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Colombia > Projects Tier 1

Highlighted by sources as ‘the best in terms of PPP project structuring’, Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados also finds favour for its ability to ‘provide the client with comprehensive project advice from all points of view’. The deep and broad team is equally adept at advising private and public sector participants in major projects, with a strong record in the rail, road, public utilities and port sectors. Álvaro Durán is widely revered as a leading light for projects; he recently acted alongside Carlos Andrés Sánchez to advise BID Invest on the structuring of the Magdalena River Waterway Project. Jorge Gabriel Taboada is also a senior name; he paired up with Álvaro Gasca to represent the consortium (formed by Patria Investments and Mercantil Colpatria) responsible for the development of the Malla Vial del Valle road project. The team also draws upon a talented pool of associates, including Felipe HerreraGigliana Rivero Ramirez and Edgardo Maya.

Practice head(s):

Álvaro Durán; Jorge Gabriel Taboada; Carlos Andrés Sánchez; Álvaro Gasca


‘The Durán & Osorio team goes far beyond purely legal advice or structuring to analyse all the issues, including financial and technical aspects, in order to provide the client with comprehensive project advice from all points of view.’

‘The team is comprised of lawyers with extensive experience and trajectory. They never put a junior lawyer to deal directly with the client. Lawyers also have knowledge of topics other than legal; they understand financing issues and how to make bankable projects, as well as environmental, social and property issues.’

‘Without a doubt, Álvaro Durán and his team of lawyers (Carlos Andrés Sánchez, Felipe Herrera and Gigliana Rivero Ramirez) are the best in terms of PPP project structuring.’

‘The D&O office always has the best availability to meet our needs; it has very good response times and puts its entire team at our disposal.’

For the legal structuring of projects, I do not recommend any other firm than Duran & Osorio.’

‘Felipe Herrera provides excellent service to his clients; contributing timely and pertinent comments on all issues.’

‘Carlos Andrés Sánchez has a financial expertise that has contributed a lot to the preparation of state contracts.’

Key clients

Patria Investments

Mercantil Colpatria

Departmento Nacional de Planeación

Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

Empresa Férrea Regional

Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá


International Finance Corporation

Promotora Ferrocarril de Antioquia

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)

Ministerio de Obras Públicas de Panamá

Empresa de Renovación y Desarrollo Urbano de Bogotá

Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial (FINDETER) & Prosperity Fund

Work highlights

  • Acted for Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) and Empresa Metro de Medellín (EMM) on the structuring of the Light Railway Project in Avenue 80 in Medellín.
  • Advised the consortium (formed by Patria Investments and Mercantil Colpatria) on its successful public tender for the Malla Vial del Valle project; plus ongoing advice on the development phase.
  • Assisted BID Invest with the procurement process and concession contracts for the Magdalena River Waterway Project.

Colombia > Public law Tier 1

Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados is held up by sources as the firm with ‘the most experience in advising the Colombian State in public infrastructure projects'. The team acts for an impressive roster of public-sector entities, including the Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura and Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, and it also advises leading domestic and multinational companies on government contracts. Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal is sought after for his record in infrastructure projects; he is advising Servicio Geológico Colombiano on a joint strategic project with the National University of Colombia to develop a geological research centre. Jorge Gabriel Taboada handles a range of public law matters, with particular expertise in dispute resolution. Gustavo Osorio is noted for public budget and contractual issues. Álvaro Gasca and Carlos Andrés Sánchez García are highlighted together for their ‘ability to resolve important and transcendent legal matters'.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Gabriel Taboada; Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal; Carlos Andrés Sánchez García; Álvaro Gasca


‘It is a truly outstanding team; lawyers know public administration in detail, not only the formal standards but also the informal ones. It is, more than a legal advisor, an ally in the pursuit of our interests. Support, compared to other offices, is usually much more agile and personalised, with its best human capital always available to the client.’

The team’s strengths are its experience of structuring public initiatives, its record in advising the government and its experience in transactions that require knowledge of public finances. It is the firm with the most experience in advising the Colombian State in public infrastructure projects.

Álvaro Gasca and Carlos Andrés Sánchez García stand out for their commitment and their ability to resolve important and transcendent legal matters in the transactions in which they work.’

‘The differentiating element of Carlos Andrés Sánchez García’s team is the knowledge it has regarding social impact bonds, both already executed and those that are in execution. It has always given us a timely response to inquiries.’

‘We have had very good experiences with the D&O office in relation to public law issues. The joint development of concession contracts demonstrates a deep knowledge of the sector and its up-to-date knowledge on the needs of the industry. We particularly recommend Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal.

Key clients

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

Patria Investments

Mercantil Colpatria

Empresa Férrea Regional

Ministry of Transport

Instituto Nacional de Vías (INVIAS)

Instituto de Infraestructura y Concesiones de Cundinamarca

Secretaría de Ambiente

Crossrail International

EDP Renováveis

Servicio Geológico Colombiano (SGC)


Inter-American Development Bank / Fundación Corona / Swiss Economic Cooperation

World Bank

Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial (FINDETER) and Prosperity Fund

Promoambiental Distrito

Grupo Energía de Bogotá

Construcciones Rubau (sucursal Colombia)

Work highlights

  • Advised Empresa Férrea Regional on the concession agreement for the Regiotram de Occidente project, as well as on the securitisation of the resources provided by Colombia’s National Government and Cundinamarca Department to finance the project’s construction and operation.
  • Advised Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) on presenting a proposal for a new institutional arrangement of the entities in charge of the railway system to reactivate the sector.
  • Advised Servicio Geológico Colombiano (SGC) on a joint strategic project with the National University of Colombia to develop a geological research centre, for the expansion of the scientific knowledge of the country.

Colombia > TMT Tier 1

A regulatory powerhouse for TMT matters, Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados is a popular choice to advise major telecoms, media, TV and technology companies on regulations, product development, data protection and contentious issues. The two-partner team is co-led by London-based Carlos Andrés Sánchez García, who provides ongoing advice to Microsoft, Hughes Network Systems and Palantir Technologies on regulatory matters, together with Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal, whose infrastructure expertise lends itself to involvement in strategic telecoms and technology projects of national significance. Additionally, senior associate Gigliana Rivero Ramirez is recommended for her focus on communications, public law and infrastructure.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Andrés Sánchez García; Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal; Gigliana Rivero Ramírez


‘We recommend the firm for the availability of its partners; we always have direct contact with the partner.’

‘The team is comprised of very experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.’

Key clients

Palantir Technologies

Hughes Network Systems / EchoStar Corporation

Microsoft Colombia

Work highlights

  • Advised Palantir Technologies on technology law, data protection, software licencing matters and public procurement.
  • Advised EchoStar on the registry of EchoStar XXIV before the Colombian government.
  • Advised Microsoft Colombia on matters regarding technology industry regulation.

Colombia > Banking and finance Tier 3

Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados's firm-wide focus on projects and public law ensures that it demonstrates ‘extensive experience in banking and finance law pertaining to public entities'. Sources attest to its specialisation in the financing of transport infrastructure projects, recently evidenced by its involvement in a raft of road and rail projects. Department co-head Álvaro Gasca, noted for his ‘strong leadership skills', advised Empresa Férrea Regional on a securitisation programme to finance the construction of the $420m Regiotram de Occidente railway project. Senior group co-head Gabriel Taboada and talented senior associate Sebastián Duque are also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Álvaro Gasca; Gabriel Taboada


The firm has extensive experience in banking and finance law pertaining to public entities. Lawyers always look for a solution and alternatives to situations that arise, providing security for decision-making.’

The team is specialised in structuring financing operations for transport infrastructure projects financed with public resources. This experience allows them to facilitate good communication between different stakeholders (public and private) within the financing process.’

Lawyers have the ability to plan alternative solutions for each part of the process so that the client can choose the best option for the project. Additionally, they are respectful, stay close to the client and respond calmly to situations of pressure and tension.

The main difference between Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados and other firms is the team’s extensive knowledge, which combines technical know-how and practical experience; this allows it to handle highly complex situations with a high degree of precision.’

The group’s extensive interdisciplinary experience allows it to design strategies and provide solutions based on the different strengths of the team. Therefore, it can cover a large number of problems, including highly complex situations, with sufficiency and speed.

Álvaro Gasca and senior associate Sebastián Duque are always willing to collaborate and respond to the requirements of the project in development; they also have extensive knowledge and experience in banking and finance matters.’

Álvaro Gasca has strong leadership skills that enhance his performance when managing issues with stakeholders.

Key clients

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

Empresa Férrea Regional

Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá – Metro de Medellín

Instituto de Infraestructura y Concesiones de Cundinamarca

International Finance Corporation

Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público

Work highlights

  • Advised Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá – Metro de Medellín and Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional on a $550m syndicated loan agreement between Metro de Medellín (as borrower) and Banco Davivienda, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional and Bancolombia (as lenders).
  • Advised Empresa Férrea Regional on the securitisation of the resources committed by Colombia’s National Government and the Department of Cundinamarca to finance the construction of the $420m Regiotram de Occidente railway project.
  • Acted for Instituto de Infraestructura y Concesiones de Cundinamarca on matters relating to the funding of the Plan 500 project for the construction, renewal, and improvement of 500 km of highways and roadways within the Department of Cundinamarca.

Dispute resolution > Arbitration Tier 4

New entrant to the ranking, Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados leverages its top-tier positions in projects and public law to garner a steady stream of infrastructure-related arbitrations. Clients are drawn from both the private and public sectors, with Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and the National Roads Institute (INVIAS) both on the department’s books. Managing partner Jorge Gabriel Taboada  is recommended for his expertise in disputes with a significant public law dimension. Junior associates Sofía Leguizamón  and Camila Angulo  provide specialist dispute resolution support.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Gabriel Taboada

Key clients

Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura (ANI)

Instituto Nacional de Vías (INVÍAS)

Construcciones Rubau (sucursal Colombia)

Transinnova Usme

Aguas de Cartagena

Unión Temporal Estructura Temporal 2019

Work highlights

  • Representing Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura (ANI) in arbitral proceedings related to the early termination of a PPP concession contract.
  • Acting for Instituto Nacional de Vías (INVIAS) on an arbitral procedure related to the Pumarejo bridge that crosses the Magdalena River and connects the Atlántico and Magdalena departments.
  • Representing Aguas de Cartagena (ACUACAR) in an arbitral procedure seeking recovery of an investment made by ACUACAR following an accident concerning a submarine sanitary water outlet.

Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados was founded in Bogota, DC, in 1995. Since then, the firm’s practice has been focused on assisting its clients in obtaining legally, socially and economically efficient solutions for complex problems. Our lawyers are used to an interdisciplinary workplace and have developed investigatory skills that go above and beyond the reach of conventional legal training.

D&O provides services, as a leading law firm in every phase of the projects cycle. We provide council to the government for structuring complex projects, and to private parties for participating in biding processes, contract negotiations and developing unsolicited proposals of PPPs. We also advise the financing of projects, and we provide legal support to owners during their project’s execution. Our knowledge of the market dynamics and the financial fundamentals that characterize the projects’ field allows us to deliver comprehensive, viable and efficient solutions to our clients.

The firm is highly recognized as a specialized legal and regulatory advisor in the fields of public law, utilities, TMT, energy and mining, corporate and commercial law and is deeply involved in litigation concerning disputes related to all its areas of practice.

Main areas of practice
Projects: D&O is a leading legal advisor in Colombia for  the design, structuring, implementation and execution of large-scale PPP projects for public transportation, roads, social infrastructure, airports, ports, venues, railways, water and sanitation, and electric transmission lines.

Since its inception, D&O has provided legal advice both to the Colombian government and to private clients in connection with the most ambitious and emblematic infrastructure projects in Colombia. In 1998 the firm provided legal advice to the District of Bogotá for the design of Transmilenio, its world-wide praised BRT system. se The firm was also responsible for structuring the El Dorado Airport concession, drafting the PPP contract for the fourth generation (4G) concession program, and structuring a large number of 4G concessions. Of late, D&O structured Bogotá’s first Metro Line, a PPP scheme for the West Commuter Rail of Bogotá (known as “Regiotram de Occidente”), Bogotá´s Hospital Infrastructure Program -the first social infrastructure PPP project in the country´s history- as well as two hospitals through turnkey construction contracts, among many other projects.

Currently D&O participates extensively in the projects field as legal counsel for several road building, BRT and railway projects.

TMT: Durán & Osorio is considered one of the leading advisors for telecommunications, media and technology. The firm’s experience extends over the last 20 years, since the beginning of the market liberalization of TMT networks and services in Colombia, until the recent introduction to internet based services. Moreover, the firm has consolidated its image as a law firm that combines both legal and regulatory awareness, all while demonstrating a deep understanding of the technical idiosyncrasies and financial requirements of the industry.

Among many other cases, Durán & Osorio had the mandate to structure and execute the merger process between Colombia Telecomunicaciones and Movistar, which is possibly the biggest merger in Colombian history. During the 2019-2020 period, the firm advised the Colombian ICT Ministry in the structuring and procuring of the new registry operator contract for the Colombian top-level domain .co, as well as in the current concession contract extension negotiation, the IANA .co transfer request and the auction of IMT radio spectrum in the 700, 1900 and 2500 MHz frequency bands.

Energy and extractive industries: The firm is widely recognized for its practice in the energy and mining sectors in Colombia. The firm was the main legal advisor for some of the most significant projects in the energy sector in the country, including the acquisition of the hydroelectric power plant of Caldas, the energy corporation of Quindío, the acquisition of Transelca and the acquisition of equity in the Guavio hydroelectric plant, and also assisted Ecopetrol in its first stock democratization process in 2007. Currently, D&O advises the National Mining Agency of Colombia, and also supports several private clients in the development of alternative energy projects.

Water and sanitation: D&O pioneered the development of public-private participation schemes for the water and sanitation sector in Colombia. The firm was the main legal advisor for the process to grant in concession the Tibitoc water treatment plant in 1997 -probably the first concession contract of this kind in Colombia in modern times- and has being providing legal support to private clients in this area since the first PPP agreements with Colombian municipalities in this sector were signed,  25 years ago .

Among the most relevant projects for which D&O was the main legal advisor in this sector are a PPP for the water supply and sewage system of Santa Marta, and a PPP for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Canoas wastewater treatment plant. Currently D&O provides council to large public and private utilities, and also to several operators of waste managing concessions.

Public law: Durán & Osorio is regarded as a trusted and praised advisor in several areas of public law, including public procurement, public finance, regulation, public governance and punitive procedures.

Our public law practice is supported by all the firm’s areas, which allows us to provide our private clients with highly specialized advice in their relations with the Colombian government and in procedures before governmental entities. The firm’s public law team is very experienced and successful in regulatory matters, public procurement procedures, public finance, and governance of state-owned enterprises and public agencies in Colombia.

Currently, D&O advises several governmental entities and private companies on all matters related to their applicable legal framework, including public contracting, tenders and auctions, internal regulations, governance, audit and control.

Dispute resolution: D&O has an exceptional and steady record representing clients in court litigation, arbitration procedures, and in administrative investigations carried out by regulatory bodies and agencies in Colombia such as Superintendency of Public Utilities. The firm represents several large national and foreign clients in litigation concerning disputes related to public utilities, infrastructure, transport projects, toll road concessions and mining concessions, during every stage of judicial and arbitral proceedings, and provides its clients with strategic views and advanced negotiation techniques. The firm’s dispute resolution team is very experienced and possess extensive knowledge of both public and private law.

Banking and finance: The firm has a sound knowledge of financial markets and its regulations, delivering effective, innovative and cost-efficient solutions in debt and equity related transactions tailored to each client’s needs. Of late, the firm devised a unique long-term public debt instrument as a part of the payment mechanism (TPEs) for the Bogotá’s first Metro Line project, that entailed the largest public debt note emission in Colombia´s financial market history.

Currently D&O is developing a debt note emission scheme for the for La Dorada – Chiriguaná project and provides legal counsel for funding the Bogot a´s bus rapid transit system -Transmilenio- extension to Soacha municipality.

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