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Tax Tier 1

Oberson Abels Ltd has an established tax practice in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. The team is regularly instructed by companies in cross-border transactions and set-ups as well as by high-net-worth individuals for advice on estate planning and the structuring of compensation packages. Xavier Oberson in Geneva has a broad background in the field, with experience in tax litigation and criminal tax law, among others. Lausanne-based Pierre-Marie Glauser is well versed in tax matters related to M&A, financing and financial restructurings.

Banking and finance: Geneva Tier 3

Oberson Abels Ltd fields a team of lawyers specialised in the full gamut of regulatory matters and routinely assists banks, securities dealers, insurance companies, and independent asset managers with obtaining licences and in exchanges with financial authorities. Banking and finance regulations are also the area of expertise Antoine Amiguet, who also advises on contracts and collective investment schemes. Philipp Fischer is well versed in international finance matters as well as in data protection law.


A team of very knowledgeable lawyers, who are responsive and efficient and keep a very pragmatic approach.’

Forward-looking firm with a very dedicated team that is well organized and able to anticipate issues and provide appropriate solutions that take the client’s specificities into account.’

Philipp Fischer is a real expert in his areas of practice, a very reliable service provider and a very pleasant person to work with.’

Antoine Amiguet has a good understanding of the banking industry and the competitor’s behaviour.’

Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

The team at Oberson Abels Ltd 'understands its clients' needs' and advises on GDPR and Swiss data protection implementation, helping train data protection officers (DPOs), and drafting directives or negotiating agreements concerning the processing of personal data. Philipp Fischer and Antoine Amiguet are praised for their 'great availability, high technical skills and very responsive' services. Fischer is also recognised for his 'to-the-point advice' and for making 'difficult topics look easy' and Amiguet is a 'detail-oriented and highly technical attorney'.


Sharp knowledge of the legal landscape and ability to advise effectively and in a practice-oriented manner.

Special mention to Philipp Fischer for his responsiveness, availability and to-the-point advice, all this always with a very pleasant attitude.

Great technical knowledge, high availability and client-oriented.

Philippe Fischer and Antoine Amiguet: great availability, high technical skills and very responsive.

A very pragmatic approach with an excellent knowledge of the industry. The team managed to adapt their advices so that they fit with the banking practice. Proactive information when changes occur. A strongly committed team always available even in the absence of a team member.

Antoine Amiguet: a “we can do it” attitude, even in cases of extremely short deadlines. Philipp Fischer: makes difficult topics look the easiest. Clear, straight to the point.

Oberson Abels SA carefully listens and understands their clients’ needs, is creative and able to adjust to meet such needs – both from a substantial as well as from an organisational/management standpoint, which makes it highly valuable for us to co-operate with them. They are able to be business-oriented, to support a project team, as much as to provide state of the art legal opinions. All of that with an above-average and broad understanding of legal requirements, which is highly valuable for an evolving area of law such as data protection.

Philipp Fischer is simply an outstanding mind. He is quick, focused, equally able to focus on the macro picture as well as to focus on details when necessary. He’s also extremely good at helping us make informed decision, as the case may be risk-based ones, and is not a (classic) risk-averse attorney. Antoine Amiguet is a detailed-oriented and highly technical attorney, whose technical skills go nicely hand-in-hand with Philipp Fischer’s equally high skills and business-oriented approach. They form a great and complementary duo and we are glad to work with them.

Leading firms: French-speaking Switzerland Tier 3

Oberson Abels Ltd is strongly present in French-speaking Switzerland, where it is known for its activity in tax, banking and finance and corporate and M&A. Xavier Oberson and Pierre-Marie GlauserAntoine Amiguet and Philipp Fischer; and Sébastien Bettschart are the key contacts in these areas, respectively.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

Oberson Abels Ltd is instructed in matters relating to corporate law, M&A transactions and contractual advice by clients that are predominantly from the banking, biotech, IT, luxury goods and hospitality sectors. Sébastien Bettschart is well versed in commercial law and is noted alongside Stefan Eberhard; both split their time between Geneva and Lausanne.

The firm: Oberson Abels is a Swiss boutique focusing on tax, corporate/M&A and banking and financial services law. The tax team offers bespoke advice to individuals (including estate planning, structuring of compensation packages or advice to expatriates) and corporations (particularly regarding transactions and complex cross-border set-ups). The tax team also assists clients in their steps before courts and administrative authorities. Several partners teach tax or commercial law at Swiss universities. The firm’s banking and finance team provides comprehensive advice on the ever-growing field of financial regulation. The corporate/M&A team provides sophisticated advice in the fields of corporate and contract law (including in areas such as private equity, venture capital or regulated industries).

Areas of practice
Personal tax: taxation of income and wealth of individuals; employee benefit plans; pension plans and insurance; social security taxes; taxation of trusts; taxation of artists and athletes; matrimonial and estate planning; gift and estate taxes; relocation planning; residence and work permits.

Corporate tax: taxation of income and equity of corporations; mergers and acquisitions; reorganisations; taxation of international organisations and not-for-profit organisations; withholding tax; stamp tax. Industry-specific tax advice in diverse fields including banking, hedge funds, trading and IT services; bespoke tax advice for multinational groups.

Consumption/transaction taxes: VAT; customs/consumption taxes.

International/intercantonal taxation: international taxation including such fields as double tax treaties, BEPS, exchange of information, mutual agreement procedure, transfer pricing; assistance to Swiss taxpayers investing outside Switzerland; assistance to foreign taxpayers investing in Switzerland; intercantonal taxation.

Special fields of taxation: real estate taxation and property taxes; taxation of investment funds and of financial products; venture capital taxation; taxation of intellectual property; local taxes; environmental taxes.

Assistance in tax matters and disputes: preparation and negotiation of tax rulings; compliance; assistance in tax audits; tax litigation; criminal law assistance (especially for alleged tax, social security and customs fraud); voluntary disclosures. Preparation of tax returns and accessory tax filings (including VAT returns).

Corporate/M&A/project finance: advice on corporate law, from set-up to liquidation; M&A transactions in various industries (eg banking, biotech, IT, luxury goods, hotels, etc); project finance transactions, particularly in the field of renewable energy; joint ventures; assistance in investment rounds.

Restructuring of distressed companies: advice to companies in complex turnaround situations; advice to distressed companies, including tenure of the position of curator with companies which have applied for a moratorium.

Contracts/commercial: advice on contracts in all fields including sales, leases, licensing, employment, etc. Coverage includes special industries such as biotech, IT, luxury goods and hotels.

Banking and finance/regulatory matters: advice on financial services and products; licensing of banks, securities dealers and other regulated entities; negotiation of derivative agreements under the ISDA Master Agreement and the Swiss Master Agreement; drafting of netting and collateral opinions; advice on regulatory matters with regard to insurance and pension funds.

Investment funds: advice on all types of collective investment schemes; registration of Swiss and foreign funds; licensing of asset managers of Swiss collective investment schemes.

Capital markets: advice on stock exchange matters; public tender offers; issuance and listing of securities on the SIX Swiss Exchange including structured products and exchange traded funds (ETFs); disclosure of shareholdings and ad hoc publicity.

International organisations/not-for-profit organisations: advice to international organisations and not-for-profit organisations on their legal structure, status and governance, as well as on their global projects.

Data protection: drafting of internal directives relating to the processing of personal data, assistance to comply with the revised data protection regulations, update of the agreements entered into with processors of personal data, training of Data Protection Officers (DPO) and other key persons in charge of personal data processing.

Department Name Email Telephone
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Alexandre Faltin +41582588888
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Pierre-Marie Glauser +41582588600
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Marcel Meier +41582588888
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Jérôme Meyer +41582588888
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Dominique Morand +41582588680
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Xavier Oberson +41582588888
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Geneviève Page +41582588600
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Marc-Etienne Pache +41582588600
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Anne Tissot Benedetto +41582588600
General tax/personal tax/ corporate tax Frédéric Vuilleumier +41582588888
Consumption/transaction taxes Pierre-Marie Glauser +41582588600
Consumption/transaction taxes Xavier Oberson +41582588888
Consumption/transaction taxes Jacques Pittet +41582588888
Corporate/M&A Sébastien Bettschart +41582588600
Corporate/M&A Stefan Eberhard +41582588888
Banking and finance/regulatory matters/capital markets Antoine Amiguet +41582588888
Banking and finance/regulatory matters/capital markets Philipp Fischer +41582588888
Investment funds/pension funds Antoine Amiguet +41582588888
International organisations/ not-for-profit organisations Stefan Eberhard +41582588888
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Antoine Amiguet  photo Mr Antoine Amiguet
Mr Sébastien Bettschart  photo Mr Sébastien Bettschart
Mr Stefan Eberhard  photo Mr Stefan Eberhard
Mrs Alexandre Faltin  photo Mrs Alexandre Faltin
Mr Philipp Fischer  photo Mr Philipp Fischer
Prof Pierre-Marie Glauser  photo Prof Pierre-Marie Glauser
Mr Marcel Meier  photo Mr Marcel Meier
Mr Jérôme Meyer  photo Mr Jérôme Meyer
Mr Dominique Morand  photo Mr Dominique Morand
Prof Xavier Oberson  photo Prof Xavier Oberson
Mr Marc-Etienne Pache  photo Mr Marc-Etienne Pache
Mrs Geneviève Page  photo Mrs Geneviève Page
Mr Jacques Pittet  photo Mr Jacques Pittet
Mrs Anne Tissot Benedetto  photo Mrs Anne Tissot Benedetto
Mr Frédéric Vuilleumier  photo Mr Frédéric Vuilleumier
Number of lawyers : 54
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