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Date: Wed 1 Nov 2023 Venue: To be confirmed

As part of our GC Global Elite Discussion Series with founding partner Ashurst, we are pleased to provide a unique opportunity for senior General Counsel to discuss the important issue of Crisis Management in an exclusive peer-to-peer environment.

In a period marked by global social and political upheaval, which has propelled Crisis Management to the forefront of concerns for in-house teams worldwide, participants will share pragmatic insights using real-world case studies and relate valuable takeaways drawn from their personal encounters.
The roundtable conversation will provide the top GCs in Australia the opportunity to collectively work through and wargame the big questions, including:

  • The prevailing risks confronting businesses operating within Australia and the broader region.
  • The multifaceted role of the GC in times of crisis. Delving into existing contingency measures and the overall readiness of one’s organisation.
  • Crisis navigation: Devising strategies for tackling diverse crises, such as a global regulatory investigation triggered by an unexpected dawn raid.
  • The requisite steps to undertake during a crisis.
  • Transitioning from initial response to subsequent recovery: Delineating and pursuing claims against relevant counterparts.
  • Strategies for effective mitigation.
  • Communication, stakeholder engagement, and legal compliance.
  • Building the right crisis response team
  • Underscoring the significance of selecting appropriate external legal counsel when confronted with a crisis.

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