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Stonewater B.V has a specialised practice that is often engaged by clients, ranging from individuals to Dutch and international companies, for commercial and corporate litigation, including proceedings before the Supreme Court. Practice co-head Bart Zandbergen, a cassation lawyer at the Supreme Court, representing clients not only in proceedings before the Supreme Court, but also before the district courts and courts of appeal, in shareholder disputes and litigation relating to acquisitions and financing arrangements. Co-head Marc van Rijswijk is the go-to for corporate disputes before the Enterprise Chamber, and he is an expert in inquiry proceedings and D&O and other liability cases.

Practice head(s):

Marc van Rijswijk; Bart Zandbergen

Other key lawyers:

Jelger de Boer; Heleen de Bruijn

Key clients

Sedlex Advocats

Selvi Attorney Partnership

Axivate Capital

ZND Draad



Heredium Facility

Vert Asia

Stichting ‘t Kastheel

Stichting Zaanse Schans

Giebros Technics Operations

Kempenaer Holdings

DM Real Estate Investments

FPA Capital

Global State

Tribecca Advocaten

AX Advocate

Work highlights

  • Represented Vleems in cassation proceedings before the Supreme Court on the question of whether Vleems was obliged to take over all personnel from a deal in bankruptcy that, according to the claimant, Dutch labour union FNV, was pre-cooked.
  • Represented Vert Asia in its damages claim against G-Star due to G-Star’s sudden termination of supply agreements.
  • Represented Heredium Facility in a request against Rabobank et al for pre-trial witness hearings taking place in the Netherlands.

Stonewater is a law firm specialized in corporate and commercial litigation as well as in M&A transactions. Stonewater stands for solid solutions, solutions that last. Its lawyers are trained to not merely have excellent knowledge on the legal issues, but also to have an eye for financial, tax and business issues. As such, the solutions found are more complete, longer lasting and are more valuable for clients. Because all lawyers of Stonewater are also active in M&A transactions, they have an eye for making profitable deals (settlements) in litigation as well and Stonewater lawyers know with their litigation experience how to finalise deals through solid litigation-proof contracts. Furthermore, Stonewater is known for its in-depth legal knowledge and usually the court verdicts are in line with Stonewater’s prior estimates, making it easier for clients to assess beforehand whether or not to settle or to initiate or continue litigation. Regularly, parties or even lawyers of other firms having lost in prior instance engage Stonewater for the appeal procedure or cassation procedure with the Supreme Court, because of Stonewater’s legal knowledge and ability to find better legal angles.

Areas of expertise
Commercial disputes:
Interpretation of agreements, professional liability, guarantee/surety/mutual liability issues and the like are customary litigation issues for Stonewater.

Corporate disputes: Stonewater solves and litigates on a wide range of corporate disputes, including among other shareholder disputes, director liabilities, near-bankruptcies and annual account issues.

Enterprise Chamber proceedings: Marc van Rijswijk heads the Enterprise Chamber practice and acts for both plaintiff and defendant on issues like controversies between board, shareholders and/or supervisory board as well as corporate governance issues and mismanagement.

M&A and financing disputes and restructurings: With Bart Zandbergen’s 15+ years of experience as a partner of a well-known private equity firm, Stonewater knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to M&A and finance. Stonewater both litigates on such issues, but especially in case of more complex or litigious cases also provides M&A and finance transaction services itself. Unlike most other law firms, Stonewater has first-hand experience in financial, fiscal and business aspects and hence brings solutions optimal in all aspects and not just solutions that may be legally sound but not beneficial overall.

Supreme Court proceedings: Bart Zandbergen heads the cassation practice as he is entitled to litigate before the Dutch Supreme Court. This in-depth legal knowledge is also used for all other Stonewater litigation and M&A services.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Bart Zandbergen +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Marc van Rijswijk +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Jelger de Boer +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Heleen de Bruijn +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Jechiël Evers +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Gilles van Toor +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Marcus Schreel +31 (0)20-20 90 800
Photo Name Position Profile
Jechiël Evers photo Mr Jechiël Evers Lawyer, at the Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation department
Marcus Schreel photo Mr Marcus Schreel Paralegal, at the Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation department
Bart Zandbergen photo Mr Bart Zandbergen Partner, Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation
Jelger de Boer photo Mr Jelger de Boer Lawyer, at the Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation department
Heleen de Bruijn photo Ms Heleen de Bruijn Lawyer, at the Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation department
Marc van Rijswijk photo Mr Marc van Rijswijk Partner, Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation
Gilles van Toor photo Mr Gilles van Toor Paralegal, at the Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation department
Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation : 7
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