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Stuart Miller Solicitors splits its general crime practice into four departments – a police station department, a Magistrates’ Court department, a Crown Court department, and a serious crime & fraud team. These allow service from the lowest to the highest levels for a range of offences including murder, drug conspiracies, human trafficking, theft, and cybercrime. The department is co-led by founder and managing director Mohammed Zeb, whose practice covers homicide, assault and sexual offences, and Abu Kibla, who has experience with allegations of riot, serious violence, and robbery, among others. Solicitor Anna Sidgwick is a key name.

Practice head(s):

Mohammed Zeb; Abu Kibla

Other key lawyers:

Anna Sidgwick; Nawal Asskoumi


‘They go above and beyond. They actually care for the best outcome. They don’t just do their job they make it personal.’

‘Anna Sidgwick is a real rising star in serious crime. Committed, clever and approachable.’

‘A firm that is dedicated to its clients, and providing the best service possible. The lawyers are committed to achieving the best outcome.’

‘Abu Kibla: He is committed to ensuring that Stuart Miller operates smoothly so that their clients receive the best service. His dedication to both the firm and his clients is palpable.’

‘This is an amazing firm with such expertise and a varied skill set . They are without doubt one of the best criminal law firms.’

‘A great team with extensive knowledge across all manner of criminal charges.’

‘Stuart Miller Solicitors remain an outstanding firm with dedication to their clients at the forefront of their work.’

Work highlights

  • Represented client on charges of murder where he was acquitted of murder after successful representations to the prosecution for lesser charges at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey).
  • Represented client on charges of money laundering (£2.5m) where she was acquitted after trial at Southwark Crown Court.
  • Represented client on charges of money laundering of over £400,000 where he was acquitted after trial at the Southwark Crown Court.

Established in 1984, Stuart Miller Solicitors is among the top 1.2% of the best Criminal Defence firms in England and Wales.

The team of solicitors, paralegals, caseworkers and police station representatives deal in all areas of criminal defence from police station and pre-charge advice, to court representation and advocacy.

Stuart Miller Solicitors have gained a strong reputation for being passionate about providing a first-class professional service with first-rate client care and personal attention, regardless of the nature of the case or its value. 

Individuals increasingly retain Stuart Miller Solicitors through private instruction to represent them from the pre-charge stage through to trial, ensuring that they have the highest quality and most effective representation possible. Every member of the Stuart Miller Solicitors team is highly sensitive to each client’s individual needs. Our solicitors recognise that being the subject of a criminal investigation and trial is a stressful, intimidating and demoralising experience. 

Stuart Miller Solicitors have unrivalled experience in dealing with the press and are frequently instructed in high-profile and complex cases. Where cases contain complex allegations that can take months or years to be tried and involve vast amounts of material, expert advice is offered. They provide unparalleled personal service to clients facing allegations of large-scale organised crime; complex fraud; bribery and corruption; white-collar crime; serious sexual offences; terrorism; murder; and drugs. 

Areas of law
Murder and serious violence: Stuart Miller Solicitors is renowned for defending those charged with 

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Attempted murder
  • GBH
  • Violent disorder

Approximately 10% of all murder charges in London have been handled by Stuart Miller Solicitors over the past 36 months. The firm has achieved back-to-back acquittals and not guilty decisions at the Central Criminal Court, including:

  • R v F – Attempted murder – aggravated stabbing
  • R v L – Gangland double murder
  • R v A – Attempted murder – stabbing
  • R v O – Attempted murder and firearms – shooting
  • R v K – Murder in prison (HMP Wormwood Scrubs)
  • R v M – Manslaughter

Fraud: The firm specialises in defending prosecutions involving:

  • Investment fraud
  • VAT/ MTIC fraud
  • High-value mortgage fraud
  • Boiler room fraud
  • The NCA
  • FCA investigations
  • SFO investigations
  • Insider trading
  • Confiscation 

The firm has recently achieved acquittals and successful results in the cases of:

  • R v J & Others – “Base Contracts Ltd” Money Laundering/Fraud £250,000
  • R v R & Others  – “Operation Berg” PAYE/Immigration Fraud over £5,000,000
  • R v H & Others – “Operation Centime” VAT Fraud of £23,000,000
  • R v A & Others – “Operation Surging” Money Laundering/Fraud £25,0000
  • R v A & Others – “Operation Cornflour” Investment Fraud £2,000,000

Sexual offences: The firm is one of the leading national firms in defending those charged with sexual and historic sexual offences including:

  • rape
  • grooming
  • sexual assault 
  • indecent images 

Stuart Miller Solicitors uses its intricate knowledge and understanding of computers and electronic devices together with its well-established relationship and use of industry-leading experts to achieve outstanding results. 

Some recent acquittals include:

  • R v A (historic sexual assault and recent sexual assault in family home)
  • R v B (multiple counts of sexual assault from the 1970’s)
  • R v K (multiple counts of rape and sexual assault over a decade ago)
  • R v O (teacher accused of sexual assault by student) Reported on BBC Radio 4
  • R v B (rape)

Drugs: Many of the firm’s cases involve large-scale drug supply, including conspiracy cases, “county lines”, and undercover police investigations. 

The firm has acted on numerous drug operations including “Operation Prosecco” and “Operation Kerataka” which are large-scale targeted operations by the Police into drug dealing in different areas of London over many months. 

A recent significant acquittal was in the case of R v Ivanov & Others which involved a large-scale conspiracy of Class A Drugs in Canterbury, Kent.

Firearms: Stuart Miller Solicitors have defended a vast number of cases where clients have been charged with the possession/supply/use of firearms and ammunition.  Experts are utilised by the firm’s lawyers to achieve successful results, making use of their knowledge and expertise. 

Some recent acquittals include:

  • R v N – Possession shotgun x 2
  • R v F – Possession of firearm and ammunition
  • R v B – Possession of handgun
  • R v M – Conspiracy to supply firearms
Abu 888 5225
Nawal Asskoumi photoMs Nawal AsskoumiSerious Crime and Homicide Lawyer
Kate  Blackmore photo Kate BlackmoreSupervisor and Sexual Offences Solicitor
Majad Habib photoMr Majad HabibBusiness Development Director & Fraud Solicitor
Reem Khatib photo Reem KhatibReem Khatib is a brilliant solicitor who stands out as a dedicated,…
Abu Kibla photoMr Abu KiblaManaging Director & Serious Crimes Solicitor
Anna Sidgwick photoMs Anna SidgwickHomicide, Serious Crime, Fraud  and Sexual Offences Solicitor and Supervisor
Mohammed Zeb photoMr Mohammed ZebFounder – General & Serious Crimes Solicitor
Directors : Abu Kibla, Majad Habib & Mohammed Zeb
Lawyers : 25
Other Fee Earners : 15
Other Staff : 5

TESTIMONIAL: Without a doubt the best firm I’ve worked with! What makes Stuart Miller different is their wanting to understand your case by going the extra mile to make sure you’re correctly represented. This combined with absolute professionalism accompanied with a personal touch makes you feel safe knowing that they actually care.

TESTIMONIAL: I found this firm on the internet. From the moment I submitted my enquiry until the end of my case, I received nothing but an attentive, professional and honest service.

While I didn’t like what they had to say most of the time, and often disagreed with their advice in a very complex fraud case; now, with the saga behind me, I understand and appreciate that all their efforts and guidance left me with my freedom.

Had they just gone along with what I wanted; I would now be in jail. I feel like I will owe them forever. Fantastic firm. Real talk. The best of the best!

TESTIMONIAL: I would like to give a massive thank you to Stuart Miller Solicitors. I would highly recommend this firm! We received outstanding service and have never been asked for a single penny. They were happy to take calls day or night to discuss our concerns and queries. They always made the time to liaise with me about my Dad’s case. As a family, we are forever grateful for the amount of support they have provided to us and saw how passionate you are about helping people get justice. Thank you for an excellent service.

TESTIMONIAL: Stuart Miller Solicitors offer a professional service from a group of highly talented people. They are always available no matter what day or time. I was always treated with great kindness and understanding. They helped me get through so many difficulties. Now, I have so much weight off my shoulders that I can focus on my life and family with peace of mind and a confident sense of direction. Thank you.

TESTIMONIAL: I have been a client of this firm for 10 years. Kiran Johal of Stuart Miller Solicitors is, without question, everything you would want in a solicitor. An exceptional level of professionalism and just simply caring at a time when everyone else is too busy to listen. If you are ever in trouble, call Kiran. Thanks for always being there regardless of the time of day. Thanks for helping every time without fail and for fighting so hard every single time.

TESTIMONIAL: I would like to give a really big thank you to Abu Kibla from Stuart Miller Solicitors. I cannot thank Mr Kibla enough for handling my case so well with outstanding client support and satisfaction. Thank you for guiding me through a difficult time and ensuring for the best possible outcome, if it wasn’t for him my life would’ve been very difficult. Mr Kibla is a passionate, thoughtful and no doubt one of the best solicitors here! I will forever be grateful. Highly recommend to everyone!

Stuart Miller Solicitors are proud to be a diverse firm incorporating various ethnic backgrounds and faiths and are committed to developing the firm to enable equality and diversity across the company.

The ways in which the company achieve this include:

  • Job applicants or existing members of staff are treated fairly in an environment which is free from any form of discrimination, on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, colour, marital status, civil partnership, disability, part-time/full-time, caring responsibilities, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or age.
  • All employment-related policies, practices and procedures are applied impartially and objectively.
  • There is equality of opportunity to all and to provide staff with the opportunity to develop and realise their full potential.
  • We work towards achieving a diverse workforce at all levels to ensure we are representative for our client base.
  • The firm maintains an atmosphere of dignity and respect.
  • Zero tolerance approach to any forms of discrimination whether by staff or clients.