Event information

Date: Tue 16 Apr 2024 Time: 1.00pm-8.00pm Venue: InterContinental Athénée Palace, Episcopiei 1-3, Bucharest 010292

The Legal 500 is delighted to announce the second edition of the GC Summit in Romania, taking place on the 16th of April at the prestigious InterContinental Athénée Palace in Bucharest. Proudly presented in collaboration with D&B David si Baias SCA, CMS, POPOVICI NIŢU STOICA & ASOCIAŢII, Mares & Mares, and Albu Morar, this summit will bring together corporate counsel from across Romania to explore contemporary issues impacting Romanian legal professionals, as well as the broader landscape for Romanian business and foreign investment.

Esteemed panelists will delve into topics such as legalTech, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, White Collar Crime and more. The discussions will shed light on the challenges faced by in-house counsel in Romania and the opportunities emerging in the current market.

With Romania standing as one of the most open market economies in Europe, the past decade has seen the implementation of significant economic reforms, positioning the country for a new era of prosperity. Our expert panels will feature leading Romanian legal minds, providing invaluable insights into the critical factors affecting in-house counsel.

Join us at the InterContinental Athénée Palace on the 16th of April for an unparalleled summit that promises to deepen your understanding of the legal landscape and foster meaningful connections within the Romanian legal community.


1.00pm – 2.00pm Registration and lunch

2.00pm – 2.10pm Welcome address 

2.10pm – 2.55pm Legal services powered by technology

Legal services continue to be essential to businesses, even more so in the face of the current avalanche of new regulations, rethinking of business models, and repositioning the companies within the society. Technology evolution challenges general counsels to find new ways of delivering value to companies and of working with legal services suppliers, such as law firms. From legal compliance to expert advice, technology impacts the full spectrum of legal services, albeit in different ways. Studies find that relationships remain at the core of quality legal services, as provided by both general counsels and lawyers alike. At the same time, technology is recognized as bringing efficiency in project management and legal updates.

  • GenAI and automation are the buzzwords for legal technology.
  • GenAI promises to empower lawyers to deliver impeccable work, faster, as well as to deliver greater growth and value for the wider organization. Is AI already changing the way in which GCs and lawyers work? Or will it do so in a couple of years?
  • Can general counsels and legal departments acquire and provide legal compliance services via self-service platforms?
  • Are today’s automation tools worth investing in for legal departments and law firms?
  • How can the right data management allow legal departments to bring more value to business?
  • Balancing local teams’ understanding of their specific environments with the benefits of centralized services can significantly enhance legal support for groups of companies.
  • Moderator: Sorin David, managing partner, D&B Law Firm
  • Alina Dumitrascu, head of legal and corporate affairs, PPC Romania
  • Mihai Rotaru,  deputy head of legal division, Banca Transilvania
  • Filip Neagu, general counsel, OMV Petrom
  • Maria Maxim, legal and compliance director, Lidl România

2.55pm – 3.20pm Strategic Legal Team Management: Navigating Modern Tactics and Industry Expertise

Join us for an insightful panel discussion where in-house legal counsel experts delve into the latest tactics shaping legal team management. In an era defined by dynamic legal landscapes and evolving industry norms, our panellists will draw upon their extensive industry expertise to explore innovative approaches to managing legal teams effectively.

Key Topics:

  • Agile Legal Operations: Discover how in-house legal teams are adopting agile methodologies to enhance responsiveness and adaptability in an ever-changing legal environment.
  • Technology Integration: Explore the role of cutting-edge technologies in optimizing legal workflows, from AI-powered contract review to streamlined case management systems.
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition and Development: Learn how industry-leading legal teams attract and nurture top talent, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Understand how legal teams stay ahead of regulatory changes, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance in an era of heightened scrutiny.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Explore the use of data analytics in legal team management, from predicting case outcomes to optimizing resource allocation for maximum efficiency.
  • Collaboration in Virtual Workspaces: Gain insights into fostering effective collaboration within legal teams in the age of remote work, leveraging digital tools and communication strategies.

Our panellists, drawn from diverse sectors and armed with the latest industry knowledge, will share practical experiences, success stories, and lessons learned. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of legal team management, as our experts unveil strategies to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving legal landscape

  • Ana Radnev, partner, CMS
  • Ciprian Chiorean, chief legal officer, CEC Bank
  • Cristian Buzan, executive vice president, ENGIE Romania
  • Cristiana Cazan, legal director, Romanian Investment and Development Bank

3.20pm – 3.35pm Coffee break

3.35pm – 4.20pm Management of the Client-Regulator Interface – a Romanian legal counsel approach

Handling the relation with Romanian regulatory and control bodies remains a challenge even to the most experienced lawyers in the market.

Certain industries and economic sectors encounter unique challenges stemming from a multitude of evolving regulations swiftly implemented by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Energy, Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, IT&C, Public Sectors, Financial Field and Markets Regulation and Control represent key areas where businesses’ interactions with regulators require legal support in virtually every transaction. Lack of strategic planning and the absence of predictability or transparency in sector regulation contribute an additional layer of complexity to the required legal work. Recent catch all type of regulations on screening and clearing FDI complicate matters even more.

Legal counsel’s ability to anticipate unfavourable and unpredictable changes by regulatory bodies, coupled with their skills navigating a dynamic and treacherous regulatory landscape may serve as a pivotal distinguishing factor among market players.

Investigative processes, either conducted by a sector regulator – the energy market being one, or by a larger scope regulator – such as competition and antitrust, demand special legal project management. It is not uncommon for businesses that lack legal counsel during investigations and regulatory scrutiny to be subjected to mistreatment or biased treatment. Utilising provisional measures for defence or seeking urgent court interventions are fundamental protection tools recommended for attorney assisting the client in navigating regulatory interfaces. Judicialization of the client-regulator relation is a key paradigm of the underlying interaction.

Judicial review, including extraordinary means of higher appeal, annulment motions or exceptional review procedures, constitutes one key element of the lawyer’s tool kit assisting the client-regulator interface.

  • Moderator: Florian Nitu, managing partner, POPOVICI NIŢU STOICA & ASOCIAŢII
  • Livia (Tulea) Dumitrescu, head of legal, Franklin Templeton
  • Bianca Stamatoiu, head of legal, AFI Europe Romania
  • Oleg Roibu, general counsel, eMAG Group

4.20pm – 5.05pm Unveiling Strategies for Asset Recovery in White-Collar Crime: A Panel Discussion
Join us for an insightful panel discussion on strategies for recovering assets and navigating the legal intricacies involved in forfeiting ill-gotten gains from white-collar crimes. Legal experts, including specialists in asset recovery and international perspectives, will share effective strategies, real-world case studies, and challenges in the field. Gain valuable insights into financial institutions’ roles, collaborative efforts with law enforcement, and regulatory measures to prevent money laundering. This comprehensive discussion, moderated by an experienced facilitator, offers a global perspective and firsthand experiences from the front lines of prosecuting white-collar crimes.

  • Moderator: Mihai Mares, managing partner, Mares & Mares
  • Bogdan Plesuvescu, executive director, chief legal officer, Banca Transilvania
  • Mihai-George Popa, corporate legal director, E.ON Romania
  • Traian Badescu, senior associate, Mares & Mares
  • Elena Hach, former prosecutor, National Anticorruption Office and the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering

5.05pm – 5.20pm Coffee break

5.20pm – 6.10pm Employment Law Dynamics in Romania: Navigating Regulations, Challenges, and Advantages

In Romania, the realm of employment law is undergoing continuous evolution, presenting a spectrum of challenges and opportunities for employers and their legal teams. This overview explores the pivotal role of in-house counsel in maneuvering through the complexities of employment law, amidst recent regulatory shifts in Romania. It delves into the impact of these regulations, the ensuing challenges faced by employers, and the emerging opportunities for both local employees and expatriates. From interpreting new legislation to addressing disputes and fostering inclusivity, in-house counsel plays a critical role in ensuring legal compliance and nurturing a conducive workplace environment.

These topics will be further dissected and discussed in a panel session featuring legal experts from the in-house community and private practice. The session aims to provide deeper insights into the evolving landscape of employment law in Romania and the strategic imperatives for legal teams to navigate these changes effectively, fostering growth and success in the dynamic Romanian market.

  • Ancuța Pop, partner, IJDELEA & Associates
  • Colin Lovering, co-founder & managing director, Lovering & Partners Business Performance Consultants
  • Adriana Tudor, HR director, SCHWARZ Global Services Hub ROMANIA
  • Daniela Micusan, CEO, Teleperformance Romania

6.10pm  – 6.40pm Navigating the Legal Landscape in Cybersecurity: Unravelling the Complexities

Romania’s cybersecurity scene is advancing rapidly, presenting both technological prowess and legal complexities. This panel explores the state of cybersecurity in Romania, focusing on the legal challenges and opportunities confronting in-house counsel.

Romania stands as a prominent player in European cybersecurity with a robust technological foundation. However, the digital strides bring legal challenges that demand the attention of in-house counsel. The escalating threat landscape requires legal teams to navigate compliance, data protection, and privacy laws to shield organizations from cyber threats.

Additionally, Romania is continuously updating its national cybersecurity framework, requiring legal teams to adapt strategies to align with evolving standards.

Opportunities for in-house counsel lie in actively shaping robust cybersecurity strategies that seamlessly integrate legal compliance. Collaboration with IT and security teams is crucial for developing comprehensive cybersecurity policies and incident response plans. A proactive approach empowers legal professionals not only to address challenges but also to contribute to overall organizational cyber resilience.

In essence, the cybersecurity legal terrain in Romania poses both challenges and opportunities. The upcoming panel session will shed light on this dynamic landscape, featuring top in-house counsel and other experts closely aligned with their legal teams. These professionals play a pivotal role in maneuvering through legal intricacies, ensuring organizations proactively address cyber threats, and adopting legal strategies that fortify cybersecurity resilience.

  • Gabriel Albu, managing partner, Albu Morar
  • Gabriela Popescu, corporate, external and legal affairs head, Central Europe, Microsoft
  • Adina Calfa, group general counsel, E-Infra
  • Crina Ciobanu, head of legal and business affairs, PORR
  • Robert Ionita, general counsel, NEPI Rockcastle Group

6.40pm – 6.55pm Charting Legal Horizons: In-House Counsel’s Guide to Today’s Agenda

Embark on a compelling journey through the legal terrain with our captivating panel session, “Charting Legal Horizons: In-House Counsel’s Guide to Today’s Agenda.” Join our engaging panel session where seasoned in-house counsel, serving as both legal experts and protagonist, will lead an immersive exploration of the day’s topics. Through their real-time experiences and collaborative insights, they’ll navigate the complexities of today’s legal landscape, providing invaluable perspectives on regulatory compliance, strategic risk management, and more. Gain practical strategies and actionable advice to empower your legal journey and confidently navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

  • Moderator: Daria Niculcea, executive director, Juridice
  • Timo Spitzer, head of legal, corporate and investment banking – Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Banco Santander

6.55pm – 7.00pm Closing remarks

7.00pm – 8.00pm Drinks and networking


Gabriel Albu, managing partner, Albu Morar

Gabriel Albu is one of the pioneers of the white-collar crime practice area in Romania, as it is understood today. He has been practicing law since 2002 and white-collar crime since 2005.
Gabriel Albu manages complex cases, providing the highest level of representation, involving in particular charges of tax evasion and fraud against the financial interests of the European Union, charges of corruption, financial, securities and public procurement fraud. He also specializes and is personally very fond of preventive work, ensuring client compliance with relevant legislation. He has a solid and broad experience in corporate criminal law, assisting and representing a large number of multinational and local companies, and associated individuals, in complex criminal proceedings falling under both national and international jurisdiction.
Under his management, in October 2023, the law practice launched the first legal division dedicated to E-crimes in Romania, set up exclusively to handling cybercrime cases, within its general white-collar crime practice.

Gabriela Popescu, corporate, external and legal affairs head, Central Europe, Microsoft

Gabriela Popescu is one of Romania’s most experienced in-house legal professionals, boasting a career of over 20 years managing legal affairs at leading multinational companies. In October 2017, she joined Microsoft’s Romanian operation, where she currently supports the company’s diverse product offering, which ranges from its market dominant operating systems and office software suite, to its growing consumer and enterprise software portfolio. Until recently Popescu served as head of legal and country head of compliance at Novartis in Romania, where she provided full support to the company’s innovative products sold in Romania, as well as its Targu Mures based factory, which produces generic drugs under the Sandoz brand. Prior to that Popescu spent 16 years as regional legal director at Colgate Palmolive. She started her career as a legal advisor at The Coca-Cola Company. Besides her law degree attained from the University of Bucharest, Popescu boasts an Executive MBA completed at ASEBUSS and the University of Washington.

Mihai Mares, managing partner, Mares & Mares

With over two decades of experience in economic criminal cases, Mihai Mares has earned the reputation of a “go-to lawyer” for white-collar crime-related offenses and is recognized as a renowned name in the field of criminal law

Mihai specializes in criminal defense for senior executives, entrepreneurs, major industrial groups, financial institutions, and large international and domestic companies, with a remarkable track record of handling corruption and economic offenses at both national and cross-border levels, representing clients across various sectors.

He has successfully crafted defense strategies and advocated in numerous highly-publicized cases involving money laundering, fraud, bribery, and other forms of corporate misconduct, representing major industrial groups and companies across various sectors, as well as individuals, before all courts in Romania in cases investigated by DIICOT (The Agency for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism) , DNA (Anti-Corruption Agency), and ANI (National Integrity Agency). Under his leadership, Mareș & Mareș has become the leading white-collar crime team in Romania, providing legal counsel to clients facing complex criminal matters.

Described by The Legal500 as “an energetic legal brain” and named one of the top White-Collar Crime lawyers in Romania, he is recommended as a Leading Lawyer in disputes.

With a Ph.D. in criminal procedure from the Romanian Academy’s Legal Institute, Mihai regularly publishes articles and studies on criminal law and criminal procedure and participates in national and international conferences.

Bogdan Plesuvescu, deputy general director, Banca Transilvania 

Bogdan Pleșuvescu is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Legal Officer in Banca Transilvania, the biggest bank in Romania. 

Between 2018 and 2023, he was CEO at Victoriabank (Republic of Moldova). Throughout the years,  Bogdan has occupied management roles in five banks in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. 

He has over 20 years of management and legal experience, including experts skills when handling regulatory matters and M&As.

He was a nominee for the 2017 Global Council 500 Power List for Central and Eastern Europe and the 2023 Global Council Power List for Romania.

In his current position, he oversees the operations of the Subsidiaries of the Banca Transilvania Financial Group as well as of the legal, workout, insolvency, foreclosure and soft collection departments.

Mihai-George Popa, corporate legal director, E.ON Romania

Mihai G Popa holds the position of Legal & Compliance Director in the corporate field at E.ON Romania, where he coordinates the Corporate Legal Department and he is involved in compliance practices – risk management, providing consultancy for the top management within major projects. He has over 20 years of experience in the corporate field, in areas of activity such as natural resources and building materials, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices and crop science. 

Mihai G. Popa holds the degree in Law as well as in Economics, also a Postgraduate Diploma in International Law at the Faculty of Law from University of Bucharest and the Master of International Business Law within the jointly organized program by the Faculty of Law from the University – Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne with the University of Bucharest. Also, to facilitate the understanding of the application the new technologies and the interdisciplinary approach between law and economics, in November 2018, Mihai graduated a specialization course for Innovation Management in New Technologies, organized by University of Oxford under the educational programs from the Department of Continuing Education.  

He is involved also in a research program at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. 

 Mihai G. Popa is author of numerous studies and participated as speaker at several international conferences in areas of international business law, ethics & compliance, anti-corruption, competition law for numerous conferences organized at Bucharest, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Berlin, Oxford, New York and others.  

Traian Badescu, senior associate, Mares & Mares

Traian is a dedicated legal professional with a profound passion for criminal law, showcased through his extensive expertise in areas such as tax evasion, money laundering, and corruption-related offenses. His robust experience encompasses navigating complex criminal proceedings and litigation, providing him with invaluable insights into prosecution strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, Traian adeptly constructs formidable defenses, consistently delivering favorable outcomes for his clients. His results-driven approach and meticulous anticipation of opposing actions have proven instrumental in achieving success in every case he undertakes.

Traian’s academic background further underscores his competence, having earned his degree from the prestigious University of Bucharest Law School. Additionally, he holds a Master’s Degree in Judicial Career, consolidating his standing as a highly qualified and accomplished legal professional. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and proven track record of success, Traian is a valuable asset to any legal team.

Sorin David, managing partner, D&B David si Baias

Sorin David is the Managing Partner of D&B David si Baias.

He provides legal advice to foreign and Romanian clients in the areas of corporate and commercial, competition, corporate governance, consumer protection, corporate restructuring.

Sorin is an arbitrator of the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and an associate professor of law at the University of Bucharest.

He is the co-author of ’Commentaries on Company Law’, a leading law book on Romanian company law that was awarded the Romanian Academy prize. He participated in several projects for the alignment of Romanian legislation with EU regulations and international best practices, including OECD.

Sorin has been acknowledged as Eminent Practitioner in Corporate/M&A and Competition/Antitrust by Chambers & Partners and was recognized by Legal 500 as leading competition lawyer and by Best Lawyers Global Business Edition in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Florian Nitu, managing partner, POPOVICI NIŢU STOICA & ASOCIAŢII 

Florian Niţu is the Managing Partner and Head of Corporate M&A, Real Estate, and International Arbitration Practices.

Florian is largely recognized as one of the most experienced transactional lawyers and claim managers in the Romanian legal services market.

He holds a significant expertise in arbitration proceedings before domestic and international courts under the rules of ICC Paris, ICSID, the Court of International Commercial Arbitration pertaining to the Chamber of Commerce of Romania.

For more than a decade he has been constantly ranked as a leading lawyer in Romania in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions and Real Estate Practices with international legal directories and other professional or industry surveys.

Alina Dumitrascu, head of legal and corporate affairs, PPC Romania

Alina is an energy lawyer who heads legal and corporate affairs at PPC Group Romania. This leading Greek electric utility generates, distributes, and sells advanced energy products and services.

Her leadership journey has included senior roles in public, private, and civic sectors and global experience as a lawyer with more than 20 years in the energy field, including in the Legal 500 GC Powerlist.

She is also a board member of the Board of Directors of two energy supply companies in PPC Group Romania.

Aside from being an energy lawyer, legal innovation and tech are some of her favourite topics. She embraces alternative models and technologies and reflects on the future of the law and legal profession.

She is the author of the first book for children that explains the Romanian Constitution playfully through images and games—”What is the Constitution? Play and find out!” She is deeply passionate about helping children understand their rights and making sure they will live in a ‘good society’.

She is also the founder of the Smartastic Lab initiative, an NGO that supports education in the rule of law, human rights, gender equality, and the empowerment of children in Romania.

Ancuța Pop, partner, IJDELEA & Associates

Ancuța is the Head of Dispute Resolution and Employment practices of Ijdelea & Associates. She is an effective and persuasive litigator, with over 15 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration involving complex administrative, public law, and employment disputes, as well as real estate and construction matters. Employment law, organizational culture and casting a different perspective on companies’ treatment of their employees to protect clients in negotiations and employment related disputes are also a strong focus of her practice.

Ancuța’s impressive client portfolio includes top-tier clients active in retail, energy, telecom, banking, and steel-production industries as well as some of the largest global investment and private equity funds.

Ancuța holds a Certificate for Transnational Law issued by the University of Geneva and a master’s degree in Comparative Civil Law issued by the Babes Bolyai University.

Mihai Rotaru, deputy head of legal division, Banca Transilvania

Mihai Rotaru is the leader of the Legal Consultancy Department of Banca Transilvania, and the President of the Romanian Association of Banking and Financial Legal Advisors.

Mihai constructively combines the gatekeeper role, developed fighting financial frauds and in his primary military professional formation, with the business acumen gained through being involved in the first line in top M&A projects and the MBA graduated at Maastricht School of Management.

Mihai was included several times by The Legal 500 in GCPowerlist amongst the most competent and dynamic regional actors, for contributions to the quality of the legal professional activity.

Within his team, he equally promotes professional excellence, the development of an independent and creative mindset and encourages new designs for the legal function.

Within ACJSFB, Mihai has set out to create a center of professional excellency and innovation for legal advisors, a legal-financial education pillar and a relevant stakeholder for legal environment.

Livia (Tulea) Dumitrescu, head of legal, Franklin Templeton

With a global footprint spanning six countries and extensive expertise honed over 25 years, I am dedicated to championing exemplary corporate governance, integrity-driven business practices, and sustainable leadership. Throughout my multifaceted career, I’ve advised on diverse projects across over 30 jurisdictions, leveraging a rich tapestry of experiences to navigate complexities across legal, compliance, corporate, and public affairs realms.

Equipped with a versatile skill set, I seamlessly transition between leadership and advisory roles, delivering strategic insights and innovative solutions to intricate challenges in governance, finance, sustainability, policy, technology, and ethics. My unwavering commitment to fostering business value through ethical conduct underscores every endeavor, shaping a legacy of impactful contributions to organizations worldwide. As a seasoned professional, I stand poised to continue catalyzing positive change and steering entities towards enduring success with integrity at their core.

Filip Neagu, general counsel, OMV Petrom

Filip is a senior legal executive with 20 years of professional and leadership record with corporate and operational perspectives in large industrial environments in the energy sector.

He has been serving since 2015 as OMV Petrom’s General Counsel, having followed through the ranks of the company since 2009. Prior to that, as an individual practitioner, he has focused his legal support to clients active in the construction and mining sectors.

He understands internal customer needs, provides strategic advice and brings one voice Legal solutions. An achiever in complex environments where sound unbiased professional views, flexibility, anticipation and resilience are key, he is very proud of his team and their collective achievements.

After his legal studies, he became a member of the Bucharest Bar association and further pursued master studies in Intellectual Property law in Stockholm. Later on in his career, he attended various leadership courses within OMV group and executive education on climate change policy at Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University.

Filip is a supporter of various initiatives in the industry and the legal profession, having received various recognitions, Top 100 Young Managers (2015), Legal 500 – GC Powerlist etc.

He is married and has two children.

Maria Maxim, legal and compliance director, Lidl România

Maria Maxim is currently the Legal & Compliance Director of Lidl Romania. She had previously worked for one of the Big 4 corporations and in the ITC and telecom industries. Additionally, she coordinated the practices in data protection, competition, compliance, and telecommunication and media while serving as a partner in a global law firm. Maria is a seasoned attorney with over 20 years of expertise in civil and commercial law, labour law, privacy and security legislation, and litigation. She holds a PhD in civil and privacy law, a master’s degree in business law, and an EMBA from the Maastricht School of Management.

Ana Radnev, partner, CMS

Ana Radnev is a dual English and Romanian law qualified partner in the International Finance Group of CMS and head of CMS’ Finance team in Romania. Ana has more than 20 years’ experience working across CEE, SEE, Turkey and the Baltics having built a reputation of trusted adviser for lenders and borrowers for complex structured and event driven finance transactions.

Ana advises on a wide range of transactions including corporate/investment grade syndicated facilities, sponsor led leveraged financings, recaps, infrastructure finance, non-recourse project finance, sustainable finance transactions across various sectors, notably energy, infrastructure, TMC.

Ana’s work involves close cooperation with in-house legal teams of banks and borrowers across industries and borders and legal project management leveraging digital tools and using cutting-edge technologies optimizing legal workflows.

Daria Niculcea, executive director, Juridice

Meet Daria Niculcea, a seasoned legal expert with over 11 years of experience in the field. Graduating from the prestigious University of Bucharest’s Faculty of Law, Daria’s journey began at JURIDICE.ro during her undergraduate years, marking the inception of a remarkable career. In 2020, she ascended to the role of executive director and became a shareholder, solidifying her commitment to the growth and success of JURIDICE.ro. Renowned as Romania’s premier legal hub, JURIDICE.ro stands as the cornerstone of trust and reliability within the Romanian legal community, serving as the go-to search engine for legal professionals across the nation.

Bianca Stamatoiu, head of legal, AFI Europe Romania

Bianca Stamatoiu is the Head of Legal of AFI EUROPE ROMANIA, a leading real estate development, management and investment company, which diversified portfolio consists of shopping centers and retail parks, business parks, large-scale residential (for rent & for sale) and mixed-use developments.

She joined AFI EUROPE ROMANIA in 2006 and since then she is leveraging her expertise in providing strategic counsel across a spectrum of legal matters including property acquisition, banking and finance, construction, leasing, mergers, and acquisitions.

Bianca is a committed member of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2000, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law as well as post-graduation studies in International Private Law and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Oleg Roibu, general counsel, eMAG Group

Oleg Roibu is the General Counsel of eMAG Group coordinating the legal, public policy and sustainability efforts of the group in CEE, but also Brussels. Oleg has been actively involved in promoting the e-commerce sector and digital economy from the position of Vice President of the Romanian E-commerce Association (ARMO). He is also a supporter of the development of the Romanian ICT sector as a member of the Board of Directors of the Services Industry Association (ANIS). He is the co-author of the documentary booklet “Digital Romania. Operational Concepts and Tools”.

Adina Calfa, group general counsel, E-Infra

With over 21 years of professional experience, Adina is one of the most influential General Counsels in Romania and an internationally recognized professional, having been recommended and included in The Legal500 GC Powerlist 2017, 2019 and 2023 for Central and Eastern Europe and Romania.

Adina is currently part of the senior management team of E-INFRA Group, having a cross-functional role acting as Group General Counsel, as well as member of the Supervisory Board of Netcity Telecom (a company jointly owned by E-Infra Group and international investment fund Meridiam) and Director of the green energy producer Nova Solar Production 50.

Adina is also a Director of the International Association of Trades, a founding member of the Association of General Counsels in Romania, “GC Forum”, as well as a member of Professional Women’s Network Romania (PWN Global) and Women on Boards. Adina is an enthusiastic supporter of young legal professionals in Romania, providing guidance and mentoring to them.

Adina holds a law degree and is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association, a Master in Business Law and INSEAD and Standford University certifications in Corporate Governance and International Boards.

Ciprian Chiorean, chief legal officer, CEC Bank

With over 25 years of activity in the financial-banking industry, specialist in the legal banking, Ciprian Chiorean is currently the Chief Legal Officer of CEC Bank and Vice president of the Association of the Legal Advisors in the Financial Banking System. He graduated the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest in 1999 and the Harvard Manage Mentor course organized by Harvard Business School. During his professional career, he coordinated several teams of legal advisors and in-house lawyers within the institutions where he worked, among the most important ones being Bancpost, Piraeus Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Vista Bank.

Cristian Buzan, executive vice president, ENGIE Romania

Cristian currently holds the position of Executive Vice President (deputy CEO)- Engie Romania in charge of Renewable Energy, Legal, IT, Digital & Innovation and Business Development

Cristian is leading the RES activities as well as Head of Legal, IT, Digital & Innovation, Business Development of ENGIE Romania since 2021.

Previously, he was Managing Director of ENGIE Servicii and ENGIE Building Solutions (starting with 2015) and Legal Director of GDF SUEZ Energy Romania (since 2010).

Cristian Buzan joined Engie in 2010 after 14 years of experience as a lawyer in the field of Legal and Business Administration. His past professional experience includes executive jobs in Michelin Romania & Balkans region (Legal & Public Affairs Director between 2002 – 2010), and Tax & Legal Manager in E&Y (1997-1998) and KPMG (1998-2002).

Cristian is a graduate & PhD in business relationships from the International Business Faculty-Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest and in law from the Law School-University of Bucharest, Romania. He also holds a Master of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Lille, France. He has had an international career with various secondments abroad, notably in France for KPMG & Michelin.

Cristian’s main areas of legal expertise include M&A, corporate law, commercial law, and disputes, but also cross disciplines as project financing and tax law. He is currently focused on green energy domain, having a strong reputation in green PPA build up, EPC and O&M contracts. His long-time double role (operational and legal) & polyvalence confers to Cristian a unique opportunity to create value added for his managerial career. Cristian is intimately convinced that management is primarily a people’s issue, therefore he is very focused on building up teams’ motivation and momentum. His credo is that the success of a team resides mainly in skills, cohesion, diversity, and determination.

Cristian is also very interested in sports, history, arts & geopolitics. He is 49 years old, married with one child.

Cristiana Cazan, legal director, Romanian Investment and Development Bank

Cristiana Cazan serves as the Legal Director at the Romanian Investment and Development Bank, where she assumes primary responsibility for orchestrating and supervising the operations of the Legal Directorate, while effectively managing legal risks across the institution.

Bringing to bear over two decades of legal expertise, including more than eight years in leadership roles within legal teams, Cristiana possesses a wealth of experience in the banking sector with a strong proficiency in navigating regulatory framework and mitigating legal risks. Her professional focus spans a wide range of areas such as general legal counselling, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance.

In recent years, she has directed particular attention towards advancing the transformation and digitalization of legal functions activities, enhancing the efficiency of board decision-making processes, and pioneering the development of innovative corporate governance frameworks.

Elena Hach, former prosecutor, National Anticorruption Office and the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering

Elena Hach, a seasoned legal luminary with 25 years of experience, has left an indelible mark in the legal realm. A former prosecutor for the National Anticorruption Office and the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, she brings invaluable insights to her endeavors. Elena’s expertise encompasses the administration of the judicial system, international criminal judicial cooperation, and the prevention of financial crimes. Her adeptness in navigating legal complexities is matched only by her unwavering commitment to justice. With a dynamic skill set honed over decades, Elena embodies integrity, diligence, and a relentless pursuit of fairness. She stands as a beacon of excellence in legal circles, inspiring others with her passion and proficiency.

Crina Ciobanu, head of legal and business affairs, PORR

Crina Ciobanu, a lawyer with over 16 years of experience in business law, joined PORR in January 2022, as Head of Legal and Business Affairs.

A law graduate of a prestigious university in the United Kingdom and a member of Bucharest Bar, she was previously a Partner in renowned law firms in Romania, coordinating teams of lawyers, together with whom she managed complex transactions and represented clients in numerous international disputes involving international commercial law and construction law matters.

As part of the management team in PORR, one of her top priorities is creating a common vision on the group’s values and sharing the knowledge, know-how and expertise between the teams she advises. Crina aims, through the lawyer team’s efforts, to make work more efficient and strengthen the company’s position on the market as a strong, serious and reliable partner. She constantly ensures that the department she coordinates stands as a center of integrity, which promotes ethical principles and protects the interests of the company, in view of reducing the risks and minimizing the vulnerabilities inherent to the daily business. She also actively advises the management in complex legal matters and important transactions, with a significant impact on the company’s business.

Colin Lovering, co-founder & managing director, Lovering & Partners Business Performance Consultants

Colin has over 35 years of experience in front-line sales, marketing, communications and senior management and has trained and coached literally hundreds of professionals and organizations in North America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He has a deep knowledge and experience in working in multi-cultural environments on his global ventures, and supports organisations in integration and diversity and cross-cultural harmonies in hard and soft skills as well as personal career development and international commercial strategies.

He specializes in tailored business and people performance with particular emphasis on enabling individuals and companies to use the newly acquired skills to their best advantage. His unique and entertaining style blends learning with confidence and involves many aspects of development including Advanced Selling Skills, Effective Communication, Influential Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Key Account Management, Change Management, Diversity and coaching at all levels.

Colin has written two business books; “A Day in the Life of Exceptional Sales Professionals” and “The Psychological Advantage” and, in 2023 published a self-learning/workshop book around his model, “The Art of Business Adaptability” His latest book “The Power of Diversity in the Workplace” will be published in June 2024

Colin teaches in an MBA programme on Sales Strategies, Negotiation and Public Speaking and is an associate lecturer with the University of Bucharest and President of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Adriana Tudor, HR director, SCHWARZ Global Services Hub ROMANIA

Adriana Tudor, with more than 15 years of experience in consulting and human resources in prestigious national and international companies, took on the role of Human Resources Director at Schwarz IT Romania (Schwarz Digits) in March 2023.

Before her current position, she worked as HR Manager for approximately 3 years within companies of Schwarz Group: Schwarz IT and Lidl Romania.

Her career started at Groupe Renault Romania, where she managed operational processes and HR activities as an HR Business Partner for the divisions of the engineering center Renault Technologie Roumanie and Renault Design Central Europe.

Adriana is passionate about collaborating with business colleagues to enhance organisations and foster a culture of teamwork that drives exceptional performance.

Daniela Micusan, CEO, Teleperformance Romania

Daniela Micușan holds the position of CEO at Teleperformance Romania. With a strong executive leadership background, she brings over 15 years of experience driving operational excellence across various industries.

Proficient in 5 languages, Daniela excels in leading complex business transformations and optimizing outsourced services for key players in IT&C, Automotive, Tech & Entertainment, Mass Media, Cloud Computing, and E-commerce. Recognized for her strong commercial acumen and strategic vision, she has successfully expanded businesses and established centers of excellence. Daniela is also skilled in stakeholder management, networking, and mentorship & leadership programs.

Timo Spitzer, head of legal, corporate and investment banking - Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Banco Santander

Multi award-winning Head of Legal, including being named In-house ESG Champion at The Legal 500 Germany Awards 2024. Experienced with leading banks and major law firms. Dually qualified as German Rechtsanwalt and UK Solicitor with a First Class Honors Masters. Author of “The Importance of Human Leadership with Integrity in a Highly Regulated and Tech-Reliant Corporate Environment” published by Harvard Business Law Review.

Robert Ionita, general counsel, NEPI Rockcastle Group

Robert Ionita serves, since 2017, as the General Counsel of NEPI Rockcastle group, CEE’s largest listed owner, developer and manager of shopping centres, with a total portfolio value of EUR 6.8B consisting of over 2,200,000 m2 of high-quality modern retail space in nine CEE countries.

Robert manages a team of in-house and external counsels spread across more than 10 jurisdictions. In addition to his legal role, Robert is also in charge of the corporate affairs and corporate communications of NEPI Rockcastle group.

Prior to joining NEPI Rockcastle, Robert was a partner and led the real estate team of Deloitte Legal – Reff & Associates, with whom he spent almost 10 years of his career. During this period, the law firm became recognized by all major legal directories as having a 1st tier real estate practice.

In the last decade, Robert has been involved in numerous landmark deals and development projects across CEE and, following NEPI’s merger with Rockcastle in 2017, he reorganized and strengthened the group’s legal, risk and compliance functions.

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