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Leading Juniors

Constanze Bell - Kings ChambersThoroughness, attention to the detail and provides pragmatic advice with an awareness of client priorities and aspirations.
Sarah Clover - Kings ChambersExtremely thorough and very detailed knowledge of subject. Excellent communication skills evidenced in both written opinions and interaction with clients. Prior to becoming a licensing specialist Sarah developed forensic advocacy skills and is now regarded a formidable representative who is able to present client cases in an extremely personable manner.
Ben Williams - Kings ChambersHe is efficient, attentive, friendly, and reliable.

Licensing in Regional Bar

Kings Chambers

With 'good strength in depth', Kings Chambers is a go-to set for licensing matters across the Midlands, Northern, and North Eastern circuits. 'An excellent advocate', Sarah Clover 'knows her stuff and leaves the opposition floundering', according to clients. 'Sarah is combative and is fully up to speed with the trade in general. She is realistic and takes a commercial approach for clients. Clients understand her and she speaks at their level to them.' Ben Williams provides advice to local authorities in Leeds, Cumbria, Newcastle, Rotherham, and Hull, and regularly appears on behalf of the police and licensees. In XYZ v RMBC, the council revoked a driver’s licence after receiving information which it was told it could not disclose in the interests of public safety. The driver appealed to the Crown Court where, in a first, Williams argued the applicability of Public Interest Immunity to licensing cases. Also of note, Constanze Bell has a varied licensing practice which involves regular instruction to appear in the Magistrates and Crown Courts in licencing appeals.