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Netherlands > Insurance Tier 2

Dirkzwager represents Dutch and international insurers on a range of coverage matters, including product, construction and professional liability matters, in addition to taking on corporate and government liability matters. The practice is also sought out for ongoing insurance advisory support. The practice leadership group consists of Harry Kruitwagen, who handles matters of professional and employer liability; and legal, accountancy and construction liability specialist Joost Bindels. Cross-border insurance disputes are the domain of Wim Weterings, who focuses primarily on D&O litigation. Daan Baas departed the firm in December 2023.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


‘They have a diversity in ages, knowledge and focus areas. Without a doubt, the best firm to work with.’

‘Harry Kruitwagen is always a pleasure to talk to about a case. Besides his sharp mind, it is always a pleasure to see how he solves cases and his honesty about the possibilities.’

‘The team is very knowledgeable about all aspects of insurance claims and strategy.’

‘Good consultation, fast approach and solid strategy.’

Key clients

Allianz Commercial

Amlin Insurance SE

Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE

Allianz Benelux N.V.

Royal Sun Alliance

AIG Europe SA

Achmea Schadeverzekeringen

Zurich Insurance plc

HDI Gerling

QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd






Netherlands > Industry focus: healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Dirkzwager houses a broad team, predominantly based in Nijmegen, which is known for representing healthcare providers and medical specialists across the Netherlands in matters involving data leaks, civil disputes, and employment law. Practice co-head Koen Mous is known for his expertise in civil law, handling a vast range of matters including in relation to the procurement of healthcare services and the organisation of specialist medical care within hospitals. Co-head Marieke van Dongen primarily advises the supervisory boards as well as boards of directors of numerous hospitals, mental health institutions, and independent treatment centres on partnerships and M&A.

Practice head(s):


‘I have worked with Marieke van Dongen is very professional with a lot of knowledge in the field. Always understanding. Giving options if possible with the risks and probabilities of success. ’

‘Koen Mous and Luuk Arends are experienced, friendly and willing to discuss and explain (and adjust minor parts of) their advice. ’

‘Marieke van Dongen is knowledgeable and good to work with. Trustworthy and competent. ’

‘Friendly but really professional advice, proactively making decisions with good and proper expectation management.’

‘The team is the best. Different types of knowledge. They are always original in their approach. Their goal is always to resolve the issues. ’

‘Dirkzwager deploys its multidisciplinary team expertly, quickly and flexibly and listens carefully to the customer throughout the process without neglecting its own expertise.’

‘Buby den Heeten demonstrates a very high degree of expertise when it comes to employment law matters in the boardroom, acts quickly where desired and yet always carefully, is strong in communication and is very flexible with regard to accessibility and deployment.’

‘They regularly win lawsuits against health insurance companies regarding the rights of rehabilitation doctors and other uncontracted health care professionals and companies in The Netherlands.’

Key clients

Sint Maartenskliniek

Deventer Ziekenhuis


Rijnstate Ziekenhuis

Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging


NVZ Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen

Bravis Ziekenhuis

Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam

Pro Persona

Canisius-Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis


Stichting Revalidatiegeneeskunde Nederland

Work highlights

  • Represented multiple healthcare providers in a case concerning their ability to provide healthcare in the Dutch healthcare system without being contracted by a healthcare insurer.
  • Represented care provider Stichting Pluryn in a dispute with the municipality of Lelystad, resulting in a successful verdict stating that the municipality could not use the statute of limitations as a reason to refuse reimbursement of healthcare costs.
  • Represented multiple large hospitals and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands during contract negotiations with integrated Electronic Health Record/Hospital Information System/eHealth system suppliers, which involved terminating existing contracts, arranging migrations to new suppliers, and negotiating with leading providers such as ChipSoft and emerging suppliers such as NEXUS.

Netherlands > Industry focus: Information technology Tier 3

Dirkzwager advises clients on IT contracts such as outsourcing agreements and service agreements, IT-related disputes, privacy law and internet law. The team’s leadership consists of Ernst-Jan van de Pas, Mark Jansen, Joost Becker and Christel Jeunink. Managing partner Van de Pas specialises in IT law, technology and IP, notably within the healthcare sector. Jansen heads the data protection and cybersecurity unit, concentrating on IT systems customers and advising on IT projects, failed automation and privacy matters. Becker represents clients in domain name disputes and other IT litigation issues, while Jeunink excels in IP contracting and innovation.

Other key lawyers:


‘The Dirkzwager IT/IP practice has extensive knowledge of the information technology industry. They provide specialist knowledge that an IT company can use immediately.’

‘Mark Jansen is a thought leader in privacy law. Mark does not only provide knowledge about privacy laws and regulations but also provides concrete input on their implementation within the company.’

‘They are up to date with the latest developments.’

‘The team consists of a diversity of specialists. This means that you receive optimal advice for the cases in which you require support or advice.’

‘They have a wide range of specialists.’

‘This team has a uniquely good understanding of ICT in healthcare, which is different from ICT in other areas like banking.’

‘They are very precise. They think ahead and always see risks, and know how to mitigate the risk.’

‘They have lots of knowledge, a solution-driven approach, and to-the-point advice.’

Key clients

Info Support

Deventer Ziekenhuis

ETZ (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis)


Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem

Avisi Group


Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen (HAN)

Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG)

Alliander N.V.



Sint Maartenskliniek

Work highlights

  • Advised Sint Maartenskliniek on contract negotiations with NEXUS, an emerging electronic health record supplier.
  • Defended Info Support in a dispute with Peelgemeenten regarding a contract for the supply of SaaS for their primary business process.
  • Advised several hospitals, such as ETZ and Deventer Ziekenhuis, on the procurement of equipment and software covered by the Medical Devices Regulation.

Netherlands > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 6

Dirkzwager is well versed in advising Dutch and international companies on mid-size mergers, acquisitions, and private equity transactions, and is recognised for its strength in handling work in the energy sector. Claudia van der Most heads up the team; other key practitioners include Deline Kruitbosch, Selma van Ramele, who brings expertise in contractual matters, and Maarten Kole, who is well known for advising on corporate-related energy sector matters.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Selma van Ramele; Maarten Kole; Deline Kruitbosch; Lotte te Linde; Valerie van Engelenburg-Sijberden


‘The Dirkzwager team brings its experience in this field and points out risks, opportunities and all the relevant conditions of the deal. They are very flexible and available and really helped our inexperienced organisation throughout the whole process.’

‘Claudia van der Most and Lotte ter Linde accompanied us throughout our process which was time limited. They both have the capabilities to combine their knowledge with a very pleasant way of working as well with both the client and counterparts in the deal. They each earned the trust of both parties.’

‘Able to manage major acquisitions under very high pressure, they take a straightforward and diplomatic approach to cases where difficult points are raised. We were very satisfied with the personal guidance provided.’

‘Claudia van der Most and Valerie van Engelenburg-Sijberden are well-experienced lawyers with a professional and personal approach. Both explain well the consequences of options and advise on what could work best.’

‘Claudia van der Most and Lotte te Linde were the cornerstone of our case. They have a lot of knowledge of M&A practice. They took our company (a newcomer to this practice) by the hand and took the time to explain things. They are knowledgeable, accurate and as a team very pleasant to work with!’

‘A very professional team, with a lot of expertise. It is a pleasure to cooperate with them – they can act very quickly and are capable of delivering the best legal quality at very short notice.’

‘Claudia van der Most is able to maintain an overview, keeps her team together such that all team members know exactly what’s expected of them. She really listens to her client and takes the time to involve the client, and explains in very simple terms complex aspects of what’s going on.’

‘Claudia van der Most is a good lawyer with a pragmatic approach.’

Key clients

Dormio Group B.V.

Capital A

Vendis Capital

Holland Capital

Rupro AG

Ebert Hera Esser GmbH

Obton A/S

Rubis SA

Work highlights

  • Assisted Dormio Group B.V. with the acquisition of 33 holiday parks, also known as Project Havana.
  • Assisted Ebert Hera Esser GmbH with the purchase of all shares in Sitech Services.
  • Assisted Vendis Capital with the acquisition of a 100% stake in Meubelzorg B.V.

Netherlands > Banking and finance: lender or arranger side

Firm overview: Dirkzwager is a full-service firm focused on medium and large (inter)national companies and government institutions. We offer our clients services in which lawyers, notaries and tax specialists work closely together to deliver high quality and pragmatic solutions.

Full service approach: Dirkzwager aims to be a guide to the world of law. That is why we opt for an organic approach. Our teams and organization operate flexibly and are constantly adapting. To every assignment, job or client. We grow with clients when necessary, and change course when it makes sense. But always with a clear and common goal in mind: to solve complex legal and tax issues for our clients.

Thanks to our focus on multidisciplinary teams and sharing of specialist knowledge, we maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of our profession. This way we are able to ensure that our clients are provided with service effectively, promptly and cost-effectively. This also applies where international interests are involved.

Dirkzwager works with its clients as business partners and not simply as suppliers of legal and tax services. It commits to excelling not only in its individual areas of practice, but in the way it delivers service to its clients — with enthusiasm, effort and integrity.

The firm serves as its client’s legal and tax trusted advisor, helping clients achieve their business objectives while managing their risks, difficulties and expenses.

Furthermore, Dirkzwager takes great pride in not only knowing its client’s industries but also understanding their unique business process. The firm offers full legal and tax services in the Netherlands. In addition, it offers legal services in Germany through its own German desk run by both Dutch and German accredited attorneys.

International collaboration: Dirkzwager works for regional, national and international clients. Multinationals often entrust us with their legal affairs. These include corporations with a Dutch holding company, foreign operating companies or business units in the Netherlands. From our own region, but also from further afield.

Through the TELFA (Trans European Law Firm Alliance) and USLAW network, Dirkzwager is able to assist its clients in all EU countries as well as all 50 US states. As members for the past 30 years, Dirkzwager has worked closely with most affiliated firms from the network.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking & Finance Chantal van den Borne
Banking & Finance Rob van Houts
Cassation, procedural law and appeals Tom van Malssen
Civil law notary Ruben Berentsen
Corporate Bas Bookelmann
Corporate Claudia van der Most
Corporate Deline Kruitbosch
Corporate Karen Verkerk
Corporate Rogier Faase
Corporate Selma van Ramele
Employment Buby den Heeten
Employment Tom Vandeginste
Energy Maarten Kole
Environment; Rent Jasper Molenaar
Government Hanna Zeilmaker
Healthcare Koen Mous
Healthcare Louis Houwen
Healthcare Luuk Arends
Healthcare Marieke van Dongen
Insurance Henriek Kragt
Insurance Joost Bindels
Insurance René Wildenburg
Intellectual property and IT Christel Jeunink
Intellectual property and IT Ernst-Jan van de Pas
Intellectual property and IT Joost Becker
Intellectual property and IT Mark Jansen
Pensions Frédérique Hoppers
Pensions Henk Hoving
Procurement Frank Cornelissen
Procurement Tony van Wijk
Real estate Anouk Bisseling
Real estate Bart van Meer
Real estate John Wijnmaalen
Real estate; Rent Robert Rijpstra
Tax Cuno Wittrock
Tax Dennis Nijssen
Tax Gerton Rademaker
Tax Lex van Noordenburg
Tax Lodewijk Reijs
Tax Petra de Waal
Tax René Sueters
Photo Name Position Profile
Luuk Arends photo Mr Luuk Arends Attorney – Partner
Joost Becker photo Mr Joost Becker Attorney – Partner
Joost Bindels photo Mr Joost Bindels Attorney – Partner
Sanne Hebbink-Swinkels photo Ms Sanne Hebbink-Swinkels Senior Attorney
Mark Jansen photo Mr Mark Jansen Attorney – Associate Partner
Christel Jeunink photo Ms Christel Jeunink Attorney – Associate Partner
Maarten Kole photo Mr Maarten Kole Attorney – Partner
Deline Kruitbosch photo Mrs Deline Kruitbosch Notary – Partner
Koen Mous photo Mr Koen Mous Attorney – Partner
Selma van Ramele photo Ms Selma van Ramele Attorney, Partner
Sven Wakker photo Mr Sven Wakker Attorney
Buby den Heeten photo Mr Buby den Heeten Buby has been a lawyer for over 30 years and works as…
Lotte te Linde photo Ms Lotte te Linde Senior Attorney
Marieke van Dongen photo Mrs Marieke van Dongen Attorney – Partner
Ernst-Jan van de Pas photo Mr Ernst-Jan van de Pas Attorney – Partner
Claudia van der Most photo Ms Claudia van der Most Attorney – Partner
Number of legal experts : 150