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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Susan Campbell QC - Magdalen ChambersShe has an innate ability to put clients at ease in the most upsetting and trying situations. She goes the extra mile to ensure that clients feel that they have had their say but also that they understand the process.
Penny Howe QC - Pump Court ChambersMs Howe is a fantastic advocate. She is extremely thorough in her preparation and works tirelessly to get results for her clients. She has a calm yet authoritative presence in court, and strikes the balance between being personable yet professional with lay clients. She is an absolute joy to work with.
Leslie Samuels QC - Pump Court ChambersThorough, knowledgeable and a family lawyer through and through. A hard worker who is always on top of the papers.
Christopher Sharp QC - St John's ChambersAn outstanding advocate with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and infallible judgement.
Kathryn Skellorn QC - St John's ChambersHer preparation, drafting and advocacy is of an extremely high standard.
Claire Wills-Goldingham QC - Colleton ChambersShe is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is incredibly thorough and knows the papers in their entirety, no matter what their volume is. In her advocacy she is succinct and effective. She is able to obtain from witnesses the information that she wants and can completely undermine the evidence given by witnesses, including professional and expert witnesses.

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Charles Hyde QC - Albion ChambersExcellent client care, he immediately puts the client at ease and with that his instructing solicitor. He is bright and forensically clever, considering all angles both for and against. His greatest accolade however must be his advocacy skills. He has the court in the palm of his hands. He commands a great presence and the ear of the court.
Leslie Samuels QC - Pump Court ChambersThorough, knowledgeable and a family lawyer through and through. A hard worker who is always on top of the papers.
Christopher Sharp QC - St John's ChambersAn outstanding advocate with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and infallible judgement.

2021 Silks

Lucy Hendry QC - 3PBLucy is a formidable advocate with admirable attention to detail and forensic analysis of a case. She has an outstanding ability to digest large amounts of evidence in short order and present her case to the court. She is brilliant with her client care and clients always feel at ease with her representing them.

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Abigail Bond - St John's ChambersVery patient and great empathy with clients with learning disabilities and disadvantaged adults.
Judi Evans - St John's ChambersHighly knowledgeable, excellent with clients and a formidable advocate.
Emma Harman - 3PBShe is always extremely professional and works very hard on every case. She prepares cases to the minute detail and works with the instructing solicitor. She will always be in constant communication where she is covering a long length hearing and maintains an interest even after her involvement in the case has ended. She is approachable and very good with clients. Fantastic that she also participates in the Direct Access scheme.
Elisabeth Hudson - 3PBShe is principled, courageous and honest; as an advocate she is knowledgeable, clear and direct. She shows excellent judgement and is an incredibly effective and persuasive advocate.
Susan Hunter - St John's ChambersSusan has a depth of experience that is difficult to match and I cannot think of a case that would be beyond the skill, expertise and knowledge held. Alongside that, her manner with clients is straightforward and clear and balances straight talking with compassion and care for the very difficult situations they are in.
Christopher Naish - Magdalen ChambersIn terms of numerous strengths, Mr Naish is technically excellent, has a quick mind and a very personable manner with clients. Such is his ability, I have complete confidence in whatever area of Family Law I instruct him in.
Margaret Pine-Coffin - Pump Court ChambersHas an encyclopaedic knowledge of child care law.
Laura Baines - No.18 Barristers ChambersMiss Baines always has a thorough grasp of each case. She is methodical and logical in her working. Miss Baines is always happy to provide an ear and an opinion. Ms Baines is very good in communicating with clients, especially those with learning disabilities. She is extremely patient and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is well versed on the law and very knowledgeable.
Melissa Barlow - 3PBThorough and pragmatic approach. Always on top of the relevant law. Excellent client skills. Advocacy is devastatingly subtle - her quiet measured approach frequently results in witnesses being caught out having been lured into a false sense of security. Always a pleasure to deal with - works as a team with instructing solicitors.
Nigel Cholerton - No.18 Barristers ChambersMr Cholerton has the ability to adapt to quickly changing scenarios in court and argue effectively when the case takes a turn. You can have confidence knowing the case is in safe hands.
Caroline Elford -St John's ChambersRecommended for complex care cases.
Caroline Hartley - Pump Court ChambersMarvellous ability to put clients at ease and to make them feel empowered by way of her knowledge and her ability to capture the pertinent points of a case with ease and to then put this across in court.
Steven Howard - 3PBSteven is incredibly hard working, thorough and forensic in his approach to cases. He represents clients with passion and dedication. He is persuasive and tenacious, and does not back down, but manages to do so in a pleasant and courteous manner. He goes above and beyond.
David Josty - Pump Court ChambersDavid has a great eye for detail and an excellent sense of the right approach for each case, getting to grips with what is often complex material and doing his own research in order to ensure that he has the best information available with which to represent the client.
Carol Mashembo - Magdalen ChambersGood affinity with clients, gives clear and firm advice. Clients find her pleasant to work with. Excellent preparation and analysis of facts, issues and law. Detailed and precise presentation in court. Always prepared to go the extra yards to get the case right.
Sarah O'Hara - 3PBVery thorough - has a good grasp of the issues very quickly. Good communication skills.
Lucy Reed - St John's ChambersMs Reed is extremely dedicated to her work. She is extremely knowledgeable and has great attention to detail. Ms Reed works very hard to try to get the best outcome for the clients and she ensures she is fully appraised with the law in the area and all options available to the client. Ms Reed is also very good with clients and is sensitive to their needs.
Daniel Swan - KBG ChambersDaniel is an exceptionally skilful, talented, and compelling advocate. Daniel is meticulous in his preparation, regardless of the volume of his case load. He is calm and reassuring in any circumstance, empathic, and able to focus minds,
Helen Brander - Pump Court ChambersShe is an extremely robust advocate with a fine attention to detail. For me she genuinely wants the right outcome for the clients and works tirelessly to achieve this.
Hugh Cornford - Walnut HouseMr Cornford has exceptional skill, professionalism and empathy particularly when working with clients who lack capacity. His manner with the clients is both reassuring and comforting while at the same time providing them with realistic advice and managing their expectations. His knowledge is outstanding.
James Cranfield - Albion ChambersAn excellent advocate with good attention to detail. He brings a forensic approach to cases which is sometimes lacking in others. He always has a clear grasp of the issues and can be relied on to present any case strongly. I have no hesitation in briefing him on any case including the more complicated cases involving silks.
Fiona Farquhar - Albion ChambersFiona is very user friendly with excellent attention to detail. Her advocacy skills are impressive and she has an ability to assimilate information quickly. I would be happy to brief her in any case including the most complicated fact finding. she is well respected by her peers and an all round excellent barrister.
Hayley Griffiths - Albion ChambersHayley has a confidence and grace both in Court and with clients that engenders trust in those that instruct and their clients. Hayley has an excellent grasp of even the most complex legal issues but is equally able to communicate with clients who are in the depths of despair or who are impaired in their understanding by mental health or cognitive functioning issues.
Anthony Hand - College ChambersHe has a forensic attention to detail, particularly in complex FII and NAI matters.'
Elizabeth Harris - Albion ChambersLibby is calm and self-assured under pressure. Barristers can often 'dominate' discussions and aim to 'win points'. Libby doesn't - she listens and digests but then comes up with the killer point which inevitably leads to court to follow her. She has outstanding intuition too. She is nothing less than a marvel and working with her is always a pleasure.
William Higginson - KBG ChambersHe is a go-to counsel for care proceedings.
Victoria Hoyle - Devon ChambersShe is impressive in the area of care proceedings.
Corinne Iten - Pump Court Chambersknowledge of the law is unparalleled as is her client care and her willingness to go above and beyond to assist with cases. She can make complex legal arguments sound clear and coherent and is able to use her knowledge of the law to identify creative solutions where the situation demands it.
Sarah Pope - Albion ChambersSarah is brilliant to work with. She listens to what solicitors and clients have to say. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is confident and an excellent advocate, fearsome in cross-examination. She is very good at dealing with clients and coming up with solutions. She inspires confidence.
Nicholas Williamson - Pump Court ChambersHas a thoughtful, sensitive approach; understated but impactful advocate.
Richard Carron - Queen Square ChambersParticularly active in non-accidental injury cases.
Gemma Chapman - 3PBBuilds up fantastic rapport with the client and really gains their trust. Ability to cut to the chase and deliver focused and pragmatic advice, without being dismissive of the client's views. Really puts in the time and genuinely seeks to achieve the best outcome for the client and/or any child involved.
Alice Darian - Albion ChambersA fearless advocate. Strong and quick on her feet. Years ahead of her call. Very diligent, strong paperwork with phenomenal attention to detail. Very user friendly. My go-to counsel for everything.
Sally Daulton - Devon ChambersA very good advocate.
Victoria Ellis - Pump Court Chambers 'Victoria is thorough and diligent in her preparation of cases. I was particularly impressed with her knowledge and research when instructed on one of my cases which involved several African jurisdictions. Although focused on achieving settlements, when needed Victoria is a tough advocate.'
Chris Godfrey - Colleton ChambersChris is always a go to. He is very experienced, straight talking and no nonsense.
Ian Halliday - Queen Square ChambersActive in a wide range of family law work.
William Heckscher - Albion ChambersWilliam has a vast and detailed knowledge of the law and is an extremely polished and effective advocate. Clients find him approachable and appreciate his ability to convey difficult and complicated issues. William is always professional and whether you are instructing him or against him he is fair and reasonable while always advocating for his client.
Katherine Henry - No.18 Barristers ChambersKatie is an extremely talented barrister, beyond her qualified years. She offers absolutely first class service to her instructing solicitors. To her clients, she offers the vital mix of academic expertise and service in an open, friendly and practical way. She is very clear in her advice and knows when to fight and when to negotiate. She is equally tenacious in both approaches.
Sarah Jennings - 3PBSarah is an extremely personable member of the bar who manages to put clients at ease in circumstances where they would ordinarily be at their most apprehensive. However, whilst personable, Sarah manages to remain very firm with clients when needed, and it is this style that works incredibly well with some of the more challenging clients.
Marie Leslie - Colleton ChambersMarie is a fantastic advocate. She has an ability to reduce a case down to the key elements which makes her invaluable with complicated cases. She is kind and warm to clients and has a great way with other advocates.
Joanne Lucas - Albion ChambersThey prepare meticulously, with great attention to detail. They are able to assimilate and process vast amounts of information to draw out pertinent details. They tell it like it is to clients, giving clear advice on prospects of success to enable clients to make decisions.
Amy Lush - 3PBVery strong in communicating well with all types of client. Very strong legal knowledge, coupled with being highly adept at explaining to clients the relevance or otherwise of particular points. Even when delivering advice which is not what the client wants, skilled at explaining why and obtaining the client's understanding.
Olivia Pike - St John's ChambersAttention to detail. Clear analytical skills. Strong advocacy skills.
Emma Southern - 3PBEmma is an excellent barrister who has the ability to think outside of the box. Emma pays attention to the detail to ensure the best possible result for her clients. In conference with lay clients she is approachable, friendly and puts the lay client at ease, whilst providing clear and concise advise.
Charlotte Street - Pump Court ChambersCharlotte is thorough in her preparation, tenacious in her approach and skilled at managing clients.
Mark Whitehall - Colleton ChambersRecommended for children law cases involving complex medical evidence.
Elizabeth Willsteed - Magdalen ChambersElizabeth is a highly skilled and effective advocate in the courtroom producing concise written legal documents and excelling in submissions and cross examination. She is highly regarded amongst clients and solicitors alike.
Lee Young - No.18 Barristers ChambersLee has a very robust approach in what are often difficult or protracted matters which is his strength but may not suit every individual client. His tenacious attitude wins the confidence of clients yet he will provide a realistic opinion to manage clients expectations.

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Jonathon Bosanko - KBG ChambersPersonable, meticulous in preparation. Robust and forceful advocate with the inherent ability to put any client at their ease but knowing their corner will be fought with precision and skill.
Edward Boydell - Pump Court ChambersHe is a great team player and, unusually for counsel, strategist. Is ability to absorb and simplify the most complex facts and arguments is quite remarkable; and occasionally humbling.
Andrew Commins - St John's ChambersHard working and immaculately prepared - gives sensible and thoughtful advice and relates to clients well.
Deborah Dinan-Hayward - Albion ChambersDeborah is excellent with clients and knows instinctively how to put them at their ease. She is always calm and collected and is an excellent advocate. She concentrates on the pertinent issues and it is clear that judges approve of her approach. She is certainly my counsel of choice, as I know my clients are in safe hands with her.
Hamish Dunlop - 3PBHamish has a real eye for detail and is excellent with clients. He is excellent on financial divorce cases and TOLATA, one of the teams go to barristers. Very clear, excellent advocate, fantastic preparation and a sparkling personality.
Geoffrey Kelly - Pump Court ChambersGeoff is a top choice for any solicitor wishing to instruct on high net worth and complex financial matters. His confidence in dealing with difficult financial cases, is reassuring to both those who instruct him and his clients. He has an amazing ability to assimilate a plethora of information, and focus on the key facts in the case.
Daniel Leafe - Albion ChambersStrengths are technical excellence, one of the best of his generation. Pragmatic, realistic advice that is spot on, real understanding of complex business and pension assets. Stands out amongst peers for speed of thoughts. Prepared to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in to solve issues. Gets lay clients on side very quickly.
Jennifer Lee - Pump Court ChambersJennifer is superb! She works harder than anyone I know. Her preparation is always thorough and articulated superbly. She is able to put clients at ease as well as deliver frank advice. Jennifer will fight to the bitter end for her clients!
Christopher Naish - Magdalen ChambersIn terms of numerous strengths, Mr Naish is technically excellent, has a quick mind and a very personable manner with clients. Such is his ability, I have complete confidence in whatever area of Family Law I instruct him in.
Nicholas Sproull - Albion ChambersNick is very experienced and always calm, even in the most stressful of cases. He has the ability to cut through the detail and simplify a complex case, tailoring his approach to the Judge in front of you. Clients trust him and we work well as a team, he always asks my opinion and we hammer things out together which is good.
Jody Atkinson - St John's ChambersWonderful - supportive and calm and capable and very bright. Always goes the extra mile with the client but will tell them when to stop.
Catherine Breslin - Pump Court ChambersIn court she provides a masterclass in advocacy.
Rupert Chapman - Magdalen ChambersRupert has a sharp analytical mind that suits him particularly well to complex and technical cases; in particular cases involving trusts and business assets. He is friendly and approachable and easy to work with as an instructing solicitor. Clients like him.
Nigel Cholerton - No.18 Barristers ChambersMr Cholerton has the ability to adapt to quickly changing scenarios in court and argue effectively when the case takes a turn. You can have confidence knowing the case is in safe hands.
Rachael Goodall - 3PBRachel is always thoroughly prepared and excellent with clients. Rachel is always available to assist on existing cases as and when the need arises. Rachel is an excellent advocate and makes the clients feel at ease.
Tara Lyons - Pump Court ChambersVery good at managing clients who are worried/sensitive. Excellent personal skills.
Carol Mashembo - Magdalen ChambersGood affinity with clients, gives clear and firm advice. Clients find her pleasant to work with. Excellent preparation and analysis of facts, issues and law. Detailed and precise presentation in court. Always prepared to go the extra yards to get the case right.
Nick Miller - St John's ChambersNick is an excellent communicator and gets to the nub of the issues very quickly. He is practical and explores every opportunity to secure a fair outcome for clients by negotiation but in the event that has not been possible he is a very skilled advocate in cross examination and submission.
Richard Norman - St John's ChambersRichard is one of my go-to barristers. I find him easy to work with - he is very approachable, and has an excellent manner with clients. I think he is particularly good with cases where businesses are involved, and has an excellent grasp of technical issues.
Zoe Saunders - St John's ChambersA fierce advocate, Zoe is undoubtedly very bright and has mastered well before most the art of paperless working. Her advice is clear and backed by both a sound understanding of the law and a ready appreciation of the client's predicament.
Gina Small - KBG ChambersShe is a standout financial practitioner.
Oliver Thorne - 3PBOliver is able to quickly gain the trust and confidence of clients. His clients always feel that he truly cares about them and their matter, which he does. His cross examination and conduct of advocacy is second to none and delivered in a way which is often praised by the tribunal he appears before.
Tahina Akther - College ChambersTahina is very helpful in complex family cases involving trusts and she also has good pension knowledge. Personally I find she is very approachable, always happy to discuss cases and good with clients, offering them clear, easy to understand advice.
Gemma Borkowski - Albion ChambersHugely diligent and careful in preparation and very clear with her clients as to chance of success and failure. Great in court as quite prepared to tackle the judge if she does not think they are right - great in court and clients have huge confidence in her and her approach.
Helen Brander - Pump Court ChambersShe is an extremely robust advocate with a fine attention to detail. For me she genuinely wants the right outcome for the clients and works tirelessly to achieve this.
John Chapman - Pump Court ChambersJohn is a smart, quick thinking advocate which combined with his thorough case preparation, truly stands him out. Great bedside manner with clients and solicitors. Very hands on and present during the case. He has a conciliatory approach to his cases but the necessary firmness when required. He is able to read his Judge and opponents very well which enables him to give informed and clear advice.
Mark Elliot - 3PBMark is a highly regarded, no nonsense barrister who will fight his client's corner.
Jack Harris - St John's ChambersGood on his feet and great with clients.
Stephen Roberts - Albion ChambersVery calm and detailed in his approach - not fazed by the other side and very measured and approachable with clients.
Imogen Robins - Pump Court ChambersImogen has great attention to detail around the facts of the case but also has the ability to pick up the more subtle nuances between parties enabling her to tailor her advice to clients so that it is sensitive, detailed and pragmatic.
Annie Ward - Pump Court ChambersShe is easy to work with, liked by the clients, extremely capable advocate especially at final hearings.

Rising Stars

Asha Groves - St John's ChambersVery prepared, willing to go the extra mile to reach a conclusion for the client, persistent, a confident advocate. Asha has a lovely manner with clients and explains things very clearly throughout the hearing.
Cordelia Williams - Pump Court ChambersCordelia has knowledge beyond her years' call. She is meticulous in her preparation. She is able to get to grips with papers very quickly having a strong knowledge of the issues at hand. She provides clear strong advice to the client and always fully explains what is taking place in a way that is easily digestible.

Family and children law in Regional Bar

College Chambers

Anthony Hand heads the care and children team at College Chambers and regularly appears in the High Court. Hand primarily handles Children Act and adoption cases, but is also instructed in matrimonial finance issues. He successfully represented a mother in a case of failing to prove a non-accidental injury claim, as is described as a 'go-to for parents and local authority work'. He also appeared in Dorset Council v E (Article 15 B11R), which considers the law around transferring care proceedings under The Hague Convention. The 'robustTahina Akther heads the set's family finance team and is particularly noted for cross-bored, complex financial disputes.

Devon Chambers

Devon Chambers is a modern and progressive set that consists of eight members practising family law. Members act on behalf of local authorities, parents, and children in both public and private family law cases. Victoria Hoyle focuses on children law and represents parents including those with learning difficulties and the vulnerable in care proceedings. Sally Daulton is another name to note who focuses on public and private children law, including cases involving parental alientation and domestic abuse.

Queen Square Chambers

Queen Square Chambers members act in all areas of family law including instructions related to care proceeds, private children work, matrimonial finance, and also FGM. Richard Carron specialises in matters involving allegations of abuse, incest, disability issues, and language barriers, and is regularly instructed in cases involving allegations of non-accidental injuries (NAI). Carron recently completed a case involving severe NAI caused to a six-week-old child. Ian Halliday is another name to note and is also instructed in NAI claims.

St John's Chambers

St John's Chambers is home to a large team of family barristers specialising in high-profile public and private family matters on the Western Circuit. Abigail Bond heads the children law team and specialises in care proceedings, while Zoe Saunders heads the family finance team, covering heavyweight financial remedy cases involving multiple properties, trusts of land, and farms. Andrew Commins is noted for his expertise in family finance matters; Christopher Sharp QC focuses on child care cases involving extreme abuse and injury; and the head of chambers on the Western Circuit, Susan Hunter, is an 'excellent advocate' who appears on behalf of parents, guardians, local authorities and state institutions.

Walnut House

With 'excellent availability of counsel with experience and expertise in family law', Walnut House is a go-to for solicitors in Exeter. Members cover all areas of family law, including public and private children matters, and ancillary relief. 'Exceptionally bright and a very impressive advocate', a former criminal and housing solicitor, Hugh Cornford has expertise in serious public law cases, as well as private law cases, on the western end of the circuit, and appears in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers is 'the best set for family law in Bristol' thanks to 'excellent strength in depth in both financial remedy and children work', according to instructing solicitors. In 'a class of his own', Charles Hyde QC is instructed in high-value matrimonial finance cases as well as highly complex children private and public law cases. Amongst the strong junior end, the 'accessible and client-focusedDeborah Dinan-Hayward is a go-to for large finance matters involving high-net-worth individuals, companies, farms, and tax implications; the 'best of his generationDaniel Leafe acts in high-net-worth cases, with international elements, and TOLATA disputes. Hayley Griffiths specialises in complex care proceedings acting for local authorities, parents, and guardians, as well as private law children cases involving allegations of coercive control and domestic violence. Public and private law practitioner Sarah Pope is 'a great family proceedings barrister, whose sensitive and reassuring approach was very much welcomed by our lay clients'.

Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers are described as the 'go-to' set in the Western Circuit by clients and the family team specialise in all aspects of private and public children law. Edward Boydell heads the family finance team and specialises in high-net-worth financial remedy cases. Leading silk Leslie Samuels QC regularly appears in the High Court and Court of Appeal for high-profile cases; Jennifer Lee is highly recommended for instructing high-value, complex cases concerning inherited wealth, family businesses, and hidden assets; and leading silk Penny Howe QC is noted for her focus on cases involving child death, serious inflicted injuries, and sexual abuse.


The team at 3PB regularly deal with all aspects of family law and have appeared in all stages of the courts. Elisabeth Hudson is experienced in Children Act work and has acted in a number of cases brought under the Hague Convention involving the return of children to and from Australia, USA, and Zimbabwe. Sarah O’Hara has a particular interest in non-accidental injury cases; Lucy Hendry specialises in public and private child law acting for parents, guardians, and local authorities; Hamish Dunlop is noted for his expertise in financial cases involving family businesses and inherited wealth; and Melissa Barlow is recommended for representing police authorities in cases of complexities between court proceedings and police investigations.

Magdalen Chambers

Magdalen Chambers has 'an extremely strong family team' and offers 'a wide range of barristers who without fail are top quality, therefore, they are usually my first phone call as they are helpful and friendly'. Areas of expertise include private and public law children law, adoption, and financial remedy on divorce. At the senior end, Susan Campbell QC is an experienced silk, 'popular with clients and has a gentle but persuasive manner; intellectually sharp'. With a broad practice covering most areas, Christopher Naish is 'calm, and approachable but has a rapier-sharp advocacy style which he can adapt to suit cases'. Carol Mashembo is praised for having 'attention to detail that is second to none' and for delivering 'detailed and precise presentation in court', whether it be in relation to children matters or financial. Elizabeth Willsteed is a go-to for children law matters; for family financial dispute resolution matters and TOLATA cases, Rupert Chapman is 'always meticulous in his preparation'.

Colleton Chambers

The team at Colleton Chambers represents a variety of parties including guardians, local authorities, parents and intervenors in family law cases on the Western Circuit. Cases include allegations of non-accidental injury, sexual and physical abuse, as well as jurisdictional matters. Leading silk Claire Wills-Goldingham QC is a 'pleasure to work with' and is known for instructing cases including matrimonial finance, Court of Protection, and children law cases involving medical evidence. A recent instruction of note is Plymouth City Council v Wilkins & Ors. At the junior end Marie Leslie, Mark Whitehall, and Christopher Godfrey are recommended by instructing solicitors, clients, and peers.

KBG Chambers

Led by William Higginson, KBG Chambers covers all areas of family law with members specialising in public law, private children law, domestic abuse and financial remedies. Daniel Swan is instructed in complex children law hearings and recently covered cases including sexual assault, serious harm and neglect, and cases involving the death of a child through a drug overdose. Jonathon Bosanko undertakes financial matrimonial cases concerning debt, complex assets and trust, and high-net-worth matters.

No.18 Barristers Chambers

The family team at No.18 Barristers Chambers is made up of 'very experienced and knowledgeable' barristers that frequently act for family members, guardians, and children in all levels of the family courts. Nigel Cholerton focuses both on care and financial remedy proceedings; Laura Baines appears in interim fact finding and final hearings involving care and supervision orders, section 8 orders, and injunctions; Katherine Henry is regularly instructed to deal with sensitive cases involving vulnerable witnesses and domestic abuse; and Lee Young is noted for his experience in the High Court and Court of Appeal.