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Leading Silks

Jonathan Adkin QC - Serle CourtJonathan brings tremendous intellectual vigour and an ability to separate wheat from chaff and cut to the heart of the matter like no other silk.
David Alexander QC - South SquareOne of the most experienced barristers in this area in London and so has a good feel for how arguments can be most effectively be presented.
Gilead Cooper QCWilberforce ChambersThe best of the best, his analytical skills are razor-sharp.
Jonathan Crow QC - 4 Stone BuildingsHe has a remarkably sharp legal mind coupled with a great deal of common sense.
Michael Furness QCWilberforce ChambersIntellectually sharp, calm, hardworking and commercial.
Brian Green QCWilberforce ChambersEqually brilliant in contentious and non-contentious cases, he has exceptional depth of knowledge bolstered by experience.
Robert Ham QCWilberforce ChambersA real doyen in tax, Chancery and commercial chancery work who offers excellent strategic as well as technical advice.
Barry Isaacs QC - South SquareMeticulous and a persuasive, steady building, advocate with a good head for complex financial issues, but also willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the meat of the matter.
Elizabeth Jones QC - Serle CourtShe has a fantastic mind and superb attention to detail.
Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtOne of the most elegant and persuasive advocates.
David Lord QC - Three StoneHis knowledge of BVI law is second to none.
John Machell QC - Serle CourtIncredibly well organised, a deep thinker but with commercial acumen.
Philip Marshall QC - Serle CourtA wonderfully lateral and creative thinker - the person to have on your side.
Ewan McQuater QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA towering presence and a silk of real heft and gravitas.
Richard Morgan QC - Maitland ChambersA great first choice for a range of BVI work.
Terence Mowschenson QCWilberforce ChambersTerry has encyclopedic knowledge of trusts and company law and commercial injunctions.
Nicholas Le Poidevin QC - New Square ChambersWise and technically superb with excellent judgement and a nice persuasive advocacy style.
Penelope Reed QC - 5 Stone BuildingsSuperb in every way, one could not hope for a better leader.
Hefin Rees QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA thoroughly prepared trial advocate who is knows what he is about in cross-examination.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsShe provides thoughtful. practical, informed advice and at the same time is personable and sensitive to the need and opinions of the individuals involved in each matter.
Stephen Moverley Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA real legal heavyweight, he always has a clever perspective to add to any case.
Tom Smith QC - South SquareHard-working and incredibly responsive, Tom is one of the most experienced Offshore silks in London.
Clare Stanley QCWilberforce ChambersA highly skilled and utterly fearless advocate, and a first choice for representation in any contentious trusts or estate situation.
Alan Steinfeld QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA very skilled advocate who commanded the respect of the Cayman court.
John Wardell QCWilberforce ChambersOne of the true masters of the courtroom and absolutely in his element when on his feet.
Shân Warnock-Smith QC - 5 Stone BuildingsA leader in her field, and showing a passion for and knowledge of trusts and estates law, we can't help but recommend her to others.
David Allison QC - South SquareAn intellectual powerhouse, David demonstrates a mastery of his subject with a vast depth of knowledge in all things insolvency.
Stephen Atherton QC - Twenty EssexHe has a no-nonsense approach and is combative and well-regarded Offshore.
Richard Boulton QC - One Essex CourtHe knows the material better than the testifying experts; even when those experts are tenured Harvard professors.
Graham Chapman QC - 4 New SquareVery much a 21st century silk: he is commercial, responsive, proactive, technically proficient and brilliant on his feet.
David Chivers QC - Erskine ChambersAn excellent advocate who is able to use his superior intellect to distil voluminous facts and complex legal points into simple and cogent arguments.
Justin Fenwick QC - 4 New SquareA top choice for the most difficult cases, his advocacy and management of the Court is a joy to watch.
James Guthrie QC - 3 Hare CourtExtremely efficient and professional at all times.
Jonathan Hilliard QCWilberforce ChambersSharp, focussed and a genuine team player – a real asset to have on board for a team assisting with larger cases.
Robert Levy QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA pleasure to work with, he gets stuck in and masters the detail, and is tenacious in court.
Paul McGrath QC - Essex Court ChambersA brilliant combination of academic thinking and commercial nous.
Catherine Newman QC - Maitland ChambersA very good cross-examiner with steely nerve in court.
David Quest QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsIncredibly bright, David has a strong courtroom presence and a no-nonsense style of advocacy.
Eason Rajah QC - Ten Old SquareA stalwart of the trust litigation world where he brings quiet but measured strengths to a advocacy team with genuine skilled strategic insights coupled with excellent client skills.
Daniel Saoul QC - 4 New SquareIncredibly flexible to work with and gets to the heart of a problem quickly while maintaining a collaborative approach.
Simon Taube QC - Ten Old SquareVery good with clients and has the ability to provide both strategic and technical, fact specific advice at the same time.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsA great intellect and he brings a sense of calm, control and careful thought.
Ben Valentin QC - Fountain Court ChambersExtremely user friendly, hands-on, and commercial.
Richard Wilson QC - Serle CourtVery clever, very responsive, he explains things very clearly and makes complicated points seem like a matter of perfect common sense.
James Ayliffe QCWilberforce ChambersJames has good broad commercial practice and is highly experienced.
Francis Barlow QC - Ten Old SquareDemonstrates a thorough knowledge of the law, is accommodating with professional clients and has a good rapport with the court.
George Bompas QC - 4 Stone BuildingsA consummate advocate whose style is to engage in effective dialogue with the bench.
Paul Bowen QC - Brick Court ChambersHas a first-class brain with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, coupled with enormous attention to detail.
Simon Davenport QC - 3 Hare CourtA brilliant leader and silk who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the finer details.
Edward Davies QC - Erskine ChambersAn impressive advocate with outstanding intellect.
Glen Davis QC - South SquareExtremely intelligent, grasped key issues very quickly and impressively, also very user friendly and hard-working.
Vernon Flynn QC - Brick Court ChambersThoughtful, excellent in court, extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Jeremy Goldring QC - South SquareA bright, tenacious, articulate and committed barrister that has an excellent way with the written word.
Dakis Hagen QC - Serle CourtDakis is hugely intelligent, hard working and well informed.
Matthew Hardwick QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsVery user friendly, a superb barrister who prepares meticulously.
Jonathan Harris QC - Serle CourtEasy to work with and knows the area inside out.
Mark Howard QC - Brick Court ChambersAbsolutely at the top of the game for large disputes.
Ben Hubble QC - 4 New SquareHas an exceptionally calm and reassuring approach, coupled with sound legal thinking and good strategic advice.
Hodge Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHodge has seen it all and is an excellent lawyer.
Stephen Midwinter QC - Brick Court ChambersStephen is outstanding and provides excellent, swift, focused and practical advice.
Jern-Fei Ng QC - 7BRHe provides timely strategic advice and is phenomenal in setting out thoughts in a succinct manner.
Thomas Roe QC - 3 Hare CourtIncredibly astute, quick thinking and impressively calm under fire.
Bankim Thanki QC - Fountain Court ChambersA highly thoughtful and fearsomely strategic leader who has a gift for identifying core and complex issues.
Steven Thompson QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe balances a direct no-nonsense approach, with full awareness of legal and strategic nuance.
Andrew Ayres QC - Twenty EssexAbsolutely superb - his rapid responsiveness is unlike any other silk I have worked with.
Aidan Casey QC - 3 Hare CourtExtremely thorough and diligent and able to get to grips with extremely complex matters very quickly.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHis knowledge of the law is phenomenal but what sets him apart is his willingness to roll up his sleeves and help in all aspects of the litigation.
Orlando Fraser QC - 4 Stone BuildingsVery charismatic, intelligent and a great orator.
Bridget Lucas QCFountain Court Chambers 'Bridget has a wonderful legal brain. She is incredibly user-friendly, and quickly builds a strong rapport with clients who trust her advice and judgement.'
Ali Malek QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHighly intelligent, a quality silk.
David Mumford QC - Maitland ChambersAn incredibly knowledgeable team player, he rolls up his sleeves to get into the meat and details and leads from the front.
Pavlos Panayi QC - 7BRHis advice is precise and to the point given a certain answer to all questions.
Lord David Pannick QCBlackstone ChambersRemains a star in all he does.
Simon Salzedo QC - Brick Court ChambersAn incredibly bright barrister with the ability to slice through complexity quickly and easily.
Nikki Singla QCWilberforce ChambersHugely intelligent and hard working, he is very commercial and considered in his approach.
Adam Solomon QC - Littleton ChambersHe is commercial minded and is able to come up with incredible strategies for litigation matters.
Christopher Tidmarsh QC - 5 Stone BuildingsAmazing intelligence coupled with an in-depth knowledge of trust law and principles.

2020 Silks

Timothy Collingwood QC - Serle CourtExtremely astute; and consistently provides insightful strategic advice.
Richard Fisher QC - South SquareVery thorough and detailed with legal analysis; is able to distil complex legal issues into concise, clear advice and input that into the strategy.
Blair Leahy QC - Twenty EssexBlair's knowledge of Cayman law and the interplay with English law is impressive.
Andrew Mold QCWilberforce ChambersAble to identify technical legal arguments that were missed by other leading counsel.
Rajesh Pillai QC3 Verulam BuildingsBright, hard working and committed, user-friendly and approachable.
Sharif Shivji QC - 4 Stone BuildingsA very strong technical barrister with a great deal of experience dealing directly with commercial clients.

2021 Silks

Hermann Boeddinghaus QC - 4 Stone BuildingsVery pragmatic and is excellent at identifying the correct approach to take with the judge.
Alexander Learmonth QC - New Square ChambersHe is able to grapple with complicated facts quickly and advise at short notice.
Tom Poole QC - 3 Hare CourtAmazing ability to digest a huge amount of complex material and focus on the critical detail.
George Spalton QC - 4 New SquareAlways on top of strategy and details, clients love him and he turns work round very quickly.
James Willan QCEssex Court ChambersVery responsive and clear, he has the trust of the client.

2022 Silks

Tony Beswetherick QC - Twenty EssexClearly someone to watch for the future, shows clarity of thought and a commercial focus.
Giles Richardson QC - Serle CourtGiles provides sharp. timely and fearless advice, whilst being extremely user friendly.
Andrew Westwood QC - Maitland ChambersVery reliable, excellent lawyer and takes a practical and sensible approach.

Leading Juniors

Adam Al-Attar - South SquareHe has a phenomenal intellect, an ability to convey complex issues simply, has a very strong commercial sense of what the client is trying achieve and an ability to construct tactics around it. Adam is a pleasure to deal with - and judges enjoy listening to him.
James Brightwell - Serle CourtHis knowledge of trusts stands with the best; he is a silk in all but name.
Toby Brown - South SquareHas a tremendous ability to think creatively and to create alternative lines of argument that lead to the desired conclusion.
Nigel Burroughs - 4 New SquareHe gives clear accessible advice and drafts well.
Marcus Flavin - Radcliffe ChambersHis particular familiarity and expertise in relation the Jersey trusts is immensely useful.
Thomas Fletcher - Maitland ChambersAn extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and intelligent junior whose command of his area of expertise is always apparent from the clear and focussed advice that he gives.
Graeme HalkerstonWilberforce ChambersA great tactician, and someone who you would rather have in your tent than in the other side’s.
Andrew Holden - XXIV Old BuildingsAndrew offers the full package. His written work and communication skills are first rate.
Mark Hubbard - New Square ChambersExtremely knowledgeable and hard-working, he is an expert on issues relating to protectors and offshore trusts.
Nicole Langlois - XXIV Old BuildingsClearly her background in Jersey is of great assistance in the offshore field.
Matthew Morrison - Serle CourtHard-working, very bright and a straight talker.
Kathryn Purkis - Serle CourtShe adds value to any legal team and you feel confident knowing she is there to assist whenever needed.
William Willson - South SquareExtremely bright and has a prodigious ability to produce high quality legal submissions and evidence in short order.
Simon Adamyk - New Square ChambersHe has an eye for detail like no other and engages with every aspect of the case.
Robert Amey - South SquareHelpful, commercial and meticulous, he fully understands the complexities of the litigation.
Sarah Bayliss - XXIV Old BuildingsSarah is both perceptive and practical, and is extremely good at seeing the wood for the trees, even in very complex cases and under significant pressure.
Lucy Colter - 4 New SquareWholly committed to the case - diligent and hard working.
Alexander Cook - 4 Stone BuildingsHe is a solicitor's dream counsel, definitely my junior of choice.
Piers Feltham - Radcliffe ChambersStudious, diligent and very hard-working, he provides excellent advice in a timely manner and never leaves any stone unturned.
Dan McCourt Fritz - Serle CourtDan really does have it all. he is charming, hard-working, humble and immensely intelligent.
Nicholas Harrison - Serle CourtYet another star with incredible ability.
Marcus Haywood - South SquareVery bright and with excellent drafting skills.
Ruth Jordan - Serle CourtResponsive, decisive and commercial in her approach to her advice.
Ciaran Keller - Essex Court ChambersA deep thinker with an enormous brain and capacity for cutting through complex legal issues to provide clear and effective advice.
Adil Mohamedbhai - Serle CourtAdil works with some of the biggest hitters in the market and is brilliant at dealing with the particular issues that arise in offshore litigation.
Robert Strang - 3 Hare CourtHe has the ability to pick things up very quickly and is also great with clients.
Lynton Tucker - New Square ChambersHe gets into details and has an impressive global view of the case he is handling.
Daniel Warents - XXIV Old BuildingsBrilliant mastery of the factual issues and encyclopeadic knowledge of the applicable law.
James Weale - Serle CourtExcellent at integrating into the wider case team, and is very hands on with written work.
Elizabeth Weaver - XXIV Old BuildingsA fantastic all-round advocate who I would not hesitate to instruct again.
Andrew Blake - Erskine ChambersIncredibly smart whilst also managing to be very practical and user-friendly.
Zahler Bryan - Serle CourtZahler is unfailingly hard working, reliable and pragmatic - an excellent junior and real team player.
Simon Calhaem - 29 Bedford Row ChambersSimon's impressive intellect and considerable experience are evident in each instruction, bringing reassurance and inspiring confidence in clients.
Adam Cloherty - XXIV Old BuildingsAn absolute star - practical yet thorough and very user friendly.
Emma Hargreaves - Serle CourtShe has unparalleled attention to detail and is able to come up with creative lines of attack.
Alexander HeylinNo5 Barristers' ChambersHe contributes extensive knowledge regarding Offshore having, practiced overseas, bringing added value.
Philip Hinks - 3 Verulam BuildingsWithout a doubt, one of the top juniors at the UK Bar.
Sophie Holcombe - Serle CourtAn extremely impressive junior with a very significant presence in the offshore field
Jordan Holland - 5 Stone BuildingsPhenomenally clever and has great tactical ability.
Olivier Kalfon – Maitland ChambersA truly modern practitioner of the bar who is down to earth but with razor sharp legal skills and subtle but deft advocacy skills.
Nico Leslie - Fountain Court ChambersExtremely sharp, hard-working and very willing to go the extra mile.
Anna LittlerWilberforce ChambersAnna is able to absorb huge amounts of information, detect valuable insights and develop sophisticated legal arguments on the back of them.
James MacDougald - Ten Old SquareA star for the future who works well with the much more senior members of offshore litigation teams.
Matthew Paton - 5 Stone BuildingsHas an encyclopaedic knowledge of Bahamian trust law - very persuasive oral communication skills and excellent drafting skills.
Leon Pickering - Ten Old SquareAn excellent team player, Leon has a fantastic mind, work ethic and sense of humour.
James Purchas - 4 Pump CourtA perfect blend: technically sharp and commercially astute.
Charles Raffin - Gatehouse ChambersIncredibly bright, responsive, detail oriented and thorough in his approach to work.
Bajul Shah - XXIV Old BuildingsClearly pushing at the door to becoming a silk and accordingly punches above his years when it comes to a lot of offshore advocacy.
Marcus Staff - XXIV Old BuildingsVery easy to work with and a proficient communicator, very knowledgeable in the trusts sector.
Michael AshdownWilberforce ChambersHis intellect, attitude and accessibility are extremely impressive.
Daniel Burgess - Blackstone ChambersA superb barrister - responsive, insightful and thorough.
Joshua FolkardTwenty EssexVery hard working and thorough, excellent draughtsman and great at producing comprehensive and relevant legal research.
Elizabeth HoughtonWilberforce ChambersBright, hard working and clear-thinking.
Josh Lewison - Radcliffe ChambersExtremely responsive and the quality of his work is second to none.
Tim Parker - Blackstone ChambersA very bright and user friendly barrister, especially when it comes to competition and public law related matters.
Naina Patel - Blackstone ChambersShe shows commitment and intellectual ability.
Jamsheed Peeroo - The 36 GroupHis most impressive quality is the calm, authoritative manner in which he gives evidence as an expert.
Sarah Tresman - Twenty EssexShe can be depended upon to execute offshore work to the highest standard.

Rising Stars

Jamie HolmesWilberforce ChambersA supremely bright junior, Jamie leaves no point unconsidered.
Edoardo Lupi - South SquareEdoardo's technical ability and intellect are unrivalled amongst any other junior counsel I have worked with in my career.
Tim MatthewsonWilberforce ChambersA future (if not current) star whose prodigious work ethic and drafting are impeccable.
Andrew McLeod  - One Essex Court  ‘Operates like a senior junior and has superb knowledge of BVI work.

Offshore in London Bar

Maitland Chambers

With long-standing experience in litigation and advisory work that covers the business, financial and property sectors, Maitland Chambers has developed notable strength in offshore jurisdictions at both silk and junior level. A recent highlight at chambers has seen Richard Morgan QC representing Broad Idea International against Convoy Collateral in an expedited Privy Council appeal concerning the court’s power to grant freezing injunctions against third parties and in support of foreign proceedings. Thomas Fletcher has been acting in Investec Trust (Guernsey) Ltd v Glenalla Properties Ltd – another Guernsey case in the Tchenguiz saga – in further Guernsey and Privy Council proceedings, while Andrew Westwood QC continues to have a diverse practice in various jurisdictions including the BVI, Cayman Islands and Guernsey.



One of the best sets for BVI work. Excellent strength in depth.

Maitland chambers are extremely capable and are my go to for assistance.

Broadly a strong set for chancery commercial and offshore work, with many good quality counsel at all levels.

A great set with a good range of excellent barristers at all levels.

They know the offshore legal industry very well and they are regularly big players in this area.


The clerking is excellent and they genuinely understand the nuances of disputes being run in this jurisdiction and do not seek to shoehorn everything into the English approach.

A strong group ably led by John Wiggs.

John Wiggs is always good to go to and comes back quickly with a number of options and sensible proposals.

The clerks at Maitland are excellent. Very responsive, helpful and commercial.

Extremely responsive and flexible. Clerks are able to have sensible conversations and really go the extra mile to recommend people for cases.

Serle Court

Serle Court is seen by a number of clients as 'a go-to set in this area' and its members are frequently instructed on heavyweight trusts matters, both contentious and advisory. Chambers' coverage spans the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the BVI and Channel Islands, with a recent highlight of Jonathan Adkin QC's global practice seeing him represent the latter party in Winston Wong v Grand View Private Trust Company Ltd & Others, a $15bn trusts dispute at the Bermuda Supreme Court. Several members of chambers are also involved in that matter, including Richard Wilson QCJonathan Harris QC and Adil Mohamedbhai, while John Machell QC appeared before the Bermuda Court of Appeal in January 2021 in a different $8bn trusts case. Senior junior Kathryn Purkis, a former managing partner of Collas Crill in Jersey, continues to operate a standout practice in the Channel Islands, her 2021 work covering trusts, fraud and property matters.



Serle Court has an excellent profile in offshore work.

Serle Court offers an unrivalled selection of barristers (breadth and depth) to assist with every aspect of offshore disputes.

A very strong set of chambers for offshore trust work.

Serle Court is a go-to chambers for specialist trust advice in relation to Cayman Islands trust matters.

My go-to set in this area, with an exceptionally strong bench of juniors and silks.


Very good. I know I can rely on them when recommending a barrister that I haven’t worked with before.

The clerks are efficient.

An excellent clerking team.

Very responsive. Steve Whitaker and Paul Ballard have been particularly helpful to me over the years.

We generally deal with Steve Whitaker and Paul Ballard, both of whom are extremely responsive and helpful.

South Square

A 'go-to set for anything complex', South Square excels in offshore insolvency cases, including some of the biggest matters involving heavyweight allegations of fraud. Tom Smith QC is lead counsel to the plaintiff in Primeo vs HSBC, one of the largest trials in Cayman Island history, and includes two trips to the Privy Council in 2021. Several members continue to be engaged in the fallout of the collapse of private equity house Abraaj, and Felicity Toube QC is working on the long-running AHAB vs Saad litigation. Chambers has a particularly strong Cayman caseload but also acts in a number of significant matters across the Caribbean, with David Alexander QC's litigation-based practice seeing a lot of Hong Kong-related BVI disputes. Exceptional juniors Adam Al-Attar, Toby Brown and William Willson all have experience in some of the biggest recent cases in offshore jurisdictions.



South Square has a dominant hold on much of the offshore litigation in Grand Cayman.

They have made particularly strong progress in Cayman Islands offshore insolvency work.

South Square unquestionably have a special relationship with the Cayman Islands and its law firms.

They are unparalleled in the insolvency space and we see them all the time in Cayman.

My go-to set for anything complex and they consistently deliver excellent results.


The clerks are as as consistently excellent as the barristers in chambers.

Dylan Playfoot, Jim Costa and Chris Filby have always been highly responsive and commercially minded.

Dylan Playfoot is the most efficient clerk I have ever dealt with.

The South Square clerks are highly responsive and all completely familiar with the procedures and arrangements required when instructing a silk for Cayman Islands and other offshore work.

Mike Killick, Chris Filby and Jim Costa are all very easy to work with, negotiate fees with and deal with billing issues.

Wilberforce Chambers

One of the pre-eminent offshore sets‘, Wilberforce Chambers has a presence across all of the principal offshore jurisdictions, with expertise in company-related litigation and seen as ‘one of the strongest in the area of trusts.Thomas Lowe QC, John Wardell QC and 2020 silk Andrew Mold QC are acting for different parties in a case regarding an application to wind-up the Torchlight investment fund, which is now one of the longest-running recent Cayman Island cases. Clare Stanley QC is acting for the joint official liquidators of Ardent in BDO (Cayman) Ltd v Ardent Harmony Fund Inc (in Official Liquidation), while David Phillips QC is representing the former party in the politically sensitive litigation Estate Management and Business Development Co Ltd v Namalco Construction Services Ltd & Ors. On the junior side, Graeme Halkerston continues to impress, recently acting for liquidators of Global Steel Holdings in recovery investigations.



Wilberforce are a very reliable set in which you know you can rely on the high quality and reputation of any one who you instruct.

Wilberforce is a force to be reckoned with in the offshore trusts world.

They are one of the pre-eminent offshore sets and have extensive strength in depth at all levels.

Clearly one of the top sets in the field.

They are a major player in the offshore market.


The clerks are very responsive and offer a first rate service.

Nick Luckman and Mark Rushton are both charming, responsive and professional.

Very good – Andrew Barnes and Fraser Geddes in particular.

The clerks room is excellent. Andrew Barnes is one of the best in the field and Jess Edson is a pleasure to deal with.

The service provided is well-organised and professional.

XXIV Old Buildings

Covering insolvency, trust disputes and commercial litigation, XXIV Old Buildings has 'for many years been one of the premier sets with a focus on the offshore market.' Members' work covers a breadth of jurisdictions: in Bermuda, Francis Tregear QC is instructed in the large-scale B Trust litigation before the Court of Appeal. In the Cayman Islands Robert Levy QC has become a go-to name for dissenter appraisal cases, Nicole Langlois is a former litigation partner at Carey Olsen, and as a Jersey advocate gave expert evidence in The Serious Fraud Office & anor v Litigation Capital Limited & ors in February 2021. Other names to note include Elspeth Talbot Rice QC, who continues to be a leading name in offshore litigation, and Stephen Thompson QC, who was particularly active in Bermudan cases recently, including being instructed by Point Investments to oppose a winding up petition and provision liquidation application.



As a whole, XXIV Old Buildings has always struck me as a set with a lot of depth and quality.

Impressive chambers. Well managed and a depth of quality counsel.

They increasingly dominate in the offshore world.

The set has a weight of experience in offshore work.

XXIV have for many years been one of the premier sets with a focus on the offshore market.


Very personable and cooperative clerks, particularly Paul Horsfield.

Paul Horsfield in particular is extremely user friendly and conscientious.

Paul Horsfeld is incredibly responsive and polite and has his finger on the pulse of the market.

James Ladbrook offers a first class problem solving service.

A first-rate clerking team who are straightforward and easy to deal with.

3 Verulam Buildings

Praised by one client for 'growing and improving all the time', 3 Verulam Buildings had another strong year of offshore work, with highlights including David Quest QC leading Philip Hinks in acting for the former party in Banque Havilland v Christophe Mazurier, a $10m fraud action before the Supreme Court of the Bahamas. In the BVI, Hefin Rees QC is acting for the claimant in Holm v Sancus Financial Holdings, a dispute over the ownership of the newest bank to be licensed in the BVI for the last 20 years, to be heard at the Privy Council in 2021. Among the sets eclectic mix of cases, Hodge Malek QC acted for the trustee of a multi billion dollar Bermudian trust in a judicial review concerning the Bermudian Police Service.



3VB has great strength in depth, especially amongst the juniors, and is one of the go-to sets.

Great set; experienced barristers at varying levels of seniority.

They have an enviable roster of both leading and junior counsel.

Growing presence as a leading set in the offshore market.

A quality set, through and through.


Stuart Pullum is a really excellent clerk. He is responsive, and commercial and also very clear in his communication.

3VB’s clerks are first rate. In particular, I can speak to the quality of Stuart Pullum and James Kelly.

Stuart Pullum is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, and has his finger on the pulse of the scene both in London and offshore.

The clerks at 3VB are prompt with answering queries and providing assistance where necessary.

A really friendly bunch of clerks, with good service provided.

3 Hare Court

3 Hare Court's offshore work is best known by its representation of government entities, with its public law practitioners displaying 'quality from top on down'. Members frequently appear before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, with Aidan Casey QC appearing in several Mauritian cases in that forum. Elsewhere, Tom Poole QC took silk in March 2021, having had extensive experience of appellate advocacy before Court of Appeal, the Privy Council and the Supreme Court. James Guthrie QC continued to work in key cases, including representing Delta Petroleum against British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation in a Privy Council appeal regarding a contract dispute.



Quality from top on down.


All the clerks are extremely helpful, professional, and responsive.

Clerks are very responsive and commercial – special mention to Toby Eales and James Donovan.

James Donovan is very personable and has a great deal of experience and knowledge of the chambers’ strengths.

The clerks are very responsive and helpful.

4 New Square

'A highly effective set with increasing strength in depth for offshore work', 4 New Square's practitioners are frequent fixtures in finance-focused matters across the Caribbean, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Commercial litigation specialist Justin Fenwick QC has been leading 2021 silk appointment George Spalton QC in Eurochem v Rogalskiy and others, acting for the claimants in civil fraud proceedings that have reached the Privy Council. Professional negligence and regulatory work are key areas of work for the set in the London courts, and the set's members are equally active in offshore cases of that nature - Graham Chapman QC represents the claimants in Arnage Holding Ltd v Walkers; the claimants allege that the offshore law firm acted for them but then switched sides, accepted instructions to act against them by a liquidator seeking to recover alleged proceeds of the Brazilian Mensalão political scandal.



Well deserved and growing recognition as a leading set in the offshore market.

4 New Square is developing a strong reputation in Cayman for its work in professional liability, commercial litigation and commercial arbitration.

A highly effective set with increasing strength in depth for offshore work.

Real expertise for commercial and business orientated matters.

Great strength in depth. A suitable barrister usually available.


The clerks room at 4 New Square are one of the best in the business.

Lizzy Stewart, Alex Dolby and Dennis Peck run a tight ship, are highly commercial and will always solve problems.

Good service from the clerks and a well-led team.

Excellent service. Lizzie Stewart stands out.

Excellent, professional and responsive. Would single out for mention Chris Ebdon and Adam Homes.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers members are frequent fixtures in in long-standing commercial dispute resolution and chancery commercial litigation across the Caribbean. Paul McGrath QC had a standout year, advising Convoy as the appellant in Convoy v Roy Cho and Broad Idea, which was heard by the Privy Council in February 2021. Appointed silk in March 2021, James Willan QC is retained to act for Madam Yao in her appeal to the Privy Council in shareholder dispute Yao Jun v Kwok Kin Kwok & Crown Treasure Group Ltd.



Essex Court Chambers is brimming with talent.

Good strength in depth and generally user-friendly.

Very strong in the area of arbitration with a number of very qualified senior practitioners.

Fountain Court Chambers

Members of Fountain Court Chambers bring strong practices in commercial, fraud, banking and financial services, as well as company and insolvency law, to clients needing representation in a range of offshore jurisdictions. Head of Chambers Bankim Thanki QC has been acting for Ukrainian oligarchs Sergii Lagur and Stepan Ivakhiv in an $800m fraud dispute in the BVI, and Ben Valentin QC represents the AwalCo Respondents in the AHAB v Saad litigation. Nico Leslie is the set's standout junior in this area, acting for defendant law firm in the $400m Cayman Islands professional liability case, Arnage Holdings v Walkers. Michael Green QC (as was) was appointed to the Chancery Division of the High Court bench in October 2020.



An exceptionally strong set. They never overtrade and always deliver a quality work product.

Excellent overall – dependable, willing to assist and extremely bright.

Fountain has a deep and varied bench, incredibly bright and genuinely interesting people and not just barristers.

Strong depth in company expertise.


Alex Taylor is the most knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy clerk in London. His client service is second to none, he always delivers and never overpromises. He is a credit to Fountain Court.

Dynamic, helpful, responsive clerking that has a truly international gaze and who work very hard to keep the stable busy and evinces a healthy and progressive attitude to the career trajectory of the full range of talent.

Good service overall. Sam Ismail is helpful and responds to requests in a timely manner.

Excellent and responsive.

Ten Old Square

'Very strong at all levels in the contentious trusts and probate areas', Ten Old Square's members focus their offshore work on private client, trusts and partnerships. A team of Simon Taube QCEason Rajah QC and James MacDougald have been acting for the latter party in Dawson-Damer v Grampian Trustee Company in the Bahamian courts, a case which has in the past featured issues about trustees' duties of confidentiality meshing with data protection law. Head of chambers Francis Barlow QC has particular expertise in drafting Offshore trusts.



Excellent chambers punching well over its weight in terms of its size.

Extremely strong team. From top to bottom one of the best trust chambers in England.

Ten Old Square is a hidden gem of exceptional barristers.

A strong set, with many well-known and respected names. A go to Chambers in the chancery field.


Responsive and efficient. Marc Schofield is easy to deal with and helpful.

The clerks are exceptional and my favourite set of clerks out there.

Marc Schofield is invariably pleasant, flexible and straightforward.

The clerks are, frankly, a joy.

4 Stone Buildings

A long-standing notable chambers for offshore work, 4 Stone Buildings excels in cross-border contentious and advisory work, corporate and commercial disputes, and international trusts and funds.  Orlando Fraser QC led 2021 silk Hermann Boeddinghaus QC in a 12 day BVI Zoom trial in June 2020, acting for the widow and executrix of the estate of a late billionaire in a complex family dispute. On the junior side, Alexander Cook acted as sole counsel in the BVI on a trial over the ownership of a BVI company holding a £2m property in Chelsea Harbour.



4 Stone Buildings are riding high at the moment.

An excellent set of chambers with high quality counsel at the junior end as well as the senior end.

4 Stone Buildings is a super set.


David Goddard is particularly outstanding as the head of chambers.

David Goddard is terrific, top notch and easy to work with. Old school in all the very best of ways.

David Goddard is the godfather of the clerks room (in a good way) and probably of the barrister’s clerks everywhere – he always knows what’s happening and manages to make things work.

Ryan Tunkel is incredibly responsive, pragmatic and commercial.

The clerks are very helpful and in particular they have strong contacts with solicitors firms in London.

5 Stone Buildings

Praised for its work trusts and financial remedy cases, 5 Stone Buildings has a small but strong team of members dedicated to offshore work. Shân Warnock-Smith QC continues to be involved in major trust and estate cases across the Caribbean, while Penelope Reed QC specialises in trusts, wills, probate and related tax issues, and is acting for the latter party in the long-running Hayward v Bloom and others trusts dispute before the Grand Court of the Bahamas, concerning the estate of the former Wolverhampton Wanderers owner. On the junior side, Matthew Paton remains involved in complex litigation in the Bahamas, and Jordan Holland is noted for his Channel Island practice. 



The clerks’ room led by Paul Jennings is regularly praised. it is efficient but also easy for clients to deal with.

Excellent clerking service.

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers has its strengths in public law and commercial disputes, as well as trusts matters, which translate to a solid slate of offshore work across the Caribbean and other commonwealth countries. Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC is noted for advice to governments of the British Overseas Territories on their highest sensitivity matters, and public law expert Tim Parker has recently been instructed in a number of matters in the Caymans involving Hong Kong based companies, and is able contribute experience practicing in the SAR as a full member of Denis Chang’s Chambers.



Deservedly a top ranked set.

I have only had very good experiences of the set as a whole.


Clerks from Blackstone Chambers are very friendly and often reachable.

Gary Oliver and Derek Sutton in particular are very impressive.

Erskine Chambers

Erskine Chambers focuses its offshore work on high-ticket Chancery matters, particularly in the Cayman Islands. 'A first port of call for black letter law issues', the sets wider strengths in corporate transactions, restructuring and insolvency, civil fraud and financial services, are all reflected in members' work in offshore jurisdictions. Edward Davies QC was instructed to represent IsZo Capital LP as claimant against Nam Tai Inc in action brought to set a $170 million placement of shares. In Tianrui International v Shandong Cement David Chivers QC acted in complex proceedings in the Cayman Island with connections in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and Michael Todd QC has led Andrew Blake in a number of recent shareholder disputes. Stephen Smith QC retired in November 2020.



Erskine is at the top of its game.

A very strong set and a first port of call for black letter law issues.


Excellent service. Alex Calder in particular is very helpful.

Twenty Essex

Praised  as ‘a brilliant offshore/civil fraud set‘, Twenty Essex has grown its offshore offering in recent years, with Andrew Ayres QC the latest addition with a notable practice in offshore litigation. 2020 silk Blair Leahy QC continues to advise in the BVI, Caymans and the East Caribbean on commercial disputes, insolvency and company law matters, including acting for the five claimants in $80m dispute Glen Moar Properties Ltd (and 4 others) v (i) Simon McNally (ii) Simon Cooper in the BVI, a claim involving allegations of breach of duty and knowing receipt against former management of a group of BVI and Manx investment companies. Stephen Atherton QC is a further name to note, leading Sarah Tresman in representing GHF Group and its related funds in two sets of large-scale fraud proceedings in the Cayman Islands.



Twenty Essex are a brilliant offshore/civil fraud set. They have an impressive list of counsel at all levels.


Fantastic, responsive, commercial.

Clerk service is excellent – we deal with Chris Theobold who is responsive and commercial.

Chris Theobald is one of the best clerks I have worked with in my 30 year career.