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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Leslie Samuels KC - Pump Court Chambers 'One of the top silks in children work, particularly in international cases. He is a first class advocate and very persuasive in court.'
Penny Howe KC - Pump Court Chambers 'Penny has a wealth of specialist knowledge that she carries with such ease that she beguiles opponents and judges alike with her skilful advocacy. She fights for her clients with a highly persuasive combination of passion, insight and realism.'
Susan Campbell KC - Magdalen Chambers 'Susan is a fierce advocate for her client and does not shy away from advancing a difficult case with rigour and dedication. Her humanity shines through her advocacy.'
Christopher Sharp KC - St John's Chambers 'A formidable cross-examiner with a ferocious intellect.'
Claire Wills-Goldingham KC - Colleton Chambers 'Claire is an exceptionally able barrister. She fights her corner very well and is a steely and determined advocate. A well-respected silk.'

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Leslie Samuels KC - Pump Court Chambers 'He is extremely intelligent, very calm and considered, and tactically sound.'
Charles Hyde KC - Albion Chambers 'Charles is an exceptional advocate. He has the ear of the court. A strategic silk in a class of his own.'
Christopher Sharp KC - St John's Chambers 'Thorough, tenacious, precise, and measured.'

2021 Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Lucy Hendry KC3PB 'Lucy sets her clients at ease, delivers realistic advice, and fights every case to its fullest potential. A ferocious advocate on her feet. Persistent and persuasive.'

2023 Silks

Lucy Reed KC - St John's Chambers 'Lucy is completely unflappable. She always has a realistic, measured and well thought out approach. Organised and conscientious. Comfortably holds her own against silks. An outstanding advocate.'

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Jennifer Swan - Pump Court Chambers 'Jennifer is tenacious, quick-thinking and persuasive. A strong advocate who provides realistic advice.'
Abigail Bond - St John's Chambers 'She is always well-prepared and always calm. She is at her best when cross-examining vulnerable lay parties.'
Judi Evans - St John's Chambers 'She is a champion of child law.'
Emma Harman3PB 'Emma approaches every case with a professional, calm and empathetic outlook, and her attention to detail shines through in all she does. She is fastidious in achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. Her representation ensures that the client’s voice is heard clearly throughout the proceedings. She provides clear and concise advice.'
Caroline Hartley – Pump Court Chambers 'Caroline gives pragmatic and practical advice. She has impeccable attention to detail, as well as a good strategic view of the bigger picture.'
Steven Howard3PBSteven grasps every detail and nuance of a matter at an astonishing rate. His legal and technical knowledge is encyclopedic and he has a strategic mind. On his feet, he is a commanding presence. He is measured, controlled, and razor sharp in cross examination. He is superb at putting clients at ease.'
Elisabeth Hudson3PBElisabeth is organised, discerning, and has a great client manner.'
Susan Hunter - St John's Chambers 'A formidable advocate who provides clear and consistent advice.'
Christopher Naish - Magdalen Chambers 'An expert in his field, with great technical knowledge and a calm manner, particularly when dealing with highly emotional clients.'
Tracey Hennessey  – No.18 Barristers Chambers 'She is an outstanding advocate who is well respected in the area for her skills. She handles complex cases with ease. She has an easy court manner and a charm which commends itself to the judiciary.'
William Higginson  - KBG Chambers 'He is a very highly respected barrister in the area of children law work. A junior with a universal charm who is a dream to instruct.'
Charlotte Ash - KBG Chambers 'Charlotte is extremely efficient and knowledgeable. She is always well-prepared; clients feel immediately at ease. An assiduous advocate.'
Laura Baines - No.18 Barristers Chambers 'A measured barrister whose cross-examination is always well-considered and appropriate to the witness she is dealing with. She has the right amount of compassion and empathy to mix with her legal mind.'
Gemma Chapman3PB 'Gemma is naturally tenacious; she identifies her objective and she pursues this with vigour. Her work ethic, critical analysis and case preparation is second to none. A bright star.'
Nigel Cholerton - No.18 Barristers Chambers 'Nigel is a committed barrister who takes pride in delivering the best case possible by always putting the client's needs first. He takes time to explain thoroughly the legal process; he constantly puts a client's mind at ease; and is not shy to be robust when a case needs it.'
Hugh Cornford - Walnut House 'Hugh is unflappable, confident and sensible. He demonstrates mastery of the brief and of the court bundle, and has the ear of the court. A robust advocate who is not afraid to fight when needed.'
Sally Daulton - Devon Chambers 'Sally is a sensible advocate who is absolutely dedicated to her clients. She is impressive and detailed in cross examination, and is tenacious but unafraid of a fight when required and has excellent negotiation skills.'
Caroline Elford - St John's Chambers 'She is exceptionally well-prepared and puts forward her clients' cases robustly.'
Fiona Farquhar - Albion Chambers 'Fiona is extremely user friendly, meticulous and tenacious where required. She gives realistic and clear advice.'
Katherine Henry - No.18 Barristers ChambersKatherine is a powerful advocate and meticulous in her preparation. She has in-depth expertise in Children Act cases. She is superb with clients, and gives reassurance and confidence to the most nervous of them. A fantastic communicator.'
David JostyPump Court Chambers 'David is a talented barrister with a keen eye for detail, especially when dealing with complex medical cases. A clear, concise and authoritative advocate.'
Carol Mashembo - Magdalen Chambers 'Carol is an exceptional advocate. She is polished, calm and tireless and excels at cross-examination. She is meticulous in her preparation and always one step ahead of the opposition. This is coupled with a superb bedside manner with clients, who are instantly reassured by her presence and counsel.'
Sarah O’Hara3PB 'A strong advocate, with a wealth of experience, and is excellent at tackling large complex cases . She is a safe pair of hands.'
Sarah Pope - Albion Chambers 'A tenacious advocate who gets results.'
Daniel Swan - KBG Chambers 'Daniel is a formidable barrister and excellent advocate.'
Helen Brander  - Pump Court Chambers 'She is very thorough in her preparation.'
Alice Darian - Albion Chambers 'A first-class advocate who always goes the extra mile.'
Victoria EllisPump Court Chambers 'A robust negotiator with an extremely pragmatic and practical approach to resolving cases. She is calm and collected and excellent with clients.'
Nicola Frost – 3PB 'She is robust, yet engaging and empathetic with a client.'
Hayley Griffiths - Albion Chambers 'Exceptional on her feet and demonstrates brilliant client care.'
Andrew GrimePump Court ChambersAndrew is a calm but strong and incisive advocate with great attention to detail. He has a perfect combination of tenacity and authority. He has exceptional communication skills with all types of clients.’
Anthony Hand - College Chambers 'Anthony commands enormous respect among counsel and the judiciary. He is thorough in his forensic approach and has an engaging and persuasive manner in court.'
Victoria Hoyle - Devon Chambers 'She grasps the facts of a case quickly, relates well with clients and fights their corner.'
Corinne Iten – Pump Court Chambers 'She knows every side of a care case, which means her advice is helpful and precise. She communicates well with clients who feel confident in her calm and reassuring approach.'
Emma Southern - 3PB 'Emma is a stand-out advocate who impresses the room. She has the ear of the court.'
Jonathan Wilkinson - Albion Chambers 'A focused, calm, and measured advocate. He is able to identify the key issues quickly, and navigate a sensible way through them.'
Ryan Morgan  - St John's Chambers 'A natural advocate with a very good work ethic. Ryan gives clients sound and clear advice, and manages their expectations well.'
William Heckscher - Albion Chambers 'A measured yet robust advocate. He is diligent, intellectual and able to grapple with complex issues quickly.'
Sarah Jennings – 3PB 'She is a shrewd operator and a thorough advocate who is robust on her feet.'
Joanna Lucas - Albion Chambers 'Joanna is excellent with clients, managing their expectations whilst fighting their corner. She will always go the extra mile for a client. She is logical and pragmatic and provides very clear and detailed advice.'
Amy Lush - 3PB 'Amy has a wonderful rapport with clients and is able to quickly put them at ease with her friendly yet professional approach. She is extremely hardworking, and has a focused mind.'
Olivia Pike - St John's Chambers 'She is very approachable and always able to give detailed, balanced and clear legal advice. A tenacious and skilled advocate, who is able to expertly and effectively cross- examine both professional and lay witnesses.'
Charlotte StreetPump Court Chambers 'A highly persuasive advocate with a fierce intellect, who is able to maintain grace under fire. She is a commercially astute, strategic negotiator, who demonstrates an empathetic and sensitive manner with clients.'

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Geoffrey Kelly  - Pump Court Chambers 'Geoffrey is razor-sharp, precise and has a brilliant head for figures. He is charming but direct, and his advice is always reassuringly accurate. He has the ear of the judge.'
Jonathon Bosanko - KBG Chambers 'A calm and authoritative barrister. He has great judgement and is a superb negotiator, and always prepared to go the extra mile. Immediately reassuring with clients.'
Edward BoydellPump Court Chambers 'Edward is very astute and has an incisive mind. His attention to detail is phenomenal. He is silk material.'
Andrew ComminsSt John’s Chambers 'An impressive advocate who has the ear of the court and provides sound advice.'
Deborah Dinan-Hayward - The 36 Group 'An excellent advocate who is well respected by the judiciary. She is calm and collected, pragmatic and inspires confidence in clients.'
Hamish Dunlop - 3PB 'Hamish can charm the birds from the trees. His empathy and ability to deal with emotional clients is brilliant. He is caring, kind and considerate, but can deliver firm advice robustly yet sensitively. His knowledge of the law is formidable, and his attention to detail is fabulous. It is clear that he is always prepared.'
Richard English - Albion Chambers 'Richard is a brilliant, bright and knowledgeable barrister. His advice is always spot-on. He is a pleasure to work with, approachable to clients, and a polished advocate.'
Daniel Leafe - Albion Chambers  'Daniel is a phenomenal advocate who is able to think on his feet. A firm negotiator, who is very comfortable against silks.'
Jennifer LeePump Court Chambers 'Jennifer is a very dynamic operator, and a fierce and outstanding advocate. In court she is robust and will fight to the bitter end for her clients. Nothing fazes her.'
Christopher Naish - Magdalen Chambers 'A practical and very astute barrister.'
Nicholas Sproull - Albion Chambers 'A methodical junior and a smooth operator. He remains calm under pressure and provides measured advice. A silk in the making.'
Tahina Akther - College ChambersTahina is a superb barrister in all senses. She fights for her clients in an incredibly determined way. Her expertise is undeniable, and she provides practical and sensible advice.'
Jody Atkinson - St John's Chambers 'A hugely intelligent junior whose advocacy is compelling.'
Rupert Chapman - Magdalen Chambers 'His attention to detail, particularly in highly technical cases, is formidable. He is approachable, and exceptionally good with clients.'
Mark Elliott3PB 'A fearless, clever strategist who commands the courtroom.'
Tara LyonsPump Court Chambers 'Tara is dynamic, bright and cuts to the chase. A formidable and skilled advocate beyond her year of call with a talent for fostering a good working relationship with instructing solicitors. She is professional, dedicated and focused.'
Carol Mashembo - Magdalen Chambers 'Carol has a commanding presence in the court room. She takes a no-nonsense approach and this shines through in her advocacy as well as her negotiations. Her very realistic advice makes her an expert in getting the clients the right results. A force to be reckoned with.'
Richard Norman - St John's Chambers 'A very approachable and user-friendly barrister. He gives pragmatic and sensible advice, yet will always fight the client's corner. He takes a very considered approach but can push hard when needed. A junior who punches well above his weight.'
Zoë Saunders - St John's Chambers 'A very dedicated barrister who is always keen for a challenge.'
Oliver Thorne3PB 'Oliver gives every case his all, and that comes through to clients and judges alike. He always fights his client's corner and is extremely dedicated. He is very hands on and his advice is always very practical. His cross-examination is particularly good - he is robust and charming in equal measure.'
Amy Beddis  - 3PB 'A meticulous junior. She is very calm and measured, and has a wonderful manner with clients.'
Neil Maton - College Chambers 'He is extremely reliable, conscientious and empathetic. A diligent advocate.'
Bethany Scarsbrook - St John's Chambers 'Bethany is fiercely intelligent, forthright and dynamic. She is, forensically, extremely astute and provides sensible, client-focused advice.'
Helen Brander  - Pump Court Chambers 'A very approachable barrister.'
John Chapman  - Pump Court Chambers 'He is very user-friendly. On his feet he is calm and switched-on, and has an admirable amalgam of boundless charm and politeness and devastating cross-examination and submissions.'
Gemma Borkowski - Albion Chambers 'Gemma exudes confidence in all that she does. A fantastic barrister who has a calm, confident manner with clients.'
Nicola Frost3PB 'Nicola is tenacious and perceptive, and thorough in her preparation.'
Jack HarrisSt John’s Chambers 'An eloquent advocate who exudes warmth and charm.'
Stephen Roberts - Albion Chambers 'He is always well prepared and a gentle, measured and calming influence on clients.'
Imogen Robins – Pump Court Chambers 'Imogen is very client-focused and able to deal with difficult and demanding clients in a firm but friendly way. She provides firm advice and prepares thoroughly.'
Annie WardPump Court Chambers 'Annie is thoroughly prepared and gets straight to the point. She understands and easily identifies the crucial elements of a case. A very impressive advocate.'

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public And Private)

Amy OkeCollege Chambers ‘Amy has a fantastic work ethic and is always extremely thorough in her preparation. She builds an immediate positive rapport with clients and always provides sound advice.’
Cordelia Williams  - Pump Court Chambers 'A ferocious advocate and a tenacious fighter. She exudes confidence and always makes clients feel she is fighting their corner.'
Sara Chalk  - No.18 Barristers Chambers 'Sara has excellent judgement. She is fearless, tenacious and eloquent. She leaves no stone unturned and as such her lay clients feel that every effort has been made on their behalf.'
Jade Corden - KBG Chambers 'A good communicator who can deliver unpalatable advice in a measured way. She is thorough, insightful, client focused, and an excellent advocate.'
Emma Cross - Magdalen Chambers 'Emma is a pragmatic, sensible and safe pair of hands. She combines a warm attitude with a high intellect and can always be trusted to get to the heart of a matter. Her cross-examination is skilled and to the point.'

Family and children law in Regional Bar

Albion Chambers

Albion Chambers stands out as ‘a strong set with an excellent reputation in the South West‘; ‘the family team is one of the best‘, according to instructing solicitors. The group is well known for its excellent track record in handling high-value, complex matrimonial finance cases, a core area of expertise for the ‘charmingCharles Hyde KC. Richard English is ‘extremely thorough‘, and Nicholas Sproull regularly represents high-net-worth individuals in financial remedy cases. Daniel Leafe ‘s practice includes cases involving trusts and pensions. Children law work is another key strength for the group: Fiona Farquhar is sought after for her expertise across the whole spectrum of private and public children law matters. Sarah Pope acts for parents and local authorities in complex care proceedings involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse. Deborah Dinan-Hayward moved to The 36 Group in October 2021.



A top-class chambers.’

Albion Chambers is an excellent set, offering a superb selection of highly qualified barristers.’

A brilliant set with a very strong reputation for financial remedy and private children work.’

A lot of strength-in-depth.’


The clerks are always very helpful and responsive.’

The clerks are friendly, pro-active and efficient. Julie Hathway, Michael Harding and Marcus Harding work very well together as a team.’

Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers ‘offers superb strength in depth in family law‘ and has ‘real talent at all levels of seniority‘. Penny Howe KC, who heads the public and private children law teams, is ‘a robust cross-examiner‘ and counts serious cases of fabricated and induced illness, violent and sexual abuse among her areas of expertise. Caroline Hartley is regularly instructed in cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, serious injuries, salt poisoning and physical and emotional abuse. The ‘very articulate and intelligentEdward Boydell leads the family finance team, and is sought after for his experience in handling high-net-worth financial remedy cases.



A user-friendly set.’

Pump Court is a fantastic set of chambers.’

Pump Court has a strong family team.’

Very friendly and approachable set.’

Excellent strength in depth.’


Sean Gentleman and James Collier are a joy to work with.’

St John's Chambers

St John’s Chambers is a ‘very strong family set‘, housing a team which ‘covers all aspects of family law‘. Christopher Sharp KC ‘is always first-rate‘, with an established track record in acting for guardians, local authorities and parents in serious cases of alleged child abuse, and complex financial remedy claims involving foreign pensions and assets. Judi Evans is ‘determined and unflappable‘, and is sought after for her expertise in cases involving child abduction and international relocation of children. The ‘tenaciousLucy Reed KC recently represented a journalist before the Court of Appeal in a case concerning the publication of a fact-finding judgment and subsequent identification of the parents. Zoe Saunders heads up the family finance group, and is regularly instructed in cases involving cohabitation disputes.



A first-class set.’

There is an excellent range of expertise across the set in relation to family work.’

A very strong family team.’

St John’s Chambers is very efficient and counsel are exceptional.’

An excellent chambers with strength-in-depth.’


Elaine Jewell-Moore goes over and above to help find available counsel and is a pleasure to deal with.’


3PB stands out for housing ‘a very strong family law team‘. Lucy Hendry KC is ‘calm, measured and focused‘, ‘thorough‘, ‘has an excellent manner with clients and the court‘ and ‘her cross examination is beautifully polite but deadly‘ – ‘she is everything a silk should be‘. Elisabeth Hudson has established strength in Children Act work, including cases involving the international movement of children. Emma Harman is ‘a highly skilled advocate‘ who is ‘excellent at getting to grips with difficult and complex cases‘; Steven Howard is a dedicated advocate with a specialism in non-accidental injuries in care proceedings, where his advocacy is akin to that of a silk‘. Family finance team head Hamish Dunlop is ‘always exceptionally well-prepared‘, with an excellent track record in advising on complex matrimonial finance cases. In October 2021 Rachael Goodall was appointed to the district bench.



An excellent set of chambers with a wealth of expertise in family matters.’

Chambers is diverse and has strength across all levels of seniority.’

A fantastic set of very good quality barristers.’

Very well organised and slickly run.’

A really friendly set.’


3PB’s clerks are always approachable and efficient and will go above and beyond to find the right advocate.’

Magdalen Chambers

Exeter-based ‘High quality setMagdalen Chambers stands out for its ‘great strength in depth‘ in family law. The ‘reflective and dynamicSusan Campbell KC is very experienced in handling public and private children law matters, and the ‘thoroughRupert Chapman is instructed in complex financial remedy cases, often involving high-value assets.  Financial relief cases have featured prominently in Carol Mashembo‘s recent caseload. The ‘methodicalChristopher Naish brings expertise in care proceedings, often involving allegations of non-accidental injuries, and is experienced in financial remedy matters. Elizabeth Willsteed has been appointed to the circuit bench, based in Bristol.



The set has great strength in depth with barristers who are accommodating and prepared to go the extra mile.’

The set has a wide range of family barristers, covering all areas of expertise.’

KBG Chambers

KBG Chambers houses a team which fields expertise in financial remedy work and private and public children law matters. Practice head William Higginson is ‘an impressive advocate‘, and is highly regarded for his specialist knowledge of public children law matters; he regularly handles complex hearings involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse and factitious illness. Charlotte Ash acts for parents, guardians and local authorities across the range of children law work, and the ‘very capableJade Corden is experienced in cases involving complex mental health issues, allegations of domestic abuse and parental alienation. Financial remedy specialist Jonathon Bosanko is ‘always dependable‘, ‘supportive and reassuring‘ and ‘very pragmatic‘.



The set has a wide choice of very capable, experienced, approachable counsel.’

Always dependable.’

KBG has a strong family team with real depth and breadth of talent.’


The family clerks are very attentive and client focused. Nothing is too much trouble.’

The clerks are responsive and helpful.’

Yvonne Simmons and Colin Palmer make a great and team and have a fantastic handle on the case load. Lizzie Crothers is always capable and a good organiser.’

No.18 Barristers Chambers

No.18 Barristers Chambers‘ members have been kept especially busy handling complex private and public children law matters. Tracey Hennessey isn’t afraid to fight for her clients in the courtroom‘ and is regularly instructed in care cases involving allegations of physical and sexual abuse. The ‘always well-preparedLaura Baines represents guardians, local authorities, parents and children across a wide spectrum of public and private family law matters. Katherine Henry‘s ‘court delivery is superb, assured and gets the court’s attention in the right way‘. Complex care proceedings involving allegations of abuse have been prominent in the caseload of the ‘practicalNigel Cholerton. Sara Chalk is a ‘bold and very conscientious advocate‘.



All of the advocates within chambers are passionate and put a high level of care and attention into the cases that they are instructed on.’

It is well equipped and has an in depth range of expertise available to hand to deal with family law matters.’

Very good set.’


The clerks are helpful and accommodating.’

The clerks are a great team and offer brilliant service – personable, efficient and timely.’

Very well clerked, always prepared to help and go the extra mile.’