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Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 1

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is best known for its function as the state advocate of the Netherlands, and as such the team predominantly represents government departments, Dutch municipalities, and other public bodies in their disputes, though the firm also maintains a respectable private client base. The team covers all aspects of litigation, housing a strong Supreme Court team in which Hans van Wijk is the key figure, in addition to  the broader litigation team led jointly by van Wijk and Willem Heemskerk. Other notable names within the team include Wemmeke WismanKarlijn Teuben, and senior associate Gijsbrecht Nieuwland.


On supreme court litigation they excel.

Very experienced team, quick and reliable. The team delivers work of high quality and is also capable of finding good practical solutions for complex legal matters. Team members are easily accessible, also outside office hours.’

We have trusted the Dispute Resolution team of Pels Rijcken to handle complex litigation for us. They are exceptionally knowledgeable and committed. Their work has been outstanding.

As the State Advocate of the government of the Netherlands Pels Rijcken not only performs as an excellent ordinary law firm, but also has a unique strength. 

Hans van Wijk really stands out. Practical, solution oriented and sharp as a knife.

Wemmeke Wisman assists us in very complex procedures and is among the best Dutch lawyers.

Hans van Wijk is an excellent lawyer when it comes to litigation concerning international law within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Karlijn Teuben delivers high quality legal advice and has an exceptional performance in court: sharp and tough on legal content, with the needed empathy for the opponent.

Willem Heemskerk is an excellent lawyer who is a true and valuable sparring partner. He is always able to translate complex issues into practical and workable solutions, with a constant eye for the client’s interest. Very reliable and easily accessible.

Gijsbrecht Nieuwland is a very intelligent lawyer who delivers high quality work. Nice to work with and like the other lawyers of the team very accessible. He has a friendly and down-to-earth approach.

Key clients

Royal Dutch Shell

Daimler AG



BNP Paribas

Scandinavian Airlines




Philips Pensioenfonds


State of the Netherlands

Municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

Financial supervisory agencies: the Dutch Central Bank and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets

Energy: regulatory Tier 1

Issues relating to energy transition and climate change are high on Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV's agenda, which is praised for its 'in-depth knowledge of the energy market'. The team is also involved in major solar PV and wind farm developments as well as projects in renewables such as geothermal heat production, heat and cold storage and supply. On the contentious side, the firm represents major players such as TenneT (Dutch TSO) in energy regulatory matters. Iman Brinkman, who is 'a superb expert in the energy field' is at the helm.

Practice head(s):


High profile knowledge and very responsive.

Iman Brinkman – very well connected in politics, detailed knowlegde on energy law and the sector. Very good value for money.

The team has an in-depth knowledge of the energy market, not only as regards the regulatory framework but also as regards the latest trends, technological innovations, etc. so they can offer more creative solutions.

Extremely knowledgeable and reliable as well as great strategic think in complex litigation cases.

Iman is quite determined. I am also happy to have Iman in the editorial board of the Dutch Journal on Energy Law that I am chairing, as his contributions to the Journal are excellent and punctual.

Iman Brinkman – attention to detail, thorough knowledge of all links in the supply chain.

Iman Brinkman – superb expert in the energy field, clear advice. Combines energy law well with e.g. other legal fields and has a good knowledge of other energy market developments in the wider sense.

Key clients



Lundin Petroleum

Dutch Energy Regulator – ACM



Rendant (energy infrastructure company)

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Ministry of Finance

Municipality of The Hague

Municipality of Rotterdam

Province of Zuid-Holland


Royal Dutch Shell

Environment and planning Tier 1

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV has an experienced environment and planning  practice with strong expertise in public law. The firm regularly represents the Dutch state, municipalities, and provincial authorities. Key clients include the Municipality of Maastricht and The Hague, and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Liesbeth Schippers heads the practice and Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen is also noted. A firm highlight includes advising the Municipality of The Hague on a development of Binckhorst.

Practice head(s):


Pelsrijcken has a unique position in advising government on public law. As the fixed law firm for the national government they acquire a broad experience in assisting government in public law related cases. The team therefore has a broad experience. The people are competent lawyers. Their knowledge is complemental to the in-house knowledge of government lawyers‘.

Liesbeh Schippers and Roelof Reinders are very dedicated, accessible and easy to get along with. They are real team players and are able to make the team work in a very pleasant way‘.

Danielle Roelands is the guru in the field of environmental law (and actually all other administrative law matters). She always answers my questions quickly and in a pragmatic way. She does not have to do any research or write a memo before she is presenting me with the correct conclusion.’

‘Jim Zweers also responds very quickly to several ad hoc questions. We are also very pleased with their work when we need a complete due diligence research about the administrative aspects of an acquisition. The lawyers of the planning and environmental team of Pels Rijcken are very pragmatic without losing sight of the legal framework‘.

Liesbeth Schippers is a very enthusiastic and hard working attorney. She works very fast without compromising the impressive quality of her legal advice. With her inspiring personality, her knowledge covers a wide range of subjects and her effective and accurate way of thinking makes a difference in court‘.

Key clients

Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Dutch Land Registry

Noord-Holland province

Zuid-Holland province

Utrecht province

Municipality of The Hague

Municipality of Rotterdam

Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority


Synchroon BV

Jumbo Supermarkten BV

EU and competition Tier 1

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV's team's clients include the three largest Dutch municipalities and it is the permanent advisor to the municipality of Amsterdam on the Services Directives and the allocation of scarce rights. Practice head Erik Pijnacker Hordijk is experienced in matters concerning merger control, cartels and abuse of dominance. Pijnacker represented the Dutch state in civil proceedings against several British citizens living in the Netherlands relating to their post-Brexit citizenship rights under EU law. Senior associate Christina Muntinghe and associates Marleen Botman and Georges Dictus are also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Dutch State (all Ministries)

Dutch Competition Authority (ACM)

Scandinavian Airlines (Stockholm)

ArcelorMittal (London)

Daimler AG (Stuttgart)

Royal Cosun

Municipality of Amsterdam

Municipality of Rotterdam



NKT Cable

Construction Tier 2

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is best known for acting for the Dutch state as well as several local municipalities, and as such the firm is particularly prevalent in large-scale public works and infrastructure projects, with the PPP experience to match its standing in this area. Mark Birnage heads the practice, and has significant experience with design, build, finance, maintain, and operate contracts from the procurer's side. Pieter Stuijt maintains his involvement with the practice, particularly focusing on procurement disputes.

Practice head(s):


The construction and procurement practice is unique as they have extensive knowledge of, and lots of experience in working with, the Dutch central government. They have a good understanding of what is important to us – we do not have to guide them or explain them: they just know and advise accordingly. 

Their subject matter expertise, integral and detailed approach to the case and interest and specific client / project member involvement make this company really stand out from other firms.

The lawyers who helped me are competent, work quickly and think along with the client – I have been informed of risks that we did not have in mind and the lawyers have come up with an innovative solution

Besides the excellent legal services, the focus is always on the best collaboration and insight about the common interests. 

The individuals are building personal relationships, are outspoken, realistic and fair. They make you think. Each one of the team is aware of the bigger picture and is always working on the best solutions that are resistant for the future. 

Sikke Kingma is a fast thinker, willing to think along with the client, and substantively strong. Christina Muntinghe is a  fast thinker, customer friendly with broad knowledge. Maarten van Rijn is a good negotiator, sharp, and formulates correctly.

Mr. Wolters Ruckert and Mr. Pieter Stuijt: These gentlemen act with integrity, care for the cause and speak up for what is right. Both create an atmosphere open for dialogue and suggestions. This makes the clients feel understood, involved and feel that they talk in a trusted environment.

Pieter Stuijt is a very likeable lawyer with a great sense of humor, which makes him a pleasure to work with. He has a ton of experience and is the reliable and steady force behind many associates.

Lonneke de Graaf is an excellent lawyer with a sharp eye for detail

Key clients

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat)

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Finance

Central Government Real Estate Agency

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Province of Noord-Holland

Province of South-Holland

Province of Noord-Brabant

Province of Gelderland

City of The Hague

City of The Rotterdam

City of Amsterdam

City of Haarlem

City of Leiden

City of Utrecht

De Vries Groep and Feadship Royal de Vries Shipbuilding BV

Feadship – Royal van Lent Shipyard


Data privacy and data protection Tier 2

'A very skilled team' at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV handles a range of privacy and data protection law combined with extensive experience in internet and telecoms law including newer technologies such as blockchain, cloud and sensor data matters. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne advises clients from multi-nationals and start-ups to governments and regulatory authorities. He is also a full professor of privacy and data protection law at Leiden University. Meine Dijkstra specialises in IT law and data analytics and has an extensive government side practice, and senior associate Marte van Graafeiland is also a name to note.

Practice head(s):


The privacy team always has good up-to-date knowledge and remains well informed on all relevant developments in the field of privacy. The team works quickly, professionally and transparently in a good atmosphere with the client. The respectful manner in which the other party is approached is also striking.’

Deep knowledge of privacy and all related topics. Strong in privacy and data protection and very pragmatic advice. A very skilled team in a relatively novel area (blockchain and artificial intelligence). I asked them to audit a blockchain software device we developed in light of GDPR legislation. They were actively involved not only to point out weaknesses in the prototype but also advised how to improve it.’

‘The privacy team has the ability to think with the client, instead of “against” the client. What I mean by this is that they excel in analysing where the legal issues are and presenting potential solutions to these issues, aiding in the client’s risk analysis.’

Gerrit-Jan Zwenne has a very strong knowledge of privacy law and related regulations and has a great reputation in the field of privacy.’

‘Jeroen Naves provides pragmatic advice and is very knowledgeable and skilled on the topics of privacy and IT-related matters.’

‘I particularly valued the expertise of Sandra van Heukelom Verhagen and Marte van Graafeiland. Both are highly skilled, intelligent, committed and helpful, and they were able to understand the very fundamental technical details of our blockchain device, which was, in my opinion, essential to give appropriate legal advice.’ 

They are smart and very analytical, are quick and ask the right questions. They are very natural in their interaction. Marte van Graafeiland, Jeroen Naves and Sandra van Heukelom all excel at this in particular. Their vision of innovation is very helpful and also relatively rare in the legal community. Sandra van Heukelom in particular steers towards a ‘what can we do’ instead of ‘this cannot be done’ type of innovation.’

Key clients


Dutch National Railways Yes

Experian Yes

Maastricht University Medical Centre Yes

Municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam,

The Hague and Haarlem

Municipality of Eindhoven

All 12 Dutch provincial authorities

Dutch Public Prosecution Service

State of the Netherlands (all ministries)

Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs / ICTU

Industry focus: Information technology Tier 2

The Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV team is 'insightful' and has 'great analytical skill'. The group is home to practitioners with a high degree of technical experience, and assists with IT procurements and new technology issues including blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI and IoT. The multidisciplinary team acts for a range of corporate, government, university and healthcare clients and is a participant in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the EU Sherpa Project on AI. Meine Dijkstra leads the team; he is highly experienced in the advisory and contentious aspects of IT law and data analytics matters. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne adds notable data protection and privacy expertise to the group, and Jeroen Naves is 'skilled in privacy and IT-related matters'.

Practice head(s):


The conversations about IT didn’t take long because their base knowledge about ICT is high. This in combination with the experience from other practices made it possible that we could act quickly. Furthermore, the firm, has a wide range of other lawyers which we had easy access to.’

‘Our lawyer who, in the lead, had good knowledge about IT within organizations but also how they work. This made it possible that we quickly discussed the issues/problems we had. He understood the context.  Furthermore the team were flexible and could manage the deadlines very well.’

‘They have in-depth knowledge of the ICT market and its products, as well as knowledge of licence agreements. So not only the legal perspective, but also considering the (ICT) market and the business interests.’

‘The personal approach, easily accessible, knowledge of the market and client. To the point and honest about the legal issues at hand. Good time management and always honouring commitments.’

‘Strong in privacy and data protection and very pragmatic advice. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne has very strong knowledge of privacy law and related regulations and has a great reputation in the field of privacy.  Jeroen Naves provides pragmatic advice and is very knowledgeable and skilled on the topics of privacy and IT-related matters.’

‘The information technology team has a great ability to understand the needs of their clients and work with the client to figure out the best solutions to certain problems.’

‘They are insightful and have great analytical skills.’

‘They go beyond saying no,  but think with you to create a yes, that is very useful.’

‘The people skills are exceptionally good in all employees and partners.’

Key clients

Schiphol Airport



Dutch National Railways

Total Power & Gas



The Greenery



SPIE The Netherlands

Dutch Tax Authority

City of Eindhoven

Cities of The Hague, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam

All 12 Dutch provincial authorities

State of the Netherlands (all ministries)

Haagse Inkoop Samenwerking (Procurement division of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)

Sociale Verzekeringsbank

Stichting Dichterbij

Kadaster (The Netherlands Land Registry and Mapping Agency)

Logius (Digital government service of the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)

Stichting Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis (Jeroen Bosch Hospital)

Delft University of Technology

Project finance and PFI Tier 2

With regular instructions from the State of the Netherlands and various local municipalities, Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is primarily active in the PPP space and advises contracting authorities on tender processes including DBFM and DBFMO contracts. Practice head Mark Birnage is highly focused on PPP matters, and has particular experience in the infrastructure space; recent mandates include large-scale road, canal and airport projects, as well as renewable energy work, secure facilities projects including prisons, and mandates relating to prominent government buildings.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

State of the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat

State of the Netherlands, Central Government Real Estate Agency

Province of Noord-Holland

Province of Limburg

Government of Aruba

Siemens Nederland

Aruba Airport Authority

Dispute resolution: arbitration Tier 3

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV's team is praised for its 'top quality knowledge of the construction sector and government' and it has a niche position acting on behalf of many public and semi-public authorities and institutions in a number of arbitrations relating to major infrastructure projects. Longstanding clients include the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, as well as the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland, and Zeeland. The key contacts are practice head René Kiers, Mark Birnage, and associates Jan-Willem Riedijk and Michael van Rijckevorsel.

Practice head(s):


Top quality knowledge of the construction sector and government.

Key clients

State of the Netherlands

North Holland province

South Holland province

Utrecht province

North Brabant province

Limburg province

Gelderland province

Zeeland province

City of Amsterdam

City of Rotterdam

City of The Hague

Feadship Holland

Royal Van Lent

Royal De Vries Shipbuilding

ABNAmro Bank

Nationale Nederlanden




Employment Tier 3

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is, as with the rest of the firm, best known for its work on behalf of the Dutch state, along with a wide range of ministries and municipalities. The team also provides a strong pension law service, both for the state and for corporate clients. Practice head Ruben van Arkel is recommended for sensitive matters such as whistle-blowing, equal treatment of employees, and alleged frauds, while 'pro-active and knowledgeableErika Wies was promoted to senior associate in 2019.

Practice head(s):


All lawyers I have experienced from this firm are very committed and deliver high quality work.

This practice makes the difference for me because of their total package: up-to-date knowledge of labour law, pro activeness, think out-of-the-box/creative, dare to take a risk, flexible and someone is always available when urgency is needed.


Key clients





Ecart Invest



State of the Netherlands

TU Delft

UMC Utrecht

TU Eindhoven

University of Amsterdam

Erasmus University

Municipality of Amsterdam

Industry focus: healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is recognised for its engagement by the Dutch government and its ability to 'deliver a multidisciplinary approach by combining the knowledge of the sector with expertise in other relevant areas of law'. In addition to state agencies, the group also counts healthcare insurance companies, healthcare providers and academic hospitals on its client roster, which it advises on data privacy issues, IT work and the use of digital platforms. Elisabeth Pietermaat is a prominent healthcare regulation expert and Marije Batting is valued for her understanding of the healthcare sector 'combined with her expertise in public law'. Other well regarded team members include litigators Karlijn Teuben and Wemmeke Wisman, and corporate specialist Cees de Zeeuw.


‘The health care team from Pels Rijcken is best to be described as dedicated, experienced and always available. The team knows exactly how to represent our organisation in court: they operate on a friendly base with respect for the other parties that are involved.’

‘I work a lot with Margriet Verduijn. One of her strengths is that she keeps calm under all circumstances. She’s also very cooperative and informs us in time of the relevant circumstances or steps that have to be taken in a case.’ 

‘The practice knows exactly what’s happening in the areas concerning our field of work, and know how to translate this in spot-on advice and representations.’ 

‘Margriet Verduijn stands out in correct, sympathetic and precise communication. She’s adapts easily to the communication which is required by the situation and is very authentic in being there for us when needed and meets our expectations in legal precision and meticulousness.’

‘Erik Pijnacker Hordijk has the senior authority and knows exactly how to act in court; never arrogant, always spot-on behaviour which is required in different circumstances, visibly appreciated by judges’.

‘Ms.Verduijn as well as Mr. Pijnacker Hordijk make me feel that our interests are very well served by their legal experience, outstanding knowledge and authoritative presentation.’

‘If needed, the team can deliver a multidisciplinary approach by combining the knowledge of the sector with expertise in other relevant areas of law. Furthermore, due to fixed contacts urgent issues can be addressed immediately if necessary.’

‘I have had the pleasure to work extensively with Mrs Wisman and Mrs De Vries. Both stand out in their ability to tackle the issue concerned in a short time. They are easily accessible, pragmatic, clear and deliver high-quality (and if needed customized) legal advice.’

‘The team is always ready to help and very easy to communicate with. They have in-depth knowledge about a large variety of subjects, are very professional and are pleasant people to work with. When they take up a case for you, you can be sure that you are in good hands.’ 

‘Marije Batting specialises in Healthcare. Combined with her expertise in public law, she makes a great lawyer for a broad spectrum of cases. She is sharp, hard working and thorough. I have no doubt she will do as much as she can to win a case for you.’

‘The Dutch central government only deals with PRDF who is thorough and has a wide experience and a good understanding of history.’

‘Mrs Marije Batting and Mr Derek Tersmette are both concerned and accessible lawyers. In a short time they can understand a specific and complex case. Mrs Batting puts the essence of the case pleasantly and well-presented at the front of a session.’

Key clients

Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa)

IGJ (Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate)




Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (Healthcare Insurers)

Zorginstituut Nederland(Healthcare Institute)

The State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport)


CBG (Medicine Evaluation Board)


Domus Magnus

Stichting Cordaan

Industry focus: Media and entertainment Tier 3

The team at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV frequently acts as a legal adviser to the State of the Netherlands, and has represented both the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Justice and Security. The firm is representing the municipality of Rotterdam in defamation proceedings initiated by the client against the publisher of Sabah, a popular Turkish newspaper. Practice head Sikke Kingma is an experienced Supreme Court litigator, who frequently represents clients in disputes concerning the lawfulness of publications, particularly where unfounded accusations or infringements of privacy are concerned.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (Netherlands Government Information Service)


Municipality of The Hague

Municipality of Rotterdam

Dutch Public Prosecution Service

Commissariaat voor de Media (The Dutch Media Authority)

State of the Netherlands (all ministries)

Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd (Health and Youth Care Inspectorate; IGJ)

AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service)

Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration)

Industry focus: telecoms Tier 3

At Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV, group head Jannetje Bootsma and Arnoud Boorsma have extensive experience across all aspects of administrative law; they act for a broad range of government authorities with a particular focus on regulators. Clients include the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM); the Dutch Media Authority and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In a recent highlight, the team represented the ACM in complex proceedings regarding market analysis decisions.

Practice head(s):


‘Good knowledge of public law, European law and they have a lot of experience in court procedures – civil and administrative. They deliver on time and with good quality.  Team players and knowledge of government policies and procedures. Arnoud Boorsma, Thijs Franssen, Jannetje Bootsma and Jean-Paul Heinrich are the standout lawyers.’

Key clients

ACM (The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets)

Agentschap Telecom (Netherlands Radiocommunications Agency)

Commissariaat voor de Media (The Dutch Media Authority)

State of the Netherlands (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dutch Ministry of Finance)

Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights Tier 3

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV has extensive experience in litigating before the Dutch Supreme Court on cases regarding trade marks, copyright, design and patent law and has a 'unique' position acting for government agencies. A highlight includes practice head Sikke Kingma acting for Spirits International in Supreme Court proceedings concerning the ownership of Russian vodka trade marks. Other key clients include the Dutch Institute for Physical Safety, Goossens Meubelen, and the City of Leiden.

Practice head(s):


Mr. Sikke Kingma understands the digital environment very well and is able to make the link between the digital world and the application of IP law‘.

Mr Kingma is creative and original in his analysis and the examples he brings forward to support the arguments of his client‘.

The team we work with is expert in their field, expertise that we do not have. The team knows how to fine-tune their expertise to our specific requirements and function as a government institution. The team ensures efficient and effective cooperation. The knowledge and experience with government institutions makes this team unique‘.

Key clients

XS4ALL Internet B.V.

Spirits International B.V.

Dutch Institute for Physical Safety

Goossens Meubelen

Simiramida EOOD

Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board

State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Justice and Security)

City of Leiden

Dutch Government Information Service

Real estate Tier 4

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV stands out for its 'high-level subject-specific knowledge' and it is a popular choice for government bodies, among them municipalities including Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague. Alain de Jonge advises on urban renewal and restructuring, and city centre development. Recent highlights include assisting the municipality of The Hague with the €3.8m purchase, division into apartment rights, and ground lease of commercial premises. René Spit is the key contact for structured sales processes for commercial and public clients. Also recommended are Maryse Mesu-Abbekerk and Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen, who is 'the guru in the field of environmental law'.


Very good practice. Always available for the best legal solutions and advice.

Astrid Temmerman and Karin Lemckert are very good.

Pels Rijcken is unique, because the team has a broad knowledge of planning and environmental law. They always respond to our questions very quickly and accurately. No other law firms answer questions so quickly as the lawyers of Pels Rijcken do. The advice is pragmatic and useful and not just a legal plea.

Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen is the guru in the field of environmental law (and actually all other administrative law matters). She always answers my questions quickly and in a pragmatic way. She does not have to do any research or write a memo before she presents me with the correct conclusion. Jim Zweers also responds very quickly to several ad hoc questions. We are also very pleased with their work when we need complete due diligence research about the administrative aspects of an acquisition. The lawyers of the planning and environmental team of Pels Rijcken are very pragmatic without losing sight of the legal framework.

Pels Rijcken & Drooglever Fortuijn specialises in providing legal advisory services for government companies. This requires, for example, high-level subject-specific knowledge in general administrative law. In practice these issues often arise from other fields, such as real estate, tenders, notaries, etc. This combination of knowledge makes it pleasant to work with this firm.

Key clients

Havenbedrijf Amsterdam

Easy Hotel

Municipality of Tholen

Municipality of Tilburg

Municipality of Rotterdam

Municipality of Haarlem

Municipality of Amsterdam

Municipality of The Hague

Altera Vastgoed

Capital Value

ABC Capital


Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency)

Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep


Galapagos NV



Commercial, corporate and M&a Tier 6

Luc Defaix leads the 'excellent' corporate practice at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV. Senior associates Carel van Swaay and Margriet Middelkoop  are also notable team members.

Practice head(s):


A very “Dutch” firm with a beautiful history and strongly embedded in the Netherlands. No nonsense quality for an affordable price, reliable quotes, very available and cooperative.’

‘Excellent M&A practice. The internal communication within Pels Rijcken is remarkably good with a very positive effect on our negotiating position.’

‘Pels Rijcken remains very good in the lead and ensures high-quality reporting.’

Pels Rijcken is often several steps ahead of the negotiation. The personal and at the same time very professional approach was of great value to my organization.’

A compact team with available specialities. High quality, dedicated and client focused. This practice has in depth deal expertise and mobilizes relevant transaction knowledge, if and when appropriate, eg in the field of anti competition law. Luc Defaix and his team excel in not only raising  the topics but yet providing practical solutions at the same time.’

Department Name Email Telephone
Administrative law
Competition and market regulation
Disciplinary law
European law
Intellectual property and media
IT law
Law enforcement and criminal law
Liability, damage and insurance
Litigation and arbitration
Planning and environmental law
Procurement law
Public transport law
Real estate
State aid
Supreme Court litigation
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Marije Batting  photo Mrs Marije Batting Marije Batting is specialised in supervision and enforcement in administrative law. This…
Mr Hans Besselink  photo Mr Hans Besselink Hans is fast, decisive and to the point. He uses his specialist…
Mr Mark Birnage  photo Mr Mark Birnage Mark specializes in the procurement and contracting of major PPP projects. He…
Mrs Cécile Bitter  photo Mrs Cécile Bitter Cécile Bitter assists the government in all issues pertaining to criminal law…
Mr Arnoud Boorsma  photo Mr Arnoud Boorsma As a specialist in administrative law, Arnoud represents the interests of the…
Mrs Jannetje Bootsma  photo Mrs Jannetje Bootsma Jannetje Bootsma is an expert in the broad field of administrative law.…
Mr Iman Brinkman  photo Mr Iman Brinkman Iman specialises in energy law and policy and is head of Pels…
Mr Luc Defaix  photo Mr Luc Defaix Luc Defaix joined Pels Rijcken in June 2016. His goal is to…
Mr Meine Dijkstra  photo Mr Meine Dijkstra Meine has been an attorney since 1986. His experience ranges from economic…
Mr Willem Heemskerk  photo Mr Willem Heemskerk Willem has been an attorney at Pels Rijcken for 25 years and…
 René Kiers photo René Kiers René Kiers, an attorney since 1981, joined Pels Rijcken at the end…
Mr Sikke Kingma  photo Mr Sikke Kingma Sikke Kingma is a specialist litigator and adviser in the area of…
Mrs Maryse Mesu-Abbekerk  photo Mrs Maryse Mesu-Abbekerk   Maryse has 20 years of experience with litigation and consultating in…
Mr Frank Oranje  photo Mr Frank Oranje Frank has been conducting a broad notarial practice for national and international…
Mrs Elisabeth Pietermaat  photo Mrs Elisabeth Pietermaat With a solid foundation in administrative law, Elisabeth Pietermaat focuses in particular…
Mr Erik Pijnacker Hordijk  photo Mr Erik Pijnacker Hordijk Erik Pijnacker Hordijk is one of the most experienced lawyers in the…
Mr Jelmer Procee  photo Mr Jelmer Procee Jelmer Procee is an expert in administrative compensation law, including compensation for…
 Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen photo Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen Planning law and environmental law often require a pragmatic approach, just the…
Mr Martijn Scheltema  photo Mr Martijn Scheltema Martijn Scheltema has been working at Pels Rijcken since 1997 and is…
Mrs Liesbeth Schippers  photo Mrs Liesbeth Schippers Liesbeth is the top specialist in the field of planning law, with…
 René Spit photo René Spit René’s practice covers the full scala of notarial work and includes advising…
Mr Pieter Stuijt  photo Mr Pieter Stuijt Pieter Stuijt is an attorney since 1986 he previously worked in London…
Mrs Karlijn Teuben  photo Mrs Karlijn Teuben Karlijn Teuben has been an attorney at Pels Rijcken since 2004. She…
Mr Reimer Veldhuis  photo Mr Reimer Veldhuis Reimer Veldhuis frequently acts as State Advocate for the State of the…
Mrs Wemmeke Wisman  photo Mrs Wemmeke Wisman Wemmeke Wisman has been an attorney at Pels Rijcken since 1998. She…
Mr Gerrit-Jan Zwenne  photo Mr Gerrit-Jan Zwenne Gerrit-Jan is an expert in the field of privacy and data protection…
Mr Alain de Jonge  photo Mr Alain de Jonge Alain de Jonge focuses on civil property law and has built up…
Mrs Monique de Witte-van den Haak  photo Mrs Monique de Witte-van den Haak Monique de Witte-van den Haak is a very experienced lawyer. She has…
Mr Cees de Zeeuw  photo Mr Cees de Zeeuw As a notary partner and specialist in property and corporate law, Cees…
Mr Ruben van Arkel  photo Mr Ruben van Arkel Ruben van Arkel is an established name in the fields of employment…
Mrs Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage  photo Mrs Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage Sandra van Heukelom is a lawyer and partner at Pels Rijcken. She…
Mr Aemile van Rappard  photo Mr Aemile van Rappard Aemile van Rappard is an experienced real estate lawyer and tenancy law…
Mr Maarten van Rijn  photo Mr Maarten van Rijn Maarten van Rijn, attorney since 1991, partner since 2000, has an extensive…
Mr Hans van Wijk  photo Mr Hans van Wijk Hans van Wijk has more than 25 years of experience, gained within…
Mr René van de Klashorst  photo Mr René van de Klashorst René van de Klashorst is one of Pels Rijcken’s most experienced attorneys…
Number of lawyers and (deputy) civil law notaries : 177

Pels Rijcken’s aims to increase the diversity of our staff: everyone contributes to the culture in his or her own special way. To achieve this objective, Pels Rijcken consciously recruits people from different backgrounds, and offers them the best possible options for growth within the company.

We think that quotas, positive discrimination and other standards are of secondary importance. After all, we want to create a culture in which there is room for people from different backgrounds, including different areas of competence and experience. We hope – and expect – that this will make our firm more innovative, more effective and more representative for its clients.

As we want to underscore the importance of diversity, Pels Rijcken has drafted a declaration of intent, formulating the principles and ways in which Pels Rijcken intends to improve this aspect of the firm.