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The regions Tier 1

Founded in Lyon, Delsol Avocats has built itself a great reputation at national level. The firm fields a total of some 120 lawyers who are based in Lyon and Paris. The Paris office has grown significantly these past few years and now houses most of the workforce. The firm impresses with a large array of business law expertise, spanning corporate, tax, and employment law as well as litigation. It serves many small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, entrepreneurs and several large companies. In addition, the firm is one of the market’s stand-out advisors for non-profits and foundations, thanks to Xavier Delsol, founding partner and chairman of the firm.

Practice head(s):

Construction Tier 2

Delsol Avocats advises prestigious companies such as luxury goods and hotel brands. The practice offers full-service expertise, handling advisory work and disputes. In addition, the team also assists developers and offers commercial property lease expertise. Nathalie Peyron and Benoit Boussier lead the practice and of counsel Virginie Delannoy is also a notable team member.

Other key lawyers:


‘Benoit Boussier knows the construction industry very well’.

Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

At Delsol Avocats, practice head Jeanne Bossi Malafosse has a unique portfolio of experience, with eighteen years of experience at the French data protection authority and five years of experience at the French digital health agency ASIP, Bossi Malafosse is an expert in data protection law in the healthcare and life sciences sector. The practice's client roster attests to this specialism, with a number of domestic professional healthcare associations and international pharmaceutical companies on the client list. GDPR and data protection compliance programmes, data privacy assessments and the drafting of data protection policies account for the majority of the team's workload.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins

Conseil National de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens

Industry focus: Healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Delsol Avocats' Jeanne Bossi Malafosse is particularly proficient in advising leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and professional bodies on data and e-healthcare issues. She is acting as data protection officer for several of her clients. The practice's second key member is Thomas Roche who has particular know-how in the field of regulatory and clinical research. He advises several leading industry players as well as smaller laboratories.

Key clients





Private equity: venture/growth capital Tier 3

Delsol Avocats


‘This team gives us confidence and always treats our request on time.’

‘The Delsol team knows how to establish a climate of trust with its customer: high availability, high responsiveness. They know how to move the issues forward positively and find solutions, the partners are strongly involved throughout the mission. They know how to build a long-term relationship of trust. Listening to the customer, understanding the issues, high technical skills, ability to work in a network, perfect mastery of the Anglo-Saxon environment. Strong bargaining ability.’

Key clients



Quilvest Private


Romande Energie



Winerie Parisienne



Aster capital


Winerie Parisienne

Employment Tier 4

Delsol Avocats


‘The team is available, skilled and dedicated’.

‘Philippe Pacotte is committed and provides high quality advice’.

Key clients






Mergers and acquisitions Tier 5

Delsol Avocats


‘Friendly mindset which helps a lot in negotiation.’

‘Value for money.’

Highly skilled.

Key clients





Domaine Henri



EDH et Quilvest

Private Equity



Inicea Holding







Tax Tier 5

Delsol Avocats


‘The team responds very quickly and provides tailored answers. They are proactive and give clients the feeling that they are in good hands’

‘Julien Monsenego is very considerate, has thorough knowledge of French tax law and is highly available’

Key clients

Capitem Partenaires





Olympique Lyonnais


Warner Music

The firm: Although created in 2003, DELSOL Avocats has been established in the French legal landscape for more than forty years. Forty years marked by constant growth. Since then, DELSOL Avocats, as a full service law firm, has developed new teams, which actively co-operate to form multidisciplinary practice groups in order to address complex transactions, bring them to success and, generally speaking, provide the most appropriate assistance to their clients.

Areas of practice: DELSOL Avocats is a firm of expert lawyers covering not only number of specialist fields but also very diverse sectors. In the short, medium, and long term the firm offers support to economic and social players during their national and international operations – whatever the level of risk.

DELSOL Avocats helps managers and decision-makers develop potential courses of action in high-risk situations and optimize their decision-making. To achieve this, DELSOL Avocats shares its clients’ economic, sectorial, financial, and managerial culture and establishes high quality relationships.

Department Name Email Telephone
Not-profit organisations - social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship Alexis BECQUART +33 1 53 70 69 69
Personal data Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Real estate Benoît BOUSSIER +33 1 53 70 69 69
Corporate - mergers and acquisitions Henri-Louis DELSOL +33 1 53 70 69 69
Not-profit organisations - social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship Lionel DEVIC +33 1 53 70 69 69
Corporate - mergers and acquisitions Pierre GOUGE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Employment law - Social welfare law Elsa LEDERLIN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Tax law Mathieu LE TACON +33 1 53 70 69 69
Corporate - mergers and acquisitions Philippe MALIKIAN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Corporate - mergers and acquisitions Amaury NARDONE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Tax law Julien MONSENEGO +33 1 53 70 69 69
Employment law - Social welfare law Philippe, PACOTTE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Dispute resolution Stéphane PERRIN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Real estate Nathalie PEYRON +33 1 53 70 69 69
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Thomas AMICO  photo Mr Thomas AMICO Thomas AMICO is a Partner and co-head of the Litigation Department. Specialised…
 Alexis Becquart  photo Alexis Becquart Alexis BECQUART is co-head of the PARIS office’s Non-Profit Organizations and Social…
 Jeanne Bossi Malafosse  photo Jeanne Bossi Malafosse Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE is head of the Personal Data Department and co-head…
 Benoit Boussier photo Benoit Boussier Benoît Boussier is co-manager of the Real Estate Law department in the…
 Henri-Louis Delsol  photo Henri-Louis Delsol Henri-Louis DELSOL is co-head of the PARIS office’s Corporate Law – Mergers…
 Lionel Devic  photo Lionel Devic The co-head of the Paris-based team specializing in non-profit sector organizations, Lionel…
 Pierre Gougé  photo Pierre Gougé He has over twenty years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate…
 Mathieu Le Tacon  photo Mathieu Le Tacon Mathieu LE TACON is co-head of the PARIS office’s Tax Law Department.…
 Elsa Lederlin  photo Elsa Lederlin Elsa LEDERLIN is co-head of the Employment Law – Social Welfare Law…
 Philippe Malikian  photo Philippe Malikian Philippe MALIKIAN is a partner and co-head of the “Corporate Law –…
 Julien Monsenego  photo Julien Monsenego Julien MONSENEGO is co-head of the Tax Law department within the Paris…
 Amaury Nardone  photo Amaury Nardone Amaury NARDONE is co-head of the Corporate Law – Mergers and Acquisitions…
 Philippe Pacotte  photo Philippe Pacotte Philippe PACOTTE is co-head of the Paris office’s Employment – Social Security…
 Stéphane Perrin  photo Stéphane Perrin Stéphane PERRIN is co-head of the PARIS office’s Litigation Department. He has…
 Nathalie Peyron  photo Nathalie Peyron Nathalie PEYRON is co-head of the Property Department with Benoît BOUSSIER. She…
Partners in the Paris office : 14
Lawyers in the Paris office : 50+
The Parlex Group

CLIENT: Jean-Sébastien DEGOUVE, Co-fondateur et Président
COMPANY/FIRM: Opéra Energie
TESTIMONIAL: Je savais que DELSOL Avocats connaissait bien le secteur de l’énergie pour avoir fait appel au cabinet lorsque j’exerçais des responsabilités au sein du groupe SUEZ (Engie). C’est donc tout naturellement que nous nous sommes à nouveau tournés vers Emmanuel KAEPPELIN lorsque nous avons eu des besoins en M&A.

CLIENT: Kal LADHA, Directeur Général
COMPANY/FIRM: MediaSchool Group
TESTIMONIAL: Dans le cadre de notre double activité, nous sommes fréquemment confrontés à des problématiques de droit du travail (collaborateurs permanents, intervenants occasionnels, journalistes …), de droit de l’immobilier (avec la nécessité de disposer pour nos écoles de locaux aux normes ERP – Etablissement Recevant du Public), de droit fiscal (notamment sur des questions d’exonération de TVA inhérentes à la formation) et de droit des sociétés (créations, fusions-acquisitions, transformations). Nous sommes très satisfaits, depuis plusieurs années déjà, de l’accompagnement de DELSOL Avocats et notamment d’Henri-Louis DELSOL, Séverine BRAVARD et Vincent GUEVENOUX dans nos opérations d’acquisitions successives, où la pertinence des conseils du cabinet dans des délais souvent très courts et la capacité des avocats à se glisser dans la peau du client entrepreneur nous furent précieuses tout au long desdites opérations et ce, pour le spectre complet des problématiques qui nous occupent

CLIENT: Nicolas POTEL, General Counsel, France & West Mediterranean Region
TESTIMONIAL: Nous travaillons avec DELSOL Avocats depuis plusieurs années et plus spécifiquement avec Stéphane PERRIN, qui connaît parfaitement notre entreprise, ses produits et ses problématiques juridiques depuis près de 30 ans. Nous avons établi avec lui un mode de fonctionnement sur mesure combinant réactivité et compétence. Cet
accompagnement est essentiel tant sur les contentieux du groupe en France que sur des problématiques contractuelles complexes.

CLIENT: Sophie DOSTERT, Directeur Général
COMPANY/FIRM: Hôpital Européen and Hôpital Saint Joseph de Marseille
TESTIMONIAL: Notre expérience récente confirme en tout point les grandes compétences de Xavier DELSOL et ses équipes, qui ont permis de rapidement mettre en place le cadre juridique du montage en passant en revue les différents scénarios possibles.