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Public sector > Public procurement Tier 1

The team around renowned expert Ute Jasper at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek remains one of the leading practices for procurement law and focuses on procurement assistance with large infrastructure projects of the public authorities. These projects are often socially significant and large-scale; for instance, the team has been advising on the largest procurement project for tram train vehicles in Europe by eight different contracting authorities from Germany and Austria as well as on the East-West axis in Cologne which is one of the biggest German intra-urban public transport projects. The practice group also successfully assists with pilot projects and innovative procurement proceedings such as the procurement of buses for Europe's biggest electro bus project in Wiesbaden. The firm is predominantly instructed by contracting authorities, but also occasionally advises single bidders. The cooperation with other practices such as tax, state aid and antitrust is of advantage. Christopher Marx, Kirstin van de Sande and Laurence Westen made equity partner in January 2020; the team also saw several arrivals.

Practice head(s):


In addition to the excellent expertise in public procurement law, the team around Dr. Isabel Langenbach talks about excellent networking and, associated with that, the almost always correct assessment of the egg in individual cases.

Dr. Isabel Langenbach gives competent, quick and solution-oriented advice.

The HKLW team accompanies us in procurement procedures with a total order value of several billion. It’s absolutely great! You feel completely in good hands. Innovative approaches to solutions are coupled with creative ideas; fast and competent advice, even beyond normal working hours, is a matter of course. Each of the awards that Ute Jasper, Christopher Marx and Laurence Westen receive with their team is highly deserved. If the team hires, you book an all-round carefree package. The team’s know-how is unbeatable and the longstanding cooperation has resulted in a trustworthy client relationship.

None of the proceedings that HKLW accompanied were attacked successfully – we won all review proceedings. Legal issues do not become insoluble problems. Instead, the team quickly suggests legally compliant solutions. The team has a very good feel for the political effects and constraints. Another special feature is the networked thinking between procurement, budget, subsidy and contract law. HKLW can therefore provide us with a complete solution at any time.

‘The leader here is Dr. To name Ute Jasper, who has been one of the best public procurement lawyers in Germany for years. Your strength is to develop creative and at the same time legally secure solutions, even in difficult, complex procedures, which also achieve political goals. She always maintains an overview and perfectly coordinates the legal issues in order to enable further processing.

Dr. Christopher Marx: has the highest technical competence in the areas of public procurement and state aid law. He advises us comprehensively and pragmatically. In addition, he always keeps an eye on the overall strategy and political effects in order to enable an excellent overall result. In doing so, he dovetailed the procurement and state aid requirements with the specific design of the procedure and the contracts.

Dr. Laurence Westen: has excellent expertise in both public procurement law and state aid law. In all matters, he always advises us in a target-oriented manner and with the necessary foresight in order to avoid legal uncertainties as far as possible. In review proceedings, he always represents us confidently and without doubt about the legal conformity of our proceedings. We feel very good, comprehensive and always up-to-date from him.

Transport > Advice to the transport sector Tier 3

The multidisciplinary focus group transport, traffic and infrastructure at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek has experience in classic transport and forwarding law, in M&A transactions and transport insurance law as well as in matters pertaining to inland ports and seaports. Carsten Schrader and Martin Imhof jointly head the team, which also advises the public sector and transport associations on public transport procurement projects. Imhof has in-depth knowledge of international joint ventures and investments in terminals, while Ute Jasper primarily advises transport sector clients. Cord Tomhave heads the litigation department of the transport practice, which acts in defence of claims for damages arising from transport losses and transport damages.

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Other key lawyers:


‘The law firm’s support team is extremely well-coordinated and is characterized by outstanding technical expertise, flexibility and customer orientation.’

‘Ute Jasper is excellent at developing successful award strategies in the area of highly complex and risky infrastructure projects.’

Dispute resolution > Arbitration (including international arbitration) Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek is experienced in post-M&A arbitration, particularly with regard to regulations by the DIS (German Arbitration Institute). The client base is composed of banks and companies from sectors such as energy, offshore and logistics. The practice is headed by Elke Umbeck and Thomas Wambach. In addition, Daniel Froesch is a key contact for financial institutions. Ulrike Gantenberg, who frequently acts as arbitrator, left in March 2021 to establish her own boutique Gantenberg Dispute Experts.

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Other key lawyers:

Corporate and M&A > Corporate Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek comprehensively advises German medium-sized and international companies on corporate law, while mandates often have aspects pertaining to capital markets and stock corporation law. The team's expertise includes corporate housekeeping as well as corporate advice on transactions, among others. Thorsten Kuthe has 'profound expertise in stock corporation law' and jointly heads the practice with Boris Dürr, who shows a 'high degree of client-orientation' and is 'very strong on implementation'.

Practice head(s):

Information technology > Data protection Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's data protection practice distinguishes itself through a varied, sector-spanning approach. Jointly led by Philip Kempermann and Thomas Jansen, the team is composed of lawyers with data protection expert knowledge in cyber security, GDPR, damages claims and agreements. The group not only acts for companies in various industries (such as the food, transport, communication, finance and healthcare sectors among others), but also for federal offices, administrations and research facilities. In January 2020, data protection auditor Hans Markus Wulf made equity partner.

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Other key lawyers:


'Known and busy.'

'Philip Kempermann and his team are a top address in the field of data protection and information technology. Kempermann is very effective, fast and always on a high level when it comes to developing practical solutions. Very good negotiator. '

'Very good customer orientation, very pragmatic, quick reaction time and perfect communication, building long-term and stable client relationship.'

Industry focus > Energy Tier 3

In addition to many years of experience in advising on offshore wind projects, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's broad offering also includes other forms of renewable energy and focuses on regulatory issues. This leads to instructions on, among other matters, alternative supply concepts such as integrated solutions for districts, electromobility, geothermal projects and battery storage. Due to the full-service set-up of the firm, it is also adept at handling matters at the interface with other areas of law such as public procurement, M&A and dispute resolution. Marc Baltus heads the practice from Düsseldorf. Corporate partner Günther Bredow moved to Bub Memminger & Partner in June 2019.

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Other key lawyers:

Information technology > Information technology and digitalisation Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's IT and digitalisation team is experienced in advising German and foreign companies as well as the public authorities and particularly assists clients with IT software and hardware system procurement, the preparation of terms of use and sample agreements (for example in the broadband area) as well as with failed SAP projects. Michael Schmittmann heads the practice that also includes Philip Kempermann; the team further presents itself as a strategic port of advice for the automotive industry in matters pertaining to internet of things and data protection.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


'On the market for a long time. Growing team. Good access. '

'Very good customer orientation, very pragmatic, quick response time and perfect communication, building long-term and stable client relationships.'

Insurance > Insurance litigation Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek offers comprehensive advice to insurers as well as policyholders on insurance and reinsurance law, including litigation and arbitration proceedings. A strong focus is placed on liability law and particularly professional liability, and directors' and officers' liability insurance (D&O) has recently become a prominent topic. Rüdiger Schnug, Michael Lauterbach, Stefan Jöster, Herbert Palmberger and Jürgen Wolters are all partners, with the recent addition of René Krohn (née Schnichels) in July 2020. The latter is especially well versed in D&O liability matters.


‘An extremely reliable and competent law firm with many specialists. Fast reaction.’

‘Herbert Palmberger is a profound expert and specialist in insurance law with unique expertise even in difficult legal issues.’

Restructuring and insolvency > Restructuring Tier 3

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's restructuring group advises on all aspects of crisis management, restructuring and insolvency. Due to its network of insolvency administrators, trustees, economists, interim managers, accountants, custodians, banks, private equity funds as well as specialised foreign law firms, clients are comprehensively advised on restructurings at national and international level. Managers, supervisory boards and shareholders are assisted with measures to avoid insolvency and also with insolvency protection proceedings as well as insolvency plan proceedings. Additionally, the team handles liability risks and risks under criminal law, such as delayed filing of insolvency, directors and officers' liability, tax liability or aiding and abetting, among others. Another focus is insolvency contestation, where both insolvency administrators and opposing parties are represented. An industry focus exists in automotive, catering, fashion and energy. Practice head Georg Streit is well versed in insolvency law, restructurings and reorganisations and acts in insolvency litigations as well as distressed M&A transactions. Kai Uwe Büchler is specialised in insolvency law as well as credit and credit safeguarding matters.

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Other key lawyers:


‘Very committed, good economic understanding. Flexible.’

‘Immediately and directly available. Always on the ball. Clear words.’

Intellectual property > Unfair competition Tier 3

In the competition law space, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek demonstrates forensic expertise and longstanding experience in IP matters, including advertisement materials, competitions, terms and conditions and e-commerce issues among others. The group has further strengths in trade secret protection and at the interface to data protection. Michael Schmittmann in Düsseldorf and Dominik Eickemeier in Cologne head the IP, media and technology practice.


Lawyers always available – very professional handling – so far successful in all disputes.

White-collar crime > Advice to individuals Tier 4

Under the leadership of André-M. Szesny, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's white-collar crime practice is mainly known for its strength in criminal tax matters, but is also instructed with criminal law proceedings pertaining to insider trade, market manipulation and money laundering torts. The group typically advises executives and directors of listed, but also medium-sized companies in the industrial and financial sectors.

Practice head(s):

Dispute resolution > Commercial litigation Tier 4

The dispute resolution team at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek is 'perfectly positioned'. With numerous lawyers at different seniority levels, the team regularly handles proceedings pertaining to trade, insurance, corporate and distribution law. On behalf of Volkswagen, the group is strongly involved in the defence against customer lawsuits in connection with the 'Diesel-Gate'. Elke Umbeck and Thomas Wambach jointly head the team. Daniel Froesch is a busy procedural lawyer and salary partner Alexander Weiss joined the Munich office in October 2020 from Clifford Chance. Ulrike Gantenberg founded her own boutique Gantenberg Dispute Experts in March 2021.

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Other key lawyers:

Real estate and construction > Construction (including construction litigation) Tier 4

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's construction practice assists both private and public contracting authorities as well as private construction companies with contractual, project-related and litigious issues. Infrastructure projects, particularly large-scale port construction projects, as well as the renovation, conversion and construction of corporation headquarters and sites constitute central pillars of the practice just as much as the representation in construction disputes including deficiency claim proceedings do. Stephan Freund and Thomas Nickel jointly head the team.

Practice head(s):


' The law firm is able to familiarize itself with difficult topics at very short notice, to structure them and to work out solutions, sometimes even on the day of the inquiry, if necessary. The legal information is highly qualified and up to now has all been legally reliable – or to put it another way: "We" have not yet lost any proceedings. Due to the current overload of the courts, the proceedings – in our opinion – take far too long. Amounts in the millions rot on bank accounts because the process takes ages. All of this is no problem thanks to the firm. The partners who advise us are able to consistently and purposefully accompany the processes with both complex and extremely extensive files, without losing track of things. Every trial date is optimally prepared so that the litigator is better informed than the court and can submit well-founded / reliable solutions. At the center of our building law advice is our partner Dr. Armin Freiherr von Grießenbeck . '

Capital markets > Equity capital markets Tier 4

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's capital market law offering includes ongoing compliance support and predominately aims at the needs of corporates, but the team also acts for issuing banks. Its service portfolio includes IPOs, secondary offerings, rights issues and stock exchange segment switches as well as delistings and squeeze-outs, including other related corporate and stock corporation law issues. The advisory focus of Mirko Sickinger lies on this corporate and stock corporation law intersection.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


Quick and pragmatic solutions.

Cross-office collaboration between specialists from various fields .’

Mirko Sickinger: Profound experience in capital markets law.

Thorsten Kuthe: Profound knowledge of German capital market law; solution-oriented consulting approach.

Banking and finance > Investment funds Tier 4

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek advises investment funds and capital management companies on the structuring and establishment of investment funds, most notably closed-end special investment funds in the real estate sector, and covers various associated regulatory and transactional issues, including the preparation of sales prospectus. Michael Dröge heads the practice with much work resulting from his expertise at the intersection between real estate law, corporate law and investment funds.

Practice head(s):


Perfect partner, entrepreneurial, fast, without lengthy legal statements but to the point. Really helps make decisions. Speaks the client’s language.

Michael Dröge is an all-rounder! Comprehensive knowledge of the matter.

Michael Dröge and his team provide economic and close advice to clients.

Intellectual property > Patent litigation Tier 4

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek stands out for its particularly comprehensive activity in patent nullity appeal proceedings and attracted attention in 2019, when practice head Anton Horn, in his own name, filed a successful nullity claim against the German part of a European patent on teff flour; this caused the patent owner to waive the patent and therefore re-opening Euope's market access to the flour. Alongside large German companies, the group also represents a variety of European corporations.

Practice head(s):


' Very good positioning in patent law. Very reliable, good job and good result. '

' Anton Horn is very personable and accomplished. A size recognized on the market. '

' Anton Horn's team is very responsive, communicates well, bills transparently and offers very good quality. '

' A very competent team that is exclusively focused on patent law and, in particular, has the ability to competently conduct complex, linked proceedings. '

' Anton Horn: Very analytical, lateral thinking, technically competent. '

Key clients

Brødrene Hartmann


EnerDry A/S

INglass S.p.A.

Sisgrass B.V.


Systemhouse s.p.r.l.

Real estate and construction > Real estate Tier 4

Spread across seven German offices, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's real estate practice has particular wide-ranging experience in advising project developers and investors on transactional matters, where practice heads Thomas Nickel and Stephan Freund's group predominantly assists with housing portfolio sales, food retail properties as well as planned properties in the same asset categories. Occasionally, the team also advises on matters pertaining to office and logistics properties. Additionally, the team assists project developers with their German market entry and is also well versed in refinancings. Peter Zimmermann, who specialises in transactions, 'does not lose sight of the essentials and optimally supports the negotiations'.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


' Very good availability and flexibility at all times .'

'' Good brainstorming in solving complex sales contract issues. '

' Dr. Peter Zimmermann from the Düsseldorf office accompanied us and his team on several transactions for real estate funds that we manage. The work and approach of Dr. Zimmermann is extremely pleasant. The standards he sets are accepted and enable constructive negotiations. The results, even in difficult situations and complicated negotiations, are very good. He does not lose sight of the essentials and optimally supports the negotiations. He enforces goals with the opposing lawyer. We will hire him again at any time . '

' Dr. Peter Zimmermann: Excellent specialist for all real estate topics, especially transactions . '

'' Excellent specialist knowledge, practice-oriented, understands the needs of the client and his objectives; pragmatic solutions . '

' Fast reaction time, high level of specialist knowledge, precise explanations of the facts, timely processing of the processes, weighing up of opportunities and risks, provision of decision-making aids, availability at almost any time via the available media .'

' The law firm covers all civil real estate law excellently, not only building law but also tenancy law, financing law, etc. '

' Dr. Stefan Osing and team are always very pragmatic and legally very good. '

Intellectual property > Trade marks Tier 4

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek has embedded its soft IP practice within the IP, media and technology practice group and particularly stands out for its team's stability. Dominik Eickemeier (trade mark, competition and copyright law, also particularly software copyright law) in Cologne and Michael Schmittmann (media) in Düsseldorf head the team, which also includes soft IP specialist Thorsten Wieland in Frankfurt, who is also experienced in fashion law, and Georg Jacobs in Düsseldorf as well as trade mark and design specialists Christian Spintig and Søren Pietzcker in Hamburg. Cologne-based soft IP lawyer and reputation management specialist Ruben Hofmann and the Stuttgart-based Andreas Schabenberger, who is experienced in trade mark and competition law as well as in medical products law, also form part of the core team. Rudolf du Mesnil retired in the summer of 2019.


Lawyers always available – very professional handling – so far successful in all disputes.

Dominik Eickemeier is a first class expert!

Trade and distribution > Trade, distribution and logistics Tier 4

International distribution relationships and distribution antitrust law matters are the two cornerstones of Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's commercial law practice. In the automotive sector, the practice advises both, well-known car manufacturers as well as their suppliers, but the team led by Reinhard Siegert also advises clients from various other sectors such as the chemical and textile industries. Much importance is attached to work involving international elements, which makes the team a good contact for foreign companies requiring assistance with their German market entry. Siegert is particularly recommended for distribution antitrust law, while Martin Reufels also advises on distribution structures and franchising.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


'Excellent customer service, quick and accurate. Good legal research and excellent knowledge of human nature. Good internal division of tasks and coordinated processing. '

Germany > Employment Tier 5

Providing ongoing employment law advice, which spans a wide range of matters, including the representation in court and conciliations proceedings, constitutes a reliable pillar of Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's business. In other work, the practice provides advice on restructurings, often with Martin Reufels in the lead, as well as on the implementation of compliance measures. Recently, Andreas Walle assisted a number of companies with disputes under business and constitutional law as well as with the parting of high-ranking employees. He jointly heads the practice with Bernd Weller. In November 2020, the firm was strengthened by the arrival of former Dentons co-head Utz Andelewski, who joined together with three of his colleagues.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


Fast, efficient and entrepreneurial.

Media > Entertainment Tier 5

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's media teams are based in Düsseldorf and Cologne and are respectively led by Michael Schmittmann and Dominik Eickemeier, who took on this role in 2019. The group's client base includes TV stations, broadcasting companies, lottery companies and events organisers which the team advises on the optimisation of copyright licenses, retransmission rights and contractual design among other matters.

Banking and finance > Lending and borrowing Tier 5

In February 2020, Michael Neises joined Vinzenz Bödeker in heading Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's team. Both partners cover the full spectrum of banking and finance work including various associated areas such as corporate and M&A, as well as, in Neises' case, capital market law and restructuring. Its capabilities at the intersection with private equity and venture capital received a boost with the arrival of Sandra Pfister from Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP in March 2020. The practice's financing offering, which is tailored to the needs of German SMEs but also increasingly addresses the needs of lenders, includes acquisition and corporate finance as well as real estate and project finance.


Very high level of commitment and great availability.

Always available.

Public sector > Planning and environment Tier 5

The team for environmental and planning law at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek around Thomas Nickel focuses on construction site development and predominantly advises on planning aspects of the construction of office buildings, industrial parks and housing. The practice assists municipalities, federal states, investors and companies. A significant expertise in the environmental space is the representation in proceedings concerning air pollution control plans and ban on diesel vehicles.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Germany > Antitrust Tier 6

Spread across five German offices, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's practice covers multifarious facets of antitrust advice. Rainer Velte, who acts in cartel damages claims and assists clients with day-to-day antitrust issues, heads the practice. Reinhardt Siegert is another key lawyer and acts both on advisory level as well as in litigation.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


'Fast, practical advice.'

'Mr. Siegert is always available, has an unbelievably quick grasp and offers pragmatic solutions.

'Technical know-how, pragmatic, targeted approach.'

'The team responds individually to the company's inquiries and seeks a professional exchange with the client's in-house lawyers. Suggestions and change requests will be taken into account – as far as legally permissible and sensible. It is a harmonious and constructive way of working at eye level. '

'' The individual team members are up to date with the latest technical information, so that if a team member is absent, there are no content-related losses or delays in processing. The inquiries are always answered very promptly and comprehensively. '

Compliance Tier 6

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek pursues a combined approach consisting of preventive advice and internal investigations through to criminal defence. Typically, the team assists German companies with the introduction and optimisation of compliance management systems as well as with specific compliance issues. André-M. SzesnySusanne Stauder and Martin Ströhmann are among the key contacts for white-collar crime and criminal tax law.

Corporate and M&A > M&A: mid-sized deals (sub-€500m) Tier 6

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's M&A team, which is 'very talented and pleasant to work with', mainly advises family businesses and German medium-sized companies on national and cross-border transactions in the mid-cap segment and also has expertise in tax and capital markets law. Additionally, the team has comprehensive experience in transactions regarding the energy sector. Thorsten Kuthe in Cologne and Boris Dürr in Munich jointly head the practice.

Practice head(s):


Very practical. Solutions tailored to our society and the environment.

Stuttgart: Dr. Rainer Herschlein, Charlotte Schmitt, Benedikt Raisch: The team reacts quickly, always provides competent answers / assessments within a short reaction time, leads the deals in the right direction and shows commitment at all times.

The team is very talented and pleasant to work with. They have in-depth knowledge, are fast, reliable and deliver high quality work.’

What distinguishes them is the involvement of the partners.

Excellent team – efficient and pragmatic with a high quality of work at the same time.

All team members did very well under the supervision of Helge-Torsten Wöhlert.

The law firm is very solution-oriented and entrepreneurial. They know the problems and what to focus on. At the same time, the collaboration between the teams seems to work seamlessly, so that the necessary skills are available promptly at all times.

Helge Wöhlert: very committed, articulate, dynamic. Mathias Schröder: very experienced, never loses track of things.’

The team is very impressive. Highly qualified lawyers in many offices. Very good knowledge of the German and French markets.

Helge-Torsten Wöhlert and Stefan Degen are excellent. You work perfectly in three languages (German, English and French) and know the French market very well.

Stephen Degen and Helge-Torsten Wöhlert are very good professionals. They are fully committed to the goals of their clients with high legal skills. Both have in-depth legal knowledge of German and French law.

High level of legal knowledge, strong transactions.

Dr. Dorothee Prosteter, partner, enthusiasm, strong and mediative appearance, internationality.

Rainer Herschlein: have worked with him several times; great economic understanding and incredible pragmatism. Great negotiator. Captures the connections quickly. A pleasure to work with him on a personal level too. Martin Imhof: also with him multiple collaborations; great transaction attorney / corporate lawyer. Helge-Thorsten Wöhlert: uncomplicated cooperation.

Germany > Tax Tier 6

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek focuses on work at the interface between corporate law and the transactional space, which reflects the expertise of Marion Sangen-Emden and Marc Scheunemann, who jointly head the practice. Thus, national and international companies, investors and funds routinely instruct the team to assist with tax law matters pertaining to M&A and PE transactions as well as reorganisations and restructurings.

Other key lawyers:

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance, capital markets, private equity
Competition, merger control, antitrust
Corporate, partnerships and general commercial
International M&A
Distribution and trade
Entertainment, media, publishing, copyright
Employment and labour
German and international tax
Healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life science
Insolvency and restructuring
Insurance and reinsurance
Intellectual property rights, patent
Litigation, arbitration and mediation
Private client and family office
Public procurement, PPP
Real estate transactions, construction
Structuring and set up of investment funds, closed-end funds
Telecommunications and IT
White-collar and criminal compliance
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at this office : 97
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