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Compliance Tier 2

Fielding a six-lawyer compliance unit branded as AZ Compliance that combines corporate law with criminal litigation, Albagli Zaliasnik specialises in anti-corruption investigations and crime prevention models. The practice's scope includes diagnostic audits, internal investigations, due diligence, compliance programmes and training. Other areas of focus are compliance-related data privacy, consumer issues, governance, risk management, and healthcare life sciences and environmental matters. Managing partner Rodrigo Albagli developed the firm's  compliance practice, which is now co-led by senior associates Jaime Winter, a specialist in compliance regulation, and Eduardo Anguita, who arrived from Barros & Errázuriz in April 2019 and focuses on compliance program implementation and internal reviews and audits. Notably, the firm's other name partner, Gabriel Zaliasnik is president of the Criminal Procedural Code Reform Commission (established 2018), whose remit includes reform of key anti-corruption legislation, Law 20.393.


They have not only first-class lawyers but an infrastructure and knowledge that are comparable to the top law firms in the US.’

The team has been an ally in the development of our crime prevention model, providing relevant knowledge that has allowed us to improve key aspects of how we approach these issues. Its strongest points are technical knowledge on compliance issues and how companies can actually put it into practice.’

The best qualities are its focus on the mix of technical knowledge and the human quality of its lawyers. Its clients really perceive the value of the service they provide.’

Senior associate Jaime Winter is fast and to the point, and knows how to use all his weapons to find solutions.’

Key clients

Inmobiliaria Tarragona

Consumer and advertising law Tier 3

Albagli Zaliasnik's six-strong department – led by IP and litigation specialist Ariela Agosin, who oversees all the firm's consumer law matters – is experienced advising on advertising, marketing and promotion (and all associated regulations). Notable support is provided by senior associate Oscar Molina, who is a director of the firm’s IT, media and data privacy group, and associate Dafne Guerra. The team was further strengthened with the June 2019 hire of Antonio Rubilar, formerly in-house at ENAP, as a senior associate; he will focus on regulatory litigation, competition and antitrust, public law and the energy and natural resources sector. The firm is also a member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance.


The team led by Ariela Agosin is uniquely solid. Both she and senior associate Oscar Molina are leaders in this field in Chile.

It is an empathetic team and its human qualities are consistent with its professional solidity.

Key clients

International Trademark Association



McCann World Group

Havas Creative Group

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Genomma Lab

Cuponatic Latam Chile

Empresas La Polar


Budnik Hermanos

Abbott Laboratories


Mutual de Seguridad

Data privacy Tier 3

Currently acting as the head of the Chilean Chapter of IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals), Albagli Zaliasnik's IT, media and data privacy group is led by senior associate Oscar Molina, who is certified as a privacy manager by IAPP. The practice regularly advises clients such as Mitsui, DiDi and Mapcity on data privacy issues. Further support is provided by associate Andrea Céspedes.

Practice head(s):


The lawyers provide the best service according to the specific needs of the client.

Senior associate Oscar Molina has the necessary expertise and understanding of the different realities of companies.

Oscar Molina is a very strong, young lawyer, who will surely continue to grow in his development and importance for clients.

Key clients

DiDi Chuxing Technology

LG Electronics

Mitsui Group

Sky Airline

Novo Nordisk

Bodegas San Francisco


Quantum X

Ria Financial

Laboratorios Saval

Sandvik Group


Mutual de Seguridad

Dispute resolution Tier 3

The 18-strong disputes practice at Albagli Zaliasnik is consistently involved in disputes involving administrative law, arbitration, bankruptcy, civil and commercial litigation, class actions, antitrust and consumer protection. Organizationally divided between civil and commercial litigation on the one hand, and the criminal law area on the other, the team also handles environmental, labour and tax litigation. Former senior associate Félix Antolín (civil litigation and arbitration) was promoted to director of the civil litigation and arbitration group, taking the reins from previous area head, Ariela Agosin, who nevertheless remains partner-in-charge, and is predominantly dedicated to arbitration -including as arbitrator- as well as civil litigation and regulatory matters (along with her IP-litigation specialism). Also key to the team are white-collar expert and founding partner Gabriel Zaliasnik, criminal law group director Cesar Ramos and senior associate Carolina Escandón, who focuses on preventative and pre-trial strategies, and procedural matters.


They are fast and organised.

High knowledge of the legal issues and different repercussions of each decision made during litigation.

Just being represented by this law firm gives a signal to counterparts of seriousness and professionalism.

Cesar Ramos stands out for his experience and knowledge. He transmits security, is solid in terms of his knowledge and assertive in the suggestions he provides and the potential scenarios to be faced. He understands that strategic communication is important for the company when facing a criminal case.

Key clients

Aldo Motta

Fundación Isabel Aninat

Roberto Carrasco and Senator Iván Moreira Barros

National Chamber of Commerce

The President of Chile

ENAP Refinerías

Nexus – Isapre Nueva Mas Vida

Pilar Heimpell

Cuponatic Latam

Intellectual property Tier 3

Albagli Zaliasnik's IP department is best known for its extensive expertise in anti-counterfeiting, complex IP litigation, patent and trade mark prosecution, and advertising law. Trade mark and patent specialist Eugenio Gormáz is intellectual and industrial property group director, and civil litigation and arbitration group partner Ariela Agosin is also heavily involved in IP matters. At senior associate level, Óscar Molina's broad practice includes the protection and defence of IP assets and domain names. Of additional note, approximately 50% of the firm’s workforce comprises women and 2019 saw the firm create a diversity and inclusion committee.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


They are a team with an immediate response capacity, excellent legal concepts and a great willingness to serve their clients. I had not previously worked in Chile with such an efficient office!

They are very fast and give very complete answers.

Eugenio Gormáz is outstanding.

Key clients

Sub-Secretaría de Transportes

Mitsui Group


McCann Worldgroup

Frida Kahlo

Keto Club

Museo de la Moda

Penguin Random House

International Trademark Association


Life sciences Tier 3

The five-strong department at Albagli Zaliasnik is experienced in the pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary), biotechnology, food and beverage, agro-industrial and pesticide sectors. In addition, the practice assists with disputes, regulatory issues, patent infringements, and matters before the Health and Drug Authorities. Ariela Agosin's broad practice includes brand protection and proceedings in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors, particularly in relation to patents; intellectual and industrial property group director Eugenio Gormáz is also active in the practice.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Abbott Laboratories


Farmacolgía en Aquacultura Veterinaria (FAV)

Genomma Lab

Corporate and M&A Tier 4

The 17-strong team at Albagli Zaliasnik is particularly active in food and beverage sector-related M&A. The practice also covers negotiations, financing, taxation and corporate structures, incorporating the firm's regulatory, antitrust, litigation, compliance and IP expertise into its corporate offering. Rodrigo Albagli  and Álvaro Rosenblut co-lead the practice, in which international senior associate Stephanie Cruz and senior associate Eduardo Anguita – a mid-2019 hire from Barros & Errázuriz – are key figures. Since publication, the transactional and compliance-focused Anguita has been promoted to partner, effective February 2021.


The AZ teams are always responsive, of good technical quality and generally fast.

International senior associate Stephanie Cruz is always very efficient with clients’ demands.

Key clients

Alpha-Bio Tec

Estudios de Ingeniería y Construcciones (ESINCO)


Prisma Water


Labour and employment Tier 4

The scope of Albagli Zaliasnik's work ranges from hiring processes, compensation, terminations and subcontracting, to corporate policies and collective bargaining in the technology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, banking, and oil and gas sectors. Recent work also includes advising clients on the implementation of Chile's labour law reform. In addition, the firm has a significant litigation practice and experience of contentious labour matters. Jorge Arredondo is the director of the labour and employment group, which also includes experienced associate Felipe Neira.

Practice head(s):


Responses are very timely and accurate. This is an excellent team that is highly competitive with respect to other law firms.

The lawyers are committed to their clients, are always ready to assist them, providing advice that is tailored to each problem and always accurate. They differ from competitors in terms of responsibility and commitment to the client.

The AZ team is committed, trustworthy and quick in its responses. Its rates are very accessible, so the price-quality ratio is excellent.

Jorge Arredondo is outstanding.

Jorge Arredondo gives full availability and accessibility, great knowledge and is speedy in responding.

Key clients


Agencia de Sostenibilidad Energética


Pharma Investi

Laboratorios Garden House Farmaceuticas




Banco do Brasil

Aguas Andinas

For 29 years, Albagli Zaliasnik  (AZ) has been dedicated to providing clients with creative and innovative solutions. We are a leading non-traditional law firm providing a full spectrum of legal and business services, based in Santiago de Chile. At AZ, our goal is to add value to everything we do. Keeping this in mind, we proactively work with our clients using a holistic approach in order to produce forward-thinking and ingenious results in an ever changing technology-focused world.

AZ is a full-service law firm that is organized into three major practice groups: corporate, litigation and intellectual and industrial property. Within these core groups, we have various speciality practices that include banking and financial law, competition and antitrust, compliance, information technology and data protection, labor and employment law, venture capital, real estate law, tax law, public law, insurance, anti-counterfeiting and international commercial law as well as many types of litigation such as, criminal, civil and commercial, domestic and international arbitration, white-collar crime, extradition, and class action proceedings, among others.

AZ is one of the only law firms in Chile that has a skilled team which expertly mixes business with litigation. We regularly advise on complex cross-border transactions, have profound knowledge and experience within regulated markets, and are experts in preventative and criminal compliance. As a result of increased globalization, Chile and Latin America have implemented extensive regulatory requirements which increase the risk for national and international corporations to operate within these markets. For AZ, compliance is more than adhering to the rules or responding to issues after the fact, we treat compliance as a strategic instrument of corporate management.

At AZ, we think and work globally. We are one of the only law firms in Chile with a specialized in-house international team made up of tri-lingual lawyers and a support staff hailing from all corners of the world. Our concrete network of associate firms located in 65 different jurisdictions across the globe allows us to seamlessly work wherever our clients’ needs take them regardless of where they are located in the world.

Diversity and inclusion: At the start of 2019, AZ created a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Since the inauguration, the committee has put on four different diversity workshops within the firm for all employees, not just lawyers, partnering with the local Chilean diversity promotion NGO Acción Empresas ( Subsequently, due to our continued partnership with Acción Empresas, we have signed on as their chief legal representative (pro bono) in all sorts of matters.

Here in Latin America, and especially within Chile, the legal market lacks diversity. In AZ, we can proudly say that with us, that is not the case. Close to 50% of the AZ workforce is made up by women, the majority of our lawyers are under the age of 35, and we currently employ eight immigrants from different countries. Due to this dynamic make up, we have decided to promote what makes us different from the rest by formally creating a group of people within the firm dedicated to protecting AZ’s diverse ways.

AZ is one of the leaders in the wave of change that is coming to Chile and LatAm in general when it comes to diversity in the legal profession.

Pro Bono: AZ is a proud founding member of Fundación Pro Bono Chile and signatory of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas which is powered through the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice in New York, USA. As such, pro bono matters are at the core of AZ’s firm values, which we instill into our associates and partners.

Although pro bono work is voluntary for the members of the firm, we support and promote the provision of pro bono services by our associates. The firm also expects partners to actively supervise the work of its associates, and expects new attorneys to work on at least one pro bono matter within their first year of incorporation.

One of the values of the firm in general is to promote the principles of diversity and non-discrimination. These principles are also materialized through pro bono work, since this allows access and coverage to the problems of legal relevance that Albagli Zaliasnik seeks to contribute to solve.

Through pro bono work, all the lawyers in the office are given the possibility of providing representation in cases that require access to justice, providing the special attention and emphasis that these cases need given their social relevance. It is also possible to fulfill one of the tasks of the essence of the lawyer; this is to work “for the good” or in Latin “pro bono”, considering it to be sufficient motivation for the members of the study to participate actively to give access to justice to people, non-governmental organizations and vulnerable groups or sectors that require it.

Examples of key clients for AZ: Airbus, Walmart Inc, Empresas La Polar, Mitsubishi, Thompson Reuters, Louis Vuitton, Mega Pharma, WOM S.A., Pharma Investi, Abbott Laboratories, Cushman & Wakefield, Banco do Brasil, Fox Latin-American Channels, Fila, Puma, Nokia, Grupo Secuoya, Hasbro Inc., Laboratorios Saval, Aguas Andinas, Empresa Nacional del Petróleo, Gasmar S.A., among many others.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing partner, Israel Practice, Venture Capital Rodrigo Albagli
Litigation, Public Law, Competition and Antitrust, White Collar Crime Gabriel Zaliasnik
Life sciences, Litigation, Competition and Antitrust Ariela Agosin
Corporate, M&A, Tax, Real Estate Álvaro Rosenblut
Public Law, Compliance, Life Sciences, Competition and Antitrust Daniel López
Labor and Employment Jorge Arredondo
Intellectual and Industrial property, Life Sciences Eugenio Gormáz
Litigation, White Collar Crime César Ramos
Compliance, Criminal Law Jaime Winter
Litigation, Civil and Commerical Law, Arbitration Félix Antolín
Arbitration, Civil and Commercial Law Carolina Escandon
Energy and Natural Resources, Project Finance, Public Law Antonio Rubliar
Energy and Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Projects Cristian Araya
Intellectual and Industrial property, IT, Data Privacy and Media Oscar Molina
Competition and Antitrust, Public Law, Life Sciences Dafne Guerra
Civil and Commercial Law, Arbitration Francisco Fuentes
Compliance, Corporate, Technology Eduardo Anguita
Corporate, Regulatory, Pro Bono Stephanie Cruz
Regulatory, Labor and Employment, Litigation Daniela Hirsch
Corporate Governance, Public Law, Compliance. Eliel Hasson
Tax, International Tax Law, Transfer Pricing David Ancelovici
Competition and Antitrust, Compliance, Life Sciences Matias Edwards
Photo Name Position Profile
 Ariela Agosin  photo Ariela Agosin Partner
 Rodrigo Albagli  photo Rodrigo Albagli Founding Partner / Managing Partner
 David Ancelovici  photo David Ancelovici Senior Associate and Director of the Tax Group
 Eduardo Anguita  photo Eduardo Anguita Senior Associate
 Félix Antolín  photo Félix Antolín Senior Associate and Director of the Civil Litigation and Arbitration Group
 Cristian Araya  photo Cristian Araya Director of Energy, Projects and Sustainability (EPS)
 Jorge Arredondo  photo Jorge Arredondo Partner and Director of the Labor and Employment Group
 Stephanie Cruz  photo Stephanie Cruz International Senior Associate and Director of Pro Bono
 Matías Edwards  photo Matías Edwards Senior Associate
 Carolina Escandón  photo Carolina Escandón Senior Associate
 Francisco Fuentes  photo Francisco Fuentes Senior Associate
 Eugenio Gormaz  photo Eugenio Gormaz Partner and Director of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Group
 Dafne Guerra  photo Dafne Guerra Senior Associate
 Daniela Hirsch  photo Daniela Hirsch Senior Associate and Director of the European Desk
 Daniel Lopez  photo Daniel Lopez Partner
 Oscar Molina  photo Oscar Molina Senior Associate and Director of Privacy, IT and Data
 César Ramos  photo César Ramos Senior Associate and Director of Criminal Litigation
 Cristián Riquelme  photo Cristián Riquelme Partner
 Alvaro Rosenblut  photo Alvaro Rosenblut Partner
 Antonio Rubilar  photo Antonio Rubilar Senior Associate
 Jaime Winter  photo Jaime Winter Senior Associate
 Gabriel Zaliasnik  photo Gabriel Zaliasnik Founding Partner
Total staff : 85
Chinese (Mandarin)
International Trade Mark Association (INTA)
International Bar Association (IBA)
Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)
Nextlaw Global Referral Network
ABA (American Bar Association)
AIPPI (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)
LESI (Licensing Executives Society International)
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Partners : 8
Lawyers : 45