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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Lorraine Cavanagh KC – St John’s BuildingsLorraine is an incisive, phenomenally hard working, knowledgable and excellent advocate. She has the ability to quickly focus in on the salient points in a case whilst at the same delivering clear and concise arguments about the most complex of areas and issues. She is an exceptional lawyer and stands out amongst her peers.'
Karl Rowley KC – St John’s BuildingsKarl strikes the perfect balance of tenacity and authority whilst remaining approachable at all times to both those instructing him and the client, which instils great confidence in his clients. He has an incredible eye for detail and is a highly skilled, brilliant advocate who commands the court's attention. He is well respected by colleagues and judiciary for good reason!'

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Sally Harrison KC – St John’s BuildingsSally is unquestionably one of the best advocates. She has a charm and aplomb that is not often seen. Put simply - judges love her and clients adore her as she's human, candid, constructive and passionate about what she does.'
Samantha Hillas KCSt John’s BuildingsSamantha is the Duchess of Divorce who dominates the world of financial remedy proceedings on circuit. She is well respected by her peers, judges and those that instruct her. She never fails to put her heart and soul into a case and her preparation for trial and key documents that succinctly deals with a substantial number of legal arguments and issues is flawless.’

2023 Silks

Michael Jones KC – Deans Court ChambersMichael is phenomenally bright; he lives and breathes the complexities of children law, his knowledge of the law and relevant case law is second-to-none, and his written advocacy, particularly case summaries and skeleton arguments, are of the highest quality. He is also well received by the judiciary and opponents alike.’
Shaun Spencer KC – St John’s BuildingsShaun is outstanding. Of particular note is his advocacy skills and ability to work within very complex areas of law and procedure. His ability to transfer complex areas of work into language and ideas that lay clients are able to follow and understand is particularly impressive.’

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Joanne Barnett – 9 St John StreetJoanne is so knowledgeable on children matters, has great manner with clients and judiciary, and is an absolute safe pair of hands in children cases. A go-to barrister.'
Fiona Holloran – 18 St John Street ChambersFiona is truly exceptional. She is highly respected, experienced, always extremely well-prepared and much sought after. She is unflappable with a remarkable ability to recall every detail in the cases she has prepared. She is a go-to barrister on difficult and complex cases and a skilled and robust advocate.’
Sarah Kilvington – 9 St John StreetSarah is a tenacious advocate who commands the room. She has an innate ability to persuade others to the benefit of the lay client. She has excellent attention to detail, can grasp exceptionally complex cases and can give the client the reassurance in her abilities and expertise. She is just excellent.'
Kalsoom Maqsood – 9 St John StreetAside from her excellent technical knowledge and expertise, Kalsoom is extremely thorough, well-prepared and proactive. She takes an active role in seeking to resolve any difficulties and is reliable and conscientious in her approach, not only to the legal issues, but to the practicalities and personalities involved in any given circumstances.’
Margaret Parr – 7 Harrington StreetMargaret is an exceptionally thorough barrister who is able to deliver complex advice in a concise and personable manner. Clients appreciate the sensitive, yet to the point, approach she provides. Her client care is excellent and she is an impressive advocate. Her drafting of case summaries and complex orders is always prompt. She is hugely efficient in all areas of her practice.’
Rehana Begum – 18 St John Street Chambers 'Rehana is the most personable of barristers, yet steely in her approach. She is incredibly hard working and has the ability to explain very complex aspects of evidence and developing law in a straightforward way. The quality and complexity of the work that she does reflects the confidence that solicitors have in her abilities.'
Kate Bramall – 18 St John Street Chambers 'Kate's main strength is her ability to recognise the issues and take the appropriate legal or factual points with the tribunal in an eloquent yet forceful way. She undertakes high quality work, which is a measure of her ability.'
Leonie Caplan – 18 St John Street ChambersLeonie is able to develop a good rapport with the client. She works hard to achieve the best outcome for the client and provide appropriate advice. She is approachable when help is needed and she provides good feedback following hearings.'
Archna Dawar – St John’s BuildingsArchna has excellent attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of technical issues. Her client care is second to none, the client always feels as if they are in very safe hands and she is personable and approachable to the client but formidable as an opponent.'
Emma Greenhalgh – 9 St John StreetEmma is an extremely intelligent advocate who is fair and balanced but forthright in the court room. Her understanding of the issues and swift assimilation of the documentation is enviable.’
Rebecca Gregg – Deans Court Chambers 'Rebecca is extremely good at building rapport with clients and is able to quickly get to the heart of a matter. She gives very clear, understandable, and honest advice. She is excellent at communicating with instructing solicitors pre and post hearing.'
Clare Grundy – St John’s Buildings  ‘Clare is always well prepared for very complex cases, she is pragmatic, agile, and is able to urgently take instructions as and when needed. She is also well engaged with clients.’
Christine Johnson – Atlantic Chambers ‘Christine is tenacious, thorough and shows a great deal of empathy when required. She is a formidable adversary when having to defend a client’s position. She is fast thinking, always completely prepared and will know the case in full and have questions ready for both the client, the other professionals and any other parties. Christine is incredibly instinctive, and so has the ability to foresee how a court hearing is progressing and will act swiftly and accordingly.’
Danish Ameen – 18 St John Street Chambers ‘Danish is a skilled advocate and a barrister who provides robust advice whilst not losing focus of the need for sensitivity towards lay clients in very difficult circumstances. He shows empathy towards difficult and vulnerable clients and is approachable by lay clients and professionals. He has a reputation for thorough preparation, detailed cross-examination, persuasive submissions and polished skeleton argument.’
Kirstin BeswickCentral Chambers ‘Kirstin is a very able advocate and adopts a forensic approach to case analysis. Kirstin excels at gaining the trust of her lay client and deals sensitively with difficult cases. She is a popular choice in cases involving allegations of serious harm. She takes a pragmatic approach to her cases, but is equally capable of running a difficult case where early agreement cannot be reached. She gives robust and frank advice.’
Tom Fazackerley – 7 Harrington Street ‘Tom is a fantastic barrister, well respected and liked by clients, opponents and judges. He has a great bedside manner with clients who like his calm but firm approach. He is a fierce opponent, all executed with charm and wit. He is always willing to go the extra mile for clients and is preparation is thorough and exacting.’
Julie Forsyth  – Exchange Chambers ‘Julie is committed, professional, straight talking and tenacious. She will always go the extra mile and she has real empathy and understanding with her clients. The feedback from clients is always positive and she will not shy away from a fight. However, it is her kindness to clients and her ability to get to the nub of matters and help, even when the outcome is not going to be favourable, that sets her apart from other barristers. She has a big heart and a way of dealing with people that makes her very special.’
Lucinda France-Hayhurst – St John’s BuildingsLucinda is an absolute dream to work with; she is always very well prepared and has excellent client care skills. Lucinda is very hard working and as a result has an in-depth knowledge of the case. She will always update you as the case progresses.’
Patrick Gilmore  – Deans Court Chambers ‘Patrick is extremely intelligent, conscientious and affable barrister. He is able to adjust his communication to the individual, both when giving advice and during cross-examination, like few others. He has good instincts that give him a real edge.’
Kathryn Hughes  – Exchange Chambers ‘Kathryn is an excellent advocate and an extremely personable and child-focused practitioner. She has an ability to cut through the issues in the case very quickly and identify the core difficulty or area requiring resolution. She is always pragmatic and focused, and her approach is always centred on the needs of the child.’
Sarah Johnson – Kenworthy’s Chambers 'Sarah is very organised, punctual, to the point and robust. She is realistic with her advice.'
Eleanor Keehan – St John’s BuildingsEleanor is an excellent advocate. She has an extraordinary eye for detail, and is equally compassionate and skilful with clients. She has particular skill in representing vulnerable clients and is able to make them feel comfortable in what is almost always a distressing situation.'
Peter Rothery  - Deans Court Chambers 'Peter is eloquent and persuasive as an advocate, with a great experience and knowledge of the law. He is outstanding with clients - calm, approachable and excellent at communicating even the most complex of legal points.'
Paul Im Thurn – Kenworthy’s Chambers 'Paul is approachable, helpful, knowledgeable, prepares thoroughly and makes time to ensure the client is fully supported.'
Alex Walker – 18 St John Street Chambers 'Alex is extremely knowledgeable, professional, informed, and more importantly, amazing with clients that are going through the most difficult time. He is patient and able to explain matters in a way that is perfectly understandable for the client.'
Anna Warters18 St John Street Chambers 'Anna is a formidable opponent and exceptional with combative litigants in person.'
Sasha Watkinson – Deans Court Chambers 'Sasha is thorough in preparation, knowledgeable, approachable and incredibly hard working. She keeps instructing solicitors updated throughout the proceedings, seeks further instructions where required and is generally a pleasure to work with. Could not recommend her highly enough.'

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Archna DawarSt John’s Buildings 'Archna is a thoroughly impressive barrister. Her oral submissions are of the highest quality and turn of phrase helps to provide the strength and clarity to the arguments advanced. An attention to detail allows for the case to be presented and managed in a client focused way.'
Charles Eastwood – St John’s BuildingsClients love Charles. He gets to the nub of the case very quickly, he is very personable and he makes them feel that he is fighting their corner 100%. He is also a great advocate. He is very knowledgeable regarding company and tax issues and other complex financial arrangements.'
Judith FordhamExchange ChambersJudith is very experienced and uses that experience to tactical advantage in a case . She is highly reassuring to clients and instils confidence in her approach. She presents well and concisely to the judiciary, which is an advantage when court time is scarce. She has excellent knowledge of businesses and accounts and is also great with clients.'
Ashley Murray – Ashley Murray Chambers 'Ashley is simply the best family finance barrister in the North. His attention to detail is second-to-none. He is down to earth and puts the clients at ease. He explains everything. His paper work is immediate and a full conference note follows every conference within 24 hours and often sooner. He is an amazing advocate and immensely respected by the Judiciary.'
Stephen Murray – 18 St John Street ChambersStephen has an incredible knack of getting to the fundamentals of a case quickly and has no fear of finding holes in a case, which he then constructively works with the client to address. His preparation, advocacy and cross examination skills are superb.’
Frances De Navarro – St John’s BuildingsFrances is always very well prepared and knows the case thoroughly. She will do her own in depth research where needed. She has the ability to communicate and explain complicated matters to a client with ease. She listens to them, makes them feel comfortable to ask questions and will make sure the client is clear, before she moves on. She is methodical, persuasive, thorough and always acts in clients’ bests interests.’
Tom Fazackerley – 7 Harrington Street 'Tom is an amazing barrister and gives 110% whatever the case or the circumstances. He does not pull any punches when negotiating or conducting advocacy. When advising clients, Tom is firm but empathetic to their very emotional situation. Tom is a first choice of barrister.'
Simon Charles – St John’s Buildings ' Simon undergoes meticulous preparation, has a commercially analytical brain and an ability to articulate calmly and precisely the issues. He is incisive and clear in advice and approach in unusual scenarios. He has excellent clarity of thought and judgment, and is calm under pressure and tenacious.'
Elisabeth Cooper – St John’s BuildingsElisabeth is assertive without being abrasive and gets a grip on cases from a very early stage. She is a reassuring presence and collaborates with you to get to the right answer. She is a star of her generation in the north without a doubt.'
Neil Montaldo – St John’s BuildingsNeil’s advocacy is a joy to behold. With an ability to take a Judge by the hand through the issues and lead them to a conclusion in the client’s favour is a gift. When combined with a bedside manner which leads to the lay clients hanging onto every word, Neil truly is an excellent barrister.'

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public And Private)

Megan Gilchrist – 7 Harrington Street ‘Megan is able to provide reassurance to clients and fill them with confidence that she understands both them and their case. Megan, despite being junior, approaches her cases with a level of calmness and sensibility that is rarely seen. She has a busy and thriving practice because she is recognized by solicitors as being thorough in the preparation of her cases.’
Natasha Johnson – 7 Harrington StreetNatasha is completely unflappable. No matter what the case is about, how difficult the opponent, or how challenging the hearing, her calm manner never deviates. She is equally capable with the need to secure agreement pre hearing as she is with the need to put her case without fear or favour once the hearing starts. Her abilities are far beyond her year of call. She is also empathetic and is particularly adept at dealing with the vulnerable client.’

Family and children law in Regional Bar

18 St John Street Chambers

18 St John Street Chambers is praised for having ‘a superb family department’ that handles cases involving serious sexual abuse, life threatening and fatal injuries, deprivation of liberty, factitious illness and parental alienation. Rehana Begum leads the family department and specialises in public law care proceedings, including complex cases involving serious life threatening injuries, sexual abuse, forced marriage and deprivation of liberty. Yvonne Healing  has an all-encompassing family law practice, with a particular focus on children law and care proceedings, and Fiona Holloran also has a wide reaching practice, covering private and public law applications, representing children, parents and local authorities. Holloran is active in cases involving historical sexual abuse, multiple injuries, fabricated and induced illness, and cases with an international element, including abductions. The set is also home to Stephen Murray, who specialises in matrimonial finance, and Danish Ameen , who has expertise in handling cases with assets overseas.



’18 St John Street has a superb family department. There are counsel from silks to pupils, with all levels of seniority in between. 18 St John Street has a very strong family team which is known in Manchester as being reliable, hardworking, dependable, and knowledgable. The family department is also known in Manchester as being friendly and approachable with solicitors, lay clients, and opposing advocates.’

‘Yes the set without exception are knowledgeable able and professional. I would have little difficulty in finding somebody suitable to instruct in any area of child protection law.’

‘The chambers are good and usually have counsel available. They have a good range of barristers. They also offer webinars which are helpful.’

’18 St John Street is an excellent chambers. They are brimming with talent and have a good blend of very talented senior counsel alongside very talented junior members of the team.’

‘The set of Chambers have an excellent reputation both locally and nationally. They are very well regarded and highly thought of experts in their field.’


‘Similarly to the barristers, the clerks are amazing, lovely and hard working. They always go above and beyond to try and accommodate urgent hearings and long hearings that are attended some distance away. Responses are always prompt and the entire working system at these chambers is perfect.’

‘The clerks are fantastic. My main dealings are with Garrick Brown but all clerks provide an exceptional service.’

‘The clerks are extremely helpful. Camille Scott and Garrick Brown in particular will always discuss strengths of other counsel if a particular requested counsel is unavailable.’

‘The clerks are very helpful. Camille Scott the senior family clerk will do everything she can to provide cover on occasion at extremely short notice due top the listing of emergency and urgent hearings including out of hours.’

‘The head family clerk, Camille Scott, is dedicated and able. She has a personal touch and knows instructing solicitors well. She is adept at allocating suitable counsel to particular cases, and ensures the smooth transition of cases from one counsel to another if a case unfortunately cannot be dealt with by the original counsel.’

Deans Court Chambers

Deans Court Chambers is praised as ‘an exceptional family set.’ It is home to Michael Jones KC, who has a strong child law practice and his work often involves issues of wardship and inherent jurisdiction, as well as fabricated illness and complex medical issues. Peter Rothery  and Rebecca Gregg  are also key names, both with considerable expertise in children cases involving death, serious injury and sexual abuse. Julia Cheetham KC is another notable member.



‘Deans Court are an exceptional family set. They have a wealth of experienced seniors and juniors who consistently deliver in and out of court. Excellent advocacy – both written and spoken, early updates after court with outcomes and always provide excellent replacements if counsel is part heard.’

‘They are the go to Chambers for complex family law cases. They have strength in-depth, counsel are helpful and make themselves available. They have a very good training programme with excellent lecture notes.’

‘Excellent all-round service. Clerks are always helpful, professional and prompt in their responses. There is strength in depth to the Family Team and, if at all possible, counsel availability will be found. Chambers education programme is first rate, and this has continued notwithstanding the difficulties posed by the pandemic.’

‘Deans Court Chambers are one of the go to chambers for private law and family money cases. They are a solid set with some fresh faces coming through the ranks to compliment the team. They really do try to go above and beyond when it comes to looking after their instructing solicitors and clients.’

‘Deans Court Chambers has large number of very able counsel.’


‘”Fantastic service provided by the clerks, particularly Louise McCarty who is always on the ball and gives you as much notice if counsel is part heard but moves mountains to secure a replacement. The one clerk who is always on speed dial – nothing is too much trouble for her. There should be more like her.’

‘I mainly deal with Louise McCarthy and Matthew Rigby. Both are very quick to respond to enquires and proactive in finding you counsel even when they are very busy. Both are proactive in seeking paper in good time for up coming hearings.’

‘Again a solid clerking team; there is little turnover of staff and many have been there 15 years plus. They have grown with the market and know their solicitors well. They demonstrate excellent client relationship management which is very important. A bonus is that you only need to speak to one person to deal with a case whether it is family money or children work. Other chambers split this off which just doesn’t work as we don’t have the time to duplicate effort; Deans Court have a seamless operation.’

‘Louise McCarthy is reliable in her communications, always responding and acknowledging where required. She is professional and polite and generally my first port of call when I am seeking cover.’

‘Louise McCarthy is very receptive, and appears to be a competent, reliable clerk.’

St John's Buildings

St John’s Buildings is for many a ‘go-to chambers in Manchester for family law’. The set is home to child law specialist Karl Rowley KC, who has expertise in medical cases, as well as matters involving sexual abuse and radicalisationSally Harrison KC has a thriving matrimonial finance practice including cases featuring complex trust and corporate structures. Samantha Hillas KC is another notable name in the matrimonial finance team, with considerable expertise in cases involving pre and post-nuptial agreements and non-disclosure of assets. Frances Heaton KC acts in very complex public law children proceedings, including gang-related family cases, sexual exploitation and contested adoption cases, and Lorraine Cavanagh KC has substantial experience handling children law cases that involve medical disputes, including complex brain and fatal injury cases. 



‘The set now seems to be the prominent set for family matters in Manchester, both in terms of financial and children’s matters . They did excellent seminars online during lockdown.’

The go-to chambers for Manchester. Excellent service right from the reception staff, clerks and barristers.’

‘One of the premier sets in the country. The quality of silks and juniors is unrivalled on circuit and stands shoulder with any set in London.’

‘They are a go-to set in Manchester and the North for the strength and depth of their counsel cohort. You can always find the right counsel for the right client. They have a fantastic breadth of experience and they regularly run training programmes and these tend to be the not to miss options.’

‘St Johns Buildings are a go-to chambers in Manchester for the family team. They have a broad spectrum of advocates and specialists at differing levels of experience. They offer extremely useful seminars on family law topics that are popular among family law practitioners.’


‘The clerking is great at St Johns Buildings Manchester. Ryan Barker is excellent and delivers a Rolls Royce service – always bending over backwards to accommodate and assist solicitors.’

‘Best clerking team in the country – honest, helpful and super organised. Paul Laverty runs a tight ship while maintaining his good sense of humour. Ryan Barker is tremendous.’

‘Ryan Barker is brilliant; very calm, considered and always very happy to help. Paul Laverty is first rate and a very safe pair of hands. The clerks are all generally helpful and always keen to assist.’

‘In a word – excellent. They know their barristers and clients to an extent that they can match as opposed to being a diary service.’

‘SJB is an entirely reliable chambers which always delivers what it promises, efficiently. As an instructing solicitor, you are never let down. Ryan Barker is an unfailingly friendly, helpful and efficient clerk.’

7 Harrington Street

The ‘exceptional’ members of 7 Harrington Street are highly adept at handling both child and matrimonial cases, including finance and property distribution as well as Children Act matters. Margaret Parr represents parents, children and local authorities in care and adoption proceedings, and has particular expertise in cases involving allegations of sexual and violent abuse, drug use, mental health issues and child neglect. The set also includes Tom Fazackerley, who practices exclusively in divorce and financial remedy work, as well as private law children matters. Megan Gilchrist  represents Local Authorities, parents and guardians.



‘7HS Street chambers are well respected. Their approach is pragmatic and their knowledge of law and practice is outstanding. Barristers are exceptional; they cut through the litigious advances ensuring the legal standards are maintained ensuring their independence and professionalism whilst building secure relationships with other professionals. 7HS are a friendly, knowledgeable and approachable set of chambers who work extremely hard and they are dedicated professionals.’

‘The family team is quite large and so able to deal with all aspects of family law. 99% of the time they have availability.’

‘They are a very highly rated set in the area of family law.’

‘7HS is always the chambers of choice; they offer the complete spectrum of barristers, for all cases at all levels.’

‘Chambers have some depth of barristers. This set is one of the stronger sets locally.’


‘I highly commend Carolyn Creegan and the team she manages; they are a very busy chambers but all enquires either by email or phone are always answered swiftly.’

‘Chambers provide a very high quality and professional service. Laura Jones in particular is always extremely helpful and efficient.’

‘All the family Clerks are excellent. Carolyn Creegan is worthy of special mention for her long service to Chambers.’

‘John Kilgallon, the senior clerk, is by far the most outstanding clerk. His amazing leadership filters right the way down. The clerks understand instructing solicitors needs and make sure they are met.’

‘Carolyn Creegan, Laura Jones and Jenny Mogan are all very friendly and approachable. They will all go the extra mile to ensure you have the right person for the job. They are an extremely tight knit team and work together extremely well.’

9 St John Street

9 St John Street‘s barristers have ‘a wealth of experience and expertise’, handling a wide range of matters within the areas of financial remedy litigation, and both public law and private law child proceedings. Specific areas of expertise include contested adoption, physical and sexual abuse, deprivation of liberty, factitious inducted illness, parental alienation, relocation of children; high net worth financial relief and cohabitation disputes. The set is home to Sarah Kilvington, whose public law practice includes cases with issues involving fabricated illnesses, gender dysphoria in children and sexual abuse, whilst her private practice law includes allegations of severe parental alienation. Emma Greenhalgh ‘s practice has a strong focus on public law Children Act 1989 proceedings and she represents parents, grandparents, Local Authorities, children and intervenors. Other notable names include Joanne Barnett, who undertakes private law and financial cases, and Kalsoom Maqsood, who predominantly acts in public law proceedings, especially those involving catastrophic and fatal injury injuries to children and complex allegations of sexual abuse.



‘The Chambers are always professional and courteous. The Chambers have many barristers with a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in family law. ‘

‘The chambers have a great depth of professionals which makes any necessary switching due to other commitments much easier. All counsel are easy to work with and understand the pressures local authorities face. They all report back promptly and you are never left waiting on an order or wondering what has happened. They are all willing to work out of usual hours to be provided with instructions at the last minute.’

‘9 St John Street is a superb chambers. They have a very impressive blend of talent in their family team.’

‘The are a good family set which has continued to build over recent years. The barristers are friendly and willing to help.’

‘9 St John Street chambers is a go-to chambers when seeking counsel in Family and Children matters. Their strength-in-depth is unrivalled in Manchester and their counsel are always readily available should you need some general advice or pointing in the right direction.’


‘The head family clerk, Ped McKinstry, is outstanding. Ped is the engine of the family team and will go out of his way to try to ensure a barrister is made available. He is supported by a team of other fantastic clerks, all of whom are incredibly supportive and helpful.’

‘Ped McKinstry makes himself available and responds readily when asked. He has a friendly approach and more than willing to help if able.’

‘Ped McKinstry runs a really slick operation. The clerks didn’t miss a beat throughout Covid-19, embracing all the requirements of virtual hearings as if they were old hat. The Chambers have also been ahead of the game for developments such as the Family Court Digital Service.’

‘The clerks are very helpful. Jake Speed always responds quickly and if he cannot help tells me clearly rather than keeping me hanging on. Papers are always forwarded to counsel promptly. The chambers have no problem in providing counsel’s mobile phone numbers or emails.’

‘The clerks are extremely helpful and approachable. They always offer assistance should any difficult situations arise and more often than not they are able to assist. The biggest strengths of the clerks, generally, would be their personable attitudes and professional organisation.’

Exchange Chambers

Exchange Chambers ‘is a well respected set of chambers with a particular expertise in representing parents and children within the range of private and public law proceedings.’ Judith Fordham  is the head of the financial remedy group team and specialises in matrimonial finance, whilst Julie Forsyth  leads the children’s family team. Forsyth has expertise in representing parents, relatives and intervenors facing allegations of physical and sexual abuse. Sheren Guirguis was appointed as a District Judge in November 2021.



‘Exchange Chambers are excellent – if the preferred barrister is not available, they do their best to get someone with the right qualities to deal with a particular matter, ensuring that the clients needs are always met. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are a very professional and helpful chambers.’

‘Exchange Chambers is a well respected set of chambers with a particular expertise in representing parents and children within the range of private and public law proceedings.’

‘Excellent team of public law barristers at this set.’

‘Top class legal advice and representation from this well established set of experienced barristers. Excellence is the key word here on all levels.’

‘Exchange have a strong family set with a good spread of knowledge and experience.’


‘Mark Shannon could not do enough to accommodate clients. He is flexible and easy to contact, even out of hours. Excellent service provider.’

‘Excellent- always willing to help but honest in the suitability of counsel for a particular case .’

‘The clerks at exchange to be very approachable, extremely helpful and accommodating. Mark Shannon always goes above and beyond. The clerks are extremely organised. Wendy Shannon is another clerk who is always extremely organised, she always responds promptly. Katie Batty is very thorough. On the whole, the clerks play a pivotal role in the smooth and effective functioning of chambers services.’

‘Mark Shannon has always stood out. He has always been extremely helpful, very professional and he will go the extra mile, even during evenings and weekends to ensure the job is done and will always do what he can to accommodate us. He is an absolute asset to Exchange Chambers.’

‘Rachel Williams is excellent, as is Ben Kierman if she is not available. Rachel provides a personal touch which is fantastic.’