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Leading Silks: Child Law (Public And Private)

Elizabeth Isaacs KCSt Ives Chambers ‘Elizabeth is a tenacious, strategic, and passionate advocate. She fights her client’s case with all her energy and is immensely knowledgeable particularly in relation to surrogacy cases.’
Elizabeth McGrath KC3PB ‘Elizabeth is tenacious and thorough in her preparation, with a canny ability to think outside the box.’  
Vanessa Meachin KC3PB ‘Vanessa combines excellent client care with a forensic approach to her cases. She is exceptionally thorough and committed and does not shy away from thorny and difficult issues.’ 
Stefano Nuvoloni KCNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Stefano is a skilled and persuasive advocate who is calm under pressure and known for his meticulous preparation. He is very approachable and excels at putting clients at their ease.’   
John Vater KCHarcourt Chambers ‘John is the best trial advocate at the children’s Bar. He is a phenomenal cross-examiner, who has expertise in cases involving complex medical evidence, including brain injuries. His ability is matched by his genuine concern for his clients and he fights for them with every ounce of his ability.’  
Aidan Vine KCHarcourt Chambers ‘Aidan is always extremely well prepared and highly intelligent and experienced but down to earth and able to engage effectively with clients.’

Leading Silks: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Elizabeth McGrath KC3PB ‘Elizabeth is robust and empathetic. She reads the client well and tailors how she delivers her advice and guides them through the process accordingly.’ 
Vanessa Meachin KC3PB ‘Vanessa is always a meticulously prepared advocate, ready to fight her client's case and extremely tenacious.’  

2021 Silks

Sara Lewis KCSt Philips ChambersSara is always impeccably prepared for all her cases. She has an excellent rapport with clients and is extremely approachable. She cross-examines witnesses, particularly experts, with skill and care and is particularly impressive in cases where complex medical analyses are required. She is diligent, hard-working and demonstrates real integrity, and is an extremely impressive advocate.’

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public And Private)

Christopher AdamsSt Philips Chambers ‘Christopher presents a complex public law matter before a judge fairly and empathetically whilst at the same time representing the client's interests determinedly. He has an attention to detail that is second to none and a genuine focus on child law.’ 
Matthew Brookes-BakerHarcourt Chambers ‘Matthew is a calm, robust and persuasive advocate who has a clear command of the case, not only the pertinent issues for determination but also complex technical matters.’
Timothy BoweSt Ives Chambers ‘Timothy is calm, well-prepared, and always goes the extra mile for his clients. He is a team player, and his written documents are thorough. He is able to think on his feet and assist the court wherever necessary. He is the go-to barrister in private law children matters, and is quickly able to get to grips with the key issues and navigate a difficult path to achieve the outcome desired.’  
Kristina BrownNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Kristina is unflappable and a good safe pair of hands with any application.’  
Adreeja ChatterjeeNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Adreeja is a strong tenacious advocate with excellent attention to detail. She has good communication and client care skills.’ 
Michelle ChristieSenate House Chambers ‘Michelle is a tenacious and determined advocate. She is very experienced and is capable of leading other junior counsels in complex cases. She is very practical and straight forward with clients and provides an excellent level of service. She is very caring and looks out for both clients and fellow colleagues.’  
Victoria CliffordNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Victoria is a fearless advocate. She gives sound advice and is without exception always well prepared. She is excellent at cross-examination and intelligently reads the court. She is very well respected by judges and by opposing advocates. She works tirelessly on her cases, always going the extra mile to either negotiate out-of-court concessions or to persuade the court of the sense in her position.’
Alex ForbesHarcourt Chambers ‘Alex is always prepared to present the best case for his client and does not shy away from a dispute. He always thoroughly researches the law for the matter in dispute and will deliver strong and forthright arguments in support of the client.’  
Michele Friel – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Michele is always well prepared and accessible to the client. She is concise with her advice and a strong advocate. She is well-respected by the judiciary and is a force to be reckoned with in any court hearing.’  
Kirsty GallacherNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Kirsty is a superb advocate and always thoroughly prepared. She is a leader in both financial and children's matters.’
Tom HarrillSt Ives Chambers ‘Tom is an extremely good and capable advocate. His preparation and attention to detail is second to none. He is calm with clients and delivers clients’ arguments to the court precisely and effectively. His knowledge makes clients feel at ease from the minute they meet him.’  
Carolyn JonesSt Philips Chambers ‘Carolyn is a very experienced, plain speaking and straightforward advocate who gets to the point quickly with judges and witnesses.’ 
Matthew MaynardSt Ives Chambers ‘Matthew is a barrister of great talent, who manages to mix an in-depth knowledge of the law with strong advocacy skills and a personable approach to the clients.’ 
Hannah MettamSenate House Chambers ‘Hannah is one of the best junior barristers in children's law work. She is well known for having the expertise and experience to manage the most serious cases including those involving physical, sexual, and emotional harm and cases concerning the fatality of a child. She is the go-to barrister who works extremely hard and is a formidable advocate.’  
Lianne MurphySenate House Chambers ‘Lianne is a measured and calm advocate. She is excellent at working with children and vulnerable adults and has a way of engaging with them that demonstrates exceptional client care skills. She brings a wealth of experience to all the cases she is instructed in. She clearly cares about the outcome for clients and the wellbeing of vulnerable children that the work often concerns and provides a refreshing and caring confidence to match her knowledge and skills as an advocate.’  
Yolanda PembertonSt Philips Chambers ‘Yolanda is always well-prepared, and her paperwork is outstanding. She is a calm but forceful advocate. Her work ethic is remarkable.’  
Samantha Reddington  –Senate House Chambers ‘Samantha is an excellent advocate. She is firm but fair in her approach and is regularly instructed in the most complex of cases. She brings to her work a wealth of experience in the law and is incredibly user-friendly for both lay clients and solicitors. She is very good at alleviating the stress from both lay and professional clients.’  
Kathryn TaylorNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Kathryn has excellent advocacy skills, client communication skills, and prepares exceptional paperwork.'
Christopher WatsonSt Philips Chambers ‘Christopher is a strong advocate, and his case preparation is very thorough. He has an excellent ability to represent vulnerable clients.’  
Moira Ashton-WalshKCH Garden Square 'Moira is a highly persuasive advocate. She is thoroughly approachable and gives sound and pragmatic advice. She prioritises her lay clients’ arguable issues whilst managing their legitimate expectations. She is always well prepared, pays good attention to detail and strives to achieve sensible outcomes for the children who are the subject of the case whilst ensuring her lay client’s interests are properly argued. She is a skilled negotiator but will not hesitate to contest a matter where necessary.’  
Gemma BowesSt Philips Chambers ‘Gemma has a wonderful court manner. She is unfailingly polite but deeply effective. She is passionate about her clients and fights hard to ensure they have fair treatment. She is amazing with vulnerable clients.’
Nicholas BrownSt Philips Chambers ‘Nicholas has a very approachable and caring manner. He takes an incredibly sensitive approach with clients with learning disabilities, communicating apprehension and vulnerabilities to the tribunal to secure extra time and measures to ensure cases are conducted in a manner to enable full involvement and accommodation of any needs and special measures. He is always thoroughly prepared and is available for discussion at any time. He produces professional and comprehensive position statements and skeleton arguments.’  
Nicola Brown - 3PB  ‘Nicola has an unrivalled ability to build rapport with vulnerable clients. She is the first choice for vulnerable clients. Her communication skills and compassion enable clients to be comfortable with her and enable clients to participate effectively in proceedings. Her written work and advocacy are very good.’ 
Judy ClaxtonSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Judy is an extremely confident advocate who has the ability to explain to lay and professional clients alike complex issues and areas of law in a user-friendly way without the use of technical jargon. She always makes the time to ensure that she has comprehensive, up-to-date instructions and is meticulous in preparing for her hearings. She has a comprehensive approach and always has a watchful eye on the broad canvass of issues in the case to ensure that delay is avoided.’
James ClearyKCH Garden Square ‘James is methodical, articulate, and approachable. He is always well prepared and spends time with the clients to ensure their understanding. He is a great sound board and is always available to answer any queries in between hearings.’
Kirstie DantonSt Ives Chambers ‘Kirstie provides excellent quality advice and is a superb advocate. She works well with clients and approaches all matters with professionalism.’  
Sara DavisSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Sara is a strong advocate with excellent knowledge of law and procedure, who prepares each case thoroughly and is very good with clients.’  
Aimee Fox3PB ‘Aimee is a tenacious advocate who will ensure that a client’s case is put forward in a firm and well-structured manner. She is always impeccably prepared and will build a rapport with the client, demonstrating her knowledge whilst also being very personable.’ 
Tracy LakinSt Ives Chambers ‘Tracy is tenacious, always fully prepared and a standout care practitioner. She is an incisive advocate; she leaves no stone unturned.’ 
Justine LattimerSt Ives Chambers ‘Justine’s representation of vulnerable children and parents is second to none. Justine is able to digest complex and voluminous evidence, then present it in a straightforward manner to the client. Her advocacy is professional, concise, and direct. She is always well prepared and has an excellent approachable manner with even the most difficult and vulnerable clients.’ 
Nicola Martin3PB ‘Nicola is well prepared and has good manners with clients. She identifies the issues in cases well and offers a sensible, pragmatic approach to proceedings but is robust when needed.’   
Matthew O’GradySt Mary’s Chambers ‘Matthew provides clear and concise advice to clients. He is approachable and very organised.’  
David PayneSt Ives Chambers ‘David is always thoroughly and meticulously prepared. He is excellent with vulnerable clients and will always return helpful and detailed attendance notes to his solicitors.’  
James PickenSt Ives Chambers ‘James gives exceptionally clear advice which is easy for clients to understand. He is approachable, reliable and a skilled negotiator. He inspires confidence in clients and instructing solicitors alike.’  
Heather Popley – No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Heather is a strong advocate who works hard to ensure her clients interests are carefully represented. She is persuasive and articulate. She is popular and respected by her peers as well as the local judiciary. She communicates well and her client care is excellent.’ 
Daniel SheridanSenate House Chambers ‘Daniel is a very bright and persuasive advocate. He understands the key issues in cases and is particularly good at representing children in proceedings. He has built a very good rapport with professional and lay clients and achieves excellent outcomes.’  
Margaret Styles – Harcourt Chambers ‘Margaret is meticulous in her preparation, and she always calls before the hearing to ensure the scope of the brief is fully understood, and strategy can be discussed. Her written documents are always prepared promptly in advance and to a high standard. She is fearless in her pursuit of her case and is highly dedicated.’  
Anita ThindSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Anita is an excellent source of knowledge and support on a complex case. She is approachable and friendly and provides clear legal advice. Her attendance notes are helpful, and she also feeds back directly to the client department, so they understand what is expected of them.’
Abigail TurnerSenate House Chambers 'Abigail is a very strong and determined advocate. She is accurate in drafting and thinks outside of the box. Her experience in this field is invaluable and her ability to grasp the facts of a case quickly is essential. She is tenacious and gives clear and levelheaded advice.’  
Adeo Fraser – 3PB  ‘Adeo has built a strong and sound reputation for himself. His legal analysis, arguments, and knowledge are consistently impressive. His grasp of the issues within the case, following his meticulous preparation of cases, is plainly obvious to the client and all those in the Court room. He has the ability to instil confidence in his client through his commanding advocacy but also through his empathetic attendance on the client.’
Frida Dahlqvist - KCH Garden Square ‘Frida's forensic attention to detail is second to none and really shines through in complex cases, particularly with a medical element. She is empathetic and thoughtful in working with clients, which makes them feel confident and well represented.’ 
Stephen Abberley3PB ‘Stephen has the ability to analyse a case quickly and effectively. His cross-examination is forensic and incisive. He is always helpful and goes the extra mile in serving a client’s case.’ 
Amy Beddis3PB ‘Amy is pragmatic, methodical and fights for clients. She puts clients at ease and makes them feel that their case is safe in their hands.’ 
Patrick Bowe  - KCH Garden Square ‘Patrick is very patient with clients and always puts extra effort and time into clients who have cognitive difficulties. Patrick is able to easily adapt to the needs of a client and the particular personality of the clients.’  
Thomas Bramall - KCH Garden Square ‘Thomas is very good at explaining complex issues to the client department. He is always very approachable and ensures work is done to a high standard. There is always clear feedback regarding court hearings and the client is aware of the next steps.’  
Nathalie Bull3PB ‘Nathalie is always meticulous in her preparation and presentation of the case with documentation being filed on time, without prompting. She is always available to instruct solicitors to discuss matters arising from the case and to talk though options.’ 
Lucy Clayton - 3PB ‘Lucy is able to absorb all the facts of the case, which really helps reassure the client that she knows their case in detail. She is always well prepared and confident in her cross-examination and submissions to the court.’
Samuel CoeKCH Garden Square ‘Samuel is very good at adapting to the needs of a client and is a very patient person. He makes clients feel that they have been listened to and will make sure every client has understood and is OK before finishing his involvement with them. He is very knowledgeable, and this is always a benefit with clients.’  
Mark CooperSt Ives Chambers ‘Mark is extremely thorough, with an exceptional eye for detail. He is passionate about ensuring the very best outcome for every one of his clients. His client care skills are remarkable, always making sure that the client is at ease. He always remains calm and collected, yet his advocacy is powerful and effective. He is extremely methodical and organised.’ 
Nandini DuttaNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Nandini is a very articulate and thorough advocate. She has real expertise in preparing a case and having detailed knowledge of the issues.’ 
Lucy FaircloughSenate House Chambers ‘Lucy is always well prepared and well researched. She is a balanced and fair advocate, providing practical and technical advice to clients where necessary with accuracy. She is accurate with drafting and is strong and levelheaded in court. She is a safe pair of hands.’  
Matthew FiddySt Ives Chambers ‘Matthew provides clear advice and is down to earth with the clients. He is always well prepared, straight talking and very approachable. He will always discuss the case with clients and take their thoughts and views on board.’ 
Emma Griffiths3PB ‘Emma is clear and concise in her advice - robust and empathetic. She is a very safe pair of hands.’ 
Charlene Henderson – Senate House Chambers ‘Charlene starts from the platform of real hard work, mastery of her papers and good strategy. She is a very good communicator outside and inside the courtroom. She thoroughly gains the trust of a strong-minded client to accept hard advice when necessary or pragmatic for that client’s eventual success.’  
Zoe HenryKCH Garden Square ‘Zoe is very thorough, and her advice is always very clear. She reads everything carefully and provides excellent position statements to address all issues. She is always approachable and her ability to pick up difficulties and consider options to resolve them is outstanding.’ 
Vickie Hodges – St Mary's Chambers ‘Vickie is a very strong and fluent advocate with a good grasp of the law and of the facts in all cases. She commands the attention of the Court and is always confident and robust in dealing with witnesses, particularly expert and professional witnesses. She is focused and realistic in submissions made to the court.’  
Jamal JeffersKCH Garden Square ‘Jamal is an excellent advocate with a thorough and detailed knowledge of the law and legal procedures. He is clear in advice and is able to develop and maintain positive relationships with his clients. Particularly in very emotive situations, he is able to speak to clients at their level and is able to show compassion whilst giving an excellent level of representation.’  
Laura Martin – St Mary’s Chambers ‘Laura thoroughly prepares her cases, pays great attention to detail and really goes the extra mile when it comes to client care.’  
Katie Miller - No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Katie is able to take in large volumes of information quickly, calmly and without any loss of quality. She is outstanding in her ability to take on new matters which are listed very urgently. She is very easy to instruct and will go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done. She is confident in offering advice that raises difficult questions, in the interests of the client.’  
Arrin Nouri - No5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Arrin is incredibly conscientious and hard working. She is thorough and incredibly analytical in her preparation and approach to cases.’  
Oliver Powell Harcourt Chambers 'Oliver is extremely approachable, and his knowledge of the law is exceptional. He is extremely forensic, and his advice is always clear and concise.’   
Gregory RogersSt Ives Chambers 'Gregory is calm in his approach. He is incredibly experienced and well respected by the courts and his peers. He is sought after by instructing solicitors. He places parent clients and professional clients at ease whilst being meticulous in his approach to the law and the case his client wishes him to put.’  
Louise SapsteadKCH Garden Square ‘Louise is an effective communicator and keeps instructing solicitors and clients updated. She has always accommodated hearings, covering on days off, knowing that continuity of counsel is important and very much appreciated by the client and other advocates in the matter. She always remains calm, which is always much appreciated when dealing with a complex matter.’  
Steven VeitchKCH Garden Square 'Steven is a strong and fluent advocate with a good grasp of the law and facts in all cases. He is also confident in dealing with expert and professional witnesses and clear and realistic in submissions made to the court.’  
Hena VissianSenate House Chambers ‘Hena is professional, calm, and polite, she tries to progress cases by getting representatives to speak to each other. She is compassionate with clients but will also be honest about the evidence as she assesses it. She is thorough in her knowledge of a case and the law. She is clear when explaining aspects of a case and when cross-examining. She can be tenacious in her representation when necessary.’
Sian WaldronKCH Garden Square ‘Sian is diligent, articulate, approachable, committed and an excellent advocate. She is well respected by her peers and clients alike. Her case preparation is second to none.’  
Stephen WilliamsSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Stephen is meticulous in his preparation and always has a very tight grip on the case from the outset.   He is precise but approachable and is always willing to offer advice when needed. His cross-examination is incisive and purposeful. He gets on well with his clients and his written work is of the highest quality.’  
Stuart YeungSenate House Chambers ‘Stuart is a diligent and well-prepared barrister who is precise and accurate in court. He has a clean-cut approach and is competent in drafting orders. He can handle complex matters and is well organised in setting up lengthy hearings and preparing witnesses and clients. He has a vast knowledge in this field and has a cool and calm head on his shoulders.’ 

Leading Juniors: Divorce And Financial Remedy

Leisha BondSt Philips Chambers ‘Leisha is a fearless and unapologetically stunning advocate. She misses no detail and will be able to recall one line, on one page of seemingly unimportant medical records and can then use that to the benefit of the case. Her preparation is second to none.’ 
Stephanie BrownNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Stephanie is everything one needs from Counsel. She is reassuring, confident and a robust negotiator. She is thorough in her preparation and leaves no stone unturned in trying to find the key to unlock the case. Clients simply love her approachable personality that travels hand in hand with her unmatched knowledge of the law in her field.’  
Andrew DaySt Ives Chambers ‘Andrew is an absolute detail man. He is bright, and very quickly gets to grips with the facts and issues in a case. He is great in cases involving businesses and understands the details of business accounts and valuation evidence. He is fabulous on his feet, tenacious and eloquent. He ensures that he develops a close working relationship with his instructing solicitors and is respectful at all times of that partnership to make sure he gets the best result for the client.’ 
Michael George3PB 'Michael is an exceptional advocate. He is well prepared and gives clear advice and guidance to clients. He is a safe pair of hands and will fight the client's corner.’ 
Gareth JacquesSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Gareth is a highly competent, well prepared, and eloquent advocate. He has a pleasant client manner and is always prepared to go the extra mile.’ 
Katie LangdonNo5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Katie’s knowledge of family law is no less than brilliant. She is always impeccably prepared and ready to go the extra mile for the client.’ 
Jonathan NosworthySt Philips Chambers ‘Jonathan is always very well prepared and has great manners with clients. He has a great style when he delivers his advocacy and is able to deal with the most difficult opponent or opposition.’ 
Nigel PageSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Nigal is a good advocate who is always well prepared and his attention to detail is excellent.’
Nicholas StarksSt Ives Chambers ‘Nicholas is a superb barrister. He has a keen eye for detail, and encyclopedic knowledge of his papers. He instantly puts clients at ease and gives them confidence in their case, whilst giving honest advice as to what is realistic and achievable. He is formidable in cross-examination and extremely skilled in drawing the court's attention to the best parts of his case.’ 
Juliet AllenSt Philips Chambers ‘Juliet is adept at assimilating complex financial information very fast. She has a fantastic grasp of the issues and is confident when faced with complex calculations. She has no trouble crunching numbers in financial remedy claims and can think fast on her feet.’ 
Aimee Fox3PB ‘Aimee is a barrister who has excellent preparation and attention to detail and fights tirelessly for her clients. She is approachable and is responsive to instructions very promptly when required. She has an excellent rapport with clients and builds trust and confidence from the start of the case with all professionals in the case.’  
Matthew O’GradySt Mary’s Chambers ‘Matthew is very thorough and organised, has a strong breadth of knowledge and confident representation in court setting.  He always provides clear and succinct advice to clients, helping them sort the emotive issues from those issues which are relevant for the purposes of negotiating a settlement or preparing for a hearing.’
James PickenSt Ives Chambers ‘James is highly intelligent, calm, focused and unflappable. He is always steady, provides solid advice and excellent advocacy. He does not need to be aggressive in style to make his points. He is a truly excellent advocate.’
Davinia RileySt Philips Chambers ‘Davinia is an all-round star performer. She works tirelessly for clients and is able to argue their cases robustly while demonstrating a thoughtful and creative approach to problem-solving and negotiation. She very swiftly gets to the heart of her instructions and engages with instructing solicitors before, during and after a hearing to provide invaluable support and advice.’ 
Amy Beddis3PB ‘Amy is always well prepared for her case. She is diligent in her research and will often call to clarify any matters if something in the papers is unclear. She is excellent on her feet and is an excellent advocate who has no issue with arguing difficult cases if circumstances require.’ 
Nathalie Bull3PB ‘Nathalie is an extremely competent and highly skilled barrister who represents clients in an excellent way leading clients to feel confident that their matter is being expertly handled. She also balances this with empathy and support for clients that are going through very challenging personal situations.’ 
Victoria EdmondsSt Philips ChambersVictoria is smart and practical as well as being open to discussion on the correct legal and strategic path to follow.

Rising Stars: Child Law (Public And Private)

Ben ChapmanKCH Garden Square ‘Ben has a great manner with clients and always gives a full note of the hearing and quickly updates following hearing.’ 
Rebecca CrossSt Ives Chambers ‘Rebecca is a skilled and persuasive advocate. She is totally dedicated to her clients and achieves fantastic results through her calm and sensible approach. Her preparation is impeccable, with meticulous attention to detail.’ 
Naomi DeanNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Naomi is always fully prepared and builds a strong rapport with the client from the outset. Her approachable manner immediately puts clients. She is robust but fair and not afraid to challenge an unfair decision or an unreasonable opponent. She delivers sensible advice and thinks of solutions ‘out of the box’ to obtain the very best outcome for her clients.’ 
Charlie Fikry – St Mary’s Chambers ‘Charlie is well prepared, honest, and reliable. He is extremely skilled at communicating with vulnerable clients.’  
Holly Hilbourne-GollopSt Ives Chambers ‘Holly is an extremely robust and capable advocate. She prepares meticulously and is very reassuring with clients. She is a very safe pair of hands.’ 
William HorwoodSt Philips Chambers ‘William is a very good counsel who advises the client and puts the client's case even if the views of the client go against the advice which has been provided. He is very good at meeting the client's expectations and very good at putting the client's case across.’  
Marie Huggins - KCH Garden Square ‘Marie empathises with the clients in a very understanding manner but is quick to give hard and tough advice where needed. She is very thorough, organised, and very well prepared. She is very client focused and keen to do all she can for her clients.’ 
Malvika Jaganmohan - St Ives Chambers ‘Malvika is very strong on the technical side of matters, presenting strong and well-constructed skeleton arguments on difficult points of law, but also with respect to her advocacy.’
Olivia Whitworth - No5 Barristers’ Chambers  ‘Olivia is calm under pressure, is able to simplify matters and takes a professional approach to cases. She always has the best interests of the child in the forefront of her mind. Her advocacy is excellent, and her negotiation skills are first rate.’ 

Family and children law in Regional Bar

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Chambers  is a ‘stellar set renowned for the quality of its advocates’. Stefano Nuvoloni KC has extensive experience in the Court of Protection and an ‘exceptional eye for detail’. ‘Determined and astute advocate’ Kristina Brown has particular interest in public law cases and represents local authorities, parents, extended family members and children throughout the family court. ‘Very bright and astute advocate’ Katie Langdon ’s practice focuses on finance and private children law and has been known to ‘get positive results repeatedly for clients’. Rising star Naomi Dean is described as ‘conscientious, thorough, and well organised’.



‘No5 is an excellent and well-run chamber with good strength and depth.’ 

‘No5 has a superb depth in counsel who are willing to assist and go the extra mile for you.’ 

‘No5 is a strong, hardworking, the chambers have a breadth of experience.’ ‘Excellent team- good strength in depth.’ 

‘No5 Chambers has excellent quality in depth at all levels of experience.’ 

‘No5 are always welcoming and offer a wide range of counsel at all levels.’ 

‘No 5 are a strong Midlands Chambers – their real strength is children work.’ 

‘No5 offers an excellent wide choice of barristers in the family law field.’ 

‘No5 Chambers is a large set and offer high calibre advocates, all of whom are also friendly, approachable, and work collaboratively with other professionals.’ 

‘A strong set with established well regarded practitioners.’ 


‘Adam Wadley is so helpful and has moved mountains to ensure a client is well represented if the booked counsel goes part heard. He knows his barristers and can recommend the right person for the matter.’ 

‘The clerks are extremely helpful and accommodating where possible. They are quite rightly a well-regarded set in the West Midlands. Adam Wadley is excellent and will always do what he can to ensure matters proceed smoothly.’ 

‘The clerks are knowledgeable and accommodating they are always keen to help.’ 

‘No5 clerks are excellent. They go above and beyond in providing a service to instructing solicitors.’ 

‘The clerks are always helpful, especially Adam Wadley. Very clear on fees and quick response to any questions.’ 

St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers is a ‘consistently strong chamber’ with ‘a set of reliable and skilled barristers’. Elizabeth Isaacs KC is a ‘formidable advocate with great attention to detail’ who formerly worked as a child protection social worker with substantial expertise in all areas of public and private child law. ‘Consummate professional’ Andrew Day has extensive experience of dealing with financial disputes between separating spouses, civil partners, and unmarried couples. Tom Harrill is known for his ‘excellent position statements and skeleton arguments’ and specialises in matters related to children. Rising star Malvika Jaganmohan is described as an ‘all-round, reliable, and knowledgeable barrister’ who acts in all matters of family law.



‘An excellent team of family counsel, who are able to support each other when required to provide a specialist service. They are accessible and work well with a client as part of the team from the outset of the case.’ 

‘St. Ives is a first call on family matters and is able to provide a wide variety of options often at short notice.’ 

‘A high calibre of barristers available at the set.’ 

‘St Ives have a broad range of barristers available to deal with children act cases often at competitive prices which can be key for clients who do not have access to significant resources.’

‘St. Ives is a ‘go to’ chambers when instruction of counsel is necessary. It is comprise of a number of excellent barristers and is able to train barristers quite quickly to be able to be competently on their feet.’

‘St Ives Chambers is an excellent chamber who always works hard to assist. It has strong set of Barristers to cater for all types of cases.’

‘Chambers offers a variety of barristers to suit any level of need whether a simple further case management hearing, through to contested removal and complex fact find hearings. Their training is detailed and covers a broad range of issues.’


‘Excellent clerking team, who are responsive and sensitive to our and our client’s needs.’

‘Nick Burdon is efficient and helpful.’

‘All the Clerks at St Ives offer a fantastic service. However, Nick Burdon is one of those clerks who goes above and beyond on a regular basis to assist.’

‘All the clerks are helpful and always respond to queries. Asma Akhtar is always willing to go that extra mile.’

‘The clerks always seem very informative and approachable. Asma Akhtar is very helpful and does her best to meet our needs.’

‘Asma Akhtar is very efficient and quickly responds to queries.’

‘The clerks are always happy to help and very reasonable on fees.’ 

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers offers ‘great depth and breadth of experience of counsel’ across the entire range of family proceedings at every level of court. Sara Lewis KC is ‘immensely hard working and determined’ and handles many serious family law cases and proceedings in the High Court. Christopher Adams is a ‘tenacious and well-prepared advocate’ who regularly handles cases involving serious and medically complex injuries to children. Rising star William Horwood is an ‘incredibly articulate advocate’ and is frequently instructed in difficult cases related to child death and abuse. Jack Redmond was appointed to the circuit bench in August 2022.



‘The barristers dealing with Public Law Children Act cases in this set and in the local area are excellent.’ 

‘Chambers has a good family team, with a broad breath of expertise and experience.’ 

‘Chambers has a strong set of family counsel, with a broad breath of expertise and experience.’ 

‘The chambers is excellent. It is always happy to help and try to accommodate with urgent hearings at short notice. It offers an excellent training facility and timely responses to queries.’ 

‘St Philips is a strong and innovative team which has consistently produced real leaders in the field. They have a number of star talents who will reach the very top of the profession.’ 

‘St Philips Chambers are simply excellent. Their strength lies not only in the variety of family law barristers they have available but also in their ability to anticipate and solve problems before they arise.’ 

‘St Philips offers great depth and breadth of experience of counsel re childcare matters from junior/ senior junior and leading counsel.’ 


‘Good supportive clerking from Mark Mansell and Anthony Burgess.’ 

‘Really excellent, good efficient, knowledgeable clerks who know the barrister in the set really well.’ 

‘The clerks are helpful and knowledgeable about the strengths of the barristers. They will work hard to match the right person for the job. Mark Mansell leads a good team and is always responsive.’ 

‘The service is excellent. The clerks are always helpful and honest about availability and capacity of counsel. They work hard to match counsel with the case rather than just offering any available barrister.’ 

‘The clerks room provides quick and efficient service with queries being responded to in minutes. Kelly Fullwood and Mark Mansell are approachable, responsive, and accommodating. They always offer counsel with appropriate level of experience or seniority to match the needs of the brief.’ 

Harcourt Chambers

Harcourt Chambers is a ‘strong set at all levels specialising in family law with a particular niche in international family law’. John Vater KC is described as a ‘fearsome and committed advocate’ who recently won a conflict of jurisdictions case in the High Court. Aidan Vine KC is ‘highly experienced and knowledgeable’ and acts in both matrimonial finance and children’s cases, often with an international element. Matthew Brookes-Baker recently handled a High Court case involving the tragic injury and death of a child caused by co-sleeping with the parents. Alex Forbes is ‘robust, determined, and detail oriented’ and practices in all aspects of family law, both children and financial.



‘A strong set of chambers with a good national reputation.’ 

‘Excellent senior barristers, especially in children and matrimonial finance.’ 

‘Chambers is always punctual in responding to enquiries and incredibly helpful throughout the case.’ 

‘Harcourt Chambers is an exceptional set of chambers who offer excellent service. Their knowledge is invaluable, and their barristers are a hard act to follow.’

‘The set is very well endowed with an excellent body of counsel in the field of children law and have an ability to select team members of high quality so that, if counsel of initial choice is not available, chambers is able to field counsel who are well able to accept the brief, no matter how short their call may be.’


‘Excellent, the clerks are adept at pulling rabbits out of hats when short notice hearings are required. There is never a complaint when there are problems created by part-heard matters and they are administratively thorough chasing briefs/papers well in advance.’

‘The clerks are always helpful. Matthew Molloy in particular is extremely prompt in his responses and will always try and assist where he can.’

‘Clerks are extremely supportive and helpful. Always happy to go that extra mile for us and the client.’

‘Jessica Keen is excellent and will respond to any query quickly.’

‘The body of clerks is very helpful and resourceful and will always do their utmost to support instructing solicitors, no matter how urgent or seemingly impossible the task is.’ 

Senate House Chambers

Senate House Chambers has a ‘strong team at all levels of seniority’ and is well known for its ‘forward looking and modern ethos’. The chambers is led by ‘highly experienced’ Lianne Murphy who has more than two decades experience in complex care proceedings. Michelle Christie’s ‘knowledge of procedural and black letter law is fantastic’ and she has a wealth of experience in cases involving infant deaths, near fatal injuries and allegedly fabricated illness. Hannah Mettam is renowned for her expertise in handling cases related to serious injuries to children and child deaths.



‘Senate House Chambers is a go-to chamber. It has a wealth of experienced and excellent advocates.’ 

‘All the barristers in chambers are specialists in their fields. They all carry out complex work in all areas of family and childcare law. They are always readily available to provide the support, advice and assistance required. They always go above and beyond for their clients. They will always try and provide consistency where they can with counsel. They deliver great training to solicitors.’ 

‘The set is full of talent and very progressive. It has a range of experienced and effective advocates who make a difference to cases and to their clients.’ 

‘Good set with generally good quality barristers.’ 

‘Chambers are extremely helpful and most of the time are able to offer counsel when required.’ 

‘Senate House has a wide variety of Counsel with different expertise to meet a range of needs. They always go out of their way to make Counsel available for you and to help out, especially when hearings are listed urgently.’ 


‘The clerks are extremely helpful and respond quickly to any query.’ ‘The clerks are very helpful and accommodating. They always respond promptly to enquiries.’ 

‘Clerks are always willing to help and support their solicitors and will always try to re-arrange the diaries where they can help at short notice.’ 

‘The clerks are extremely helpful and always have the most up to date information to hand. Their responses to queries for counsel are always prompt, clear and concise.’ 

‘The clerks are very helpful and will try their best to assist and find cover for hearings and ensure that all paperwork for counsel is available.’

‘The clerks are incredibly knowledgeable, polite and always respond quickly.’ 

St Mary's Chambers

St Mary’s Chambers is the ‘go-to chambers for clients in care proceedings’ with ‘a great number of skilled and completely dependable advocates’. Judy Claxton practices exclusively in public law cases, acting for local authorities, parents, and guardians, with particular expertise in cases of complex serious injury or allegations of sexual abuse. Sara Davis is ‘a remarkable counsel’ and represented an adoptive mother who had been a foster carer for over 40 children, against allegations of emotional, physical and sexual harm. ‘Highly competent and eloquent advocate’ Gareth Jacques and ‘expert cross-examiner’ Nigel Page practice exclusively in financial remedies and TOLATA applications.



‘St Mary’s Chambers is an excellent set of chambers with a wide range of very experienced counsel.’ 

‘A strong set with a number of heavy weights.’ 

‘Chambers has many high calibre barristers specialising in all aspects of family law. The set provides extremely helpful monthly case law updates in relation to both private and public law in addition to comprehensive articles on new legislation or complex areas of law.’ 

‘Chambers offers many counsels of varying years of call. This is ‘go to’ chambers as a first port of call.’ 

‘Excellent chambers with strong counsel across all levels.’ 


‘The clerking team are always very helpful in responding to enquiries in a timely manner and if counsel of choice is not available alternative counsel is usually offered.’ 

‘The clerks work extremely hard to ensure that their barristers can accommodate the various hearings whether they are urgent or some distance away.’ 

‘The clerks are available the majority of the time. They are very quick to respond to emails and will attempt to shuffle around counsel’s availability to accommodate a matter.’ 

‘Scott Baldwin is great; all the clerks are very helpful.’ 

‘Excellent clerks. Scott Baldwin in particular is very helpful and hard-working.’ 

‘The clerks at St. Mary’s are efficient, approachable, and accommodating.’ 

Work highlights


    3PB is the ‘go-to chambers for family work with a good range of practitioners from junior through to silks’. Elizabeth McGrath KC has more than three decades’ experience in family law and is ‘an exceptional cross-examiner’. The team is led by the ‘skilled and always thoroughly prepared’.  Vanessa Meachin KC who handles a mix of care, adoption, matrimonial finance, and private law children’s cases. Michael George is experienced at handling big money financial remedy cases.



    ‘Really good set with depth of experience from KC to able juniors. Set able to manage complex and lengthy cases.’

    ‘3PB is an excellent set of chambers. They also provide excellent training.’

    ‘The set as a whole provides an excellent service with a wealth of knowledge and high calibre barristers.’

    ‘A quality set of chambers with strength and depth in the quality of advocates available. Counsel is very friendly and down to earth.’

    ‘3PB chambers is fantastic. They always have good availability of counsel and have a very strong set.’

    ‘The set covers a whole range of disciplines, and every member has a very high calibre. They are generous with their training programmes for solicitors too.’


    ‘Clerks efficient, available and offer realistic alternatives if counsel goes part heard or not available.’

    ‘The clerks are always really helpful and respond quickly to any enquiries.’

    ‘The clerks always do their best to fit the right barrister to the particular case. They are mindful of budgets, having a selection of barristers to suggest from the junior end up to Queen’s Counsel.’

    ‘The clerks are all very knowledgeable and helpful.’

    ‘The clerks are very professional and efficient. They are responsive and assist in ensuring counsel have all necessary information/ papers.’ 

    KCH Garden Square

    KCH Garden Square is a ‘set comprising of many helpful and able barristers’ with a ‘strong family and child contingent’. ‘Pragmatic and honest advocate’ Moira Ashton-Walsh comes from a psychology background and specialises in private children law matters. James Cleary focuses on public children law, acting for local authorities and is well renowned for ‘his persuasive arguments and detailed written work’. Rising star Marie Huggins garners praise for her ‘high attention to detail’ and is often instructed in complex cases involving allegations of non-accidental injuries, substance misuse, emotional abuse, and chronic neglect.



    ‘Approachable chambers with good availability of counsel.’

    ‘Chambers has a wide range of barristers available. They always try their best to facilitate client needs and offer a high standard of service.’

    ‘KCH Garden Square is a great set of chambers. Their barristers are always helpful in their approach and knowledgeable in respect of care proceedings, including some of the more niche/nuanced issues that can arise.’

    ‘The set as a whole has a wide variety of counsel across expertise levels.’

    ‘KCH Garden Square is an experienced set of chambers with very experienced counsel. Availability for counsel is good.’


    ‘Clerks are always very professional, and responses are in a timely manner.’

    ‘The clerks are extremely approachable and provide timely responses to queries.’

    ‘The clerks communicate well and are efficient. They always go to great lengths to meet the needs of the firm / client.’

    ‘The clerks are approachable and efficient. They always try to accommodate requests and communicate well.’

    ‘The clerks are generally swift to respond to enquiries and professional.’