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Leading Silks

Andrew Burns KCDevereuxAndrew is hugely bright but also approachable and pragmatic, which goes down very well with clients. He is great on his feet; very well-prepared but his style is straightforward and lands well with courts and tribunals.’
Bruce Carr KCDevereux 'Bruce is excellent on the law and very effective before the Employment Appeal Tribunal.'
David Craig KCEssex Court Chambers 'An outstanding silk.'
Paul Epstein KCCloistersPaul is a first-class advocate; forensic and has an exceptional intellect. He is excellent at putting nervous clients at ease with his open manner.’
Michael Ford KC – Old Square ChambersMichael is razor-sharp, fantastic on his feet, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of industrial relations and employment law. His advice is clear and practical and he is excellent with clients. You want him on your side.’
Caspar Glyn KCCloisters 'A powerhouse in the tribunal. He strikes fear into the hearts of opposing counsel as he is so sharp and on top of his brief. A silk with an impressive level of gravitas.'
Paul Goulding KCBlackstone Chambers 'Paul is the acknowledged master in employee competition and restrictive covenant disputes - his knowledge of the law is unparalleled and he is a tactical wizard. He is a forensic and persuasive advocate and has the respect of the court.'
Lord Hendy KCOld Square Chambers 'A giant in the field of industrial relations law.'
Andrew Hochhauser KCEssex Court Chambers  'A street fighter in a wig and gown.'
Chris Jeans KC  - 11KBW 'Chris is the doyen of the employment law Bar. An absolute master of the craft - hugely knowledgeable about the case law, an incredibly hard worker, very pleasant to work with and well liked by clients.'
Sean Jones KC11KBW 'Sean is like Zeus: when you go to war, you want him on your side.'
James Laddie KC – Matrix ChambersHis advocacy is first-class and razor-sharp. A master cross-examiner.’
Gavin Mansfield KCLittleton Chambers 'Gavin is a leader in every sense of the word. He is a phenomenal advocate and has a robust but engaging court room style.'
Karon Monaghan KC – Matrix ChambersA stateswoman of discrimination law and a phenomenal advocate.’
Jane Mulcahy KCBlackstone Chambers 'She is a methodical and balanced silk, who is also commercially and legally astute.'
Daniel Oudkerk KCEssex Court Chambers 'He is absolutely at the top of his game in this area. His advocacy skills are second to none, he has a razor sharp intellect and excellent client handling skills.'
David Reade KCLittleton Chambers 'A fabulous orator, and an iron fist in a velvet glove.'
Dinah Rose KCBlackstone Chambers 'The equivalent of a full-stack developer. She is the complete package as a barrister.'
Oliver Segal KC – Old Square Chambers 'A leading name, with insightful legal knowledge.'
Andrew Short KCOuter Temple Chambers 'An utterly brilliant silk.'
Daniel Stilitz KC11KBW 'He is measured and thoughtful in his advice, always adds value with his input and inspires confidence in all those working with him, most importantly the lay client.'
Selwyn Bloch KCLittleton Chambers 'A walking encyclopedia on restrictive covenants.'
Keith Bryant KCOuter Temple Chambers 'A tour de force practitioner.'
Tom Coghlin KCCloisters 'Tom is fiercely intelligent. He is particularly good on his feet, and always finds the right words to win an argument. A truly exceptional barrister.'
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersA silk who is very good at putting the client at ease with his calm demeanour.’
Ben Cooper KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Ben is an exceptional advocate. He is a super bright technical lawyer.'
Rachel Crasnow KCCloistersRachel is an expert in equal pay matters. Her tribunal advocacy is great; she really knows where the tribunal is going and can steer them in the desired direction.’
Tom Croxford KCBlackstone Chambers 'A silk with an imperturbable demeanor and great client-handling skills.'
Simon Devonshire KC11KBWSimon is a solid cross-examiner and is excellent in the tribunal - he prepares very thoroughly and always considers the best way to present the evidence.'
Paul Gott KCFountain Court Chambers 'A silk with a sophisticated advocacy style.'
Diya Sen Gupta KC – Blackstone ChambersDiya is intellectually fierce and a quietly forensic and cutting advocate. She is particularly strong on her feet, with a measured but robust style. Absolutely unflappable – nothing fazes her.’
Schona Jolly KCCloistersSchona is a marvel to watch on her feet – quick-witted and able to deftly pivot according to the bench’s mood, while also being resilient and forceful when required. Her advice is always exceptional – structured and intelligent. Her tactical acumen is impressive.’
Richard Leiper KC11KBW 'Richard is thorough, reliable, has excellent analytical and tactical skills and always focuses on the client's needs and aims.'
Akash Nawbatt KCDevereux 'A heavyweight silk.'
Paul Nicholls KC4 New Square 'Paul is a highly intelligent silk. His advocacy is wonderfully effective.'
Stuart Ritchie KCFountain Court Chambers 'Stuart is an outstanding advocate. He brings a level head, astute tactical nous and exceptional oral advocacy skills to every case he handles.'
Daphne Romney KCCloisters 'Daphne's persuasiveness, quick logical thinking, and good humour are hallmarks of her advocacy style. She can be devastating in cross-examination.'
Mohinderpal Sethi KCLittleton Chambers 'A very practical silk, who demonstrates a good hold on the details from the early stages of a case.'
Adam Solomon KCLittleton Chambers 'Adam has great tactical awareness. His advocacy is of the highest quality - succinct and good on his feet.'
Mark Sutton KC – Old Square Chambers 'A silk with great depth of knowledge.'
Charles Ciumei KCEssex Court Chambers 'An outstanding counsel.'
Kate Gallafent KCBlackstone Chambers 'Kate is truly outstanding. She is a tremendous lawyer and advocate, and has a gift for dealing well with the most pressured and stressful matters.'
Paul Gilroy KC – Littleton Chambers 'Paul is exceptionally efficient, extremely responsive and has a relentless energy to ensure the absolute best outcome for those he represents. He inspires the utmost confidence in clients.'
Robert Howe KCBlackstone Chambers 'He is supremely smooth and confident and great with witnesses.'
Dale Martin KCLittleton Chambers 'As an advocate Dale has the ability to both read the room and command it. His emotional intelligence makes him constantly adaptable and thus able to achieve outstanding results apparently out of nowhere.'
Jane McCafferty KC11KBW 'Jane is a fighter and an unsurpassed advocate. Her high intelligence and energy is a formidable combination. She has total control of the court room when she cross-examines.'
John Mehrzad KCFountain Court Chambers ‘John is a class act.’
Katharine Newton KCOld Square ChambersAn incisive and formidable advocate, who is razor-sharp on her feet and in her legal analysis. Katharine is an excellent strategist.’
Anya Proops KC11KBW 'Anya has that indispensable quality of putting clients immediately at ease, with her calm, authoritative and compassionate approach. Her strategic and tactical judgement is superb.'
Mathew Purchase KC – Matrix Chambers 'He is technically brilliant, calm, charming and very likeable. His advocacy is exemplary. He wins over judges and clients and delivers complicated legal arguments in plain and clear terms.'
Nicholas Siddall KCLittleton Chambers 'A silk who oozes confidence and intelligence, which is reassuring for both clients and instructing solicitors.'
Daniel Tatton-Brown KCLittleton Chambers 'An assured silk who retains a laser focus on the key issues and is robust in cross-examination.'
Adam Tolley KCFountain Court Chambers 'Adam has a ferocious legal brain. He is also very careful and precise.'
Andrew Allen KCOuter Temple Chambers 'Andrew is a respected silk. His advocacy stands out.'
Simon Cheetham KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Simon has a good, relaxed style which goes down very well with clients and instructing solicitors alike. He never panics and always instils confidence in the way that he deals with the twists and turns of tribunal litigation. His advocacy is assured - you always want him on your side.'
Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton Chambers 'He is super bright, responsive, supportive and extremely good with clients.'
Carol Davis KC - Littleton Chambers 'She advises with confidence and authority and explains complex legal issues in a client-friendly way.'
James Goudie KC11KBWA silk who consistently hits the bulls-eye. A joy to work with.'
Ivan Hare KCBlackstone ChambersIvan is charmingly ruthless, startlingly bright and a huge pleasure to work with.’
Aileen McColgan KC – 11KBWAn expert on discrimination law, and her no- nonsense approach gives confidence to the client.’
Julian Milford KC11KBW 'His serene manner instills confidence in clients, and he distils complex legal and factual issues into easily understandable terms.'
Ijeoma Omambala KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Ijeoma is a great tactician.'
Deshpal Panesar KC  – Old Square Chambers 'A very skilled, responsive and effective advocate.'
Marcus Pilgerstorfer KC11KBW 'Marcus' advocacy is refined and firm, with the required touch of steel with difficult witnesses.'
Tom Poole KC - 3 Hare Court 'Tom is responsive, commercially astute and innovative in finding ways to resolve a matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.'
Niran de Silva KCLittleton Chambers 'Niran is a suave and sophisticated genius. A skillful operator who leaves no stone unturned once in the zone.'
Rebecca Tuck KC – Old Square Chambers 'A formidable advocate who makes lay clients feel supported.'
Ed Williams KCCloistersEd is persuasive, calm under pressure and easy to work with. His advocacy is first-rate. His submissions are well-considered and his cross-examination incisive.’

2022 Silks

Rehana Azib KC2 Temple Gardens 'Rehana is excellent at absorbing complex and detailed information very quickly, and has an analytical eye for detail.'
Nicola Braganza KCGarden Court Chambers 'An absolutely fearless advocate in cross-examination: charming, ruthless and incredibly effective. A real expert in discrimination law and a leader in her field.'
Edward Brown KCEssex Court Chambers 'Incredibly practical, bright and easy to work with. Very accessible when dealing with clients, and a firm thoughtful adviser.'
Betsan Criddle KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Betsan is a brilliant technical lawyer. She can turn her to mind to a case and piece of work very quickly, and gives clear advice on merits and strategy. She is very quick-witted, authoritative and knowledgeable.'
Jeremy Lewis KCLittleton Chambers 'Jeremy leaves no stone unturned and is willing to go the extra mile.'
Alice Mayhew KCDevereux 'A silk with great breadth of experience and intellect, combined with a level-headed approach.'

2023 Silks

Claire Darwin KC – Matrix Chambers 'She is a go to barrister for statutory employment law claims. A very confident advocate who is well respected by the judiciary.'
Kathleen Donnelly KCHenderson Chambers 'She provides clear advice. Clients and solicitors love her.'
Iris Ferber KC42BR Barristers 'Iris is an intelligent, tactical silk, who is also very personable and approachable.'
Eleena Misra KC – Old Square Chambers 'Eleena is an exemplary advocate - her cross-examination skills are fantastic, robust when necessary and empathetic. She is analytical and detail orientated, and a great problem solver. A powerhouse.'
Nadia Motraghi KCOld Square Chambers 'An indefatigable silk who gets on exceptionally well with professional and lay clients.'
Sheryn Omeri KCCloisters 'A fearless advocate: she fights like a tiger and stings like a bee.'
Akua Reindorf KCCloisters 'Akua is an incredible barrister. She is an outstanding advocate, highly technical, and has excellent client care skills. She is always one step ahead.'

2024 Silks

Anna Beale KCCloisters 'Anna is a superb and respected advocate. Her advocacy is assured, erudite and lucid - she is better prepared than many silks. Great on her feet.'
Stuart Brittenden KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Stuart is an incredibly hard-working junior with an attractive advocacy style.'
Sarah Fraser Butlin KCCloisters 'Sarah is hugely bright, responsive and a sharp advocate. A discrimination law expert.'
Simon Forshaw KC11KBW 'Very bright and an excellent team player.'
Jeffrey Jupp KC7BR 'Jeffrey is a formidable advocate with the singular ability to identify the key issues in the case and present his arguments with authority, clarity and precision, which ultimately translates to his being devastatingly persuasive.'
Craig Rajgopaul KCBlackstone ChambersCraig is a consummate professional. He really is the full package, combining a razor-sharp intellect with a very personable manner and a hardworking nature. His advocacy is superb.’
Amy Rogers KC11KBW 'A junior operating at the level of a silk.'
Christopher Stone KCDevereuxHis style of cross-examination is calm and understated, but also extremely forensic. He is great with clients and witnesses.’
Judy Stone KC11KBW 'Judy is a strong strategic thinker, whose cross-examination is clear and laser-focused.'

Leading Juniors

Sophie Belgrove11KBW 'Sophie is an exceptional advocate, highly collaborative, commercial and very bright. She is strong on discrimination cases.'
Carolyn D’SouzaCloisters 'Carolyn is stunningly clever, incredibly tenacious and an outstanding cross-examiner.'
Andrew Edge11KBW 'A future silk.'
Peter EdwardsDevereux 'A phenomenal junior.'
Edward Kemp - Matrix Chambers 'Very poised, very incisive, and good to work with.'
Thomas Kibling – Matrix Chambers 'Thomas is absolutely brilliant. He is always completely into the details, is fantastic with clients and is calm and clear-thinking under pressure. He is great at putting people at their ease.'
Dee MastersCloisters 'She's a superstar! A brilliant advocate who can read the room, technically fantastic and strategically and commercially astute. Witnesses and clients love her.'
Claire McCannCloisters 'A hugely incisive junior who goes the extra mile.'
Christopher Milsom - Cloisters 'A strategic barrister who is very user-friendly and cuts to the key issues of a case swiftly.'
Sam NeamanLittleton Chambers 'He works tirelessly to ensure that he understands a case inside out and explores every legal avenue. He inspires confidence through his intelligence and hard work.'
Jude Shepherd42BR Barristers 'Jude is a first-class advocate. Her attention to detail, quality of work and ability to build rapport with clients is remarkable. A solutions-focused junior.'
Matthew SheridanLittleton Chambers 'He is naturally talented and hard working, which makes him the complete package. He is highly persuasive as an advocate and is a worthy opponent of any experienced silk at the employment law Bar. A complete joy to work with.'
David StephensonDoughty Street Chambers 'David is a passionate and articulate advocate. He is extremely dedicated and always goes that extra mile for his clients, who feel safe and assured in his hands.'
Melanie Tether – Old Square Chambers 'Melanie is silk quality in the guise of a junior.'
Lydia BanerjeeLittleton Chambers 'Lydia is a joy to work with. Her advocacy is clear and persuasive; her cross-examination hits all the right notes. She has very good judgement: she knows when and how to drop weaker points yet is tenacious in pursuing points which are arguable.'
Talia BarsamDevereuxTalia is hard-working, down-to-earth and easy to deal with. She prepares thoroughly for her cases and wins the trust of clients and witnesses.’
Lucy BoneLittleton Chambers 'Lucy is extremely user-friendly. She is pragmatic in her advice but also highly technical and thinks quickly on her feet.'
David BrookHenderson Chambers 'David's depth of knowledge is like an ever-replenishing well of fresh water. An approachable and highly respected junior.'
Tom BrownCloistersTom is an outstanding barrister. He always provides clear and pragmatic advice, and his attention to detail and advocacy skills are second-to-none.’
Catherine CasserleyCloisters 'An expert in discrimination law, and an asset to have on your side.'
Louise Chudleigh  – Old Square Chambers 'A junior who demonstrates the ability to get to grips with complex cases quickly.'
Thomas CordreyDevereux 'Thomas has amazing attention to detail and is wonderful with clients.'
Naomi CunninghamOuter Temple Chambers 'Naomi is technically very strong and an absolute expert on discrimination and equal pay cases.'
Charlotte DaviesLittleton Chambers 'A very safe pair of hands.'
Olivia-Faith DobbieCloisters 'Olivia is excellent with clients, and exceptionally strong in cross-examination. She is at the top of her game.'
Paras Gorasia - Old Square ChambersParas is commercially astute, responsive and a clever advocate. Good with clients and judges.’
Patrick Halliday11KBW 'He is phenomenally bright and capable, with a surgical ability to cut to the heart of the issues in any case. His advocacy is disarmingly calm and precise. An extremely assured and confident barrister.'
Tom Kirk  – Old Square Chambers 'Tom is detailed and forensic. He has an excellent eye for detail and will fight to the last moment for his client.'
Naomi LingOuter Temple Chambers 'Naomi is pragmatic. Her command of detail combined with strategic nous is always impressive. She always adds value.'
Saul MargoOuter Temple ChambersSaul is a consummate technician. He is very hard working and thorough, and can hold his own against silks. A cogent advocate.'
Paul MichellCloisters 'An outstanding communicator and a scintillating advocate: sophisticated, intelligent, confident and compelling.'
David Mitchell39 Essex Chambers 'An excellent junior.'
Jack MitchellOld Square Chambers 'Jack has real gravitas in the tribunal. He has a considered, measured, and compelling approach to answering judges' questions. He is particularly knowledgeable in whistleblowing law. An excellent barrister.'
Robert Moretto  – Old Square Chambers 'Robert is a methodical and diligent advocate.'
Nicola NewbeginOld Square Chambers 'Nicola is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, and provides astute advice on the technical elements of complex cases. Her advocacy is always precise and persuasive.'
Declan O’DempseyCloisters 'Declan is very thorough and gets to grips with the issues quickly.'
Michael Salter42BR BarristersMichael is incredibly organised and an excellent tribunal advocate. Very well-liked by clients for his dedication and preparedness to go the extra mile.’
Antony SendallLittleton Chambers 'A very sharp junior.'
Lydia SeymourOuter Temple Chambers 'Lydia is an impressive technical barrister. She understands the client's strategic aims and her advice is clear and practical.'
Andrew Smith11KBW 'Andrew is very strong across all areas of employment law. He is always very prepared and very assured in his advice. He has superb client care skills.'
Kate BalmerDevereux 'Kate is exceptional and in a class of her own. Her ability to quickly take in and understand complex detailed facts is outstanding. She is also robust, emotionally intelligent, articulate and extremely knowledgeable.'
Elaine Banton7BR 'Elaine is a great advocate and cuts through knotty issues in a particularly graceful manner.'
Daniel BarnettOuter Temple Chambers 'A junior with a brilliant intellect and is highly knowledgeable in his field. He puts witnesses at ease and focuses clearly on the key issues in a case.'
Rachel BarrettCloisters 'Rachel is a standout barrister. Her technical ability is fabulous. She is particularly strong on discrimination cases. A real team player and wonderful with clients.'
Sarah Bowen3PBSarah is incisive and very personable in the court room. She has a compelling manner with judges.’
Joseph BryanLittleton Chambers 'He has a brilliant knowledge of employment law; nothing seems to faze him. He is always helpful and responsive, and is well liked and trusted by clients. He is a fantastic advocate.'
Alice Carse4 Pump Court 'Alice is always prepared and insightful. An articulate and credible advocate, who doesn't pull any punches in cross examination.'
Shane CrawfordFive PaperShane’s analytical skills are second-to-none. He gets right to the heart of a case, applying sound legal judgement, and has excellent advocacy skills.’
Jesse CrozierDevereux 'Jesse is very sharp and articulate. He puts people at ease, and as an advocate he is incredibly astute and measured while getting his point across. Solid and persuasive.'
Ronnie Dennis11KBW 'A very professional junior, whose cross-examination is focused and courteous yet firm.'
Katherine Eddy11KBW 'An incisive cross-examiner who is well liked by clients.'
Tim Goodwin  - Littleton Chambers  ‘Tim’s knowledge of employment law and procedure is first-rate. His advocacy is measured and receptive. He is articulate and quick on his feet, has an engaging manner when before a tribunal, and inspires confidence in clients.’
Georgia HicksDevereux 'Georgia remains very cool under pressure. A strong advocate on top of her brief, and she is very good with the tribunal and clients.'
Georgina HirschDevereux 'A forensic cross-examiner who takes a realistic view when working out a case strategy.'
Harini Iyengar11KBW 'Harini has a real depth of experience, and she gets to the nub of the matter efficiently. Very good with clients in conference, and her advice is always thoughtful and practical.'
Spencer KeenOld Square Chambers 'A very methodical and responsive advocate, who is very good at putting clients at ease.'
Sinead King - Specialist Employment Barristers (UK) 'Sinead has forensic attention to detail and a succinct cross-examination style. She is highly persuasive before a judge.'
Peter LinsteadOuter Temple Chambers 'Peter is a good team player. He is succinct and quickly assimilates a large amount of information to give good advice that is practical and tactical. He moves quickly to the crux of the issue.'
Louise MankauDoughty Street Chambers 'Clients love her. She speaks their language. She is proactive rather than reactive. She is hands on and really embeds herself in the case.'
George MolyneauxBlackstone Chambers 'He is clearly a master of his area. He can analyse an issue succinctly and provides focussed advice. A junior who is years ahead of his call.'
Karen Moss - 3PB 'A junior with exceptional knowledge of the law.'
Martina MurphyOuter Temple ChambersA robust junior and a strong advocate. She provides clear, practical advice.’
Tom Ogg11KBW 'A junior who is a pleasure to work with and meticulous in his preparation.'
Rupert Paines11KBW 'A superb barrister: clever, insightful, and a pleasure to work with. He rolls up his sleeves in the heavy cases, has the detail at his fingertips, and always spots the key points. One of the leading juniors of his generation of employment lawyers.'
Sebastian PurnellDevereux 'Sebastian has a robust advocacy style and is very good with clients. He has all of the details to hand in a case.'
Bayo RandleDevereux 'Bayo is strategic and conscientious. He is very effective at putting witnesses at ease.'
Laura Robinson12 King’s Bench WalkLaura has excellent technical skills, and understands and considers detailed and complicated legal points with serenity. She is extremely clear in her advice and her advocacy is very persuasive.’
Ming-Yee ShiuLittleton ChambersA composed barrister, who demonstrates razor-sharp clarity of thought.’
Hannah Slarks11KBW 'Hannah is a very safe pair of hands. She makes great arguments, is good on her feet and analyses cases well.'
Mark StephensGatehouse Chambers 'His grasp of the law is so innate that he is working with the fundamental elements rather than specific problems, which gives him authority and agility in court.'
Paul StrelitzGatehouse Chambers 'Paul never misses a point, and exercises great judgement in the points he does make.'
Jamie Susskind11KBW 'Jamie is a tactical thinker with a great client manner.'
Catherine Urquhart42BR Barristers 'Catherine prepares extremely well, is incredibly hard working and certainly goes the extra mile for her clients. A very safe pair of hands.'
Robin White – Old Square Chambers 'A formidable advocate who provides laser-precise advice. She is a client friendly barrister.'
Will YoungOuter Temple Chambers 'An erudite barrister. His ability to manage vulnerable clients firmly but with empathy is a credit to him. He is measured and unflappable.'
Aysha Ahmad42BR BarristersAysha is a fantastic advocate. She is very personable and great with clients, particularly inexperienced and nervous witnesses. She puts them at ease and reassures them.'
Grahame AndersonLittleton Chambers 'Grahame is technically strong on the law, all over the details, and is also commercial. He's client friendly and a pleasure to work with.'
Kate AnnandDoughty Street ChambersKate has an authoritative manner which is both persuasive and assertive. Judges love her. She is calm and measured and truly brings the tribunal along with her, whilst at the same time being tenacious.’
Gus BakerOuter Temple Chambers 'A junior who makes complex arguments with ease, and always comes up with creative solutions - a lateral thinker.'
Helen Bell2 Temple Gardens 'Helen's attention to detail is brilliant. She excels in dealing with complex claims and always provides pragmatic and commercial advice.'
Rajiv BhattGatehouse ChambersRajiv gets into the detail and is relentless in cross-examination with it.’
Jason Braier42BR Barristers ‘Jason is utterly dependable and is an asset on every case, working seamlessly with his instructing solicitors and client. He quickly wins the confidence of any tribunal judge. He is quick on his feet and has an excellent analytical and strategic mind. He is a pleasure to work with.’
Victoria BrownOuter Temple ChambersVictoria is an excellent junior. She can see the wood for the trees and is compelling in court.'
Gregory Burke7BR 'A practical, conscientious and assured junior.'
Susan Chan42BR Barristers 'A very client-friendly junior who is good at putting witnesses at ease, and is always prepared to go the extra mile.'
Nikolas Clarke - Field Court Chambers 'His candid advice, demonstrating his depth of knowledge of the law and tribunal practice, coupled with his practical and commercial eye is invaluable.'
Tom Cross11KBW 'A master of human rights case law.'
Robert Cumming2 Temple Gardens 'A confident and erudite junior.'
Jake DaviesFive Paper 'He combines razor-sharp analytical skills and advocacy with a personable rapport with clients.'
Jonathan Davies – 42BR Barristers 'Jonathan is very responsive and proactive. He has excellent technical knowledge and is a tenacious and courteous advocate. Lovely with lay clients.'  
Kerenza DavisBlackstone Chambers 'Insightful, analytical, commercial, and a highly effective advocate - measured but extremely powerful when required. She picks up esoteric points with ease.'
Laith Dilaimi  – Old Square Chambers 'Laith has persuasive and respectful approach to advocacy, and his advice is always valuable and sensible.'
Tom GillieMatrix Chambers 'A junior who demonstrates commitment to his clients and work, friendliness and technical expertise.'
Nicholas GoodfellowLittleton Chambers 'An analytical junior with a detailed understanding of the law relating to employee competition.'
James GreenLittleton Chambers 'Commercially excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. He is always calm and sensible.'
Lance Harris  – Old Square Chambers 'A serene and understated barrister.'
Lucinda HarrisDevereux 'Her approach is methodical and considered, and her attention to detail is exceptional.'
Orlando Holloway42BR Barristers 'He is pragmatic, personable and can digest a huge amount of detail and distil it into very plain terms.'
Ruth Kennedy11KBW 'Ruth is a junior to watch. She is incredibly calm under pressure, a fantastic advocate and has exceptional client care skills. She has superstar quality.'
Rad Kohanzad - Old Square ChambersRad is very personable and easy to work with. He has a flexible approach and always strikes an excellent rapport with clients. A robust advocate.’
Georgina LeadbetterLittleton Chambers 'She is thoroughly dependable and an excellent communicator. A very responsive junior.'
Craig Ludlow3PB 'Craig's strengths include making you feel at ease and confident in terms of how quickly he can pick up a matter and understand what's important.'
Gordon MenziesSix Pump Court 'An attentive barrister who always provides realistic advice.'
Leslie Millin – Farrar’s Building 'Personal and methodical - working with Leslie is very easy.'
Caroline Musgrave-CohenCloisters 'Caroline has the enviable mixture of being both technically brilliant and commercially savvy. She builds rapport with clients very quickly and easily.'
Samuel Nicholls – Devereux 'His advocacy is strong, without being unnecessarily combative, and his cross examination appropriately piercing but not prolix: it focuses on what really matters.'
Adam OhringerCloisters 'Adam is incredibly knowledgeable in employment law. He instills confidence in clients as a result of his ability to explain the situation in an empathetic, supportive and understandable way. He always provides advice that is clear and commercially sound.'
Richard Oulton5 Essex Chambers 'Richard is very thorough and able to quickly identify key issues in complex and document heavy cases; his knowledge of the tribunal process is formidable.'
Darshan Patel - Old Square Chambers 'Darshan's advocacy is exemplary. He is an astute, formidable yet charming barrister who has the confidence of the tribunal.'
Millie Polimac – Five Paper 'Millie is practical, commercial, persuasive and confident.'
Louise Price – Doughty Street Chambers 'Louise provides considered, comprehensive and correct advice. On her feet she is able to deal with anything that is thrown at her, because she prepares thoroughly and anticipates everything. Never fazed.'
David RentonGarden Court Chambers 'He has a good bedside manner with clients, and explains complex legal issues in a user-friendly fashion.'
Nathan Roberts – Matrix Chambers 'Nathan is as bright as they come. He combines intellect with excellent client skills, tenacity and confidence.'
Alexander RobsonLittleton Chambers 'Alex’s advocacy is superb - calm and persuasive without melodrama.'
Zac Sammour11KBW 'Zac is responsive, has great attention to detail, puts clients at ease and has strong advocacy skills.'
Tim Sheppard – No5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Tim provides practical and informed advice in a timely manner. He is a highly skilled advocate.'
James Bickford SmithLittleton Chambers 'James has an encyclopedic knowledge of post-termination restriction issues and, equally impressively, knows how to utilise that knowledge to provide practical advice. Clients appreciate his calm and detailed approach.'
Rosalie Snocken  – Old Square Chambers 'She is a highly intelligent barrister with excellent analytical skills.'
Michael Sprack - 1MCB 'A junior whose advocacy is clear and to the point, and a skillful cross-examiner.'
Madeline Stanley – Old Square Chambers 'An extremely bright junior, and an authority on worker status cases.'
Safia Tharoo42BR Barristers 'Safia is a pleasure to work with. She is very sensible and pragmatic in her approach, giving considerable thought to the strategy and preparation of a case and how to present it. She is very good with clients and witnesses. She always stays calm and collected.'
Rebecca Thomas42BR BarristersRebecca is brilliant at ensuring tribunal panels stay focussed on the key issues and is a formidable opponent in all areas of employment law. Her advocacy skills are excellent.’
Nicholas TomsDoughty Street Chambers 'Nicholas is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. He is very cool under pressure and is not afraid to push a client's point before a difficult or resistant judge.'
Marianne TutinDevereux 'Marianne is a delight to work with - efficient; commercial; a ruthless cross-examiner, and all with a great sense of humour.'
Benjamin Uduje42BR Barristers 'Benjamin is unflappable, with an excellent manner which puts nervous clients at ease. His ability to get to the nub of the issue is very helpful on complex matters.'
Andrew Watson – Cloisters ‘Andrew is very knowledgeable and has a quiet authority which makes him highly persuasive in court. He is incredibly thorough and quick to grasp details while also being good with clients. He is confident in his approach.’
Sarah WilkinsonBlackstone Chambers 'A junior with commercial nous.'
James WilliamsHenderson Chambers 'James is a very persuasive junior, who is excellent on his feet and gets on top of the details quickly. Having James in your corner is beyond reassuring.'
Nick Bidnell-Edwards42BR Barristers 'He is always determined to achieve a good result for the client.'
Daniel Brown3PB 'A confident and assured junior who provides pragmatic advice.'
Stephen ButlerOuter Temple Chambers 'As well prepared, smooth, and as agile on his feet as counsel three decades his senior.'
Nathaniel CaidenCloisters 'Nathaniel's advocacy exudes calmness and authority. He cuts to the key issues and clients are very reassured by him.'
Gillian Crew42BR Barristers 'Very calm and always prepared, Gillian is succinct and gets to the crux of the matter quickly. A compelling advocate.'
Jennifer DanversCloistersJennifer is an absolutely brilliant barrister. She is incredibly intelligent and her knowledge of employment law is second-to-none. She explains even the most tricky issues clearly and concisely. You always know you are in a safe pair of hands when you instruct her.’
Imogen Egan- Outer Temple Chambers 'Imogen is a very measured operator. She grasps the facts and documents easily. She is excellent at making legal arguments in a clear and concise fashion, and she demonstrates great client care.'
Lauren GodfreyGatehouse Chambers 'Clients like his practical style.'
Mark Green3PB 'A user-friendly junior, who is very knowledgeable and a compelling advocate.'
Anna Greenley – Devereux 'A very experienced junior with a good work ethic. She is a skillful cross-examiner.'
Darryl Hutcheon – Matrix Chambers 'Darryl is confident, thorough and goes above and beyond. He is a force to be reckoned with and a strong strategist.'
Daniel Isenberg11KBW 'A thorough and responsive junior.'
Benjamin Jones  – Old Square Chambers ‘Ben is an exceptional advocate. He always remains calm, even in the most testing of cases, and has an excellent ability to make lay clients feel at ease and involved in proceedings.’
Tristan Jones - Blackstone Chambers 'An eloquent speaker with real gravitas. A bright, persuasive and authoritative advocate.'
Andrew LeggEssex Court Chambers 'A highly intelligent and diligent junior.'
Paul Livingston - Outer Temple Chambers 'A committed junior whose arguments are concise, and he is able to sort the wheat from the chaff.'
Peter Lockley11KBW 'A very knowledgeable employment lawyer. He has good judgement and an easy ability to gain the trust of his clients.'
Andrew MacPhail - 3PB 'An accomplished advocate with an incisive approach.'
Tom MountfordBlackstone Chambers 'He is highly intelligent and strategic, and has a good manner with clients.'
Bibek Mukherjee  – Essex Court Chambers 'Bibek has a keen eye for the important details of a case.'
Nigel Porter11KBW 'Nigel is thoroughly well prepared and unflappable in the court and tribunal. He oozes experience and confidence.'
Navid PourghaziBlackstone Chambers 'He is meticulous in preparation, and his advice is razor-sharp. He doesn't miss a thing.'
Ghazaleh Rezaie – 12 King’s Bench WalkGhazaleh’s advocacy is systematic, persuasive, informed and relentless, and a joy to watch. She is particularly skilled in building her case through cross-examination, with a carefully thought out pace and structure that chips away at her opponent’s arguments. Her ability to absorb the finest details of the case is second-to-none.’
Adam Ross – Old Square Chambers 'His technical knowledge is extremely good, and he has very clear analytical skills.'
Matthew Sellwood – Devereux 'Matt is a shrewd operator, a stand-out litigator and a strategic negotiator who is down to earth, approachable and engaging. Clients and witnesses love him.'
Nick Singer42BR Barristers 'Nick is very responsive and conscientious. He provides clear and pragmatic advice and is a confident advocate. He puts clients at ease, and commands the respect of those around him.'
Mukhtiar SinghDoughty Street Chambers 'Mukhtiar's particular strengths are his responsiveness, his clarity of thinking and his confident and persuasive approach. He is common sense personified and a class act.'
Jessica Smeaton – No5 Barristers’ Chambers 'Jessica is very proactive, communicates well with clients and absorbs complex issues quickly.'
Emma Sole – Farrar’s Building 'She provides practical advice and is very unflappable and calm - she is an amazing advocate in very difficult and delicate hearings.'
Sam Stevens – 2 Temple Gardens 'Sam is very responsive, hard working and sagacious.'
Amy Stroud – 42BR BarristersAmy is easy to work with and her knowledge of employment law is exceptional. She prepares thoroughly and this is reflected in her advocacy. She is very client-friendly and puts witnesses at ease.’
Bianca VenkataOuter Temple Chambers 'A persistent advocate who is clear and concise.'
John-Paul Waite5 Essex Chambers 'An articulate and assiduous barrister.'
Joel Wallace – Littleton Chambers 'He has great client care skills and an analytical eye.'
Tim Welch42BR BarristersTim is highly motivated, extremely hardworking, and has a first-class intellect. He is also personable and deals well with clients and opponents. A dogged and skilful advocate, who knows when to press a point, but equally importantly, when to move on. He also has a highly developed ability to think strategically.’

Rising Stars

Jack Castle – Henderson Chambers 'Jack is a very effective cross-examiner and an impressive, unperturbed advocate.'
Georgina ChurchhouseLittleton Chambers 'A steadfast and focused junior.'
Margherita Cornaglia – Doughty Street Chambers 'Margherita is a tenacious, robust and skilled advocate. She provides helpful and down-to-earth, workable advice and is an asset to any case.'  
Jen Coyne - Monckton Chambers ‘A junior who is great on her feet and very client friendly.’
Oscar Davies - Garden Court Chambers  ‘Oscar is very knowledgeable about employment appeal procedures, and is warm and empathetic. They are particularly good with vulnerable clients.’
Ruaraidh Fitzpatrick – Cloisters 'Ruaraidh is responsive, practical, detail-focused and good with clients. Willing to go the extra mile. An exceptional advocate.'
Emma Foubister – Matrix Chambers 'An extremely clever, succinct and reliable junior.'
Elizabeth Grace – Outer Temple Chambers ‘She instils confidence and can get right to the nub of a case very quickly. Her advice is clear and down-to-earth.’
Mark Greaves – Matrix Chambers 'Mark is an excellent junior. He has meticulous attention to detail, is very responsive, provides practical, commercially-focused advice and is also a pleasure to work with.'
Beth GrossmanDoughty Street ChambersBeth is pragmatic and tenacious. She focuses on the core issues in a claim and does not allow herself to be side-tracked. She is well-liked by judges who respond to her focused and sensible approach.’
Conor Kennedy – Old Square Chambers 'He is professional yet empathetic, and communicates very well with challenging clients or those with complex needs. He can distill complex legal issues into comprehensible language.'
Rachel Owusu-Agyei - Old Square Chambers 'Rachel is an impressive and eloquent advocate.'
Alex Shellum – Old Square Chambers 'A junior with the ability to persuade a judge and cross examine witnesses in a way which gets a case across without being at all aggressive in his approach.'
Roisin Swords-Kieley – Matrix Chambers 'Roisin is a brilliant advocate with a fantastic eye for detail and an amazing ability to cut through complicated facts to get to the heart of a case. She has excellent cross-examination skills and is calm, measured and quick-thinking on her feet. Her advice is always clear and pragmatic, and commercially focussed.'
Sam Way – DevereuxSam is a pleasure to work with. He is pragmatic and very user friendly; an astute and clear advocate.’
Kieran WilsonLittleton Chambers 'A supremely sharp advocate who is very impressive in front of a judge.'

Employment in London Bar


11KBW is ‘a first tier employment set, with a broad selection of top class barristers‘. Among the senior end of chambers, the ‘excellentSean Jones KC garners praise as ‘one of the great employment barristers‘; Daniel Stilitz KC is ‘a good strategic and tactical lawyer‘; and Jane McCafferty KC is ‘a phenomenal strategist‘. Turning to the juniors, Amy Rogers KC has an excellent reputation for handling restrictive covenant disputes and team-poaching claims, and the ‘robustSophie Belgrove is sought after for her expertise in advising on high-profile whistleblowing cases and discrimination claims. Andrew Edge is a key name for unfair dismissal cases and breach of contract issues. Clive Sheldon KC, as was, was appointed a High Court Judge in February 2024.


‘Mark Dann leads from the front by example and nothing is too much trouble for him or his wonderful team.’

‘Mark Dann and Lee Cutler have always been incredibly helpful when called upon.’

‘Mark Dann, Lucy Barbet and Lee Cutler are a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Mark Dann, Lucy Barbet and Lee Cutler are highly responsive.’

‘Lucy Barbet and Lee Cutler are worth their weight in gold.’

11KBW remains at the very top of the employment law world.’

They have excellent strength in depth in employment barristers.’

11KBW is a very strong set with a huge breadth of expertise in employment law.’

Blackstone Chambers

Very strong‘ set Blackstone Chambers houses a ‘superb‘ team, which has an excellent reputation for handling a broad range of high-profile employment litigation. Recent activity for practice head Tom Croxford KC includes successfully representing the defendant in Christie v Canaccord Genuity Ltd, a dispute involving a high-value bonus claim and retention award. Robert Howe KC regularly appears in the High Court concerning restrictive covenant claims. Diya Sen Gupta KC is ‘an incredibly skilled advocate‘ with noted strength in business protection, discrimination and whistleblowing cases. Turning to the juniors, George Molyneaux, unled, acted for the respondent in El Fath v Secretary of State for Justice, an Employment Tribunal case involving allegations of whistleblowing detriment, discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal. In a boost to chambers, Tom Richards KC took silk in March 2023.


‘The clerks are great, particularly Gary Oliver. He is responsive.’

‘Sophie Floydd is excellent and is very efficient.’

Blackstone is one of the leading employment sets.’

An approachable set.’

Very strong employment barristers.’

Blackstone is a leading set and counsel are rightly considered as experts in their field.’

High quality barristers.’

Highly professional operation.’


Cloisters ‘has an excellent employment law offering‘. The ‘very strong‘ team is ‘incredibly knowledgeable‘ and has an excellent track record for advising across the full spectrum of employment law matters. Discrimination cases form a key pillar of the practice, and members report an uptick in equal pay claims as well as undertaking larger volumes of sensitive investigations. Schona Jolly KC and Ruaraidh Fitzpatrick represented the applicant before the European Court of Human Rights in Buttet v UK, which considered the extent to which the law of state immunity can prevent foreign nationals from bringing proceedings against their own governments in the British courts. In another matter, Caspar Glyn KC and Adam Ohringer successfully acted for an employer before the Employment Tribunal in a claim concerning the dismissal of care home employees who declined COVID-19 vaccinations. Key growth for the set includes Sheryn Omeri KC and Akua Reindorf KC taking silk in March 2023, and Andrew Watson joined the team in June 2023.


‘Glenn Hudson is a living legend.’

‘Glenn Hudson inspires confidence, is user friendly, and has great humanity.’

‘Andy Hunter and Mark Skipp are helpful and understand the clients’ needs.’

‘Frankie Beale is very efficient.’

‘Mark Skipp is fantastic.’

Cloisters boasts a number of excellent barristers.’

Cloisters is one of the foremost sets in employment law.’

Cloisters has excellent barristers in the employment/discrimination law field and are always a pleasure to work with.’

Littleton Chambers

A strong set for employment work‘, Littleton Chambers has a solid track record in representing respondent clients in a wide range of challenging cases. In the Court of Appeal, David Reade KC and Grahame Anderson acted for the respondents in a test case on the rights of agency workers to access permanent employment opportunities (Kocur v Angard Staffing Limited and Royal Mail Group). Also in the Court of Appeal, Anderson and Nicholas Siddall KC acted in Kong v Gulf International Bank Ltd, a landmark case involving the scope of the distinction between a whistleblowing disclosure and the conduct related to its manner, known as the separability principle. Over in the Supreme Court, Mohinderpal Sethi KC and Sophia Berry appeared in Basfar v Wong, the first case to be granted permission to leapfrog appeal directly to the Supreme Court from the EAT. The case involved a claim brought against a serving diplomat by a domestic worker, who alleged that she had been trafficked to the UK and her employment conditions constituted modern slavery; the Supreme Court ruled that diplomatic immunity could not defeat such a claim as it fell under the commercial activity exception.


‘Jason Drakeford and his team of clerks are fantastic – helpful, proactive and knowledgeable about the needs of clients.’

‘Jason Drakeford is very user-friendly and helpful.’

‘Scott Hersey is always very helpful and attentive.’

‘Ian Smethurst is always friendly and helpful.’

Littleton is a deeply impressive set with a wealth of exceptional talent.’

An outstanding set. Extremely high quality across the board.’

Huge strength in depth for employment work.’

Quality set.’

Old Square Chambers

A ‘strong set for employment work with high profile counsel‘, Old Square Chambers‘ members routinely handle significant employment cases, including appearing in the Court of Appeal. In a prominent case highlight, Michael Ford KC successfully represented UNISON as intervenor in the Supreme Court in Harpur Trust v Brazel, a high-profile case concerning if part-year workers (in this context, a term-time only music teacher at a school) accrue their holiday entitlement pro rata throughout the year, or during the parts of the year the employee is working. In a separate matter, Ben Cooper KC is acting for ASDA in ongoing, large-scale litigation concerning multiple equal pay claims. At the junior end of chambers, whistleblowing and equal pay claims have been prominent in Melanie Tether‘s recent workload, and Robert Moretto successfully acted for the Department of Work and Pensions in Mackereth v DWP, a belief discrimination claim brought by a Christian doctor who refused to address transgender patients by their preferred pronouns. In March 2023, the senior end of the team was bolstered by the elevation of Eleena Misra KC and Nadia Motraghi KC to silk. Sarah Keogh is now a full-time Employment Judge.


‘Paul Adams is very responsible and always helpful.’

Very good set of chambers, full of able practitioners – strength in depth.’

Great set.’

Old Square Chambers has very able and collegiate barristers.’

The clerks are keen to help and quick at responding to requests.’

Old Square’s clerks have super employment law knowledge, and are responsive, practical and incredibly accommodating.’

Superb service from clerks’ room.’


Devereux has ‘great strength in depth‘ in employment law. The team is well-known for appearing before both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and is routinely instructed to act in a wide range of employment litigation. Members continue to handle high-profile industrial relations cases and Covid-19 related employment matters, both key areas of expertise for Andrew Burns KC. Alice Mayhew KC‘s track record includes appearing before the Employment Tribunal and High Court in claims involving allegations of harassment, whistleblowing and discrimination. Among the junior end of chambers, Peter Edwards is sought after for his excellent reputation in handling disability discrimination claims, with a niche focus on discrimination cases involving psychiatric issues.


‘The clerks are great. Cyrus Biggs always goes out of his way to help.’

‘Glenn Billenness is commercial and plain speaking.’

From the clerks to the most senior barristers, Devereux is a class apart: smart, commercial and strategic. They are super easy to deal with. Turn around time is minimal and the quality of the work at all levels is exceptional.’

One of the top chambers for employment law in London.’

Good availability.’

Very accommodating.’

Working with all of the clerks at Devereux is super straightforward.’

Excellent – the clerking team at Devereux is very responsive.’

Essex Court Chambers

At Essex Court Chambers, David Craig KC is highly regarded for his excellent track record in handling complex employment litigation at all levels of the judicial system, up to the Supreme Court, and regularly appears before the Employment Tribunal in whistleblowing and discrimination claims. Andrew Hochhauser KC and Charles Ciumei KC have notable strength in handling employment disputes for companies and private individuals in the financial services sector. Recent highlights include Daniel Oudkerk KC acting as leading counsel for AstraZeneca in an application for an interim injunction to prevent a former senior executive from starting a new role at GSK; the High Court granted the injunction. Among the juniors, Jane Russell is active in cases involving sex, maternity and belief discrimination claims.

Matrix Chambers

The employment team at Matrix Chambers has been kept busy advising on industrial relations cases, equal pay claims, restrictive covenants and discrimination matters, to name a few areas of instruction. James Laddie KC garners praise as ‘the barrister you want on your side on the most complex, sensitive and reputationally-concerning matters‘. Mathew Purchase KC is well-known for representing claimants, employers and trade unions before all levels of the judicial system. Turning to the juniors, Tom Gillie‘s caseload spans whistleblowing, discrimination and human rights matters, while Nathan Roberts successfully acted as sole counsel for the Group Chief Investment Officer of an international business before the Employment Tribunal in an automatic unfair dismissal and whistleblowing claim, resulting in an award of over £1.6m. Recent growth for the set includes Edward Kemp joining the team from Littleton Chambers and Claire Darwin KC and Laura Prince KC being elevated to silk.


‘Alison Scanes is an exceptional clerk, and offers a first-rate service.’

‘Chris Smith who is very friendly and willing to help with any queries that we have.’

‘Chris Smith has been consistently excellent.’

Great set.’

Consistently good for employment counsel.’

Counsel are knowledgeable and experienced in their field.’

Very responsive and willing to go the extra mile when needed.’

Very helpful and efficient clerking.’

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers ‘has an excellent offering in employment matters‘. Equal pay litigation remains a core pillar of strength for the team, and members continue to handle high-profile discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Pensions work is another key area of expertise for multiple practitioners in the group. Recent highlights include Andrew Short KC and Saul Margo successfully acting in the Court of Appeal for the claimants in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd v Clark and Others, a long-running equal pay claim which in 2023 reached the Court of Appeal on a point concerning  ACAS conciliation in bulk claims. Naomi Cunningham is ‘a master in discrimination cases‘, and Lydia Seymour is sought after for her excellent track record in advising on employment issues that cross over with pensions matters.


‘Nick Levett is great and always on hand to help.’

‘Nick Levett is available and reasonable.’

‘Nick Levett is unfailingly helpful and a pleasure to deal with.’

Outer Temple is a great set.’

The barristers are incredibly strong.’

Very strong on employment law.’

Exceptional strength in depth in employment law.’

The clerks are always very responsive.’

42BR Barristers

42BR Barristers is ‘an excellent set with a strong employment team‘. The team reports an increase in instructions concerning disability discrimination claims, and has also been kept busy handling whistleblowing cases, which is a key area of strength for the ‘pragmaticJude Shepherd. The ‘very personableMichael Salter is instructed by individuals, local authorities, public sector employers and trade unions in a wide range of employment matters, including TUPE issues and unfair dismissal cases. In recent work, the ‘diligentCatherine Urquhart successfully defended Transport for London in a case involving multiple discrimination claims, including on the grounds of disability, race and pregnancy. The senior end of the group was recently bolstered by the elevation of Iris Ferber KC to silk in March 2023.


Excellent set with a very good employment offering.’

The set has a good reputation in employment law with a significant number of well-respected practitioners.’

They have good strength in depth.’

The barristers are knowledgeable, approachable and reliable.’

An excellent set which is very efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.’

Clerking team are all very helpful and efficient. Steve Sheridan is excellent.’

Steve Sheridan is prompt, approachable and makes sensible suggestions. He deals with any issues sensitively and pragmatically.’

Steve Sheridan is outstanding – always helpful and quick to reply to enquiries.’

Doughty Street Chambers

The ‘strong employment team‘ at Doughty Street Chambers has traditional strength in advising respondents and claimants on complex discrimination claims and whistleblowing cases. The ‘excellentDavid Stephenson recently appeared before the Court of Appeal in Smith v Pimlico Plumbers (No 2), concerning a long-running dispute arising from claims for unpaid holiday brought by the claimant following the termination of his contract with the respondent company. The company contested the claims on the grounds that the claimant was an independent contractor and not a worker, however in 2018 the Supreme Court had ruled that the claimant was a worker and was entitled to paid holiday. In 2022 the Court of Appeal ruled that the claimant could recover compensation for all unpaid leave. Amanda Hart was appointed a full-time Employment Judge in March 2024.


‘Callum Stebbing and Sam Cooper in particular always provide a Rolls Royce service.’

‘Their clerking service is simply superb. Expertly led by the amazing Callum Stebbing, they are a safe pair of hands. They are very solutions focused.’

‘Callum Stebbing is superb.’

A leading set for employment work, with several experienced advocates.’

Excellent strength in depth in employment litigation.’

A well-regarded set.’

A friendly set.’

Always approachable.’