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Leading Silks

Richard Glover KCFrancis Taylor Building ‘Richard’s opinion work is always first class, informed by his wealth of experience as well as knowledge of the economic and valuation aspects at play. Solicitors also find him responsive and collaborative in his approach.’      
James Goudie KC11KBWHis knowledge and experience are abundantly clear, and this no doubt contributes to his ability to provide not only technically astute advice, but also practical guidance on how best to approach a particular issue. He is approachable and responsive.'      
Dan Kolinsky KCLandmark ChambersAn excellent advocate at every level from the Valuation Tribunal to the Supreme Court, coupled with detailed knowledge and understanding of the law of rating. Also very good with clients and approachable in consultation. Excellent all round.’      
Peter Oldham KC11KBW ‘Incredibly client focused, understanding the challenges that face local authorities whilst at the same time providing very sound legal advice at pace.'
Philip Coppel KCCornerstone BarristersVery clever and very good at explaining matters to the lay client. He has a masterly overview and command of many-stranded matters.
David Forsdick KCLandmark Chambers ‘David is a clear and forceful advocate and has a great ability to cut through detail and get to the heart of the legal issue. Clients appreciate his direct approach and strategic insights on the case.'        
Sarah Hannett Matrix Chambers 'Sarah is very thorough and conscientious. She produces high quality work and does so within agreed timescales.'
Fenella Morris KC39 Essex ChambersExcellent legal knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the public sector decision making framework. She provides pragmatic advice which clients understand. This enables clients to deal with the real world problems and find solutions.' 
Tim Mould KCLandmark Chambers ‘When Tim is on his feet, they listen, and once the judges are listening Tim then develops his analysis of the facts and law to powerful effect.’
Kelvin Rutledge KCCornerstone BarristersKelvin is the alchemist of legal complexity and dedication – his ability to condense globalised legal complexities into entirely digestible and persuasive nutrition for judges is exquisite.
Timothy Straker KC4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareHis strengths are that he is knowledgeable, intellectual and personable – and the clarity of his advice.
David Wolfe KCMatrix ChambersDavid is great on his feet. When you enter court you know he knows all the facts of the case inside out. He robustly defends the case when challenged, but is also able to provide killer points during the case.
Tim Buley KCLandmark ChambersA great advocate, strategic, very clever with good client manner.
Richard Drabble KC - Landmark ChambersRichard is a mastery of the subject.
James Findlay KCCornerstone BarristersJames’ attention to detail is second to none and always responds to queries immediately. He is a go to KC for any local government matter. Quite simply a fantastic legal mind.
Jonathan Moffett KC - 11KBWJonathan is approachable, pragmatic and practical in his application of the law.
Jenni Richards KC - 39 Essex ChambersThe go-to silk for anything that requires thinking outside the box and imaginative legal argument. She has a really broad practice that gives a great understanding of any area of law.
Andrew Sharland KC - 11KBWIn advocacy, Andrew has the ability to grasp the most intricate of details and focus on the salient factors without losing his audience. His advice is exceptional and his knowledge base in specific disciplines appears to have no parameter.
David Travers KC  – Gough Square Chambers ‘David provides clients with timely and detailed advice in what is a complex legal area.’      

2021 Silks

Richard Honey KC - Francis Taylor Building 'Commercial approach, very detailed, provides a clear direction early on in the case.'

2023 Silks

Kuljit Bhogal KCCornerstone BarristersKuljit’s knowledge and expertise in antisocial behaviour has been the driving force behind solving difficult issues for local authorities.’
Guy Williams KCLandmark Chambers 'Guy is an exceptionally diligent and thoughtful barrister, with utterly reliable judgement that is founded upon unfailingly careful consideration of the subject matter of the case.

Leading Juniors

Hugh FlanaganFrancis Taylor Building ‘A very talented barrister and a pleasant opponent to litigate against, Hugh is one of HMRC's go-to panel counsel for rating work in the VTE and Upper Tribunal.'       
Jane Oldham11KBW ‘Jane very quickly grasps not only the legal issues involved in the case but also the political sensitivities surrounding the issue. Her advice both in telephone conference and in her following note was clear and authoritative.’      
Cain OrmondroydFrancis Taylor Building ‘He is precise, succinct and always professional, and knowledgeable with an ability to take into account commercial aspects, and attentive to client needs.'  
Jacqueline LeanLandmark Chambers ‘Jacqueline impresses with her ability to digest information on complex issues and provide clear, concise advice in a tight timeframe.'
Jonathan Manning4-5 Gray’s Inn Square ‘Very strong advocate, makes his arguments very clearly. He is unflappable and has a good sense of humour which makes him a pleasure to work with.'
Genevieve Screeche-PowellField Court Chambers ‘Very experienced and knowledgeable barrister with a real knack for finding the winning point.'
Vivienne Sedgley4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareVivienne can accurately assess the detail of complex and voluminous information, including complex development agreements.'
Leon GlenisterLandmark Chambers ‘Leon is extremely efficient and bright. He has an excellent manner with clients, immediately putting them at ease.'      
Steve Broach – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Steve is a go to barrister of choice for challenges to local authorities and government departments. His near encyclopedic knowledge of education and social care law means that his work is always to an exceptional standard, both in terms of written work and on his feet.’
Jonathan Darby – 39 Essex Chambers ‘Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, determined and passionate, and these all come across quite clearly in his advocacy.’
Michael Fry  – Francis Taylor Building 'He combines a tremendous intellect with exceptional knowledge well beyond his call and his tactical and strategic nous is extremely impressive. He has a fantastic manner with clients.'  

Rising Stars

Jen Coyne11KBWHighly intelligent with sound judgement. Very thorough and well structured work.
Leo Davidson11KBWLeo is forensic and gets into the detail and history of matters, particularly where they concern technical legal points or matters of statutory interpretation.’
Matthew LewinCornerstone BarristersHe has great expertise and knowledge and a broad local government practice.
Luke WilcoxLandmark ChambersLuke is a rare talent and he has a wonderful technical brain whilst still being personable and easy to work with, which clients love. Definitely one to watch in the rating world.

Local government (including rating law) in London Bar


11KBWspecialises in the areas of law related to local authority functions‘. Andrew Sharland KC, who ‘has the ability to grasp the most intricate of details‘ led in T W Logistics Ltd v Essex County Council, a Supreme Court challenge to Essex County Council’s decision to register part of an industrial port as a Village Green, a key case this year regarding the use of land. Jonathan Auburn KC advised on a local authority on examining whether a local authority meetings could be held remotely. On the advisory side, ‘highly intelligent‘ barrister Jen Coyne recently advised Rank Leisure on a novel point of law in relation to local authority byelaw powers.



‘Top local government set at the bar.’      

’11KBW are one of the “go to” chambers for local government lawyers. They specialise in the areas of law related to local authority functions and have a track record of giving good, precise and timely advice.’      

‘Good strength in depth.’


‘Communication is efficient and timely.’      

‘The clerks are responsive and personable. They understand the issues on which advice is needed are always able to find appropriate counsel to advise within requested time frames.’      

‘The clerks room at 11KBW are always very responsive, and have very good relationships with counsel and instructing solicitors alike. They are reasonable, realistic and co-operative when agreeing timescales and fee rates and quotes, taking into account the nature of the end client.’

Cornerstone Barristers

Considered a ‘ go-to set for local government property law issues’ by one client, Cornerstone Barristers barristers represent over 300 local authorities, often in judicial reviews. Local government specialist Kelvin Rutledge KC has a wide ranging practice and has appeared in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in the past year for social housing related issues. On the junior side, Andrew Lane recently acted in Stephen Gleeson v Welwyn Hatfield BC, a case which hinged on a novel argument relating to intentional homelessness.



Cornerstone are my go-to set for local government property law issues.’      

‘Very strong on public law generally, particularly local government.’ 

‘Good strength in depth of cover.’


‘They continue to offer a great service.’

‘Very helpful and understand public sector.’      

‘Clerks as always are exemplary; they are personable and efficient, providing a prompt service and are always willing to help. Daniel Gatt rates a mention. He has proven invaluable identifying the appropriate counsel to instruct on a number of local authority matters.’      

Landmark Chambers

Local government finance is an area of strength for Landmark Chambers. One member heavily active in this area is Dan Kolinsky KC, ‘an excellent advocate at every level from the Valuation Tribunal to the Supreme Court.’ He recently represented Nuffield Health in Nuffield Health v London Borough of Merton, a case hinging on whether a fitness centre which operates as a charity is eligible for charitable rates relief. The set acts for many of the UK’s largest city and county councils, and James Maurici KC counts many as clients. Galina Ward KC also represented the former Mayor of Liverpool in R (Anderson) v Liverpool City Council, a challenge against Liverpool County Council’s refusal to grant an indemnity against defense costs in criminal proceedings regarding allegations about his time in office.



‘An excellent array of both leaders and juniors in this field.’

‘Great strength in depth at Landmark Chambers is respect of non-domestic rating.’

‘Landmark have the strongest bench for rating in the country which is backed up by user friendly clerking and support. Landmark in general and Dan in particular contribute excellent thought leadership to the profession.’      


‘Clerks are all very helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure that the client is happy. Mark Ball is a particular stand out clerk, very personable and efficient.’      

‘They work extremely hard and come back to us very quickly. They work hard to identify other options if the chosen barrister is not available.’      

‘Very good service and responsiveness.’

4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Vivienne Sedgley is one of the ‘excellent selection of barristers dealing with local government law‘ at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square. Another is ‘market leader on electoral lawTimothy Straker KC, whose local government practice complements his elections practice. He recently led an important Supreme Court case, acting for the City of London in City of London v Various Leaseholders of Great Arthur House, an appeal regarding who is responsible for funding the replacement of cladding in blocks of flats in Corporation of London near the Barbican. This is an example of the many cases dealing with the role of local authorities in providing state benefits and the related human rights arguments.



‘4-5 Grays Inn Square have an excellent selection of barristers dealing with local government law at all levels.’      

‘Good all round strength in depth.’


‘The clerks at 4-5 Grays Inn Square and friendly, approachable and, most importantly, understand the needs of local government lawyers.’

‘Very helpful clerks who have offered us great support particularly over the last few years.’

‘The clerks at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square are helpful and willing to assist at short notice , often arranging conferences with counsel at very short notice.’      

Work highlights

    Francis Taylor Building

    Francis Taylor Building has a strong local government law practice which comprises areas such as compulsory purchase and compensation, local government finance, council tax, rating, highways, public health, community care, and standards in local government. A key junior in rating and council tax related matters is Cain Ormondroyd who specialises in these two areas. A highlight of his from the past year was an application of charitable relief from rating to a private members gym and swimming pool. When it comes to compulsory purchase and compensation related work, accredited mediator Richard Glover KC is a name to note.



    ‘They have a strong niche in rating law.’

    ‘The quality of barristers is incredibly high.’


    ‘Very efficient and responsive administration. A particular mention for Paul Coveney who is always helpful and responsive.’