Litigation in Colombia

Baker McKenzie S.A.S.

With the ability to use specialised knowledge in a strategic way in the judicial arena‘, Baker McKenzie S.A.S. handles the full range of contentious matters and demonstrates particular strength in cross-border disputes arising from M&A transactions, infrastructure controversies, and -increasingly- disputes in the technology sector. It is also capable and experienced in contentious shareholder matters, proceedings involving public entities before the administrative courts, constitutional actions, and investigations (fiscal and otherwise) conducted by government agencies. Certainly, for some clients, ‘they really are the best‘. Head of the firm’s global dispute resolution practice, Claudia Benavides (who ‘acts with great solvency in the direction and strategic design of litigation, while concurrently involved in the specific development of the lawsuits‘) is a standout figure. She leads a 14-strong local team which handles commercial, administrative and civil litigation, as well as arbitration, and is also well-versed in constitutional matters – as reflected in winning the precedent-setting dismissal of a tutela against a $160m arbitral award made to (client) China United Engineering Corporation. A former head of litigation at Coca-Cola Femsa, local partner Cristina Mejia also impresses. ‘Fast, direct, concrete, strategic and very skilled at finding solutions that suit our needs‘, Mejía -like Benavides- represents clients in both litigation and arbitration – particularly those from the infrastructure, financial, oil, pharmaceutical and real estate sectors; she also has experience representing clients before disputes boards and negotiating settlement agreements before or during court procedures, such as in the Refoenergy case (see below). Other recent mandates include the successful representation of Embraer in a $10.5m alleged commercial-agency agreement case; and representing Elequip in a $14m fiduciary duty suit filed by a shareholder of Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura before the Superintendence of Companies. At senior associate level, with María Angélica Burgos -and July 2021-hire Daniela Páez Cala– almost entirely dedicated to arbitration; key litigation support comes from Sebastian Quintero who has over a decade’s experience and focuses on international arbitration, domestic civil and commercial litigation, pre-litigation negotiations and settlement agreements, insolvency proceedings and real estate law. However, December-2019 returnee Jorge Valencia departed to become senior counsel at Zoom in June 2021.

Practice head(s):

Claudia Benavides


‘What makes Cristina Mejia stand out, in addition to her mastery of procedural and negotiation issues, is her ability to communicate the strategy that she proposed, to carry out a methodical and persistent follow-up, qualities that were decisive in achieving our objective.’

They are: (i) a team of lawyers fully skilled in dispute resolution, (ii) with a remarkable balance, coupling and maturity as a team, and (iii) with the ability to use specialised knowledge in a strategic way in the judicial arena.

Claudia Benavides is a highly recognised lawyer in the field of national, international and transnational arbitration. In the litigation during which I have met her, she has acted with great solvency in the direction and strategic design of the litigation, while concurrently involved in the specific development of the lawsuits.

Cristina Mejia: she is another lawyer with an outstanding academic and professional career, with experience in the field of arbitration litigation. In this case, she together with her team, worked intensively in the drafting and structuring of a complex lawsuit.

Sebastian Quintero: he is also another brilliant member of the firm with academic training and experience in arbitration litigation.

I work with partner Cristina Mejía. Cristina is a lawyer that I have a lot of confidence in. She is fast, direct, concrete, strategic and very skilled at finding solutions that suit our needs and business model. She is also an excellent negotiator and she always knows how to anticipate risks.

The partner Cristina Mejía has demonstrated different skills and strategies that make this practice unique, which is demonstrated not only in her knowledge but also in the excellent results that her support has provided.’

I insist that their partner Cristina Mejía makes a difference. Her excellent service and the security that her knowledge provides is to be highlighted.

The team we worked with was technically solid, professional, energetic and intelligent. More importantly, they served our best interests all the time, even if it occasionally meant less chargeability for them!  I have not met another law firm or operating company in Colombia, except for this group from Baker McKenzie, that matches this level of true service with the client’s best interests being paramount!

The practice employs a collaborative work scheme: (i) starting from a preliminary but also a deep understanding of the case, (ii) they develop a basic matrix, which is the subject of a systematic development by the team members. this allows: (i) an efficient and rational division of labour, (ii) as well as the easy subsequent integration of the different advances.’

They think proactively and provide suggestions and insight that demonstrates that they are engaged. Sadly, this was not our experience at other law firms (both in Canada and Colombia). Plus, their team put personal plans on hold to accommodate our schedule on multiple occasions; ensuring that all of our legal needs were completely addressed! That is what I call putting the client first! All team members were fluent in English.

We have several years of experience with companies in our organisation working with different divisions of Baker McKenzie and there are many cases in which we have hired their advisory services and also in legal defences before authorities in Colombia and they really are the best. We have also had the opportunity to work with other teams from other law firms.

Key clients

Acero Engineering

Sika Corporation



CD Smith






Work highlights

  • Representing Finosca (a company owned by Total EyP Colombie Sucursal Colombia), as one of a number of defendants, including the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in a class action filed by more than 3,000 claimants seeking the payment of damages allegedly caused by an oil spill in a port located near Tolú in July 2014; value $2.4bn.
  • Successful representation of public transportation administrator Megabus in a $20m case brought by IT Recaudo regarding the former’s decision to award a fare-collection contract to Recaudos Integrados, the only other participant in the bidding process; the first instance administrative tribunal found in favour of Megabus, the plaintiff appealed and a second instance ruling is pending.
  • Successful representation of Valorem subsidiary, Refoenergy, in the initiation of litigation against Electrovichada for the unilateral termination of an electricity take-or-pay contract, and in parallel convening negotiations (mediated by the Procuraduría Generla de la Nación) which -using the findings of pre-trial discovery- rendered a settlement reinstating the contract and settling all claims of breach.

Brigard Urrutia

Consisting of 21 lawyers, Brigard Urrutia‘s litigation, arbitration and insolvency department is ‘a really strong team‘ according to peers and handles the full spectrum of contentious matters, including civil, commercial and administrative litigation, contentious antitrust/competition cases and bankruptcy proceedings. Practice head Irma Rivera, who has over 25 years’ experience leading complex litigation and arbitration cases, and leads the group in conjunction with associate practice director Felipe Mutis, who ‘always has an answer and availability to assist us‘ and stands out ‘for his disposition and knowledge of the issues related to the litigation‘. Recent matters include successfully defending clients in collective rights actions, annulment proceedings, emergency negotiation proceedings resulting from 2020’s decree 560, bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings, unfair competition hearings, and constitutional and class actions. A strong second tier is constituted by seniors Carlos Mauricio Cerrato, who undertakes civil and commercial litigation; the dual-qualified (Colombia / New York) María Munevar Torrado, who is particularly active on contentious administrative matters; Paola Guerrero Yemail, who is currently director of the firm’s insolvency practice; and 2019-hire from the Prosecutor General’s office, Ana Carolina Abreo whose litigious practice centres on disputes related to public procurement, and administrative and constitutional matters. The team was further strengthened with the return of intermediate associate Melissa Fonseca upon completion of her LLM in comparative and international dispute resolution. Since publication, Mutis has been raised to the partnership, effective as of February 2022.

Practice head(s):

Irma Rivera


The opportunity and efficiency with which they respond to the needs or requirements of our company that is part of a very dynamic sector; the  responsiveness and a service attitude that ensures they are always available to answer questions or queries; and the initiative and proposed solutions to the various cases for which they are required, stands out.

I highlight Felipe Mutis, who always has an answer and availability to assist us and cares about understanding, studying and knowing in depth the matters that are delivered to him.

In my opinion, the strength of the team lies in that they prepare cases very well, reviewing every detail, and are aware of all procedural moments. As a company, we always feel very well accompanied and we know that no procedural stage will be missed. Additionally, in our case, they have a very good knowledge of our company and our history, which helps us to prepare cases very completely.

Preparation, command of English, knowledge of the process.

Outstanding work by María Victoria Munevar and Carlos Cerrato.

A team always ready to attend to the requests and concerns of the client, very good disposition and excellent service. They have a technological tool to carry out judicial surveillance and alert the client.

Felipe Mutis is outstanding for his disposition and knowledge of the issues related to the litigation. He is always ready to attend to the client and to give different options to the problems that arise.

Key clients

Colombia Móvil

Veolia Group

Volvo Group

General Electric Company / General Electric International (GE)

Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales

DLA Piper Martinez Beltrán

Trusted business partnerDLA Piper Martinez Beltrán‘s comprehensive practice encompasses the full spectrum of contentious matters and ‘assumes each case‘ with ‘discipline and rigour‘. Indeed, the firm has built a genuinely robust, 11-strong practice led by three partner and three practice directors, each with a differing specialisation; for some they are ‘the best lawyers in the country‘. At partner level, the ‘dynamic team‘ comprises: managing partner and ‘top-notch litigatorCamilo Martínez, who leads on civil and commercial dispute resolution and M&A litigation; José Miguel Mendoza who handles shareholder dispute resolution, corporate crisis management and D&O litigation (the latter area being particularly active post-pandemic); and bankruptcy and restructuring specialist Nicolás Polanía. Notably, both Polanía and Mendoza are former judges. At associate level, liability and damages practice director Sergio Rojas is a key figure for insurance-related disputes and civil and commercial litigation; competition practice director Julian Solorza handles investigations, class actions and punitive administrative processes, along with arbitration; while February 2020 hire Ricardo Alarcón directs the office’s international arbitration practice. Corporate associate Sergio Londoño is also noted, both for preventative corporate governance programmes and for litigation strategy development. Recent matters include representing one of Colombia’s major restaurant chains on the renegotiation of more than 220 lease agreements during the Covid-19 pandemic, obtaining a 91% success rate; and representing the country’s largest telecoms operator, Claro, before 193 distributors in order to settle potential claims for severance and future indemnifications, (with a 100% success rate). Since publication, both Rojas and Solorza have been raised to the partnership with effect from February 2022.

Practice head(s):

Camilo Martínez; José Miguel Mendoza; Nicolás Polanía


DLA Piper Colombia is trusted business partner. Sergio Rojas and Camillo Martinez are top-notch litigators. They have respected bankruptcy and commercial experience. They make time to understand our business and legal needs. I would not make any decision without first consulting with Sergio and Camillo. (We also engaged Sergio and Camillo in a complicated matter before the Superintendencia de Companias.)

Sergio is thorough, responsive and knowledgeable about Colombia law and local practice. His ability to explain complex procedures is appreciated and a most useful skill.’

Lawyers who have attended us: Jose Miguel Mendoza; Sergio Londoño – concrete solutions, identifying the associated risks. Comprehensive support in the case attended, agility and opportunity for the required responses.

It is a dynamic team, attentive to responding on time and according to our needs to all the requirements in front of the processes in which they act as our attorneys-in-fact and show extensive knowledge on the subjects under litigation.

DLA Piper Martinez Beltran, has all the qualities that one can expect from a law firm, the most important for us is the integrity, the transparency, the honesty of their work. In the same way, I highlight from DLA the sense of belonging with which they assume each case, the discipline and rigour with which they understand the details of the cases under their charge and the seniority added to the knowledge of the law with which they define forceful winning strategies, clear and precise. We respect the other firms we work with, however DLA is undoubtedly the best, they are consistent, their processes, their manners and manners demonstrate the greatness of their team of lawyers.

The people at DLA Piper Martinez Beltran are the best lawyers in the country, that is because above all, before being lawyers, they are empathetic human beings, educated in values, aware of their privileges, of the impact of their work on a country like Colombia. Camilo Martinez and Sergio Rojas Quiñones are always available and alert, always taking care of our interests, always aware of the available resources and the limits to achieve the objectives. I fully trust them, their recommendations, decisions and actions. We are certain of the correctness of their actions, of the coherence between what they say with what they think and what they represent as the best law firm in the country. We have been with them for many years and they do not disappoint us.

In DLA Martinez Beltran they have included a series of webinar-like tools, with different topics, all of great impact in the current situation, clients appreciate it since it gives us the opportunity to anticipate, prepare for and prevent situations that could have negatively impacted our business.

Key clients


Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Cementos Argos

Almacenes Éxito


Chevron (Colombian branch)

Hilton Worldwide


Operadora de Carbón de Santa Marta (Carbosan)

Grupo Ventura

Ernst and Young Audit


Shareholders of Comestibles Aldor

Daewoo International

Consorcio Generación Ituango



Chevron Petroleum Company

Banco AV Villas

Zurich Seguros

Epk Kids Smart


Corporación Club el Nogal

IRI de Colombia

Carvajal Educación



Federación Nacional de Comerciantes – Fenalco

Gases Del Caribe

Tribeca Asset Management

Transcanada Pipelines

Empresa de Energía de Honduras

Work highlights

  • Advising and representing Integral and Consorcio Generacion Ituango in the lawsuit initiated by Empresas Públicas de Medellín against multiple parties in relation to the damages sustained as a result of flooding due to the blocking of a tunnel, and the resultant delays to the plants inauguration.
  • Representing Colombia Telecomunicacciones (Telefónica) in a formal investigation opened by the General Comptroller of the Republic for fiscal liability issues related to the signing of a State contract (that allows the company to operate as a mobile services provider in the country) whose value was allegedly underestimated; estimated value: $339.6m.
  • Representing Bolsa de Valores de Colombia in a class action brought by a group of Colombian senators with the intention of reverting the Colombian government’s $2.1bn sale of ISAGEN (the most important producer of electrical energy in Colombia) to Brookfield Asset Management.

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

Fielding a 'very strong team' of 12-lawyers, Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría has a comprehensive disputes-offering that provides 'infallible legal support'. On the litigation side, its commercial and administrative abilities are 'second to none' and the practice has been growing strongly in the tech and social media, and product liability/consumer protection segments; moreover, the team can call on its colleagues in the firm's Santiago, Lima and Madrid offices for assistance with multinational and cross-border matters. Practice heads Hector Hernandez (whose 'direct attention ... gives the client greater confidence and security in the care of their cases'), and Julio César González who is 'very adept at providing smart, fast and pragmatic solutions' co-lead lead a 12-strong practice, which also includes principal associate and seasoned litigator, Mario Pérez, who focuses on contentious administrative matters. Handling civil, commercial and administrative litigation and with a special emphasis on construction-related disputes, Hernández's current caseload includes defending UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones and Colombia Móvil ("Tigo") in an $80m claim brought by Comcel against the Colombian telecoms Agency, regarding off-net call tariffs; as well as distribution-agreement disputes, fiscal liability cases and class actions. Fellow co-head González is advising Spanish group of companies in an $80m class action initiated by the Procuraduria General de la Nación that seeks to dissolve their utilities management contract with Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado y Aseo de Barranquilla; his other recent matters include administrative litigation, retrieval and damages litigation, breach of contract and class action lawsuits. The powerful second line also includes a group of experienced seniors who all work across both arbitration and litigation: dual-qualified (Colombia / New York) Juan Sebastián Arias 'demonstrates extensive knowledge and experience'; Santiago Cruz Mantilla ('an excellent professional'), has a specialisation in constitutional law and a Master's in comparative and international dispute resolution; and former judge and auxiliary magistrate Alejandra Gómez is a procedural specialist.

Practice head(s):

Héctor Hernández; Julio César González


It is a very strong team. Julio González, who leads it, is a wonderful lawyer. He handles many issues and is able to provide quick and pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

Julio González is an outstanding attorney. He directs the practice. Although his strength is litigation, he has the ability to understand and handle many other issues such as corporate and public procurement. He is very adept at providing smart, fast and pragmatic solutions. He is very confident in advising his clients.’

The area is not only important because it has an expert team in litigation and arbitration, but it must also have the ability to advise its clients on possible alternatives for prior conciliation and negotiation with the counterparty. This is so the client can analyse the alternatives to resolve the conflict and this is what characterizes the PPU team.’

Partner Héctor Hernández has directly attended to our requirements (RCN Televisión), with permanent disposition, necessary time and excellent personal treatment, together with his work team, in which Juan Sebastian Arias and Blanca Beltrán stand out, demonstrating extensive knowledge and experience.

We have been directly assisted by its main partner in conflict resolution, Héctor Hernández. This direct attention and the personal relationship give the client greater confidence and security in the care of their cases. The rates are competitive with respect to comparable firms in the Colombian market and the comprehensive management of inquiries is important, since PPU offers a broad portfolio in different legal areas.

It is an excellent team that responds in a timely and accurate manner. Santiago Cruz is an excellent person and professional, our company is very satisfied with his performance in the cases that he advises on. The firm is timely and diligent in the legal strategies used.

The precision and speed of the advice given by the members of PPU, make it unique in the Colombian market. PPU adds the legal expertise that clients need with the sense of urgency that we have, making it infallible legal support.

Juan Sebastián Arias, Santiago Cruz, María Alejandra Pallares – form a highly committed team with legal support and availability to support – at any day or time.

Key clients


Fresenius Medical Care de Colombia

Citibank Colombia

Linde Group

USG Corporation



Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Cartagena

Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construcao

Work highlights

  • Representing a group of Spanish companies in a class action (“acción popular”) initiated by the Procuraduría General de la Nación, that seeks to have a utilities management contract between the client and Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado y Aseo de Barranquilla for the northern part of Colombia declared null and void.
  • Representing UNE EPM Telecoms and Colombia Móvil (commercially known as “Tigo”), in a judicial claim initiated by Comcel against the Colombian Telecommunications Agency; the case concerns a previous decision of the Agency to impose higher off-net calls tariffs on Comcel due to its dominant market position.
  • Representing USG Corporation in a $4m judicial proceeding derived from a distribution agreement which the claimants argue was a commercial agency agreement; late 2020 saw the handing down of a first instance verdict in favour of USG.

Posse Herrera Ruiz

With ‘unmatched ability to formulate strong legal strategies‘ and a ‘consolidated, experienced and coherent‘ practice group 21-lawyers strong, Posse Herrera Ruizis the best litigation team for highly complex cases and borderline situations‘, according to clients, as reflected in its ‘superior-quality deliverables‘. Offering comprehensive litigation assistance – from document-drafting and pre-trial negotiations through to representation, appeals and enforcement – the department covers the full range of commercial dispute resolution across a broad array of industries. The practice is led by founding partner Daniel Posse, ‘a remarkable lawyer‘, according to peers and who clients note has stamped his imprint on the practice, while nevertheless ensuring its ‘lawyers have enough autonomy‘. Lauded by clients, Carolina Posadahas an extraordinary mind‘, ‘knows deeply about laws‘, ‘understands the client’s needs and offers a very wide range of solutions‘; advising clients from a broad array of industries, like Posse, she too has extensive experience at all civil and administrative judicial levels. In turn, ‘excellent professionalPablo Enrique Sierra specialises in collection actions, constitutional actions, regulation and damage estimation, contractual liability and tort matters. Raised to the partnership in April 2021, Juan Pablo Bonilla demonstrates ‘impeccable attention to cases‘ and clients appreciate his ‘criteria and understanding in defending the interests of the company‘; his broad practice includes civil and administrative litigation, liability, bankruptcy, consumer rights, restrictive practices and unfair competition. Moreover, his election returns the practice to a four-strong partner-count following the amicable July-2020 departure of former public law practice head María Lucía Posada to establish her own firm. The sizeable team’s broad caseload includes defending Organización Terpel in a $40m unlawful termination of contract case; representing ETB in a $42m collection proceeding; advising Alianza Fiduciaria in a $160m fiscal liability process; and securing LG CNS Colombia’s recognition as a creditor in Recaudo Bogtoa’s $53m insolvency proceeding. Key associate support comes from senior litigation associate María Isabel Osorio, who has a specialisation in contractual matters; and associates Pedro Miguel Alvarez (partnership conflicts); Camilo Canal (commercial and administrative litigation); and Victoria Vargas (administrative litigation; fiscal responsibility).

Practice head(s):

Daniel Posse; Carolina Posada


It is an experienced and practical team which understands the needs of clients, work ethics, constant availability, pre-litigation and litigation strategy planning and prior support in order to prevent litigation by correcting contractual relationships.

Inclusion of new excellent team members, innovative strategies, along with a complete knowledge of the rules, procedures and focused on business.

A large and experienced team. Active participation of partners in all matters. Great availability to address concerns. Excellent service attitude. Extensive knowledge and experience.

Comprehensiveness with which they handle all issues. Active participation of the partner in matters.

Accessibility and permanent and constant communication.

The team is terrific. They have a very large team, I don’t know how many lawyers but they are more than 15, at least. There are lawyers with a lot of experience. The partners are very experienced. They know the different industries and approach cases from a comprehensive perspective. I work with Carolina Posada.’

Carolina has an extraordinary mind. I don’t know a lawyer like her. She knows deeply about laws, law, understands the client’s needs and offers a very wide range of solutions, highlighting the risks related to each one of them. The decisions she makes are always informed and correct. She is deep, analytical and at the same time very practical and creative. She does not like to wear down the client in unnecessary litigation and if the stakes are high, she prefers to compromise on our behalf, rather than expose us to larger sentences. In her hands I feel absolute tranquility. I always recommend her. Her work is brilliant.

Definitely Posse Herrera Ruiz’s team is substantially better than many other teams, they are very professional and do their job very well.

The firm’s lawyers have respect and recognition both in the sector and before the judicial and administrative authorities. Juan Pablo Bonilla is the one with whom we handle all our relevant litigation, always with impeccable attention to cases. His best qualities are his criteria and understanding in defending the interests of the company.

The work team is excellent, they are people with a high level of commitment, experience and dedication. They are always attentive to the requirements and needs that we have on the part of the company in legal processes.

The plus is that they have highly trained and committed people to attend to the assigned legal processes in a timely manner. They are people who always present a cordial, respectful treatment and are always attentive to our requirements. The people I have contact with at PHR are Pablo Sierra and Camilo Canal. They are excellent professionals.

The lawyers, although they have enough autonomy, work with the stamp that the leader of the area, Daniel Posse, imprints.

They are sensible, attentive, the feeling is that you are working with people who are part of your own team.

We work with other firms, in which we find very bright people, but not the consolidated, experienced and coherent team of Posse Herrera Ruiz.

I highight their  style. Good manners and good treatment towards judges and counterparts are noted, without this detracting from their actions and arguments.

Daniel Posse, Juan Pablo Bonilla, Pedro Alvarez  and Carolina Posada are the key names.

It is the best litigation team for highly complex cases and borderline situations. They have the ability to put in favour of the client, situations that seem insurmountable. They have a strong ability to understand in depth cases of great complexity in their technical and commercial foundation, and to turn that into a solid and forceful legal strategy.

Unmatched ability to formulate strong legal strategies. Great availability of customer service. A team that works by combining very well the strengths of all its members.

It is a team with first-rate customer service, with great skill in understanding the needs of its customers. In terms of billing, they are undoubtedly the “best value ” on the market. Although their hours are nominally more expensive than those of other competitors, their use is the most efficient and is reflected in superior quality deliverables.

Carolina Posada: Excellent professional who demonstrates mastery of legal issues, but also of the client’s commercial needs, creative with the management and development of legal strategies.

Estefanía Ponce: a professional with broad critical thinking, good sense and sufficient consistency to detect the weaknesses of the defence, as well as to elaborate alternative arguments that strengthen the client’s claims.

Laura Castilla: a professional with a high interest in detail, who aligns legal defence with the client’s purposes, aimed at achieving the main and secondary objectives, which makes it highly comprehensive.’

The PHR team shows interest in knowing the contextual framework, they present a structured way to carry out the investigations in order to gather the evidence that supports a good defence.

It is important to note that the team is largely made up of women, with a broad professional quality, extremely competent, committed, intelligent, insightful and with extensive knowledge, which is in contrast to a sector generally led by male personnel.

Key clients

Consorcio CCC Ituango

Qatar Airlines

Diageo Colombia

Alianza Fiduciaria

Industria Militar

Primax Colombia


Equion Energia Limited

Santiago Oil Company

Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá

Organización Terpel

Acción Sociedad Fiduciaria

Naturgy Distribucion Latinoamerica

Industria Nacional de Gaseosas

Une EPM Telecomunicaciones

Colombia Móvil

Impala Terminals Colombia

Cemex Latam Holdings

South 32

Frontera Energy

Work highlights

  • Representing Consorcio CCC Ituango in both the $1.1bn fiscal liability proceedings (and the $ international arbitration against EPM).
  • Acted as Colombian counsel to Qatar Airways in the $250m debtor-in-possession financing for Latam Airlines under Chapter 11 rule, involving dual insolvency proceedings in Colombia and the USA.
  • Representing Alianza Fiduciaria -as a member of FFIE Alianza BBVA consortium- in fiscal liabilities proceedings brought by the Comptroller General of the Republic; value approximately $160m.

Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados

Undertaking the full range of public law, projects and infrastructure matters and state contracting has given boutique firm Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados 'the ability to understand cases from every point of view', its expertise making it a go-to firm for projects and public-concession disputes. Clients speak of 'a consolidated team with knowledgeable specialist attorneys', 'experts... in infrastructure litigation', who demonstrate 'capacity and broad knowledge of the topics on which they are consulted'. The practice is led by three expert senior figures: senior partners Álvaro Mantilla - whose extensive experience includes the role of CEO at National Highway Agency, INVIAS– and Carlos Gustavo Arrieta ('knowledge, and intellectual and practical ability'), who has an outstanding track record in constitutional and public law related cases; and the 'excellent' Paula Andrea Ramos, who is frequently highlighted for 'litigation in matters of administrative law'. Insurance and public law specialist Ramos, who coordinates the firm's disputes practice, also handles contentious commercial, public law and state contracting, as does 'outstanding' administrative and public law specialist Carlos Alberto Manzano ('good management of infrastructure issues, excellent human and professional qualities') who made partner in February 2020. However, the departures of senior associate Jorge Tirado (September 2020) to the Agencia Nacional de Contratación Pública; and intermediate Rodrigo Sánchez Pineda, to ZULETA Abogados Asociados S.A.S (July 2021) constitute a loss. In ongoing matters, the team recently (December 2020) won a first instance decision on behalf of ConocoPhillips in relation to a class action concerning fracking; and is advising Drummond on a $30m restitution case relating to the recalculation of Gross Revenues Compensation by the country’s mining authority.

Practice head(s):

Álvaro Mantilla; Carlos Gustavo Arrieta ; Paula Andrea Ramos


The “plus” is their ability to understand the case from every point of view.

They take the time necessary to prepare the cases, counting on the work team of Carlos Alberto Manzano, Paula Andrea Ramos and Alvaro Mantilla Padilla,

The practice is made unique by his partner, Dr. Carlos Gustavo Arrieta, for his knowledge and intellectual and practical ability.

The qualities of this firm is the expertise in litigation in matters of administrative law; partners: Carlos Gustavo Arrieta and Paula Ramos.

The team handles the legal strategy in accordance with the technical component; I’d highlight their handling of the issues, the way they face the lawsuit and the strategy used.

The team is favourable and highly trained.

Outstanding: Dr Carlos Manzano, good management of infrastructure issues, excellent human and professional qualities.’

Very committed, very good treatment with the client, excellent arrangement for meetings.

Carlos Manzano, Paula Ramos and Rodrigo Sanchez: excellent professionals and very committed to the work.

‘A very good team; a firm that despite having independent sub-teams according to the issues, blends well with its internal areas and provides comprehensive support to our company.

Human Warmth, capacity and broad knowledge of the topics on which they are consulted; detailed knowledge of the company and its businesses.

They generate a dynamic with the company that satisfies our requirements both technical-legal and routine support in our activities, integrating in such a way that they seem to be internal lawyers in relation to the issues on which they are involved, which makes their way of working unique.

They have a consolidated team with knowledgeable specialist attorneys and experience in litigation and infrastructure. They are expert lawyers in infrastructure litigation. The names to highlight, apart from Dr. Ãlvaro Mantilla, are Carlos Manzano and Paula Ramos.

They submit process reports on a monthly basis, which we greatly appreciate.

Key clients

Estudios y Proyectos del Sol (EPISOL)

Concesionaria Ruta del Cacao

Consorcio Express

Concesionaria Vial de los Andes

Consorcio Vía al Mar

Constructora de Infraestructura Vial


Cerrejón Zona Norte

Concesionaria Vial Andina (Coviandina)

Concesionaria Vial del Pacífico (Estudios y Proyectos del Sol – EPISOL)

Concesionaria Panamericana


VP Ingenergía

Proyectos y Desarrollos Viales Del Pacífico (Prodepacífico)

Consorcio Constructor Pacífico 1 – ConPacífico)

Concesionaria Vial Del Oriente (Covioriente)

Grupo Aeroportuario del Caribe

Concretos Argos

Comunicación Celular (Comcel)


Orica Colombia

Orica Norway

Solarte Nacional de Construcciones (SONACOL)

Work highlights

  • Representing ConocoPhillips in a class action that seeks to injunct the company from further operations due to the alleged use of “fracking” in territories granted by the Colombian Government; the first instance ruling was in favor of the company.
  • Representing Estudios y Proyectos del Sol in its appeal against a first instance ruling in a case brought by the Attorney General’s office, related to the collapse of the Ruta del Sol project due to bribery and corruption, and in which the company was a co-defendant;
  • Representing mining group Cerrejón Zona Norte in a constitutional challenge where the claimants are pursuing collateral damages that add up to $1bn

Botero Salazar Tobón Abogados

Demonstrating ‘excellent knowledge and experience in litigation‘, boutique firm Botero Salazar Tobón Abogados specialises in commercial and administrative litigation and arbitration, with the firm’s market-leading insurance capability continuing to drive a significant volume of cases. The firm handles mandates involving civil responsibility and tort claims, with an emphasis on public contracts, claims against the state and insurance cases. Clients praise the firm’s ‘optimal representation and legal and juridical management‘, noting the ‘strategic, rigorous and resourceful‘ lawyers’ ability to ‘analyse problems objectively and […] develop excellent litigation strategies‘. The now 10-strong group is co-directed by the firm’s name partners. A former head of the legal department and legal Vice President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Andrés Tobón is a civil litigation specialist. With over 20 years’ experience, former conjuez of the third court of Colombia’s Consejo de Estado, Luís Felipe Botero also has extensive litigation experience, particularly in relation to civil and State liability, although he is increasingly dedicated to arbitration. With a specialization in civil procedural matters, Bernardo Salazar has over 25 years’ experience in contentious matters, and peers recognise him as ‘a great lawyer for litigation‘; typified as ‘excellent‘ and ‘outstanding‘, clients appreciate the depth of his engagement with their businesses so as to ‘outline a better defence and better discussion strategies in legal proceedings‘. Frequently working with both Botero and Salazar, intermediate associate Isabel Chaparro is also noted. Recent matters include representing CI Prodeco in the Cundinamarca Appeals Court in mining-concession contract litigation brought by State entity Ingeominas, which is seeking the annulment of contractual amendment and $99m in damages.

Practice head(s):

Bernardo Salazar; Luís Botero; Andrés Tobón


I have worked with the BST insurance law team led by Bernardo Salazar. The firm has a highly experienced team of lawyers, with a lot of mileage in insurance matters and claims, acting as a lawyer for insurance companies, intermediaries, among others. That vast knowledge and specific experience in insurance law make Bernardo and his team at BST the place to consider when faced with complex insurance matters that can lead to large claims or arbitration proceedings.

Direct and easy communication; full availability with the client; excellent knowledge and experience in litigation.

Bernardo Salazar’s work is outstanding. He not only takes care of the legal issues of the case that he is consulted on, but is  also dedicated to knowing and learning the aspects of the client’s business. This is a plus because by understanding the client’s business, he can outline a better defence and better discussion strategies in legal proceedings.

Optimal representation and legal and juridical management. Great commitment -within the legislative framework- to the fields of insurance, international litigation and civil and State liability. High level professional services. Dr. Luis Felipe Botero Aristizábal has extensive knowledge of the areas of insurance, international litigation and civil and State liability, offering a personalised, timely and effective service.

‘The firm’s lawyers manage to analyse problems objectively and from there they develop excellent litigation strategies. The lawyers are strategic, rigorous, and resourceful. Dr. Bernardo Salazar and Dr. Isabel Chaparro are excellent. They compare very favourably with teams from other firms.

The relationship and dedication provided to the client is exceptional: the client is informed permanently and in detail before and after regarding each action throughout the litigation.

Key clients


Pacific Stratus Energy

Johnson & Johnson MD&D

GlaxoSmithKline Colombia

Equin Enregía

Frontera Energy




Becton Dickinson

Trafigura/ Impala

Chubb Insurance

Puma Energy


Hitachi Data Systems


Allianz Seguros

Gran Tierra Energy

Hoteles Decameron


Ciudad Limpia



Work highlights

  • Representing the Colombian subsidiaries of Glencore (CI Prodeco, Carbones de la Jagua, Consorcio Minero Unido and Sociedad Portuario Puerto Nuevo) in case brought by Transportes Sensación seeking the payment of overcosts in relation to an allegedly imbalanced transport services contract.
  • Advising Ecopetrol on a compensation claim against Pacific Stratus Energy for an alleged breach of their joint-venture agreement.
  • Representing the entities comprising Frontera in a claim seeking damages and the reimbursement of certain tariffs from Oleoducto Bicentenario, within a larger conflict concerning Frontera’s termination of its oil transport agreements.

Chemás & Asociados

With its 'vast experience' (over 35 years in the market), 'attention to detail', and 'good response times', boutique firm Chemás & Asociados has developed a substantial track-record representing major companies in complex disputes related to transportation, telecommunications, energy and public-service infrastructure projects. The nine-strong team handles commercial and constitutional litigation and is also experienced in the enforcement of arbitral awards; however, it is contentious administrative matters that are its true strength. Founding partner Jorge Eduardo Chemás is an administrative law and public procurement specialist; a former assistant magistrate at the Consejo del Estado and sometime legal counsel to the Colombian Presidency, he has 'great experience, solid knowledge, and knows the procedural subtleties - all of which make him successful'. He co-leads the nine-strong team with Ingrid Soraya Ortiz whose practice takes in both advice and litigation across commercial law, civil and public contractual responsibility, competition and antitrust, economic market analysis and consumer law; and junior partner Sergio Alejandro Chemás who handles administrative litigation regarding public and concession contracts in the energy, infrastructure and telecoms sectors. Headline mandates include representing the Ingetec-Sedic consortium in both the civil and fiscal responsibility aspects of the Hidroituango case. The firm was further strengthened in late 2020 with the hire of two new associates: Manuela Sossa, who arrived from Refinería de Cartagena, and Nicolas España.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Eduardo Chemás; Ingrid Soraya Ortíz


Deep and thorough construction industry expertise. Vast experience. Attention to detail. Good response times.

Jorge Eduardo Chemás has great experience, solid knowledge, and knows the procedural subtleties – all of which make him successful.

Chemás & Asociados includes a diverse team with a solid educational background.

Enormous experience and knowledge in construction litigation. Attention to detail and the procedural requirements required to be successful in a process.

Key clients

Autopistas de Santander

Grodco Ingenieros Civiles

Centro de Gerenciamiento Doña Juana

Compañia de Desarrollo Aeropuerto El Dorado (CODAD)

Concesión Santa Marta Paraguachón

Coninsa Ramón H

Constructora Andrade Gutiérrez

Impregilo Colombia

Ingenieros Constructores Gayco

Ingenieros Consultores Civiles y Eléctricos (INGETEC)

Unión Temporal Desarrollo Vial del Valle del Cauca y Cauca (UTDVVCC)

Pavimentos Colombia (PavCol)

Yuma Concesionaria

Inverlink Estructuras Inmobiliarias


Work highlights

  • Legal counsel to Consorcio INGETEC-SEDIC in the Hidroituango matter, both in the fiscal responsibility proceedings initiated by the Contraloría General de la República for a value of $1.1bn, and the civil responsibility proceedings initiated by Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) before an administrative tribunal for a value of $2.9bn.
  • Centro de Gerenciamiento de Residuos Doña Juana – CGR Doña Juana is suing the Unidad Administrativa Especial de Servicios Públicos – UAESP for damages and economic and financial imbalance of the concession contract caused by the UAESP’s omissions and breach of terms, for a value of $400 million dollars.
  • Representing Unión Temporal Desarrollo Vial del Valle del Cauca y Cauca (UTDVVCC) in a lawsuit in the Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca under a contentious administrative direct reparation claim in response to the breach of legal duty by the Agencia Nacional de Infrastructure for not having paid all of the sums invested by the contractor in the execution of a concession contract; value $281m.

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero

Best known for its niche expertise in financial fraud matters and white-collar crime, CMS Rodríguez-Azuero has an impressive disputes-offering, handling administrative, civil, commercial, and tax litigation, corporate criminal matters, insolvency proceedings and contentious competition cases. The 12-strong group includes four expert partners who co-lead the practice; founding partner Sergio Rodríguez-Azuero has extensive experience in corporate and procedural law and continues to act for groups defrauded by Ponzi schemes in four such cases, currently. Also heading the public procurement area, Daniel Rodríguez acts in disputes related to commercial and financial law, including judicial insolvency procedures; Jacques Simhon heads up the corporate criminal law practice (as well as co-leading the competition area); and head of the TMT practice, Lorenzo Villegas Carrasquilla undertakes litigation in relation to regulated matters and competition; (he also handles arbitration). Nevertheless, the February 2021 departure of practice co-head Carolina Arenas was a loss; however, the office has responded rapidly, subsequently merging with boutique firm Sanabria & Andrade in mid-July which brought additional firepower in both dispute resolution and intellectual property. Henry Sanabria  is a civil procedural specialist, while Felipe Andrade's dual faceted practice covers both IP and contractual/extracontractual responsibility, the latter giving him considerable litigation experience; the pair arrive as partners, also bringing an additional three associates and three paralegals.

Practice head(s):

Sergio Rodríguez-Azuero; Daniel Rodríguez; Jacques Simhon; Lorenzo Villegas-Carrasquilla


Jacques and his team have presented a tactic and strategy in accordance with the requested assignment. They are very technical in their work. His experience in corporate criminal matters makes one feel well accompanied in the tasks he has commissioned.

Commitment and complicity with their clients. They convey the feeling that you are working with an internal advisor from your own company.

-Daniel Rodríguez: excellence in knowledge and ability to capture the needs of his client and transmit them to his team. Cordiality and contagious enthusiasm.– María Lucía Amador: hard worker until exhaustion, knowledgeable on the subject, always available to answer questions and excellent coordinator.– Jacques Simhon: professionalism, seriousness, coherence, depth of analysis and prudence.

I have found a team of young professionals who are very well prepared and above all attentive to providing solutions to requirements. They are always ready to serve the client well. They include: Jacques Simón as a criminal lawyer, Natalia Guerrero as a tax attorney, Santiago Calle, Camilo Caicedo as a corporate member along with Andrea Zuñiga, Lina Barreto, María José Correa.’

They are an excellently organised team, with an absolute vocation for customer service. They are great experts in the subjects they deal with and having meetings with them on specific issues is like attending a master class where you can always learn something.

The partners of the firm are highly knowledgeable about the subjects they practice. Daniel Rodríguez is one of the most empathic and knowledgeable lawyers I have ever met. He is a great expert in compliance and accumulates an experience in the discipline that few people provide in Colombia. Jacques Simhon is an excellent criminal lawyer who analyses cases, anticipating all the consequences that must be considered. Both are completely accessible and easy to handle. A pleasure working with them.

The relationship with the client has seemed exceptional and complete at all times.

Knowledge and commitment.’

Jacques Simhon and Santiago Calle. Commitment to each stage of the accompaniment making you feel that you are the most important client.

Key clients



Group of victims (15) of Vesting Group Colombia

Group of victims (31) of Tu Renta Profesionales en Inversiones

Group of victims (43) of Estrategias en Valores

Group of victims (535) of Elite International Americas

Banco Internacional de Costa Rica (BICSA)

Interprint do Brasil Indústria de Papéis Decorativos

Work highlights

  • Ongoing representation of the interest of Avantel in various cases regarding its access to the RAN (Roaming Automatico Nacional); the loss of access would make it impracticable for the company to provide the call services it offers.
  • Representing Fiduprevisora, as Trustee and administrator of the Fondo Nacional de Garantías, in a $12m claim initiated by Isagen in relation to the credits made when it was a public entity.
  • Representing a group of victims of the Estraval fraud (the company took over COP$600bn in illegal deposits, affecting over 4000 people); in the most recent development, the Superintendence of Companies approved the constitution of a trust fund, implying an asset-award proceeding, through which each victim is expected to recovered assets of approximately $14.000.

Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos

Red Legal Iberoamericana-member for Colombia, Esguerra Asesores Jurídicosis a firm that has a team with great availability, speed and depth of analysis; it’s constructive, works collaboratively and, above all, anticipates‘ developments. Highly sought after for its deep expertise in both private and public law disputes, it has an impressive track-record in contentious administrative, constitutional and public law matters. The 10-strong litigation group works transversally across sectors (corporate, public contracting, projects, etc) as required, and is a favoured choice for a broad range of disputes work (albeit excluding civil or labour litigation), from corporate and financial disputes and fiscal liability matters, to administrative challenges and litigation regarding environmental permits. The practice has also developed a reputation for work with a high technical element (the Hidroituango matter being a case in point), particularly in the energy sector, where it has also won multiple tariff dispute cases. Founding partner Juan Carlos Esguerra has a lengthy private practice trajectory in both litigation and arbitration, as well as senior judicial posts – most notably as conjuez of both the Consejo del Estado and the Constitutional Court. He co-leads the practice with Felipe Piquero  (‘great capacity for listening, vision and strategy‘; ‘judicious and considered – a very fine lawyer‘), whose practice centres on public procurement-related litigation along with matters of domestic and international state-responsibility; and Andrés Jaramillo whose administrative litigation practice takes in unfair competition and restrictive practices, merger-related matters, commercial disputes and state contracting – he also has niche expertise in the maritime ports segment. Associate practice directors Andrés Felipe Cadena  (litigation) and Adriana Nieto (public law) are also key practice members. The team was strengthened with the June-2020 arrival of associate Paola Patarroyo but November-hire, Ana María Herrera, left in May 2021 to undertake her LLM. Since publication, Nieto has been raised to the partnership - effective as of January 2022.

Practice head(s):

Juan Carlos Esguerra Bogotá; Felipe Piquero; Andrés Jaramillo


The team assigned to the work has solid legal knowledge, good communication and assertiveness in handling the issues.

During the pandemic, the continuity of services and timely attention to requirements have been guaranteed.

The team is very competent and negotiates with strategic vision.

Prepared and competent lawyers, excellent disposition to attend meetings and client requests. Clear and practical recommendations always seeking to quickly solve the client’s difficulties. The partner in charge of our account is Felipe Piquero.’

They are ordered in their billing process, the answers to the queries are clear and specific.’

Esguerra Asesores Jurídicas is a firm that has a team with great availability, speed and depth of analysis; it’s constructive, works collaboratively and, above all, anticipates.’

Felipe Piquero, is a lawyer of the firm with great warmth, respectful treatment, a great capacity for listening, vision and strategy.

It is an office that works in advance, that is, a team that contemplates possible scenarios and from there builds the advice and support that it will carry out on behalf of its clients.’

Key clients

Carbones del Cerrejón

Seguros Suramericana


Compañía de Seguros Confianza






Acción Sociedad Fiduciaria

Manuelita, Riopaila Castilla and Ingenio La Cabaña

Work highlights

  • Representing Carbones del Cerrejón in proceedings before Colombia’s highest administrative tribunal (the Consejo de Estado), concerning a request to nullify the environmental permits that enable Cerrejon’s operation; the claimants comprise indigenous communities, members of Congress and an environmental NGO.
  • Retained by Seguros Suramericana in relation to the law suit brought by Empresas Públicas de Medellín against several companies participating in the construction of the Hidroituango hydroelectric plant in Antioquia, and concerning the damages related to flooding caused by the obstruction of one of the dam’s tunnels, and the delays in the construction and start-date for the generation of electricity; Suramericana issued performance bonds for a number of construction companies involved.
  • Representing insurance company Confianza in several lawsuits initiated against Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano de Bogotá (IDU), with regard to disputes on the performance of agreements for the construction roads infrastructure for Transmilenio’s operation in phases I and II of its development.

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA)

The 15-strong disputes practice at Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA) is -quite literally- undergoing a generational handover process, with David Ricardo Araque ‘s assumption of leadership of the department following William Araque‘s move to an of counsel position in October 2020. On the litigation-side, the team has experience acting before the Supreme Court, Council of State and the country’s Constitutional Court, and handles civil, commercial and administrative matters on behalf of private and state parties concerning tort, public contracts, distribution and agency agreements, among others, particularly with regard to utilities, infrastructure, project finance and the oil and gas sector. And while not an international firm, the team can also call on its Affinitas Alliance colleagues across the Pacific Alliance nations. With approaching 15 years’ experience, practice director David Ricardo focuses on domestic litigation (and national and international arbitration), in areas including construction, commercial distribution and infrastructure, particularly proceedings involving complex commercial disputes, both national and international. Former practice head, of counsel William Araque is a registered arbitrator at the arbitration and conciliation centres of the Chambers of Commerce of Bogotá and Pereira, and is also an alternate judge of Colombia’s Supreme Court; with 28 years in practice, he is enormously experienced and today, increasingly dedicated to arbitration. An able second line comprises senior associates Natalia Castellanos, who handles administrative litigation, state contracting, extracontractual liability and administrative labour and tax litigation; Loredana De Trizio, a dedicated litigator who has a specialisation in liability; and Carlos Alberto León who focuses on civil and commercial litigation and procedural matters, as well as civil responsibility, partnership conflicts, unfair competition, IP and real estate disputes, and constitutional actions. The firm can also turn to partners Álvaro Andrés Díaz and Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano with regard -respectively- to contentious tax and competition/IP matters; and retains Cesar Julio Valencia-Copete, an ex-magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, as co-counsel for matters involving recognition and enforcement of partial and final awards and foreign decisions. The team was also strengthened with the arrival of intermediate associates Alfonso Linares Durán and María Valentina Díaz in October 2020 and March 2021, respectively.

Practice head(s):

David Ricardo Araque


Strong points-: easy communication and access to detail of each part of the litigation, they are clear with the processes and the possibilities of success both for the legal area of ​​the company and for other areas. 101% provision to our requirements as a company and strong listening skills, always guiding the benefits of the company.

It is comparable and superior to the teams of other firms.

David Araque and his team are the most outstanding of the firm in the litigation area, with recognition -not only in Andina but also by the LATAM region- of their professionalism and availability to look after the interests of the company. It is a group that makes us feel safe and supported in the area of ​​litigation and arbitration.’

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados provides us with all the necessary support; they are always communicating information of interest that supports us in all areas, and we value the relationship and knowledge of our processes and interests in the areas. In this aspect it is superior with new technologies and constant communication.

Key clients

Aguas Nacionales EPM

Transportadora de Gas Internacional

ENEL Green Power

Consorcio ITS Norte

Biomet International

MGM Ingeniería y Proyectos

HMV Ingenieros


Cine Colombia

Huawei Managed Services

Refinería de Cartagena

General Motors Colmotores

Solarte Nacional de Construcciones

OHL Industrial

Marriott International

Construcciones Colombianas OHL

Guerbet Group

Benetton Group



Empresas CMPC (Drypers)


Aguas de Bogotá

Energía para el Amazonas

Constructura Fopeca

Morelco (Graña Montero Jimémez)

Occidental de Colombia

The American Golden Foods

Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados


Coninsa Ramón H

Work highlights

  • Defending Agrupación Guinovart in a $17m claim brought by Empresa del Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburra – Metro de Medellín, related to over costs and delays in the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of the Ayacucho light rail project.
  • Advising Biomet International in a $7.2m lawsuit brought by Otromac claiming the existence of a commercial agency agreement.

ZULETA Abogados Asociados S.A.S

While the vast majority of its work is in arbitral forums, Zuleta Abogados Asociados S.A.S also has unquestionable litigation capacity, perhaps best reflected recently by its successful representation of Uber, which permitted the company to maintain its operations in Colombia. The team handles commercial litigation, complex administrative litigation and class action cases, along with parallel litigation generated by its arbitral caseload. Additionally, the firm has developed international public and private law, and human rights, practices, to produce a sophisticated service offering that is both novel and unique in the local market. The firm houses a 19-strong disputes practice group (including five partners) and is led by the ‘spectacularEduardo Zuleta, whose career and practice has repeatedly set the bar -and pushed the boundaries- of dispute resolution in Colombia. Practice co-head Gustavo Suárez is an expert in the oil and gas sector (in which the firm has particular industry expertise), with over 35 years’ experience as counsel before ordinary and administrative courts, and arbitral tribunals. Fellow co-head Rafael Rincón Ordóñez has some 15 years’ experience in contentious matters including international litigation, notably in disputes related to construction, oil and gas. Another deeply-experienced figure, Rafael Bernal Gutiérrez brings expertise in commercial litigation (among his other capabilities), while Antonio Aljure Salame is deeply experienced in international law.

Practice head(s):

Eduardo Zuleta; Gustavo Suárez; Rafael Rincón


Eduardo Zuleta has a very good view of the cases.

The Zuleta Abogados team is exceptional. They care about knowing the business in depth and providing comprehensive and practical solutions to situations. They always anticipate and plan appropriately, mitigating possible risks.

Zuleta Abogados team is unique and special.

I would like to highlight Rafael Rincón. He is an ever-present partner, who knows and cares about attention to detail, anticipating risks and solving problems in a very practical, agile and simple way.

Likewise, I highlight the work of Juan Ignacio Guerra, an associate of the firm, who together with Rafael Rincón make up a great team. Dr. Guerra is very precise, in detail and always attentive to solving and supporting the client.

I highlight their level of sophistication.

Eduardo Zuleta is spectacular.

Cohesion and professionalism in the team. Excellent communication and always present sense of urgency.

Eduardo Zuleta, Rafael Bernal, Daniela Páez – all are outstanding.

Key clients


Consorcio CICE

Drummond / Drummond Coal Mining

Grupo Energía de Bogotá

Aleatica (formerly: OHL Concesiones)

Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia

Oleoducto Central

AES Chivor

Valtalia Investments


Superior Energy Services

Tampico Beverages

Santo Domingo Motors Company

Fondo Latinoamericana de Reservas (FLAR)

Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla

Itaú Corpbanca

Work highlights

  • Acted as counsel to Uber in civil litigation initiated by a taxi company, successfully overturning a first instance ruling that prevented the company’s operations; the case subsequently reached the Supreme Court which confirmed Zuleta Abogados’ argumentation, allowing the client to maintain its operations.
  • Acted as counsel to Itaú Corpbanca in an annulment proceeding and a constitutional action against an award rendered by an arbitral tribunal of the Bogtoá Chamber of Commerce that nullified an Odebrecht consortium’s contract for a billion-dollar highway construction on grounds of corruption.
  • Advised a major Colombian conglomerate in complex litigation concerning sensitive allegations raised against the entity, providing strategic guidelines to mitigate torts and contractual liabilities arising from the scenario.

Arrubla Devis Asociados

With a 13-strong interdisciplinary team spread across offices in Bogotá and Medellín, Arrubla Devis Asociados is sharply focused on complex litigation and arbitration disputes. Founded in 1988, the boutique of former President of the Supreme Court of Justice Jaime Arrubla is 'as good as any team of lawyers in the country' according to one source, and is lauded not only for its procedural expertise but also for its delivery. The team represents public and private sector clients in commercial, civil, corporate and administrative disputes, as well as offering general legal advisory. Arrubla, who has particular expertise in handling annulment appeals, co-heads the 10 strong team with senior associates Rafael McCausland (in Bogotá) and Sebastián Montoya (in Medellín) who have expertise handling corporate and contractual matters, and company liquidations and insolvency litigation, respectively. Arrubla is 'brilliant at solving complex legal problems' and 'intimidating to counterparts', while the 'efficient' and 'successful' McCausland complements him perfectly. Litigation director Gustavo Amaya Yepes (who has over 30 years' experience), and Jaime Esteban Arrubla ('impressive talents'), are also noted. The aforementioned Montoya, along with fellow senior associates Lorena Vargas Sánchez and Elizabeth Jiménez Villegas provide additional expertise regarding corporate, intellectual property and labour matters (and associated contentious issues), respectively. A frequent participant in "national interest" cases, and much sought after for legal opinions, the firm has also developed a reputation for working with start-ups, a reflection of its sensitivity to market needs.

Practice head(s):

Jaime Arrubla Paucar; Rafael McCausland; Sebastián Montoya


It is as good as any team of lawyers in the country. Dr. Arrubla’s experience, combined with the talents of the other attorneys at the firm, make up an extraordinary team. They perfectly understand the client’s need and meet delivery deadlines like no firm I have ever worked with.

Rafael McCausland, Jaime Esteban and Cristina Arrubla all have impressive talents and bring substance to the issues they work on.’

The team is led by one of the most recognised jurists in the country, which is evidenced in the quality and legal precision of his work. Excellent customer service, as well as a willingness to deliver results in short periods (tight deadlines). I would say that although it is a small team, it exceeds expectations.’

Founding partner Jaime Arrubla honours his recognition at the academy. His presence is not only intimidating to counterparts, who know about his achievements, but also supports his actions. He is brilliant at solving complex legal problems.’

Associate Rafael McCausland is efficient, successful and perfectly complements Jaime Arrubla. Total availability to satisfy the client’s needs.

Arrubla Devis’s team is quite complete and highly qualified to attend to the issues handled by the firm. All team members have significant experience in their area, and that is reflected in their case management.’

Arrubla Devis has adapted through the use of technology to meet the needs of customers and respond to their requirements in the optimal way. All the firm’s lawyers stand out for their expertise in the area they handle, for their excellent handling with clients and for their extraordinary ability to respond to unforeseen events that may appear in their professional practice.

Key clients




Agencia Nacional de Defensa Jurídica del Estado (ANDJE)

Fábrica de Especias y Productos El Rey

Smurfit Kappa – Cartón de Colombia


Earthrights International


Portal Calicanto

Salud Vida (in liquidation)

Work highlights

  • Representing XM Compañía de Expertos en Mercado, the administrator of the country’s electricity market interconnection system in a suit filed by Poliobras, the company in charge of the construction of major thermo-generation project TERMOCOL.
  • Representing Marina Park in all legal actions filed by the company against the Colombian State due to the illegal revocation of a $25m maritime concession for the construction of what is intended to be the main marina in the Cartagena bay.
  • Representing Reforestadora Andina in a claim fr restitution of investments in timber cultivation following the rescinding of the sales contract for the farm on which the timber was being grown.

Castro Leiva Rendón Abogados

A 14-strong boutique with a decade in the market, Castro Leiva Rendón Abogados is best known for its projects and infrastructure practice – although corporate / M&A, banking and finance, energy and natural resources, tax, competition and dispute resolution also form part of its offering. The Colombian member of construction law alliance “Construlegal”, on the contentious front the firm demonstrates ‘extensive knowledge of both substantial and procedural law‘ and ‘offers comprehensive advice regarding controversies and disputes‘ involving public contracts and concessions. Co-head of the firm’s public law and projects and infrastructure department, founding partner José Ignacio Leiva heads the five-strong dispute resolution department; a 20-year veteran of public law, he undertakes both litigation and arbitration on behalf of both public and private clients. Further partner-level support comes from projects specialist Marcela Castro whose disputes work is primarily in relation to infrastructure. Clients highlight ‘direct attention from the partners‘ and ‘outstanding and comprehensive dedication‘. Key support comes from senior associate Laura Amaya who returned to the firm as associate head of litigation in November 2020 after a brief period at Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico.


Experience and direct attention from the partner.

The team demonstrates extensive knowledge of both substantial and procedural law, along with experience.

Knowledge, experience, treatment and customer service.

A team with high legal standards that offers comprehensive advice regarding controversies and disputes.’

Outstanding and comprehensive dedication.

Collaboration and coordination with competent entities that are essential to achieve a solid defence.

Key clients

Cal y Mayor Asociados

Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção

Doppelmayr Colombia

Ashmore Management Company Colombia

Grupo Metrobus


Concesión Alto Magdalena

Concesión Pacífico Tres

Concesión Desarrollo Vial de la Sabana

Concesión Santa Marta Paraguachón

Grupo SI 18

Autopistas Urabá

Agencia Nacional de Minería

Metro Línea 1


Concesión San Rafael

Consorcio Canales 20

Consorcio Mar 2

PTAP – Tibitoc 20

Consorcio Soacha

Corredor Portuario de Cartagena

Interconexión eléctrica (ISA)

Unión Vial Río Pamplonita

WSP Ingenieros


Consorcio Estación Elevadora de Canoas

Egis Group

KMA Construcciones

Consorcio Constructor Perimetral de Oriente Bogotá



Concesión La Pintada

Concesión Ruta al Mar

Construcciones El Condor

Work highlights

  • Advising both Transambiental and Sotramac in disputes against Transcaribe due to breach of the concession contract for the BRT transportation concession in Cartagena.
  • Representing Concesión la Pintada, Concesión Costera Cartagena Barranquilla, Concesión Pacífico Tres and Concesión Ruta al Mar in separate amicable composition proceedings against the Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura so as to resolve disputes related to the technical specifications stated in their respective concession contracts.
  • Representing Concesión Costera Cartagena Barranquilla in a class action brought by a neighbourhood that suffered damage due to flooding allegedly caused by the construction of a highway.

DAC Beachcroft Colombia

The Bogota office of the London-headquartered multinational firm, DAC Beachcroft Colombia‘s practice is centred firmly on insurance and related contentious matters, including class actions and third-party civil liability, as well as ordinary insurance claims, and labour and administrative matters. Frequently working in conjunction with the firm’s other offices in the region (Miami, Mexico, Lima and Santiago as well as Central America and Brazil), the six-strong team primarily handles cedant-defence cases but is equally comfortable with administrative and commercial mattes such as its recent administrative claim against the General Comptroller’s office seeking the voidance of a $200,000 fiscal liability proceeding on behalf of Liberty Speciality Markets. An insurance expert with deep knowledge of civil and commercial law along with civil liability, Camila De La Torre has considerable local and international litigation experience in relation to insurance and reinsurance matters, ranging from advisory on coverage and defence strategies to courtroom representation. De la Torre is also a listed arbitrator at the Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce. Office head Juan Diego Arango has over 15 years’ experience, also in civil and commercial law and litigation, primarily in relation to various lines of insurance. A significant February 2020-hire from Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados, Ana Catalina Restrepo has approaching 20 years’ experience in insurance litigation and arbitration.

Practice head(s):

Juan Diego Arango

Key clients

TKM/HCC + LIU + Swiss Re + Navigators

Liberty International Underwriters

Zurich UK + QBE UK

Tokio Marine Kiln + Chubb + LIU


Seguros Alfa

Generali España

Chubb Seguros Generales

Work highlights

  • Defence of the local cedant in proceedings arising from the triggering of a constructor’s liability policy for the alleged damage caused to an apartment complex that is beeing attributed to the development of one of the insured’s projects.
  • Defence of the local cedant in a $10m judicial proceeding commenced by 100 fishermen seek compensation for the contamination of the Rio Magdalena by Ecopetrol.
  • Representing the cedant in a $3m judicial case derived from alleged material damages suffered by the plaintiffs on their property (a farm) due to the construction works related to a tunnel being carried out by the insured.

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas

The comprehensive litigation capability at Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas handles cases in the civil, commercial and administrative courts, ranging from construction and infrastructure disputes to disagreements regarding business and distribution arrangements, consumer protection and antitrust law, torts, insurance, class actions and bankruptcy matters, among others; moreover, it does so with respect to a full range of industries and business segments. ‘An experienced litigator who enjoys a very good reputation‘, practice co-head Andrés Fernández de Soto’s ‘more than 30 years’ experience is frequently decisive in negotiations‘, according to clients. An administrative law, public procurement and commercial law specialist, he has litigated at all levels of justice and is also an arbitrator in the Bogotá and Medellín Chambers of Commerce. Further key input comes from ‘innovative‘ practice co-head, (senior associate) Paula Vejarano, a specialist in high-end commercial conflicts who ‘provides the strategic clarity to defend cases‘; she also handles contentious contractual matters, much of the partnership-dispute work handled by the office, and has notable experience litigating in the infrastructure sector. A recent case saw the pair lead advice to Cascades Canada, Tecnar International and Norpap in a claim by A&A International (and others) of wrongful termination of a commercial agency agreement; having successfully defended the clients in the first and second instances, an extraordinary appeal (cassation) is pending admittance in the Supreme Court. Additional partner-level input comes from public law and competition specialist Ximena Zuleta who is a frequent participant in both litigious and arbitral cases. Associates Carlos Miranda and Daniel Jimenez Pastor are also both noted; however, Martín Vásquez and Maribel del Valle both left the firm to move in house (at Tul and China Harbour Engineering, respectively) in February 2021.

Practice head(s):

Andrés Fernández de Soto; Paula Vejarano


The Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas litigation team, in addition to the great experience they have,  is always up-to-date since the lawyers are actively involved in academic discussions on current issues that impact on litigation processes. Additionally, they have a multidisciplinary team that allows them to make a truly holistic analysis of the issues, which is an added value.

The added value of the DC&C desk is definitely in the combination of experience (represented with partners such as Eduardo Cardenas, whose preparation is comprehensive in many areas and, in addition to being recognised, is highly respected by the trial lawyers’ union), with the mastery of current procedural issues (where Dr Paula Vejarano has an important role because more than knowledge in novel issues, she provides a strategic clarity to defend cases, which is masterful).

The members of the DC&C desk are seen actively participating and as instructors in courses, lectures and in a procedural study center where they have made important contributions on procedural trends, such as virtual litigation, digitalization of procedures, assessment of evidence and ultimately, various current issues.

The litigation team supports us in judicial and arbitration processes. Paula Vejarano has solid knowledge in this field and her support has been very positive. She shows great interest and willingness to define the best legal strategy in representing the company in different cases.’

As a result of the pandemic, electronic communication has been allowed in judicial processes. Paula has supported us to understand what this new management should be like.

The Dentons team is a team that combines experience with innovation very well.  It has as a basis the more than 30 years’ experience of partner-in-charge Andrés Fernandez de Soto, who re-joined the team after a period away from the firm, together with the experience and innovative spirit of his senior associate, practice director Paula Vejarano. Together, accompanied by a team of young lawyers, they have managed to combine the traditional form of litigation with new perspectives in the face of virtuality and digitization as a result of the pandemic.

Andrés Fernández de Soto is an experienced litigator, who enjoys a very good reputation and whose more than 30 years’ experience is frequently decisive in negotiations. Likewise, he is an arbitrator who stands out for the good sense and consideration of his awards. His experience in public procurement and infrastructure is more than recognised in that sector.

Paula Vejarano has stood out for several years as one of the most successful women litigators in the country. Her involvement in high-profile cases has earned her great recognition and renown among her colleagues. In addition to her brilliant career as a proxy for her partner, she is also an arbitrator and those who have participated with her in arbitration panels highlight her measure and knowledge of one’s rights.

Key clients

Grupo Familia


Hella Automotive





Aecom Technical Services

Azteca Comunicaciones (TV Azteca)

Exxon Mobil de Colombia

Ford Motor Company

ZF Group

Donaldson Company

Consorcio Aguas de Aburrá HHA (Hyundai Engineering and Construction / Hyundai Engineering / Acciona Agua)

Consorcio MASA–Acciona (Mantenimiento y Montajes Industriales / Acciona Infraestructura)


Morgan Stanley

Acciona Infraestructura

Work highlights

  • Represented Consorcio Aguas de Aburrá HHA in a dispute board against Aguas Nacionales E.P.M. in connection with a contract for constructing a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Successfully represented Ford in a domestic civil lawsuit initiated by a local dealer, who claimed the existence of a commercial agency agreement and sought damages for alleged undue termination of the distribution agreement; one of the largest commercial agency cases ever litigated in Colombia outside of an arbitration proceeding, the plaintiff was subsequently ordered to pay costs of approximately $1m.
  • Representing the local subsidiary of Spanish infrastructure company Acciona Infraestructura in a commercial agency suit brought by a former advisor claiming nearly $20m in unpaid commissions and damages.


With ‘solid knowledge‘, Garrigues‘ Bogotá-based disputes practice handles a diverse caseload of commercial and administrative litigation, and arbitration, as well as maintaining a well-regarded bankruptcy practice. The team demonstrates ‘a great capacity for prior analysis of the context, for the subsequent structuring of legal defence‘, and plays to its strengths when handling breach of contract and civil liability matters, in particular; it has also seen an uptick in bankruptcy work and insurance litigation. Leading a six-strong group that also has expertise in the regulated sectors, dual-qualified (New York / Colombia) practice head Alberto Acevedo has over 15 years’ disputes experience and undertakes domestic and international litigation (and arbitration). Key associate support comes from up-and-coming senior associate Ángela María Rueda and associate Daniel Quintero, while real-estate practice senior associate Melissa Castro has public law-related litigation experience. Recent matters include public and private contract terminations, financial fraud and agency-agreement disputes, among others.

Practice head(s):

Alberto Acevedo


The litigation and arbitration team has solid knowledge in its area, which allows it to provide timely and high-quality advice, always being ready to provide support in the needs of the company.

‘They have a great capacity for prior analysis of the context for the subsequent structuring of legal defence. and in an empathic and strategic way they make a very good team with the areas involved in the defence of the company.

They are really good – committed, good customer service and excellent relationship with customers.

Their excellent attention at any time and their disposition; that they make the client feel unique despite having thousands of cases, they are up to date with all digital tools and offer a very good personalised service.

Key clients

Frontera Energy




Gestcolombia (Urba Group)


Socios Online

Work highlights

  • Defence of Frontera Energy’s Colombian subsidiary in a class action filed before the civil circuit courts of Colombia by a group of former minority shareholders of Canada-based parent-company Frontera Energy.
  • Defence of Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla in a suit filed by global insurer Allianz against the port operator (and maritime agent, Naves) which seeks reimbursement of the insurance costs covering the damage to steel coils bought by insured-party Corpacero.
  • Representation of Andean Towers Partners in the insolvency proceedings of Colombian mobile operator Avantel.

Holland & Knight

The Bogotá office of Holland & Knight has been far more active in arbitral matters of late, particularly on international cases in conjunction with the firm’s US offices. Nevertheless, the team is accustomed to handling complex commercial, administrative and constitutional litigation, and recent matters include advising a client in the energy and natural resources segment regarding constitutional claims for the protection of fundamental rights (in relation to disputes related to prior consultation processes), as well as  fiscal liability proceedings before the Contraloría General de la República, nullity claims before the Council of State and damage reparation lawsuits, among others. The eight-strong multidisciplinary practice group includes three highly regarded and specialist partners. Increasingly active as an arbitrator, practice head Alberto Zuleta-Londoño is nevertheless ‘one of the most important trial lawyers in the country‘ and also has expertise in antitrust investigations and unfair competition cases. The practice also has particular strength in energy-sector disputes, particularly those presenting environmental or community aspects, where energy and natural resources head Jose Vicente Zapata brings his expertise to bear. Prestigious corporate and transactional figure, executive partner Enrique Gómez Pinzón is also active in the area, although again, primarily on the arbitral side. The eight-strong group also includes senior counsel Juan Casallas who focuses on public law,  and constitutional and administrative litigation; and associate Estefanny Pardo who undertakes environmental and mining litigation. Since publication, Zuleta-Londoño has left the firm - effective as of March 2022.


It is a team of lawyers that combines attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of the law and excellent litigation skills, which makes them undoubtedly one of the most relevant in the country.

Alberto Zuleta is one of the most important trial lawyers in the country and leads a team of great value and weight in the legal world.

Lloreda Camacho & Co.

Demonstrating ‘great strategic vision‘, Lloreda Camacho & Co.  houses a small but experienced “litigation, arbitration, insolvency & dispute resolution” department. Far broader than the typical disputes offering, the team handles commercial disagreements, class actions, pharmaceutical liability, medical malpractice, torts, product liability, contentious-administrative matters, contentious insurance cases, unfair and restrictive competition issues, consumer rights, insolvency, and contractual and commercial agency actions, among others. Moreover, it does so across a broad array of industries and has developed particular profile in TMT-related litigation, along with niche expertise in pharmaceutical liability and medical malpractice. A high-profile figure, Gustavo Tamayo has  extensive experience acting before regulatory authorities and noteworthy expertise in insolvency proceedings; equally importantly, ‘he is everything you want in a senior leader‘, ‘has a wealth of experience‘, and ‘considers both legal and practical considerations when recommending courses of action‘. Tamayo leads a five-strong team characterised as ‘detail-oriented, proactive and thorough‘. Key members include senior associates Camilo Valenzuela (‘a great support‘) whose broad practice includes consumer protection, antitrust, class actions, insolvency proceedings and arbitration; Jorge Rodríguez, a 2018-hire, formerly at the commercial proceedings department of the Superintendcia de Sociedades; Jimmy Buenaventura, and associate practice director for litigation, Christian Pérez Rueda, who returned to the firm in March 2020 (after a period at Baker McKenzie S.A.S.) to replace Dora Sofía Morales who has subsequently moved to the Superintendencia Financiera.

Practice head(s):

Gustavo Tamayo


Lloreda Camacho’s team was able to coordinate various legal issues and matters and in various jurisdictions so as to advise the operations of its client in Colombia (India – original country of the client; England – contract subject to English law; Mexico – client’s main operations in the region; and Colombia – the contractor is Colombia-based).

Jorge Rodriguez is a lawyer with a lot of experience in corporate law as he worked in the Colombian company regulator (Superintendencia de Sociedades).’

Christian Pérez is a lawyer with a lot of experience in civil and commercial law since he was a member of the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia for several years.

The combination of the team allowed management of the specific problem in a coordinated way on different fronts and different issues, which was very successful.’

The associates have plenty of leeway to direct and implement the case strategy.

Lloreda Camacho & Co is excellent. They have great strategic vision. They are also detail-oriented, proactive and thorough. Importantly, they are also very skilled in explaining Colombian law and procedure to the US parent company (whom we advise). This is even more impressive when you consider all the explanation has to be in English. The team has excellent commercial awareness and is in constant communication with various groups at the business.

Gustavo Tamayo – he is the senior leader of the team. He is everything you want in a senior leader. He is smart, clear, and inspires confidence. He has a wealth of experience and considers both legal and practical considerations when recommending courses of action.’

Christian Perez – he is the chief day-to-day lawyer. He is exceptional. In fact, he was recruited away from Lloreda Camacho & Co, but we are very happy that he came back. He has a great skill set and a work ethic that is second to none. He is absolutely comfortable leading discussions and he gives our client great confidence.

They provide their excellent services in a way that makes our lives easier, so we are very happy with them.

It is a great team, in addition to the technical knowledge that is fundamental and is one of the reasons why we chose them, the Lloreda team stands out for its customer service, they are always available when we need them, with answers accurate and timely and great kindness.

Camilo Valenzuela, has been a great support throughout the process, in addition to his intellectual and professional qualities, his kindness and service attitude make the difference. We feel that we are part of the same team in search of a common goal.

Despite the difficulties that the health emergency has generated, communication has always been very fluid. Likewise, we have been able to take advantage of the technological tools available, which has facilitated the exchange of a large amount of information, essential to properly attend to the process.

A team with high standards of ethics and professionalism in Colombia, with the ability to resolve queries and disputes with great promptness and accuracy.

Great diversity in the work team and a very good adaptation to new technologies.

Key clients

Bray International

Bajaj Auto

Stoller Colombia

McCann Erickson Corporation Colombia


Eli Lilly Interamerica

Coca-Cola Servicios de Colombia

Spirit Airlines

Baxalta (Takeda)

Unilever Andina Colombia

Work highlights

  • Advisors to valve manufacturer Bray International in a civil case brought by Casaval in Colombia alleging unfair termination of a distribution agreement, as well as advisn gon strategy in a parallel case in Texas concerning a conflict of law and form that would prevent the case in Colombia from continuing.
  • Advice and representation of Comcel in a case against the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (CRC) regarding certain administrative orders issued by the entity concerning the charges Comcel can levy other communications companies for national automatic roaming; value, COP$1.04bn.
  • Representing Compañia Hotelera Cartagena de Indias (Hilton Cartagena) in a diffuse rights case brought against the client, the town hall of Cartagena and others, regarding the gaining of land from the Caribbean Sea; while the hotel’s construction gained governmental authorisation at the time, such licenses have since been declared illegal by the Council of State, which has moved to impose fines – the team is advising the group on compliance with the Council’s orders.

Palacios Lleras

Top tier public law and procurement firm Palacios Lleras has a nine-strong contentious team - including three partners. As per the firm's core-strengths, the group is primarily focused on administrative litigation against state entities in relation to contractual cases and/or the resolutions made by said bodies concerning port concessions, mining rights, licenses and regulations in general. As a result, the practice is necessarily at its most prominent in the regulated sectors, particularly energy, infrastructure and natural resources, and handles constitutional actions, class actions and nullity actions, along with other complex litigation procedures and arbitration. Renowned founding partner Hugo Palacios Mejía (a former co-judge at Colombia's State Council, and the country's Constitutional and Supreme courts, among other positions); and Óscar Gutiérrez, who has over 20 years' dispute resolution experience in both judicial and extra-judicial settings and has particular expertise in port and maritime matters, co-head the team. Palacios is lead litigation counsel to one of the top three foreign investors in Colombia, while Gutíerrez has particular expertise in litigious infrastructure matters. Completing the partner line up, Pedro Pacheco provides both advisory and litigation services in relation to matters of commercial and administrative law, state procurement and infrastructure, and financial law and insurance. The team was further strengthened with the respective April and May 2021 arrivals of Luis Miguel Falla and Giselle Herrera as senior associates. Falla is primarily focused on litigation in relation to state contracting, partnership disputes and administrative matters; and Hererra, while also undertaking litigation, is primarily active in arbitral matters. However, economic and energy regulatory expert, Ángel Castañeda, left in April 2021 to become senior managing partner at services firm X100 Legal, taking associate Luís Alberto Vicuña with him; while associate Sergio Gallego departed in May 2021 to found business consultancy Altano.

Practice head(s):

Hugo Palacios Mejía; Óscar Gutiérrez


It is a team that knows the gas business, knows about arbitration and litigation and has advised us appropriately when we have requested it. Angel Castañeda.

Angel Castañeda’s team has served us for many years and their knowledge of the sector stands out.

Strengths: great knowledge of our sector and our company for being our consultants for many years. At those points they are prominent compared to any other firm.’

They are very diligent, with permanent availability and with very favourable results. I highlight Angel Castañeda.’

The service provided corresponds to advice and representation in judicial processes, we consider that the handling given the subjects under consultation was favourable, with concrete, clear explanations that allowed us to achieve the objectives for which the firm was hired. We are satisfied with the services provided.’

‘Hugo Palacios’ firm stands out for its thoroughness, knowledge and excellent work. His lawyers study each case in depth.

Key clients

Drummond / Drummond Coal Mining


Pernod Ricard Colombia

Gloria Colombia


Concesionaria Panamericana

Gases de Occidente

Gases del Caribe







Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta

Work highlights

  • Representing Drummond in a civil liability case being heard in the contentious-administrative forum (due to the presence of certain state entities among the defendants), and related to the partial sinking of a coal barge and the alleged environmental contamination that resulted.
  • Representing FOGAFIN – the state entity responsible for maintaining the stability of the financial sector – in a case brought by CorpBanca querying its statutory premium to the regulatory body.
  • Representing Pernod Ricard in three judicial proceedings against the Department of Cundinamarca over claims that involve unfair competition matters, as well as tax issues regarding the monopoly of commercialisation and distribution of imported distilled liquors.

Pinilla González & Prieto Abogados

Top tier urban-planning and real-estate firm Pinilla González & Prieto Abogados is highly specialised in real estate and construction disputes. Acting for major companies in the sector, the department handles contentious matters involving public law, commercial and civil cases and white-collar criminal matters. Managing partner Felipe Pinilla's practice reaches across dispute resolution, company law and tax; he co-heads the practice with civil and commercial litigator (and private law specialist), Óscar Martínez. with associate César Augusto Gónzalez heading up the firm's penal and disciplinary sub-practice. The now 10-strong team demonstrates 'commitment', is 'knowledgeable in the litigation area' and 'stands out in judicial defence', according to clients. Current matters include defending Amarilo in a $40m civil declaratory action. However, former senior associate Juan David Pérez moved to Correa Merino Agudelo Abogados as head of the dispute resolution practice in Jan 2021; and Leidy K Remolina moved in house at Grupo Ethuss as head of litigation and civil responsibility.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Felipe Pinilla Acevedo; Oscar J. Martínez Correa


It is a team with a high level of commitment, knowledgeable in the litigation area and that stands out in judicial defence.

Their commitment and immediate availability to meet the needs and concerns of clients.

They are very up to date on current legal issues. They offer talks and webinars to socialise these legal issues.

Regarding dispute resolution, we have a very favourable opinion, especially in matters of labour disputes, where we have been very well accompanied.

Highly competent, very good follow-up and absolutely excellent accompaniment.

The service provided throughout these nine years has been excellent, of the highest quality. The factors that we think have been determinants in the provision of this service compared to other firms have been:– prestige and the quality of its lawyers and professional / ethics and integrity in all areas; – knowledge and preparation for the cases on which they are consulted; they identify the problem and propose the applicable solutions in a practical and efficient way; – application of their legal criteria in our consultations according to our policies and institutional needs. – total trust in them for their respect and prudence in dealing with the sensitive information of our entity.

Partner Juan Manuel González Garavito and associate Lina Ospina Aristizabal stand out.

Prompt and timely recommendations in the face of the different contingencies generated by Covid-19 and the rapid organisation of talks and virtual meetings in this regard, which were of great help to face the pandemic.

Key clients

Desarrolladora de Zonas Francas

Escalar Gerencia Inmobiliaria

Andres Echavarria Olano

Cemex Colombia

Universidad de La Sabana

Productor y Envases Farmaceuticos

Amarey Nova Medical


Prabyc Ingeniero


Work highlights

  • Preparation of a legal strategy to defend the interests of Actual Constructora in a dispute regarding the $47m Hacienda San Lorenzo project and the impossibility of its development under the conditions originally agreed.
  • Representation of Desarrolladora de Zonas Francas regarding consumer protection matters before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, and also in judicial and extrajudicial negotiations with those companies that have acquired real estate located in the Bogotá Free Zone.
  • Representing the Diócesis de Zipaquirá in an arbitration proceeding against a Colombian construction company for alleged breach of an association agreement for the development of a property.

Sanclemente Fernández Abogados S.A.

Long-standing market presence Sanclemente Fernández Abogados S.A. has considerable expertise representing local and international companies in a wide array of complex dispute resolution matters, in civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and arbitral tribunals, and also handles contentious labour and tax matters. The practice is experienced in regulatory industries such as pharma and the financial sector, but is best known for its profile in the oil-and-gas and mining sectors, where practice co-head Claudia Rodríguez has extensive expertise in procedural and environmental law and undertakes primarily administrative and constitutional litigation. Fellow co-head and senior partner Diana Sanclemente has particular expertise in mining and oil-and-gas regulation, as well as in public and contractual law. Recent matters have included popular and constitutional actions, civil and collection proceedings, land restitution, administrative claims and breach of contract matters, among others. The pair receive key support from senior associates Carolina Ríos and Catalina Cardenas, who have strong specialisations in all relevant aspects of contentious labour law (procedural, collective, individual and administrative); along with semi-senior Alejandra Reinel and intermediate Juan Camilo Luna. Clients regard the practice as ‘disciplined and judicious in the preparation of each of the procedural stages ‘, and highlight that ‘they provide a comprehensive defence which allows us to … mitigate additional risks for the business that may arise from these disputes’.

Practice head(s):

Claudia Rodríguez; Diana Sanclemente


This firm is unique in the resolution of disputes and litigation not only because they have the necessary knowledge and long experience depending on the area in which the dispute is concentrated, but because they are disciplined and judicious in the preparation of each of the procedural stages. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive defence, which allows us to ensure security and mitigate additional risks for the business that may arise from these disputes.

They are committed to providing good customer service. They are attentive and diligent with the answers. They really seek to meet the customer’s need and generate useful, sustained and timely reports. For our part, we highlight their collaboration with Davita, they are aware of the difficulties of the sector and provide their services in accordance with this special context. We have always been very grateful for their work. They’re very knowledgeable people, with professional experience and an excellent sense of customer service. Always diligent, friendly and respectful. We have always felt very comfortable working with the Sanclemente Fernandez Abogados’ team and we consider them as one more ally.

They are a good team of lawyers, provide training and have good interaction with their providers. Dr Antonio Sanclemente is very friendly and provides excellent service. The other lawyers are able to attend to requests with rapidity.

Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados

Insurance boutique Tamayo Jaramillo & Asociados is experienced in representing insurers and companies in product and construction liability matters, medical malpractice and class actions arising from environmental contamination, among other matters. Headquartered in in Medellín (but with additional offices in Bogotá), the 14-strong practice is led by founding partner Javier Tamayo Jaramillo, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Justice with an outstanding track record in insurance and an enviable standing in disputes matters. Following on from an earlier loss in February, the June-2020 departures of Laura Restrepo and Ana Isabel Villa to establish their own practice, has provoked a not inconsiderable reshuffle. By way of response, the firm has promoted associates Carlos Andrés González and Margarita Jaramillo Cossio (who both focus on insurance and civil responsibility), and litigator Luis Miguel Gómez to the partnership, and brought back Daniel Ossa Gómez -from Empresas Públicas de Medellin (EPM)- and Laura Castaño Echeverri -from Ariza & Marin – both of whom formerly worked at the firm. All five new partners were announced in October 2020, and Castaño -whose practice focuses on litigation and consulting in civil liability, insurance, and contract law- now co-heads the dispute resolution practice with Tamayo. Among the associate ranks, constitutional-actions specialist Daniel Jaramillo and insurance and procedural-law specialist Daniel Bedoya are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Javier Tamayo Jaramillo; Laura Castaño Echeverri


Experience in handling litigation and precise knowledge of the arbitration procedure are their greatest and best advantages.

The knowledge of substantial law and the minutiae of the arbitration procedure are the most outstanding characteristics from the professional point of view, the disposition and empathy make them a great work team, I highlight the professionals: Carlos Andrés González, Daniel Ossa Gómez and Daniel Esteban Bedoya.

They present follow-up reports and are very attentive to the follow-up of direct or indirect events that may affect the expected results.

Dra Laura Castaño – I highlight her experience and professionalism; her orientation has been very clear and the handling of the information has been direct and concrete.

Dr. Luis David Pérez – I highlight his commitment and timely responses, and his availability to address our concerns – presenting periodic reports and attending meetings to evaluate and clarify the news that is presented.

Flexibility in negotiations, taking into account the particularity of the process in which they represent us.

No other firm has the capacity and strength to represent our interests in front of private and public entities, agreeing to collect fees as a percentage that will be charged at the end of the process.

Key clients


Industrial Concretodo

Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia

Consorcio HHA

Arquitectura y Concreto

Inhabitants of Space and Asensi Buildings



Constructora Monserrate de Colombia / Constructora Monteparaíso

Aluminio Nacional (Alumina)



Eduardo Botero Soto

Work highlights

  • Represented Promigas in the solicitation of a Council of State review of the admissibility of a class action in relation to a pipeline explosion caused by a third party (in this case, teh FARC), and subsequently in two actions for protection filed by the plaintiffs against the Council’s precedent-setting ruling that private companies are not liable for damages resulting from terror attacks.
  • Representing Arquitectura y Concreto in a case brought by Empresa de Desarollo Urbano (EDU) for alleged breach of contract in relation to the construction of The Santo Domingo Library – subsequently known as Biblioteca España.
  • Representing Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia in a case brought by the relatives of the passengers of Lamia Corporation flight AVRO RJ85 – chartered to take the Chapecoense football team to the final of the Copa Sudamericana – which ran out of fuel on route; the victims’ families argue that if traffic control had been organised differently, the plane could have landed.

Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico

'There is no firm with the experience in financial litigation', that Ustáriz & Abogados Estudio Jurídico has, according to clients who note the firm's 'percentage of effectiveness in winning litigation is unsurpassed'. Moreover, 'it is a law firm that is applying state-of-the-art technology, legal tech, predictive analytics and jurisprudence analysis engines' to prospective cases, giving clients -predominantly drawn from the banking, finance and insurance segments-even greater certainty as regards probable outcomes; it is particularly active in proceedings before the financial regulators. 'A senior lawyer with in-depth knowledge of commercial and financial law, the securities market and procedural law', some regard Luís Humberto Ustáriz as 'the most experienced lawyer in financial litigation in his country'; highly experienced in derivatives, credit issues and wider capital markets related matters, he leads an eight-strong practice whose client roster contains many of the most important fiduciary companies in the country. Key support comes from commercial specialist Angela Restrepo ('analytical, studious, and expert in financial and commercial law'), who is currently undertaking an LLM in procedural law. Fellow founding partner Jose Federico Ustáriz is primarily corporate and finance-focused, but also handles litigation matters; The firm also regularly represents clients in domestic arbitration procedures and has capability in ICC arbitration and NASD dispute resolution.

Practice head(s):

Luis Humberto Ustáriz


There is no firm with the experience in financial litigation, like Ustáriz Abogados. The percentage of effectiveness in winning litigation is unsurpassed. Luis Humberto Ustáriz is the most experienced lawyer in financial litigation in his country. His team makes the service outstandingly the most professional.’

Excellent attention. The partners directly attend to the matters that are brought to their consideration.  Legal rigour in all its actions.

Ustariz & Abogados is a boutique firm, with personalised advice, individual monitoring of each of the assigned cases and permanent support in the strategy of judicial defence of the interests of Banco Davivienda.

The firm has a technological infrastructure that allows online communication, immediate response, application of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics in the solution of cases.

Luis Humberto Ustariz: is a senior lawyer with in-depth knowledge of commercial and financial law, securities market and procedural law. He is skilled in defining judicial strategy and defending the interests of Banco Davivienda.

Angela María Restrepo Gómez: is an excellent junior lawyer, analytical, studious, and expert in financial and commercial law.

Mónica González Pineda: a junior lawyer very skilled in investigation and analysis of court cases placed under her responsibility.

Angie Patricia Rodriguez Juyar: a junior lawyer with knowledge of procedural, commercial and financial law.

It is a law firm that is applying state-of-the-art technology, legal tech, predictive analytics and jurisprudence analysis engines to establish a decision tree.

Key clients

Fiduciaria de Occidente

Banco Agrario de Colombia

Fiduciaria Bogotá

Banco Pichincha

Consorcio Beta Oil – O&P Ingeniería

Compañía Mundial de Seguros

Cardif Colombia Seguros Generales

Fiduciaria la Previsora

Fiduciaria Colpatria

Scotiabank Colpatria

Work highlights

  • Advised Fiduciaria de Occidente in a significant Consumer Protection Action that has reached the Superintendence of Finance of Colombia.
  • Advised Banco Agrario de Colombia on the recovery of public resources for the construction of subsidised housing.
  • Advised Fiduciaria Bogotá, as the manager of Transatlántico Trust (“Patrimonio Autónomo Transatlántico”), in a collective action due to certain contracts related to a trust that the plaintiff regards as detrimental to the local government in Meta.

Abril Gómez Mejía Abogados

A small-to-medium sized-firm with a broad service offering and currently 17-lawyers strong, Abril Gómez Mejía Abogados‘ disputes practice centres primarily on financial recovery, including in situations involving insolvency. The team is co-led by Luís Abril (who specializes in corporate law and investment structuring), and key litigator Diego Fernando Gómez. With over a decade’s experience, Gómez has expertise managing administrative, civil and commercial cases, as well as contentious bankruptcy-related matters; indeed, recent mandates include representing Capital Bank on a $4.5m loan recovery in the context of debtor consortium Industrial Consulting Group’s bankruptcy proceedings. Other notable mandates, recently, include the successful representation of Heba Colombia against Telefónica, involving the recovery of COP$530m. The January 2020 arrival of public-procurement specialist Omar Mejía (as a name-partner) is likely to further broaden the dispute practice’s scope.

Practice head(s):

Luis Abril; Diego Gómez; Omar Mejia


It is a very committed team that through its perseverance and excellent strategies has achieved successful recoveries through litigation. As well as providing elexctronic billing, the firm generates schedules and progress reports in litigation processes, and the lead attorney is always available.

Key clients

Capital Bank

Iridium Telecomunicaciones


BCT Bank


Grupo Empresarial Katama

Industrias Audiovisuales Colombianas

Work highlights

  • Represented Irdium Telecom in executory proceeding for the recovery of COP$2.5m for the company.
  • Corporate reorganisation and executory proceedings to recover $4.5m to the  benefit of our client.
  • Handling of the first and second instance proceedings adopted by Bogotá’s High Court resulting in the recover of COP$530m in our clients favour.

Castro Estudio Jurídico

Founded in 2016, disputes boutique Castro Estudio Jurídico handles administrative, civil and commercial litigation, as well as commercial arbitration – and does so with ‘great versatility and disposition‘. The boutique specialises in contentious oil-and-gas matters, particularly the gas-to-power segment, but also has niche experience in the education sector. A former judge Wilson Castro also worked in private practice at various established Colombian law firms before founding his firm. Characterised as ‘an extraordinary litigator‘ with ‘exceptional legal knowledge‘ who ‘has the necessary knowledge to face the judicial and administrative processes that are entrusted to him‘, clients appreciate both his availability and ‘internal knowledge of the functioning of the judicial branch.‘ Key support comes from Samir Cercado; however, Daniela Mendieta Daza moved to Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA) in February 2021.

Practice head(s):

Wilson Castro


Castro Estudio Jurídico is a great ally in solving complex cases, with great versatility and disposition.

Wilson Castro is a great lawyer. He has the necessary knowledge to face the judicial and administrative processes that are entrusted to him.

Castro Estudio Jurídico offers great advantages in handling processes throughout national territory. They are versatile and have a great range.

The team has a great knowledge of Colombian procedural norms and they propose different strategies to their clients for the resolution of disputes.

The founding partner has extensive litigation experience. He has been a judge of the Republic, which allows him to have internal knowledge of the functioning of the judicial branch. Samir Cercado is a junior lawyer with a lot of projection. Daniela Mendieta in addition to litigation, has experience and knowledge in labour law issues.

In my opinion, what makes this firm unique is its extensive knowledge of procedural law, its experience in litigation and the direct contact of the managing partner with clients.‘’

Wilson Castro is an extraordinary litigator.

I highlight their permanent sending of reports on the progress of the processes to clients and availability of the managing partner whenever required.

What makes Castro Estudio Jurídico’s practice unique is the deep level of knowledge they have about procedural and contractual norms (civil and administrative procedure, Civil Code, others). In turn, they stand out from other law firms in their work discipline and rigour of their interpretation of the rules and in the use of legal language. They are innovative in terms of their ability to be on hand for the customer and in ensuring customer access directly to partner Wilson Castro. They are versatile in accommodating clients’ needs, which -among other things- allows them to simultaneously handle large individual matters as well as smaller-value matters. Sr Castro’s legal knowledge is exceptional. The firm’s adaptability to customer needs is too.


Key clients

AES Chivor



Federación Nacional de Personeros

Gas Natural

Multidimensionales (Grupo Phoenix)


Promotora Vivir

Tabasco Oil Company

Termo Mechero Aguazul

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga


Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar





Work highlights

  • Defended Termo Mechero Aguazul (TMA) in a lawsuit filed by Ecopetrol as well as representing the company in a $75m counterclaim.
  • Represented AES Chivor in a $2m lawsuit against ElectroCaquetá for breach of contract.
  • Represented Tabasco Oil Company in a $600,000 breach of contract lawsuit.

J. Correa Abogados

The office of shipping insurance specialist John Correa, J. Correa Abogados has an international scope regarding transport and construction contract and tort liabilities. The three-strong boutique represents banks and financial institutions against third-party companies' liability claims, while also acting for local insurers and their clients in vessel transport accidents. The team has participated in several arbitration proceedings as co-counsels with London law firms before Lloyd's salvage division. Correa has over 30 years' experience of both litigation and arbitration tribunals while 'right hand man', senior associate Andrés Felipe Ávila has extensive court experience and a key role in the strategic planning of cases; he is also permanently engaged representing key clients in conciliation hearings.

Practice head(s):

John Correa E.


A very professional firm.

‘The handling of the information and the support received is very good. I highlight the participation of the entire team and the lawyers’ professionalism. I always recommend the firm, regard it as very good and I am satisfied with its services.

Key clients

Seguros Generales Suramericana

Compañía De Seguros Bolivar

Constructora Colpatria

Zurich Uk


La Previsora

Chubb Seguros

Mapfre Colombia

Italcol De Occidente

Agroavicola San Marino



Work highlights

  • Defence and representation of Constructora Colpatria in multiple matters including a $45m fiscal responsibility process brought by the Controloria Genreal de la República, and multiple third-party pre-judicial legal claims for alleged damage caused to private properties belonging to Niza IX
  • Represented insurer Seguros Generales Suramericana and cargo-owners Albateq in a claim against the transportation company Misuga Kaiun, reaching a favourable agreement in the wake of a partical recovery of salvage.
  • Represented supply and construction group MC Universal against Serena del Mar for non-payment of services and goods received, finally reaching a favourable extrajudicial agreement.

Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados

Demonstrating 'experience, knowledge, honesty, transparency, professionalism and productivity', Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados is small-to-medium sized firm with a broad service offering and a growing profile. On the dispute resolution front, the firm fields a six-strong practice led by name-partner José Gutiérrez Mestre, a seasoned litigator (and arbitral practitioner) with 'great capacity for analysis' and whose 'extensive experience... provides security'. The practice handles a range of work including post-M&A contentious matters, D&O claims and shareholder disputes, has a growing participation in consumer law procedures before the SIC, and makes a strong showing in public procurement-related cases. Recent matters include representing Mercantil Bogotá in a domestic civil lawsuit initiated against Manufacturas Eliot, claiming the existence of a commercial agency agreement, and seeking damages for undue termination of said agreement.

Practice head(s):

José G Gutiérrez Mestre


Experience, knowledge, honesty, transparency, professionalism and productivity. Relevant lawyers: Gustavo Cuberos Gómez, José Gutierrez Cortés-Oscar Rosales Nieto.

Teamwork and immediate availability; they stand out for the good arguments they provide as support to their advisory service: José Gutierrez and Oscar Rosales.

Up-to-date on information digitization issues.

‘The have very comprehensive experience. They are organised and respond promptly to the times they commit to. A great quality of its lawyers is their service and personalised advice. We have had contact with José Gutiérrez, Valentina Gonzalez, Angela Ospina and Jaime Montero.’

1. They are professionals who perform analysis from different areas of law.2. They offer different alternatives on possible scenarios.3. They are sincere professionals, with this it is clear that it is not what you want to hear, but rather the reality of the scenario in which the litigation lands.’

Dr. José Gutiérrez (in the litigation area), has extensive experience and expertise that provides security. Likewise, Dr Gustavo Cuberos gives a lot of confidence by expressing his different points of view.

Comprehensive advice with great specialists in each of the business areas: labour, legal, tax and especially in litigation and arbitration.’

Application of work methodologies that allow us to always have the appropriate response within the required deadlines.’

CCG Abogados is characterised by a direct client-partner relationship and personalised service. They have a very good team, superior to other firms.

José Gutierrez and Miguel Molano: Very organised, they have a focus on meeting the commitments of the process and working times, which allow the client to achieve the objectives set. I do not know of another office with the experience of Cuberos Cortes Gutierrez.’

Very good ability to understand the environment and the counterpart to maintain the relationship and look for possibilities of settlement, in short, very good negotiating skills.’

The people of the firm help us greatly with opinions and concepts, in a very flexible way in other matters of the case, without a permanent calculation of costs, which makes the relationship very fluid and favours teamwork.’

I consider partner José Gutiérrez and Julia Velásquez especially outstanding in their capacities. Both are professionals of the highest level. And particularly in the case of José Gutiérrez, a person with a great capacity for analysis and very human.’

Key clients

Enel Américas

Sadeven Energía e Infraestructura

Sistema Alimentador Oriental

Masivo de Occidente


AlfaPeople Andino

Copa Airlines

Aerorepública – Wingo

Motta Internacional – Ishop Colombia

Domingo Alonso Groups – Colwagen

Work highlights

  • Advised prominent Chilean corporation Enel Américas, as defendant in an investment agreement claim regarding a dispute in the approval of the distribution of annual profits in CODENSA and EMGESA, among other breaches of contract.
  • Advised Sadeven Energía e Infraestructura on a dispute concerning the breach of an engineering and construction agreement for the Bello waste-water treatment plant, an integal component of the water processing and sewage system of the city of Medellín.
  • Representing Microsoft partner Alfapeople in domestic litigation against Agroempreas (and various of its branches) for the enforcement of a software development agreement and associated damages.

Cáez Muñoz Mejía Abogados (CMM)

The small team at Cáez Muñoz Mejía Abogados (CMM) handles both litigation and domestic arbitration in relation to an array of -particularly regulated- sectors, including telecommunications, insurance, finance, and construction. The growing practice -which has added a number of new clients, such as Jaguar Land Rover and Cibergestión Colombia, to its roster over the last year - develops 'uniform, practical, recursive and coherent strategies for the cases presented to it'. It is led by the 'excellent' Guillermo Caéz, who handles contractual and corporate disputes, as well as torts, administrative cases and antitrust matters in a 'modern, practical and friendly' manner. Young associate Antony Palacios provides key support on disputes work and the pair can also call on the firm's intellectual property and corporate practices, with the latter, notably, also housing the firm's white-collar crime sub-practice.

Practice head(s):

Guillermo Caéz Gómez


The firm has a high-level team with extensive technical knowledge, negotiation skills, personalised service and a significant level of innovation. The area’s lead partner stands out for his focus on boosting the clients’ business and preventing future contingencies. I have very positive references for Guillermo Caez in the market, we worked together on the CEDEP (Center for Procedural Law Studies) project, where he serves as President and I as Vice President.’

Guillermo Caez is the lead partner in the litigation area and he is an excellent professional. His approach is much more modern, practical and friendly than that of traditional litigators – the generational change in the procedural field  (which has always been characterized by being static, old-fashioned and not very agile), is very noticeable in Colombia.’

I see significant growth in the area’s client portfolio and in the recognition gained by Guillermo in both litigation and arbitration at the national level.

The following are the characteristics of this law firm which made our company want to retain its services: first of all, they attend to our requests in a fast and agile way; and secondly, for the quality of its lawyers, which has always ensured us a comprehensive knowledge of the law. In addition, the depth and coherence in their concepts, and a strategic vision of litigation that has ensured us very favourable results.

Guillermo Caez, is an excellent lawyer, he is the president and founder of a Center for Procedural Law Studies in Colombia, he is studious and academically restless, which leads him to create spaces for academic discussion, innovation, inclusion and research.

This firm is always up-to-date and up-to-date not only on regulatory matters but also jurisprudential ones; it sends weekly reports on the status of the issues in their charge, and provides feedback on the issues at the end of litigation, so that the company can take into account the aspects decided in judicial or arbitral decisions.

The team has uniform, practical, recursive and coherent strategies for the cases presented to it. I consider this to be a comparative advantage with other firms that sometimes dilute the strategy in the form.

I’d highlight their quality of care. They understand the problem that is presented to them as their own and they look for a suitable and practical solution. Also, the collaboration of the firm’s team is focused on solving the problem, not simply on issuing a concept regarding a certain situation.

Key clients

Colombia Telecomunicaciones


Cibergestión Colombia (Grupo BC)

Biomax Biocombustibles

Puma Energy Colombia Combustibles

Viña Carmen (Grupo Claro)

Viña Doña Paula (Grupo Claro)

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

Paladin Realty

Panamericana de Alimentos

SBA Telecomunicaciones Colombia

TGT Gamas

Jaguar Land Rover Colombia

Repsol Colombia


Lab Construcciones

A365 Colombia


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Colombia

Arent Fox

Spazio Premium

Work highlights

  • Counsel to Colombia Telecomunicaciones in a lawsuit filed by Comcel (Claro) and Carvajal Tecnología, against the government contract process and adjudication of the contract for the renewal of SENA’s technological infrastructure to Colombia Telecom.
  • Represented new client Jaguar Land Rover in three consumer protection actions filed before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce by different consumers, related to legal warranty coverage for vehicle repair and maintenance, and interpretation of advertising information, among other related matters.
  • Representing Lab Construcciones in a case against the municipality of Medellín with regard a disputed construction contract; value: $667,000.

Gamboa Abogados

Founded in 1943, today Gamboa Abogados  is a nine-strong boutique that handles corporate and international trade, projects, tax, sports and entertainment, and family law as well as dispute resolution, which remains the central pillar of the firm. The team has a solid reputation for commercial, civil, and administrative litigation (as well as arbitration proceedings), particularly in relation to the firm's niche expertise in port infrastructure projects, where the team continues to represent Compañía de Puertos Asociados and Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía in judicial disputes and arbitration. Senior partner Ernesto Gamboa brings to bear a strong record in contract-related disputes and also acts as an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), reflecting his knowledge of sports law. Eduardo Gamboa focuses on civil and commercial litigation (and arbitration) and has particular expertise in civil procedural matters; and experienced associate Domingo Ortiz is also noted. However, criminal law specialist Laura Matiz moved in house at Johnson Controls in January 2021.

Practice head(s):

Ernesto Gamboa

Key clients

Compañía De Puertos Asociados (Compas)

Dimayor (División Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano)

Federación Colombiana De Fútbol (FCF)

Monómeros Colombo Venezolanos

Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía

Central Aerospace

Owen Londoño

Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce (SPIA)



Gamboa, García y Cardona Abogados

Fielding ‘a trained, up-to-date team with strong knowledge in the area of ​​litigation in Colombia‘, multidisciplinary firm Gamboa, García y Cardona Abogados‘ dispute resolution practice handles all types of civil, commercial and administrative litigation at all instances, both judicial and administrative. Clients highlight the team’s responsiveness, ‘clear capabilities to approach the issues and provide solutions‘, and the ‘personal involvement of senior members‘ of the firm. Indeed, founding partner Juan Ignacio Gamboa heads up both the disputes and civil/commercial practices at the firm and brings over 25 years’ experience advising domestic and foreign clients on civil, commercial and administrative litigation proceedings (and arbitration) to the table. He is flanked by two younger partners, key lieutenants Pedro Hernán Montaño and Juan Felipe Roldán. Montaño (‘availability, efficiency and professionalism‘), has almost a decade at the firm and in addition to undertaking civil and commercial litigation, has developed extensive experience in conciliation and mediation processes, as well as being knowledgeable regarding public procurement and administrative law. Roldán, in turn, handles commercial litigation and conciliation (as well as arbitration) as art of his broader corporate and transactional practice; he has particular experience in complex-multi-party litigations, along with shareholder litigation and collection proceedings. Recent mandates have seen the team active in civil litigation, commercial agency claims, unfair competition and shareholder litigation and tort claims.

Practice head(s):

Juan Ignacio Gamboa


We believe the practice of GG&C is unique because of the dedication devoted to the work and in-depth analysis of the issues. Compared to other firms this team shows responsiveness, personal involvement of the senior members with direct awareness of the client’s needs and willingness to deliver an excellent service. They have clear capabilities to approach the issues and provide solutions.’

We have had a close personal relationship with Juan Ignacio Gamboa who leads the dispute resolution and commercial law areas and has accompanied us in our most challenging processes. The most valued qualities have been his capacity to understand our business and a devoted service, with insightful contributions. Pedro Montaño and Juan Felipe Roldén have also been key members of the team.’

In addition to the strict legal assistance, the team has proved to be able to assimilate technical information related to our core business (software development and services) and understand our business structure. The firm is up to date in technology both in administrative matters (billing, invoicing, etc), but also has evolved to respond to pandemic needs, with capacity to attend judicial proceedings and client needs online, and keep fully virtual files and records.

It is a trained, up-to-date team with strong knowledge in the area of ​​litigation in Colombia. They compare fully and favourably with other law firms dedicated to this topic.

The knowledge, experience and warmth of the people. They handle the issues in a very simple way for clients, but with great depth and analysis when performing the task.

Their knowledge, manner in dealing with the client, promptness of action, total transparency and professional ethics make the GG&C team an outstanding group. In our particular case, Juan Ignacio Gamboa and Juan Felipe Roldan are two clear examples. Apart from being the senior partners who have directly attended us in our requests, their case management, their availability and their permanent collaboration make this firm an excellent option for us.

A proactive team, permanently attentive and eager to discuss carefully every possible scenario and to solve any issue diligently, efficiently and in a timely manner.’

What we have found most remarkable is the fact that they respond as fast as a doctor on call, directly, always kindly paying attention to any request. I must highlight the availability, efficiency and professionalism of Pedro Montaño.

Pedro Hernán Montaño and Juan Ignacio Gamboa, are partners who care about the work of the firm, they are impeccable in their actions, added to the professional and human quality that characterizes them, their knowledge in all matters and the support and research in those that may go outside the scope of its competence.

Pragmatism; there is clarity in the approach of the cases, they know how to see the risks and explain the eventual contingencies simply. Reconciliation; they seek first to reach win-win transactions, before focusing on any lawsuit.  They have used the virtuality imposed by the pandemic positively and well and should continue it. Closeness; they treat the customer well and make him part of “their organisation”. There is no “you got into the trouble and now it’s up to me to get you out.

Key clients


Energía del SurOeste

Innpulsa Colombia


Leigh Day

Israel Aerospace Industries

Dredging International

Mettler Toledo

Schreder Colombia

NSO Group

Armor International

Elbit Systems

Hupecol Operating

Bogota Coque

Heritage Group

Jianling Motors Colombia

Ingram Micro




Hunter Douglas de Colombia


La Luna E&P (colombia branch)

Prestige de Colombia

Edificio Asociación Médica

San Andrés Golf Club

Sumas y Soluciones

Yellow Pepper Colombia

Pinturas Renania

Work highlights

  • Represented US oil-services company, Cimarrona, in $13.6m lawsuit filed by the state oil company, Ecopetrol, for the execution of two “Association Agreements” derived from the interpretation of the concept of reimbursements in the development of the contracts.
  • Successfully represented Allianz Colombia in the first and second instances in a civil proceeding filed by a dredging company that sought to have the insurer declared financially liable for material damages and loss of profits due to an accident; the case is currently awaiting a cassation appeal before the Supreme Court; estimated aggregate vales COP$20bn.
  • Represented Swiss multinational manufacturer Mettler-Toledo in a COP$20bn commercial agency claim raised by a local distributor.

Garrido Fonseca Abogados

Fundamentally a specialist energy boutique, Garrido Fonseca Abogados‘ partners bring some 35 years’ experience of all areas concerning the energy industry, particularly the technical, social environmental and regulatory fields, and all associated contentious matters. Experienced in civil and commercial litigation as well as arbitration, founding partner Juan Manuel Garrido co-leads a group now six-strong in conjunction with Claudia Fonseca, who focuses on international contractual negotiations and energy sector arbitration with an emphasis on the hydrocarbons industry. Key associate support comes from experienced specialist litigator Cristian Felipe Sánchez.

Practice head(s):

Juan Manuel Garrido; Claudia Fonseca


They are unique because: (i) the partners attend the clients directly without the intervention of junior associates.(ii) They have a multidisciplinary team that goes beyond the strictly legal study of the cases.(iii) They attend the company on all fronts and not only those related to legal conflicts or the dispute resolution.

The partners, associates and of counsels have many years of experience in the energy sector and in the dispute resolution area, allowing them to have many proven answers to complex situations. They are always partners of their clients and encourage them in making both legal and business decisions, always reasonably assessing and weighing the risks and benefits of said decisions.

I have worked hand in hand with partner Claudia Fonseca and certainly recommend working with her.  She is an energy attorney and is focus on the oil and gas sector.

They have strategic alliances with firms in other areas (technical, communications, financial) and work together to obtain results tailor-made for each of their clients.

Key clients



Asociación Colombiana de Petróleo

Petrobras Colombia


Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales

Puerto Bahía


Maurel & Prom


Cementos Tequendama

New Granada Energy



Summum Energy

Work highlights

  • Representing ODL in a class action filed by a native community (Resguardo Piriri) for alleged damages to their heritage and traditions.
  • Representing wholesale distributors of fuels (including Petrobras Colomba, Chevron, Exxonmobil, Biomax and others) in a class action brought by Gainer Rafael Catalan against the Ministry of Mines and Energy; wholesale and retail distributors of fuels; and Ecopetrol, for the alleged violation of collective rights due to the alleged inaccuracy in the volumetric correction by temperature in the sales of liquid fuel from wholesale distributors to retailers.
  • Representing Maurel & Prom, in a case brought against the Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Environment and others and alleging that the exploration activities carried out by M&P have affected the ecosystems of the Province of Sugamuxi and Lake Tota.


Fielding a small but ‘very solid team‘, Goh -formerly Godoy Hoyos Abogados- ‘work in a totally synchronized way‘ to ‘build strong and efficient litigation strategies‘ while remaining ‘attentive to the client’s suggestions‘. Best known for its expertise in tax law and foreign trade, the mid-sized firm is particularly active in the oil and gas, energy infrastructure and telecoms industry sectors, from where many of its contentious mandates are derived. Handling commercial and administrative litigation along with domestic arbitration, the practice is led by founding partner Catalina Hoyos and Juan Sebastián Lombana, who made partner in 2019. Tax specialist Hoyos is best known for tax litigation and domestic arbitration but also undertakes commercial and corporate contentious matters and is gaining a reputation for the development of litigation strategies. Practice head Lombana, in turn, focuses on administrative litigation and international arbitration, particularly in relation to the oil and gas sector where he has in-house experience. Key support comes from associate David Leonardo López who particularly has expertise in the road infrastructure, power, hydrocarbons and healthcare sectors.

Practice head(s):

Juan Sebastián Lombana; Catalina Hoyos


It is a very solid team in terms of knowledge and the updating of legal issues, with great litigation strategies to apply for the benefit of its clients. As a team they work in a totally synchronized way, so that they never have any pending tasks.

The lawyers of Godoy & Hoyos, in particular Juan Sebastián Lombana and David López, know how to listen to the client and are able to understand in depth the needs and concerns that they have in cases; therefore, they manage to build strong and efficient litigation strategies that allow the defending of interests in the jurisdiction.’

They are highly qualified lawyers who are prepared in all legal matters, and if they do not know any subject in detail, they study it thoroughly until they handle it perfectly and be able to defend the interests of the client.

It is a team that works in sync, all their explanations and details of the process manage to explain it very well to clients who do not have legal knowledge.’

They are always attentive to the client’s suggestions on addressing the issues, attending, when appropriate, the suggested changes in documents or strategies.

Key clients

CENIT Transportes y Logísticas de Hidrocarburos

Columbus Networks Colombia

Oleoducto Central (OCENSA)

Concesionaria Desarrollo Vial Al Mar -“DEVIMAR” – (Sacyr Concesiones, Strabag and Concay)


Work highlights

  • Defence of Cenit in a case brought by Sicim Colombia for the unilateral termination of a contract due to Sicim’s alleged involvement in the financing of terrorism; in August 2020 the Court found in favour of the client but Sicim has subsequently appealed the decision.
  • Representing OCENSA in a suit brought by OCENSA Tecnitanques Ingenieros for alleged breach of contract.
  • Representing Columbus Networks in a lawsuit filed against Empresas Municipales de Cali (EMCALI) to declare the existence of a verbal agreement on the provision of international channel services for Internet Access between the two.

Parra Rodríguez Abogados

Employing a tailor-made approach, Parra Rodríguez Abogados handles cross-border litigation relating to contractual liability, commercial and administrative litigation, and consumer protection actions; it also acts in competition matters. The firm is also  highlighted for its strategy design for judicial proceedings (and alternative dispute resolution methods), with clients noting that its 'ability to resolve the different situations that arise', generates 'tranquillity and security'. Founding partner Bernardo Rodríguez has experience across a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, real estate and finance, alongside with niche expertise in the airline industry and maritime accidents; he co-leads the practice with fellow name partner and tax specialist Álvaro Parra, who is primarily active across the oil and gas, construction and energy sectors, and has extensive experience in tax proceedings against the authorities. Recent hire, counsel Augusto Figueroa brings additional expertise in contentious strategies and negotiation; and key associate support comes from the experienced Diego Sastoque (who also handles conciliation procedures), and intermediates Carlos Gómez Guzmán and Daniela Pérez Mahecha.

Practice head(s):

Bernardo Rodríguez Ossa; Álvaro Parra Gómez


Bernardo Rodriguez Ossa and Luis Diaz del Castillo Roman are outstanding lawyers with great international experience. Have supported complex litigation in Colombia and the USA.

The team at Parra Rodriguez attorneys has always distinguished itself by its immediate disposition and its ability to resolve the different situations that arise, which makes them stand above any other law firm.

All the attorneys at Parra Rodriguez Abogados are characterised by their ability to understand the situation that arises from the human and legal point of view, they are honest and kind with a great capacity for service.

The lawyers of Parra Rodriguez Abogados, are constantly presenting to their clients reports on any movement that occurs within the status of the litigation and procedures that they develop, which produces tranquility and security, and this is a plus that other law firms do not have.

Key clients

Inversiones el Charrascal

Halcrow Group

Innovation Worldwide

Trevi Energy

Petreven Servicios y Perforaciones Petroleras

Industrias Colombianas Minerarias (Incolmine)

Panor Corporation

United Airlines (sucursal Colombia)

Federal Express


Sercel GRC

OIS Telecomunicaciones

Portales Urbanos

Coiffman Fraynd

Comercializadora Colombiana

Carbones y Coques

Abet laminati


Work highlights

  • Representing Inversiones El Charrascal in a damages action against the City of Bogotá, Ministry of environment and sustainable growth, and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca after its territories were declared an environmental protection zone, rendering them economically unviable; estimated value, $38m.
  • Representing engineering consultancy Halcrow Group in a $3.5m excecutory proceeding brought by the City of Cartagena to collect allegedly outstanding capital and interest due under an arbitral award; the case centres on the applicable default interest rate and applicable substantive law.
  • Successful representation of Trevi Energy in complex post-arbitration litigation as the counterparty sort to have theaward annulled, involving a tutela action before the Supreme Court and constitutional jurisdictions.

Posada Isaacs Abogados

Posada Isaacs Abogados is a micro boutique established by María Lucía Posada in the wake of her departure from Posse Herrera Ruiz in July 2020, where she was a partner in the dispute resolution and public law practices. With over 20 years’ experience -including two brief stints in the public sector- Posada’s practice centres closely on dispute resolution in relation to the public sector and administrative law. Indeed, eschewing arbitration, her focus is almost exclusively on litigation (civil, commercial and/or contentious-administrative) where -acting for major clients such as mining group Cerro Matoso, retailer Cencosud, or generator Termotasajero- she ‘provides deep, complete and specialised advice‘ and ‘thinks about all the edges of the case [so as to] give you strategies tailored to your needs’. Since publication, Posada has folded her practice into that of specialist public law boutique Palacio, Jouve & García (effective January 2022).

Practice head(s):

María Lucía Posada


It is a boutique firm dedicated primarily to litigation and arbitration issues in administrative law. Maria Lucia Posada has a lot of experience in handling these issues and being a small firm allows me to have access to an excellent professional, who gives me personalized attention at much better costs than large firms.

This firm has the advantage that you are always assisted by Maria Lucia, directly.

Maria Lucia has a lot of experience in handling litigation issues with state entities, and provides deep, complete, specialised advice at excellent costs.

She is careful, detailed, thinks about all the edges of the case and gives you strategies tailored to your needs. It is always available and its results are unbeatable.’

It is a recent firm, but it has all the accumulated experience of Maria Lucia, in her previous firm (Posse Herrera Ruiz). I worked with her while she was at that firm and now all public law matters are handled directly with her at her new firm.

María Lucía Posada is a very solid lawyer with a really high work ethic. She is a specialist in mining issues and also has a great familiarity with administrative law matters.’

Personalised attention and quick responses.

I worked with María Lucía at her former firm and she is deep, caring, and very talented. I foresee many successes for her in her new boutique firm. Posada Isaaca Abogados.

Key clients

Cerro Matoso


Concesionaria Alternativa Viales

Alpina Productos Alimenticios


Arce Rojas Consultores

Autopistas de Urabá


Work highlights

  • Comprehensive advice on the definition of a defence strategy, as well as local judicial representation, in the Cerro Matoso cases concerning the determination and collection of royalties for the exploitation of nickel (value: $49m); and representation of the company in the judicial compliance process concerning orders imposed by the Constitutional Court related to health care for residents.
  • Successful representation of Concesionaria Alternativa Vial in a constitutional protection procedure (tutela) that sought to modify or cancel the construction of a road that passes through a national park.
  • Advising Termotasajero in the extrajudicial solution of a possible litigation on the occasion of the termination and settlement of a mining operation contract.


BBGS Abogados has a small practice overseen by intellectual property partner Felipe Rubio, who has special expertise in procedural law and contentious IP as well as handling judicial process related to competition law and consumer protection; and led -on the commercial side- by associate practice director Lorenzo Pizarro, whom clients regard as 'a very dynamic lawyer who is always up-to-date on litigious issues and is very analytical'. The nascent practice was further consolidated by the arrival of former Brigard Urrutia associate Pablo Arboleda in January 2020, bringing the associate team to four. The group's recent caseload includes breach of contract and commercial agency claims, IP-related administrative litigation, evidences a noticeable uptick in reorganisation, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures.

Practice head(s):

Felipe Rubio Torres; Lorenzo Pizarro


It is a very dynamic and resourceful team. Lawyers Lorenzo Pizarro and Pablo Arboleda have detailed knowledge of each process they carry out and they have achieved quite interesting results with litigation strategies derived from a detailed analysis that they have carried out of each process. They are always ready to have follow-up calls, their monthly reports are quite complete, and they’re affordable, allowing for a quality customer relationship.

Although it is the same or quite similar to the pricing of other firms, the constant willingness, the affordability of the team members and the promptness in the provision of services is the true differentiator.

Lorenzo Pizarro is a very dynamic lawyer who is always up-to-date on litigious issues and is very analytical, which allows the way in which he conducts the processes to be successful. Additionally, he is a lawyer who is available to his clients, communication with him is quite simple and he manages to explain the processes and strategies easily and in an understandable way, which makes the client aware of the progress of the process on an ongoing basis, but also  comfortable with the way it is being carried out.

Our company does not have a team of in-house attorneys. When we need legal advice regarding litigation and arbitration, we always turn to BBGS because of the trust we have had with them for more than 20 years.

In general, we do not work with other firms. BBGS has a personalised treatment with us that makes them feel like part of our team: Dr Barrios is always at our disposal for corporate and organisational matters; Dr Montenegro collaborates with us at all times for any type of query; Dr Serrano is in charge of our account and is always ready to collaborate; and Dr Pizarro is the lawyer assigned to us to carry out arbitration processes, performing them more than satisfactorily and with speed to reach a fair resolution.

Key clients

Smith & Nephew Colombia

Centro Comercial y de Negocios Andino

Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

Samsung Electronics Colombia

Forus Colombia

Lifestyle Brands of Colombia


Laboratorio Franco Colombiano (Lafrancol)

Europastry Colombia

Centro Comercial Unicentro

Centro Comercial Palatino

ABB Powergrids Colombia

Sed International de Colombia

Plural Comunicaciones


World Trade Centers Association

Human Capital Outsourcing

Eurotruss Latam

Inversiones Sillar Segovia

Fundación Sanar

Ronderos & Cárdenas

Work highlights

  • Advising Europastry Colombia on a compensation claim against the alleged termination of a commercial agreement and the filing of a counterclaim for multiple breaches of contract.
  • Advising Smith & Nephew on the liquidation process of heath provider Cafesalud and its recognition as a debtor in the proceedings.
  • Advising ABB Power Grids Colombia on seeking the declaration of a breach of contract by Seringel (to which is supplies goods and services), as well as the payment of pending purchase orders.

Medina Muñoz & Abogados Asociados

Medina & Munoz Abogados is experienced primarily in disputes involving trusts and trust companies and financial matters in general. The six-strong team undertakes civil and commercial litigation, administrative litigation and arbitration. Litigator and practice head Gabriel Medina handles cases across an array of industries, demonstrating particular strength in contentious finance matters. Fellow co-head Claudia Medina is an administrative law specialist whose practice centres on public procurement contractual disputes. The firm has also an insurance practice with contentious capability.

Practice head(s):

Gabriel Medina; Claudia Medina

Key clients

Fiduciaria Fidubogota


Fiduciaria Popular


Pinturas Prime

Centro Automotor Diesel – Centrosdiesel


Grupo Inrica

Katering Blue


Forero Castro


Nieto Abogados

A market presence for over 20 years, Nieto Abogados is a nine-strong boutique with an offering that includes corporate transactions and financing, and public and private contracting, with particular attention to the infrastructure and services, oil and gas, and telecoms and media sectors; operating transversally, the firm’s dispute resolution practice acts in relation to all these areas. Managing partner Luis Eduardo Nieto has over 30 years’ corporate advisory and contentious experience and leads a team that evidences ‘high commitment‘ while providing ‘close accompaniment‘. Responsible for the direction, planning, monitoring and development of the litigation practice, Juan Antonio Vallejo (who made partner in 2020), is a former judge of the commercial procedures desk of the Superintendencia de Sociedades; he has over a decade’s experience in complex negotiations and corporate law. Primary associate support comes from César Eduardo Pérez.


Nieto Legal combines an excellent command of legal issues with a closeness to its clients.

I always felt that my attorney was very knowledgeable about the issues related to my case and that he was genuinely interested in giving me the best advice.

Lawyers have a high commitment to clients and give them close accompaniment throughout the process.

I want to highlight the lawyer Juan Antonio Vallejo, who advised me very well in a civil process and gave me a very effective preparation for a judicial hearing.’

Key clients


Conagra Foods Incorporated

Hyundai Corporation


RHI Magnesita

Work highlights

  • Representing Hyundai Corporation in a dispute over the termination of representation contract.
  • Representing Dicermex inn a $10m reorganisation and restructuring made complex due to their being an additional 50 interested parties.
  • Representing Conagra Food Incorporated against Altipal in a contractual dispute regarding one of the company’s main products.

Triana, Uribe & Michelsen

The medium-sized Triana, Uribe & Michelsen undertakes litigation primarily in relation to its core practice of IP and associated matters including advertising law, data protection and consumer protection. Led by Fernando Triana, who also has extensive experience in general commercial litigation, the nine-strong practice group undertakes administrative, judicial, or prejudicial proceedings. Key support coming from fellow partners Sandra Méndez, who undertakes general commercial law, unfair competition, litigation and torts; and Sandra Ávila, who focuses on conflict resolution in regard to domain names and other IP matters. The practice -which can also call on Juan Carlos Uribe, whose areas of expertise include defence of trade marks, oppositions, patents and health registrations- also handles mediation and ADR.

Practice head(s):

Fernando Triana; Sandra Ávila

Key clients

Caracol Televisión

Casa Editorial el Tiempo

Biotoscana Farma


Alcon Laboratories



Alcantara Asociados

Camacol – Cámara regional de la Construcción

Corporación Primax

Valbuena Abogados

Established in 2011 and primarily a competition boutique, Valbuena Abogados has gradually broadened its service offering, and has developed a disputes practice on the back of its expertise in contentious competition matters, handling primarily administrative litigation but also civil and commercial matters. Indeed, founding partner Gustavo Valbuena, a former Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, was a member of the commission responsible for the reform of administrative litigation proceedings; he also has extensive experience advising local and international clients on commercial, public and administrative law, particularly relating to competition and consumer matters. Recent mandates include representing Expreso Palmira in an unfair competition dispute against Transportes Armenia; and Almacenes JR against administrative decisions issued by the Directorate of investigations of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. Key associate support comes from the experienced Camilo Jaimes. The team was further strengthened in June 2020 with the hire of Wilhelm Rodríguez.

Practice head(s):

Gustavo Valbuena

Key clients


Constructora Conconcreto

Federación Colombiana de Futbol




Frontera Energy Colombia

Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Colombia





Uniphos Colombia Plant

Caja de Compensación Familiar (COMFENALCO) Antioquia


Work highlights

  • Representation of Comcel in a class action filed by a citizen against the company and other cellphone operators for allegedly charging content and applications without the acceptance of its users.
  • Representation of Constructora Conconcreto and Industrial Conconcreto in an unfair competition lawsuit filed by Conalvias before the Delegation of Jurisdictional Affairs of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce; value $55m.
  • The Ministry of Health and Social Protection filed a claim for nullity and restoration of rights against administrative decisions issued by the General Representative of the Clearing Agent of Comfenalco, through which the credits presented by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection were qualified and graded, as well as the decisions through which the appeals filed against these resolutions were resolved; value $13m.