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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Lorraine Cavanagh QC - St John's BuildingsShe is ferocious and will fight for clients. Whilst possessing an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and case law she is very down to earth with clients and has a great skill In making them feel at ease and obtaining their trust.
Julia Cheetham QC - Deans Court ChambersShe is exceptional as an advocate and always a pleasure to be in a case with. Careful preparation and fearless in cross examination.
Frances Heaton QC - St John's BuildingsShe is a joy to instruct. She is an excellent advocate who has the ability to quickly get to grips with the most complex of cases focusing on the salient points whilst at the same time ensuring the client is at ease and the judiciary is with her.
Karl Rowley QC - St John's BuildingsA very fine silk at the top of his game. Very polished on his feet. Excellent on the medical science in public law cases. A real pleasure to work with.

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Sally Harrison QC - St John's BuildingsSally puts every client at ease whatever their background, her grasp of the facts and the nuances of a case and tactical insight is second to none. Her preparation is impeccable. She is fast thinking and always someone you would want on your side for her all round brilliance both with clients and opponents.

2020 Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Samantha Hillas QC - St John's BuildingsVery detailed knowledge and understanding of family finance law and ability to make incisive points, focusing on the key issues. Excellent judgement and a persuasive advocate. Works with opponents to achieve settlements where possible but not afraid of robust advocacy when necessary.

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Joanne Barnett - 9 St John StreetPrepares well and goes above and beyond for her clients.
Yvonne Healing - 18 St John Street ChambersYvonne is a vastly experienced barrister, who brings to a case a calm and child-focused approach to addressing the issues. Yvonne's advocacy is excellent, as is her preparation for hearings and ability to grasp and focus on the central, key issues.
Michael Jones - Deans Court ChambersMichael is incredibly intelligent with an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law, his cases are always well presented, and his written advocacy is a particular strength, case summaries and skeleton arguments are clear, thorough and expertly set out the issues and case law to be considered. He is also a very pleasant, humble and helpful advocate. Always good company in and out of court.
Sarah Kilvington - 9 St John StreetSarah is fiercely intelligent and disarmingly pleasant. She grasps the essence of complex financial matters immediately and is brilliant in her approach and application. Sarah is well-liked by clients and instructing solicitors- an absolute credit to her profession.
Margaret Parr - 7 Harrington StreetMargaret is extremely bright and a precise, forensic advocate. She has a fantastic bedside manner and clients absolutely love her. A pleasure to work with, Margaret really goes the extra mile on any brief.
Kate Bramall - 18 St John Street ChambersHer patience and compassion makes her invaluable with vulnerable clients.
Archna Dawar - St John's BuildingsAn absolute star of the circuit. Always well-prepared and meticulous with the detail. Clients appreciate her personable and down to earth approach. A supremely confident advocate both in relation to private children law and financial remedy.
Emma Greenhalgh - 9 St John StreetA thoughtful and empathetic advocate who always stands up for her clients.
Rebecca Gregg - Deans Court ChambersShe has an excellent manner with clients and whilst being forceful with difficult advice she delivers her advice in a caring and considerate way.
Clare Grundy - St John's BuildingsGiven her experience including her sitting part time as a judge, she is exudes a calmness which undoubtedly benefits her clients. She is always extremely well prepared and is conscientious in keeping in touch with her instructing solicitor during a case.
Rachael Heppenstall - 9 St John StreetVery professional. Extremely knowledgeable. Well respected. Helpful. Good presentation skills. Feel as if you are in safe hands.
Christine Johnson - Atlantic ChambersChristine is a tenacious advocate. She focuses on the primary issues in the case and works hard to not allow others to be distracted by peripheral matters. Christine approaches cases with kindness and compassion whilst still getting the job done.
Kalsoom Maqsood - 9 St John StreetWhat always particularly impresses me about Kalsoom is her thorough preparation and how well she knows a case, which is reflected in her cross-examination. Kalsoom is an extremely diligent and personable lawyer, who I highly recommend.
Michael Sellars - Atlantic ChambersExperienced, knowledgeable, and always prepared.
Danish Ameen - 18 St John Street ChambersExtremely knowledgeable in all areas of law, very professional in his approach to both solicitors and clients, very approachable between hearings/conferences if advice is required.
Rehana Begum - 18 St John Street ChambersVery committed to doing her best for parents and putting their case forward, even in cases where the prospects are limited, whilst at the same time being honest and realistic with parents regarding their prospects. Very knowledgeable in respect of this area of law. Approachable in terms of ongoing advice throughout proceedings between hearings.
Leonie Caplan - 18 St John Street ChambersShe is friendly, approachable, helpful, and professional.
Kate Donohue - 18 St John Street ChambersFantastic with client care and making clients feel at ease prior to and following a hearing. Understands a case quickly and identifies the key issues. Her experience as a solicitor is invaluable as she understands the work we have to do to manage a client's expectations and what work needs to be undertaken following a hearing meaning the way in which orders are drafted are brilliant.
Tom Fazackerley - 7 Harrington StreetI find working with Tom a very positive experience. He will strive to achieve the best outcome for the client regardless of the circumstances. He is a ferocious advocate and always gives 100%. Tom is extremely focused and is very well prepared
Lucinda France-Hayhurst - St John's BuildingsVery knowledgeable, professional. Helpful, goes above and beyond - makes herself available to cover hearings that she has committed. Navigates the High Court procedures and complexities with ease and grace. Feel 100% safe when she is instructed. Great feedback and communication. Clients always very happy.
Fiona Holloran - 18 St John Street ChambersShe is very experienced senior junior, who commands the respect of judges and advocates. Fiona's strengths are her intelligent analysis of complex medical issues, her straightforward management of difficult clients with compassion and impeccable preparation. She has the enviable quality of exuding authority when dealing with other advocates, judges and clients.
Sarah Johnson - Kenworthy's ChambersExcellent preparation. A formidable advocate and very experienced. She is able to advise the client appropriately. Very approachable.
Shaun Spencer - St John's BuildingsShaun is a skilled child care barrister with a specialism in Deprivation of Liberty and expertise in acting in complex inflicted injury cases involving children. Despite his eloquent advocacy, he is extremely approachable and able to explain complex legal matters to those who instruct him.
Paul Im Thurn - Kenworthy's ChambersVery straight to the point with his advice. Good research into the area of law and very knowledgeable and prepared for the case.
Sasha Watkinson - Deans Court ChambersMiss Watkinson is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and empathetic. Her advocacy skills are second to none and she has a particular strength at cutting through a case to reduce it to its core principles. She has a particular strength when it comes to cases of fabricated and induced illness, or cases involving serious allegations of abuse, both sexual and physical.

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Archna Dawar - St John's BuildingsAn absolute star of the circuit. Always well-prepared and meticulous with the detail. Clients appreciate her personable and down to earth approach. A supremely confident advocate both in relation to private children law and financial remedy.
Charles Eastwood - St John's BuildingsHe is on his way to become a leader. Extremely well prepared and very impressive on his feet in Court. Brilliant tactical mind and very good junior in trust cases.
Judith Fordham - Exchange ChambersMrs Fordham is an excellent negotiator and has sound and measured judgement. She sits part time as a Deputy District Judge and her ability to weigh up and consider options is finely honed.
Sheren Guirguis - Exchange ChambersA brilliant all-rounder in family law. The safest pair of hands. Totally unflappable, brilliant with clients and clear, sensible advice. Very impressive and a reassuring presence both at court and in conference.
Ashley Murray - Ashley Murray ChambersA Godfather of the northern circuit for matrimonial finance. Superb one of the most experienced high net worth ancillary relief experts in the North West. Forensic attention to detail.
Stephen Murray - 18 St John Street ChambersA formidable advocate who will fight a client’s case robustly and without taking a backward step.
Frances De Navarro - St John's BuildingsForensic analysis of complex financial cases. Looking at bank accounts and business accounts with a thorough analysis of them into a simple language context for clients. She is not phased my complex cases with cross-jurisdictional aspects. She has a fantastic bedside manner with clents. She remains involved in cases throughout and not just from brief to brief.
Andrew Banks - Atlantic ChambersMr Banks has an in depth knowledge of all financial issues. He shows great attention to detail and is always well prepared for hearings. Mr Banks relates well to clients and put them at their ease whilst gaining their trust and confidence. Mr Banks is a first-rate counsel who is approachable and helpful both to the client and those instructing him.
Tom Fazackerley - 7 Harrington StreetI find working with Tom a very positive experience. He will strive to achieve the best outcome for the client regardless of the circumstances. He is a ferocious advocate and always gives 100%. Tom is extremely focused and is very well prepared
Simon Charles - St John's BuildingsImmensely intelligent and gives practical advice.
Elisabeth Cooper - St John's BuildingsAttention to detail and the thorough preparation of a case. A sharp mind and ruthless advocate.
Kate Donohue - 18 St John Street ChambersFantastic with client care and making clients feel at ease prior to and following a hearing. Understands a case quickly and identifies the key issues. Her experience as a solicitor is invaluable as she understands the work we have to do to manage a client's expectations and what work needs to be undertaken following a hearing meaning the way in which orders are drafted are brilliant.
Karen Gregory - Exchange ChambersHer preparation is second-to-none and she is skillful in cross-examination.
Neil Montaldo - St John's BuildingsNeil is one of the best senior juniors available for matrimonial finance work. He has a reassuring manner with the lay client who always feel he is on on their side, is a pleasure to work with as an instructing solicitor and is liked and respected by Judges. He will not shy away from giving clear advice to clients but delivers it in a manner which does not upset or anger.
Elliw Roberts - St John's BuildingsElliw is thorough and meticulous in her preparation. Her client care skills are exceptional. She is empathetic whilst ensuring that she delivers clear and pragmatic advice. She is robust and polished on her feet. Elliw is always accessible and will go above and beyond for her instructing solicitor. She is a very talented barrister - one to watch!

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public And Private)

Megan Gilchrist - 7 Harrington StreetHer strengths are: attention to detail, analytical, ability to remain calm under pressure, and approachability.
Natasha Johnson - 7 Harrington StreetShe has exceptional interpersonal skills and is able to deal with different people at different levels in an appropriate manner. I have seen her on her feet on numerous occasions and she is an outstanding advocate. Her attention to detail ensures that all of her cases are prepared to the highest of standards.
Eleanor Keehan - St John's BuildingsEleanor is extremely thorough in the preparation and delivery of her work. I have observed her numerous times at trial and she thinks very quickly on her feet, is an expert in her field and clients think highly of her. I have every confidence in her abilities and she is very easy to work with.

Family and children law in Regional Bar

Ashley Murray Chambers

'First class' Ashley Murray Chambers is a go-to for specialist divorce and financial remedy cases. Ashley Murray is highly experienced in financial remedy and is described by clients as 'one of the most experienced high-net-worth ancillary relief experts in the North West'. Murray has particular expertise in pre-nuptial work involving high-net-worth assets.

Atlantic Chambers

The team at Atlantic Chambers offers expertise in all areas of family law, from private to public and financial matters, and provides an 'excellent service' to its clients. Michael Sellars is well-known for care matters and is a go-to for local authorities, although he is also instructed on behalf of children by their guardians. Other names to note are Andrew Banks who provides a 'down to earth' approach to clients in financial remedy cases, while Christine Johnson is 'easy to work with' and a 'confident advocate' in child law work involving local authorities, guardians, and parents.

Kenworthy's Chambers

Kenworthy's Chambers members are highlighted for being 'very committed to access to justice' and have significant experience in private children law as well as public children law, acting both for parents and local authorities in lengthy and complex care proceedings. 'A formidable advocate', Sarah Johnson has experience in cases involving forced marriage, domestic violence, and human rights issues. 'Knowledgeable' former solicitor Paul Im Thurn has experience in child abduction cases and those involving allegations of sexual abuse against children.

St John's Buildings

Described as 'the go-to set for family lawyers across the region', St John's Buildings is home to a host of specialist family barristers, covering all aspects of family and children law at every level, from juniors through to silks. Sally Harrison QC is noted for her expertise in matrimonial finance and cases involving high-net-worth finances. Karl Rowley QC specialises in children law and has extensive experience of medical cases, while Lorraine Cavanagh QC is involved in medical treatment disputes, and recently worked on Re B (Secure Accommodation Order) where she secured accommodation orders under section 25 of the Children Act 1989. At the junior end, Neil Montaldo and Samantha Hillas both have niche high-net-worth matrimonial finance practices, acting in a number of cases involving high-profile sports and media personalities. Shaun Spencer has particular expertise in cases involving the inherent jurisdiction as well as cases involving serious abuse of or fatal injuries to children. Strengthening the team, Archna Dawar, who has arrived from Deans Court Chambers, is recommended for both financial remedy and children law-related work.

18 St John Street Chambers

Members of 18 St John Street Chambers provide 'an excellent service' to clients and pride themselves on their approachability and expertise across the family field of law, including divorce and financial remedy, as well as private and public children law. Stephen Murray is known for his meticulous preparation and thorough grasp of the law; Yvonne Healing brings a 'calm and child-focused approach to addressing issues'; Kate Bramall has an established and broad client-base; former solicitor Leonie Caplan is a go-to for care proceedings; Kate Donohue is highlighted by instructing law firm for putting clients at ease; Fiona Holloran has a 'strong forensic grasp' in evidence and issues; while the 'very knowledgeable' Rehana Begum is another name to note for her complex public law cases.

7 Harrington Street

7 Harrington Street is well-known in the Northern circuit for its extensive family law practice covering adoption, financial remedy, child abduction, and residence cases, to name but a few. The team is 'very supportive' and represents a range of clients in family and child law proceedings. Tom Fazackerley practices exclusively in divorce and financial remedy work, as well as private law children matters, representing parents, extended family members, and guardians in applications for child arrangement orders. Margarett Parr is noted for her experience of complex cases involving sexual abuse, non-accidental injury, and mental health issues and has 'an excellent grasp of cases from the outset'. The future of chambers looks bright with Natasha Johnson and Megan Gilchrist highlighted as rising stars in the private public law and family law proceedings.

9 St John Street

9 St John Street is highly regarded on the Northern Circuit for its wealth of expertise in all areas of matrimonial, finance, and children law. Sarah Kilvington‘s public law practice encompasses serious abuse of children – especially fabricated and induced illness, gender dysphoria in children, and complex sexual abuse; Joanne Barnett regularly appears in family courts, including High Court, representing parents, grandparents, local authorities, the Official Solicitor, the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS), and Children’s Guardian in complex cases, as well as those cases with an international element. Kalsoom Maqsood‘s practice includes fatal and catastrophic injury cases to children, sexual abuse, fabricated and induced illness, gender dysphoria, and cases involving significant harm from neglect. Key changes to the set include Rachel Heppenstall's appointment to become a circuit judge at the Manchester Family and County Court from September 2021.

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers is home to 'excellent and highly respected advocates' in private and public children law matters. The 'exceptionalJulia Cheetham QC is a leading silk who undertakes highly complex children cases. The 'incredibly intelligentMichael Jones recently dealt with a case on the issue of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and whether such status crosses the threshold for the making of Part IV of the Children Act 1989. Delivering her advice in 'a caring and considerate way', Rebecca Gregg represents parents and children's guardians in issues relating to serious allegations of physical, emotional, and sexual harm. Sasha Watkinson is another name to note who regularly appears in the High Court, as well as appearances in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers offers a 'high-quality service' to its clients on the Northern circuit and members are highly experienced in all manners of family law and provide specialist advice representing parties in difficult and complex Children Act proceedings. 'An excellent negotiator', Judith Fordham leads the team and has particular strength in financial relief and matrimonial finance; she has been appointed as a Deputy District Judge and is also a family arbitrator who deals with private FDRs. Appointed Deputy District Judge in 2019, Sheren Guirguis is 'a pleasure to work with' and has expertise in financial remedy proceedings and Inheritance Act claims.