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Legal Market Overview

Cameroon’s GDP in 2018 was up 3.8% according to the World Bank, primarily due to an uptick in natural gas production. The sector is set to continue to thrive in 2019 with UK natural gas company Victoria Oil and Gas signing a three-year deal with the country’s power utility company Eneo. The other dominant sectors in the country are timber, aluminium, agriculture and mining.

The country has a population of over 24 million and is made up of a diverse mix of ethnicities and religious affiliations. The key challenge for Cameroon is to resolve the tensions between its Francophone and Anglophone communities, with elements of the latter calling for a separatist movement.

The legal market is small and concentrated, with most firms based in the country’s capital Douala. Ngassam, Fansi & Mouafo, Avocats Associés is the standout firm with a considerable number of international clients.