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Firms To Watch: Dispute resolution: class actions (including derivative actions)

Demonstrating growing activity in consumer law cases, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz’s class actions practice recently secured a string of new clients, including Procter & Gamble Israel.
Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. is establishing itself as a local force in transport-related class actions, where it is seeing an uptick in cases brought against some of its key transport operator clients, such as Kavim and Metropoline.
A specialist in automotive class actions, Zemah Schneider & Partners continues to broaden its practice scope, as evidenced by its recent involvement in cases concerning communications law and accessibility rights.

Dispute resolution: class actions (including derivative actions) in Israel

Agmon with Tulchinsky Law Firm

An excellent team for class actions’, Agmon with Tulchinsky Law Firm leverages the wider firm’s regulatory firepower to provide comprehensive coverage of all key class action sectors. The group is particularly noted for its dominant position in energy and environmental law cases, where it can act in tandem with its premier energy practice, but it also shines in financial services, telecoms, competition and derivative lawsuits. Head of the firm Zvi Agmon remains a go-to name for complex and sensitive cases. Agmon co-heads the group together with ‘top-quality practitionerTal Mayshar and Yoav Hirsh, who has high success rate in getting class action approval requests rejected. Also recommended are Uri Sorek, who specialises in derivative actions, and Amit Hirsch.

Practice head(s):

Zvi Agmon; Yoav Hirsh; Tal Mayshar

Other key lawyers:

Uri Sorek; Dror Savransky; Yonatan Kehat; Amit Hirsch; Hilla Peleg; Dana Hen; Guy Arieli


‘A very capable team comprised of deep thinkers, who perform very well in court. I particularly highlight Uri Sorek, Dana Hen and Zvi Agmon.’

‘The team is professional, with extensive experience in handling class action lawsuits and has an understanding of the relevant fields.’

‘Yoav Hirsh has many years of experience and personally handles the class action lawsuits. Associate Guy Arieli serves as our right hand man. Hilla Peleg is an experienced litigator handling complex cases.’

‘Demonstrates the full-range of knowledge concerning the various legal needs of the client. Lawyers stand out for their proficiency and attention to detail.’

‘I work with the team on privacy class actions. The team is superb. Tal Mayshar is a top-quality practitioner.’

‘An excellent team for class actions. They are co-counsel with our firm on various matters and do excellent job. Tal Mayshar and Yoav Hirsh stand out.’

Key clients


Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services



Israel Chemicals

Bank Hapoalim

Veridis Environment

Sha’are Zedek Medical Center

Delek Group

Israel Builders Association

Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals

Mazda & Delek Motors (Mazda’s distributor in Israel)

JT International for Globrands

El Al Israel Airlines


Ratio oil explorations

Leumi Bank


Yad 2 (Coral Tell)

Partner Communications

Rapac Energy

Kimberly Clark Israel

Directors and Officials of Bank Hapoalim and Hapoalim (Switzerland)

Bank Hapoalim B.M.

First International Bank of Israel

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented the partners of the Tamar gas field partnership in a motion to certify a class action concerning the price of natural gas in Israel. Following an appeal, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal in early 2023.
  • Represented multiple corporate clients (factories, chemical companies and refineries operating in the Haifa Bay area) in a historically significant environmental class action lawsuit in Israel.
  • Acted for Hitachi in two class action motions alleging that Hitachi was a party to an international cartel between the manufacturers of a specific component of computer and TV screens.

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy

Impressing sources with its ‘ability to handle large and complex litigation’, Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is a longstanding specialist in class actions, with its recent merger serving to consolidate its eminent position in the market. Demonstrating strength across all key areas, including product liability, consumer law, financial services, competition, privacy, and environmental law, the group routinely defends major domestic and multinational companies in high-profile cases. Widely recognised as a market leader, Barak Tal contributes extensive experience in headline-grabbing class action lawsuits spanning all industries. The group also draws on Hanital Belinson Navon, who is particularly noted for privacy-related matters; Nir Kehat, who combines strength in class actions and administrative law; up-and-coming partner Sivan Wulkan-Avisar; and Eitan Brosh.

Other key lawyers:

Barak Tal; Hanital Belinson-Navon; Nir Kehat; Ruth Loven; Ofer Shoval; Roey Sasson; Sagi Schiff; Sivan Wulkan Avisar; Eitan Brosh


‘The best firm I have worked with; very professional, provides excellent service and very versatile.’

‘Barak Tal is a highly skilled litigator with a deep understanding of the law and the ability to articulate complex legal issues clearly and concisely. He is also a skilled interrogator who can effectively represent his clients in court. In addition, Barak is a wise and experienced negotiator.’

‘Sivan Wulkan-Avisar is very professional and hard-working. Drills down on every aspect of the case and is service-oriented.’

‘I worked with the litigation team headed by Barak Tal, which collaborated with our firm on several commercial cases, including class actions. I was impressed by its professionalism and ability to handle large and complex litigation, as well as its ability to cooperate and collaborate successfully, pleasantly and efficiently.’

‘Sagi Schiff is a skilled legal writer and thinker. He is able to express complex legal ideas in a clear and concise manner. He is also able to raise novel legal arguments.’

‘A great litigation team, particularly leading advocate, Eitan Brosh.’

Key clients

Abbott Laboratories




Nike Israel

Waze Mobile

El Al Israel Airlines

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Leumi

First International Bank of Israel

Discount Bank

Phoenix Insurance Company

Clal Insurance Company

Migdal Insurance Company

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Company

Harel Insurance Company

CAL – Israel Credit Cards

First International Bank

Nestlé Nespresso

Max It Finance (Formerly known as Leumi Card)



Assuta Medical Centers

Direct Finance

Work highlights

  • Representing Migdal Insurance in a complaint filed against it, and four other insurance companies, regarding a maternity rider in health insurance plans.
  • Representing Grindr in a motion for class action certification filed against it by one of its users, which claims that Grindr shared users’ sensitive information with various third parties without the informed consent of the users.
  • Representing Harel Insurance in a class action lawsuit alleging that it fails to evaluate the fulfilment of conditions related to mental deterioration in children with special needs.

Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co

Satisfied clients of Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co assert that it ‘excels at all types of litigation, at every level, and in any commercial field’. Equipped to handle large-scale class action cases across all industry segments, the team also stands out for its representation of plaintiffs as well as defendants. Head of the firm Giora Erdinast is a go-to litigator and continues to lead major cases, including representing Nesher – Israel Cement Enterprises in a motion to certify an antitrust class action. Other seasoned specialists include Ran Sprinzak, who possesses an enviable record in precedent-setting matters; Tomer Weissman, who is a popular choice for international corporations; and Hadas Bekel, who ‘fights vigorously for her clients’.

Practice head(s):

Giora Erdinast; Ran Sprinzak; Tomer Weissman; Hadas Bekel

Other key lawyers:

Arik Brenneisen


‘A very professional, pleasant and available team. Lawyers are creative, smart and pleasant.’

‘EBN’s litigation and class action team is phenomenal. It excels at all types of litigation, at every level, and in any commercial field. It has a highly intelligent and experienced team who work very efficiently, respond quickly, and have remarkable insight.’

‘Giora Erdinast is one of the best leading civil litigators in Israel. He is tough and charismatic in court and well respected by judges of every instance. We have a long-established professional relationship that spreads over 12 years and he is one of my first choices for any complicated legal issues I encounter.’

‘Hadas Bekel is a great litigator. She is extremely diligent lawyer who fights vigorously for her clients. Recently a team led by her successfully settled a high-profile and sensitive class action involving complex issues.’

‘Ran Sprinzak and his team present a combination of diverse, impressive skills. The firm’s special expertise in the finance sector and the class actions field makes it ideal for handling our largest and most complex class actions. Every member of the team combines strong intelligence, legal knowledge and responsiveness.’

‘Ran Sprinzak is extremely intelligent, eloquent and has a deep understanding of law. His skills as a lawyer are among the best I have ever encountered; I would be glad to recommend him to any of my colleagues.’

Key clients

The majority holders of the Tamar natural gas reservoir (Isramco, Tamar Petroleum, Dor Gas and Everest)

Goldman Sachs

PwC Israel


Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunication Corp

Yes TV and Communications Services

Partner Communications

The Israel Electric Corporation

Former Directors and Officers of IDB and of Discount Investment Corporation



Elna Co.

Medtronic Trading Inc. and Medtronic

Taavura Holdings

Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006

Israel Aerospace Industries

Africa Israel Investments and its directors

Opko Health; Opko Biologics

Nesher – Israel Cement Enterprises

SANO Bruno’s Enterprises

Egged Taavura

Aura Israel – Entrepreneurship and Investments

Kardan Israel

Extra Holdings and Mr. Moti Ben Moshe

Yelin Lapidot Holdings Management

Halman Aldubi Provident and Pension Funds

Financial Justice Association

Apex Issuances

Nisko Industries (1992) and its parent company – Nisko Holdings (1982)

The Israeli Consumer Council

The Directors and officers of Brookland Upreal

Rushdi Food Industries

Shahal Medical Services

Metro Motor Marketing (1981)


Blue Square Estate

Afcon EV

Menora Mivtachim Underwriters & Management

Discount Capital Underwriting

IBI Underwriting

Cibus Sodexo

The College of Management Academic Studies

Work highlights

  • Represented Goldman Sachs Group in a class action suit alleging that entities from Goldman Sachs Group took part in an international cartel in the foreign currency markets.
  • Represented PwC in a NIS320m class action suit regarding the merger of two Israeli oil and gas exploration partnerships; Avner Oil Exploration and Delek Drilling.
  • Obtained a victory in a class action on behalf of five public companies, including one dual-listed company, against whom allegations were made regarding their financial reports.


A popular choice to represent major multinational corporations in Israeli class actions, FISCHER (FBC & Co.) is currently handling cases on behalf of Meta Platforms, Google and Intel, among others — it also acts for leading domestic names. Among its practice strong suits, the team is widely recognised for its strength in privacy and data protection issues, as well as product liability, consumer law, financial services and competition. A go-to specialist in class actions, Gil Orion demonstrates ‘excellent verbal and performance skills’; he co-heads the department alongside Orit Malka. The group also draws on international specialist Ronald Lehmann; increasingly active class action partner Tal Wiesengrun; IP litigator Yael Riemer; and capable associate Jana Rabinovich.

Practice head(s):

Gil Orion; Orit Malka

Other key lawyers:

Yael Riemer; Tal Wiesengrun; Ronald Lehmann; Michal Sela; Jana Rabinovich


‘An excellent practice group. Very intelligent, exceptional legal capabilities and top-notch professional service. Highly recommended in every aspect.’

‘Gil Orion and Yael Riemer are the best in this area of law that Israel has to offer. Very intelligent, top legal professional capabilities and also very pleasant to work with. They provide business-savvy advice, respond quickly and provide exceptional legal services. Their associates were also outstanding. ’

‘The team is comprised of lawyers, who are wise, experienced and effective.’

‘The team had significant experience in class actions, consumer laws, and general corporate matters. The team showed abilities in dealing with international corporation mentality, and thinking outside of the box.’

‘I’ve worked mainly with two lawyers, a partner and an associate. Both had vast experience and showed availability when needed.’

‘Gil Orion is very professional, with excellent verbal and performance skills. Michal Sela is very professional, with excellent verbal skills. She knows how to convey the message effectively.’

‘Yael Riemer is a valiant fighter and a pleasure to work with.’

Key clients

Meta Platforms

Volvo Car Corporation


Google Ireland Limited and Google LLC

Perrigo Company

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motor Company

Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI

Intel Corporation

Ford Motor Company

Roadget Business (SHEIN),

Norstar Holdings

Meitav Dash

Sonol Israel

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Israel Discount Bank

Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd & Ayalon Holdings Group

Match Group (Tinder)


Lime Network

Golf Group

Starwood West

Deloitte Israel – Brightman Almagor Zohar

Ormat Technologies Inc. and Ormat Systems

Bezeq – The Israeli Communication Company

HOT Telecommunication Systems, Hot Mobile

Tower Semiconductor

Biotronik Se & Co.

Deutsche Lufthansa Swiss International Air Lines

Delta Airlines

British Airways


REIT Azorim

Generation Capital

Work highlights

  • Advising Migdal Insurance on a presidential dispute with its controlling shareholder concerning the right to appoint and dismiss directors and officers.
  • Advising Deloitte regarding its liability as an auditor to identify embezzlement in a company for which it acts as its controller.
  • Advising Google on fundamental questions of its right to analyse and process users’ data.

Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

The recent merger between Gross & Co and Goldfarb Seligman to create Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co. gathers together a deep pool of lawyers with significant experience in class and derivative actions, particularly in the consumer protection, securities, financial services and antitrust spheres, among others. Key contacts in the combined team include Hagit Blaiberg, who handles class actions for some of the department’s key clients, including Shufersal and Harel Insurance. Aaron Michaeli specialises in class actions and derivative actions concerning securities, antitrust, administrative and criminal law. Yehuda Rosenthal frequently teams up with Michaeli to advise on complex cases; Michael Ginsburg recently handled a string of class actions for Gett; industry and regulation industry head Benjamin Rotenberg and Yori Nehushtan are also names to note.

Practice head(s):

Aaron Michaeli; Hagit Blaiberg; Zvi Bar-Nathan; Benjamin Rotenberg; Moshe Mazor

Other key lawyers:

Yehuda Rosenthal; Moti Arad; Michael Ginsburg; Yori Nehushtan; Daphna Tsarfaty


‘The team is highly professional, well-versed in the law and always prepared to meetings. They work well as a team, and demonstrate an acute understanding of the legal-business interface. I was very impressed by the firm’s international capabilities – they display a deep understanding of foreign laws. ’

‘Aaron Michaeli is an impressive litigator who presents well-thought, logical arguments with remarkable energy and eloquence, displaying an in-depth understanding of the law as well as a keen business acumen.’

‘The team had much experience in class actions, consumer laws, and general corporate. The team showed abilities in dealing with international corporation mentality.’

‘The firm demonstrates professionalism in many areas. The legal achievements of the firm are excellent. Each subject has an address in the form of an available and helpful lawyer for each field. The firm excels in the personal and professional service it provides to its clients.’

‘The lawyers had experience in the relevant field and showed availability when needed.’

‘The team that accompanies us is very professional and thorough in the field of class actions and we are very satisfied with the service provided to us by it.’

Key clients

Coca Cola Israel (The Central Bottling Company)


Sonova Holding

Europe Asia Pipeline Company

Jaguar Land Rover

Ford Motor Company

Israel Railways

Delek Drilling Limited Partnership

Tamar Petroleum

El Al Israel Airlines

PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Rafa Laboratories

Isracard Group


The Israel Electric Corporation

Unilever Overseas Holdings

S&P Global Ratings Ma’alot

Bank Mizrahi Tefahot

Keshet Broadcasting (“Keshet 12”)

U. Dori Group

Israel Canada (T.R)

New Lineo Cinema (2006)

Netivei Ayalon (Ayalon Highways)

Neviot- Nature of Galilee

Super-Pharm (Israel)

Company officials, executives and board members of Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunication Corp

CEO and six board members of Dan Public Transportation Co

A.L. Ten Bis (“10bis”)

Dalia Power Energies

National Insurance Institute of Israel



Derech Eretz Highways Management Corporation


Hot Mobile

Bonus BioGroup

012 Smile Telecom

Leader Capital Markets

Harel Insurance Company

Menora Mivtachim Holdings

The Phoenix Insurance Company

Hachshara Insurance Company

Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings

I.D.I. Insurance Company

Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings

Psagot Investment House

I.B.I. – Managing and Underwriting

Carasso Motors

Pacific Vehicle and Transportation

Albar Leasing (R.Z.)

Delek Motors

Tamir Fishman

Castro Marketing 1985

Mifal Hapais – Israel National Lottery

A.L. Ten Bis Ltd. (“10bis”)

Zaban Bechor – Jewelry

Rami Levy Shivuk Hashikma

IMI Systems

Dorad Energy


Radio Kol-Barama

NMC United Entertainment (“Globus United”)

Bird Rides

Meda Conferences

T.M.I.R – Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel

Elcon Recycling Center

Afcon Holdings



Summit Real Estate Holdings

Sorek Operation and Maintenance Company

Rotshtein Real Estate

EBar Water

E.R.E. Water Holdings


Strauss Icecream

Abouelafia Bakery


Verint Systems

Comverse Technology


Cronos Israel Group (DBA Peace Naturals)

Tadiran Consumer and Technology Products


Interdeal Development


Work highlights

  • Representing Isracard Group in a motion to certify a class action against it, and its board members, in relation to its NIS2.9bn merger with Harel Insurance.
  • Representing Elcon Recycling Center in a motion to certify a class action against it, and 30 other defendants, for alleged air and odour pollution hazards that cause illness to residents of the Haifa Bay area.
  • Representing Tamar Petroleum in a motion to certify a derivative action against it and other right holders in the Tamar natural gas reservoir.

Gornitzky & Co.

Over the past year alone, Gornitzky & Co. represented clients in 187 class action certification motions and 89 derivative certification motions. The team is well-placed to handle matters involving all of Israel’s core industry segments, but it has been particularly active on behalf of clients in the financial services sector of late, including Israel Discount Bank, Harel Group and Menora Mivtachim Group. It also recorded a significant uptick in consumer protection and accessibility class actions. Ofer Tzur heads the overarching litigation department and ‘triumphs over the most complex trials’. The team additionally includes Noam Ronen, who specialises in class actions and derivative claims; Maya Sabari, who is noted for complex derivative actions; and ‘great litigator’, Harel Shaham.

Practice head(s):

Ofer Tzur

Other key lawyers:

Noam Ronen; Maya Sabari; Harel Shaham; Ofer Fleischer; Tom Alkalay; Pinhas Rubin


‘The firm is experienced in learning new topics and litigating. Harel Shaham is a great litigator.’

‘This firm provides me with legal services in the field of class actions, where it does a very professional and good job. Lawyers are very thorough in their work, write well, and argue well in court. Harel Shaham does a great job. I love working with him, he is very professional.’

‘The team is very professional, with deep knowledge and understanding of the law and the details of the case. Maya Sabari, is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. Super intelligent, very professional and thorough.’

‘A very motivated and dedicated team that cover the different aspects. Lawyers stand out for their innovative way of thinking, flexibility of point of view, and strong experience.’

‘Gornitzky & Co.’s litigation department is excellent. The department’s lawyers are professional, highly experienced and provide their clients with the best professional service 24/7. The team demonstrates full dedication to its clients and is highly respected by the judicial system and its judges.’

‘Ofer Tzur is undoubtedly the best litigator in Israel. He masters all areas of law, is a genius in his field, and triumphs over the most complex trials. Ofer Tzur is a go-to attorney in litigation.’

Key clients

Abbott Medical Laboratories

Dan Public Transportation

Former External Directors of Gibui Holdings

Mawdsley-Brooks & Company

Meitav-Dash Investment House and its provident funds

Israel Railways

Israel Discount Bank

External and independent directors of Megureit Israel, a REIT fund

Harel Group

Menorah Mivtachim Group

Osem – Nestlé

Office holders and controlling shareholders in Hagag Group

ICL Group

Clal Insurance Group

AMD Real Estate Development & Investment

Phoenix Insurance Group

L’Oreal Israel Cosmetics

City Time

Mercantile Discount Bank


Mivtach Simon (subsidiary of Migdal Group)

Tmura Insurance Agency (1987) (subsidiary of Clal Group)

Shekel Group (subsidiary of Pheonix Group)

Agam Liderim (subsidiary of Pheonix Group)

Azorim Group and the Directors and Management Company of Azorim Living REIT Fund

Migdal Group

Altshuler Shaham Investments House

Colmobil Car Financing Solutions

TopGum Industries and Top Gum Trade and Marketing


Tier Mobility

Work highlights

  • Advised Abbot Group in a class action filed against Abbot Israel alleging it misled premature infants, and their parents, by failing to warn of the risk of premature infants developing necrotising enterocolitis, related to the use of cow’s milk-based infant formula during their time in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • Represented former external directors of Gibui Holdings in two class action certification motions, claiming that their failure to timely report events caused the shareholders and debenture holders damage of more than NIS100m.
  • Advised Harel Insurance Group and Menora Mivtachim Insurance Group in motions to certify a class action concerning fiduciary duty.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

Praised for its sensitivity to the corporate backdrop to class action cases, Herzog Fox & Neeman’s team ‘combines pragmatic advice with excellent litigation skills’. The practice is further distinguished by its significant international dimension, which frequently sees it advising on the Israel aspects of wider global matters. Demonstrating this, it is representing Meta in a case alleging it incorrectly calculated metrics concerning the average view times for video advertisements during a certain period of time — mirroring a prominent US class-action claim. Department head Joseph Ashkenazi and dual-qualified (Israel and Massachusetts) litigator Haim Machluf are valued for their ability to ‘come up with creative ideas’. David Zailer and Isaac Shragay are also recommended by sources. In May 2023, the firm absorbed an eight-partner litigation team from Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co, which included Yoav Hertman, who has significant class actions experience.

Practice head(s):

Joseph Ashkenazi

Other key lawyers:

David Zailer; Haim Machluf; Isaac Shragay; Yael Chervinsky; Ynon Hashmonay; Shai Kagan; Yoav Hertman


‘Herzog combines pragmatic advice with excellent litigation skills. The team really fights for the client’s interests. I find them the top firm in Israel.’

‘Joseph Ashkenazi and Haim Machluf are both very good litigators. They always think strategically and come up with creative ideas that make the difference. They staff matters efficiently, which ensures that the client receives value for money.’

‘The best litigators in the market. Isaac Shargay is the best in class; his quality of thinking, advice and support is exceptional. Overall the team provides incredible client service.’

‘The team is extremely responsive, briefly explains the general concepts with respect to the case, understands the corporate environment and sensitivities. David Zailer personally gives heads ups for any unregular situation.’

‘I have worked with many law firms in the US, but the litigation team in Herzog Fox & Neeman in Israel, with which I am now working, has provided very high quality output in all aspects compared to such law firms, especially, Isaac Shargay always provides very high-level output — in both speed and quality.’

Key clients

Meta and WhatsApp

Gadot Chemical Terminals (1985), Israel Ports Development & Assets Company and Taro Pharmaceutical Industries




Deutsche Bank





DAF Trucks



Mercedes Benz


Phoenix Insurance Company


General Motors Company



Work highlights

  • Representing Meta in a wide range of class actions involving novel aspects of privacy and consumer protection laws in relation to social media and online platforms.
  • Representing defendants, including Gadot Chemical Terminals and Gadot Storage and Handling Limited Partnership, in a precedential class action before the Haifa District Court.
  • Representing Philips in three class actions pending in Israel, two of which raise numerous issues that have not yet been settled under Israeli law.

Meitar Law Offices

Meitar Law Offices is praised for its ‘great team of litigators with expertise in diving into complex issues’. The group is uniquely positioned to handle multi-jurisdictional matters, with its strong multinational client base and deep pool of dual-qualified lawyers underpinning its cross-border offering. It also defends major domestic companies in high-stakes cases. Highlighted as ‘a great litigator’, Nadav Weisman maintains a broad contentious practice, with a focus on class actions, derivative actions, shareholder disputes and D&O liability. Weisman co-heads the wider litigation practice together with Israel Leshem — who is dual-qualified in Israel and New York — and Eyal Rosovsky. The team also includes Ron Peleg, who is revered by some as ‘the best pharmaceutical class action lawyer in Israel’.

Practice head(s):

Nadav Weissman; Eyal Rosovsky; Israel Leshem

Other key lawyers:

Ron Peleg; Yoav Oestreicher; Ali Bursztyn; Adi Fremder; Noam Gilon


‘Meitar is the best firm I’ve worked with in recent years. It has a great team of litigators with expertise in diving into complex issues and litigating. The firm also has a great commercial team.’

‘Nadav Weissman is a great litigator. Israel Leshem is a great litigator and commercial lawyer.’

‘The Meitar team is extremely knowledgeable about class actions, which are common in Israel. It is particularly strong in pharma class actions, where I believe it is the best in Israel with nobody else coming close. It also has a strong ability to work with foreign clients, who may not be familiar with Israeli procedures.’

‘Ron Peleg is “Mr Pharmaceutical Litigation” in Israel. He understands the industry incredibly well and is literally the best pharmaceutical class action lawyer in Israel. He has built a strong team around him, which benefits from his experience — many of them have been doing this work for many years.’

Key clients

Volkswagen Group

Monsanto Company; Bayer; Adama Agan

Renault Group

Philip Morris

LG Display Co.


Sony Group Corporation

Pelephone Communications

LinkedIn Corporation, LinkedIn Ireland

GlaxoSmithKline (Israel)

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Meitav Dash Gemel and Pension






Expedia Group (including

Work highlights

  • Represented Volkswagen, and its brands, in a series of class-action cases, including in a case focusing on the fallout from the global diesel emission matter, alleging Volkswagen misled clients and authorities about fuel emissions from the EA 189 diesel engine.
  • Successfully represented LG Display Co in a decade-long antitrust class action alleging its involvement in an LCD-TFT display cartel.
  • Represented LinkedIn in a class action seeking certification for two distinct classes.

S. Horowitz & Co

The team at S. Horowitz & Co stands out for its ability to plug into one of the market’s most comprehensive dispute resolution practices and one source attests, ‘very few firms, if any, can match the depth and experience of litigation that can be found at S. Horowitz’. The class actions practice serves as a key pillar of its wider contentious offering, with the group routinely supporting major international and domestic corporations, financial institutions and public authorities in high-stakes cases. Hagai Doron chairs the competition practice and brings his regulatory expertise to bear in complex class actions. Other key contacts are Uriel Prinz, who specialises in class actions; dispute resolution head Alex Hertman; and Gitit Levin-Grinberg.

Practice head(s):

Yehoshua Horesh; Alex Hertman; Hagai Doron

Other key lawyers:

Ehud Arzi; Asaf Rentsler; Uriel Prinz; Gitit Levin-Grinberg; Noam Zamir


‘We appreciated the team‘s familiarity with the original US dispute, which caused filing of similar class actions in Israel. Staffing seems appropriate – no overloading. Everyone is proficient in English.’

‘Both Hagai Doron and Gitit Levin-Grinberg have excellent analytical skills.’

‘A top litigation practice in Israel. Very few firms, if any, can match the depth and experience of litigation that can be found at S Horowitz.’

‘We worked with Noam Zamir and Alex Hertman. Alex is a senior partner with years of top-level litigation behind him, Noam is a highly competent and energetic lawyer who gives his all when representing a client. Both have a good sense of what makes strategic sense and manage cases efficiently.’

Key clients

Dexcel and Dexcel Pharma Technologies

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Google LLC

Honda Motor Co

Toyota Motor Corporation

Maccabi Health Services

British Airways

Israel Electric Corporation

Paz Oil Company

Barclays Bank

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha

Sharp Corporation

Discount Investment Corporation

AIG Europe and AIG Europe (Services)

The Phoenix Insurance Company


Yedioth Ahronoth




Shafir Civil and Marine Engineering

K & Care Organics

Work highlights

  • Representing Stellantis in seven different motions to certify a class action alleging defects in vehicles, among other matters.
  • Representing Barclays Bank in a class action concerning manipulations of Libor quotes.
  • Representing Sanofi in a motion for the certification of a class action alleging lack of information included in the patient information leaflet.

Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary

Enjoying a prominent position in class actions involving financial services-related issues, Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary is currently handling approximately 95 class actions on behalf of major Israeli banks, including Bank Hapoalim and Bank Leumi. The team’s recent experience also spans TMT, tax and corporate cases. Department head Sharon Lubezky-Hess is commended by sources as ‘one of the best lawyers in in class actions representing financial institutions’. Shahar Haron also focuses on derivative actions, banking law and class actions.

Practice head(s):

Sharon Lubezky-Hess

Other key lawyers:

Shahar Haron; Yaniv Holzman; Shmuel Birbir


‘I am working on a few matters with Sharon Lubezky-Hess, who is one of the best lawyers in in class actions representing financial institutions and in derivative actions. She is a very thorough lawyer, with vast experience of the law and the courtroom. She goes the extra mile for her clients.’

Key clients

Aeronautics Defense Systems

Ayalon Insurance Company

Bank Hapoalim


One Zero Bank

Bank Leumi Le-Israel

Tarya P2P

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot

Bynet Data Communications

Clal Pension and Provident Funds

Direct Insurance – IDI Insurance Company

EL AL Israel Airlines


Excellence Nessuah Group

First International Bank of Israel

IBI Group

Israel Discount Bank

Maalot Insurance Agency

Meitav Dash Loans

Menora Mivtahim Insurance Company

Mercantile Discount Bank



Reshet Media


Tarya P2P

The Phoenix Insurance Company

Union Bank of Israel

Work highlights

  • Acting for Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, Bank Hapoalim and Union Bank of Israel in opposing a motion for certification of a NIS458m class action filed against them regarding a claim pertaining to cash withdrawal services through ATMs.
  • Representing Bank Leumi against a motion for certification of a NIS100m class action pertaining to tax payments owed by bank clients in connection with transactions in foreign securities.
  • Acting for Reshet Media in opposing three separate motions for certification of class actions filed against it, and co-defendants, alleging the use of prohibited embedded marketing in its media platforms.

Berkman & Co

Berkman & Co’s firm-wide focus on dispute resolution pays dividends in a steadfast client list that includes names the boutique has been advising for decades, including Pelephone Communications. The team handles a significant volume of class and derivative actions, with notable expertise in telecoms, financial services, consumer protection and securities, among others. Firm founder Ron Berkman has a pioneering record in class actions and anchors a group that also includes experienced litigators Nachum Kubovsky and Gilad Porat.

Practice head(s):

Ron Berkman; Nachum Kubovsky; Gilad Porat

Other key lawyers:

Sharon Markovich

Key clients

The Phoenix Group – Phoenix Pension and Savings

Adv. Yaakov Atrakchi – Founder and Presiding CEO of Aura Israel

Israel Chemicals Group

Migdal Insurance Company

Meitav Dash Investment House

Dr. Michael Har-Noy

Yakov Benjamin Investments and Holdings et al.

Edeltech Group

10 directors in Bazan Group

Pelephone Communications

Harel, Chen, Gil and Israel Shapira – Brothers and controlling shareholders of Shapir Engineering and Manufacturing Group

Nesher Baz, Adv. Erez Aharoni and Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Co.


Work highlights

  • Representing the Phoenix Group – Phoenix Pension and Savings in legal proceedings and an appeal against the certification of a class action of more than NIS100m concerning management fees.
  • Representing Migdal Insurance in a large class action, involving six other respondent insurance companies, which — after 12 years of litigation — was concluded with a settlement agreement (pending court approval).
  • Representing Meitav Dash Investment House in an appeal against the certification of a NIS400m class action and in the subsequent settlement.

Lipa Meir & Co

Lipa Meir & Co’s dominant healthcare offering is reflected in its class actions practice, where it acts for leading healthcare providers in major suits; notably, it is handling over 20 class actions on behalf of Clalit Health Services. Environmental law is another area of strength, with Israel Shipyards standing as a key client in that space. Alon Pomeranc steers the overarching litigation department and is the key contact for the Clalit work. Shay Tamar also maintains an active class actions practice.

Practice head(s):

Alon Pomeranc

Other key lawyers:

Shay Tamar; Sylvia Gal


‘The litigation team is comprised of professionals, who provide prompt and accurate advice and who are willing to give a listening ear beyond the service itself.’

‘Alon Pomeranc and Sylvia Gal are smart, always available, and provide added non-legal value to the process.’

‘Lipa Meir’s extensive experience in all areas of litigation and focused attention to detail has proven to be a very useful supplement to our internal resources.’

‘Alon Pomeranc provided timely, accurate, efficient and friendly counsel to us, performing a variety of legal services and advice.’

Key clients

Clalit Health Services

Sunny Cellular Communication (formerly known as Scailex)

Ituran Location and Control

Ayalon Insurance Company

Harel Insurance

Clal Insurance Company

Shila Medical Services

Pery Yeruham Automobile Co.

Automax Motors

Mor Research Applications

Aaron Frenkel

Israel Shipyards, Israel Shipyards Port

Eldad Peri Real Estate Ltd., Eldad Peri Group Ltd., Peri performance, Mr. Eldad Peri

Shekel Scales (2008)

Tamir Fishman Real Estate Fund – Members of the Foundation Advisory Committee

Astral Hotels

Pacific Cars

Kanfei Nesharim Aviation

Zohar Dalia Cooperative Agricultural Association

Jumbo Stock

Towns Association for Environmental Quality, Southern Judea

Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan

Shfaram Water and Sewage Corporation

Keinan Sheffy

Work highlights

  • Representing Israel Shipyards in a major environmental class action filed by Citizens for the Environment against it, and 30 other defendants.
  • Acting for the residents of the Heftziba neighbourhood in Hadera, against the Israel Electric Corporation and its two recent CEOs, in a case alleging that these residents are suffering from air pollution generated by the nearby Orot Rabin Power Plant.
  • Acting for Aaron Frenkel, and his company, Equity Finance and Investment, in a class action filed against him and Property and Building Corp relating to the purchase of the Gav-Yam company by Property and Building Corp.

M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries

Consumer protection cases are a key pillar of M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries’ class action practice, where it acts for supermarket chain, Rami Levy Shivuk, and McDonald’s (Aloniel Israel), among other clients. The group also handles a significant volume of work relating to financial services, particularly insurance, and class actions involving cartel allegations. The department is led by ‘skilled litigatorDanny Kabir, who specialises in financial and capital markets cases. Other key contacts include Ronit Sutton Salkind and head of the firm, Zvi Firon.

Practice head(s):

Zvi Firon; Danny Kabir

Other key lawyers:

Ronit Sutton Salkind; Lior Poliakov


‘We collaborate with Danny Kabir on complex class actions. Danny possesses extensive experience and the ability to navigate issues effectively, leading to the resolution of lawsuits and facilitating compromises. Furthermore, he is a skilled litigator who adeptly utilizes all the legal tools at his disposal.’

‘The firm provides me with legal services in the field of class actions. It does a very professional and good job. Lawyers write well, and argue well in court.’

‘In my opinion, the department is particularly excellent because of the very impressive presence of Ronit Sutton Salkind, who leads the team in the fields of consumer, accessibility and the environment for class action defence in an exceptional professional manner.’

‘We work mainly with Ronit Sutton Salkind. She is one of a kind, and in a league of her own. She masters the practice brilliantly, knows the judges and case law, master’s every innovation in the field, has fantastic trial management abilities, and simply achieves the best possible results for her clients.’

‘The team provides professional service, strong availability to the client, ongoing consultation on issues that arise in the company and quality treatment of legal problems.’

‘Ronit Sutton Salkind is smart and thorough — an excellent performer.’

Key clients



McDonalds (Alonial Israel)


Rav Bariach

Clalit HMO

Clal Insurance Company



Direct Finance



The Pool

Rami Levi Shivuk Hashikma



Electra Construction

Work highlights

  • Representing Clalit Health services in a class action claim, estimated by the press to be be worth NIS2.6bn, alleging a breach of duty to protect the medical and personal details of its customers.
  • Representing McDonald’s (Aloniel Israel) in defending several motions to approve a class action worth millions of NIS.
  • Advising Tiv Taam and Rami Levy in a case where a precedent ruling required the claimant to deposit NIS100,000 as guarantee for the defendant’s damages before the suit could proceed.

Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co.

Exceptional in all parameters’, Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co. is sought after for its strength in insurance class actions, where it works hand-in-hand with the wider firm’s top-tier insurance offering. Other areas of expertise include privacy, consumer protection, competition, and environmental law claims. Department head Yaron Rossman contributes extensive experience in financial services-related cases. The practice also draws on ‘one of a kind’ insurance expert Gil Atar; and Shay Cohen, who focuses on class actions in the insurance, product liability, environmental, and consumer protection spheres. The team welcomed Nir Shuster following the firm’s merger with Shenhav Konforti Rotem & Co. in January 2023.

Practice head(s):

Yaron Rossman

Other key lawyers:

Gil Atar; Shay Cohen; Assaf Ratzon; Ram Pardes; Orr Amsel; Tamar Kareth; Yoav Razin; Amit Mor; Noa Koblenz-Shavit; Nir Shuster


‘Gil Atar’s team is exceptional in all parameters. Lawyers are highly responsive, professional, organized and, most importantly, provide excellent outcomes.’

‘Gil Atar is one of a kind. He possesses the most up-to-date knowledge, also regarding international jurisdictions. He is devoted to the client, sharp and responsive, and provides assistance in many other areas other than the claim itself. Highly recommended!’

‘Gil Atar and Shay Cohen are both smart, look into every detail, available and calm.’

Key clients

Haifa Chemicals

Mixcard 21




Israel Credit Cards

RCL Cruises (Royal Caribbean International)

Unger Kahn & Co C.P.A.

Clal Insurance

Union Bank of Israel

Mercantile Discount Bank

Lucy Borchard Shipping, Israel Scandinavian Maritime Agency, Tiran Shipping

Gulliver Tourism

Leiman Schlussel



CPA Ofer Minirav

BSH Home Appliances

Toys R Us Israel


Sonigo International Shipping, Packing & Moving

Nir Cohen, Leshem, Ben-Artzi & Co

Class and derivative actions are a mainstay at Nir Cohen, Leshem, Ben-Artzi & Co, with the litigation boutique exhibiting extensive experience in the corporate, banking, consumer law and competition areas. The team is routinely engaged to handle matters on behalf of major banks, energy companies and telecoms clients, while it also represents board members and officers of well-known corporations. Nir Cohen is highly regarded for his impressive record in complex cases and co-heads the department together with fellow name partners David Leshem and Amir Ben-Artzi.

Practice head(s):

Nir Cohen; David Leshem; Amir Ben-Artzi

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co’s class actions group handles cases across all key industry sectors, with notable expertise in TMT, where it can lean into the wider firm’s thriving telecoms practice. It has also recently handled cases involving the retail, financial services, and transportation spheres. Firm co-founder Yaron Reiter steers the practice and is recommended for his ‘razor-sharp precision’. Associate Zohar Drookman is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Yaron Reiter

Other key lawyers:

Ariella Ablov; Dana Amir; Ruthy Wysenbeek-Shauli; Yael Apple-Shoham; Zohar Drookman; Iris Bar-Lev


‘Regarding the department’s unique practice, it stands out due to its comprehensive and up-to-date grasp of the intricacies of class action litigation. Its in-depth understanding goes hand-in-hand with its exceptional client relationships, ensuring the best possible outcomes.’

‘Yaron Reiter is an exceptional legal practitioner, renowned for his remarkable expertise and extensive experience. With an innate ability to tackle intricate matters, he effortlessly navigates complex challenges, delivering outstanding solutions. His razor-sharp precision sets him apart in the field.’

‘Ruthy Wysenbeek-Shauli, an esteemed and first-class jurist, is our trusted advocate for managing class actions. Diligent and focused, she leaves no stone unturned, meticulously examining every detail. With her unwavering commitment to our interests, Ruthy consistently surpasses expectations.’

‘We have been working with AYR’s class action team for years and it is our first call if we receive a new class action. The team is comprised of highly skilled individuals, all working hard to ensure the best outcome of any given case. Every member of the team I have worked with was both knowledgeable and hard-working.’

‘Yael Apple-Shoham is a highly skilled, experienced lawyer, whose ability to solve complex legal issues seems almost effortless. Always pleasant to work with, Yael is a professional whose answers are both quick and precise, covering all angles while homing in on the target. Proficient and efficient, Yael is an ideal lawyer.’

‘Ruthy Wysenbeek-Shauli is the primary lawyer who deals with our class action cases. Ruthy is a hard-working, focus-driven lawyer. Her attention to detail is a true asset, which has proven itself crucial in all our cases. Ruthy has repeatedly shown herself able to utilize both factual and legal tools to our favor.’

Key clients

Linkedin Corporation

Linkedin Ireland Unlimited Company

Ofek Holdings Urban Renewal

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Israel

Chi Mei Corporation

Rami Shbiro Engineering, Construction, and Investments

ICP Finance

BUYME Technologies


Partner Communications Company

Bank Hapoalim

Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

Ono Academic College


Ahuzot HaHof

Mifal Hapayis

Lesser Egg Marketing

Kavim Public Transportation Lines

Albar Car Fleet

Leascar Group

Teleclal Group

Pelephone Communications Company

012 Smile Telecom

Issta Israel

Kesher Rent a Car (Hertz)


Phoenix Insurance Company

Work highlights

  • Representing Chi Mei Corp in defending against a class action certification motion alleging participation in a global LCD-TFT panel cartel.
  • Representing Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Ireland Operations, Linkedin Ireland Unlimited Company, and Linkedin Corporation in a case brought by plaintiffs alleging breaches of the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law.
  • Representing Partner Communications in defending against a class action certification, and subsequent Supreme Court appeal, alleging unlawful charges for ‘musical waiting’ and other services.

FWMK (Furth, Wilensky, Mizrachi, Knaani)

Routinely engaged by both plaintiffs and defendants, FWMK (Furth, Wilensky, Mizrachi, Knaani)’s class actions practice is arguably best known for its experience in representing directors and companies in securities cases. The team is additionally increasing its share of consumer law and derivative actions. The department is led jointly by civil and commercial litigation head Ofer Furth, together with managing partner Orr Noy.

Practice head(s):

Ofer Furth; Orr Noy

Other key lawyers:

Eli Shimon; Danny Belenkin; Liron Liberman


‘An excellent team, highly professional.’

‘Orr Noy provides high-quality service in all aspects of litigation. His personal capabilities and his legal knowledge and experience are very much appreciated.’

‘Orr Noy is a sharp and highly knowledgeable litigator in the field of class and derivative actions, very trustworthy, pleasant and professional.’

Key clients


CEO, CFO, and Directors at Gibui Holdings

Founders and Directors of Breath of Life International

Purple Biotech (Previously Kitov Pharma)

Directors of Formula Systems (1985)

Protalix Biotherapeutics

Dr Shlomo Ness

Reut – Management Company of Provident Fund

Agur Management Company of Provident Fund

Sanofi – Aventis Israel

Effi Capital Nadlan

Ijump In the Arena

Poalei Tel Aviv Holdings

E. BAR – Water

Sacara Cosmetics

Kol Bo Hazi Hinam

Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries

Ye’elim Investments

Rozenbuch Assets

Work highlights

  • Representing Purple Biotech, its CEO and directors in two class actions that were filed against them in the Economic department in Tel Aviv’s District Court.
  • Representing BiolineRX and its officers in defending against a motion to approve a class action that was filed in the Economic department of Tel Aviv’s District Court.
  • Representing former directors and officers in Gibui Holdings in defending against two motions to approve class actions, which were filed on behalf of the shareholders of the company and on behalf of its bondholders.

Shibolet & Co.

Among Shibolet & Co.’s recent class action cases, the group handled a mix of securities, consumer protection, competition and environmental law-related matters. The team acts for an array of domestic and multinational companies in defending claims, while it also has experience in representing plaintiffs. Key contacts include joint dispute resolution heads Joseph Benkel and Hillel Ish-Shalom, as well as seasoned litigators Ofer Shapira and Shmuel Galinka.

Practice head(s):

Joseph Benkel; Hillel Ish-Shalom; Shmuel Galinka; Ofer Shapira

Other key lawyers:

Chen Nusel; Nati Agmon


‘Joseph Benkel is a stand-out practitioner. His knowledge and experience of litigation across multiple jurisdictions is, to my knowledge, unparalleled. He sees the big picture, while understanding the significance of the details.’

‘Nati Agmon really cares about us and is driven by what is best for us.’

Key clients

Ceragon Networks

O.Y Mediquip

Budget Rent A Car Company

ARC Automotive

Mifal HaPais – the State of Israel’s Lottery

Hype customer management

WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization), NAAMAT and EMUNAH

Hub Cyber Security

Tadiran Group

General Motors

S. Schestowitz

Israel Railways

National Insurance Institute of Israel


Jafora Tabori

Albar Leasing (R.Z)

Amidar Israel National Housing Corporation For Immigrants

Berlitz (Israel)

Yandex Go

Icon Group and iDigital

L.D. Israel Auto Equipment (1990)

Work highlights

  • Defended Ceragon Networks, and members of its board of directors, in a securities-based class action concerning allegations that the company and its officers issued false forward-looking statements prior to a stock offering.
  • Represented ARC Automotive in a class action lawsuit revolving around the claim that ARC’s inflation mechanisms have a life-threatening defect in their production and design.
  • Successfully represented WIZO, NA’AMAT, and Amona in a class action lawsuit pertaining to the organisations’ strike action in September 2021.

Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates

Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates advises on a broad scope of class actions, with its ongoing representation of domestic and foreign banks on cases stemming from foreign currency trading remaining at the forefront. The team is also currently handling multiple derivative cases. Doron Dan spearheads the wider litigation department and his focus spans a range of contentious fields, including class actions.

Practice head(s):

Doron Dan

Other key lawyers:

Oren Pechthold; Dana Shwartz-Ashtar; Hila Goldfeld; Sagi Natan; Dana Maman-Koren

Key clients




Deloitte Economic Consulting Services (1986)

AFI Residences


Danya Cibus

Balfur (72)

Africa Israel Hotels

AFI Properties

AFI Development

Mercantile Bank & Discount Bank


Bank Hapoalim B.M.

B Fresh

Israel Trade Bank


HSBC Holdings

Orpak Systems

C.A.R.E Medical Services

The new REIT fund

Mivtach-Simon/ MVS Insurance Agents

H&O Israel


Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Hadera Ocean Village

Orbit Communication Systems

A prominent advertising company in a dispute with a competitor

P.R.S. Mediterranean


Shareholders of Family Line

SOHO Collection

AY Electronics

Aharoni Group

Top Ramdor Systems & Computers Co. (1990)

Work highlights

  • Representing Israel Discount Bank in a class action filed against it — and against Bank Hapoalim and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank — for a total of NIS 1.4bn, based on a claim relating to foreign currency trading.
  • Representing several private clients in a class action filed against Meitav Dash regarding pension rights.
  • Representing HSBC in a class action filed against it, as well as against other foreign banks, alleging that foreign currency trading rooms’ employees, wrongfully co-ordinated the rates in foreign currency trades.

Yossi Levy & Co

Yossi Levy & Co’s class actions practice is particularly oriented towards competition and antitrust litigation, where it enjoys a prominent reputation in representing infrastructure clients, such as Electra and the Israel Airport Authority, among others. Consumer protection cases are also a significant source of work. Experienced litigators Alon Barel and Asaf Hadanny co-head the practice.

Practice head(s):

Alon Barel; Asaf Hadanny

Key clients


LG Chem

The Israel Airport Authority

Tulip Entertainment

“Sefer Lakol” Marketing and Distribution

Elco Media and Entertainment Holdings Limited Partnership.

Electra Consumer Products (1951)

IDF Disabled Veterans Organization.


Wind Tel Aviv

Yango Deli Israel


Work highlights

  • Representing Electra in a NIS1.5bn class action regarding a suspected cartel in the elevator market in Israel.
  • Representing LG in a class action lawsuit concerning an alleged global cartel of several international corporations in the field of production and distribution of lithium batteries.
  • Representing the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) in a class action suit claiming it is exploiting its monopoly power by charging excessive concession fees.