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Leading Silks

Michael Blair KC3 Verulam Buildings 'Michael has an encyclopaedic knowledge of international financial regulation. His great skill is being able encapsulate some really difficult and complex areas of financial regulation succinctly and clearly. His drafting skills are second to none.'
Sarah Clarke KCSerjeants’ Inn Chambers ‘Sarah has a wealth of experience of regulatory and disciplinary cases, and an excellent working insight into the regulators concerned. Her advocacy is well-judged and very effective and she is good at cutting to the heart of matters.’
Richard Coleman KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Richard is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and easy to work with. He is conscientious and always well prepared. I have always found Richard friendly yet authoritative, and methodical, with great attention to detail.'
Andrew George KCBlackstone Chambers ‘He is able to guide the Court or panel with strong logic and forceful detail and his affability and humour are always appreciated by the Court. He is very much as the top for FS regulatory work.’
Andrew Green KCBlackstone Chambers ‘The absolute best there is for contentious FCA work - he leads the market. He is insightful and very well known - and respected - by the FCA, which means he can be deployed to clients' very best advantage when faced with the trickiest of FCA investigations and issues.’
Richard Handyside KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He knows the financial services industry, and is an excellent choice for any client. He's outstandingly brainy and a terrific advocate.’
Javan Herberg KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Javan is the leading silk in this space. He knows what regulators think, how best to pitch a case, when to push back and when to concede on points. He is also a fantastic and highly respected and persuasive advocate.’
Richard Lissack KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Richard is a stand out silk in this area and there are very few others that are able to come close to the level of skill, attention and grace he brings to every instruction. Richard is able to offer advice quickly and precisely on even the most complex of matters and offers a degree of strategic oversight and commercial awareness that is difficult to find at the Bar. Richard is extremely impressive on his feet and is able to win over any tribunal with ease.’
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘His advocacy is excellent - he has a measured, authoritative style. With his many years of eminence and expertise he has the ear of even the most senior Judges.'
Michael Bowes KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘He advises companies, the Financial Conduct Authority and individuals in relation to financial services regulation and commands great respect from all parties. He has a great instinct and judgement about how the prosecutors and regulators will approach a case. He is technically brilliant, a straight sharp shooter and a great strategist.’
Monica Carss-Frisk KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Monica is simply a class act. She is brilliant with clients, her advice is top notch and her advocacy skills are first class.'
Timothy Dutton CBE KC – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Tim is one of the most eloquent and knowledgeable advocates around and his knowledge in public and regulatory law is second to none and unrivalled. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Tim in terms of turning work around to very tight deadlines and his ability to think quickly and innovatively on his feet is phenomenal.’
James Counsell KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘James is terrific in front of the court and for cross-examination. He draws on huge experience and gets the balance between the technical and pragmatic. A very safe pair of hands and easy to work with.’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Clients and judges love him. He knows how to take complex cases and make them simple.’
Jonathan Fisher KCRed Lion Chambers ‘Jonathan is a scholarly, meticulous, strategic advocate. His measure and authority commands the attention of the most challenging of tribunals.’
Andrew Hunter KCBlackstone Chambers ‘With a strong sense of what cases turn on, he is brilliant at identifying those points that really matter and focuses unrelentingly on them including as a formidable cross-examiner. He is a pleasure to work with.'
Ben Jaffey KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Very responsive and on top of the detail of a matter, including where there is considerable documentation. That is a strength at the best of times, even more so for a KC. Develops an excellent feel for a case, and very impressive strategic thinker.’
Jonathan Kirk KCGough Square Chambers ‘Undoubtedly a big hitter and amongst the best in the field. Careful but clear and prepared to think outside of the box and take on different viewpoints before advising.’
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Ali is responsive, committed, and integrates himself fully with the operation of a case. He is perceptive and brings an excellent perspective to a case – which is a result of his vast silk-level experience, as well as judicial experience.’
Hodge Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Hodge knows the financial services  industry inside out and has acted in some of the leading cases in this area.’
Andrew Mitchell KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Tough and steely with immense strength of purpose.’
Rory Philips KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Rory is both extremely clever and extremely funny which makes him a top-notch advocate. Incisive analysis delivered with just the right amount of wit is advocacy at its best and Rory never disappoints clients, tribunals or instructing solicitors in that regard. His practice is quite unique - a blend of financial services, public law and inquiry experience means he is adept at dealing with novel or unusual scenarios and very capable of problem-solving outside the box.'
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson Chambers ‘Toby is an excellent barrister, who has a wealth of experience in consumer finance litigation both in the context of litigated claims and complaints handling. His approach to litigation is meticulously thought out, his arguments are properly reasoned, and his style of communication with clients, judges and opponents is respectful and personable.'
Patricia Robertson KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Patricia is incredibly quick-minded in terms of technical detail but also extremely commercial and practical. She is also a great team player and had good people skills. She is a joy to work with.’
James Strachan KC39 Essex Chambers ‘James is highly intelligent with outstanding analytical and advocacy skills. He is able to quickly grasp matters of a difficult, complex factual or technical nature and he commands an unrivalled knowledge of public administrative law and regulatory financial services.’
Nicholas Vineall KC4 Pump Court ‘A highly experienced and intelligent advocate who taps into, and deals very well with, the concerns of the Court .
Alex Bailin KC - Matrix Chambers 'Alex is really good. He has great judgement and tactical nous. He took what is a very complicated case and distilled it down into the salient points. His advocacy is slick and measured. He's very polished.'
Robin Barclay KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Robin is highly approachable and extremely knowledgeable. He can provide clients with immediate assurance even when the circumstances are complicated and uncertain. He is an excellent listener and his drafting is first-class. He is not a fence sitter and will always give you his opinion backed up by sound precedent. An expert in a difficult field.’
Paul Downes KCQuadrant ChambersPowerful court advocate - fearless in pursuit of his client's interests. Doesn't sit on the fence’
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Very bright. Puts together complex arguments in an attractive package.’
Brian Kennelly KCBlackstone Chambers ‘An excellent advocate - explains complex subject matter and legal issues simply, clearly and persuasively; has a marvellous grasp of public law issues and is able to react quickly and highly effectively on his feet.’
Henry King KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He has a very high degree of specialist expertise in the field of enforcement proceedings by public regulatory bodies concerning professional and financial conduct. He would always be on my shortlist of candidates for instruction in a case of this type.’
Nicholas Medcroft KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Strong advocate with a firm presence in court - bright and personable.’
Sharif Shivji KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Sharif has a razor sharp intellect and is a brilliant lawyer especially in cases with a financial services element. He must be one of the best in the field.'
Ben Strong KCOne Essex Court ‘Ben is very knowledgeable, is able to give a crystal clear analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case, has great strategic insight and a very strong delivery. He is always very well prepared, and knows the case like the back of his hand.’
Tom Weitzman KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Enormous attention to detail and more patience and forethought than others in his field - not afraid to tell in how it is. Great advocate who is well respected, charming and ruthless as needs be.’

2021 Silks

Saima Hanif KC3 Verulam BuildingsSaima is quickly becoming the dominant force in FSR, both domestically and abroad. She is highly sought after because of her intelligence, her commitment to her clients, he tenacity and her superb advice on all matters relation to financial services regulation.’
James McClelland KCBrick Court Chambers ‘A superstar. Great with clients, great in court, cuts through to the key points with a superb sense of what the court wants. A first rate advocate. Jamie is going places.’

2022 Silks

Mark Fell KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Mark is a very clear and persuasive advocate. He has strong technical skills and his written work is comprehensive and persuasive.'
Farhaz Khan KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘An absolute class act, with a deep knowledge of financial services matters. Charismatic and user-friendly.'
Hanif Mussa KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Hanif provides considered and pragmatic strategic advice. He is a pleasure to work with and is particularly skilled at breaking down complex legal points for consumption by lay clients. He is responsive and works very effectively within the barrister team.'

Leading Juniors

Charlotte Eborall3 Verulam Buildings ‘Charlotte is an absolutely first rate senior junior, and star silk of the future. Her advice is clear, thorough and her client handling skills are first rate. An absolute joy to work with.'
Philip Hinks3 Verulam Buildings ‘Phil is everything you want in a barrister: intellectually brilliant, responsive, charming and easy to work with. He grasps all the points quickly and has excellent judgement.’
Jason MansellQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘He has an almost unrivalled expertise in contested FCA matters combining great knowledge with a strong sense of tactics.’
Charles Marquand4 Stone Buildings ‘Charles has an excellent grasp of the whole spectrum of financial services regulation, coupled with invaluable insight into how it all works in practice. He provides sound, commercial advice and is able to convey his advice in simple, client friendly terms. He is friendly and approachable and is a go-to adviser on complicated financial services matters.’
Fred PhilpottGough Square Chambers ‘A stalwart of the Bar.’
Simon PritchardBlackstone Chambers ‘Very intelligent and able to get to the bottom of extremely tricky legal issues explaining his advice in a user friendly format. On top of the detail and go to junior for matters with a financial services regulatory angle.’
James Purchas4 Pump Court ‘Brilliant with any form of really difficult FCA case.’
Robert Purves3 Verulam Buildings ‘A leader in this field.’
Adam Temple3 Verulam BuildingsVery extensive knowledge of financial services regulation, which has become incredibly complex. He has an ability to navigate that regulation and provide clear and correct advice on issues on which many barrister would struggle to advise. His written work is lucid and his advice is easy to follow and commercial. Highly recommended for anyone seeking advice on claims against financial advisers and pension professionals.’
Rupert AllenFountain Court Chambers ‘He provides clear, accurate advice. He drafts with precision and turns work around rapidly.’
Oliver AssersohnXXIV Old Buildings ‘Oliver is very pleasant to work with and extremely personable. He is bright and committed; and understands how the FCA thinks. He is a robust advocate when needed.'
Ruth BalaGough Square Chambers 'Ruth is confident, willing to give a view and not sit on the fence, and technically strong.'
Daniel BurgessBlackstone Chambers ‘Daniel is super smart, tactically brilliant and delivers fabulously punchy written and oral advocacy. He's very accessible and a real team player.'
Eleanor DavisonFountain Court Chambers 'Fantastic, energetic and hugely talented.'
Anthony DearingRadcliffe Chambers ‘Anthony has superb knowledge of regulatory matters and a keen interest in crpyto issues as well as challenger bank development and growth. Anthony works very well as part of a project team to deliver new licenses and expand businesses into new products and markets.'
William HibbertHenderson Chambers ‘William understands what our clients want to achieve and collaborates with those instructing him to attain the required outcome. He is a joy to work with.'
Paul LuckhurstBlackstone Chambers ‘Paul is an excellent advocate. He is very good on the detail and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.’
Iain MacDonaldGough Square Chambers ‘Iain is extremely bright but also very personable. He is great with clients and has the ability to make them feel at ease very quickly. His subject knowledge is superb and his advocacy is class.'
Andrew MaguireLittleton Chambers ‘A brave, forceful, well prepared yet canny advocate. Excellent client care and very commercial.'
Stephen NevilleGough Square Chambers ‘Stephen is obviously very sharp and has an deep knowledge/understanding of consumer credit. He has worked in the industry for many years and has worked through the big changes over the years such as the Consumer Credit Act 2006 and transfer of responsibility for FCA in 2014.’
Elizabeth OveyRadcliffe Chambers ‘Elizabeth is exceptionally attentive to detail and technically excellent. She is very responsive and will make herself available on short notice around other commitments. She is a very experienced Junior.'
Shail Patel4 New Square ‘Shail is a very intelligent and thorough counsel with a real ability to give clients clear commercial advice. A pleasure to work with, responsive and creative in his approach.'
Simon PopplewellGough Square Chambers ‘Simon has an encyclopaedic knowledge of financial services regulation and can explain it in a simple way that makes sense from a practical perspective. He is also very good at understanding the client's needs.'
James Potts3 Verulam BuildingsJames has deep specialised knowledge of financial services law and regulation. A reliable adviser in all disputes in this field.'
James RossGough Square Chambers ‘Approachable, clear and user-friendly.'
Theodor van Sante3 Verulam Buildings ‘Theo has an encyclopedic knowledge of the FCA handbook and its application. His experience of working on both sides of the fence – for the regulator and regulated entities – is of great benefit in his cases. His input helps to steer a client through an area of huge regulatory complexity.’
David Simpson3 Verulam Buildings ‘David is a deep legal thinker. He has a masterful understanding of the law, and a good sense of the underlying merits of the arguments.'
Julia SmithHenderson Chambers ‘Exceptionally clear. Very smart and knows her area inside out. Very user friendly.'
Kate UrellGough Square ChambersDetailed and commercial in her analysis and in her advice.'
Harry AdamsonBlackstone ChambersAlways brilliant.
Tom Asquith4 New Square ‘Tom is level-headed and calm, and excellent with clients. Extremely impressive advocacy.'
Clare Baker  - Outer Temple Chambers 'Strong analytical skills and technical knowledge. Good client skills and a collaborative team player.' 
Daniel BrayleyGough Square Chambers ‘Daniel is excellent. He quickly gains an in-depth knowledge of any applicable contract terms, conditions and agreements. Being part of Gough Square Chambers, he naturally has a firm grasp on all finance related regulations and legislation and applies them with ease.'
Cleon Catsambis3 Verulam Buildings ‘Excellent knowledge of the financial services industry. A great advocate.'
Stewart ChirnsideQuadrant Chambers ‘Strong attention to detail, extremely thorough in analysis, covers all the angles.'
Lee Finch  - Gough Square Chambers 'Lee is very user friendly and provides great commercial and easy to understand advice. He is very knowledge on all consumer credit act matters.'
Simon HattanSerle Court 'Simon is hard working and thorough; his views are always considered and well thought out. His written style is excellent and he is a persuasive advocate.'
Kathryn HughesQEB Hollis Whiteman ‘Excellent attention to detail and quick to grasp complex issues in cases. Understands her clients' needs and strategic approach to defending them.'
Jas Jandu  - 7BR  'Jas is particularly knowledgeable as regards the financial services in relation to payments and enforcement action against financial institutions operating in the retail sector notably as regards consumer credit.'
Stephen Kosmin11KBW ‘Stephen is excellent. His advice is clear, easy to understand and ultimately correct. His written drafting is also of a very high standard.’
Robin Lööf – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Clever, diligent, charming to deal with – a safe (and smooth) pair of hands.’
Rebecca LoveridgeFountain Court Chambers ‘Rebecca got up to speed on the detailed factual and procedural background and complex legal issues very quickly. She is technically very strong and details oriented, hardworking and very responsive, and collaborative and pleasant to work with.'
Sophie Mallinckrodt3 Verulam BuildingsA senior junior with enormous experience of the financial sector - clever, hard-working, sophisticated.'
Teniola Onabanjo  - 3 Verulam Buildings 'Teniola is extremely astute and well versed in financial services regulation. Her advice is always clear, robust and well thought through. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a real star in the making.'
Oliver PowellOuter Temple Chambers ‘Extremely bright and diligent - a pleasure to have in any team.'
Suzanne RabSerle Court ‘Technically excellent across a broad range of areas. Articulate and persuasive advocate. Always willing to go the extra mile to meet client needs.’
Ajay RatanBlackstone ChambersUser friendly. Hard working. Responsive. The best at his level of call for contentious regulatory work.'
Leonora Sagan  - Fountain Court Chambers 'Leonora is an exceptionally able junior with real knowledge and experience in this field. She is efficient, diligent, invariably right and a pleasure to work with. Her written advocacy is excellent - clear, well structured, measured and persuasive.'
Thomas Samuels - Henderson Chambers ‘Good attention to detail, speed of response and comprehensive nature of advice.’
Emily SaundersonQuadrant Chambers ‘Emily is a pleasure to work with. Incredibly bright, confident and brings a grounded commercial approach. Her attention to detail is second to none, she leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of her client's cause.'
Justina StewartOuter Temple Chambers ‘A true expert in the financial regulation space. She is also extremely user friendly and attacks difficult cases with relish, whilst giving sensible and measured advice
Alastair Tomson4 Stone BuildingsAlastair's clarity of written advice is excellent and is able to explain his advice to a lay client in a way that they can understand the strengthens and weaknesses of their case.'
Michael UberoiOuter Temple Chambers ‘Michael is very willing to get stuck into the matter right away and offers a pragmatic, commercial steer backed up by careful analysis of his lay client’s circumstances.’
Nik YeoFountain Court Chambers ‘Nik is extremely smart and hard-working with a very impressive knowledge of the law across a wide range of areas. He is also a pleasure to work with.’

Financial services regulation in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is considered by some to be ‘the best financial services regulation set at the Bar‘, with an impressive selection of ‘very likeable counsel‘ at silk and junior level. Clients also appreciate the set’s training and ‘excellent‘ webinars. Members have strong experience of FCA-related matters, often acting for and against the regulator on enforcement proceedings. Notable recent highlights include prominent roles advising Sir Ross Cranston (himself an associate member of chambers) on the Cranston Review, and the subsequent appeals process, relating to Lloyds Bank’s handling of claims made by customers arising out of the Reading IAR fraud, in which Rory Phillips KC led a team including Teniola Onabanjo. Several members were also involved in the contested Part VII Insurance Transfer between Prudential Assurance Company and Rothesay Life, the first such transfer to be considered in the Court of Appeal, with Tom Weitzman KC representing the Prudential Regulation Authority and Charlotte Eborall  advising policyholders.



‘3VB have impressive expertise in financial services and I have never had a problem with access to counsel on short notice.’ 

‘3VB is the best Financial Services Regulation set at the Bar.’  

‘Their webinars that I have attended have been excellent.’ 

‘3VB have always been proactive with providing training to the firm on various topics, which has always been well-received. They have a great reputation, especially for financial services work, and for excellent advocacy.’

‘For large and complicated financial matters, 3VB are an excellent set with very likeable counsel.’


‘Clerks are great – responsive and reliable.’ 

The clerks have always been helpful and pro-active with listing court hearings.’

‘Steve Penson is first class. Commercial but user friendly.’

‘The clerks’ room is efficient and responsive. We have dealt mainly with Richard Ansell who is polite and accommodating in his approach.’

‘Stuart Pullum is probably the best clerk I’ve worked with.  He understands how matters will evolve, he fully appreciates the commercial aspects of a litigation, and he is just a splendid individual with which to work.’

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is ‘by far the leading chambers for contentious FCA work‘, with silks and juniors highly experienced in acting for and against the financial regulator. The set’s members have been involved on some of the most high profile FCA enforcement proceedings in recent years, including FCA v Carillion, in which Javan Herberg KC and Ajay Ratan  acted for the regulator in its successful High Court bid to appeal a statutory stay on proceedings against a company in compulsory liquidation. For the regulated, Andrew George KC, helped Stuart Forsyth, the former CEO of Scottish Boatowners Mutual Insurance Association, successfully challenge an FCA and PRA’s prohibition from working in financial services, and a connected fine. International work also features prominently, with Ben Jaffey KC and Simon Pritchard  involved in significant actions involving the Dubai Financial Services Authority and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority.



‘All round excellent.  Well-rounded people, intellectually devastating, coupled with great common sense.’

 ‘Blackstone Chambers are the leading chambers in relation to financial regulatory work having a number of leading practitioners at all levels.  The clerks are excellent.’

 ‘Excellent service throughout. They are a market leader and are engaged on the key matters in financial services regulation. Counsel was available at short notice and very keen to work to meet the client’s needs.’

 ‘Blackstone Chambers is by far the leading chambers for contentious FCA work.’

 ‘Blackstone Chambers are one of the elite sets of barristers’ chambers. They have a formidable and rarely paralleled reputation in relation to contentious regulatory matters.’


 ‘They are very efficient, hands-on and service-oriented.’

 ‘Adam Sloane is always a pleasure to deal with.’

 ‘The clerks’ room are supportive and responsive. Billy Brian was particularly helpful and James Thraves in the Fees/ Finance team is very efficient. ‘ 

‘The clerks are excellent, and incredibly responsive.’

‘Very good, especially Gary Oliver.’

Fountain Court Chambers

The bench strength is phenomenal’ at Fountain Court Chambers which offers ‘everything under one roof: corporate crime, contentious FS regulatory; public law and professional disciplinary work‘. The cross-over with white collar crime, where silks such as Richard Lissack KC are leading market figures, makes it an extremely popular choice. This side of the offering was boosted by the arrival of Robin Lööf, previously a solicitor at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP advising banks and institutions on a range of financial services issues, including cryptoasset launches. Members often work together, as in R (Donegan) v Financial Services Compensation Scheme Limited, a dispute arising out of the high-profile collapse of London Capital & Finance, in which Richard Handyside KC, Rebecca Loveridge and Rupert Allen  advised the FSCS. Richard Coleman KC also represented the FCA in the groundbreaking Business Interruption Insurance Test Case, FCA v Arch Insurance (UK) Limited & Others.



 ‘A go-to set for us in financial services, corporate, and commercial disputes. The bench strength is phenomenal, so they can always offer us great counsel options for every case. They never overpromise.’

 ‘The ‘Magic Circle’ of Chambers for corporate crime; everything under one roof: corporate crime, contentious FS regulatory; public law and professional disciplinary work.’

 ‘One of my go-to Chambers – best in class counsel, in terms of quality of advice and service.  They work as part of our team, shaping the strategy from day one, (not as a distant resource to be consulted on difficult issues).’

 ‘Fountain Court is our go to set for banking litigation.

 ‘A go to set for excellent barristers at all levels.’


‘Excellent – they take the time to get to know us and offer a tailored service. Always available. Richard Evans in particular is the first person we call on many of our new cases.’

‘Highly commercial but user-friendly clerking team, Luke Diebelius and Alex Taylor are outstanding.’ 

‘The clerks respond quickly. Chloe Gibbs has been very helpful and provided good information on available barristers very quickly in response to urgent queries. Alex Taylor also responsive.’

 ‘Excellent, friendly and responsive.’

 ‘Helpful, responsive and understand the demands of our clients.’

Gough Square Chambers

Gough Square Chambers is a ‘very good set for consumer credit and other regulatory matters‘ where ‘on any relevant issue there will be counsel who has the knowledge and experience to act‘. The set’s members advise on a range of contentious and non-contentious financial services issues and is a popular destination for major retail banks and consumer credit providers. Stephen Neville is regularly instructed on compliance issues, most recently advising DSG Finance Group in advance of its sale of a stake to Magnetar Capital, and the connected £600m funding for a new car finance lender, Unity Auto Finance. Simon Popplewell has been representing various motor finance lenders in respect of complaints before the Financial Ombudsman service, and Iain MacDonald is also active on the motor finance side. Ruth Bala continues to advise a retail bank on ongoing PPI mis-selling litigation.



‘Chambers are very friendly and will always bend over backwards to ensure availability.’ 

‘Very good clerks and chambers has strong individuals at all levels, silks, senior juniors, juniors.’ 

‘Very personable, trustworthy. The set overall reflects the standard of its barristers.’ 

‘There are a considerable number of barristers who practice in financial services. On any relevant issue there will be counsel who has the knowledge and experience to act. An example is the current wave of cases in respect of motor finance commission which are being handled by the set.’ 

‘Gough Square is a very good set for consumer credit and other regulatory matters.’


 ‘Jack Bradshaw is very responsive.’ 

‘Very efficient and helpful clerking.’ 

‘They are always quick to respond to any instructions and are realistic on any particular barrister’s strengths and availability.’

‘Because of the volume of work in this area the clerks have a detailed knowledge of what is wanted by solicitors and who can provide it. They are very experienced and can assist in a detailed way due to the generous clerk/barrister ratio.’

‘Helpful and attentive clerks’ room. Jack Bradshaw is co-operative and understanding, seeking to resolve any issues in a collaborative manner.’

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers  is commended for its ‘excellent depth in criminal/regulatory work‘ with clients also noting a ‘real strength in cryptocurrency offering with juniors and seniors well-versed in the area’. Members have strong expertise in regulatory advisory matters, as well as assistance on related enforcement and criminal proceedings. On the investigations side, Michael Bowes KC has been leading Oliver Powell in defending a senior fund manager against an FCA investigation. Justina Stewart  has also developed a good reputation for advising financial services companies on their interactions with the DIFC and its regulatory ecosystem. On the insurance side, James Counsell KC represented Lloyds in The Council of Lloyd’s v Equity Syndicate Management Company Limited and Others, concerning an inquiry into the conduct of a Lloyd’s Managing Agent.



‘Real strength in cryptocurrency offering with juniors and seniors well-versed in the area. They have given training sessions to our team, and are very interactive and responsive as a Set.’ 

‘OTC are impressively systematic and dedicated about how they want to develop chambers as a whole.  They have an emphasis on ensuring juniors get real advocacy mileage which is missing in some other leading sets.’ 

‘Outer Temple is able to offer a very wide range of specialisms across all levels of experience. They are always able to provide a range of counsel for any matter, which allows instructing solicitors to identify the most suitable choice with ease and instills confidence that a breadth of talent will always be available to draw on.’ 

‘Outer Temple has a particular strength in financial services matters. The team always seem to find time amidst heavy workloads to advise when call upon.’ 

‘Excellent depth in criminal/regulatory work. Good training programmes offered. Approachable/knowledgeable counsel.’ 


‘Sam Carter is a pleasure to deal with, is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating, and will always go the extra mile to ensure a professional and productive working relationship is maintained.’ 

‘Very good – Matt Sale and Sam Carter are both excellent and a pleasure to work with.’

‘Sam Carter is outstanding.’

‘The clerks are always friendly and on hand to assist. Matt Sale is particularly good at understanding the issues in a given case and finding the best counsel to assist.’ 

‘Excellent; responsive and willing to consider novel charging structures.’

Henderson Chambers

The ‘excellentHenderson Chambers is ‘very user-friendly and a leader in financial services litigation‘, and is noted for its ‘impressive thought leadership in the area of consumer credit‘. Members often assist on interactions with the regulators, including FCA authorisation and enforcement issues, as well as Financial Ombudsman Service complaints. Julia Smith  is regularly instructed on advisory matters, including credit card and mortgage contract documentation. The arrival of Thomas Samuels from Gough Square Chambers was a significant boost and he has been representing the FSCS in R (Chadwin & Ors) v FSCS, concerning a decision by the client refuse compensation against Beaufort Securities in relation to investments in renewable energy bonds. Richard Mawrey KC and William Hibbert  remain leading authorities on consumer credit issues.



‘Very good set; we use them regularly.’

‘Excellent, very user friendly and a leader in financial services litigation.’ 

‘The chambers produces impressive thought leadership in the area of consumer credit.’ 

‘Henderson Chambers is my go-to Chambers in respect of consumer finance litigation. They offer competitive prices, but always deliver a first-class service.’


‘Excellent – from top to bottom one of the best clerks’ rooms.’

‘The clerks are responsive and pragmatic.’

‘The clerks are very personable.‘