Empowering Efficiency: Training and driving legal tech implementation

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Corporate Conversations: Empowering Efficiency: Training and driving legal tech implementation


The Legal 500 is thrilled to introduce you to an exhilarating episode of Corporate Conversations with Ana Prado Blanco, Group General Counsel at Mercedes-Benz Spain.

In this interview we delve into the extraordinary responsibilities and challenges faced by Ana as she oversees the legal function for such an illustrious automotive brand. We take a leap into the future as we explore how the role of legal technology is set to evolve within the dynamic automotive industry.

In this ever-changing legal landscape, training and development take centre stage in staying ahead of the curve. We unpack training programmes and initiatives to equip legal teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate this evolving environment with unwavering confidence.

Ana shares her visionary outlook on the key priorities and focus areas that lie ahead for the legal department. Together we explore the thrilling possibilities of emerging technologies that are likely to shape the future of the automotive sector.

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Ana Prado Blanco

Group General Counsel, Mercedes-Benz Spain