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Focus on… Ferrere Uruguay

FERRERE is the largest law firm in Uruguay and the only multi-jurisdictional, purely South American, law firm in the region. It has +150 attorneys throughout Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Specialization is a differentiating feature: The firm has invested for years in building practice groups dedicated to the areas of both law and industry. Along with cutting-edge technology, this allows Ferrere to provide clients outstanding quality legal advice with a high level of cost efficiency. The firm regularly deploys members of its highly specialist talent pool to any jurisdiction where they may be required, at any time. Regional and international companies, as well as global law firms, take advantage of the firm’s footprint to achieve full coverage of the region.

Ferrere adheres to international standards and provides homogeneous services, guaranteed by integrated, vertical practice groups and procedures, and a firm-wide training programme. Many of the lawyers have US or European degrees and have worked for global law firms, financial institutions or at the headquarters of major multinationals. It is a fully merit-based organization with a mandatory early retirement policy and a strong focus on promoting diversity, with women making up 30% of the partnership.

Ferrere’s regional structure and depth of resources enable it to handle the most complex cross-border and multi-jurisdictional transactions and disputes.


Ferrere advises mainly multinationals, including five of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies, global financial institutions, and some of the largest Latin American companies. Many global law firms also use Ferrere to complete their coverage of the region, given its multijurisdictional presence.