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Leading Silks

Robin Allen KC - CloistersOne of the most brilliant barristers in the country. When in court, he is an outstanding advocate - sharp, focused and eloquent, and he particularly excels in cross-examination. Despite all his outstanding qualities, he is an extremely humble and kind advocate who is always willing to advise and assist, which makes working with him an incredibly rewarding experience.
Bruce Carr KCDevereuxBruce is a leading expert in the field of industrial relations law. He's hands on, hugely intelligent and a razor-sharp advocate.
Paul Epstein KCCloistersA favourite silk for employment matters. He is clever, incisive, approachable and considerate, and he performs well under pressure, quickly winning the confidence of demanding clients. His delivery before the tribunal is low-key - no frills and very effective.
Michael Ford KC – Old Square Chambers ‘Michael is hugely intelligent, extremely enjoyable to work with, and has a fantastic ability to distil complex issues into succinct and persuasive legal submissions. He is pretty much peerless when it comes to industrial relations or holiday-pay related issues.
Caspar Glyn KCCloistersAs an advocate, Caspar is an unstoppable force. Clear and persuasive advocacy with great client skills, and very strong on holiday pay issues.
Paul Goulding KCBlackstone ChambersPaul is an undisputed leader in business protection work. He takes a very detailed approach, and delivers the highest quality of interrogation and work to ensure that clients are placed in the best possible position.
Lord Hendy KCOld Square ChambersJohn is one of the country’s leading employment silks. Very strong on all collective labour issues, particularly the relationship between UK law and human rights jurisprudence. A gifted advocate who speaks with authority in court.
Andrew Hochhauser KCEssex Court ChambersAcutely perceptive as to litigation strategy – ensures that the client fully stress-tests all arguments to ensure every step and anticipated next steps are thought through.
James Laddie KC – Matrix Chambers ‘He is the star of the employment Bar’s silk generation. His advocacy is unparalleled, shaping arguments that describe the golden thread that supports his case.
Gavin Mansfield KC - Littleton ChambersAt the top of his game - completely on top of his subject matter, and instills confidence in both clients and those around him. Total confidence as an advocate, and excellent written and strategic skills.
Karon Monaghan KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Very sharp, thorough and tough, with great breadth of abilities.
Jane Mulcahy KCBlackstone ChambersAmazing client care and cross-examination skills. She is someone clients want leading the team - builds confidence and rapport easily. Great in court.
Daniel Oudkerk KC - Essex Court Chambers 'Simply outstanding. His advocacy is of the very highest order - hugely elegant and swift on his feet, but also a tremendous fighter. He is technically brilliant, but knows instinctively which points matters most and when to push. A natural winner, who also has fantastic client-handling skills.'
David Reade KC - Littleton ChambersDavid is wonderful to work with and it is rare to find a barrister so concerned about supporting clients and instructing solicitors. He is also highly intelligent and a very effective advocate for his clients' interests.
Oliver Segal KC – Old Square Chambers ‘A first-rate advocate - a steady pair of hands who deals with the issues methodically and in a well-structured way.‘
Andrew Short KC - Outer Temple ChambersHe is probably one of the top employment barristers practising. He makes the most complicated things seem simple, he thinks very clearly, is confident in his advice, and is not afraid to give an opinion.
Daniel Stilitz KC - 11KBWDaniel has an exceptional knowledge of the law. He is also extremely responsive, calm and a good communicator.
Selwyn Bloch KC - Littleton ChambersSelwyn commands respect for his extensive knowledge of the law of restrictive covenants; and notwithstanding his experience, he ensures his team leaves no stone unturned in preparation, so as to put clients in the best possible position to succeed. He is thorough and clear in his presentation before the court, as he expertly navigates any hurdles and guides the court through complex facts and law.
Andrew Burns KCDevereuxHugely bright, but also very approachable and client friendly; pragmatic and doesn't talk down to clients; and responsive and concise. Great to work with.
Catherine Callaghan KC - Blackstone ChambersHighly focused on the big picture but also has the ability to retain detail - the perfect mix.
Ben Collins KCOld Square Chambers  ‘Ben’s advocacy is as good as it gets.  Even on complex and contentious points, he has judges eating out of the palm of his hand – he is a pleasure to watch on his feet.  In con and with clients, he is similarly good to work with – everything you could want from a silk.
Ben Cooper KC  – Old Square Chambers ‘Ben is a phenomenal intellect and great advocate. He has a great way with clients.
Rachel Crasnow KC - CloistersRachel has great strength in discrimination and equality law cases, providing very clear and accessible advice on complex issues. She has a good strategic approach when defending complex and sensitive claims, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a case very quickly, and has great client-handling skills - clients immediately know that she's on top of her brief and fighting their corner, and appreciate her sharp analysis and pragmatic approach.
Tom Croxford KC - Blackstone ChambersUndoubtedly one of the top employment barristers at the Bar and right at the top of his game in restraint of trade and whistleblowing claims - no one has more experience.
Simon Devonshire KC - 11KBWSimon works incredibly hard on his preparation. He is particularly strong in structuring his arguments in a way that finds favour with the Employment Tribunal, and in making persuasive submissions. A safe bet on every occasion.
Jason Galbraith-Marten KCCloisters 'Mr Galbraith-Marten is personable, pragmatic and easy to work with.'
Paul Gott KC - Fountain Court ChambersIncredibly bright and hardworking, and completely committed to securing the best outcome for his client. Always innovative and creative in identifying new approaches or angles.
Schona Jolly KC - CloistersSchona is a superb advocate and very skilled at dealing with challenges - she really gets results. Clients love working with her.
Richard Leiper KC - 11KBWRichard is very user friendly - clients love him. His advocacy and cross-examination are excellent and a joy to watch.
Akash Nawbatt KC - Devereux  ‘A great advocate, who is commercial, thorough and highly collaborative - very compelling. He is one of the leading advisers on trade union-related matters, as well as more mainstream employment work.
Paul Nicholls KC4 New SquareIncredibly sharp intellect and brilliant ability to think on his feet. Fantastic ability to make the complex simple and to draft concisely.
Stuart Ritchie KC - Fountain Court ChambersStuart is exceptional. One of the (if not the) most gifted oral advocates at the Bar - he is also razor sharp, dedicated, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Daphne Romney KC - Cloisters  ‘A very committed and experienced advocate who commands the ear of the court - vast experience in the field of equal pay litigation.
Mark Sutton KC – Old Square Chambers ‘Mark demonstrates incisive and analytical advocacy skills; and he shows breadth of knowledge of complicated issues, especially in respect of the NHS.
Daniel Tatton-Brown KCLittleton ChambersDaniel is a considered, calm and razor-sharp advocate – clients know they are winning when he’s on their side.
Keith Bryant KC - Outer Temple ChambersKeith is exceptional - he is extremely bright, and able to cut through complicated cases, expressing his advice clearly and concisely. His advocacy is excellent - well-judged, incisive and very effective.
Charles Ciumei KC - Essex Court ChambersA class act. He handles the room, including the judge and client, with mastery, and knows when to push and when to stop - never loses his audience. Highly recommended, particularly for cross-border matters.
Tom Coghlin KC - CloistersTom has a superb grasp of the finer details of employment law; and he is fantastic with clients due to his highly personable, but firm and pragmatic, approach. Tom's drafting is brilliant, and his ability to see through to the heart of the matter and formulate a successful strategy is unparalleled. His advocacy is razor-sharp, he is always on top of the issues, and his delivery is calm, authoritative and hugely persuasive - a lawyer at the top of his game.
Kate Gallafent KC - Blackstone ChambersKate was the adult in the room at every hearing, both in the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. She was across all the detail from multiple hearings and thousands of emails from the claimant, and was very reassuring with the witnesses.
Diya Sen Gupta KC - Blackstone ChambersDiya is fiercely intelligent, hands-on and a real team player. She works as part of the team on the full range of litigation rather than being a barrister who just concentrates on the hearing. Diya is also a formidable advocate - she has a calm, inquisitive manner that is extremely effective in cross-examination, getting the key points out of witnesses without being overly hostile and causing them to become defensive.
Angus Moon KC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAngus is a barrister of enormous experience, and one of the country's leading employment lawyers. His experience enables him to handle the most complicated and sensitive employment cases, often cases involving allegations of discrimination or detriment, overlaid with whistleblowing. His advocacy style is calm and understated, but very strategic and forensically destructive.
Mohinderpal Sethi KC - Littleton ChambersTakes on the hardest cases with a calmness that hides their complexity and challenges. He is fearless and unwavering in his pursuit of the answer and in support of the case; and through his advocacy, his distils the most complex issues into easily understood ideas and principles.
Adam Solomon KCLittleton ChambersWhen chaos reigns, Adam brings order, offering calmness, clarity and insight. He is a go-to silk for restrictive covenant injunctions and major High Court litigation, and his advocacy is tactically brilliant, robust and clear.
Andrew Allen KC - Outer Temple ChambersVery personable, able to address complex issues in a manner that lay clients can understand, excellent attention to detail, and a sensible, probing approach to cross-examination. His legal argument is sound and very persuasive, and he shows great initiative.
Simon Cheetham KC  – Old Square Chambers ‘A first-class advocate. Hugely bright with an astounding grip of detail, combined with brilliant client-handling skills and a warm, personable approach. Excellent in particular on complex, sensitive whistleblowing cases, and those with difficult or anxious witnesses and clients. Reads judges and panels really well, and has a high degree of emotional intelligence, so is able to respond accordingly.
Paul Gilroy KC – Littleton ChambersA phenomenal legal brain, who is commercially astute and always client focused – his advocacy skills are second to none! Paul is quick to understand the detailed background of a case, the intricate details of the client’s business model, and the significant repercussions for the client in the event of an adverse finding; and he puts the client at ease from the moment he becomes involved. He is a top-class operator, who delivers exceptional advice and support in a clear and concise manner.
James Goudie KC - 11KBWJames is the golden eagle of the London Bar - a rare combination of forensic analysis and encyclopaedic knowledge, while never losing sight of the bigger picture. His breadth of specialism is astonishing, and he maintains the common touch - leaving an impression with clients and lawyers of all levels of experience. Very assured at tribunal - takes no prisoners.
Ivan Hare KC - Blackstone Chambers 'Ivan is always meticulously prepared and his deep knowledge of the client and the sector it operates in means that his advice is focused and practical. In terms of advocacy, Ivan is extremely composed under pressure and superb on his feet; and he doesn't get sidetracked during his cross-examination, which always lasers in on the critical issues. He is excellent with clients, very user friendly, and a pleasure to work alongside.'
Dale Martin KC - Littleton ChambersDale is fantastic to work with. He is bright, always very prepared, hugely hardworking, a real team player, and his advocacy is strong.
John Mehrzad KC - Littleton ChambersSuperb advocate and leader on heavyweight business protection employment matters - gets results.
Julian Milford KC - 11KBWJulian is an intellectual titan. He couples intellectual prowess with approachability, commerciality, and bags of practicality and common sense. His advocacy is calm, persuasive, and with a mastery of the factual and legal detail - a joy to work with.
Katharine Newton KCOld Square Chambers ‘Technically strong with an impressive ability to get to the essential issues quickly. Her written work is excellent, and Katharine has a clear and punchy style of advocacy that clients love and engages the court. Very easy to work with.
Ijeoma Omambala KC  – Old Square Chambers ‘Ijeoma's strengths are that she is very hands-on and accessible, straightforward in her advice, and puts the client at ease. She also makes it easy for the instructing solicitor.
Deshpal Panesar KC  – Old Square Chambers ‘Deshpal's cross-examination is absolutely exceptional and his preparation is extremely thorough.
Marcus Pilgerstorfer KC - 11KBWExceptionally bright, responsive and helpful. His submissions are first-rate - he is just excellent and everything clients need in counsel.
Nicholas Siddall KC - Littleton ChambersExtremely intelligent and focused on delivering the client's commercial objectives. Nicholas is an excellent advocate, and he will roll his sleeves up and muck in when the pressure is on.
Rebecca Tuck KC – Old Square Chambers ‘Rebecca is an outstanding advocate, and lay clients always feel that she is strongly on their side and will back them to the hilt.
Ed Williams KCCloistersA true star of the employment law field - immensely calm, skilful and collaborative, with strong analytical skills that are matched with persuasive advocacy. An outstanding team player, who is also excellent in the appeal courts.

2021 Silks

Carol Davis KC - Littleton Chambers  ‘An excellent courtroom manner and a very effective advocate.
Mathew Purchase KC - Matrix Chambers 'His patient and calm approach and excellent interpersonal skills mean he is a pleasure to work with. He inspires total confidence in witnesses.'
Niran de Silva KC - Littleton ChambersNiran's attention to detail is second to none, and his preparation of cases is meticulous, ensuring witnesses are fully prepared ahead of a hearing. His cross-examination is methodical and incisive, getting to the heart of case; and his written advice is clear, strategic and instructive, while always looking towards the end game.

2022 Silks

Rehana Azib KC - 2 Temple GardensWhat is striking about Rehana is her innate ability to get straight to the heart of a matter and not be distracted by the morass of superfluous information or allegations that are frequently present. She always manages to distil a matter into two or three relevant legal points.
Nicola Braganza KC - Garden Court ChambersHugely approachable, wonderful with clients, good on the detail, very accessible, and very collaborative. Great discrimination law lawyer and ambitious for her clients.
Edward Brown KCEssex Court ChambersThe leading barrister in the country for restrictive covenant disputes - very commercial, direct and spare in the delivery of his content. Only says what needs to be said and a pleasure to deal with.
Betsan Criddle KC  – Old Square Chambers ‘Fantastic brain, great advocate, works really well with the client (solicitor and lay client), and particularly brilliant knowledge of case law for doctors' disciplinary cases. Her ability to ensure that a complex case is well presented and set out for tribunals and panels is a particularly great asset.
Jeremy Lewis KC - Littleton ChambersImmensely bright and very hardworking. Has a vast breadth of knowledge and provides an exceptional level of service.
Alice Mayhew KC - DevereuxA formidable advocate, has a real fist for the fight, as well as being extremely articulate and very, very clever. Her drafting is a masterclass. Alice is also an absolute joy to work with - she puts clients at ease, is able to explain the most complex issues in layman's terms, and it's clear why clients always want Alice in their corner.

2023 Silks

Katherine Apps KC - 39 Essex ChambersExcellent attention to detail, clear and concise advocacy, and able to maintain an overview of the most factually complex cases, never letting the detail obscure the big picture. A very engaging style that makes her very popular with judges and tribunal members.
Claire Darwin KC – Matrix Chambers ‘Claire is absolutely exceptional. She is hugely knowledgeable and invested in the outcome of cases – responsive, clear and does not sit on the fence in relation to advice. Added to this, her advocacy skills are impressive, as she is able to assess how to present, depending on the audience.
Kathleen Donnelly KCHenderson ChambersKathleen is a diligent and professional lawyer. She has excellent advocacy skills that result in clients winning their cases, and her advice on all legal matters is always on point.
Iris Ferber KC - 42 Bedford RowIris is cool calm and collected. No matter what the hearing or trial throws up, she is always in control and her technical knowledge means nothing throws her. Her examination technique is one of the best around - articulate and precise. She doesn't bully or harass the witnesses, but rather leads them along a path; and without them realising, she has managed to extract the evidence she needed. A real skill!
Eleena Misra KC – Old Square Chambers ‘Eleena is very client friendly and she is an excellent advocate. She has a cool, measured advocacy style, which is very effective.
Nadia Motraghi KCOld Square Chambers ‘A very capable senior junior who proves to be more than a match for her KC opponents.
Sheryn Omeri KC - CloistersSheryn's advocacy skills are first class. She is able to think on her feet, is calm, and gets her point across clearly and effectively - never fazed by what the opposition might throw at her. All her work is delivered in a timely manner, and she is thorough, analytical and practical. Above all else, she understands that litigation can be stressful for those she represents, and she is empathetic.
Laura Prince KCMatrix Chambers 'Laura's approach is calm and considered, with an excellent grasp of the details. Her cross-examination style is professional, disarming and very effective.'
Akua Reindorf KC - Cloisters ‘Akua is very collaborative in her approach, and she presents a unified front with instructing solicitors, which is always great for clients to see and not something that can be taken for granted when instructing Counsel. She is hardworking, very client friendly, and tenacious and very persuasive in her advocacy.

Leading Juniors

Sophie Belgrove11KBWSophie is excellent – smart, technically strong and strategic. She is calm and measured with the clients, building their trust very quickly. Great on her feet and gets the result wanted.
Stuart Brittenden  – Old Square ChambersStuart is the best junior at the employment Bar. He is fiercely intelligent, hugely responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile for clients. It is also hard to think of many recent leading cases in the industrial relations arena that he has not been involved in.
Andrew Edge - 11KBWAndrew is calm and analytical. He will never take a rash view on anything, and always give a point careful consideration before giving his view. He is also good at standing his ground when challenged.
Simon Forshaw - 11KBWSimon is incredibly analytical, hardworking, strategic and the ultimate team player - he earns and maintains the trust of clients. He is brilliant at tribunal and his cross-examination skills are spectacular - down to earth but devastating.
Edward Kemp - Littleton ChambersPicks up and understands complex matters with speed, and is able to think quickly when conducting advocacy and curve balls are thrown. His cross-examination is calm and effective, and he clearly enjoys getting to grips with complex legal matters - an excellent client manner and always available.
Thomas Kibling - Matrix Chambers 'Thomas is great on his feet and well liked in the tribunal. He's very client friendly, and works very much as a team member on cases, and is always very responsive and easy to deal with.'
Dee MastersCloistersDee is an exceptional barrister and advocate, who is very smart, has great client skills, and her cross-examination at trial is superb – better than most KCs.
Claire McCannCloistersClaire is a fantastic advocate - her cross-examination is superb, aided by the fact that her preparation is excellent and she has a forensic knowledge of the case and the trial bundle. She is calm under pressure, and solicitors, in trial, feel in safe hands.
Christopher Milsom - CloistersNo weaknesses - he has a truly encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. On his feet, he is authoritative without being longwinded and engaging without being lightweight. His attention to detail is superb, he inspires the confidence of clients, and he is straightforward and frank about the strengths and weaknesses of a case, and solutions-oriented when weaknesses are identified. He identifies novel points of law and is fearless (without being reckless) in pursuing them - the best employment lawyer of his generation.
Sam Neaman - Littleton ChambersSam is ferociously bright, technically excellent and a consummate advocate. He wears his considerable knowledge very lightly and is a real pleasure to work with.
Craig Rajgopaul - Blackstone Chambers 'Craig has an incredibly incisive mind. His advocacy, intellect, strategy and commerciality combine to give clients everything they could want in a barrister. He is wonderfully easy to work with, client friendly, and someone clients always want to have on their team with the most difficult of cases.'
Amy Rogers - 11KBWAmy has been at the very top of the tree for years - in a league of her own as the most outstanding employment junior at the Bar. Her legal brain is unmatched - she is a brilliant strategist and a phenomenal advocate, and can turn a losing-case into a winner single-handed. Her mastery of detail in the most complex and high-value litigation is legendary, and it is always a privilege to work with her.
Matthew Sheridan - Littleton ChambersA strong performer in the High Court and Employment Tribunal. He works hard, has great judgement, and his legal analysis is superb. He is also a true team player.
Melanie Tether – Old Square Chambers ‘Her ability to review voluminous documents quickly and get to the detail is extremely impressive, while her cross-examination is gentle yet deadly. Melanie is truly an excellent barrister and her skills are a great addition to any team.
Daniel Barnett - Outer Temple ChambersGood ability to see a clear strategy early on in a case and very up to date on the law - an affable opponent.
Talia Barsam - DevereuxTalia is a forceful advocate, who is tenacious and always on top of the detail.
Anna BealeCloistersAnna is a tenacious advocate, and possesses an unrivalled instinct when it comes to the points that will land with both a judge and the other side in negotiations - a first-choice counsel for the more complex cases where intellectual firepower is required.
Lucy Bone - Littleton ChambersLucy articulates her arguments clearly and thoughtfully, thinking through the complexities but presenting points in an accessible way.
Tom Brown - CloistersTom has it all! Technically excellent and gets to grips with a case fast. A brilliant strategist, tremendous advocate, and a complete joy to work with.
Catherine Casserley - CloistersKnowledge of disability discrimination law that is second to none - lively mind, responsive, great with clients, and speaks with authority, building trust.
Louise Chudleigh  – Old Square Chambers ‘Louise has phenomenal attention to detail, a great grasp of litigation, and a second-to-none work ethic.
Thomas Cordrey - DevereuxThomas is very tenacious, but not in an obvious way. He keeps rephrasing what he is saying, and putting it to the other side/the Tribunal until he persuades them he is right. He also knows the law inside out, including very technical/niche points.
Naomi Cunningham - Outer Temple ChambersOutstanding lawyer, very easy to deal with, technically strong, and good with people. Her advocacy is strong and thoroughly prepared.
Carolyn D’SouzaCloistersCarolyn has a razor-sharp legal mind, is always thoroughly prepared and goes the extra mile for her clients. She is both warm and personable with clients, forensic in her approach, and absolutely brilliant on her feet. Without doubt, a go-to lawyer when it comes to complex whistleblowing cases, particularly where there is a financial services/regulatory overlay.
Charlotte Davies - Littleton ChambersExceptional - her written work is excellent and she is highly persuasive as an advocate. She has a wonderful manner with clients; and she is highly sought after as a junior and often found working on the biggest cases in the employment law world.
Peter EdwardsDevereuxPeter is a brilliant advocate, running rings around KCs and explaining complicated legal arguments in a simple and compelling way. He knows his cases inside out, meaning that instructing solicitors and clients have complete faith in him.
Patrick Halliday - 11KBWAn extraordinary ability to cut to the heart of the most complex issues. He is calm, thoughtful and very persuasive, both in his advocacy and in settling lay client anxieties. A superstar barrister and a go-to support for the most difficult cases.
Tom Kirk  – Old Square Chambers ‘An astute assessor of the strengths and weaknesses in his clients' cases. Also a pleasant opponent, who is a methodical and skilled cross-examiner.
Michael Lee - 11KBWA go-to counsel, who is hugely responsive and great with clients. He is always well prepared, never misses a trick, and his advocacy is strong - he gets to the point quickly and clearly without being antagonistic or divisive.
Naomi Ling - Outer Temple ChambersShe very much impresses with her ability to cut through daunting amounts of detail, and also with her client care and sensitivity when delivering potentially-challenging advice. She is brilliantly clever and always helpful in chewing through knotty issues.
Paul MichellCloistersPaul is a go-to counsel for complex tribunal cases. He is exceptionally easy to work with, gets across the detail very quickly, and is a very effective advocate who is committed to winning the case. He has a very reassuring and calm manner with clients.
David Mitchell - 39 Essex Chambers 'David is an outstanding advocate and his ability to grasp complex areas of law second to none.'
Jack MitchellOld Square Chambers ‘Jack has incredible attention to detail.  He can recall complex facts easily and has the entire tribunal room’s attention. Clients have 100% confidence in his ability to steer the case to a favourable conclusion expertly.
Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersIncredibly hardworking and very knowledgeable on all types of employment law matters, particularly working time and maternity rights. An assertive advocate, who is very thorough in cross-examination and excellent with clients in conference.
Declan O’DempseyCloistersDeclan has a wealth of experience and knowledge of employment law. He is extremely forensic in his approach to advice, and will always search out the unusual argument; and he is a compelling advocate, with an assured approach in tribunal. He is also good at explaining complex issues to lay clients.
Antony SendallLittleton ChambersAble to deal with matters at the drop of a hat. Very down-to-earth, yet effective, advocacy.
Lydia Seymour - Outer Temple ChambersLydia has fantastic client-care skills and inspires confidence. Lydia is extremely knowledgeable and also commercially astute - a great negotiator.
Jude Shepherd42 Bedford RowJude is exceptional in terms of working with solicitors in a seamless manner, relationships with clients, legal expertise and strategy. She is an exceptional advocate and regularly achieves unexpected positive results through her sheer hard work and skill. Jude ensures that she has all detail to hand, so that she can put the best case forward. She copes with a very high workload, but always delivers service in a way that clients feel like her absolute priority – one in a million in terms of exceptional expertise.
Andrew Smith11KBWHe is detail-focused (picks up points in the documents early in the process by digging into the details), practical and very responsive. His tone in court (with judge and other side) is great, and his advocacy clear and effective.
David Stephenson - Doughty Street ChambersHe is a tenacious, brave and persuasive advocate. He is not afraid to take on difficult cases and run difficult arguments and he won't give up, and he's never daunted by acting against more senior opponents. His written advocacy is clear and comprehensive, while his oral advocacy is compelling but polite.
Christopher StoneDevereuxCommercial, easy to deal with, client friendly, and will be a KC before long.
Judy Stone - 11KBWA barrister of choice for employment law work. She gets into the detail quickly and is excellent with clients.’
Lydia Banerjee - Littleton ChambersLydia is calm and well prepared, and takes a commercial approach to getting the best result for the client.
Elaine Banton7BRElaine clearly lives and breathes employment law – great depth of employment law knowledge, with insightful advice on technical, procedural and strategic matters. Elaine is thorough in preparing complex cases and has an absolute mastery of the facts – and she is clearly highly respected in her field.
Laura Bell - DevereuxLaura is second to none when it comes to her knowledge of the law and tribunal processes. She is engaging with clients and a very strong cross-examiner.
Sarah Bowen3PBSarah's drafting and written opinions are a particular strength of hers. She is also a solid advocate, who is persuasive and credible.
David BrookHenderson ChambersHe is great for both client care and advocacy.
Alice Carse - 4 Pump Court  ‘Alice’s preparation for trial is meticulous and forensic, and her advocacy is measured and focused. She is approachable, and explains matters to client in a user-friendly and engaging manner, inspiring their confidence and reliance in her and her abilities.
Shane Crawford - Five PaperShane's particular strengths are his excellent communication and interpersonal skills which, alongside his analytical mind, makes him highly desirable counsel. Shane always adopts a logical approach to cases and is well liked by clients and a safe pair of hands. Shane will always go the extra mile, and his commercial and legal awareness, ability to remain calm under pressure, and flexible approach to working when situations change, are always appreciated.
Jesse CrozierDevereuxJesse has an unrivalled ability to understand and address the most complex matters, while also putting the client and witness at ease and simplifying concepts. His advocacy is a perfect blend of understanding the law and understanding the people in the room - a first point of call for all matters.
Ronnie Dennis - 11KBWRonnie is a really strong advocate and manages to find exactly the right tone in cross-examination - such a pleasure to work with.
Olivia-Faith DobbieCloistersClear advice, ability to get to the key issues quickly, excellent soft skills, and a strong communicator.
Katherine Eddy - 11KBWKatherine has almost too many strengths to list them all: exceptionally thorough in her preparation, with an awe-inspiring attention to detail; laser-focused, tenacious and agile in the hearing itself, and able to respond with speed and precision to unexpected points; supremely sharp and effective in cross-examination; and excellent with clients.'
Martin FodderLittleton ChambersMartin is very user-friendly, combining attention to detail with sound practical advice. He is particularly expert on whistleblowing.
Paras GorasiaDoughty Street ChambersParas is an excellent barrister and his responsiveness and client-care skills are second to none. Paras will always give clients a view about a case and will always go the extra mile to respond, whether late in the evening or over the weekend – a genuine employment law expert and a go-to barrister for employment law work.
Georgina Hirsch - DevereuxA combative but polite opponent, who is practical and straightforward with her advice.
Matthew Hodson - Gatehouse ChambersMatthew is very intelligent and his knowledge and knowhow are impressive - he is on the ball and great with clients and even better in court. His cross-examination probes are forensic and he is a most impressive advocate - he makes it look easy.
Harini Iyengar - 11KBWVery good at combining strong technical ability with a commercial view. Effective in cross-examination, particularly where the witness has the sympathy of the tribunal - Harini is gentle but persistent.
Spencer KeenOld Square Chambers ‘Spencer’s advice is clear and concise. He is also very personable with clients and witnesses.
Peter Linstead - Outer Temple ChambersPeter is a highly capable advocate - he has the ability to analyse complex issues and address them clearly and succinctly in argument. Peter is also highly responsive and has an excellent manner with clients - they feel that they are in very good hands with him.
Louise Mankau - Doughty Street ChambersLouise puts clients at ease with her friendly demeanour. She is tenacious and meticulous in her preparation and advocacy, often identifying key issues at an early stage and achieving fantastic results for clients.
Saul Margo - Outer Temple ChambersSaul has extensive and in-depth knowledge of employment and pensions law. He thinks carefully and logically, and applies his intellect in a practical way; and he communicates with clients with clarity and empathy.
Robert Moretto  – Old Square ChambersRobert's attention to detail and his preparation for a case are exemplary. He has a lovely manner with clients and is very approachable, while his cross-examination is some of the best around - clients always feel very reassured that he knows the case thoroughly.
Martina Murphy - 12 King's Bench WalkMartina's advocacy is excellent, as is her ability to relate to clients and really understand their aims.
Simon PritchardBlackstone ChambersSimon is always meticulous in his preparation for hearing. His cross-examination is consistently thought through and effective. Simon is also excellent with clients, putting them at ease, and explaining complicated legal concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.
Bayo Randle - DevereuxBayo is particularly good with witnesses in the run-up to trial. During a hearing, he can think on his feet, is calm in the face of unexpected developments, and has a great, likeable advocacy manner - extremely helpful to instructing solicitors.
Laura Robinson - 12 King's Bench WalkLaura is extremely well prepared and completely on top of her papers in any given case. She explains matters clearly to lay clients and puts witnesses at their ease in conferences. She is an excellent advocate, arguing her case persuasively and exercising really good judgement in terms of the points to take in cross-examination. She gets to the nub of the issues and reads tribunals well.
Michael Salter - 42 Bedford RowSuperb client-handling skills and super-sharp on legal detail and commerciality. Always on top of the papers and proactive in terms of the next steps and getting the client the result. On his feet, he has a naturally calm, measured but robust style of advocacy - very able to get the panel on-side with his helpful and pragmatic approach.
Ming-Yee Shiu - Littleton ChambersExtremely clear thinker, outstanding analytical skills, and a very clear communicator - a pleasure to work with, wins respect quickly, and is excellent with clients.
Mark Stephens - Gatehouse ChambersExtremely high levels of emotional intelligence, and understands not just what questions are relevant to proving the legal case, but the way to ask and what to ask witnesses to get the most from them. He also applies this skill in reading the judge and the courtroom - an indispensable member of a client's team.
Paul StrelitzGatehouse ChambersAlways willing to help, makes himself available, and great to work with - a strong advocate with a forensic approach.
Will Young - Outer Temple ChambersWill has an amazing knowledge of disability discrimination law and its intersection with personal injury law. He is a pleasure to work with, and always responds instantly and pragmatically to emails, questions and requests for advice.
Aysha Ahmad - 42 Bedford RowAysha is a robust and persuasive advocate, who is particularly strong and quick on her feet. Her cross-examination is fearless and effective, and she is to be commended for her skills and manner with clients and witnesses.
Kate Annand - Doughty Street ChambersAn exceptionally efficient, conscientious and reliable barrister, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Kate is a calm and reassuring presence, who has fantastic client-care skills and an impressive knowledge of the gamut of employment law issues. Highly recommended for discrimination claims.
Charlene AshiruLittleton ChambersVery gifted advocate showing real quality. Good on paper and in oral advocacy – will be a future leader at the employment Bar.
Kate BalmerDevereuxExtremely timely and helpful.
Rachel Barrett - CloistersRachel is an extremely talented junior - smart beyond her years. She's brilliant for complex, technical matters, but equally smart when it comes to strategy, and particularly good on discrimination and whistleblowing cases. Her client-care skills are very good, she works incredibly hard, and is an excellent team player.
Helen Bell - 2 Temple GardensHelen is always incredibly well prepared and is a tenacious advocate.
Jason Braier - 42 Bedford RowJason has a standout ability to sift through and digest vast and dense information quickly, get to grips with it and create an articulate, strong, logical and well-organised narrative, set of pleadings, appeal or submission. He can also prepare legal submissions on tricky legal points quickly and at short notice.’
Gregory Burke - 7BRGregory's client care is exceptional. He works hard to ensure cases are fully prepared; and his attention to detail and hard work are valued by clients, as is his experience in disability discrimination work.
Sarah Fraser ButlinCloistersSarah is a leading academic and knows the law inside out. In an area like employment law, which is so dynamic, this is a real strength. Her written advocacy is strong, and she is very responsive and personable, and gives clear advice.
Robert Cumming2 Temple GardensRobert reviews material quickly, efficiently and accurately. He is personable, hardworking, a good tactician, and appreciates the need for commercially practical and viable solutions. He is also comfortable telling truth to power and has very good skills when interacting with clients.
Jake Davies - Five PaperJake's combination of fair play, top-notch preparation and patience make him stand out - clients could not be in safer hands in terms of legal representation.
Kerenza Davis - Blackstone ChambersKerenza is insightful, thorough, practical, responsive and very clear in her advice, as well as being a pleasure to work with.
Laith Dilaimi  – Old Square ChambersLaith is an academic and extremely thorough barrister. He is very collaborative and respectful when working with other lawyers, and willing to go the extra mile for his clients - devotes time to his work, sometimes way beyond his brief fee.
Nicholas Goodfellow - Littleton ChambersA fluent and persuasive advocate with a pleasing court manner - combines attention to detail with a mature overview, and only takes points that are likely to run.'
Emily Gordon-Walker - Outer Temple Chambers 'Emily is excellent at getting to the crux of a case straight away, and is very proactive in ensuring a case is ready for the hearing. Her advice is clear and commercial, and she is great with witnesses, putting them at ease. Emily's advocacy style is calm and persuasive - she understands the points that will have maximum impact on the tribunal.'
Lance Harris  – Old Square ChambersLance has a very calm, collected manner and makes excellent submissions - also great with strategy and easily gets the confidence of clients.
Lucinda Harris - Devereux 'Excellent with clients and witnesses. Puts them at ease - a consummate professional.'
Amanda Hart - Doughty Street ChambersAmanda is meticulous with detail and absorbs the pertinent arguments at lightening speed. She is measured but tenacious in her advocacy, often eliciting key information from opponents' witnesses with ease and simplicity.
Georgia HicksDevereuxHer dedication is amazing. She is great with clients and a brilliant advocate.
Orlando Holloway - 42 Bedford RowOrlando is an exceptional barrister. Aside from his technical ability (which is a given), his biggest strength is his personality and ability to build a rapport with witnesses and put them at ease.
Caroline JenningsNo5 Barristers' ChambersCaroline is confident, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. Exceptional in her approach, her cross-examination is to the point, and her written submissions are spot on.
Sarah Keogh  – Old Square ChambersExtremely responsive, completely reliable, very thorough and knowledgeable. Gives clear and decisive advice – an invaluable adviser.
Changez KhanNo5 Barristers' Chambers 'Changez uses his obvious intellect to the great benefit of clients. He quickly identifies the nub of an issue, and is able to articulate his argument in a concise and persuasive, winning style. Clients, both employers and employees, seldom fail to comment on his friendly, focused and professional manner. He is able to break the ice quickly and provide the reassurance clients need that they are being represented by counsel who is able and astute.'
Georgina Leadbetter - Littleton ChambersGeorgina has capabilities well beyond her call. She is brilliant on paper and has a clear advocacy style.
Chesca Lord - CloistersCalm, clever and strategic. She is great with clients, who find her presence in hearings reassuring but also appreciate her determination to fight for the best result at all times.
Craig Ludlow - 3PBA forceful and knowledgeable advocate, who is always well prepared and quick to put pressure on the other side. Craig is a good communicator and excellent with clients.
Gordon MenziesSix Pump CourtGordon is always very thoroughly prepared, and he is never anything but courteous to all parties in court.
Leslie Millin – Farrar’s BuildingLeslie has exceptional skills and is a top-quality counsel. She has an excellent empathetic manner with her own clients and witnesses, and is clearly capable of bringing the best out of them; and she is fearless in front of the tribunal, not shying away from taking the difficult points.
Karen Moss - 3PBShe is extremely organised and methodical, and always provides her written work on time. A first-rate junior for large and complex cases, with excellent attention to detail.
Caroline Musgrave-CohenCloistersShe is brilliant, adapting her style to the witness and particular tribunal to great effect. She is also incredibly well-prepared in all cases, giving great confidence to clients – always a first choice.
Samuel Nicholls – DevereuxSam is a master of detail and has a great memory, which combined with his tenacity make him a misleadingly amiable, but effective, advocate. Sam has an unshowy style, but one that reassures clients and inspires confidence.
Adam OhringerCloistersAlways calm and reassuring for clients, and able to explain the situation in an empathetic and supportive manner while providing sound pragmatic advice. Adam is highly skilled in being able to provide creative and strategic solutions to complex situations, yet is also able to provide clear technical advice that is commercially sound - reliable and always available to talk things through when needed.
Rupert Paines - 11KBWOne of the up-and-coming stars of the employment Bar. Rupert is a superb barrister to have on a team. His legal and factual analysis is always outstanding, and he can be relied upon to deliver even under the pressure of an urgent injunction. Clients are invariably impressed with the quality of his work.
Sebastian Purnell - DevereuxWorks incredibly hard, and very quickly gets to grips with the brief. He is skilled at handling difficult claimants; has a highly effective cross-examination style; and is excellent at explaining the issues in cases to clients and witnesses, speaking to them in clear, easy-to-understand terms. He commits himself fully to a case and fights the client's corner in an effective and appropriate way.
David Renton - Garden Court ChambersDavid communicates well with clients, relaying what can be complex areas of law in an understandable way. His attention to detail is second to none and this is demonstrated in his advocacy.
Hannah Slarks11KBWHannah is very calm and measured in her approach. She is also approachable and good at communicating with her instructing solicitors throughout the engagement.
James Bickford Smith - Littleton ChambersCommercially astute and sees the strategy in a case very early on. A delight to work with.
Rosalie Snocken  – Old Square ChambersRosalie is a great junior with an eye for detail, and who is adept at mastering complex facts and legal issues quickly and effectively.
Safia Tharoo - 42 Bedford RowSafia is very quick to get to the crux of a case and focus on how best to approach it. She is honest and direct, and gives clear advice on a case's strengths and weaknesses.
Rebecca Thomas - 42 Bedford RowRebecca is very clear, precise, and always has a very good grasp of all details of the claims. Rebecca is also very calm and patient, and is able to make clients and witnesses feel very comfortable.
Nicholas Toms - Doughty Street ChambersA great trial lawyer who is committed from the outset of a brief, and is approachable and collaborative to the utmost degree.
Catherine Urquhart - 42 Bedford RowCatherine goes above and beyond in terms of her work and advice. She is very willing to get stuck in, is always thoroughly prepared, and gives advice in a clear and concise way that clients like.
Victoria von Wachter - 5 Essex CourtVictoria is extremely hardworking and diligent. She is always ahead of the game with her preparations, extremely knowledgable in her field, and able to marshal arguments skilfully. ’
Sarah WilkinsonBlackstone ChambersExceptionally intelligent, strategically wise, and a strong advocate.
Grahame Anderson - Littleton ChambersVery hardworking and gets really stuck in with the client. Excellent to work with as part of the lawyer team, and tenacious and analytical.
Rajiv Bhatt - Gatehouse ChambersStrong advocate, forensic in his analysis, and great with clients.
Nick Bidnell-Edwards42 Bedford RowGreat with clients and witnesses, very responsive, and calm and clear as an advocate – but not afraid to take a point with a judge and fight the client’s corner.
Daniel Brown - 3PBDaniel was excellent. He engaged well with the client and provided a superb strategy to a difficult claim.
Victoria BrownOuter Temple ChambersVictoria’s advocacy is excellent and she performs at a level far beyond her years of call. She is enthusiastic, and in discrimination cases she goes above and beyond in terms of the level of preparation and work done. She dealt with complex issues with confidence, including addressing novel points argued by the other sides; and her advice helped us to cut through the case’s complexities.
Stephen Butler - Outer Temple ChambersHis attention to detail is second to none. He is meticulous in the way he reviews bundles and information provided to him, and he retains the detail. It makes him an extremely safe pair of hands at hearing, as this retention of detail/information means he is quick at thinking on his feet.
Nathaniel CaidenCloistersNathaniel is an excellent barrister, who is super-intelligent and always helpful. He takes a real pride in his work, is a great communicator, and he is an excellent advocate. Nathaniel also has a great way with clients, who value his friendly and down-to-earth manner.
Susan Chan - 42 Bedford RowSusan Chan is a wonderfully calm and measured advocate. She is excellent at dealing with clients and her advocacy is fantastic.
Gillian Crew - 42 Bedford RowRemarkably personable, and has a great way of disarming clients and making them feel relaxed. This extends to her cross-examination style, which makes it really effective - also very sensible and methodical in her analysis of disputes.
Grace CullenSix Pump CourtStrong written advocacy, approachable, and good with clients.
Jennifer DanversCloistersIntelligent, articulate and technically strong, while also being very approachable to witnesses and instructing solicitors. She is happy to advise at an early stage in a matter, leading to her feeling like an extended member of the team, rather than simply an advocate for the hearing. Her advocacy skills are fantastic.
Jonathan Davies - 42 Bedford Row 'Jonathan has a brilliant legal mind, and gets to the heart of the issues incredibly quickly. He is a very accomplished and impressive advocate, who will skilfully guide judges through complex areas of law, and he is an astute strategist who is commercially aware. He gets to grips with large bundles at speed, has great attention to detail, and his drafting skills are second to none. Clients love him! '
Yvette Genn - Cloisters 'Incredibly helpful to deal with and offers very practical advice - she does not disappoint and is able to reassure anxious clients.'
Tom GillieMatrix ChambersTom truly supports his instructing solicitors he makes himself available to provide considered advice. Tom is very measured and calm, and this comes across in his advocacy style.
Tim Goodwin  - 12 King's Bench Walk 'Tim is a highly effective advocate who concentrates on the key points in issue without sparing details where they are needed. His preparation is always comprehensive. In conference he listens with care and will consider a range of views, not simply seek to impose his own. He is very good with clients and highly personable and approachable overall.'
Mark Green3PBA very able, stealthy barrister with a huge intellect, and astute in his analysis of the law and facts. He takes points and develops them well with his capable demeanour in court or tribunal.
Anna Greenley - Devereux  'Anna has an incredible grasp of the law and always provides advice of the highest standard. Anna's advocacy skills are particularly impressive, as she is able to communicate her arguments succinctly and eloquently, resulting in positive outcomes.'
Darryl Hutcheon – Matrix ChambersDarryl is a very persuasive advocate and has a great ability to keep focused on the issues under scrutiny, even in the face of hostility and provocation. His technical ability is excellent, and he adapts to the twists and turns of a hearing very well, reading the room and the judge, panel or witness with great perception.
Sara IbrahimGatehouse ChambersSara is an incredibly talented barrister – her attention to detail is second to none, and she produces consistently high-quality written work, translating complex matters of fact and law into practical advice. Sara quickly puts clients at ease and fosters a collaborative, team approach.
Jeffrey Jupp - 7BRJeffrey is a very experienced and able advocate, and is able to get to grips with large volumes of documents quickly. He works hard on behalf of clients and achieves excellent results - a direct and insightful approach, and clear commitment to getting the right result.
Rad Kohanzad - 42 Bedford RowRad is a very well-prepared and meticulous advocate, who has a friendly demeanour but can be firm and persistent where needed. His particular strength is getting to the crux of the issue quickly and building a strong rapport with the client.
Andrew LeggEssex Court ChambersVery impressive - he is very bright, personable, hardworking, and clear in his exposition of legal positions. He also writes very well.
Andrew MacPhail - 3PB 'Andrew is meticulous in his approach - no corner is left unturned. He is good at probing questions for the client to consider, so the case strategy is clear; and he is effective in his cross-examination of witnesses, drawing out concessions along the way.
Elizabeth Melville  - Old Square Chambers 'Elizabeth is thorough, practical, and has a good manner with witnesses.'
Tom MountfordBlackstone ChambersAn extremely hardworking and forensic junior – right up there with the best employment juniors at the Bar.
Giles Powell - Old Square Chambers 'A skilled advocate, who is very experienced in employment litigation in the medical professional field - very effective in court.'
Louise Price - Doughty Street Chambers 'Supremely intelligent, thorough, and with great attention to detail; and her advocacy is measured and always received well by judges. She cuts through the nonsense and provides excellent advice on what really matters in a case. Clients can trust her with the most complex and sensitive of claims, and react very well to her calm and sensible approach.'
Ghazaleh Rezaie – 12 King's Bench WalkGhazaleh is a highly skilled technical barrister and superb advocate. She is incredibly responsive and approachable, great with clients, and gets to the heart of the claim quickly. She is also robust and thorough in her advice, and a fearless advocator and negotiator – sensitive to the commercial realities of litigation, and strives to achieve results which make practical and commercial sense.
Nathan Roberts - Matrix Chambers 'Nathan is sharp and strategically minded. He exudes confidence and resolve in abundance, and has a will to win that clients appreciate. His advocacy is compelling and self-assured, preferring reason and precision over sensation, and is all the more effective for this.'
Alexander Robson - Littleton ChambersExtremely hardworking, conscientious, and always willing to make himself available to help. Alex is fiercely intelligent and strategic in his advice.
Adam Ross – Old Square ChambersAdam is exceptionally intelligent and strong on detail. Clients can always feel confident that he will have prepared thoroughly and will know the case inside out. He applies his mind to the case, well in advance of the hearing, so that he can advise on any areas that need to be explored further to strengthen the client’s case. His ability to get a feel for an employment judge is also exceptional, and it allows him to assess the tone and approach to take during hearings.
Zac Sammour - 11KBWZac's cross-examination approach is tenacious and gives confidence that he is in complete control of the witness on the stand. His submissions are well crafted without being unnecessarily verbose; and he is excellent at managing lay clients, ensuring they feel involved and understand what is happening.
Matthew Sellwood - Devereux  'Matt is a very calm and compassionate person. His empathy is a welcome change for clients, and he achieves very successful outcomes without resorting to aggressive or unpleasant tactics. His advocacy is measured and effective, and he understands how to win over a tribunal with his tone and style.'
Tim Sheppard – No5 Barristers' ChambersPersonable with clients and doesn’t blind them with the law – speedy responses and an excellent advocate in hearing, virtually and in person.
Nick Singer - 42 Bedford RowNick is great on the detail and always gets really stuck into a case so that he knows it well. He is good at challenging witnesses so that they are better prepared for a final hearing, and is happy to provide his view on merits and lability.
Mukhtiar SinghDoughty Street ChambersFantastic with clients – he is very likeable, personable and treats clients with great empathy. Technically strong and a fierce advocate, who is able to adopt a range of styles as necessary – very well respected by all that come across him.
Paul Skinner – Matrix Chambers 'Easy to work with - he was collaborative and approachable. He also has creative flashes, thinking of innovative and good points to make in argument.'
Sue Sleeman - Doughty Street ChambersWarm demeanour, putting clients at ease from the beginning. Measured and tenacious advocacy, and achieves great results.
Jessica Smeaton – No5 Barristers’ ChambersJessica is exceptional. She has worked on very difficult cases with a clarity of thought that is appreciated by clients; and, most importantly, she backs up her views and judgements.
Emma Sole - Farrar's Building 'Very easy to work with and approachable, amazing attention to detail and very knowledgeable about the law. A brilliant and tenacious advocate, who is client friendly, sympathetic, and fantastic at drafting.'
Madeline Stanley – Old Square ChambersNot only is she extremely clever, but she has the emotional intelligence to work well with and gain the respect of the client, the other side and the judge. She also has the ability to grasp changing complex and untested areas of employment law; and is extremely good with clients, explaining matters in a way that can be easily understood, while also being very commercial in terms of advice and potential outcomes.
Amy Stroud - 42 Bedford Row 'Amy is a very persuasive and erudite advocate, who grasps points quickly and relays them persuasively and clearly - she has excellent knowledge of employment law, and is a clear and concise drafter. A strong negotiator, Amy is commercial and very good with clients.'
Jamie Susskind - 11KBWGreat at gaining the client's confidence. A strong advocate and very confident for his years.
Benjamin Uduje - 42 Bedford RowExcellent at putting clients at ease. He provides advice in a measured and commercial manner, and is well prepped for conferences and hearings, which is very reassuring. He is intelligent, empathetic and very helpful, and his reputation for being an excellent barrister is well deserved.
Bianca Venkata - Outer Temple ChambersBianca really goes the extra mile and works very hard to get the best result. She is an excellent team player, is strong on overall case strategy, and a robust advocate whose cross-examination is well prepared and challenging.
Andrew Watson - 12 King's Bench WalkAndrew is an excellent advocate and an all-round intellectual and practical talent. He has a natural manner with clients, who can always trust that he will do an excellent job.
Tim Welch - 42 Bedford RowVery perceptive and able to get to the nub of the matter - also very cost effective, smart and a pleasure to deal with.
Eleanor Wheeler - 42 Bedford RowMethodical, while being clear and concise about the salient aspects of the law. Fully across her brief, engaging and persuasive as an advocate, and highly skilled in courtroom etiquette, practice and procedure.
James WilliamsHenderson ChambersGreat for his availability and promptness of responses, clarity of drafting and advice, and breadth of knowledge.

Rising Stars

Gus BakerOuter Temple ChambersVery knowledgeable in employment law, and able to make submissions to tribunals simply and persuasively.
Joseph Bryan - Littleton ChambersJoseph is an excellent employment law barrister - a go-to person! Nothing is too much trouble, he is always happy to help; and he is incredibly easy to work with, and has a great way with clients, who are equally impressed by him. He has superb employment law knowledge and his ability to grasp the issues is second to none. He also has a very calm style, but at the same time has no issues in litigating the most difficult cases.
Georgina ChurchhouseLittleton ChambersParticularly strong at cross-examination and fearless in pursuing her arguments. Her client-management skills are excellent.
Margherita Cornaglia - Doughty Street Chambers 'Margherita is able to provide clear, concise advice that gets straight to the heart of a matter - her client care is excellent, and her calm manner puts clients at ease immediately.'
Jen Coyne – 11KBWShe is very thorough with her preparation, very collaborative and very bright. Her command of a complex or large brief is extremely good, particularly given her relative lack of seniority. Her advocacy is also excellent, and it is always clear that she is well prepared – very much in demand.
Imogen Egan- Outer Temple Chambers 'Imogen is a really well-rounded barrister. She is knowledgeable, her written work is superb, and she is always available to clients and instructing solicitors, going the extra mile. Clients love her - she is definitely one to watch in the next few years.'
Emma Foubister - Matrix Chambers 'Excellent attention to detail, very bright and meets deadlines - a good team player.'
Mark Greaves - Matrix Chambers 'Mark is bright, sharp and thorough. He is excellent at understanding and applying the technical aspects of the law and sticking to the key issues of the case. He is a superb advocate, and likeable to clients and the tribunal while robust at cross-examination.'
David Green - 12 King's Bench WalkDavid is an excellent advocate and is able to think very well on his feet. He has very good technical knowledge of both the law and procedure.
James GreenLittleton Chambers 'James is outstanding - he is super clever, knows the law inside out, gives beautifully-balanced commercial advice, and is great with clients.'
Beth Grossman - Doughty Street ChambersBeth is an exceptionally bright barrister, who is going to go onto much bigger and better things. Her thorough analysis of the law is breathtaking, and she is unfazed by a challenge, adeptly delivering her arguments in a way that often leaves more experienced barristers standing. She focuses on the core issues of a case, quickly weeding out irrelevant points, and is able to ensure that cases remain focused, even when those around her may be drifting off down a blind alley!
Hollie Higgins - Blackstone ChambersHollie is superbly smart, approaches work as if nothing is too much trouble, and her drafting is excellent.
Benjamin Jones  – Old Square Chambers ‘Ben is a junior of choice.  He is immeasurably intelligent, and with forensic research skills and a creative intelligence; and he combines these attributes with a thoroughly pragmatic approach to litigation. He is is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the detail, working closely with clients to understand their litigation goals.  Ben is also empathetic, and measured with professional and lay clients alike at a level that belies his years of call. A real star in the making.
Conor Kennedy - Old Square Chambers 'Conor is intelligent, calm and commercial in his approach. He is also always helpful and pragmatic in his advice, and his advocacy is excellent; and he is able to deal effectively with unforeseen and difficult challenges.'
Ruth Kennedy11KBWRuth is excellent – she is commercial and practical in her approach and her advocacy is concise and considered. Ruth also has exceptional client-care skills and very much works as a team with instructing solicitors to deliver for the ultimate client.
George MolyneauxBlackstone ChambersExplains things clearly, easy to work with, and dedicated to finding a legal solution where it is not obvious what can be done.
Bibek Mukherjee  – Essex Court ChambersBibek is hardworking and diligent, and provides clear and cogent advice on often complicated and novel issues. Bibek works well as part of a team and always stays calm under pressure.
Rachel Owusu-Agyei - Old Square Chambers 'Rachel's advocacy is excellent, and her cross-examination is fluent, flexible and with a coherent structure. She has mastery of the papers and manages to extract a lot of useful evidence from clients. Her closing submissions (both written and oral) are forceful and convincing, and she has an excellent grasp of the law and a keen turn of phrase. A formidable opponent for one so junior - her ability sits far above her years of call.'
Navid PourghaziBlackstone ChambersClearly a future silk – he is thoughtful, comprehensive and precise. His advocacy is very effective too, ensuring clients get the result wanted; and he combines a deep knowledge of the law on employment status with admirable and rare practicality.‘’
Celia RooneyBlackstone ChambersCelia is bright, responsive, pragmatic, client friendly and personable. Her performance is beyond her years in call – really impressive.
Olinga Tahzib - Outer Temple Chambers 'Olinga is academically gifted and able to see the key issues clearly. He also ensures that his submissions are clear.'
Katherine Taunton11KBWKatherine is emerging as a real star of the junior employment Bar. She is highly sought after in both High Court and tribunal litigation, and has judgement well beyond her years.
Joel Wallace - Littleton Chambers 'Hugely reassuring presence in a court room - able to pitch cases at an appropriate level, and more critically, to steal the thunder from the other sides' arguments.'
Kieran Wilson - Littleton ChambersKieran comes across as so much more experienced than he is, and knocks spots off people double his period of call - super-client friendly, really responsive, very clever, and amazing on his feet in the ET. His style of advocacy is really impressive, as he is polite, professional and extremely thorough. He knows when to speak up, and when to remain quiet - an absolute go-to.

Employment in London Bar


The outstanding chambers for employment barristers in London‘, 11KBW consistently appears in heavyweight cases before the employment tribunals, High Court and appellate courts. Among the set’s several leading silks, Daniel Stilitz KC‘s employment practice focuses on the financial and professional services sectors. At the senior-junior end of chambers, Judy Stone acts (as sole counsel) for care home operator, Rampersad, in a landmark Supreme Court case heard in parallel with Mencap v Tomlinson-Blake concerning whether time spent sleeping in at work constitutes working time for the purposes of the national minimum wage. Amy Rogers (leading fellow junior Tom Ogg) represents international insurance broking firm Aon in a 2022-issued, team-poaching claim in the insurance broking sector, which alleges unlawful means conspiracy and the destruction of evidence. Recent growth for the set includes leading senior-junior Andrew Smith joining from Matrix Chambers.



11KBW is the outstanding chambers for employment barristers in London – phenomenal strength in depth across the board.

11KBW is one of the strongest employment sets – probably the strongest. It has good strength in depth.

An excellent chambers with very competent employment law barristers.

11KBW is one of the very best employment sets, with top-tier individuals at all levels. Any client would be best advised to go there ahead of any of the other employment chambers.

11KBW is the number one set for employment barristers in London – without doubt the set with the greatest bunch of excellent barristers.


The clerks will always try to find a barrister, and they are always available to support their instructing solicitors/clients.

Blackstone Chambers

A really strong set with a big range of employment litigators‘, Blackstone Chambers‘ recent track record covers whistleblowing, bonus disputes, and leading cases on the status of gig economy workers and the abolition of employment tribunal fees. Notable activity for employment group head Jane Mulcahy KC includes acting as investigator for several organisations, which are handling allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination and detrimental treatment. Elsewhere in chambers, Tom Croxford KC, leading senior junior Tom Mountford, is representing car maker Nissan in Passi v Nissan, a major whistleblowing case that is already reported in detail by the New York Times and expected to gain further substantial global coverage. Key growth for the set includes Victoria Windle KC, who has extensive experience in claims involving employee fraud, restrictive covenants, team moves and breach of confidence, taking silk in March 2022.



Blackstone has the brightest of the bright. Its expertise in employee competition matters is second to none.

Top-notch employment set.

Blackstone is a really strong set with a big range of employment litigators.

Huge employment law strength across the board and a great training programme.

Excellent set – the barristers are commercial and astute, and get on top of matters very quickly. Plus they are fun to work with!


The clerking team is responsive and friendly.


The ‘best set in London for employment work‘, Cloisters‘ acts across the entire range of employment law, while being widely recognised as a leading discrimination chambers. Members from the set are routinely instructed to act at all levels of the judicial system, from the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal, to the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Recent highlights for chambers included Caspar Glyn KC and Chesca Lord‘s representation of an employee in Mencap v Tomlinson Blake, which considered the significant question of when care workers were entitled to pay while sleeping on-call in “sleep-in shifts”; and in National Union of Professional Foster Carers v Certification Office, Rachel Crasnow KC and senior-junior Rachel Barrett acted for foster care parents, who argued that they were workers under employment law and could form a trade union. Daniel Dyal departed chambers in late 2021 on his appointment as a salaried judge at the Employment Tribunal.



Cloisters is a very strong set of barristers. It has very knowledgeable and skilled employment barristers. Highly recommended for all levels of experience.

The best set in London for employment work.

A go-to set with counsel across the range of expertise and call, and extremely positive to work with.

A first-rate set of chambers with an excellent range of specialist employment barristers.

Strength and depth at all levels of call, from silks to newly called.


The clerks are fantastic, very approachable,  user friendly, and always happy to assist.

Littleton Chambers

A well-respected employment set with a strong bench of talent‘, Littleton Chambers consistently appears in the High Court, employment tribunals, the Employment Appeal Tribunal, and the higher appellate courts. In the leading authority on whether staff carrying out overnight sleep-in shifts in the care sector are entitled to the national minimum wage for such shifts’ entire duration (Mencap v Tomlinson–Blake), David Reade KC, leading 2021-elevated silk Niran De Silva and junior Georgina Leadbetter  acted for Royal Mencap Society in the Supreme Court. Over in the High Court, Paul Gilroy KC was successful for USDAW in a watershed class action, obtaining an injunction to prevent Tesco from seeking to fire and re-hire employees, so as to impose changes to workforces’ terms and conditions. In a boost to chambers, TUPE, whistleblowing, injunctive relief and discrimination specialist Jeremy Lewis KC took silk in March 2022.



Littleton Chambers is at the forefront of the employment Bar.

A well respected employment set with a strong bench of talent – a go-to set for complex TUPE cases.

Littleton Chambers has the employment law market’s finest counsel.

Littleton Chambers has a good range of bright barristers, who are also very nice people and a pleasure to work with. Without exception, they go the extra mile for their clients.

A first-class set for employment/business protection, and widely regarded as a leader in its field. Excellent juniors at all levels, and can respond quickly when urgent applications are required.


The set is very well clerked led by Jason Drakeford, and the clerks will go out of their way to provide additional support with court liaising.

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers‘ members routinely appear in first-instance High Court proceedings, the Employment Tribunal, and Supreme Court appeals. Recent Supreme Court work includes Brazel v Harpur Trust (UNISON intervening), in which Mathew Purchase KC and junior Nathan Roberts successfully acted for UNISON and the appellant, respectively, the case addressing the annual leave rights of part-year workers. Over in the Court of Appeal, James Laddie KC and rising star Mark Greaves represented the respondent in Al Qasimi v Robinson, which concerned both the defence of illegality in employment contexts and the statutory interim relief regime in alleged automatic unfair dismissal scenarios; and senior junior Claire Darwin KC was sole counsel for the successful claimants in Gwynedd Council v Barratt and another, which involved the unfair dismissal of two teachers when Gwynedd Council reorganised its schools. Senior junior Andrew Smith moved to 11KBW in May 2022.



A set with stellar quality and sheer brilliance across the spectrum of employment issues.

A really strong employment set that gives a wide choice of barristers across various levels.

Matrix is an excellent set, with barristers who are at the top of their fields.

The set is quick to respond and provides high-quality counsel – very much a go-to set.

Matrix has many of the best barristers – no other chambers offers the same range of knowledge, skills and experience.


Very helpful clerks who are patient and accommodating.

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers‘ members regularly appear in the appellate courts, test cases, and factually and legally complex trials; and the set is increasingly acting for more than one party in challenging cases, while also experiencing larger volumes of sensitive investigations. In the Court of Appeal, four silks and two juniors from chambers appeared for various parties and intervenors in a test case on whether foster carers have worker status (NUPFC v Certification Officer and others), namely: Lord Hendy KC, Ben Collins KC, Ben Cooper KC and Katharine Newton KC, along with senior junior Robert Moretto and Madeline Stanley. Betsan Criddle KC took silk in March 2022. Cooper KC also successfully represented both the claimant in Forstater v CGD Europe & others, a high-profile case concerning protection against discrimination in employment for holding gender-critical beliefs; and barrister Allison Bailey in her claim against her chambers for discrimination on similar grounds; however in that case the claim against co-respondent Stonewall, represented by Ijeoma Omambala KC and Robin White, was unsuccessful.



Old Square Chambers is incredibly well respected generally, and in relation to Employment Tribunal matters.

Its depth of experience is excellent, and it is expert in representing clients in complex and nuanced litigation.

A strong cohort of junior counsel, meaning that the clerks are always able to recommend a trusted pair of hands for any instruction.

Old Square is a go-to set for employment barristers and its barristers are experts in their fields.

Old Square Chambers is a set of choice for employment law matters. It has strength in depth that means almost all cases and matters can be covered by a member of chambers.


The clerks at Old Square are incredibly responsive and helpful. It is highly unusual not to receive a response to an email the same day!


A top-class chambers with a stellar team‘, Devereux is sought out by blue-chip multinationals, leading trade unions and governments for major employment disputes; and the set’s members have enviable appellate practices, frequently appearing before both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Recent activity for chambers includes Covid-19 related employment cases, including the emerging area of furlough fraud, substantial industrial relations cases, and worker status-related instructions for which chambers is particularly well known. Members are also increasingly undertaking investigations, with Bruce Carr KC and senior junior Anna Greenley instructed in an internal investigation into culture at the Royal College of Nursing, which addresses concerns about decision making and accountability, including issues of sexual harassment, discrimination and senior staff terminations. Alice Mayhew KC is a 2022 silk appointment.



Devereux has repeatedly demonstrated the depth of its employment offering, and a willingness and ability to provide counsel whenever and wherever called upon.

Able to be flexible and accommodating on short notice, and where matters need to be rearranged. They clearly have a client-first mentality and demonstrate this in practice.

A top-class chambers with a stellar team.

A great employment set – very good range, but particularly strong in the mid/senior junior range.

A wide range of highly trained barristers, who stand out in their respective fields and have a tremendous grasp of the issues involved in any particular case, as well as being friendly and approachable.


The clerks are always very helpful, and come back with quotes that are set out well and transparent.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers‘ ‘high-quality employment practice‘ spans cross-border team moves, remuneration disputes, complex bonus issues, restrictive covenants and confidential information, as well as whistleblowing and discrimination claims. Recent highlights include Andrew Hochhauser KC‘s representation of claimant Nadja Swarovski-Adams, a general partner and managing director of the Swarovski crystal production business, against Daniel Swarovski Group, the matter concerning direct sex discrimination, equal pay, harassment and victimisation claims. Elsewhere in chambers, Daniel Oudkerk KC represented F1 engineer Ben Hodgkinson, who moved from a role as head of mechanical engineering at Mercedes-Benz High Performance Powertrains to a similar role at the powertrain arm of its rivals Red Bull Racing. In Richard Baker Harrison Ltd v Brooks and others, 2022 Silk appointment Edward Brown KC successfully acted for the claimant against serving and former senior employees, in relation to misuse of confidential information and breach of fiduciary duty.



Essex Court has a high-quality employment practice.

Essex Court is an excellent set.

A strong set with highly intelligent people.

All of the set is impressive. Essex Court has always had a range of counsel (of varying experience) available for every instruction.

Essex Court is a top-notch set favouring quality over quantity.


The clerks’ team is very well run, approachable and efficient.

Outer Temple Chambers

A ‘strong chambers with great breadth of employment experience‘, Outer Temple Chambers’ members are routinely involved in significant employment work at the Bar, including in the Supreme Court. The set is also at the forefront of equal pay litigation, and has substantial expertise in cross-over work, leveraging the set’s experience in pensions, commercial disputes and personal injury. Keith Bryant KC, leading senior junior Naomi Cunningham and Stephen Butler, is representing over 5,000 Tesco retail employees in their equal pay claims, in which they compare themselves with distribution colleagues who receive significantly higher pay rates. Elsewhere in chambers, Andrew Short KC, leading senior juniors Naomi Ling and Lydia Seymour, was instructed by 204 judges and 6,000 firefighters in a challenge to public sector pension scheme changes that included allegations of age, sex and race discrimination.



A leading employment chambers – friendly and collaborative barristers who are not hostile for the sake of it.

Strong chambers with great breadth of employment experience.

The set covers such a broad range of areas that there always seems to be someone who can help.

Outer Temple Chambers is a fantastic set and a go-to chambers.

‘A go-to set for employment. It has quality barristers with expertise in all of the key areas, and it always works hard to ensure that clients are looked after and get an excellent service.‘


The clerks have always been very responsive and are willing to be flexible on costs and billing deadlines. They have also been understanding of last-minute delays and hold back incurring brief fees to a reasonable time period before a hearing.

42 Bedford Row

Housing ‘a great employment team with an excellent range of barristers‘, 42 Bedford Row‘s barristers regularly appear in Employment Tribunals, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the High Court. In recent highlights, senior junior Jonathan Davies acted for over 400 claimants in a sizeable, multi-party pay claim in the High Court (Prior v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis), which concerned the payment of overtime, and away from home and hardship allowances; and at the more junior end of chambers, Eleanor Wheeler represented the respondent in in Walsh v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, comprising an EAT appeal hearing that involved a previously undecided issue of flexible working law and procedure.



42BR has a number of counsel with excellent employment experience and expertise; and a common theme is the practical and helpful approach taken by counsel.

A great employment team with an excellent range of barristers who work really collaboratively, which helps to solve problems for different sorts of clients.

Provides a consistently high standard of service.

A great set, with good all-rounders.

A go-to set for employment work.


The clerks at 42BR stand out. They could not be more helpful and accommodating, whether it be a last-minute hearing or a client on a budget – they always find a package to suit clients’ needs.

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers‘ ‘employment, discrimination and equality team’s reputation for excellence is well deserved‘. Acting for both claimants and respondents, chambers’ members are particularly well known for their expertise in high-value and complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Among the set’s senior-level juniors, David Stephenson is regularly instructed in high-value, multi-day, whistleblowing, discrimination, employment status and holiday pay cases; and Amanda Hart‘s enviable track record includes successfully representing clients in the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeals Tribunal, and the Court of Appeal. In late 2021, former founding member of chambers, Heather Williams KC, was appointed a High Court Judge to the King's Bench Division.



Doughty Street provides unwavering support to law firms, as well as valuable and specialist training programmes. It has a wide selection of relevant counsel, who can provide the service firms require.

A go-to set with great strength in its employment counsel, from the very seasoned and experienced, to the more junior but bright.

Barristers who are always willing to work with clients to find a solution to problems. Acutely alive to the commercial reality of instructing counsel, while the suite of training to clients is second to none, and always very topical and practical.

The chambers houses some of the most esteemed barristers in the field. It is an essential go-to chambers for issues involving equalities and human rights.

Doughty Street’s employment, discrimination and equality team’s reputation for excellence is well deserved. It has strength in depth, and all members share a common ethos and commitment to helping individuals challenge discrimination and other injustices. Furthermore their fees are very reasonable and represent excellent value for money.


All the clerks are most helpful and accommodating.