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The firm

For more than 50 years, Soulier AARPI has been acting as a legal one-stop-shop serving a French and foreign client base from all business sectors, and offering key players in the economic, industrial and financial world comprehensive legal services. Soulier AARPI has maintained the spirit of a full-service law firm capable of dealing with any legal issue at any time, both as advisors and litigators. The firm is therefore well-positioned to assist businesses in complex files, cases and transactions requiring the input of specialists who understand the global picture. The firm has developed considerable experience providing guidance and counseling to multinational corporations and foreign investors with respect to their operations and business dealings in France and Europe.

Soulier AARPI’s cross-functional structure ensures the rapid assembly of experienced teams, bringing together specific expertise and skills designed to promptly conceive, offer and implement tailored and efficient solutions for its clients.

Areas of practice

Banking and finance: With many years of experience in advising first-rate banks, Soulier AARPI regularly assists managers, lead banks, participating banks and borrowers in the set-up and implementation of domestic and international financing structures that require an in-depth knowledge of structured financing techniques.

Corporate/M&A: The department handles the full range of legal issues related to corporate law, from incorporation of all types of legal entities to equity transactions, group reorganisations, external growth transactions and transfers of businesses.

Business law/contracts and competition: Soulier AARPI has developed a unique expertise in international contracts and competition law. Its lawyers are experienced in all aspects of international trade, distribution, technology transfers, commercial and industrial contracts and French and European competition law.

Labour and employment: The labour and employment department assists its clients primarily businesses, in all aspects of French labour, employment and social security law, and provides advice and litigation services with the commitment to make such complex legislation more accessible through a pragmatic and operational approach, with a constant focus on creative legal engineering.

Health, safety, environment and regulations: Soulier AARPI’s lawyers advise and represent a wide range of French and foreign companies operating at all stages of the production and distribution chain in various industrial sectors. Its expertise in this field covers chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical products, health products and medical devices, classified facilities, occupational and technological risks, waste management, industrial accidents and disasters.

Intellectual property/ICT: Soulier AARPI often provides assistance with the preparation of contractual arrangements and with litigations in order to preserve and secure the rights and interests of its clients with respect to their intangible assets (eg patents, trademarks, designs and models, copyright and related rights, etc) and to the processing, securing and transmission of information through IT equipment, the Internet and other telecommunications equipment.

Litigation and arbitration: The firm has developed and maintained a first rate litigation practice and defends the interests of French and foreign companies, their corporate officers and shareholders before all types of courts, at all degrees of jurisdiction, and before French and foreign independent administrative authorities and arbitral tribunals.


Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Catherine Nommick +33(0)4 72 82 20 80
Business law/contracts and competition Jean-Luc Soulier +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Corporate/M&A Jean-Luc Soulier +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Corporate/M&A Catherine Nommick +33(0)4 72 82 20 80
Health, safety, environment and regulations Jean-Luc Soulier +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Health, safety, environment and regulations Laure Marolleau +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Labour and employment Fabien Pomart +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Litigation and arbitration Jean-Luc Soulier +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Litigation and arbitration André Soulier +33(0)4 72 82 20 80
Real estate Jean-Luc Soulier +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Real estate Laure Marolleau +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Data & Privacy Lauere Marolleau +33(0)1 40 54 29 29
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Catherine Nommick  photo Mrs Catherine Nommick Partner
 Fabien Pomart  photo Fabien Pomart Partner
Mr Jean-Luc Soulier photo Mr Jean-Luc Soulier Senior Partner
 André Soulier  photo André Soulier Senior Partner
Number of lawyers : 21
at this office : 8
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