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Sikke Kingma is a specialist litigator and adviser in the area of Intellectual Property and Media Law with a special preference for cases at the interface with IT. He litigates and advises a great deal in connection with copyright law, trademark law, domain names and (in cassation) patent law. In addition, he assists clients in disputes about the legality of publications and statements on internet or in other media. Sikke is furthermore a very experienced lawyer at the Supreme Court with more than a hundred judgments to his name. With his background as an all-round civil lawyer, he runs a broad cassation practice for companies and public authorities. He is often called in by lawyers from other offices to conduct cassation proceedings, prejudicial proceedings or to contribute ideas in appeal procedures. Kingma lectures and publishes on a regular basis. He is editor of the professional journal Mediaforum and principal editor of, the weblog about civil cassation case law in the Netherlands.

Lawyer Rankings

Netherlands > Industry focus: Media and entertainment

As principal legal adviser to the state of the Netherlands, Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV is often involved in high-profile litigation involving the Dutch State or national and local government bodies. It has a strong track record handling defamation and freedom of speech cases, and also assists with database, trade mark and other IP matters. Team head Sikke Kingma focuses on copyright and media law and has experience of litigating before the Supreme Court.

Netherlands > Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights

Team head Sikke Kingma and Supreme Court litigator Martijn Scheltema are the senior practitioners leading on Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn NV IP work. Known for its extensive expertise in Supreme Court proceedings, the team attracts government agencies, Dutch regulatory authorities, universities, and corporate clients. It undertakes copyright, trade mark, and design right-related cases and is often engaged by global firms for Supreme Court matters. The Pels Acceleration Lab (PAL) advises start-ups and innovation departments. The firm is also a member of the board of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and a legal advisor to the Dutch AI Coalition. Senior associate Jordi Bierens is also a core team member.