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Delsol Avocats
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The regions Tier 1

Delsol Avocats has its original office in Lyon and another strong base in Paris, each gathering about half of the firm's. It ranks among France's best independent mid-size market firms, with strong expertise in the full range of business law areas. It is also the leading expert in France in the non-profit sector, thanks to chairman Xavier Delsol. The firm also has an Italian desk.

Practice head(s):

Xavier Delsol

Key clients

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Capitem Partners




Frénéhard & Michaux

Gamma Software

Rhône-Alpes PME Gestion & Sofimac Régions


Santé Cie

Construction Tier 2

Delsol Avocats' track record includes assisting several Parisian luxury palace hotels on their renovation, and advising several high-profile luxury good brands, as well as developers on construction projects. More recently, the practice acted for several clients in Covid-19 pandemic-related issues.  Nathalie Peyron and Benoît Boussier are the key names.

Practice head(s):

Nathalie Peyron; Benoît Boussier

Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

The interdisciplinary data protection team at Delsol Avocats is experienced in a wide range of data protection law matters, including GDPR compliance, the drafting data protection policies, and compliance with regulations surrounding personal data protection. Jeanne Bossi Malafosse focuses primarily on data protection particularly as it intersects with health information systems.

Practice head(s):

Jeanne Bossi Malafosse

Key clients


Industry focus: Healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Delsol Avocats is retained by several pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, typically to advise on data-related issues. Jeanne Bossi Malafosse specialises in this area, and has extensive experience in health information systems and GDPR compliance. Recent highlights have included advising CNOP on complying with data protection regulations, during which Bossi Malafosse also took on the role of data privacy officer. Regulatory expert Thomas Roche is another key member of the group, with a practice focused on clinical research.

Private equity: venture/growth capital Tier 3

Practice head(s):

Henri-Louis Delsol; Philippe Dumez; Pierre Gougé; Emmanuel Kaeppelin; Philippe Malikian; Amaury Nardone


‘Quality equivalent to the best Anglo-Saxon firms for a more reasonable cost.

‘Availability, pragmatism and good humour.’


Extremely responsive and direct contact with the partners. Global service and not split between the different skills: company law, social, taxation, contracts. Detailed understanding of the constraints/challenges of listed entrepreneurial/family businesses. High level of experience/expertise in companies/investment funds.

Key clients

Aster Capital




InControl / Biorganotec



Rhône-Alpes PME Gestion and Sofimac Régions

Quilvest Private Equity

Mergers and acquisitions Tier 5

Practice head(s):

Henri-Louis Delsol; Philippe Dumez; Pierre Gougé; Emmanuel Kaeppelin; Philippe Malikian; Amaury Nardone


The strength of the team is in its approach to manage a deal. Ultra-efficient, always well argued and very smooth. Allowing a quick closing of the deal in very good conditions.

Henri Louis Delsol is always available, responsive and provides good advice, which greatly reduces any stress that this type of situation generates.

Delsol is able to provide advice adapted to smaller structures better than traditional firms.

Philippe Malikian is a very good professional with whom it is easy to establish a bond of trust. He is very available and proactive.

Efficient team with first-rate services equivalent to the best Anglo-Saxon firms, but with a better value for money.

Great listening quality, pragmatism and availability.

Philippe Malikian is a great professional in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. Always available. Clear. Specific. Concise.

Philippe Malikian is an outstanding negotiator. Comfortable in a wide variety of situations. With a sense of humour and timing that comes in handy in sometimes tense negotiations.

Key clients


Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations


DHI Group Telecom

Frénéhard & Michaux

Gamma Software

Golden Bees

Groupe Télégramme



Olympique Lyonnais


Santé Cie


The firm: Although created in 2003, DELSOL Avocats has been established in the French legal landscape for more than forty years. Forty years marked by constant growth. Since then, DELSOL Avocats, as a full service law firm, has developed new teams, which actively co-operate to form multidisciplinary practice groups in order to address complex transactions, bring them to success and, generally speaking, provide the most appropriate assistance to their clients.

Areas of practice: DELSOL Avocats is a firm of expert lawyers covering not only number of specialist fields but also very diverse sectors. In the short, medium, and long term the firm offers support to economic and social players during their national and international operations – whatever the level of risk.

DELSOL Avocats helps managers and decision-makers develop potential courses of action in high-risk situations and optimize their decision-making. To achieve this, DELSOL Avocats shares its clients’ economic, sectorial, financial, and managerial culture and establishes high quality relationships.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution Thomas AMICO +33 1 53 70 69 69
Not-profit organisations - social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship Alexis BECQUART +33 1 53 70 69 69
Personal data Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Real estate Benoît BOUSSIER +33 1 53 70 69 69
Mergers & acquisitions - Corporate law Henri-Louis DELSOL +33 1 53 70 69 69
Not-profit organisations - social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship Lionel DEVIC +33 1 53 70 69 69
Mergers & acquisitions - Corporate law Pierre GOUGÉ +33 1 53 70 69 69
Employment law - Social welfare law Elsa LEDERLIN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Tax law Mathieu LE TACON +33 1 53 70 69 69
Mergers & acquisitions - Corporate law Philippe MALIKIAN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Tax law Julien MONSENEGO +33 1 53 70 69 69
Employment law - Social welfare law Philippe, PACOTTE +33 1 53 70 69 69
Dispute resolution Stéphane PERRIN +33 1 53 70 69 69
Real estate Nathalie PEYRON +33 1 53 70 69 69
Real estate Adrien WILLIOT +33 1 53 70 69 69
Restructuring Manuel WINGERT +33 1 53 70 69 69
Photo Name Position Profile
 Thomas Amico photo Thomas Amico Thomas AMICO is a Partner and co-head of the Litigation Department. Specialised…
 Alexis Becquart photo Alexis Becquart Alexis BECQUART is co-head of the PARIS office’s Non-Profit Organizations and Social…
 Jeanne Bossi Malafosse photo Jeanne Bossi Malafosse Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE is head of the Personal Data Department and co-head…
 Benoît Boussier  photo Benoît Boussier Benoît Boussier is co-manager of the Real Estate Law department in the…
 Henri-Louis Delsol photo Henri-Louis Delsol Henri-Louis DELSOL is co-head of the PARIS office’s Corporate Law – Mergers…
 Lionel Devic photo Lionel Devic The co-head of the Paris-based team specializing in non-profit sector organizations, Lionel…
 Pierre Gougé  photo Pierre Gougé He has over twenty years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate…
 Mathieu Le Tacon photo Mathieu Le Tacon Mathieu LE TACON is co-head of the PARIS office’s Tax Law Department.…
 Elsa Lederlin photo Elsa Lederlin Elsa LEDERLIN is co-head of the Employment Law – Social Welfare Law…
 Philippe Malikian photo Philippe Malikian Philippe MALIKIAN is a partner and co-head of the “Corporate Law –…
 Julien Monsenego photo Julien Monsenego Julien MONSENEGO is co-head of the Tax Law department within the Paris…
 Stéphane PERRIN  photo Stéphane PERRIN Stéphane PERRIN is co-head of the PARIS office’s Litigation Department. He has…
 Philippe Pacotte photo Philippe Pacotte Philippe PACOTTE is co-head of the Paris office’s Employment – Social Security…
 Nathalie Peyron photo Nathalie Peyron Nathalie PEYRON is co-head of the Property Department with Benoît BOUSSIER. She…
 Adrien Williot photo Adrien Williot Adrien WILLIOT is co-head of the « Real Estate Law » department. He advises…
Partners in the Paris office : 16
Associates in the Paris office : 50+
The Parlex Group

DELSOL Avocats’ international strategy relies on:

  • qualified teams from top French and foreign universities and schools, operational in various languages and registered with foreign bars.
  • extensive experience in negotiating and drafting international contracts.
  • access to reliable networks representatives renowned in their fields of expertise and sectors.

DELSOL Avocats assists its clients facing international issues, either French clients with international projects or foreign clients involved in operations in France. We are able to:

  • coordinate their projects (multi-country due diligence or acquisition of targets operating in several countries)
  • help them understand international (for our French clients) and French (for our international clients) legal practices and assist them in negotiating and drafting investment contracts and industrial or business partnerships
  • settle litigation or pre-litigation issues
  • act as an intermediary for their own international advisors.

DELSOL Avocats is an active member of two international networks: TELFA and PARLEX. The firm has therefore made strong connections with « best-friends » located in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. There are now nearly 100 law firms, or about 7000 lawyers around the world.

DELSOL Avocats has built on the proximity of his Lyons office with Italia to create an « Italian desk » and thus inject dynamism into its transalpine activities relying on several bilingual partners and associates.

CLIENT: Jean-Sébastien DEGOUVE, Chairman
COMPANY/FIRM: Opéra Energie
TESTIMONIAL: I knew that DELSOL Avocats was well grounded in the energy sector, as I had called on the firm’s services during my time with the Suez Group (Engie). Therefore it was only natural for us to turn to Emmanuel KAEPPELIN for our M&A needs.

COMPANY/FIRM: MediaSchool Group
TESTIMONIAL: Because of the dual nature of our activity, we often come up against issues of employment law (permanent employees, occasional lecturers, journalists etc.), real estate law (the need for our school premises to comply with public access building (ERP) standards), tax law (particularly as regards VAT exemptions for training) and company law (company creations, M&A, transformations). We are highly satisfied with the advice we have received from DELSOL Avocats over a number of years, and particularly that of Henri-Louis DELSOL, Séverine BRAVARD and Vincent GUEVENOUX. In the course of successive acquisitions, the pertinence of the firm’s counsel within often tight timescales and its ability to identify with the position of the business client have proved invaluable throughout such operations, across the whole spectrum of the issues we face.

CLIENT: Nicolas POTEL, General Counsel, France & West Mediterranean Region
TESTIMONIAL: We have worked with DELSOL Avocats for a number of years, and more specifically with Stéphane PERRIN, who has been familiar with our business, its products and its legal issues for close on 30 years. We have built up a bespoke working relationship with him that combines responsiveness and competence, and this support and advice is essential in both Group litigation in France and in complex contractual issues.

CLIENT: Sophie DOSTERT, General Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Hôpital Européen and Hôpital Saint Joseph de Marseille
TESTIMONIAL: Our recent experience comprehensively confirms the considerable skills of Xavier DELSOL and his teams, who swiftly helped to set up the legal framework for the merger process by reviewing the various possible scenarios.