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Leading Silks

Robin Allen QC - CloistersThorough and very knowledgeable on the issues in the claim, has good rapports with the judges and clients, and responsive and pleasant to work with.
Bruce Carr QC - DevereuxBruce is extremely user friendly, able to distil complex issues into an easily digestible form, and an excellent advocate.
David Craig QC - Essex Court ChambersDavid is the complete package - intelligent, commercial, hard-working, and with gravitas and great client skills. In recent years he has moved to the very elite level of the employment Bar and he never disappoints.
Paul Epstein QC - CloistersSuper-bright, very calm in a crisis, client friendly, and excellent at providing good strategic advice. Very happy to chat around issues and arguments - an excellent team player.
Paul Goulding QC - Blackstone ChambersA go-to for complex whistleblowing- the best in the business and knows how to handle senior stakeholders, while remaining calm and reassuring.
Andrew Hochhauser QC - Essex Court ChambersIncredibly clever, sharp and articulate. Always the person you want on your side in court and the person the other side don't want against them.
Christopher Jeans QC - 11KBWHe knows the law inside out. Clients love him, he can break down complex legal issues for clients with ease, and is a pleasure to work with. For such a superstar, he is down to earth.
Sean Jones QC - 11KBWSean's submissions in tribunal are highly persuasive and he is constantly available to us. Even extremely demanding clients are blown away - Sean is the brightest star of the senior employment Bar.
James Laddie QC – Matrix ChambersJames would always be my go-to leading counsel for discrimination and whistleblowing claims.
Gavin Mansfield QC - Littleton ChambersFearsome cross-examiner, with a great strategic feel for cases and how to shape the evidence. First rate with clients - very straightforward and inspires confidence.
Karon Monaghan QC – Matrix ChambersHighly convincing and with great vision.
Jane Mulcahy QC - Blackstone ChambersAll-round abilities and delivers a really excellent service to both clients and instructing solicitors. Brilliant with clients (reassuring but honest and very pragmatic) and a real team player (collaborative and supportive to instructing solicitors). Incisive analysis and highly effective, measured advocacy that you can see is appreciated by judges.
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersDavid is very friendly and approachable. He is responsible and accessible, his technical knowledge of equal pay is strong, he is very happy to be used as a sounding board when things crop up, and he understands the need for advice to be pragmatic.
Oliver Segal QC – Old Square ChambersOliver is an intellectual giant, who has the ability to assimilate reams of information and spot the key point- and then explain it all back in a simple way – this makes him extremely popular with lay clients. He marshals his arguments and he delivers, whether we are talking about cross-examination of key witnesses, delivering arguments to the judges in the higher court systems, or producing written pleadings. His written work is clear, precise and readable. ‘
Andrew Short QC - Outer Temple ChambersYou can go to him on the very most complex cases and he will never let you down. Really able to see through the big picture while commanding all of the detail, extremely able and hard-working, but modest and a joy to work with too.
Daniel Stilitz QC - 11KBWHe is a superstar. Incredibly clever, not afraid to take decisions, excellent on his feet, and a number one choice on any injunction matter without a doubt.
Selwyn Bloch QC - Littleton ChambersHis eye for detail and appetite to explore every possible angle of the case and the evidence are absolutely incredible.
Andrew Burns QC - DevereuxHighly intelligent, very sharp but also client friendly and commercial. Gains the confidence of clients quickly. Also responsive, and turns work around quickly when required.
Ben Collins QC  – Old Square ChambersBen is unflappable and provides a calm reassurance. He provided not only legal advice but strategic support in a tricky equal pay claim, and was able to cut across the noise to keep in mind the central issues.
Ben Cooper QC  – Old Square ChambersHe is a superlative technical lawyer, who can cut through difficult legal issues and really get to the heart of something complex quickly. He is also excellent with clients and approachable to lawyers of all levels within the team.
Simon Devonshire QC - 11KBWVery hands-on, hard-working and responsive, with good availability. Strong on restrictive covenants and team moves. 
Michael Ford QC – Old Square ChambersMichael is phenomenally bright and has a huge knowledge of anything industrial relations-related. He is a fantastic advocate, with his submissions always being clear, concise and extremely persuasive. He is also well liked by clients and has a good sense of humour.
Jason Galbraith-Marten QC - CloistersGreat for tricky and complex discrimination cases and a real team player.
Caspar Glyn QC - CloistersAlways brilliantly prepared and a commanding force in the court room. Clients love his forceful and challenging approach - win or lose, clients feel their case was fully argued.
Richard Leiper QC - 11KBWRichard's clarity of expression, insight and emotional intelligence are second to none. He is able to pick up on the smallest of indicators of how someone might react and adjust his position/submissions to accommodate it.
Paul Nicholls QC - 4 New SquareAn excellent advocate - extraordinarily bright, calm, courteous, easy to work with and client friendly.
Mark Sutton QC – Old Square ChambersMark is clear, concise and carries immense gravitas. He explains the process and legal issues in precise terms, and always inspires confidence. He is calm and measured, giving extremely persuasive submissions.
Keith Bryant QC - Outer Temple ChambersKeith brings a very wide range of expertise and experience to his advice, and his ability to deal with both complex employment and pensions matters is invaluable. 
Catherine Callaghan QC - Blackstone ChambersAn extremely impressive and invaluable strategic adviser. Her key strength is the ability to provide clear, technical advice, with an empathetic and supportive approach. Catherine is highly responsive and immersed in the detail of the case, which means clients feel they are in safe hands.
Charles Ciumei QC - Essex Court ChambersCharles is razor-sharp in court.
Rachel Crasnow QC - CloistersCalm under pressure, quick on the uptake, client friendly, and engaging.
Tom Croxford QC - Blackstone ChambersA fine strategist with great intellect. The go-to person for complex whistleblowing cases - always dependable and a pleasure to work with.
Kate Gallafent QC - Blackstone ChambersCompletely on top of the brief, easy to get on with, and very responsive.
Paul Gott QC - Fountain Court ChambersPaul has a truly exceptional ability to grasp facts and deliver sound and pragmatic advice in the most complex cases. He stands out among peers as the go-to person for the most challenging of cases, and demonstrates an ability to perform intellectual gymnastics through complex legal issues, while delivering easily digestible advice to clients in a way in which they can understand. Paul is a superb legal mind combined with calm and effective advocacy - someone you always want on your team, and not against you.
Robert Howe QC - Blackstone ChambersHugely talented, and the best advocate and litigator solicitors have instructed in their careers. In all hearings, he is the strongest QC in the room. He is extremely bright and unflappable. He's very clear in his merits at all stages of litigation.
Schona Jolly QC - CloistersHer work rate is phenomenal, but Schona also has a complete mastery of the facts, the industrial context, and the legal issues at play. Her advice is both robust and sensitive, which is a rare combination, and her authority on the legal issues unparalleled.
Akash Nawbatt QC - DevereuxA calm and persuasive advocate who is great with clients.
Stuart Ritchie QC - Fountain Court ChambersStuart is outstanding. Undoubtedly one of the leading silks at the Bar, he is intelligent, articulate, persuasive and all-round excellent.
Daphne Romney QC - CloistersA formidable barrister - one of the employment Bar's leading lights. 
Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersAdam is a very energetic practitioner, with a positive and bullish approach. He is excellent in court, very good with clients, and always willing to discuss matters offline in a collaborative way that is very helpful.
Jacques Algazy QC - CloistersGreatly admired.
Daniel Tatton Brown QC - Littleton ChambersA really excellent barrister.
Simon Cheetham QC  – Old Square ChambersSimon is a first-class advocate. Extremely bright and brings real skill to complex cases with a lot of detail. Particularly skilled at complex, sensitive whistleblowing cases, very responsive and works cases hard. Always impeccably prepared, Simon has phenomenal client care skills, combining an authoritative presence with an approachable and personable manner.
Tom Coghlin QC - CloistersTom is a fantastic barrister. He is supremely well prepared on all occasions, and clearly has the confidence of any tribunal he appears before. His advocacy is calm, measured and methodical - devastatingly understated.
Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersJonathan is technically brilliant, shrewd, incisive and a formidable advocate. He is a real team player.
James Goudie QC - 11KBWA brilliant strategist, combining a sharp eye for detail with an innate sense for what matters - and what doesn't. James can turn instructions around within days and sometimes hours, possessing a ferocious appetite for work, he immediately wins the confidence of clients, and is never wrong-footed. 
Patrick Green QC - Henderson ChambersAn extremely persuasive advocate.
Diya Sen Gupta QC - Blackstone ChambersVery client friendly - a real go-to star.
Dale Martin QC - Littleton ChambersVery bright and hard-working, thoughtful, and strong on equal pay. 
Jane McCafferty QC - 11KBWMagnificent – a great cross-examiner, who is client friendly, razor-sharp, and across all the detail.
Angus Moon QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn excellent advocate.
Anya Proops QC - 11KBWHer strengths are unrivalled specialist knowledge, exceptional advocacy and great attention to detail.
Mohinderpal Sethi QC - Littleton ChambersA hard-working and energetic advocate, who is able to deal with claims ranging from discrimination and restrictive covenants to complex jurisdictional points with a punchy and clear advocacy style. Great client care skills and easy to work with.
Clive Sheldon QC - 11KBWA superb advocate who gives clients the advice they need to hear.
Nicholas Siddall QC - Littleton ChambersTechnically excellent, with the ability to digest complex facts of the case and apply to the relevant law in a user-friendly way. Always willing to take a call and very client friendly.
Adam Tolley QC - Fountain Court ChambersAdam has a very authoritative manner that judges love. He is calm and persistent, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law in the area of employment status.
Ed Williams QC - CloistersVery bright, calm under pressure and a delight to deal with. Clients and instructing solicitors alike love working with him.

2020 Silks

Andrew Allen QC - Outer Temple ChambersAndrew is all over the detail and his cross-examination skilfully draws out major inconsistencies in the witnesses' evidence. His lay clients are vastly reassured by Andrew’s vast experience and his valuable insight from his perspective as a sitting employment judge.
Aileen McColgan QC - 11KBWAileen is able to pick up the matter, and the factual and legal detail, very quickly at the last minute before the final hearing, and does a good job of cross-examining claimants.
John Mehrzad QC - Littleton ChambersHe is incredibly knowledgeable, client friendly, and deals with matters efficiently and promptly. John also provides sound commercial advice to clients. I can't identify any weaknesses, as I have always been 100% happy with the work that John has done, as have our clients.
Julian Milford QC - 11KBWJulian is exceptional - supportive, approachable, able to keep a clear head, and calm and eloquent in even the most testing of situations. Julian thinks creatively about solutions to problems and is a pleasure to work alongside. He is also incredibly responsive. One of his particular strengths is his ability to combine incredible intellect with abundant commerciality and practicality.
Katharine Newton QC Old Square ChambersA great eye for detail, meticulously prepared, and a clear and articulate advocate. A worthy addition to the employment silks’ Bar. 
Ijeoma Omambala QC  – Old Square ChambersThoughtful, down to earth, approachable and always calm. She knows her stuff on discrimination in particular. Ijeoma is a real team player and happy to get stuck in as needed, notwithstanding her recent QC status! Ijeoma approaches complex situations with good sense and, importantly, good humour.
Deshpal Panesar QC  – Old Square ChambersDeshpal has excellent advocacy skills, is persuasive in all arguments, and can think extremely quickly when under pressure. His written submissions are clear, detailed and convincing, and he has the ability to grasp complex evidential points quickly and to adapt tribunal strategy to deal with unexpected developments, always acting in the best interests of the client. Deshpal’s work ethic is also outstanding – the amount of preparation and work dedicated to a case is impressive and reassuring to the client.
Marcus Pilgerstorfer QC - 11KBWEverything that you could want from counsel – approachable, quick, thorough, fabulously intelligent, great with lay clients, and with a work ethic that is an inspiration.
Rebecca Tuck QC – Old Square ChambersShe provides intellectual clarity, is able to process huge amounts of detail, and is a fantastic cross-examiner.

2021 Silks

Carol Davis QC - Littleton ChambersExcellent - she combines calmness, clarity and experience, clearly analyses complicated issues and facts well, and inspires confidence.
Mathew Purchase QC - Matrix Chambers' Very bright, knowledgeable and reliable. '
Iain Quirk QC - Essex Court ChambersVery hard-working and communicative. 
Niran de Silva QC - Littleton ChambersAn excellent choice for employment/commercial cross-over work.

2022 Silks

Rehana Azib QC2 Temple GardensRehana is extremely hard-working, knowledgeable, engaging and easy to work with. She is a problem solver and provides the upmost support to her instructing solicitors and the client. She is also professional, personable and a pleasure to work with, and has impeccable technical knowledge.
Nicola Braganza QC - Garden Court ChambersNicola is not only wholly committed to challenging discriminatory practices wherever they arise, but is extremely empathetic and has an ability to instil confidence in those around her. She is fearless and solicitors can always rely on Nicola to find the positive in any situation, and turn around any tricky moments. Instructing solicitors would trust her with any client and any case - she is that good.
Edward Brown QC - Essex Court ChambersStrategy-focused and highly technically competent - a fantastic, user-friendly barrister. Solicitors can't say enough positive things about him.
Betsan Criddle QC  – Old Square ChambersA formidable advocate, whose advice is robust, practical, approachable, accessible, and extremely client friendly.
Jeremy Lewis QC - Littleton ChambersAmong the brightest barristers one can instruct, immensely hard-working, and gives 100% of himself every time. Jeremy always demonstrates a mastery of high-level legal concepts that he articulates with precision and in a manner that does not lose sight of the commercial issues in the case and the arguments that the opposing party are likely to employ. Consistently offers an exceptional level of service and attention to detail, in order to attain the best outcome possible.
Alice Mayhew QC - DevereuxOne of the very best senior juniors - she's clever, commercial, relatable and great on her feet - really just the whole package - Alice is the one you want in your corner.
Victoria Windle QC - Blackstone ChambersPin-sharp intellectually, quick and accurate assimilation of voluminous and complex facts, and has an amazing ability to apply the legal principles to commercial reality.

Leading Juniors

Sophie Belgrove - 11KBWSophie is an excellent advocate and always a committed member of the relevant client team on a particular dispute. She is responsive and very collaborative in her approach.
Stuart Brittenden  – Old Square ChambersThe best junior in the business by a distance. Always mucks in, is incredibly speedy and always right – a go-to for difficult issues.
Claire Darwin – Matrix ChambersResponsive, and with clear, practical advice.
Andrew Edge - 11KBWAndrew is one of the very best juniors at the employment Bar. In every case, Andrew adds value, bringing new ideas and enabling solicitors to develop the case. This is what one looks for in a junior and Andrew has the ability to think about and advance cases - one of the very best out there.
Simon Forshaw - 11KBWVery bright and really robust. A brilliant cross-examiner, tremendous team player and very good with clients.
Edward Kemp - Littleton ChambersVery thorough, a quick thinker, really has a hold of how to deal with cross-jurisdictional issues that come up, easy to deal with, and always on hand - swiftly becomes part of the team.
Thomas Kibling - Matrix Chambers
Claire McCann - CloistersFlawless attention to detail, adept at handling the most complex matters, and a meticulous and detailed approach to all matters. Extensive knowledge of complex areas of the law, and a brilliant communicator who is wonderful with clients. Extremely pleasant to deal with, but also a fantastically strong tribunal advocate and marvellous cross-examiner.
Christopher Milsom - CloistersQC in the making - Christopher has a formidable brain.
Nadia Motraghi  – Old Square ChambersNadia is extremely knowledgeable and practical with her management of legal issues. She is diligent, approachable, and readily gets herself involved with matters as an integral part of the team.
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersA razor-sharp mind with an ability to take in huge volumes of facts, remember them and condense them down into practical advice. Never, ever makes you feel stupid, even when the answer is hidden in plain sight once he has explained it. Ability to communicate with everyone, no matter their seniority - incredibly humble for such a talented and clever barrister.
Amy Rogers - 11KBWAmy is simply outstanding across the board. She is unrivalled at the Bar when it comes to the most complex and high-value employment litigation. Amy is technically brilliant, works tirelessly and delivers results time and again. Her reputation is very much deserved - without question, a top-tier QC in waiting.
Jane Russell - Essex Court ChambersJane clearly has the ear of the court and an excellent team player.
Matthew Sheridan - Littleton ChambersFantastic to work with. He absorbs large amounts of detail very quickly, and is always available at short notice, responsive, calm, measured and sensible. He is also excellent with clients, who listen and respect what he says, and he is able to persuade the more gung-ho clients of the merits of more measured approaches without appearing weak - a particular talent!
Melanie Tether – Old Square ChambersMelanie has a fantastic legal mind – her written arguments were absolutely first class.
Daniel Barnett - Outer Temple ChambersDaniel is one of the most knowledgeable barristers. He is able to identify the issues and provide advice on them almost instantaneously.
Talia Barsam - DevereuxAn excellent advocate, who stays calm under pressure and is very much a team player. Talia has excellent attention to detail, and adapts her approach extremely well to the client concerned.
Anna Beale - CloistersExcellent - a great eye for detail, masters issues quickly, responsive, and easy to engage with.
Lucy Bone - Littleton ChambersLucy's approach was superb - she was collaborative, thorough, very knowledgeable, technically strong and good at strategy. Works very effectively with instructing solicitors and clients, and is flexible and supportive, delivering advice clearly and concisely - honest but reassuring to clients. 
Louise Chudleigh  – Old Square ChambersLouise is considered, as well as challenging, in the advice she provides, and uses her substantial experience of the relevant statute and case law to great effect, while also sustaining a practical approach to the detail of the work involved. She is approachable and personal at all times, while providing authoritative and valuable advice.
Thomas Cordrey - DevereuxVery knowledgeable, particularly on very technical areas of the law, and able to convey the advice and submissions on these very technical points in a simply and easy-to-understand manner. Thomas is also very good on his feet, convincing in his submissions and tenacious, and will not let a point go until the judge has understood him and, to the extent possible, accepted his point.
Naomi Cunningham - Outer Temple ChambersNaomi is seriously intelligent and imaginatively so; she will often come up with angles and creative arguments that no-one else has thought of. She presents compelling arguments with clarity and calmness - you would want her on your side.
Peter Edwards - DevereuxPeter is an absolute joy to deal with and he is my first point of contact whenever solicitors have a complex ET claim to defend. His knowledge of the law is second to none, he is both shrewd and strategic in his advice and approach, and keen to work collaboratively to ensure the client's needs are met effectively and efficiently.
Patrick Halliday - 11KBWReally punches well above his weight. Able to hold his own against much more experienced advocates. Technically very strong, works incredibly hard, always delivers, no matter how busy. Clear and firm in his advice, he wins the confidence of his clients through his obvious ability. Always a pleasure to work with Patrick and he is a go-to junior on a wide variety of matters.
Michael Lee - 11KBWThe biggest strength is his commitment. He is intellectually top rate and he combines that with sheer hard work and attention to detail. He has been extremely well prepared for everythin. He is also very responsive to queries and a team player.
Naomi Ling - Outer Temple ChambersShe is brilliant. One of the smartest employment lawyers - beautiful drafting and very effective on her feet.
Dee Masters - CloistersExcellent technically, as well as having great commercial acumen and fantastic client relationship skills. Strategic in her overview of cases and advice, and very insightful. Dee has brilliant knowledge of discrimination law and how it works in practice.
Paul Michell - CloistersPaul is just outstanding to work with - laser-like attention to detail, sharp on his feet and good with clients.
Eleena Misra  – Old Square ChambersEleena is extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable, and wraps it all up with a calm personality that immediately puts clients at ease. Her manner in tribunal is effective, persuasive and professional. She is a go-to barrister for all complex tribunal matters.
Declan O'Dempsey - CloistersDeclan has an extremely detailed knowledge of the law and solicitors often instruct him for complex discrimination law matters. He puts across his case clearly and effectively in tribunal. Declan is also very good with the clients, taking time to explain things.
Antony Sendall - Littleton ChambersWonderful to work with. He is hard-working, bright, and has a real feel for what judges want. As an advocate, he is one of the best - solicitors would hate to have him on a case against me.
Lydia Seymour - Outer Temple ChambersLydia knows the law in this area like a walking text book - she is able to explain complicated concepts clearly and persuasively in lay terms, and has phenomenal tactical acuity and judgement.
Andrew Smith – Matrix Chambers' Extremely bright and all over the detail. '
David Stephenson - Doughty Street ChambersA very experienced and able employment practitioner. Easy to work with and a burgeoning reputation for complex discrimination claims.
Judy Stone - 11KBWJudy is fast becoming a barrister of choice. Legally, technically strong, and commercially savvy, she quickly gains the client's trust.
Katherine Apps - 39 Essex ChambersExtremely bright and able. She has huge and in-depth knowledge of her subjects, writes exceptionally well and with clarity. Thoughtful, works exceptionally well with lay and professional clients, very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Sarah Bowen3PBSarah is very knowledgeable, a good all-rounder, very pragmatic and commercial, and extremely helpful – she will always make herself available to assist.
David Brook - Henderson ChambersOne of the very brightest at the Bar - great at strategy, and works with great energy for clients to achieve outstanding results. Particularly strong in gaining the confidence of the lay client and condensing complex issues into easy-to-understand concepts.
Tom Brown - CloistersPersonable and works well with clients, and the attention to detail is always impressive. Advocacy is a real strength of Tom's - he focuses on the issues and can guide judges through complex and tricky areas of cases. Always available when you need him.
Catherine Casserley - CloistersCatherine's knowledge of discrimination law is absolutely first class, and she is approachable, helpful and a total pleasure to work with. She builds a good rapport with clients and is sensitive to those clients suffering with mental health challenges. She has a particularly effective cross-examination style and is respectful within the tribunal. Excellent attention to detail and she gets to the real grips of the case with ease.
Shane Crawford - Five PaperAlways provides high-quality legal advice and expert advocacy. Shane has an analytical mind and a logical approach to cases that make him a safe pair of hands. As well as Shane’s high-quality legal advice and attention to detail in relation to complex cases of discrimination, Shane has great communication skills, always goes over and above in relation to contact with the client, conferences with witnesses, providing notes of hearings, and providing his thoughts following judgment. Shane also has the ability to remain calm under pressure, and adopts a very flexible working approach that is greatly appreciated.
Carolyn D'Souza - 12 King's Bench WalkVery professional and extremely knowledgeable - clearly very experienced in her field. Carolyn has a very focused manner and is able to get a handle of the issues quickly.
Charlotte Davies - Littleton ChambersA go-to junior for complex matters, good with clients and very detail focused - an asset to any team.
Ronnie Dennis - 11KBWGreat tactical insight (he will not take weak points), highly commercial in terms of looking at what the client wants as an end game, works incredibly hard under pressure (prepared to put in the hours when needed), great paperwork, great cross-examination, and great advocacy - very client friendly too.
Olivia-Faith Dobbie - CloistersAn excellent employment barrister- highly recommended.
Kathleen Donnelly - Henderson ChambersA particularly excellent barrister.
Martin Fodder - Littleton ChambersProdigiously hard-working and thorough, and he has a great manner with clients.
Matthew Hodson - Gatehouse ChambersMatthew's strength is his clarity and practicality of advice - good advocacy skills, personable, quick, and great with clients. Matthew is open to discussion, flexible in approach, firm, and able to construct creative and complex technical legal arguments - a great advocate to have in your corner. 
Harini Iyengar - 11KBWHarini is very thorough in her preparation, and has a great intellect as well as a good appreciation of commercial realities, resulting in an all-round package of high-quality, pragmatic advice.
Spencer Keen  – Old Square ChambersA great thinker and high-quality appellate advocate. Highly authoritative in all things to do with disability discrimination.
Tom Kirk  – Old Square ChambersVery bright, personable, committed to his clients and level headed. An excellent barrister and safe pair of hands in any litigation.
Saul Margo - Outer Temple ChambersTechnically excellent, combined with preparation that leaves no point of evidence or legal argument unturned, Saul is formidable, yet persuasive and charming as an advocate. A real class act, and a barrister that inspires confidence with style and panache - simply brilliant.
Jack Mitchell   – Old Square ChambersExcellent eye for detail, collaborative in his working with us, extremely user friendly with clients and witnesses, and very measured with employment judges, but combative when he needs to be. Jack wears his learning lightly.
Robert Moretto  – Old Square ChambersHe has an ability to understand the issues quickly and to focus on the key areas of importance in the case. Good at developing a strong working relationship with the client and their witnesses in preparation for the hearing and during the hearing. Lay clients are impressed with Robert’s conduct of the case at the hearing and the successful outcome.
Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersNicola provides excellent, pragmatic advice, and is precise and effective in cross-examination. Nicola takes a client-centred approach and ensures that clients feel supported throughout. This is especially important in complex, rapidly-developing cases.
Laura Prince - Matrix Chambers
Simon Pritchard - Blackstone ChambersSimon always gets on well with the clients and witnesses. His case preparation is impressive, always thorough, and focuses on the key aspects very quickly. Advocacy is another great strength of Simon's, which comes from the incredible preparation and attention to detail. His written advice is also excellent.
Michael Salter - 42 Bedford RowMichael is a pleasure to work with. He has the technical expertise, but also the pragmatism and ability to engage effectively with witnesses and clients; and he is very personable. He is responsive, flexible and provides valuable assistance during the preparation of claims, even when he is engaged in other matters.
Jude Shepherd - 42 Bedford RowJude has a very reassuring presence, and is excellent on strategy and responsive throughout the progress of a case. Jude is great with clients and a pleasure to work with.
Ming-Yee Shiu - Littleton ChambersMing-Yee is great to work with and very good at technical jurisdiction issues, including permission to serve out of jurisdiction in the ET.
Mark Stephens - Gatehouse ChambersMark is fiercely intelligent, strategically sophisticated, applies psychology effectively, deep knowledge of law, and is able to apply this creatively. Tremendous ability to synthesise disparate concepts to find novel solutions, a pleasure to work with personally, and great with all types of clients.
Christopher Stone - DevereuxChris is approachable, responsive and flexible, and his advice is clear and pragmatic. All in all, it is a pleasure dealing with him.
Paul Strelitz - Gatehouse ChambersExcellent with clients, forensic in his approach but commercially minded. Paul always makes time to assist.
Will Young - Outer Temple ChambersAn exceptional lawyer who is very well organised. Any written work is always prepared well in advance, and clear and persuasive; and his advocacy has a quiet, respectful, but determined, style that is difficult for a witness to argue with and impresses the tribunal with its clarity. Will's client care is also terrific - simply one of the best juniors out there.
Kate Balmer - DevereuxA first-choice junior for whistleblowing claims with great worklevels - a solid person to have on the team.
Lydia Banerjee - Littleton ChambersA highly experienced barrister.
Elaine Banton - 7BRElaine is user-friendly, extremely client focused, and gives her all to fight the clients' cause.
Helen Bell - 2 Temple GardensShe has a good grasp of the case, and is concise, well-informed and legally sound. Also pragmatic, which is needed in many cases.
Laura Bell - DevereuxLaura is an excellent barrister. She has sound commercial judgement and fantastic client-care skills. She is particularly adept at handling sensitive and complex disputes, and has achieved very positive outcomes in difficult cases.
Sarah Fraser Butlin - CloistersA pleasure to work with. A first-class brain coupled with a friendly and personable style with clients makes Sarah a go-to barrister in the employment field.
Alice Carse - 4 Pump CourtAn effective team member with an eye for detail and a wealth of experience from previous industrial relations cases.
Tom Cross - 11KBWTom has an incisive mind, an ability to assimilate material quickly, analyse the legal and factual issues carefully, and cut through to the important points. His judgement is pragmatic and sound, and he gives clear, accurate advice.
Jesse Crozier - DevereuxJesse is unflappable - devastating in cross-examination with a good humour that the tribunal appreciated.
Jake Davies - Five PaperGreat practical advice.
Kerenza Davis - Blackstone ChambersKerenza is insightful, thorough, practical, responsive and very clear in her advice, as well as being a pleasure to work with.
Daniel Dyal - CloistersConfident, clear, excellent with the client and very well prepared. A joy to work with.
Katherine Eddy - 11KBWHighly responsive - provides clear, precise and very commercial advice, inspires great trust and is a delight to work with.
Iris Ferber - 42 Bedford RowIris has the ability to put clients at ease and is extremely approachable, and in contrast, fierce in cross-examination. Iris is very knowledgeable, eminently practical.
Nicholas Goodfellow - Littleton ChambersExtremely reliable, quick to respond and excellent to work with. He grasps complex issues quickly and takes a sensible but firm approach. Nicholas is one a go-to junior and he will be a highly regarded silk one day.
Paras Gorasia - Doughty Street ChambersParas is always on hand to help and provides pragmatic advice - down to earth with clients and simplifies complex matters.
Amanda Hart - Doughty Street ChambersAmanda is a great advocate. She gets to grips with the detail of the case quickly, focusing on the important issues. She is also extremely client friendly and a great team player - a pleasure to work with and super-smart.
Georgia Hicks - DevereuxReally good in the sessions with the witnesses and definitely puts them at ease. Gets on well with clients and fully understands the need to help solicitors manage their client relationships. Commercial and practical, and handles the hearing, including the cross-examination, well. Georgia is also firm without being aggressive, and knows how to handle a difficult litigant in person.
Georgina Hirsch - DevereuxGeorgina is a go-to barrister on all union-related advice. She's very unassuming, kind and thoughtful, and gives excellent straightforward advice.
Orlando Holloway - 42 Bedford RowOrlando's principal strength is the ability to explain complex legal concepts to clients and witnesses in a straightforward way. He is very adept at adapting litigation strategy to meet the client’s changing needs, including at short notice.
Sarah Keogh  – Old Square ChambersExtremely responsive, completely reliable, very thorough and knowledgeable. Gives clear and decisive advice – an invaluable adviser.
Peter Linstead - Outer Temple ChambersWorks extremely hard, and is bright and intelligent. He is willing to get his hands dirty in the case, and always makes a favourable impression upon the client.
Craig Ludlow - 3PBCraig is great at building up strong client relationships and getting to know their business - perfect for repeat instructions for clients who face lots of claims due to their size. He is meticulous and thorough, calming clients throughout stressful proceedings and complex legal issues.
Louise Mankau - Doughty Street ChambersLouise is an excellent, straight-talking advocate with astonishing attention to detail. She is meticulous in her preparations, pointed in her cross-examination, and her advice is thorough yet accessible. In short, she is a real asset to the Bar. Her real talent, however, is her ability to put her clients at ease and to create a strong connection with them and their witnesses in what is invariably a stressful situation for them.
Gordon MenziesSix Pump CourtHis strengths are attention to detail and depth of knowledge and experience, coupled with a steely but pragmatic approach to employment disputes.
Karen Moss - 3PBVery sharp but extremely user friendly and very clear. Quick turnaround and generally very impressive.
Martina Murphy - 12 King's Bench WalkBright, thorough and easy to work with, and she has a great ability to comprehend the factual scenario and get to grips with the points of law and formulate a pragmatic approach.
Caroline Musgrave-CohenCloistersGood attention to detail and easy to work with – she becomes part of the team.
Adam Ohringer - CloistersIncredibly talented in being able to digest at speed high volumes of information, and extract all relevant information to drill down to the main issues. Adam is also incredibly good and approachable with clients, and able to explain the situation in a manner in which clients can understand and feel reassured in potentially stressful and worrying situations. Highly recommended.
Sheryn Omeri - CloistersHer key strengths are her clarity of opinions and advice, very focused, confident approach when dealing with Tribunal panel, and with a great system for preparing for trial. Sheryn makes sure she knows the case and is very strong on discrimination - you feel Sheryn is on your side and believes in the case being fought.
Richard Oulton - 5 Essex CourtRichard is unflappable- a calm and reassuring presence when dealing with complex cases or challenging opposition. He's always willing to take the time to discuss queries and advise at short notice, and is extremely personable and skilled at setting witnesses at ease and guiding them through the tribunal process. 
Rupert Paines - 11KBWExtremely hard-working, very smart, and with a can-do attitude - working at a level significantly beyond his year of call.
Sebastian Purnell - DevereuxAble to distil huge volumes of information and law into clear, concise and compelling arguments in court. Sebastian is extremely responsive and commercially aware, has a collaborative approach to managing any case, and is exceptionally hard-working and dedicated to securing the best result possible – meticulous in his preparation and forensic in his cross-examination. A calm but robust advocate who is excellent at thinking on his feet.
Bayo Randle - DevereuxNice to work with, friendly and approachable, and his strengths lie in the tribunal room itself conducting the advocacy. He seems to grow into a case, and really puts the effort in to achieve the result for solicitors and lay clients.
Akua Reindorf - CloistersAs well as being extremely knowledgeable, Akua provides clear, pragmatic, commercial advice that is tailored to the client. She understands a situation very quickly and makes the most complex concepts clear to understand. Her advocacy is exceptional - brilliant to watch. She is always a pleasure to work with and very popular with the clients.
David Renton - Garden Court ChambersWilling to go the extra mile for the client and argue complex legal points.
Tom Richards - Blackstone ChambersA real team player who is accessible and practical in his outlook. 
Laura Robinson - 12 King's Bench WalkAn excellent barrister on all fronts. Laura's client care skills and ability to simplify complex facts and legal issues is second to none. Laura is very approachable and responsive to any issues that arise on a case.
James Bickford Smith - Littleton ChambersJames is fiercely intelligent, commercially astute, and has an easygoing but disciplined style with clients and the court alike. He knows when to seek specialist input on cases of his, and works diligently and rigorously in everything he does - an excellent lawyer.
Rebecca Thomas - 42 Bedford RowRebecca is very astute, and has a great understanding of both the legal issues and the commercial considerations relevant to claims. Rebecca is able to put clients at ease and ensures they focus on the key elements of the claim. Rebecca is always very calm.
Nicholas Toms - Doughty Street ChambersVery approachable and available, great with clients, and great advocacy and written work - always a go-to.
Victoria von Wachter - 5 Essex CourtVictoria always demonstrates an impressive ability to assimilate and analyse information, often of great volume, to distil the essential issues. Always impressive, clear and fluent - clearly immensely capable, skilled and fiercely intelligent, but also very personable, approachable and able to put clients from extremely diverse backgrounds, and with different levels of confidence, at their ease.
Robin White   – Old Square ChambersRobin is a formidable opponent – calm and clear, but ruthless in cross examination. She has a forensic grasp of the case and exploits all the best points.
Sarah Wilkinson - Blackstone ChambersVery user-friendly, accessible and strong intellect.
Aysha Ahmad - 42 Bedford RowAysha is technically strong in employment law and very experienced. She is commercial in the approach taken, which is important for clients, she manages client expectations well, and her honesty on prospects is welcomed. Aysha is confident and robust in her delivery, which clients find reassuring.
Kate Annand - Doughty Street ChambersKate is really thorough. She is able to spot and resolve tricky legal issues that others may miss. She is thoroughly pleasant and professional to be against - a real asset to the profession.
Charlene Ashiru - Littleton ChambersTenacious, brave, cares about clients, creative and responsive.
Rachel Barrett - CloistersFantastic junior, who is bright, engaged and great with clients.
Jason Braier - 42 Bedford RowJason is extremely thorough and conscientious, and works brilliantly as part of a team. His written work is second to none, attention to detail impeccable, and he immediately grasps the crux of the issues from a commercial as well as legal perspective.
Daniel Brown - 3PBGreat manner with clients and very good at giving clear and thorough explanations and reasoning. Extremely helpful and genuinely interested in the progress of matters and in achieving good outcomes for clients.
Gregory Burke - 7BRGregory is extremely thorough, and quickly understands the main issues of a case. He is always very well prepared and instructing solicitors trust him in front of their clients - very personable and able to put clients at ease.
Nathaniel Caiden - CloistersA real gem who will go out of his way to help. Always seems to be available, and has superb analysis of complex claims.
Susan Chan - 42 Bedford RowSusan provides clear, concise and practical advice. A key strength is Susan's ability to grasp the legal issues that are relevant to the claim quickly, and provide assistance using a calm and considered approach.
Gillian Crew - 42 Bedford RowGillian is superb at making a client feel at ease with her calm approach, but is equally superb at persuading the tribunal to see the case from her client's perspective. Gillian is reassuring to work with and incredibly knowledgeable and effective as an advocate.
Robert Cumming - 2 Temple GardensRobert is absolutely brilliant; he is a go-to employment barrister - astute, responsive and a skilled advocate and negotiator of the highest level. 
Hannah Curtain - Henderson ChambersHannah has meticulous attention to detail, and is able to get into a commanding position regarding the evidence with impressive speed. A confident advocate, with a natural instinct for which points to push and which to drop. 
Jennifer Danvers - CloistersA total joy to work with. Jennifer is exceptionally bright, immensely hard-working and extremely approachable. The quality of her written work, as well as her Tribunal advocacy and her advice in conference, is superb - one to watch. 
Laith Dilaimi  – Old Square ChambersProfessional and friendly, easy to negotiate with, and with a knowledge of the law beyond his call.
Christopher Edwards   – Old Square ChambersAn excellent advocate who is able to distil complex issues into the relevant key components. He provides consistently pragmatic advice and is always realistic about the prospects of success – very good client management skills that inspire confidence in witnesses.
Lauren Godfrey - Gatehouse ChambersA great advocate and cross-examiner - very pragmatic.
Benjamin Gray - Littleton ChambersHis strengths include his meticulous attention to detail. He is extremely thorough and prepares for all eventualities that may emerge in the course of litigation, and his level of preparedness is reassuring for clients and instructing solicitors.
Mark Green - 3PBMethodical, calm and clear with emotional clients. He has a great style which puts the client at ease while explaining the challenges in their case. 
Lance Harris  – Old Square ChambersLance does a fantastic job, leading to a complete vindication of our position. As well as the expected levels of professionalism, Lance was really easy/fun to work with (the witnesses particularly valued his understanding of how difficult it can be as a lay person), and very good at remembering who is the client. He was very happy to muck in, as necessary, in a way that some counsel would feel beneath them!
Daniel Hobbs - 5 Essex CourtAlways positive and friendly, which makes working together enjoyable, and he provides clear and helpful advice.
Sara Ibrahim - 3 Hare CourtExtremely intelligent, switched on to the needs of the end client, completes the work diligently, manages expectations at all levels, and is able to explain complex matters to laypeople coherently.
Caroline JenningsNo5 Barristers' ChambersShe has a great ability to master a brief quickly – clear and incisive in her assessment of the issues, as well as proactive.
Jeffrey Jupp - 7BRJeffrey is strong on strategy and tactics. He is particularly strong on TUPE matters, and extremely responsive and flexible in the provision of his advice which is particularly valued.
Martin Khoshdel - 42 Bedford RowMartin has a steady, calm, excellent attention to detail and persuasive advocacy skills.
Rad Kohanzad - 42 Bedford RowRad's client service to his solicitor is first class - always responsive, goes the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble, and he is unflappable in a pressure situation. Also excellent with clients - they love him, And, importantly, technically, he is excellent in terms of knowledge of the law, advocacy and the creation of strong arguments. He is definitely a can-do barrister. 
Andrew Legg - Essex Court ChambersHe is intellectually very capable and works hard to meet the needs of the case.
Peter Lockley - 11KBWVery engaged with the issues on which he is instructed, with excellent advocacy.
Chesca Lord - CloistersThorough and thoughtful in approach - works well with leading counsel.
Andrew MacPhail - 3PBCalm, methodical and extremely approachable for lay clients in conference, and provides clear and practical advice to enable easier decision making for clients.
Tom Mountford - Blackstone ChambersHe has excellent knowledge and very impressive written and oral skills.
Tom Ogg - 11KBWVery accessible and down to earth.
Nigel Porter - 11KBWVery knowledgeable and very good to work with.
Alexander Robson - Littleton ChambersFiercely intelligent, fantastically strategic, and also always (without fail) perfectly polite. This makes his advocacy a force to be reckoned with as his arguments are precise and powerful, but they are delivered in a very sophisticated and charming manner. Clients and solicitors cannot help but like Alexander.
Nick Singer - 42 Bedford RowNick is great on the technical work, but also pragmatic, responsive and good with witnesses.
Mukhtiar Singh - Garden Court ChambersFabulous client-care skills with excellent attention to detail.
Paul Skinner – Matrix Chambers' Exemplary judgement. '
Hannah Slarks11KBWHannah is very approachable - she has a confident, clear and unfussy advocacy style.
Sue Sleeman - Doughty Street ChambersEloquent, good at thinking on the spot, clear, convincing, empathetic, and open to any thoughts/feedback from instructing solicitors.
Rosalie Snocken  – Old Square ChambersShe is a talented junior, who has an outstanding and detailed knowledge of employment and discrimination law.
Safia Tharoo - 42 Bedford RowShe is excellent all-round. Very knowledgable on the law, a very good advocate, great with clients and well liked and respected by judges. She is the person you want in your corner, and will do everything she can to fight her client’s case.
Benjamin Uduje - 42 Bedford RowBenjamin is a very committed barrister; he is thorough, and a team player who is open to discussing matters and receiving feedback/questions. He also has an open and friendly style, which is much appreciated by lay clients.
Catherine Urquhart - 42 Bedford RowVery easy to work with, and communicates very well with clients and instructing solicitors alike. She has an easy-going manner, which puts clients at ease and creates minimal work for instructing solicitors.
Tim Welch - 42 Bedford RowExtremely hard-working and thorough in preparation - very clever and tactically astute with good judgement, and totally dependable as a junior. Excellent client manner that inspires confidence.
James Williams - Henderson ChambersJames has an approachable and commercial manner, providing clear and pragmatic advice, which puts clients at ease. James also has a collaborative style and provides valuable input during the course of proceedings, as well as in the preparation of pleadings or representation at hearings. 

Rising Stars

Grahame Anderson - Littleton ChambersObviously very clever, knows his stuff, and really cares about doing a good job. Approachable and responsive, with absolutely no airs and graces, and generous with his time and well prepared for hearings.
Gus Baker - Outer Temple ChambersVery personable, helpful and clearly on top of the papers. He steers the proceedings from start to finish, and his initial advice is spot on.
Rajiv Bhatt - Gatehouse ChambersRajiv is extremely well prepared and has an excellent command of his brief. He is also courteous and professional at at times, even when cross-examining in relation to matters going to credibility.
Victoria Brown - Outer Temple ChambersVictoria grasps the detail of the case at the early stages, and has a calm and friendly demeanour. She is pragmatic, well prepared and presents very persuasive arguments with a clear attention to detail - Victoria immediately puts the witnesses at ease, and delivers detailed and succinct arguments.
Joseph Bryan - Littleton ChambersJoseph is very personable and easy to talk to, which makes him great with clients and other lawyers alike. He is always keen to help and goes the extra mile when something is urgent. Joseph is also very quick at picking up on both the legal and commercial issues, pragmatic in his approach, and has an excellent knowledge of employment law - certainly one to watch.
Stephen Butler - Outer Temple ChambersStephen is cerebral and thorough - it is hugely reassuring as a solicitor to know that you have someone on the team who will think through a problem from every angle. He is also thoroughly pleasant to deal with.
Mark Greaves – Matrix ChambersAlways willing to go the extra mile.
David Green - 12 King's Bench WalkDavid has a great eye for detail and provides clear and succinct advice - a strong advocate with an in-depth knowledge of employment law. 
Beth Grossman - Doughty Street ChambersBeth is extremely clever and thorough, and her written work is beautifully put together.
Hollie Higgins - Blackstone ChambersHollie is sharp and quick to grasp the thorny issues. She's also great with clients, balanced and a pleasure to work with.
Daniel Isenberg - 11KBWDaniel to be wise, practical and incredibly adaptable and responsive. A great team player who was good at building a rapport with the client and offering solutions to knotty problems in a fast-paced matter.
Benjamin Jones  – Old Square ChambersBen is a junior of choice. He has forensic research skills, combined with a can-do attitude and a creative intelligence – he will go far.
Ruth Kennedy - 11KBWRuth is very commercial and cuts through to the key issues for clients. Ruth is also incredibly personable.
Georgina Leadbetter - Littleton ChambersA star of the future, who is exceptionally bright but personable. Fantastic client skills, while at the same time being able to produce high-quality work, particularly written submissions.
George Molyneaux - Blackstone ChambersVery knowledgeable in his subject area, both in terms of the law and the tribunal/court process. Imaginative in terms of tactics and thorough in preparation.
Navid Pourghazi - Blackstone ChambersNavid provides really good insightful and tactical advice, is very good with lay clients, and a good cross-examiner of witnesses.
Nathan Roberts - Matrix Chambers' Extremely client focused and effective. '
Celia Rooney - Blackstone ChambersCelia is super-bright and fastidiously-well organised. She is go-to counsel for employment and discrimination cases, quickly picking up the details of a case and distilling a strategy.
Adam Ross  – Old Square ChambersAdam quickly gets to grips with the complexities of the case, and offers pragmatic and sensible advice throughout.
Zac Sammour - 11KBWAn excellent advocate who demonstrates abilities well beyond his year of call. Both a razor-sharp mind and a natural manner with clients. A barrister who solicitors always trust to do a good job - a real star of the employment Bar.
Madeline Stanley – Old Square ChambersShe has extensive knowledge of trade union law, a very tactical and analytical approach, and is a delight to work with. She is generous with her time and expertise, understands instinctively which points would be attractive to the judicial audience (and which would not), and backs up her views with very prompt, yet thorough, research as new points arise.
Sam Stevens - 2 Temple GardensSam is responsive and enthusiastic. He does a good job of getting to grips with the history of the matter and presenting the argument clearly. He works in the professional manner required by the matter.
Jamie Susskind - 11KBWCombines a supreme intellect with dedication and leadership, and is calm and unflappable. He is a true standout among a large crowd of rising stars. One of the best examples of a born QC - he is so obviously going to make it to the top.
Marianne Tutin - DevereuxMarianne is responsive, personable, technically superb, and a massive star in the making. Clients love her and she is a pleasure to instruct. 
Bianca Venkata - Outer Temple ChambersResponds to all questions in a very timely manner, even when she is attending other hearings. Bianca explains issues in lay terms and manages expectations very well by providing a realistic analysis of what orders and directions the tribunal is likely to make, and always draws on her significant experience of tribunal litigation to provide helpful insights.
Andrew Watson - 12 King's Bench WalkAndrew is confident, has a good grasp of the issues and legal complexities of the case, and is personable to deal with. 
Eleanor Wheeler - 42 Bedford RowProvides straightforward and user-friendly advice. 
Kieran Wilson - Littleton ChambersKieran strikes the right balance between being detail-oriented and able to see the big picture of a matter. Kieran is also very articulate, and able to communicate complex legal points in a clear and logical way - exceptional on his feet.

Employment in London Bar


'The leading employment law set in England', 11KBW regularly appears in many of the market's leading cases, whether in Employment Tribunals, the High Court or the appellate courts. In recent highlights, Jane McCafferty QC acted in the long-running, high-profile dispute over Ocado's founder and former employee setting up a competing online grocery business (allegedly using confidential information); and junior Tom Cross acted in Sir Philip Rutnam v Secretary of State for the Home Department (one of the highest profile employment disputes of 2020-21), which involved a senior civil servant's claim that he was pushed out of the Home Office for blowing the whistle on aspects of the working environment.



11 KBW is the leading employment law set in England. The depth of talent is quite incredible.

One of the best in London. All the barristers we know at 11KBW are smart, hard-working and know the law inside out.

Top set – my go to set for restrictive covenants and team moves.

The set rightly has a great reputation, and is a go-to for us for more complex or high value/risk work.

11 KBW is, without question, the premier set for employment barristers. It has tremendous strength in depth at all levels of seniority.


The clerks are responsive and available, and understand the importance of our relationship with the lay client and how that works. Really well connected with judges’ clerks, which especially oils the wheels of the litigation process in the High Court. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

The clerking service is very good, and this year (dealing with the impact of the pandemic) it has been particularly helpful.

The clerking team is the best in the business from joint senior clerk Mark Dann down.

Mark Dann is excellent as joint senior clerk; a notable mention goes to the ever available and highly responsive team leader Lee Cutler; and team leader assistant Martin Pownall has great working knowledge of the High Court processes, is well connected with the judges’ clerks, and gets things done.

Joint senior clerk Lucy Barbet worked extremely hard to get bundles and papers lodged at court at very short notice, which conveyed a real sense of invaluable reliability.

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers‘ employment group has been at the forefront of litigation involving foreign exchange trading, zero hours workers, and cross-border enforcement of restrictive covenants. Paul Goulding QC‘s highlights include Benyatov v Credit Suisse, in which he defended Credit Suisse against a £60m claim brought by a former employee following his conviction in Romania while working there. Also in the banking sector, Diya Sen Gupta QC represented three Cantor Fitzgerald employees, who sought a stay of English High Court proceedings against them for bonus repayments. Recent growth includes senior junior Craig Rajgopaul and rising star Navid Pourghazi joining from Littleton Chambers and Cloisters, respectively.



Blackstone is my go-to Chambers as the depth and quality of counsel, whether junior or senior, is the best there is.

Blackstone has an excellent reputation for employment law.

Everyone we have used from Blackstone has been of a very high calibre.

Have used them all my professional life – extremely reliable on quality.

They are a brilliant set for employment work.


All the clerks I have worked with are friendly, down to earth, and understand my needs and those of my clients.

The clerks are great- helpful and responsive. You know you are in safe hands with the Blackstone clerks.’

Very good and responsive. They don’t sell me a pup, when offering me an alternative to my preferred choice, and are sensible on fees.

They get the job done without any fuss.

Clerk Daniel Compton has made sure everything has run smoothly and is a pleasure to work with.


Fielding 'a number of very big hitters', Cloisters' barristers are routinely instructed in groundbreaking cases at the leading edge of UK and European law. Key recent cases include Jason Galbraith-Marten QC and Sheryn Omeri appearing in Aslam & Farrar v Uber BV & Ors, a high-profile Supreme Court case that determined that Uber drivers are workers in a case with major implications across the private and public sector; Robin Allen QC and Sarah Fraser Butlin acting for City Sprint couriers in relation to their entitlement to holiday pay; and Paul Epstein QC representing Tesco (as appellant) in Tesco Stores v Ms K Element & Others, reportedly the UK's largest ever equal pay challenge.



A great set- I rate Cloisters very highly for employment law.

Cloisters has a number of very big hitters.

Excellent set – first class barristers.

A strong set, with quality counsel and competitive pricing.

They have led the way on Covid – their free guide has been invaluable. They were also first out of the blocks with using technology for hearings, and are active with training too.


All of the clerks are easy to work with.

Service was very good from the clerks, and there was always a clerk to talk to.

Very friendly and personable clerks – great to deal with.

First junior clerk Mark Skipp is particularly helpful.

Very good and attentive service. I have found junior clerk Frankie Beale very easy to deal with.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is regularly instructed in high-profile, complex employment cases. In Citadel Securities v GSA Capital Partners and others, David Craig QC represented Citadel in claims for conspiracy and misuse of confidential information, which related to an algorithmic trading strategy; and in JLT & Ors v Ed Broking & Ors, Daniel Oudkerk QC  and senior junior Edward Brown QC acted for the claimants in a high-value High Court claim (with related disclosure applications in the New York Courts) that arose out of a poaching raid in the insurance sector. Boosting the set's senior end, Iain Quirk QC took silk in 2021.



Essex Court has some of the best barristers around and some great juniors coming through.

Essex Court Chambers is an outstanding set- full of quality from top to bottom.

Essex Court Chambers has some excellent barristers in the restraint of trade area (dealing with restrictive covenants, team moves and confidential information).

Great set of senior barristers.


Great and very professional.

Very user friendly.

The service is very good.

Deputy senior clerk Ben Perry is excellent – hugely responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Littleton Chambers

Littleton Chambers is 'the pre-eminent employment set'. Gavin Mansfield QC represented the claimant in Rutnam v Home Office, a major whistleblowing case involving the constructive dismissal of the former Permanent Secretary of the Home Office and allegations of bullying by the Home Secretary Priti Patel. David Reade QC, Niran de Silva QC (who took silk in 2021 alongside Carol Davis QC) and rising star Georgina Leadbetter successfully represented the charity in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, a Supreme Court case concerning the application of the National Minimum Wage to sleep-in shifts; if the claimants were successful the case would have created back pay liabilities of £400m across the care sector. Former head of chambers, Naomi Ellenbogen QC, joined the High Court Bench in November 2020.



We regularly instruct members of Littleton Chambers, from the QCs to the juniors -they have real strength in depth. They are the pre-eminent employment set – due to the breadth of expertise, they are able to cover almost all types of cases.

Littleton is of course noted for its strength and depth in employment law. All its members, silks, senior juniors and junior juniors are equally accommodating, and they are fast and responsive.

We only use Littleton and this is down to the quality of the service we receive. There is always someone available who can help, and the quality of the employment team is second to none.

I have always found Littleton to offer the highest possible quality across the board. They are always my first (and last) port of call.

A very good team with many good people to choose from.


All of the clerks I have dealt with have been excellent – highly responsive and understanding of our needs in respect of particular cases. They have been really good at identifying alternatives where a first choice might not be available – head and shoulders above other employment sets, it makes going back to them an easy decision.

Clerking is second to none – good humoured and always helpful.

Impeccable clerking across the board, but senior clerk Jason Drakeford stands out.

Jason Drakeford always takes the time to help in any way he can, and always goes over and above.

Practice manager Scott Hersey is very good.

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers was recently particularly active in relation to Covid-19's impact on employment. Oliver Segal QC and Stuart Brittenden acted for Unite in the Carluccio's insolvency case, the first to consider the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme's application; and Ben Collins QC, and senior juniors Eleena Misra and Nadia Motraghi, appeared for the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain in the High Court, seeking to extend the furlough scheme's scope to gig economy workers. In other areas, several chambers' members (arguing on both sides), Lord Hendy QC, Ben Collins QC, Ben Cooper QC, Katharine Newton QC, Robert Moretto and Madeline Stanley, acted in the Court of Appeal in a test case on whether foster carers have worker status; and Ben Cooper QC acted for the claimant in Forstater v CGD Europe & others, a high-profile case concerning protection against discrimination in employment for expressing philosophical beliefs in the public debate about biological sex and trans rights.



Good availability of counsel, and always with a range of experience and brief fees so that the client has lots of options. They also deliver regular training sessions with topical content, engaging speakers and useful insights.

A well-regarded set, with a strong range of barristers who rarely disappoint.

Very friendly, pleasant and skilled employment set with excellent juniors and QCs.

A great chambers for employment work, with a number of talented barristers on offer.

There are some brilliant counsel at Old Square.


They always deliver a prompt response to queries, and have been willing to be flexible on fees in certain circumstances, which has been most appreciated by the client.

Good responses to requests for help, and quick and personable to deal with.

Client care and billing are always handled promptly, and the clerks are accommodating to client requests, such as providing a base to conduct hearing preparation at chambers.’

Senior clerk William Meade and deputy senior clerk Graham Smith offer a great service.

William Meade is very responsive and amenable. He clearly knows who has what availability and which skills to align with the work required.


Routinely acting in complex and headline disputes across the full spectrum of employment law, Devereux has 'an impressive roster of employment barristers at every level of experience'. In one of the most important industrial relations cases of recent years, Andrew Burns QC (who was elected head of chambers in January 2021) recently represented the appellant in the Supreme Court in Kostal UK LTD v Dunkley, which considers the meaning of “the prohibited result” for the purpose of section 145B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, which was deployed throughout the pandemic by unions attempting to stop employers changing contracts. In Boillereau v HSBCBruce Carr QC acted for the dismissed former global head of currencies and commodities at HSBC in a high-value whistleblowing claim concerning how the bank’s foreign exchange business was conducted. Marianne Tutin, frequently unled against senior counsel (including silks), is a notable rising star in chambers.



Devereux Chambers is my go-to set. It has an impressive roster of employment barristers at every level of experience, and with a list of awards and scholarships as long as your arm.

What makes them stand out is their friendliness and real-world attitude. You know they’ve got your back, and that your client will feel confident and valued.

Devereux has a really strong team that is experienced in the nuances of industrial relations and trade union law.

A very responsive, accommodating and flexible set that is always willing to go the extra mile to support ourselves and the client. Instructions will always be accommodated and matched to the appropriate counsel.

Fees are sensibly negotiable, and loyalty from blue chip clients is recognised and mutually appreciated by the client.


The clerking team is fantastic.

The service from the clerks is first class.

They take time to understand your needs, and know the skills and experience of their barristers in depth, so you can trust their recommendations.

The clerking set is commercial and understands how effective client relationships work with solicitors firms, and the communication is open and transparent.

Senior  practice manager Cyrus Biggs, in particular, is excellent and a joy to deal with – commercial and solutions focused. Fellow senior practice manager Glenn Billenness is also terrific to deal with.

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers' barristers act in cases at all levels, from first instance proceedings in the High Court or Employment Tribunal, to appeals in the Supreme Court. In recent work, Karon Monaghan QC represented the Equality and Human Rights Commission in the Forstater v CGD Global Employment Appeal Tribunal case concerning the protection of philosophical beliefs.  Within the set's senior ranks, Mathew Purchase QC, whose employment law practice includes representing individual claimants, employers and trade unions at all levels of the judicial hierarchy, took silk in March 2021.

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers’ employment team is consistently involved in some of the most legally significant and high-value employment work at the Bar, including before the Supreme Court. Involved in all aspects of employment law for approximately 30 years, Keith Bryant QC, (leading Saul Margo) is acting for approximately 15,000 police officers in England, Wales and Scotland in Aarons and others v Home Secretary and others/Scottish Ministers and others, which involves claims for direct age discrimination, indirect race and sex discrimination, and equal pay. Turning to the private sector, in Brierley v Asda, Andrew Short QC represented 35,000 shop workers in equal pay claims, which seek to use as comparators the workers in the retailer's distribution centres.



A good team with excellent strength in depth.

We are very pleased with the service we receive from Outer Temple Chambers- they have a number of expert counsel in employment matters.

Very strong employment and discrimination set, with talent across all levels of call.

I have had good experiences with Outer Temple. The various barristers we have used there have performed well.

A very strong set of barristers that I would always highly recommend.


All the clerks are first rate – very helpful and responsive.

The clerks are excellent – a very good, prompt service.

I am content to rely on the clerks introducing me to new juniors, as I know they will be good.

Very efficient, user friendly and responsive.

Practice director Nick Levett is really effective and super-helpful.

42 Bedford Row

42 Bedford Row's 'employment team is very strong, with a wide range of counsel to suit any type of case and budget'. The set's clients include major employers, small businesses and large public and private sector organisations, as well as employees at all levels. Practicing exclusively in employment law, the set's employment group head Jude Shepherd successfully defended the Health and Care Professions Council against allegations of discrimination during professional conduct proceedings, by failing to make reasonable adjustments for the claimant's disability; and Iris Ferber recently acted for the respondent in McCarthy v Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, a sensitive disability discrimination claim that involved allegations of failure to make reasonable adjustments for the claimant, who suffered from complex PTSD and wanted to work from home.



The employment team is very strong, with a wide range of counsel to suit any type of case and budget.

Very strong employment set with good availability at different levels.

The barristers I have instructed from 42 Bedford Row have all been excellent, both at preliminary and final hearings.

Flexible and pragmatic on fees – always keen to build a good relationship with instructing solicitors.

Chambers offers regular, helpful training, and is very supportive when we need their assistance.


I have been impressed by 42 Bedford Row. The clerks are very responsive and professional.

The clerks are attentive and responsive, and try to make even urgent requests work for us.

Senior practice manager Steve Sheridan and practice manager Stuart Ritchie are very helpful and responsive.

The clerks are very friendly and helpful, especially practice manager Chris Collinson and assistant practice manager Joe Burton.

Chris Collinson always goes above and beyond. His responsiveness and approachability mean he is a pleasure to work with.’

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is 'a very steady set with several renowned barristers.' The employment and discrimination team undertakes the full range of employment cases, while clients additionally benefit from its leveraging of expertise in human rights, public law, data protection, professional discipline, immigration, personal injury, crime, and media and reputation management. In  al-Qasimi  v RobinsonHeather Williams QC recently successfully led David Stephenson for the claimant in the Court of Appeal, which restated the test for common law illegality in employment claims.  Junior-end growth saw rising star Beth Grossman join from Ely Place Chambers, which disbanded in 2020.



Doughty Street is a very steady set with several renowned barristers.

Doughty Street’s employment team has incredible strength in depth. When my barrister of choice is not available, I am spoilt by incredibly well-qualified alternatives.

Doughty Street has an excellent employment team.

A strong and very reliable set.

Training has been such a blessing during lockdown – lots of very useful webinars on hot topics in employment law.


The clerks at Doughty Street are very co-operative and great to work with.

I have had nothing but good experiences with the clerks at this set.

Very prompt turnaround of fee quotes and availability requests.

Practice manager Callum Stebbing stands out as being helpful, informative, and prompt in dealing with enquiries.

Practice assistant Sam Cooper is particularly helpful.