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VONG HIN FAI LAWYERS & PRIVATE – NOTARY is a Macao law office with a strong interregional and international projection. We work with diversified major clients both from the public and private sectors, to whom we assure efficiency and professionalism. Our legal services show impeccable technical knowledge always focusing on each client’s particular needs. We …

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MdME Lawyers is a leading Macau full service law firm, with a strong reputation in Asia for providing high-quality and innovative legal insight to its clients.

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Legal market overview in Macau

Macau is a small region of approximately 31 square kilometres, being comprised of a peninsula named Macau, and two islands, Taipa and Coloane. The region is known for its many hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues. Macau was under Portuguese administration since 1557 for nearly 500 years. However, since 1999, Macau’s sovereignty was transferred to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), making Macau a Special Administrative Region (MSAR) of the PRC.Macau’s administration, legislation, and justice system is defined by Macau Basic Law, adopted by the region in 1993. It also provides a constitutional framework for the region. According to the document, the liberal capitalism system inherited from the Portuguese legal system remained in place. The region has its own executive, legislative, and independent judicial powers, and benefits from financial and monetary autonomy with its own currency, the Macanese pataca.The main contributors to Macau’s economy are gambling and tourism. The region’s gaming industry was liberalised in 2002, enabling for the fast growth of the area. Since then, there are three casino gaming concessions operating: Wynn Resorts; Galaxy Casino; and Sociedade de Jogos de Macau. Macau’s reputation as a gambling hub is such that the region is often referred to as ‘Las Vegas of Asia’.As a result of COVID-19 and the fear of lockdowns, tourists have stayed away from the gambling hub, resulting in Macau losing a big part of its annual income. Perhaps because of this, the region’s government have signalled that they want to move away from a gambling-dependant industry, and put a greater focus on non-gaming elements and a diversification, with lawyers in the jurisdiction seeing growth potential in the science, health and artificial intelligence sectors.Macau’s law firms often serve as a bridge between Portuguese and Chinese-speaking countries, due to the country’s close historical ties with both Portugal and China. By extension, this means that many of the legal professionals in the country are originally from Portugal or China. Many firms also have offices in other Portuguese and Chinese-speaking countries in addition to Macau, allowing them to work in cross-jurisdictional matters.

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