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Leading Silks

Richard Clayton QC - Kings ChambersA brilliant advocate with an extraordinary ability to quickly digest voluminous papers in complex cases.

Leading Juniors

Abid Mahmood - No5 Barristers ChambersHighly experienced in judicial review proceedings.
Nabila Mallick - No5 Barristers ChambersHighly skilled and efficient, particularly with difficult clients.

Administrative and public law (including civil liberties and human rights) in Regional Bar

Kings Chambers

Kings Chambers houses experienced public law silk Richard Clayton QC, whose recent work has included several Privy Council appeals from Trinidad and Tobago, such as Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago Maharaj, which concerned the composition of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission and whether the appointment of more than one retired judge to the commission is permitted.

No5 Barristers Chambers

No5 Barristers Chambers' public law offering in the Midlands includes prominent cases in the field of civil liberties and human rights. Abid Mahmood handles national security cases, as well as judicial reviews in relation to social services decisions, the latter of which is an area also covered by Nabila Mallick.