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Professor Arnoldo Wald is a partner and the founder of Wald, Antunes, Vita e Blattner Advogados, considered one of the most influential and admired lawyers in Brazil, as well as one of the most cited in rulings by Brazil’s high courts. Throughout his almost 70-year career, this lawyer, professor, author and legal expert has written several books in the areas of Civil, Commercial, Banking, Administrative and Arbitration Law, and hundreds of articles published in Brazilian and foreign legal magazines.

He was the founder and director of the Banking and Capital Market Law magazine (Revista de Direito Bancário e do Mercado de Capitais) and the Arbitration and Mediation magazine (Revista de Arbitragem e Mediação).

Arnoldo Wald was a pioneer in the introduction of arbitration in Brazil and held dozens of prominent positions, among them Rio de Janeiro State General Prosecutor, President of the Brazilian Securities & Exchange Commission (CVM). He has been a board member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) for more than 20 years. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the University of Paris II and the Brazilian Public Law Institute (Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público).

Main publications: Novo Direito Monetário; Correção Monetária; Arbitragem Comercial Internacional: A Convenção de Nova Iorque e o Direito Brasileiro; several articles on arbitration, banking law and capital markets.


Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.





Lawyer Rankings

Brazil > Dispute Resolution: Arbitration

Wald, Antunes, Vita e Blattner Advogados brings together a team of specialised lawyers who serve as counsel and arbitrators in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, most notably cases in the infrastructure and engineering sectors. The firm is also regularly instructed by clients in court cases related to arbitration, including the execution of arbitral sentences and the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. Arnoldo Wald stands out for his ‘wide and deep knowledge‘ of dispute resolution. Arnoldo Wald Filho focuses on arbitration and mediation, which are also notable areas of practice for Riccardo Giuliano Figueira Torre. Other key names in the team include Mariana Tavares Antunes and Marina Gaensly Blattner.

Brazil > Dispute Resolution: Litigation

Entirely devoted to dispute resolution, Wald, Antunes, Vita e Blattner Advogados possesses the ‘ability to handle highly complex cases‘ heard before judicial courts and administrative bodies. With strong credentials in prominent superior court proceedings, the team is well versed in advising on civil, commercial, corporate, banking and infrastructure-related lawsuits. Founding partner Arnoldo Wald, Alexandre de Mendonça Wald, who specialises in disputes involving corporate law and concessions, and Arnoldo Wald Filho, who is well regarded for his ‘ability to resolve hurdles and settle disputes‘ in an array of sectors, are some of the main points of contact in the team. Mariana Tavares Antunes ‘stands out for her organisation and execution skills‘. Consumer and competition litigation are among Brasília-based partner Marcus Vinícius Vita Ferreira‘s areas of expertise, while ‘technical lawyerEduardo Cezar Chad and Bernardo Cavalcanti Freire are proficient in bankruptcy and restructuring cases. Riccardo Giuliano Figueira Torre, Adriana Campos Conrado Zamponi in Rio de Janeiro, and the recently promoted Clarissa Marcondes Macéa are also active in litigation.