of the Client's money.

EQUITY is among The TOP-5 leading law firms of Ukraine!

During the year we strengthened our positions and climbed up four steps at once, changing the 9th place to 5th!

EQUITY is in TOP-5 law firms in Ukraine according to Yurydychna Gazeta!

We are happy to have received the recognition from Yurydychna Gazeta in its traditional annual Market Leaders Rating!

EQUITY team successfully protects RwS Bank interests in its dispute with NBU

EQUITY lawyers proved proper fulfillment of legal requirements by the bank in making clients’ transactions that were examined by NBU.