Leading Silks

Rachel Ansell KC4 Pump Court ‘A go-to barrister who is outstanding for domestic and international cases, with a very strong complimentary energy and insurance practice.’
Sean Brannigan KC – 4 Pump Court 'Sean is a leader in his field. His legal and advocacy skills are second-to-none, but his real strength lies in his ability to communicate effectively with clients and solicitors alike.'
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KCAtkin Chambers 'Chantal is a supremely gifted barrister. She is extremely sharp on complex matters and is brilliant on her feet and in writing. An all-round super-star.'
Karim Ghaly KC39 Essex Chambers 'Karim zones into the detail very quickly and is able to discern between the irrelevant and relevant matters in no time. His advocacy and cross-examination is unparalleled.'
Richard Harding KCKeating Chambers ‘Richard is a first-class practitioner. He is very clever, modest, hard-working, and hugely efficient. His judgement is impeccable.’
Alexander Hickey KC4 Pump Court 'Clear and confident advocacy, and good strategic thinking.'
Simon Hughes KCKeating Chambers 'Simon has an extremely sound strategic sense, and has an uncanny ability to know the tribunal's mind. His oral advocacy is assured and effective.'
Riaz Hussain KCAtkin Chambers 'His advocacy is calm and measured, but very forceful when necessary - he invariably pitches it just right. He is also particularly good at cross-examination, and is incredibly hardworking, pragmatic and really gets into the details of a case.'
Simon Lofthouse KCAtkin Chambers 'Simon is an amazing advocate. He is on the detail, has a calm demeanour, and his cross examination, particularly of experts, is excellent.'   
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office Chambers ‘He is extremely bright and grasps the complex, technical detail of energy disputes incredibly quickly. His advocacy is also impressive; he is able to put witnesses at ease with his pleasant manner, but he also has a sharp mind and is able to draw the witnesses to the desired conclusions.’
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square Chambers ‘Roger is star performer at the construction Bar. He is right at the top of the game.’
David Streatfeild-James KCAtkin Chambers 'His advocacy is very strong; there are no weaknesses to it.'
David Thomas KCKeating Chambers 'David is second-to-none. He is extremely bright, and tactically astute in determining how best to advance a particular case to best place a client.'
Andrew White KCAtkin Chambers 'Incredible attention to detail. Despite being one of the leading silks, he still likes to get into the details of the case.'
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers 'David comes across as a very smooth and hard-hitting barrister on construction disputes. His understanding of legal concepts is remarkable.'
Serena Cheng KCAtkin Chambers 'Excellent ability to assimilate and understand complex, technical issues. Her advocacy is calm, assured and well prepared; even in the face of the unexpected, she imperceptibly adjusts focus and overcomes it, while on her feet.'
James Howells KCAtkin Chambers 'He masters the detail and is able to take big and complex matters by the scruff of the neck and focus on what is important. He is brilliant with clients and an exceptional advocate.'
Krista Lee KCKeating Chambers ‘Krista is bright, articulate, cool, calm and collected. She is just what you want on high value and complex disputes where a lot is at stake.’
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court ‘Lynne’s biggest strength is her ability to quickly comprehend complex materials and present her views succinctly and in plain English. She is particularly strong on her feet with oral advocacy.’
Justin Mort KCKeating Chambers 'Justin is a very strong advocate who presents arguments in a clear, structured and persuasive manner. He is extremely hardworking and displays an impressive ability very quickly to grasp the details of a matter.'
Fiona Parkin KC – Atkin Chambers 'Great attention to detail and incredibly hardworking. Fiona is good on her feet and is an excellent advocate.'
Marc Rowlands KCKeating Chambers 'He always gets the best points across to tribunals in clear and logical way; a convincing and confident advocate.'
Marion Smith KC – 39 Essex Chambers ‘She is extremely conscientious, thorough and assiduous in her work, which she approaches with charm and dedication.’
Marcus Taverner KCKeating Chambers ‘Marcus is a first-class practitioner. He is very clever, always constructive in his approach, hardworking, and his judgement is excellent.’
Roger ter Haar KC – Crown Office Chambers ‘One of the most experienced and sharpest minds at the construction Bar. He is bright, insightful, tactically astute and gets up to speed on the most complex factual and technical issues quickly.’

2021 Silks

Claire Packman KC4 Pump Court 'Claire is an incredibly bright and hardworking silk who is able to assimilate complex and voluminous information into cogent and persuasive arguments. She is a real star.'
Crispin Winser KCCrown Office Chambers 'Crispin is clever, works hard and fast, has clarity of thought and a pleasant demeanour. He is a spectacular advocate.'

2022 Silks

Rupert Choat KC – Atkin Chambers ‘Rupert’s cross-examination is extraordinary. He is also very adept at coming up with a winning strategy overall.’
Calum Lamont KC – Keating Chambers ‘Calum is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work that will lead to an excellent result. His advocacy is targeted and persuasive, and he has a great manner with clients and tribunals.’

Leading Juniors

Timothy Chelmick4 New Square Chambers 'Timothy is a formidable barrister and cross-examiner, particularly in technical matters that turn on niche expert evidence. He is particularly skilful at breaking down and presenting highly complex material, turning them into strong legal arguments.'
Thomas Crangle4 Pump Court 'Excellent on technical detail and work ethic, and fantastic with difficult witnesses.'
Andrew FennAtkin Chambers 'Technically strong, innovative, and hardworking. A good advocate with excellent client skills.'
Rónán HannaAtkin Chambers 'Ronan is a big picture barrister, yet his attention to details is second-to-none; a rare combination in any professional.'
Zulfikar KhayumAtkin Chambers 'Strong advocacy skills, particularly in cross-examination. Zulfikar is hardworking and bright.'
Shourav Lahiri – Atkin Chambers 'Shourav is a class apart and one of the finest barristers in construction law. He understands the technical issues quickly and can easily put forward factual solid, legal and technical arguments.'
Sanjay Patel4 Pump Court 'Sanjay is one of the most impressive senior junior barristers. His mixture of legal and construction specific technical skills are incredible. He is impressive in advocacy and integrates into legal and client teams with ease due to his open and approachable demeanour.'
Camille SlowAtkin Chambers 'Camille is responsive and thorough. She is a fantastic advocate who focuses on the details of the case.'
James Thompson – Keating Chambers 'James is bright, hardworking and a great advocate; he is essentially everything you would want in a construction advocate.'
Jennie WildKeating Chambers 'Jennie is exceptionally bright, intuitive, and hardworking. She has the rare ability to get to the nub of the issues efficiently and effectively.'
Luke Wygas4 Pump Court 'Responsive, robust and realistic; his advocacy is assured and he is always very well prepared. Ripe for silk in the near future.'  
Alexander Burrell39 Essex Chambers 'Alex has a strong legal understanding and he is very skilful in presenting the client’s case before the courts and arbitral tribunals. He is very thorough and clear in his advice, and is always well prepared. He has an analytical mind and a logical approach.'
Nicholas CollingsAtkin Chambers ‘Nicholas gets down into the detail of every case, and his preparation for arbitration hearings is extremely thorough. His written submissions are always finely crafted.’
Simon Hale4 Pump Court ‘Simon is an expert in construction law, tactically astute and with great judgement. No matter how great the technical complexity of the underlying construction issues, Simon is always all over it. He is a calm yet robust advocate who has an unerring ability to pitch cross-examination just right.’
Abdul JinaduKeating Chambers 'Abdul's greatest strength is his ability to grasp the key factual and legal issues in very complex, fact-heavy construction cases; he knows these key details back to front.'
Ed Jones 4 Pump Court 'His oral advocacy is articulate, composed and very convincing.'
Richard Sage Crown Office Chambers ‘Richard is outstanding. He is extremely bright, fantastic with clients, and immensely hard-working.’
David SheardKeating Chambers ‘David’s knowledge of the law and his ability to navigate complex claims and provide clear, reliable advice is exceptional.’
Samar Abbas Kazmi – Atkin Chambers 'Samar is an excellent barrister; very rigorous, dedicated to his work, and an expert in construction arbitration.'

Rising Stars

James Frampton Keating Chambers ‘James is bright, diligent and easy to work with. He is efficient and has a distinct clarity of drafting.’

Construction in Middle East: The English Bar

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court has a strong reputation in construction and engineering disputes across the Middle East, and is noted for its involvement in significant infrastructure disputes, including rail, aviation and wider transport projects. Rachel Ansell KC is well-regarded for her international arbitration practice, particularly in relation to UAE matters. Sean Brannigan KC continues to act on large-scale, high-value infrastructure and engineering disputes and international arbitrations. Alexander Hickey KC is instructed on a range of disputes, including those involving airports and power and water projects. Claire Packman KC is another key name to note, and has been involved in a number of ICC arbitrations. Turning to the set's juniors, Thomas Crangle specialises in major transport infrastructure-related disputes, whilst Luke Wygas has been involved in disputes involving airports and hotels.


‘Stewart Gibbs is a superb clerk, which coupled with the quality of the barristers makes 4 Pump Court top of the list for complex construction matters.’

‘One of the best clerking teams at the English Bar. Stewart Gibbs is a class act.’

‘The clerks are communicative and look to tailor their services accordingly to the client. Carl Wall and Niki Merison are standout individuals.’

‘Niki Merison is a welcome addition to the clerking team – very responsive and commercial.’

‘Will Jackman and Billy Griffiths know their barristers’ availability and expertise particularly well, and they both have good instincts when it comes to appropriate replacements.’

‘Sam Penny is endlessly helpful and leaves no problem or query unresolved. He is extremely capable at understanding what is required from a barrister and matching an appropriate barrister to a matter.’

‘The clerking team is excellent, and this sets them apart from many other chambers. Carl Wall, Billy Griffiths and Liam Williams always go the extra mile and deliver excellent client service.’

‘Stewart Gibbs and Billy Griffiths are both excellent in terms of enquires, response times and managing matters.’

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is recognised as a leading set for construction, energy, and infrastructure disputes in the Middle East, with members of the set acting across a broad spectrum of large-scale and complex disputes in the region, including in the power, water, health and transportation, and mixed-use developments sectors. Andrew White KC, Simon Lofthouse KC, and David Streatfeild-James KC are key names to note that have been active on major infrastructure disputes across the region, leading numerous juniors from the set. Chantal-Aimée Doerries KC has been active in oil and gas-related disputes, among others, while Riaz Hussain KC and Camille Slow have been particularly active in disputes involving commercial and residential developments in the UAE. Andrew Fenn and David Johnson have been active on airport disputes, whilst Shourav Lahiri is another key name with experience on the ground in the region. Rupert Choat KC took silk in March 2022.


‘David Barnes continues to give stellar customer service.’

‘David Barnes and Justin Wilson are absolute stars in the clerking world for construction barristers – well-connected, always helpful and knowledgeable, and a delight to work with.’

‘David Barnes, Justin Wilson and Andrew Burrows are a brilliant team in generating business and running the clerks’ room at Atkin Chambers.’

‘The clerks and practice directors are well run and always helpful; the knowledge of David Barnes and Justin Wilson is better than anyone else in their roles in the sector.’

‘David Barnes is talented and a master of his craft.’

‘David Barnes and Justin Wilson are true gems; easy to work with, very helpful, and responsive.’

‘Helpful and communicative clerking team. Andrew Burrows particularly good at client relations.’

‘The clerks are excellent. David Barnes and Rob Bryant are always responsive, flexible, and easy to work with.’

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is a first-class, specialist construction set that is active on a number of high-profile and complex disputes across the Middle East, including disputes involving airports, roads and rail, oil and gas, water, high-rise buildings, hotels, and factories. Richard Harding KC has been active on airport, oil and gas, and mixed-used development disputes across the Middle East. Simon Hughes KC specialises in disputes arising out of construction and energy projects. David Thomas KC is noted for his international arbitration expertise, and has been active on a number of disputes involving development projects across the region. Jennie Wild has been involved in disputes involving airports and power stations, whilst James Thompson has been active on disputes arising out of infrastructure and development projects. Calum Lamont KC was appointed silk in the 2022 round.


‘James Luxmoore is a very talented clerk who understands how to work with clients and best serve their needs.’

‘James Luxmoore is the standout clerk. Attentive and reactive, he is an excellent individual.’

‘The clerks’ room is friendly and accommodating. James Luxmoore is easy to deal with, bright, and understands client needs.’

‘Keating Chambers, and in particular James Luxmoore, are very helpful and easy to deal with.’

‘The clerks are very professional and always there to help. Amy Barrie has a great work ethic and professionalism.’

‘The clerks are excellent – very responsive and always a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Very helpful, practical and communicative clerking team.’

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers has an established presence acting on construction, infrastructure, and engineering-related international arbitration and disputes in the Middle East, with a particular focus on the UAE. Roger ter Haar KC, who primarily sits as an arbitrator, and Andrew Rigney KC are both noted for their reputations in the international arbitration space, both of whom have been involved in major ICC arbitrations recently. Crispin Winser KC is also a key name to note, and has been active in disputes involving airports, commercial developments and oil and gas projects.


‘The clerks at Crown Office Chambers, and particularly Andy Flanagan, are very easy to deal with – they are quick to respond and will do their very best to assist when they can.’

‘Rob Cowup provides excellent support and guidance regarding administration and other issues.’

‘Andy Flanagan and Rob Cowup are both extremely helpful and just make things work. They are a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Andy Flanagan is undoubtedly one of the best of the construction clerks. He is commercial, responsive, and straightforward to deal with.’

‘Andy Flanagan is a brilliant person; always helpful, knowledgeable, and charming.’

‘The clerking team moves very fast so that the barrister can focus on their work. Andy Flanagan is recommended.’

‘Rob Cowup is always attentive and responsive, with a good understanding of clients’ needs and how they work.’

‘Crown Office has blossomed into a top tier of construction sets. Much of that strategic growth can be attributed Andy Flanagan.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers has a broad construction and engineering disputes offering. Karim Ghaly KC has an active construction practice in the Middle East, and has been involved in disputes concerning private real estate developments, commercial developments, and airports. David Brynmor Thomas KC is another key individual to note, and has been acting on a range of disputes, including those in the hospitality, power, and infrastructure sectors.


‘Mark Winrow is well known in the UK market and internationally. He is considered one of the most prominent practice managers.’

‘Mark Winrow is an excellent clerk – one of the best.’

‘The clerking team are friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with.’

‘Mark Winrow provides prompt constructive responses to the clients’ queries. His dedication and team management are highly appreciated.’

‘The clerks have a great reputation in the market and are highly regarded.’

‘They are known for their outstanding legal services by providing practical solutions of complex issues. Their team coordination and client-counsel relationship are distinguished and always up to the requirements of a case.’

‘The chambers are very strong in construction disputes as a whole. All their counsel have a depth of knowledge in these matters.’

‘A very strong chambers with excellent silks, in particular.’

4 New Square Chambers

4 New Square Chambers covers a range of construction-related disputes and international arbitrations across the Middle East. Roger Stewart KC is well-regarded for his construction expertise, and is involved in large-scale disputes in the Middle East, including those relating to oil and gas facilities and commercial developments. Another key name to note is Timothy Chelmick, who focuses on large infrastructure projects, including airports and power stations.


‘Dennis Peck and Alex Dolby are the absolute epitome of what a clerk should be. Both are efficient, direct, precise, and extremely responsive. That is also reflective in the other clerks that they supervise.

‘With Lizzy Stewart at the helm, the clerks’ room is one of the best in London.’

‘Dennis Peck can get almost anything done.’

‘Jack Boggans and Jack Crowhurst are extremely user-friendly and will no doubt go far.’

‘Dennis Peck stands out as a clerk.’

‘The clerks are responsive, proactive, and driven by the instructing solicitors and client’s needs, which is excellent. They appreciate commercial issues and try to accommodate them.’

‘Their clerking is top notch; commercial and user friendly.’

‘Excellent service from all clerks, at all levels.’