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Competition and antitrust Tier 1

FerradaNehme's experienced, multidisciplinary team is directed by name partner Nicole Nehme, and supported by partners Diego Hernández (a member of the firm's antitrust, fair competition and economic regulation practice group since 2007) and Benjamín Mordoj, a specialist in cartels, abuse of dominant position and M&A-related antitrust issues. The group - which also includes economist Elisa Greene who was hired from the TDLC in 2019 - has participated in some of the largest cases before the FNE and TDLC, including investigations and antitrust litigation; it also routinely provides legal opinions on antitrust issues, and assists with voluntary procedures, M&A-related clearances, antitrust compliance, and dumping and safeguards. The team's strength in depth is reflected in a second line of experienced antitrust practice directors: Mabel Ahumada, whose background includes various positions at the FNE; Sebastián Dufeu, who focuses on the specialist telecom-related competition matters; litigator Tomás Pérez and Josefina Campos, whose experience includes joint ventures, mergers and abuse-of-dominant-position matters. Since publication the firm has raised both Ahumada and Pérez to the partnership, effective as of May 2021.

Practice head(s):

Key clients



Delta Air Lines


FAASA Aviación

Laboratorios Biosano

Nestlé Chile


VTR Comunicaciones

Walmart Chile


Environment Tier 1

FerradaNehme's eight-strong department is highly rated for its assistance with the environmental law aspects of the development and permitting of complex projects; and it works closely with the firm's clients’ government and community relation teams on the avoidance of potential environmental conflicts. Other areas of strength include compliance programmes, sanctioning procedures and environmental litigation. The firm has also developed a strong practice in relation to recently enacted legislation on recycling and extended producer liability. Lead partner Patricio Leyton has 20 years' experience in environmental law, permitting and project development; Valeria Ruz is well respected for her legal opinions and environmental briefs; and Luis Cordero heads the public law group. Also key to the group are SEIA specialist Carola Salamanca, and environmental compliance expert Rafael Collado. María-Pilar Dominguez provides associate-level support.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Andes Iron

Barrick Gold Corporation


Hochschild Mining

Minera Santo Domingo

Enel Green Power

Norte Abierto

Hewlett Packard

Teck Resources

Aguas Andinas


LG Electronics

European Southern Observatory

Public law Tier 1

Advising clients from both the public and private sector, FerradaNehme's eight-strong department integrates the firm's expertise in administrative law, economic regulation and litigation (before public agencies, the General Comptroller Office and High Courts of Justice). The scope of the practice includes assistance with environmental matters, urban planning, financial markets and public policy issues, among other areas. The public law and government practice is co-led by Luis Cordero and Josefina Court. Cordero advises private entities on matters involving regulated industries as well as dealings with authorities; he also assists governmental agencies with preparing new laws and implementing government policies and institutions. Court's experience includes previously serving in the Legislative Office of the Presidency of Chile under different administrations. Key support is provided by practice director José Tomás Correa. Since publication, Correa has been raised to the partnership with effect from May 2021.

Practice head(s):

Key clients


Constructura Atacama



Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Comisión para el Mercado Financiero


Gobierno Regional Metropolitano

Ministerio de Obras Públicas


Compliance Tier 2

Led by Rafael Collado since its inception in 2013, FerradaNehme houses one of the oldest compliance practices in the country. Collado, who became a partner of the dispute resolution and compliance practices back in 2018, has both civil and criminal litigation experience as well as deep compliance and criminal-prevention expertise. Building on the firm's first class reputation in those legal sectors a public law aspect -such as competition law and environmental matters- the four-strong team has developed a full-service compliance offering that undertakes preventative training and advisory; forensic investigation, monitoring and review; and white-collar litigation across all relevant areas, including consumer law and data privacy and protection. Key support comes from associate Lucía Álvarez, who with a Master's degree in criminal law and is particularly focused on matters related to Ley 20.393 on criminal responsibility (and its successive revisions).

Practice head(s):

Key clients

VTR Comunicaciones

Centro de Compensación Automatizado

Sky Airlines

Walmart Chile

Aguas Andinas

cementos Bío Bío

Natura Cosméticos

Compañía de Aceros del Pacífico


Compañía de Petróleos de Chile (COPEC)

TMT Tier 2

FerradaNehme's seven-strong group, which includes three experienced partners -Nicole NehmeStella Muñoz and Benjamín Mordoj- is widely respected in the Chilean legal market for its advice on the national and international regulation of media and content, data protection and privacy, technology and infrastructure, and telecoms. Clients also benefit from the TMT practice's frequent interaction with the firm's reputed antitrust and economic regulation, consumer law, public law and litigation practices. Key support is provided by director Sebastián Dufeu, senior associate Sebastián Morales and associate Nicolás Morales.

Key clients

Hewlett Packard

Lotus Producciones


Farmacias Ahumada


VTR Comunicaciones

Walmart Chile

Dispute resolution Tier 4

FerradaNehme's team is co-led by experienced practitioners Nicolás Ubilla and Rafael Collado, who both made partner in 2018. As well as handling commercial and civil matters, recent matters have seen the 10-strong team particularly active in contentious constitutional and environmental issues and telecoms and energy-sector related litigation. Disputes resolution practice director Marcela Rodríguez is another key member of the group, which can also call on leading competition figure, name partner Nicole Nehme. Since publication, Rodríguez has been raised to the parnership - effective May 2021.

Key clients

Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile

Barrick Gold

Corporación de Fomento de la Producción

Andes Iron

VTR Comunicaciones

Financial Market Commission


Corporate and M&A Tier 5

FerradaNehme seeks to offer a boutique-style, artesanal corporate practice focused on high-end matters with clients benefiting from the team's close interaction with the firm's banking, financial regulation, insurance, competition, litigation and tax groups. The attorneys to note are name partner Rodrigo Ferrada and corporate practice director Juan Andrés Bretón. Former director Mario Valderrama moved into the public sector at the Superintendencia de Pensiones (Pension Superintendence Prosecutor), but the group was strengthened with the 2019 arrival of Roberto Carrillo from Claro & Cia. as a senior associate.

Key clients

Acciona Industrial

Fitch Group

Compañía de Petróleos de Chile (Copec)

Grenke Group

Enel Green Power Chile

Capstone Group

Labruyère Group

GL Events Group

Ferias y Exposiciones del Mercosur

Theatre Projects Consultants

The firm :

Founded in 2000, FerradaNehme is a multi-specialist law firm with an outstanding position in the Chilean market of legal services, particularly in complex areas of legal practice, such as Competition and Regulated Markets, Environmental Law, Litigation, Public Law and Government, TMT, Corporate Law, Consumer Law and Compliance. In such areas, FerradaNehme is generally recognised as one of the most highly recommended firms in the handling of difficult challenges, on behalf of Chilean and international companies and institutions participating in a wide variety of markets and industries, as well as governmental institutions.

Currently, the firm is positioned among the most sought-after firms of the country, given its professional capacity and its unique integrated offer approach, its numerous highly qualified professional and administrative staff, and their individual and collective experiences. Its strategy is to further develop ‘niches’ within its main areas of practice, thereby taking full advantage of the specific expertise of its individual lawyers. Examples include the consumer law, compliance, technology, and energy practices, among others.

In just 20 years, FerradaNehme has become one of Chile’s leading, largest and most successful law firms. This is the result of the dedication and excellence of FerradaNehme’s professionals, the recognition of its clients and the remarkable results obtained.

Main areas of practice
Competition/Antitrust and Economic Regulation: The firm receives a huge quantity of work, such as legal opinions and surveys; mergers and acquisitions; voluntary and mandatory pre-merger filings; antitrust investigations and litigation; strategic advice; negotiation with antitrust authorities; economic advice provided together with the country’s most renowned economists; development and implementation of compliance programs, among others. We have recently hired an internal economist to this group of professionals.
Contacts: Nicole Nehme, Diego Hernández, Benjamín Mordoj

Energy (electricity and gas):  The firm advises regulated industries on almost every market area. Given the multidisciplinary requirements of energy law, the energy law practice group is founded on the pillars of economic regulation, public and environmental law matters. It works in close collaboration with the litigation and corporate practice groups, with the assistance of four partners: Nicole Nehme, Luis Cordero Patricio Leyton and Benjamín Mordoj. The firm advises public authorities, as well as electricity generation, transmission, and distribution companies, and is actively participating as a consultant in the vibrant renewable energy market. Additionally, the firm advises several oil and gas companies.
Contacts: Nicole Nehme, Benjamín Mordoj

Environment and Natural Resources: The firm is regularly engaged in the most challenging issues concerning environmental permits; approval and development of natural resources projects in areas of mining, energy, waste management, among others; drafting and review of environmental impact studies and declarations; marine concessions; negotiation with local communities; advice on environmental and natural resources issues and renewable energy; among others.
Contacts: Patricio Leyton, Valeria Ruz, Carola Salamanca

Dispute Resolution: The growth of this practice has been remarkable. It currently handles civil, commercial, economic, procurement, administrative and constitutional litigation before Civil Courts, Courts of Appeals, Supreme Court, and specialised litigation before special courts; administrative proceedings before regulatory authorities; arbitration and mediation.  The goal here is to avoid repetitive or volume work, only accepting high profile and complex cases, always interacting with other areas of practice, considering the natural complexities of each industry.
Contacts: Nicolás Ubilla, Nicole Nehme

Corporate/M&A: The practice remains a boutique-like endeavour, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, transaction finance, capital markets, foreign investment, contracts and related transactions. Regularly advising national and international companies when confronted with substantial work matters, through the drafting of sophisticated and innovative contracts, memoranda and legal opinions.
Contacts: Rodrigo Ferrada, Juan Andrés Bretón

TMT: This practice is made up of a highly qualified group of individuals with concrete experience, dedication, and expertise. Has represented clients before sectorial authorities, also participating in the most relevant cases in the last few years. The practice has advised on the development of technology, telecoms and media projects, with a diverse legal approach as well as other business, economic and regulatory considerations. It has been involved in digital strategies incorporating data processing technologies (i.e., big data, cloud services, cybersecurity, eBanking, among others), as well as in issues connected to personal data protection, transactions involving technological services, and in litigation arising from these matters.
Contacts:  Nicole Nehme, Benjamín Mordoj, Jessica Matus

Public Law and Government: The core focus of this practice is providing dedicated advice and opinions to the Central Government and its agencies, as well as for private organisations and institutions in a broad range of areas including banking, health care, environment, consumer regulation, pensions, and other matters.  Provides also regular advice to foreign governments, in the design of new regulatory frameworks and institutions.
Contacts: Luis Cordero, Josefina Court

Compliance: The firm believes that incorporating programs concerning criminal, antitrust, consumer, data or environmental compliance, constitutes an essential preventive mechanism for companies. This practice is responsible for the implementation and constant update of compliance programs in the most diverse fields of expertise. The firm also provides all educational and control materials required by clients; it is an expert in the required training for the continued improvement of the internal practices and culture of companies. The advice includes all aspects of compliance programs; on their institutional, behavioural, or procedural dimensions.
Contact: Rafael Collado

Senior partner: Nicole Nehme
Managing partner: Rodrigo Ferrada

Department Name Email Telephone
Competition/Antitrust and Economic Regulation Nicole Nehme (+56 22) 652 9000
Competition/Antitrust and Economic Regulation Diego Hernández (+56 22) 652 9000
Competition/Antitrust and Economic Regulation Benjamín Mordoj (+56 22) 652 9000
Energy (electricity and gas) Nicole Nehme (+56 22) 652 9000
Energy (electricity and gas) Benjamín Mordoj (+56 22) 652 9000
Environment and Natural Resources Patricio Leyton (+56 22) 652 9000
Environment and Natural Resources Valeria Ruz (+56 22) 652 9000
Environment and Natural Resources Carola Salamanca (+56 22) 652 9000
Dispute Resolution Nicolás Ubilla (+56 22) 652 9000
Dispute Resolution Nicole Nehme (+56 22) 652 9000
Corporate/M&A Rodrigo Ferrada (+56 22) 652 9000
Corporate/M&A Juan Andrés Bretón (+56 22) 652 9000
TMT Nicole Nehme (+56 22) 652 9000
TMT Benjamín Mordoj (+56 22) 652 9000
TMT Jessica Matus (+56 22) 652 9000
Public Law and Government Luis Cordero (+56 22) 652 9000
Public Law and Government Josefina Court (+56 22) 652 9000
Compliance Rafael Collado (+56 22) 652 9000
Consumer Stella Muñoz (+56 22) 652 9000
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Rafael Collado  photo Mr Rafael Collado Partner
Mr Luis Cordero  photo Mr Luis Cordero Partner
Miss Josefina Court  photo Miss Josefina Court Partner
 Diego Hernández  photo Diego Hernández Partner
Mr Patricio Leyton  photo Mr Patricio Leyton Partner
 Benjamín Mordoj  photo Benjamín Mordoj Partner
 Benjamín Mordoj  photo Benjamín Mordoj Partner
 Stella Muñoz  photo Stella Muñoz Partner
Mrs Nicole Nehme  photo Mrs Nicole Nehme Founding Partner
Mrs Valeria Ruz  photo Mrs Valeria Ruz Partner
Mrs Carola Salamanca  photo Mrs Carola Salamanca Partner
 Nicolás Ubilla  photo Nicolás Ubilla Partner
Other fee-earners : 47
Total staff : 87
IBA (International Bar Association)
Partners : 12
Associates : 44
Of Counsel : 3