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Leading Silks

Richard Glover QC - Francis Taylor BuildingRichard is immensely knowledgeable and diligent with a fantastic ability to grasp detail. He is a first rate advocate. A pleasure to work with.
James Goudie QC - 11KBWA brilliant, versatile silk. He is able to explain complex concepts simply in clear, concise advice.
Dan Kolinsky QC - Landmark ChambersDan is excellent. Super knowledgeable, approachable, and a real team player. There is nothing he does not know about business rates, really understand all aspects, is very bright and a pleasure to work with.
Peter Oldham QC - 11KBWAn extremely knowledgeable and persuasive advocate.
Ranjit Bhose QC - Cornerstone BarristersAn excellent and well-respected silk.
Charles Bourne QC11KBWHis strengths are depth of knowledge and clear and focused advice. An impressive advocate who is very quick on his feet.
Philip Coppel QC - Cornerstone BarristersVery clever and very good at explaining matters to the lay client. He has a masterly overview and command of many-stranded matters.
David Forsdick QC - Landmark ChambersDavid has a rare ability to cut through complex rating law questions and get to the crux of the issue at hand. Clients appreciate his clear, direct advice and his thorough grasp of the facts of the case which allow him to quickly respond on his feet.
Fenella Morris QC - 39 Essex ChambersGreat on complex, cutting-edge high-profile cases, and an excellent advocate with good leadership skills.
Tim Morshead QC - Landmark ChambersHe is excellent.
Tim Mould QCLandmark ChambersTim has top-class knowledge, skills and experience in rating matters. He brings to the table calm and skilful analysis.
Timothy Straker QC - 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareHis strengths are that he is knowledgeable, intellectual and personable - and the clarity of his advice.
David Wolfe QCMatrix ChambersDavid is great on his feet. When you enter court you know he knows all the facts of the case inside out. He robustly defends the case when challenged, but is also able to provide killer points during the case.
Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersA great advocate, stratgetic, very clever with good client manner.
Richard Drabble QC - Landmark ChambersRichard is a mastery of the subject.
James Findlay QC - Cornerstone BarristersJames' attention to detail is second to none and always responds to queries immediately. He is my go to QC for any local government matter. Quite simply a fantastic legal mind.
Jonathan Moffett QC - 11KBWJonathan is approachable, pragmatic and practical in his application of the law.
Jenni Richards QC - 39 Essex ChambersThe go-to silk for anything that requires thinking outside the box and imaginative legal argument. She has a really broad practice that gives a great understanding of any area of law.
Kelvin Rutledge QC - Cornerstone BarristersKelvin is the alchemist of legal complexity and dedication - his ability to condense globalised legal complexities into entirely digestible and persuasive nutrition for judges is exquisite.
Andrew Sharland QC - 11KBWIn advocacy, Andrew has the ability to grasp the most intricate of details and focus on the salient factors without losing his audience. His advice is exceptional and his knowledge base in specific disciplines appears to have no parameter.
Charles Banner QC - Keating ChambersVery knowledgeable and easy to work with, he listens and provides clear and concise feedback.

2020 Silks

David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersDeep knowledge of the law coupled with a forensic mind.

2021 Silks

Richard Honey QCFrancis Taylor BuildingA tenacious and detailed practitioner who leaves no stone unturned. Always willing to roll sleeves up as part of the project team – will set out parameters and risks with a view to reaching a negotiated solution.
Jonathan Auburn QC11KBWHe works well in a team and is very commercial.

2022 Silks

Joanne Clement QC - 11KBWJo is extremely quick on the uptake and strategic. She is able to analyse the key legal issues and take you to the key issues which are at the heart of the strategy.
Galina Ward QC - Landmark ChambersVery calm, thorough, good with clients. Good at gauging prospects.

Leading Juniors

Hugh Flanagan - Francis Taylor BuildingHugh is a real technical expert, writes beautifully and delivers thorough work on time.
Jane Oldham - 11KBWAn extremely knowledgeable and persuasive advocate.
Cain Ormondroyd - Francis Taylor BuildingHe is incredibly knowledgeable in this field and provides an excellent service both on paper and in court. He is a very thorough in his advices and is an impressive and confident advocate.
Guy Williams - Landmark ChambersGuy is an exceptionally diligent and thoughtful barrister, with utterly reliable judgement that is founded upon unfailingly careful consideration of the subject matter of the case.
Jonathan Auburn - 11KBWHe works well in a team and is very commercial.
Kuljit Bhogal - Cornerstone BarristersVery helpful in terms of helping the council to prepare its case. Good at dealing with all the witnesses involved in the case. A fine advocate.
Tom Cross - 11KBWHe is very bright and easy to work with. His written and oral advocacy is always of the highest standard.
Robin Green - Cornerstone BarristersHe is professional and supportive with an understanding of the challenges officers face in local government. He is able to grasp the issues of a case quickly and advise accordingly.
Jacqueline Lean - Landmark ChambersShe is confident, approachable and provides great assistance.
Jonathan Manning - 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareVery good advocate, clear and concise, always to the point. Very good with clients humorous and calm.
Sarah Sackman - Matrix Chambers ‘Sarah has a really good feel for local government law. She combines strong public law expertise with a very solid understanding of how local authorities work in practice.
Genevieve Screeche-Powell - Field Court ChambersShe is very approachable, understanding, tells you how it is and what to do. Genevieve finds a solution to the problem.
Vivienne Sedgley - 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareShe has excellent advocacy skills.
Christopher Baker4-5 Gray’s Inn SquareChristopher is well versed in his specialist area of practice. He brings a concise and problem solving approach to any matter upon which he is asked to advise. His advice is always focussed and he provides sensible and workable solutions.
Shomik Datta - Cornerstone BarristersHe is intellectually sharp and able to cut through the waffle and arguments to get to the crux of the matter and communicate the relevant issues to the client and the court in a straight forward way regardless of the complexity of the matter.
Leon Glenister - Landmark ChambersA great communicator, he is clear and concise in his writing style and orally. Excellent advocate. His client care is first class, too.

Rising Stars

Jen Coyne11KBWHighly intelligent with sound judgement. Very thorough and well structured work. No perceived weakness.
Matthew Lewin - Cornerstone BarristersHe has great expertise and knowledge and a broad local government practice.
Luke Wilcox - Landmark ChambersLuke is a rare talent and he has a wonderful technical brain whilst still being personable and easy to work with, which clients love. Definitely one to watch in the rating world.

Local government (including rating law) in London Bar

The local government prong of this section primarily focusses on issues of governance, powers, and standards in public life – at their most extreme, matters involving proposed mergers of local authorities. This section also includes rating law – the calculation of a property’s value for the purpose of business rates, a vital source of income for local authorities – for both HMRC and ratepayers. Work concerning the provision of services by local authorities such as social housing, education, Court of Protection and community care, and planning law, are covered in their own sections and this table does not seek to duplicate them. Likewise, many counsel ranked in other sections advise local authorities on matters within their areas of expertise.


11KBW ‘remains the blue chip, go-to public law set for local authorities‘. Joanne Clement QC, unled, appeared for the Secretary of State for Education in In the matter of T(A Child) before the Supreme Court, in a test case concerning issues of shortages of places in secure accommodation. Elsewhere, Jonathan Auburn QC successfully defended the London Borough of Hackney in a challenge to special needs funding plans, while Andrew Sharland QC and Jonathan Moffett QC acted for Lambeth Council in a challenge to whether compensation must be paid by the local authority when school land is transferred from an Academy Trust to the local authority.



‘The ‘go to’ set for all public law issues.’

’11 KBW remain the blue chip go to public law set for local authorities.’

’11 KBW offers the public sector considerable expertise in a range of public law issues.’


‘The clerks are helpful , responsive , informed and timely in their response to enquiries.’

Cornerstone Barristers

Noted for its ‘excellent strength in depth in most, if not all, areas of local government and public sector law‘, Cornerstone Barristers is a prominent set in social housing, community care, planning, licensing, electoral law and environmental law matters. Matthew Feldman joined from 42 Bedford Row, bringing expertise in business rates, housing and judicial review law. Ranjit Bhose QC represented Hertsmere BC in a Court of Appeal decision concerning the circumstances in which local authorities may retrospectively ratify previous unlawful decisions. Matt Hutchings QC continues to act for LB Camden in The West End Project (a transport scheme in Bloomsbury, the headline aspect of which is to ban motor cars from Tottenham Court Road), in a statutory challenge brought by United Trade Action Group and Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association.



‘They are always our first choice for both quality and value for money.’

‘I have always found Cornerstone to be a very good, intellectually sharp set of chambers. You feel there is a good level of knowledge and expertise available at chambers.’


‘The clerks are all very good and easy to deal with. Sam Collins is always helpful and engaging.’

‘All the clerks are competent and helpful.’

‘Always friendly and accommodating – the Clerks do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it.’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers ‘is pre-eminent in the field‘. Members have expertise in all local government functions, and the set houses ‘most of the active rating law specialists‘. Leon Glenister is defending West Hampshire CCG in a High Court judicial review brought by Surrey County Council, challenging the CCG’s decision whether two individuals are entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare – an important case concerning the divide between financial responsibilities for a local authority and the NHS. Ratings specialist David Forsdick QC acted for Exeter City Council in a test case on the rating of local authority buildings, which raised multiple significant questions on the issue of application of rating principles in circumstances not being used for commercial purposes (in this case, a museum).



‘The strongest set in non-domestic rating matters, offering a range of excellent leaders.’

‘The quality of barristers at all levels is extremely high.’

‘Premier set in CPO/DCO/Planning/Highways sector. Good clerks. Responsive. Excellent choice of counsel and availability always guaranteed.’


‘The clerks are good and easy to deal with. Ben Connor is particularly helpful.’

‘Good experience of all of the clerks – always responsive and helpful. Bill King and Ben Connor particularly noteworthy – when I contact them, they always remember you and go that extra mile to assist.’

4-5 Gray's Inn Square

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square is ‘reliable and always well prepared in the areas of housing, public law and administrative law ‘. The set is increasingly active in cases concerning financial, modern slavery, mental health, housing, planning and public space protection matters. Recent work for the team includes the ‘clear and concise advocateJonathan Manning obtaining an injunction for Birmingham City Council for the purpose of banning the much-publicised protests outside Anderton Park School by parents opposed to the school’s sex and relationships education lessons.



‘4-5 are specialists in housing law and are able to offer counsel with varying degrees of specialism so that there is always someone available to assist.’

‘Very strong set overall. Reliable and always well prepared in the areas of housing, public law and administrative law.’


‘The clerks are very friendly and professional, will respond to queries within very short timescales and will always try and accommodate with regards to finding suitable counsel for the task in hand.’

‘The clerks are very helpful and happy to try to help to provide counsel at short notice.’

Francis Taylor Building

Viewed as an ‘academically strong and thorough‘ set, Francis Taylor Building is noted for being ‘very strong on CPO, infrastructure, and compensation cases.’ The team is highly regarded for its expertise in rating matters, and handles instructions relating to local government finances, council tax, licensing and compulsory purchase orders and compensation. Cain Ormondroyd specialises in ratings and council tax issues; he appeared for the London Borough of Merton in a case regarding the application of charitable relief from rating concerning a gymnasium bought by Nuffield Health, a registered charity which operates hospitals and health clubs, which also served as a test case for application of ‘public benefit’ requirement in this context. Elsewhere in chambers, Hugh Flanagan advised a provider of serviced offices in Central London on the correct business rates treatment of the building, in the context of a potential dispute with the Valuation Officer.



‘FTB is an excellent set for planning, environment and local government, and is developing stronger expertise in broader public law work. There are very good barristers at all levels in chambers.’

‘The set as a whole has extremely knowledgeable and hard working barristers with a wealth of experience and offers a good range of barristers within different price ranges.’