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Real estate in Germany

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance fields one of the leading real estate practices in Germany and offers comprehensive expertise in advising on transactional matters related to real estate investments by way of share and asset deals as well as on joint ventures; the client base, which comprises national and international investment companies, insurers and asset managers, can also count on the group's experience in tax structuring, financing, asset management as well as restructuring. While the nine-partner team acts across an impressive spectrum of asset categories, it recently assisted particularly often with portfolio transactions and real estate investments in the office and commercial spheres and was further sought-after by clients from the care and logistics sectors; the practice behind Christian Keilich also advised on an increasing number of real estate P2P transactions. Dennis Blechinger, who made partner in May 2020, is the key contact at the increasingly visible Munich office and the recommended Fabian Böhm focuses on real estate financings and refinancing as well as portfolio transactions.

Practice head(s):

Christian Keilich

Other key lawyers:

Fabian Böhm


' Our regular consultants for over 30 years. The largest and most experienced team in the market, they know all common topics inside out. Traditionally excellent notary services. '

Greenberg Traurig Germany

Greenberg Traurig Germany's real estate practice manages to convey 'the feel of a 360-degree support due to the balanced composition of various experts with individual specific expertise and perspectives': here, the team around 'top dealmakerChristian Schede is one of the first addresses for investors both on buyer as well as seller side, particularly in cross-border real estate transactions in the asset categories housing, office and logistics, which are often closed in cooperation with the firm's European and, most recently also, American and Asian offices. While the practice was recently increasingly active in capital markets-related transactions, the comprehensive advice on project developments by way of complex forward deals as well as high-volume financings and refinancing matters also constitute mainstays for the team; furthermore, instructions by real estate investors relating to pan-European fund structuring also increased. M&A and real estate expert Peter Schorling is considered a 'superstar without an ego but with razor-sharp wit'; Florian Rösch, who 'structures transactions without any mad rush and perfectly', is particularly adept in the asset categories office, retail, hotel, housing as well as care; and Henning Sieber, whose 'quick perception, strategic thinking and clear communication in negotiations are a delight to witness', regularly assists with complex portfolio transactions. Wencke Bäsler 'is able to 100% reliably answer any legal real estate question' and the often recommended Daniel Benighaus made partner.

Practice head(s):

Christian Schede


' The practice is broadly based with competence and leading partners, one-stop shop, extensive transaction experience and ego-free, success-oriented processing; pound smart and not penny stupid. '

' Dr. Christian Schede: leading lawyer and leading person in the real estate industry, clear and unobtrusive language, expertise and high emotional intelligence for situations and people. '

' Dr. Peter Schorling: Superstar without an ego with a razor sharp mind, specialist in the incentive-efficient design of agreements between shareholders. '

'' Very strong industry knowledge, exceptionally low error rate. '

' Wencke Bäsler can clarify every legal question in real estate law 100% reliably, practically flawlessly for years. Dr. Anika Mitzkait is technically superior in every negotiation of the other side when it comes to financing issues and is very solution-oriented. '

' The team is fully efficient in all relevant areas of law: transactions, financing, public and private construction law, tax law. In addition, the quality of the associates has increased again over the past two years. '

' Dr. Peter Schorling is characterized by an unconditional identification with the client's goals and above-average negotiating skills. He is unpretentious and completely results-focused. '

' The practice provides highly professional and very service-oriented advice. Ad hoc meetings are possible at any time. When working together, you see yourself as a team (client + lawyer). The exchange takes place at eye level. Due to the internationality, the practice is very well networked and can quickly contact foreign practices. '

' Dr. Christian Schede: very pleasant cooperation; Team player; very experienced, excellent professional competence in real estate law / project development; competes confidently in sales contract negotiations; very structured; Legal problems raised are weighted, which then facilitates the risk assessment on the part of the client if necessary; very deal-oriented and pragmatic; A very reliable partner in – even large – projects with tight timelines. '

' Dr. Daniel Benighaus: very pleasant cooperation; Team player; excellent professional competence in real estate law / project development; very structured and organized; very service-oriented; the professional advice from Dr. Benighaus is always very legally sound and the quality of his work leaves nothing to be desired; Legal problems raised are weighted, which then facilitates the risk assessment on the part of the client if necessary; A very reliable partner in – even large – projects with tight timelines. '

' Dr. Neumann, Procurement Law: A lot of experience, thinks along and seeks creative solutions from time to time. Inquiries are processed concisely, no long reports, if not necessary. Dr. Johann Schuldt: Despite his youth, excellent knowledge and extremely service-oriented. '

'' Well-balanced composition of various experts with their own special expertise and a special perspective. This gives you a feeling of 360-degree care. '

' Dr. Christian Schede: Exceptionally structured, very analytical and focused. is able to guide clients through complex legal problems and structures in such a way that they gain an overview . '

' Dr. Johann-Frederick Schuldt: very meticulous and targeted detailed work in complex structures. '

' Young, dynamic team that knows how to analyze highly complex legal issues not only in terms of legal theory, but also to analyze them in a solution-oriented manner in practice and to translate them into work packages that can be implemented immediately for non-lawyers. Excellent experts in their respective fields of law! '

' Christian Schede is an excellent leader in the multi-disciplinary team. Excellent understanding of the political and high-publicity shallows of the mandate, well outside the box of the legal core issues of the mandate . '

' Christoph Eneaux, excellent addition to Christian Schede. Great practical relevance when developing the solutions . '

' Johannes Schuldt, excellent analyst, excellent processing of the legal fundamentals .'

' One of the three or four big real estate consultants, good market penetration, good ideas, quick support, even with matters that could be disputed. There is always a contact person who handles the questions with the necessary prioritization and precision. The English is very good . '

' Henning Sieber: Careful and precise, suaviter in modo fortiter in re, effective and pleasant negotiator. '

' Daniel Benighaus: friendly and competent advice on building law, effective representation of interests towards planners and building contractors .'

' Kathrin Peiffer: Very pleasant, unpretentious and to the point, great economic understanding, asks the right questions and points out errors / contradictions .'

'' Individual specialized knowledge is easily exchanged between colleagues or worked on in a team so that the best possible results are achieved. Processing is very practical. Compared to other law firms, the processing is very quick. Communication with the client is very good . '

' You show a very high level of commitment. What differs from previous experiences is that the subject is worked very deeply. '

' Dr. Peter Schorling: Excellent lawyer, very bright head with an excellent team. Dr. Oliver Markmann is an excellent senior associate on the team . '

' Lived interdisciplinary and international team with access to global expertise and legislation in the real estate asset class data center. A close and smooth integration of real estate and technology. Sensitivity for entrepreneurial risks, knowledge of industry specifics and understanding of Mission Critical Infrastructure and IP. One-stop-shop for corporate M&A (JV formation), IP (patent purchase and license agreements), labor law issues, real estate (leasing, forward sale, construction contracts, project insurance, construction financing). Last but not least, the successful cooperation with the law firm also creates the extremely trusting, pleasantly personal and human component . '

' Dr. Daniel Benighaus: Pleasantly calm, calm character with a confident overview of all legal components of a project. Certainly also in English-speaking negotiations. An extraordinarily high level of commitment and entrepreneurial risk sensitivity justify our great confidence in his work and his sometimes self-dependent work with the negotiating partner. Whenever it came down to it, Dr. Benighaus literally stood by us reliably day and night. From a human point of view, too, it's a pleasure to work with him in a team . '

' Dr. Henning Sieber: A level-headed, concentrated character who gets to the heart of the matter in a quiet tone – also in English. His quick comprehension, strategic thinking and clear communication were a pleasure to see in negotiations. His objection, which was clear if necessary, was heard and respected by the other side even in weaker negotiating positions.

'' The ITC-specific (Information & TeleCommunication Industry) experience of Dr. Sieber paired with a reliable network of also experienced specialists GREENBERG TRAURIGs in the country of origin of our customer was not only able to eliminate some roadblocks in the negotiation but also often show a spectrum of possible solutions. On the client side, this has given us a steep learning curve . '

' We have been working with the firm on numerous projects for more than five years and have developed an excellent mutual understanding of how we can work together most efficiently and successfully. The firm has proven itself at all seniority levels through its excellent work products, its impressive "responsiveness" and the close cooperation between the individual teams, who deliver on time at all times . '

'' Expertise paired with the highest level of professionalism, reliability and an above-average degree of customer orientation. Solution and goal-oriented approaches with high practical relevance. Strong in negotiation and assertiveness. '

' The collaboration with Dr. Rösch and Dr. Benighaus is particularly characterized by professional advice. Particularly noteworthy are the fast processing times (even for complex topics) as well as the excellent negotiations, which in every situation go hand in hand with strong and practice-oriented arguments and the highest degree of seriousness. Compared to other competitors, the way of working stands out primarily due to its reliability and competent advice . '

' In my experience, the fully integrated team at Greenberg Traurig loves and lives real estate in every form. We have already used Greenberg for various real estate law projects, especially in the area of transactions, project developments and also Greenberg's notary's office. The team around Dr. Schorling cleverly combines real estate law with other areas relevant to commercial law. For the classic construction law issues, especially in project developments, Dr. Schorling again and again Dr. Florian Rösch and Dr. Daniel Benighaus was called in. We were impressed by the fact that we can be reached at any time and the pragmatic approach we have always followed to carry out the projects as smoothly as possible .

' Dr. Peter Schorling cleverly combines real estate law with company law. It is therefore a real weapon for us, especially in share deal transactions. We are always surprised that on the other side for the area that Dr. Schorling covers, usually several other lawyers sit down. Dr. Schorling combines excellent, extremely pragmatic and versatile advice with a focus on the success of the transaction. Dr. Florian Rösch impresses us with his detailed knowledge of real estate law. Dr. Oliver Markmann is a Senior Associate on Dr. Schorling. He can certainly be expected in the future . '

'' Very high level of expertise in real estate law, especially when it comes to complex issues; Solution-oriented approach, very trusting cooperation. Team size ensures fast and efficient mandate processing . '

'' Very efficient and structured way of working with a focus on the essentials. Lawyers complement each other well in transactional and financing businesses . '

' The team of Dr. Florian Rösch impresses with a high level of expertise in the practical fields and a deal-oriented way of thinking. In doing so, the interests of the other side are always reflected. The efficient processing times and the high level of formal knowledge ensure fast and secure deal processing / advice . '

' Dr. Florian Rösch impresses with his level-headed negotiation coupled with a high level of expertise. The goal of a successful transaction (purchase and sale) is never lost from sight. The formal enforcement requirements of real estate transactions are also always secured. Even complex issues and client requests are transparently examined and implemented from a legal perspective in the interests of the client . '

' The law firm has a team that can be ideally filled depending on the transaction and timeline. A large number of lawyers can be mobilized within a short period of time without the staffing becoming inefficient. The work products are delivered efficiently and of the highest quality in compliance with the timelines. The team is characterized by a high degree of pragmatism and great responsiveness. Because of its deal-oriented and unpretentious approach, the unit is an excellent choice for getting deals across the finish line . '

' Peter Schorling: excellent negotiation skills and therefore top results; unpretentious and not to be disturbed; deep economic understanding of the deals and therefore not only top as a lawyer, but also as a consultant in the sense of a "trusted business adviser"; also incredibly personable . '

' Florian Rösch: Outstanding lawyer who structures every transaction without hectic and in perfect time; able to break down complex questions to their essence and thereby achieve the best possible results. '

' Philipp Osteroth, Daniel Benighaus, Oliver Markmann: Top Deal Captains who are well on their way to following in the footsteps of their older partners. '

' The law firm convinces us every day with its enormous professional quality in all areas that we need as a real estate company. It is extraordinary and unique that we have a partner here who, unlike many other law firms that we have got to know, thinks along economically in the interests of the customer. In addition, we encounter an enormous human component that makes working together very, very pleasant and has always been successful so far and we are sure that we will stay. They are available to us, ANYTIME, and on fair terms. Appropriate for our projects and the associated success. '

' We work with many individuals from Greenberg Traurig. We want to highlight Dr. Josef Hofschroer and Dr. Christian Schede. In both of them we have found partners who, through their professional and human components, have a significant share in our company's success. In addition to their limitless specialist knowledge, they both have a feeling for people and situations. They play a decisive role in shaping our processes and transactions and, together with us, lead them to success. Unique to us! '

' Exceptionally high level of specialist knowledge and experience as well as absolute adherence to deadlines. The team strength is adjusted in the background to the respective task and always meets the expectations . '

' The accuracy and the extremely high level of service is what makes the collaboration special .'

' In very high-class teams, the partners Wencke Bäsler, Dr. Martin Hamer and Dr. Daniel Benighaus out. Whereby other partners, with whom there are fewer points of contact, always make a first-class impression . '

' The accuracy is extremely high with Ms. Wencke Bäsler in particular! '

Key clients


AGC Equity Partners

Ares Management


Benson Elliot

Deutsche Wohnen

Dream Industrial

Garbe Industrial

OVG/Edge Technologies

Oxford Properties


Swiss Life/Beos

Tristan Capital Partners


Work highlights

  • Dream Global REIT: Advising on the CAD 6.3 billion takeover of DREAM Global Real Estate Investment Trust with over 200 properties in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria by real estate funds managed by Blackstone.
  • EDGE Technologies: Sale of the € 750 million project development EDGE East Side Berlin. The buyer of the approx. 140 meter high skyscraper is a joint venture consisting of Allianz Real Estate and Universal-Investment – the latter acting for a special fund with the Bavarian Supply Chamber as an investor, approx. EUR 750 million.
  • Gewobag Wohnungsbau Aktiengesellschaft Berlin: Advising on the acquisition of 23 properties with almost 6,000 apartments from ADO Properties SA (ADO) through the acquisition of nine ADO subsidiaries.

McDermott Will & Emery Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater LLP

In the real estate arena, McDermott Will & Emery Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater LLP is clearly considered a powerhouse which also reflects in the group's involvement in numerous high-profile real estate transactions. Visible across the country, the team around highly regarded practice head Jens Ortmanns predominantly advises foreign investors on complex portfolio transactions, high-volume project developments as well as forward and unit deals and is particularly active in the asset categories commercial, hotel as well as office. Most recently, the group increasingly assisted with cross-border real estate acquisitions and sales in the US, UK as well as Switzerland and Italy. Ulrich Flege focuses on advising institutional investors, project developers, developers and private clients on real estate and transactional matters particularly in relation to warehouses and the logistics sector, while  Thomas Beisken as well as newly promoted partner Maximilian Clostermeyer are increasingly active in forward deals for project developments. Jessica Hanke also made partner and assists with real estate transactions alongside commercial tenancy law.

Practice head(s):

Jens Ortmanns


' We are only just getting to know MWE, but we have a very good first impression. The firm has the specialists required for our needs and a good way of working with the client. This also means that the lawyers who support us think outside the box and address topics proactively. We look forward to further common topics. '

' We have been in contact with Frank Müller and Maximilian Clostermeyer so far and both of them can convince us, both in terms of content and the way they are supported. We can particularly emphasize that there is a high level of ownership by proactively addressing topics. This is refreshing in view of the fact that from many law firms one is used to the fact that mostly a task is simply processed. '

' Great team, acts very quickly with good, concise explanations, reports and recommendations. '

' Frank Mueller. Very competent, helpful and with experience. You feel in good hands with him. '

Key clients


Commodus Real Estate Capital


Eastdil Secured

FIEGE Logistik Holding Stiftung & Co. KG

Fond of new Campus

Fortuna Düsseldorf

Freitstaat Thüringen

GEG German Estate Group

Goodman Group / Goodman Germany GmbH

Hema BV, Amsterdam (Hema Kaufhäuser)

Kraftverkehr Nagel SE & Co. KG

Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH



Swiss Life

Work highlights

  • standards: Acquisition advice GALERIA Kaufhof real estate portfolio from Hudson's Bay Capital.
  • Art-Invest: Sales advice for project development at Neuer Kanzlerplatz, Bonn, to Union Investment using a complex forward funding structure.
  • Quantum: First mandate for the acquisition of an existing property in Düsseldorf.

Allen & Overy LLP

With access to all relevant practice groups, Allen & Overy LLP offers national and international investors, insurers, asset managers, project developers and utility companies comprehensive advice on the entire life cycle of a property including its financing. The German team is deeply embedded within the firm's international network and assists particularly often with high-volume portfolio transactions in the asset categories office and commercial as well as with specialist properties such as data centres and chemical parks; notably, the practice handles a remarkable number of acquisitions, project developments as well as portfolio transactions in the logistics sector. Practice head Jochen Scheel is particularly well versed in advising German and international investors on acquisition and development of real estate portfolios in the asset categories housing, commercial, office and logistics and the Hamburg-based Christian Hilmes is frequently consulted with regards to retail and logistics projects, while his expertise spans the entire spectrum of real estate and transactional matters.

Practice head(s):

Jochen Scheel

Other key lawyers:

Christian Hilmes


' The team has a high level of specialist knowledge, is extremely goal-oriented, available 24/7, as well as a high degree of ownership, high interdisciplinary orientation, and constructive negotiation. '

' Dr. Eichner, Dr. Fink, Dr. Scheel: A high level of specialist knowledge, extremely goal-oriented, available 24/7, a high degree of owner-thinking, high interdisciplinary orientation, constructive negotiation. '

Key clients


Banco Santander


Corpus Sireo

ECE Real Estate Partners

Gerry Weber

IC Campus


Ivanhoé Cambridge



Viridium Group

Work highlights

  • evergreens Group: Sale of Generali Lebensversicherung AG's "Millennium Portfolio" to Commerz Real.
  • Santander Bank: Advice on refinancing the Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin.
  • ECE Real Estate Partners: Advice on the acquisition of the “Erlangen Arcaden” shopping center.


CMS' strength in real estate matters becomes particularly apparent in high-volume portfolio transactions: the ten-partner team advises on a high number of these in the asset categories housing, commercial, office and healthcare, while most recently instructions from the logistics and hotel sectors predominantly entailed single transactions; the practice's expertise spectrum further spans project developments, real estate structuring as well as asset management. Additionally, the practice, which is traditionally shaped by its international client base,  increasingly focuses on the Asian market, where German institutional investors have a local, Shanghai-based key contact in real estate lawyer  Oliver MaazSebastian Orthmann heads the practice and Heinz-Joachim Kummer assists investors with project developments, real estate transactions as well as financings. 

Practice head(s):

Sebastian Orthmann

Other key lawyers:

Heinz-Joachim Kummer


For Dentons' real estate practice, cross-border transactional and financings matters for international investors and municipal housing associations constitute the core business, while the team assists particularly often with acquisitions and sales of office buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin. In Frankfurt, Sabine Wieduwilt  also frequently advises national and foreign companies with leasing matters, while share deals and project developments in the logistics and care sectors are additional central pillars; notably, the thematically diverse practice operates across four German offices. Bernhard Gemmel is the key contact for real estate financing, Volker Mergener advises on transactions as well as on asset and property management and real estate transaction expert Dirk-Reiner Voß  leads the team.

Practice head(s):

Dirk-Reiner Voß  

Other key lawyers:

Bernhard Gemmel; Volker Mergener

Key clients

Apollo Global Management


GIC (Singapurs Staatsfonds)

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Singapore Press Holdings

gsp Städtebau

Landesbank Berlin

P3 Logistics Parks

Catalyst Capital

Société Générale


Harrison Street

IREIT Global

Principal Real Estate


Berlin Hyp

Work highlights

  • GIC (Singapore's sovereign wealth fund): Advice on the purchase of a European portfolio of logistics properties.
  • Vonovia: Advice on the acquisition of the project developer Bien-Ries.
  • BNP Paribas REIM: Advice on the sale of the Media Tower in Düsseldorf.

DLA Piper

A multitude of national and international real estate investors and asset managers rely on DLA Piper's 'committed, loyal and experienced team' in often cross-border transactions, whereby most recently the team assisted with several pan-European portfolio acquisitions. While the practice has also seen an increase in demand from Korean clients seeking assistance with real estate matters, on-going advice to real estate proprietors and asset managers is also part of the group's daily business. Its asset category expertise spans housing, hotels and particularly specialist properties such as data centres and health care facilities as well as logistics properties; in the latter segment, the team often already advises during the project development stage. Transactional expert Fabian Mühlen and Lars Reubekeul , who is adept in prop tech, real estate blockchain technologies, smart buildings and data centres, jointly head the practice, which also includes Martin Haller ; he is a popular advisor for project developments and investors.

Practice head(s):

Fabian Mühlen; Lars Reubekeul

Other key lawyers:

Martin Haller


' Very good interaction, very good feeling for the client, unbureaucratic coordination, does not produce legal treatises but clear recommendations for action. '

' Dr. Martin Haller: Always available, very reactive, very good sense for the cases and also the right tone in negotiations, masters the entire range from good to bad guy. '

' Dr. Catharina Voß: Very competent and quick feedback, very persistent. '

' Very customer-oriented, efficient, readily available, goal-oriented. '

' Martin Haller, Manuel Indlekofer and Thomas Herbst: technically excellent, negotiating skills, good market knowledge .'

' Good quality, solution-oriented processing, adherence to deadlines and budget .'

' Martin Haller: confident demeanor, winning manner and assertiveness .'

' Great team of competent lawyers who solve all problems arising in the context of real estate asset management at very short notice and sometimes think "out of the box" . "

' Dr. Martin Haller: Absolutely competent and very trusting in our long-term cooperation; can grasp problems very quickly and finds excellent solutions that are also practical. '

' Dr. Catharina Voss is very determined and has a lot of staying power even when dealing with protracted problems. '

' Dr. Florian Biesalski – calm, goal-oriented and solution-oriented. The results and the joint collaboration are always excellent. '

' Dedicated, loyal and experienced team with a broad range of content. '

' Lars Reubekeul is always ready to go the "extra mile" for his clients. The collaboration with Lars Reubekeul and his team is professional, calm and pleasant, which means that a transaction is handled efficiently and at the highest level . '

' Not just lawyers, but also good project managers .'

' You always have the big picture in mind! '

' As a partner, Fabian Mühlen has organized a team so that an LDD can also be carried out cost-effectively. '

' Strongly positioned internationally. '

' Transaction-oriented – reliable – customer-oriented. '

' The team at DLA Piper stands out in addition to its very good quality and speed, in particular due to its proactive anticipation of commercial issues. We made several transactions with DLA Piper in the last year and have found that less and less coordination is necessary, as DLA Piper knows which topics are important to us and how (including commercial) points must be addressed. You can tell that the experience from past transactions is actively taken into account in current transactions . '

' The outstanding partner is Dr. Martin Haller. His pragmatic way of working and solution-oriented thinking have already been very helpful in many places. '

' Outstanding senior associate in the team of Dr. Haller is Dr. Manuel Indlekofer. He controls the transactions from start to finish and is always well informed about every topic. '

' Outstanding associate in the team of Dr. Haller is Thomas Herbst. No topic is lost with him; you can always be sure that nothing will be overlooked. '

' Solid real estate team with good tax law coverage. Legally very profound, but sometimes a bit too cerebral. Overall, a good solution for non-complex transactions. '

' Dr. Dennis Hog: good lawyer with excellent market coverage, understands how to make money with real estate. '

' Dr. Marie-Theres Rämer: excellent lawyer with outstanding real estate expertise. '

' Big team with many experts. Always responsive and with a commercial approach. '

' Dr. Dennis Hog has already taken on and carried out numerous projects for us alone. He is very experienced and has an overview of complex transaction structures down to the last detail. We would recommend him anytime. '

' DLA Piper offers exceptional customer support with availability around the clock and first-class service for our real estate acquisitions. '

' The DLA Piper team consists of extremely well-qualified and pragmatically thinking professionals who are business-oriented and customer-oriented. Dennis Hog and Konstantin Decker-Horz are working very hard to get our deals across the line. They are great fun to work with too! '

Key clients

Allianz Real Estate



Catella Real Estate AG

Hahn Gruppe

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG

Indigo Invest

Jochen Schweizer Gruppe

Joint Venture aus Allianz Real Estate und einem von Universal-Investment betreuten Fonds der Bayerischen Versorgungskammer (BVK)

Kingstone Investment Management

Konsortium koreanischer Investoren unter der Führung von Meritz Securities Co. Ltd.

Novapierre Allemagne


Principal Real Estate


Tishman Speyer

UBS Asset Management

Work highlights

  • Allianz EDGE: Advising the joint venture consisting of Allianz Real Estate and a fund managed by Universal-Investment of the Bavarian Supply Chamber (BVK) on the acquisition of the Edge East Side Berlin project. In addition, support for Allianz Real Estate on the acquisition of the office property EDGE Hafencity from EDGE Technologies as part of an off-market forward deal.
  • Principal Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH: Advising on the sale of a pan-European hotel portfolio consisting of eleven high-quality inner-city properties for € 533 million to Axa.
  • AXA: Advising on the takeover of the US REIT NorthStar Realty Europe Corp with a valuation of the Northstar real estate portfolio of € 1.1 billion.

GSK Stockmann

GSK Stockmann's 'well-coordinated and professionally operating team' has distinct advice capacities in all relevant matters pertaining to real estate, while a particularly high number of instructions derive from the interface of real estate transactions and project developments. Alongside its transactional advice on planned real estate, practice head Dirk Brückner's team is equally instructed by institutional investors, asset managers and real estate companies seeking advice on acquisitions and sales of existing properties in the asset categories housing, hotel, healthcare and especially commercial as well as logistics. The expertise of the team, which promoted four new partners in 2020, also includes joint ventures, asset management as well as bidding procedures. Philip Huperz, a 'technically excellent advisor whose pleasant manner often tips the scales', is particularly well versed in matters related to micro living.

Practice head(s):

Dirk Brückner

Other key lawyers:

Philip Huperz; Monique Franke


Very pragmatic, very focused, extremely client-oriented .’

Compared to the competition, GSK’s practice (here in particular in the person of Mr. Volker Hofstetter) is a beacon. Trustworthy, an excellent negotiator, extremely solution-oriented . ‘

The teams are set up very individually according to subject areas and the required capacities; these are also tailored to meet new requirements. The team members are closely linked to one another.

The cooperation is characterized by a very cooperative and efficient processing, the requirement profile of each individual is perfectly adapted to the respective challenges. So far we have only met very competent employees with a very high level of specialist knowledge and commitment.

Well-rehearsed and professionally acting team, no friction losses, coordinated communication .’

Competent contact persons, easy accessibility, friendly cooperation (Dr Philip Huperz, Kristina Marx, Dr Andre Morgenstern) .’

Dr. Philip Huperz – a technically excellent consultant, whose personable manner is often the tip of the balance . ‘

Very competent, experienced and reliable team .’

Dr. Brückner is very experienced and quick to analyze, gives good suggestions for alternative approaches, and is very pleasant to work with.

Key clients

Art-Invest, Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co. KG.

AXA Konzern, AXA Investment Managers, AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Westbrook Partners

MP Holding GmbH

Swiss Life Gruppe, Swiss Life Asset Management GmbH

Aurelis Real Estate

Optima Aegidius Unternehmensgruppe


Invesco Real Estate

KARL München GmbH & Co. KG

Rasmala Investment Bank und Gulf Islamic Investments

Fay Projects GmbH

Patron Capital Advisers LLP

AviaRent Capital Management S.à .r.l.

GPEP GmbH für Kapitalverwaltungsgesell-schaften


Work highlights

  • Art-Invest: Support for BVK’s entry into the “Die Macherei” project in Munich.
  • AXA: Advice on the sale of “Die Welle” in Frankfurt.
  • Groß & Partner: Support of the high-rise project “Aqua” within the high-rise quarter FOUR Frankfurt.

Hengeler Mueller

Hengeler Mueller lays its main focus on high-volume portfolio and single asset transactions of commercial, logistics, hotel and housing real estate, hereby mainly advising notable international real estate investors and private equity firms from the Anglo-American as well as Asian markets. The team acts on both the selling and buying side, possesses additional real estate financing expertise and occasionally also advises on asset management. Thomas Müller and Daniel Kress are particularly visible.

Other key lawyers:

Thomas Müller; Daniel Kress

Hogan Lovells International LLP

Hogan Lovells International LLP's real estate practice assists with a multitude of real estate transactions across all relevant asset categories, but also advises its client base of national and international investors and project developers on financings and asset management, including leasing matters. While the team is traditionally 'strong, if not leading in hotel agreements', in 2020, the practice was particularly active in assisting with high-volume transactions in its other core categories commercial and logistics real estate; additionally, instructions relating to care facilities increased as well. Practice head Roland Bomhard 'is of real advantage in every negotiation round due to his calm, precise and convincing manners', while Dirk Debald predominantly supports institutional investors, funds as well as private family offices with 'extremely good solutions, particularly in complex matters'. Recently promoted partner Sabrina Handke focuses on comprehensive advice on hotel properties and Marc Werner is another sought-after expert in this asset category.

Practice head(s):

Roland Bomhard

Other key lawyers:

Dirk Debald; Marc Werner


' Very good teamwork. Absolute commitment to the respective transaction. '

' Dirk Debald and Lara-Anita Luxenhofer are both extremely professional and service-oriented. '

' Dirk Debald is always in every detail and has extremely good solutions – especially when it comes to complex issues. '

'' Excellent specialist knowledge, first-class client service. '

'' Outstanding technical and legal knowledge as well as transaction experience. The team finds the perfect balance between coordinating with the client and actively managing a transaction. Problem and risk analyzes are always combined with a concrete recommendation for action to avoid, minimize or otherwise deal with the identified points. '

'' Roland Bomhard – Outstanding and extensive specialist and legal knowledge as well as transaction experience. Fast, to the point and solution-oriented. Due to his calm, precise and convincing nature, a real advantage in every negotiation round. '

' Elisabeth Pünder – technically top, quick comprehension, solution-oriented and highly committed. '

' Open and direct manner; large capacities; quick reactions; very homogeneous team with consistently likeable characters. '

' Dr. Roland Bomhard – very experienced and focused on the essentials; assertive. '

' Strong, if not a leader, in hotel contracts. Knows the international hotel industry and the corresponding contracts very well. Knows all important franchise agreements in Germany. Has played a key role in developing hotel contracts. '

' Marc Werner: especially when developing the contracts. Sabrina Handke: excellent support with hotel contracts. Very committed. Very short response times. Clear support in negotiations. '

' The hotel team has extensive market knowledge and insights into current hotel contracts. They know the usual regulations and their marketability from the FF and know the possible stumbling blocks. Feedback on questions is always prompt, extremely precise, understandable and easy to implement. The collaboration with Hogan Lovells is extremely valuable and beneficial for us. '

' All contacts are extremely practical and understand how to present the situation in such a way that non-lawyers can deal with it. All of the people who look after us are very good at negotiating and experienced. In addition, always readily available, feedback always comes promptly, even if the inquiries arrive at short notice and processing has to be done late in the evening or on weekends. This applies to everyone with whom we at Hogan Lovells have contact and work. '

Key clients


alstria office REIT-AG


BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH

cds Wohnbau Hamburg/Otto Wulff Projektentwicklung

Cresco Gruppe

DC Values

Groß & Partner

HAHN-Immobilien-Beteiligungs AG








Union Investment


Vienna House

Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate

Württembergische Lebensversicherung

Work highlights

  • Hahn-Immobilien Beteiligungs AG: Acquisition of the Killesberghöhe district center in Stuttgart.
  • Art-Invest: Acquisition of the GHOTEL Group, the operator of the “GHOTEL hotel & living” hotels, from the AURELIUS investment group.
  • PATRIZIA: Ongoing advice on the acquisition of commercial real estate in Germany, most recently on the acquisition of a healthcare portfolio.


For Linklaters, comprehensive advice to international real estate funds on the structuring and placement of its products as well as the assistance with nationwide as well as pan-European acquisitions and sales particularly of logistics and commercial properties constitute central pillars of its practice. Practice head Wolfram Krüger is regularly instructed by banks, insurers and investors, frequently also from Asia, to advise on portfolio transactions and restructuring, while Carsten Loll's activity reflects the team's real estate expertise at the interface to private equity. Most recently, the firm assisted several clients with bidding procedures for high-profile real estate transactions in Germany and also continuously advises notable companies and globally active investors on office lease agreements.

Practice head(s):

Wolfram Krüger

Other key lawyers:

Carsten Loll

Key clients

Albatha Holding Group

Avison Young

Barings Real Estate



BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment

CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT)

Catella Real Estate AG

CBRE Global Investors



Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust

Huazhu Group

J.P. Morgan

LaSalle Investment Management

LEG Immobilien AG


Morgan Stanley

Union Investment

Universal Investment

WealthCap Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH


Work highlights

  • CBRE Global Investors und Union Investment: Advising on the bidding process for the acquisition of a real estate portfolio from Generali worth over € 2.5 billion.
  • Blackstone: Advising on the acquisition of various logistics centers in Germany as part of the development of Blackstone's new Fund VIII with a total volume of over € 300 million.
  • Huazhu Group: Advising on the takeover of the hotel company Deutsche Hospitality and several other joint ventures.


Noerr's interdisciplinary real estate investment group is a popular choice for capital management companies, insurers and financial institutions seeking advice on financing issues related to project developments as well as transactional matters pertaining to portfolio expansions. Annette Pospich, who is considered an 'extensively connected specialist for real estate issues', and her team also advise - alongside their transactional focus - on fund structuring, asset management, project developments and real estate disputes especially in the asset categories hotel, office and logistics. Notary and lawyer Clemens Schönemann focuses on real estate in the retail, logistics, office and renewable energy areas.

Practice head(s):

Annette Pospich

Other key lawyers:

Clemens Schönemann 


'' Comprehensive consulting competence, very good accessibility and availability, pronounced solution orientation. '

'' Annette Pospich as the central contact person and comprehensively networked specialist for real estate issues with pleasant and result-oriented negotiation. Appropriate involvement of other specialist lawyers if required. '

' Dr. Clemens Schönemann – very thorough, very quick, very effective. '

' Goal and solution-oriented. Competent, determined, persistent. '

' Dr. Clemens Schönemann. Dual competence as notary and lawyer. High motivation and perseverance. Solution-oriented approach. High level of expertise. Excellent appearance in negotiations – calm or powerful – good feeling for negotiation situations. '

' The collaboration with Annette Pospich is characterized by high quality, broad and deep specialist knowledge; pragmatic approach. '

Key clients

Apollo Global Management

Activum SG

Anschutz Entertainment Group

Bankenkonsortium T2 (Deutsche Hypothekenbank, Commerzbank AG)

Bloxxter AG

Catella Project Management GmbH

Commerz Real

Cushman & Wakefield

DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate

Deutsche Asset One

Deutsche Wohnen Gruppe

Development Partners

DIC Asset

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Gateway Real Estate AG

Gazeley Germany

GEG German Estate Group AG

GoldTree Group

GSW Immobilien AG

Instone Real Estate Development

Medical Properties Trust

Patron Capital

Real I.S.

Redos Real Estate

Schwarz Gruppe/Kaufland

UBM Deutschland/Porr Deutschland

Union Investment Institutional Property

Work highlights

  • Apollo Global Management: Advising European Finance Funds III (EPF III), managed by Apollo Global Management (Apollo), on the sale of a pan-European real estate package to Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC. The portfolio called "Maximus" comprises a total of 28 logistics centers in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria with a value of just under € 1 billion.
  • Catella Project Management: Advice on the realization of the “Grand Central” quarter in Düsseldorf and the agreement of a related partnership with CG Gruppe AG. In one of the largest district developments in North Rhine-Westphalia, over 1,000 apartments, three high-rise buildings, a hotel, local supply and gastronomy will be built.
  • Schwarz Group / Kaufland: Advising on the takeover of a large number of Real markets from the investor SCP and X + bricks.


In the real estate sphere, POELLATH's 'technical competence and market knowledge are outstanding'. The team demonstrates these characteristics particularly often in real estate transactions and financings and has extensive experience in matters relating to portfolio transactions in the asset categories housing and commercial, while it has also been experiencing an increase in real estate instructions from the healthcare and care sectors.  The group has further expertise in assisting private equity firms with real estate investments, in advising project developers and investors on joint ventures and restructuring as well as comprehensively in real estate financings. Stefan Lebek and Matthias Durst head the practice; Kim Delphine Geißler  made associate partner.

Practice head(s):

Stefan Lebek; Matthias Durst


Very homogeneous team around the real estate partners (especially H. Lebek, Durst), very good at negotiating, many years of excellent expertise in all real estate-related legal issues, especially in complex transactions (asset and share deal), project developments, legal issues with other real estate issues . Orientation of the law firm medium-sized and firmly focused on the partners who are responsible for handling the mandates themselves.

Stefan Lebek: Excellent lawyer, many years of experience in real estate law, very good at negotiating, always present in negotiations, very committed.

We have been working with the real estate division of POELLATH since 2001. These are mainly transactions, project developments and asset management mandates. POELLATH works very service-oriented. Response and processing times are short, the technical competence and market knowledge are excellent. The team is well positioned, approachable and available around the clock and you always feel well looked after.

There is close cooperation with the four partners in the real estate division, Dr. Durst, Dr. Lebek, Dr. Guenoub and Mr. Winkelmann. Also with the associated partner Ms. Geißler and the counsels Dr. Elbel and Pasch and the senior associate Dr. Rezai Hariri we work a lot and enjoy working together. All of the aforementioned lawyers are characterized by their high level of professional expertise, great flexibility and a pronounced willingness to perform. We particularly appreciate the bargaining power of Mr. Durst and Mr. Lebek.

Very good and pragmatic team, which is actually always achievable. Top quality in legal terms.

Dr. Lebek is excellent and always offers perfect support.

The cooperation is characterized by a high degree of trust and reliability in the performance of the tasks and in the advice provided by the law firm, but to a very pronounced degree due to the long-term cooperation with Dr. Lebek . ‘

Dr. Lebek is an extremely competent and reliable partner who meets our expectations of professional legal advice in every respect.

Key clients




Deutsche Wohnen

Caleus Capital Partners


Henderson Park

Union Investment




Corpus Sireo


Work highlights

  • German living: Acquisition of a portfolio of 13 construction projects including all 90 employees involved from the project developer Isaria Wohnbau.
  • ZBI group: Acquisition and sale of various real estate portfolios throughout Germany with a focus on living.
  • Commerz Real: Acquisition of the “Am Tucherpark” project in Munich.

Ashurst LLP

Globally optimally connected, Ashurst LLP's real estate group combines real estate, corporate, tax and investment law expertise that is predominantly utilised to advise international investors on real estate acquisitions and sales in Germany. Hereby, the advice to clients from South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong is particularly notable, while national and international insurers and capital management companies also form parts of the client base. The team is led by Liane Muschter, who focuses on real estate transactions and financings, and acts across all asset categories; most recently though, the group particularly often assisted with acquisitions of planned and existing office and commercial properties and also saw an increase in instructions stemming from the logistics sector. With regards to project developments, the practice frequently advises on forward deals. Alongside his transactional expertise, Nicolas Deuerling also has experience in real estate and land law.

Practice head(s):

Liane Muschter 

Other key lawyers:

Nicolas Deuerling 

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP's nationwide visible, internationally positioned real estate practice primarily stands out for its deep transactional expertise which it demonstrates in both high-volume portfolio transactions as well as in single asset acquisitions and sales. Particularly in the commercial property sphere, the team is frequently instructed by asset managers as well as private and institutional investors to advise on often cross-border matters related to office and retail buildings. Furthermore, the practice assists project developers predominantly in the logistics sectors with real estate transactions. Roland Fabian , who boasts experience in cross-border share and asset deals alongside related tax expertise, heads the practice which also includes the 'super knowledgeableCarsten Bremer.

Practice head(s):

Roland Fabian

Other key lawyers:

Carsten Bremer


' Super notary's office for real estate transactions, very good transaction practice, also a strong London team. '

' Carsten Bremer – excellent notary, super knowledgeable, effective execution of property purchases, pleasant handling. Boris Strauch – excellent expert in logistics and public law, very precise, very knowledgeable. '

Key clients



Allianz Real Estate

Barings Real Estate GmbH

Avignon Capital

Investec Property Fund, Südafrika REIT

Cromwell Germany

CBRE Global Investors Germany GmbH

Sirius Facilities GmbH


Mikare Real Estate GmbH

Work highlights

  • Allianz Real Estate: Advising on the sale of the former headquarters of Bayerische Versicherungsbank in Munich to the family office Pacific Eagle Asset Management Ltd from Singapore for approx. € 350 million.
  • Panattoni: Regular advice on real estate transactions in Germany.
  • AEW Nox GmbH & Co.: Advice on the acquisition of the innovative office property complex New Eastside Munich – Factory Loft as part of a forward deal from a company of the Munich-based Optima-Aegidius group of companies.

Eversheds Sutherland

Eversheds Sutherland's comprehensive advice to the real estate industry and its players is geared towards the asset categories retail, hotel, office and logistics as well as data centres, although the team also occasionally acts in the healthcare sector. Led by Gerhard Molt, who is 'very affable, but also has strong negotiation skills', the practice's broad expertise encompasses project developments, real estate financings as well as advice on real estate funds and investment matters, but first and foremost transactional matters that frequently entail cross-border elements; here, the team has particularly wide-ranging experience in assisting with matters in the commercial real estate sector. Additionally, the advice to globally active technology companies on corporate real estate matters also contribute to its continuously high case load; furthermore, these client relationships are reflected in the group's increasing prop tech expertise.

Practice head(s):

Gerhard Molt


' Gerhard Molt is a very sociable but strong negotiating partner who guides his team with full customer orientation. '

' Carolin Mayer is a highly motivated associate with very good organizational skills in complex contract structures. '

' Dr. Steffen Jung: great identification with his clients; Fighter nature; very service-oriented; gets things “to the point” . '

' We have been working together very trustingly for a long time. The law firm knows our business, our customers and our corporate image. As a result, the advice and support goes exactly in the direction we need. We really like the availability at all times. '

' Dr. Steffen Jung and his team have been very supportive to us for years. The reliability in person. '

' Very trusting and goal-oriented cooperation. Very good specialist knowledge and understanding of the client's various investment models. '

' We work with Marc Schwencke and Isabel Strecker. We appreciate the fast and technically very good cooperation. The feedback is always very committed and productive. '

'' A strong team in which the members are at any time individually or able to complete upcoming tasks with a high level of competence. Very good price / performance ratio . '

' Dr. Steffen Jung: Highest level of competence in the area of private building law, both forensic and construction-related advice. Very large practical experience in the implementation and handling of large construction projects as well as in-depth knowledge of the structures of those involved. Precise style in expression and typesetting . '

Key clients

AXA Investment Managers





Goldman Sachs



Invesco Real Estate

Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent et al.)


Meyer Bergman

Nuveen Real Estate


Savills Investment Management

Stadt Wuppertal


Urban Outfitters




Work highlights

  • Metropolitan Market: Advice on market entry in Germany.
  • Nuveen Real Estate: Advice on the sale of the Erlangen Arcaden shopping center.
  • HBB Capital Investors: Advising on the formation of a joint venture with the private equity real estate manager Henderson Park for the acquisition of the Rathaus Galerie shopping center in downtown Essen.

Gleiss Lutz

Gleiss Lutz' real estate practice primarily focuses on advising high-profile, often international real estate investors  on nationwide as well as pan-European portfolio transactions as well as single asset acquisitions in the retail, logistics, specialist and office property spheres; in the latter, the practice particularly often assists foreign investors with office towers in Frankfurt. The team is led by Tim Weber and well versed in both share as well as asset deals related to project developments and existing properties and further stands out for its expertise in tax-saving transactions models. In Berlin, Jonas Rybarz was promoted to counsel.

Practice head(s):

Tim Weber

Key clients


Corpus Sireo

Daishin Securities

Europa Capital

Hagedorn Revital

Invesco Real Estate

Mirae Asset Global Investments

NAS Invest


Optimum Asset Management






Work highlights

  • Daishin Securities and Shinhan Alternative Investment Management: Advising on the acquisition of a 49 percent stake in the FBC office complex in Frankfurt from the Aroundtown Group.
  • NAS Invest: Advising on the acquisition of the 99 West project in Frankfurt am Main from BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Development. The estimated total investment volume for the office tower is 265 million euros.
  • RFR: Advice on the acquisition of a 50% stake in 30 Kaufhof department stores from Signa.


Goodwin's real estate expertise is particularly often used by institutional investors and capital management companies seeking advice on national as well as cross-border transactions in the asset categories office, retail and increasingly the logistics sector, while the firm's private equity practice also demonstrates a strong real estate affinity. In addition to its expertise in commercial tenancy law, the practice is increasingly opening up to topics such as prop tech as well as propsci, which respectively relate to the mechanisation of properties as well as real estate requirements of life sciences and technology companies. Marc Bohne and Peter Junghänel jointly head the team.

Practice head(s):

Marc Bohne; Peter Junghänel


' Goodwin team members are like members of our team. Working together is seamless and very pleasant. In terms of content, they are all very good. We like to entrust Goodwin with complex and important transactions where we don't want to make mistakes. '

' Peter Junghänel – Very competent, experienced. Remain calm and objective even in the most difficult negotiations and appointments. Catharina Förster – very committed and competent. Always approachable and helpful. '

Key clients

Castlelake LLP


CORESTATE Capital Group


Godewind Immobilien

GreenOak Real Estate

KanAm Grund


Phelan Family Enterprise LLC/Taconic

Slate Asset Management

Work highlights

  • CORESTATE Capital Group: Advising on the € 86 million acquisition of the “Tempelhof Twins” office property in Berlin by way of a share deal.
  • Godewind Immobilien AG: Advice in connection with the acquisition of the “City Gate Tower” office complex in Frankfurt, an office tower with 28 floors.
  • GreenOak: Advice on the acquisition of a logistics portfolio by way of a share deal in a joint venture with two other international investors.

GvW Graf von Westphalen

GvW Graf von Westphalen's 'hands-on mentality, technical and sector-specific expertise as well as interdisciplinary cooperation' is predominantly benefitting institutional investors, project developers as well as operating companies which regularly consult Lorenz Czajka's team on real estate matters pertaining to project developments, planned property and asset acquisitions and sales as well as their management. Particularly notable is the group's sought-after expertise in commercial tenancy law. With a clear focus on specialist properties, the group frequently advises across the asset categories hotel, logistics, care and healthcare as well as on data centres. Christian Zerr is considered an expert for transactional and contractual matters in the hotel sector.

Practice head(s):

Lorenz Czajka

Other key lawyers:

Christian Zerr


' The response times and the quality of the elaborations, recommendations with regard to strategically tactical considerations and the cooperation with other law firms commissioned by us are excellent. '

' Our house has the hands-on mentality, the specialist and industry-specific knowledge as well as the interdisciplinary cooperation at GvW internally with the lawyers Dr. Robert Theissen, Dr. Lorenz Czajka, Dr. Sven Donner and Christian Esch, but also in particular the excellent expertise . '

' Longstanding trusting, highly competent cooperation .'

' Dr. Sven Donner is reliable in complex structures . '

Key clients

AIDA Europe GmbH

Bestseller Textilhandels GmbH Bestseller Stores Germany GmbH

H-Hotels AG

Ingka Group (IKEA)

Nuveen Asset Management Europe S.à r.l., Germany wg. Ankauf Kö-Galerie

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH wg. Fördepark Flensburg

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH

Victoria-Mühlenwerke (Wolfgang Böttger Gruppe, Berlin) wg. Projektentwicklung Falckensteinstraße

Wilma Wohnen Süd GmbH

Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG

Work highlights

  • AIDA Europe GmbH: Comprehensive advice on property development and property acquisition in Baden-Württemberg.

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB

GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB's 'unique team of specialists' combines traditional real estate expertise with wide-ranging experience in transactions as well as insolvency and restructuring advice to creditors and borrowers. The advice to both often international investors as well as municipal housing associations on acquisition and sale of planned and existing housing and commercial real estate, and here particularly specialist retailer and shopping centres, are a clear central pillar of the broad practice, while instructions relating to letting and leasing agreements as well as project developments also represent mainstays of the sizeable real estate team. The group is headed by Jan Lindner-Figura, who comprehensively advises project developers and investors on acquisition, development and marketing matters. Markus Heider predominantly assists institutional investors, investment funds, private equity firms and family offices and Daniel Seibt also has expertise in real estate financing and real estate disputes. Stefan Frick joined the team from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

Practice head(s):

Jan Lindner-Figura

Other key lawyers:

Markus Heider; Daniel Seibt 


Very good interaction between the different legal areas; very well informed internally; no duplication.

Very high level of competence; always reliable feedback in a very short time; very good accessibility; An eye for the essentials; economic approach.

Prof. Dr. Stellmann is outstanding.

Unique team of specialists. There are specialists who specialize in drafting architectural contracts, procurement contracts (general contractors and individual contracts), tax structuring and purchase contracts. You can come to Görg with a project and receive excellent holistic advice. Dr. As head of the practice group, Heider controls the projects with a steady hand and coordinates the colleagues from the specialist areas if necessary. In contrast to other large law firms, the partners work here themselves and are directly available as a contact person.

Dr. I consider Heider to be a very pragmatic consultant who is not driven by ego issues, but has the conclusion in mind. Dr. As a specialist in tax and corporate law, I consider Schumacher to be one of the best tax lawyers I have worked with so far. She can explain highly complex issues well and implement them accordingly in the contracts. Mr. Schellenberger has extensive knowledge in the area of individual and general contractor awards. He too is never dogmatic, but always goal-oriented. All lawyers have very short response times and meet deadlines. In terms of price, the fees for the service are very reasonable.

Key clients

Arab Investments, London

SIGNA Konzern / SIGNA Development Selection AG

Stadt Hamburg


Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH / WestInvest Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH

Real I.S. AG

Addvalue Capital GmbH / Paladin Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

Bonava Wohnbau GmbH

BUWOG AG / Vonovia SE

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

Gewobag, Berlin

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG

Instone Real Estate GmbH


SCPI Pierval Santé


X+bricks AG


CA Immo

Development Partner AG

Work highlights

  • Arab Investments: Ongoing advice on real estate investments in Germany, especially the Mall of Berlin.
  • SIGNA Group / SIGNA Development Selection AG: Advice in connection with the development of the Wolfsburg “Nordkopf-Areal”.
  • Talanx Group: Comprehensive advice on the purchase of various forward funding project developments.

Jones Day

Led by Sandra-Christiane KamperJones Day's real estate team focuses on advising foreign and domestic capital management companies, banks and private equity firms on real estate acquisitions in the asset categories housing, hotel, office, retail and logistics across Germany, whereby the team assists with portfolio and single asset transactions in equal measures. Alongside its wide-ranging experience in financings, particularly with regards to alternative investments and specialist funds, the team is also instructed with matters pertaining to joint venture investments in the real estate sector, real estate disputes as well as property and asset management. Nicole Kadel advises on numerous real estate and transactional matters related to logistics and commercial objects, while Christian Trenkel is particularly experienced in investment and financing issues.

Practice head(s):

Sandra-Christiane Kamper

Other key lawyers:

Nicole Kadel; Christian Trenkel

Key clients

Savills Investment Management LLP

Eastern Property Holdings Ltd.

Habona Invest GmbH

Real I.S. AG

StepStone Group LP

Pandox AB

PolyOne Corporation

Work highlights

  • Savills Investment Management LLP: Advice on the purchase of a logistics center under construction in Ansbach for the “Savills IM European Logistics Fund 2” from ECE.
  • Pandox AB: Advice on the acquisition of three Dorint hotel properties as part of a share deal in Germany (€ 103 million), two Novotel hotel properties and the corresponding hotel operations in Hanover and The Hague from Grape Hospitality as part of a share deal (€ 83 million), as well as the Nuremberg Maritim Hotels as part of an asset deal (€ 61 million) and seven German Mercure and Dorint hotel complexes from HR Group as part of a share deal (€ 290 million).
  • Eastern Property Holdings Ltd.: Advising on the acquisition of the NHow Hotel in Berlin from the Canadian Jesta Group by way of a share deal.

King & Spalding LLP

King & Spalding LLP is a popular choice for national and international investors, capital managements companies as well as banks seeking advice on real estate fund structuring and inception, while the practice also frequently advises on supervisory aspects. The team assists with both national as well as cross-border transactions across all asset categories and has further experience in defending investment funds in claims and arbitration related to its equity capital and expertise in real estate financing as well as single asset and portfolio financings. Mario Leißner heads the practice.

Practice head(s):

Mario Leißner

Other key lawyers:

Alexandra Weis

Key clients


Tishman Speyer

2IP Institutional Investment Partners

HansaInvest Hanseatische Investment GmbH

Hannover Leasing Investment

AXA Investment Managers

Patrizia Frankfurt Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (ehem. TRIUVA)

Deka Bank Deutsche Girozentrale

AEW Invest GmbH


BMO (Bank of Montreal) Real Estate Partners

Savills Fund Management


Ratisbona Asset Management GmbH & Co. KG

Barings Real Estate

Commerz Real Investmentgesellschaft


Principal Real Estate Investors (ehem. Internos Global Investors)

Orion Capital Managers

bsi Bundesverband Sachwerte und Investmentvermögen

Proprium Capital (UK)

La Francaise

Union Investment

Universal Investment

HIH Global Invest

Hypoport AG

JP Morgan Asset Team Management

Jamestown US-Immobilien

Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate

Deka Immobilien GmbH


Bouwfonds Real Estate Investment Managers

Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft

Doric Investment

Allianz Real Estate


CACEIS Bank Deutschland

Loyens & Loeff

Forte Capital

Cara Invest

Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft

GRR Real Estate

Clarion Partners (USA)

Galleon Capital Partners

McCafferty Asset Management

Novapierre Allemagne

Oakland Capital

Peakside Capital Advisors

Work highlights

  • Hannover Leasing: Advice on the purchase of the € 80 million city quarter “Clouth 104” in Cologne.
  • Tishman Speyer: Advice on large transactions such as the purchase of the office building at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, including fund launch and financing.
  • AXA Investment Managers: Advising on regulatory law in connection with non-German real estate transactions.

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright's continuously growing team, which recently welcomed former DEKA Bank general counsel and real estate funds regulatory expert Caroline Herkströter, advises both investors, real estate funds and underwriters as well as industrial corporations on real estate transactions primarily in the asset categories office, commercial and logistics. Additionally, Stefan Feuerriegel, whose expertise spectrum includes portfolio transactions and project developments alongside commercial tenancy law, and his team have experience in assisting with joint ventures as well as financings in the real estate sector.

Practice head(s):

Stefan Feuerriegel


'A powerful team, high speed, legally sound and yet an eye for the essential issues .'

' Dr. Fire bar: extremely good accessibility, comprehensive understanding and solution-oriented; Strong in negotiations, binding and fair in communication. '

' Stefan Feuerriegel and Sven Rieke – calm, goal-oriented and solution-oriented. The results and the joint collaboration are always excellent! Commercial / real estate management is also taken into account, so you always have good sparring partners . '

' A very well-coordinated and homogeneous team that covers all legal aspects of a project in terms of content. The team is very pleasant to work with. '

' Patrick Narr: He is a very goal-oriented negotiator who, in addition to the legal aspects, always keeps an eye on the economic aspects of a project. '

Key clients

Aberdeen Standard

ADLER Real Estate AG

Amundi Immobilier




Corpus Sireo / Swiss Life

ECE Projektmanagement

EDEKA Zentrale / CEV


Fattal Hotels Group

Garbe Industrial Real Estate

Garbe Logistik


Hamburg Trust

Hanse Merkur Grund

IntReal / Hanse Merkur Grundvermögen

Invesco Real Estate


Kriton Immobilien

Nuveen Real Estate


Profond Anlagestiftung


Richard Ditting GmbH & Co. KG

Real I.S.

Rocco Forte


Unibail Rodamco Westfield

Union Investment




Work highlights

  • Hanse Merkur Insurance: Advice on financing and the possible start of the Johannkontor project development.
  • Wealthcap Capital Management Company: Advice on the acquisition of the Ruhr Tower office building in Essen from Fakt AG by way of a forward deal.
  • Swiss Life / Corpus Sireo: Advice on the acquisition of a large-scale shopping center (mixed use) near Hamburg from a property developer.

Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing's 'excellent and competent service' is used by both national and international real estate companies as well as real estate funds and investors: the team around Anja Fenge advises on transactional matters particularly in relation to hotel, commercial, care and logistics real estate on one hand, as well as on matters pertaining to project developments, which are handled by the practice's construction team. Furthermore, the group has experience in advising international real estate funds on market entries.

Practice head(s):

Anja Fenge


' Taylor Wessing covers the entire spectrum in the real estate sector and was an ideal partner, in particular due to her knowledge of French and French law .'

' Excellent and competent service, many years of expertise, cooperation in the firm with other disciplines works very well .'

' Very good team in real estate law, professional, problem solver, service-oriented, creative, to the point .'

' Anja Fenge and Dieter Lang: Both excellent, technically excellent, very pleasant cooperation, forward-looking, top support for transactions and, for example, plan approval procedures .'

Key clients

Commerz Real Investmentgesellschaft

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH & Co. KG

Logistis (Logistikfonds der AEW)


Hammer AG

Corpus Sireo

Freie Hansestadt Hamburg



Work highlights

  • BNP Paribas Real Estate: Advice on the development and sale of the office tower project “99 West” on the Frankfurt culture campus at the Senckenberganlage in Frankfurt / Main Westend.
  • Garbe Industrial Real Estate: Sale and resale of the Matterhorn portfolio by selling the shares in Logistrial to Union Investment.
  • CommerzReal Investmentgesellschaft mbH: Advice on the acquisition of the “Uhland Carré” in downtown Stuttgart for the open-ended real estate fund HausInvest.

White & Case LLP

In the real estate sphere, White & Case LLP focuses on comprehensive corporate and capital markets advice to real estate players, where it is 'always one step ahead of the other side'. With a clear focus on portfolio and single asset transactions and financings in the office and retail real estate space, the practice predominantly advises national and international investment banks, financial institutions and real estate developers on buyer and seller side; the recent partner promotion of Rostyslav Telyatnykov , who specialises in complex real estate transactions, underlines the practice's priorities. Practice head Endrik Lettau complements the group's transactional expertise with longstanding experience in the structuring and restructuring of real estate joint ventures and Andreas von den Eikel, who is well versed in all areas of real estate law, 'impresses with speed combined with the quality of his legal advice'.

Practice head(s):

Endrik Lettau

Other key lawyers:

Andreas von den Eikel 


Mr. Andreas von den Eikel impresses with speed combined with the quality of his legal advice.

The solution-oriented support for the mandate is unique. You get real, useful support and not just “expert guidance”.

We have been working together in real estate transactions for years. In person, this is Dr. Andreas van den Eikel and Dr. Kraffel. In addition to the undisputed professional competence, the way of communication and the proposed solutions are particularly noteworthy.

White & Case’s real estate and construction law team consists of very experienced and competent lawyers who provide quick, reliable and very practical advice and who also find good solutions for unusual problems. Even in a short period of time, solutions were successfully developed and implemented for complex transaction issues. The team is very experienced in negotiations. You feel in good hands and cared for there from the beginning to the end. A team that you don’t want to have as an opponent!

We worked together with Messrs. Lettau, Telyatnykov and Yazdani. They were always one step ahead of the other side.

Key clients

Goldman Sachs

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH


DIC Asset AG

PPF Real Estate

Consus Real Estate AG

Edge Technologies Deutschland B.V.

ADO Properties S.A.



GEG German Estate Group

Ralph Winter

Tishman Speyer

DG Immobilien-Anlagengesellschaft

Work highlights

  • Goldman Sachs: Advising on several bidding processes (including Millennium and Omega portfolio) as well as the acquisition of the Munich office property ‘Artemis’.
  • LANXESS Germany GmbH: Comprehensive advice on the sale of your stake in the chemical park operator Currenta to a fund managed by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA).
  • PPF Real Estate: Advice on the sale of an office building as part of a share deal to PGIM Real Estate.


In the transactional space, ADVANT Beiten's multidisciplinary real estate practice predominantly assists national and international project development companies with land and asset acquisitions and sale and leaseback transactions, as well as real estate investors with the expansion of asset portfolios and funds. Hereby, practice head Klaus Beine's team is particularly active in the asset categories housing, office and logistics. The advice to property owners, operators as well as industrial corporations on commercial tenancy law is another mainstay of the practice which also has capacities to assist institutional large real estate investors with tax issues.

Practice head(s):

Klaus Beine

Key clients



LaSalle Investment Management Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Logicor Deutschland GmbH

Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Holding Group, Dubai

M&G Real Estate (Tochterunternehmen PRUPIM)

Corpus Sireo

dataform Dialogservices GmbH

Frankfurter Volksbank eG

Work highlights

  • BEMA and ABG: Comprehensive legal and tax advice when purchasing an existing property in Düsseldorf.
  • Lakeward: Project development for residential real estate in Berlin, residential district with affordable housing.
  • Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Holding Group: Legal advice on real estate transactions and large-scale project development.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie's real estate practice builds upon the central pillars real estate transactions, financings and corporate real estate, while most recently, the team advised on national and cross-border acquisitions of single commercial real estate objects, particularly in the hotel sector, office blocks as well as logistics real estate. The group, which acts for industrial and retail corporations, investors and banks, also regularly assists with sale and leaseback transactions and has wide-ranging experience in commercial tenancy law. Florian Thamm heads the practice, in which Ulrich Hennings comprehensively advises on real estate and transactional matters in the hotel industry.

Practice head(s):

Florian Thamm

Other key lawyers:

Ulrich Hennings


' Friendly, accessible, interculturally competent and close to business .'

Key clients

Abercrombie & Fitch

Alzayani Investments

Bayer Real Estate

Berlin Hyp AG

BNP Paribas REIM


DL- Deutsche Hospitality

Evonik Industries

Flint Group


Maple Knoll Capital

Mapletree Investments

Michael Kors

Peakside Capital


Work highlights

  • DH Deutsche Hospitality Ltd.: Advice on the sale of all shares in Steigenberger Hotels AG to the Huazhu Group.
  • Bayer: Advising on the sale of its shares in the chemical park operator Currenta to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA).
  • Evonik Industries AG: Sale of various properties and heritable building rights in various chemical parks and conclusion of a large number of rental agreements as part of the carve-out in connection with the sale of Evonik's methacrylate group to the financial investor Advent International.


BRL BOEGE ROHDE LUEBBEHUESEN's 'high level of competence and experience in corporate, tenancy and real estate law' is used by asset managers, real estate developers and private as well as increasingly institutional investors seeking advice on real estate matters particularly in the Northern German region. Hereby, the three-partner practice focuses on the sale of office, retail and particularly hotel and housing real estate on one hand as well as on tenancy law matters as well as comprehensive assistance with large-scale project developments for mix-used purposes on the other. The latter alongside real estate transactions represent the mainstays of 'confident negotiatorMarc Biebelheimer, while Michael-Alexander Rojnic additionally advises on transactional issues, asset management as well as real estate disputes; both jointly head the practice.

Other key lawyers:

Verena Schepers


' We really enjoy working with BRL on tenancy law issues .'

' We have had good experiences with Ms. Schepers. '

'' High level of competence and experience in corporate, tenancy and real estate law. Strong tax department for all issues related to a real estate transaction . '

' Dr. Marc Biebelheimer: Particularly high level of competence and experience in real estate, tenancy and corporate law. Extremely committed, thorough and reliable. Sovereign negotiator . '

Key clients

Art-Invest Real Estate Funds GmbH

Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co. KG

Assetando Real Estate GmbH (bzw. Assetando Mühlenau Projektgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG)

Aurelis Asset GmbH sowie diverse Objektgesellschaften, Neuen Mitte Altona

Aurelis Asset GmbH, QuerbühneBades Huk II GbR

Bahnhohsvorplatz Bremen GmbH

Becken Development GmbH

DIGNUS Immobilien GmbH

Enercity AG (neue Firmenzentrale in Hannover)

Enerparc AG (neue Firmenzentrale in Hamburg)

Galileo Garching, Neue Mitte am Hochschulcampus Garching

GIPAM GmbH (Immobilienportfolio)

GIPAM GmbH (Supermarkt)

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG

HASPA Projektentwicklungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (HASPAPeB) sowie div. Objektgesellschaften

HoWiDo GmbH (Bades Huk I)

MIB AG Immobilien und Beteiligungen

Novum Development Projekt Dortmund GmbH

Schramm & Schoen Immobilien GmbH

S.I.E. Soini Immobilienentwicklung GmbH

Soini Immobilienentwicklung (Objektgesellschaft Hotelprojekt Mainz Mombacher Straße 6 GmbH)


Work highlights

  • Art Invest Real Estate GmbH, Aurelis Asset GmbH, Neue Mitte Altona: Advice on legal questions and litigation in connection with the Neue Mitte Altona project, e.g. lawsuit against various aspects of the planning approval decision to relocate the Diebsteich train station and purchase a hotel in Wilhelmshaven as a forward deal.
  • MIB AG real estate and investments: Legal and tax advice when acquiring a residential portfolio by way of a share deal.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Since the closure of its Berlin office in 2019, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP's real estate practice now exclusively operates from its Frankfurt office, but continues to focus on transactional advice to predominantly international investors and asset managers on single as well as portfolio sales in the asset categories housing, retail, logistics, hotels and particularly office. The group is led by Thomas Kessler and also advises on real estate aspects of project developments and is increasingly expanding its expertise in legally relevant aspects of smart cities. Sven Wortberg complements the transactional practice with experience in financing, structuring and regulatory matters.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Kessler

Other key lawyers:

Sven Wortberg


'' Excellent knowledge in various areas of law complement each other, and deep insights into investment law and real estate law enable seamless advice. '

' Sven Wortberg – very knowledgeable, qualified and fluent in business .'

Key clients

R+V Lebensversicherung AG

H.I.G Realty Partners

Cording Real Estate Group GmbH


Work highlights

  • H.I.G Realty Partners: Advice on the acquisition of a mixed-use property with an area of around 11,500 square meters in downtown Mannheim from one of its subsidiaries.
  • Cording Real Estate: Advice on the sale of a portfolio consisting of eight office properties to a consortium consisting of Tristan and Investa.
  • Ardian: Advice on the sale of the Wappenhalle, an office property located on the site of the former Riem airport, to an investor consortium consisting of Union Investment and LBBW Immobilien.

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Spread across seven German offices, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek's real estate practice has particular wide-ranging experience in advising project developers and investors on transactional matters, where practice heads Thomas Nickel and Stephan Freund's group predominantly assists with housing portfolio sales, food retail properties as well as planned properties in the same asset categories. Occasionally, the team also advises on matters pertaining to office and logistics properties. Additionally, the team assists project developers with their German market entry and is also well versed in refinancings. Peter Zimmermann, who specialises in transactions, 'does not lose sight of the essentials and optimally supports the negotiations'.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Nickel; Stephan Freund

Other key lawyers:

Peter Zimmermann; Stefan Osing


' Very good availability and flexibility at all times .'

'' Good brainstorming in solving complex sales contract issues. '

' Dr. Peter Zimmermann from the Düsseldorf office accompanied us and his team on several transactions for real estate funds that we manage. The work and approach of Dr. Zimmermann is extremely pleasant. The standards he sets are accepted and enable constructive negotiations. The results, even in difficult situations and complicated negotiations, are very good. He does not lose sight of the essentials and optimally supports the negotiations. He enforces goals with the opposing lawyer. We will hire him again at any time . '

' Dr. Peter Zimmermann: Excellent specialist for all real estate topics, especially transactions . '

'' Excellent specialist knowledge, practice-oriented, understands the needs of the client and his objectives; pragmatic solutions . '

' Fast reaction time, high level of specialist knowledge, precise explanations of the facts, timely processing of the processes, weighing up of opportunities and risks, provision of decision-making aids, availability at almost any time via the available media .'

' The law firm covers all civil real estate law excellently, not only building law but also tenancy law, financing law, etc. '

' Dr. Stefan Osing and team are always very pragmatic and legally very good. '

Heussen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Heussen predominantly acts for national project developers in forward deals as well as in asset transactions in the asset categories office and housing, but also has notable expertise in real estate fund structuring and inception. Furthermore, the team around Norbert Huber frequently advises wealthy private individuals and family offices on real estate projects and is also well versed in commercial tenancy law; here, the practice saw a particular increase in demand in the care and healthcare sectors. Jan Dittmann has wide-ranging experience in assisting investors and real estate funds with portfolio transactions.

Practice head(s):

Norbert Huber

Other key lawyers:

Jan Dittmann


' Top negotiator! Listen to the market! '

Key clients

Bluerock Fund PCC Limited

Wöhr + Bauer


Corpus Sireo Real Estate

KIRKBI A/S (Lego Group, Denmark)


Industria Wohnen GmbH

Ehret + Klein GmbH

Matrix Immobilien GmbH

London & Capital

Property Ventures GmbH

Centerscape Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Bayerische Landesbank Immobilienbeteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbh & Co.KG

Hesta Beteiligungs GmbH

Work highlights

  • Industria Wohnen GmbH: Advice on the purchase of a site for a project development as well as the economic and structural conception of the Investment KG by Pallino GmbH.
  • Hesta Beteiligungs GmbH: Advice on the sale of the Seemaxx outlet center in Radolfzell.

K&L Gates LLP

K&L Gates LLP regularly acts for both family offices as well as institutional investors seeking advice on real estate matters pertaining to project developments as well as asset acquisitions and sales in the asset categories logistics, retail, housing and care. Georg Foerstner comprehensively assists with project developments, commercial tenancy law as well as real estate disputes and Felix Greuner has broad experience in real estate transactions and financings.

Practice head(s):

Georg Foerstner; Felix Greuner

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH's broad real estate practice is 'human, team-oriented and always looking for the best solution'. The group around Achim Meier demonstrates these qualities particularly often in advising real estate companies on transactions in the asset categories housing, while the team's expertise encompasses both forward deals as well as asset transactions. Furthermore, the group advises on transactional and tenancy law maters in relation to commercial and logistics properties and also has expertise in the restructuring of real estate portfolios, which the group handles in cooperation with the firm's tax and financing practices. The frequently recommended Ruth-Maria Thomsen, previously at SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, joined the Frankfurt office at the end of 2019 as well as Matthias Wagner and counsel Dianusch Nazari from Simmons & Simmons at the beginning of 2020; it also strengthened its capital markets and banking team with the arrival of two lawyers focussing on real estate transactions.

Practice head(s):

Achim Meier

Other key lawyers:

Thomas Gohrke; Ruth-Maria Thomsen


Through its many partners, the law firm covers the entire spectrum of the construction and real estate industry and real estate law, and highly competent specialists are always available as partners for special topics .’

As a partner in the law firm, Ms. Ruth-Maria Thomsen is available to us at any time for our various concerns, and she processes our files very quickly and in an extremely convincing and high-quality manner. We feel valued and welcome as a client . ‘

Ms. Ruth Thomsen has a very good “hands on” approach, as she quickly identifies the essential points, on the other hand is also willing to take the client’s economic risks. This makes working with her very easy and pleasant.

‘In the area of real estate and construction law, the law firm is not only characterized by the required professional competence, but also by close coordination between the mandate holders, which ensures the uniformity of the strategy pursued and sufficient resources at all times, especially in proceedings over long periods of time.

The cooperation with the partners and associates at the Essen and Düsseldorf locations that are relevant to us is consistent and excellent in all areas. Also worth mentioning is attorney Achim Meier, who leads the team as such and enriches the advice with experience and industry knowledge with many aspects that enable an assessment of the (economic) success prospects of alternative paths.

Depending on the area of expertise, we work together with the law firm’s individual lawyers who specialize in this area. Organization and service regarding very high quality. In particular, the events organized with the participation of Luther are TOP in terms of quality and topicality from the knowledge transfer.

What I appreciate about Dr. Thomas Gohrke has a very high level of specialist knowledge paired with a very practical approach. Strategic components are also included in the recommendations. For me a “complete legal package”.

Human, team-oriented, always looking for the best solution .’

Dr. Thomas Gohrke: always an open ear, explains his strategies in a generally understandable way.

Key clients

Universitätsklinikum Essen


Zurich Deutscher Herold

SKIBA Ingenieurs GmbH


Hannover Leasing

Instone Real Estate Development GmbH

Peach Property Group (Deutschland) AG


LBBW Immobilien Asset Managment

Lang & Cie. Rhein-Ruhr Real Estate AG

FAKT Tower GmbH & Co. KG

Work highlights

  • Akelius Group: Advice on the sale of 2,800 apartments, all in central locations in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden and Mainz to Deutsche Wohnen SE, worth € 685 million.
  • Instone Real Estate Development GmbH: Advice on a forward asset deal of 104 rental apartments in the ‘Düsseldorf – Wohnen im Hochfeld’ district to LEG from Düsseldorf.
  • Medical care Lower Saxony: Advising on the acquisition of the Bleichenhof in downtown Hamburg from the British Reit Stenprop for € 160 million.

Möhrle Happ Luther

Möhrle Happ Luther has 'a keen eye for real estate business conditions beyond the legal aspects' and applies this quality primarily in commercial property transactions for institutional investors, project developers and the public authorities as well as in relation to land acquisitions for project developments. The latter are predominantly handled in the logistics sector, which also generates demand for tenancy law advice alongside acquisition instructions. Anne Schöning, who has 'high problem-solving skills', also advises on real estate financing and Oliver Reimann, 'with whom the cooperation is extremely high, both professionally and personally', regularly advises the municipal development agency HafenCity Hamburg GmbH on construction field sales. Simon Golshan joined WALCH RITTBERG NAGEL Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbB.

Practice head(s):

Anne Schöning; Oliver Reimann


'' Outstanding professional background, beyond the legal aspects, a keen eye for the real estate business conditions, quick and precise in processing, strong in negotiations and nevertheless attentive in dealing, and all of this with a high degree of continuity. '

' Outstanding is Oliver Reimann, who embodies the abovementioned strengths to a particularly high degree and with whom the cooperation is extremely high, both professionally and personally. The collaboration with Dr. Anne Schöning. Together they form a team that you can fully rely on at all times. '

' Möhrle Happ Luther looks after our special assets both legally and in terms of taxation. Both areas are included in all strategic decisions for the investment fund . In this respect, one can speak of a comprehensive and holistic cooperation . '

' Dr. Anne Schöning: high problem-solving skills, going far beyond pure legal advice, generally recognized negotiating skills and negotiation moderation . '

' Tobias Müller: pronounced strategic competence, going far beyond tax advice, profound specialist knowledge, proven by publications. '

' Markus Kallenbach: high problem-solving skills and special strategic orientation, makes important contributions to fund management .'

' Serious, decoration-oriented cooperation .'

Key clients

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Habacker Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Newport Holding GmbH

Logicor Deutschland GmbH

LUTTER Immobilienunternehmensgesellschaft mbH

PEG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Work highlights

  • HafenCity Hamburg GmbH: Comprehensive advice to the urban development company, especially on the sale of urban land in the HafenCity area to various investors, the structuring of various facilities such as district management or the mobility concept, including advice on corporate law and foundation law, as well as handling a large number of contractual relationships with various investors.
  • Logicor Germany GmbH: Comprehensive support with the purchase of space or the consolidation of existing space, the construction and rental of logistics centers as well as the negotiation of general contractor contracts.
  • Newport Holding GmbH: Advice on project developments and the purchase and sale of commercial real estate.

Mayer Brown LLP

Mayer Brown LLP mainly advises German and international investors on acquisition and sale of centrally located office buildings in Berlin and Frankfurt, portfolios, logistics properties as well as mixed-use areas and existing mixed-use properties, but also assists with acquisition financing of project developments, sale and leaseback transactions as well as with commercial tenancy law. The client base includes asset managers, banks, family offices and funds that can also rely on Volker Junge's tax expertise in relation to the the optimisation of investment structures. The team is led by Fabian Hartwich, who is 'able to moderate a transaction process excellently'.

Practice head(s):

Fabian Hartwich

Other key lawyers:

Volker Junge


'' Continuous partner involvement. Dedicated team . '

' Large team, easy accessibility, a specialist on every topic, no general banter .'

' Dr. Fabian Hartwich is always available, extremely solution-oriented and able to moderate a transaction process excellently . '

'' High level of expertise, a pleasant team. Top availability. '

' Fabian Hartwich – extremely quick to grasp, strong in communication and negotiation, always at work. '

' Philipp Schäfer, very good in the team with Hartwich, always available and on duty .'

' The special service orientation and the all-round carefree package in one transaction. '

' Dr. Fabian Hartwich, extremely fast and alert mind. Is able to act goal-oriented without any ego. Usually understood the problem before the others even realized it . '

Key clients

ARES Management LP

Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co. KG

CBRE Global Investors Germany GmbH

Commerz Real AG

Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien KAG

DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate

Generali Deutschland AG / Generali Real Estate S.p.A.

Greenman Investments S.C.A.

IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Joh. Berenberg Gossler & Co. KG

LaSalle Investment Management KVG mbH

Principal Real Estate GmbH

Savills Investment Management KVG GmbH

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH

Work highlights

  • Generali Germany AG: Advice on the acquisition as well as the structured acquisition financing of the project development of the office building “The Westlight” in Berlin's City West.
  • Commerz Real AG: Advice on the acquisition and financing of the “Turm Terra” project development in the heart of Frankfurt.
  • LaSalle Investment Management KVG mbH: Advising on the acquisition of the “Economic Quarter” office building in Hamburg's City Süd for their pan-European fund Encore +.

Neuwerk Rechtsanwälte

In the real estate space, Neuwerk Rechtsanwälte keeps continuously busy due to its advice to institutional investors, capital management companies and project developers on numerous single asset transactions in the office and retail space as well as increasingly in the logistics and care sectors; here, the advice on investment law matters is another core competence of the team. Additionally, the group has increasingly been assisting the public authorities with city quarter developments. Philipp Jehle also has expertise in cross-border portfolio transactions while Claudia Jehle recently often assisted with project developments as well as related forward deals.

Practice head(s):

Claudia Jehle;  Philipp Jehle

Key clients

Captiva GmbH

DWI Grundbesitz GmbH

RI Partners

AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung eG / Hamburger Pensionskasse

Peter Möhrle GmbH & Co. KG

Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft

Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH

Garbe Industrial Real Estate

PBA Grundstücksgesellschaft

Billebogen Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

Hanse Merkur Grundvermögen AG

Bonitas Holding GmbH

INP Invest GmbH

alstria office REIT AG

Work highlights

  • Luxembourg Fund, managed by Universal-Investment-Luxembourg SA, Asset Manager: Real IS AG: Advice on the acquisition and financing of the “Blue Tower”, a high-rise office building (new building) in Munich by way of an asset deal.
  • DWI group: Advice on the sale of the Spreeturm in Berlin to NAS Invest.
  • Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH: Acquisition of an office property in Wiesbaden.

Pinsent Masons Germany LLP

With regards to real estate, Pinsent Masons Germany LLP focuses on comprehensive advice to investment and asset managers, whereby the expertise of Wolfram Pätzold's team also includes tax as well as financing aspects. This set-up is creating a steady stream of multifarious instructions, ranging from transactional advice in the asset categories commercial, logistics, housing, hotel, healthcare and care to the assistance with project developments including land acquisitions as well as W&I insurances; in the latter category, Jörn Fingerhuth, who also frequently advises on hotel investments, is particularly active. Katharina von Hermanni is experienced in transactions and has 'outstanding professional competence' and Tobias Nuß 'achieves exceptionally good results when negotiating contracts'.

Practice head(s):

Wolfram Pätzold


' Katharina von Hermanni is characterized not only by her outstanding professional competence, but also by her pragmatic and goal-oriented way of working. In addition, she always has the deal as a whole in view and therefore offers solution-oriented consulting approaches . '

' Dr. Tobias Nuß and his two lawyers who are also involved (Jana Schneider and Meike Kirschner) do an excellent job in transactions, ie especially in the purchase of health care objects. The team is “top” both professionally and in terms of cooperation, which is why I repeatedly mandate them. It is characterized by high technical competence, very fast reaction and processing speed even outside of working hours and permanent direct accessibility. The team is always available, so to speak. From a human point of view, I appreciate the pleasant and professional interaction with the team . '

' Dr. Tobias Nuß is a very experienced transaction attorney whom I have commissioned many times to carry out the entire legal DD when purchasing health care objects. He has a very high level of professional competence, coupled with exceptionally good negotiation skills. He ensures that he can always be reached directly, which makes collaboration much easier. He leads a well-rehearsed team that you can rely on 100%. During the entire transaction, he also acts calmly and prudently and does not become hectic, which is not easy at the end of a transaction. He therefore always achieves exceptionally good results for me when negotiating contracts. '

' Pinsent Masons is extremely reliable and accurate. You can tell that there is a clear goal for the negotiations and the customer is involved very well. The legal review process went smoothly and on schedule. Difficult issues are quickly analyzed and resolved. Overall absolutely excellent activity. '

' Katharina von Hermanni quickly creates a special, personal relationship with clients and gives you the feeling that you have worked together for years. Your way of negotiating has given us excellent results. The same applies to your analytical and solution-oriented due diligence review. In your team, we also particularly highlight the work of Christina Klarner . '

Key clients

Accumulata Immobilien Development GmbH

Advenis Real Estate Solutions GmbH

Art Invest Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG

Bayerische Versorgungskammer

Conren Land AG

Corpus Sireo Health Care III SICAV-FIS


General Electric Deutschland Holding GmbH

GIC – Government of Singapore Investment Corporation

Hannover Leasing Investment GmbH

LaSalle Investment Management Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Liberty Global Transaction Solutions

LIP Invest GmbH

Oracle Deutschland

Patrizia AG

Pembroke Managing Agency Limited/ Ironshore Gruppe

Premier Inn Investments GmbH


RLI Investors GmbH

Savills Investment Management (Germany) GmbH

Swiss Life Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Work highlights

  • Art-Invest Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG: Advice on the purchase of an area in Taufkirchen.
  • Conren Land AG: Support in the acquisition of the Media Tower in Düsseldorf.
  • LaSalle Investment Management Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH: Advice on the purchase of a logistics property in Euskirchen.

Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein advises project developers, real estate investors as well as housing associations in relation to commercial and housing property acquisitions, although alongside its transactional expertise, the team also has experience in advising real estate market players on corporate, financing and tax matters; here, Alexander Lehnen frequently assists with the tax structuring of real estate investments as well as fund structuring. Alexander Thiermann, who is well versed in real estate transactions, made partner and Wolfgang Scholl is the key contact for transactions and financings.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Richter; Thomas Krall

Key clients

BTI Bogenhausener Tor Immobilien S.à.rl

Gerch Group AG


GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH

Ratisbona Asset Management

Trei Real Estate GmbH


Wöhr & Bauer GmbH

Wüstenrot Haus- und Städtebau GmbH

Work highlights

  • Gerch Group AG: Advice on the financing of the “Old Police Headquarters” property in Frankfurt.
  • GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH: Advice on the acquisition of a residential portfolio with building rights reserve of € 150 million.
  • Woehr & Bauer GmbH: Advice on the sale of an office property for € 100 million in Stuttgart as part of a forward deal.


BMH Bräutigam & Partner's real estate practice is a unit 'for whom the overall success is clearly paramount and who does not get lost in the tiniest legal details'. The team is led by Boris Reschuka, whose  'very high level of expertise' particularly shines in transactional matters. Here, the group advises with a focus on joint ventures and share deals across all asset categories, whereby instructions particularly often arise in relation to commercial properties in Berlin. Most recently, nationwide instructions predominantly concerned land acquisitions for project developments. The 'juridically excellent' Alexander Nast is well versed in commercial tenancy law, which is another mainstay of the practice alongside the 'very confident' Johannes Meinel's property notary's office.

Practice head(s):

Boris Reschucha

Other key lawyers:

Alexander Nast; Johannes Meinel


Very fast, professional and competent .’

Dr. Johannes Meinel is very confident, always knows how to convey it perfectly and is very competent. Mr. Alexander Nast is younger and has recently become a partner and the perfect complement . ‘

I got to know BMH Bräutigam as a very deal-oriented law firm to whom the overall success is clearly paramount and who does not get lost in the tiniest legal details. The team has a broad technical base and can therefore be used in all questions of real estate and construction law. The accessibility is excellent . ‘

Boris Reschucha, partner at BMH, is our main contact and impresses with his excellent perception. As part of his work, he always has our goals and priorities in view and advises accordingly. In negotiations he can adapt himself very well to the respective situation or the characters of the other side and act accordingly. We significantly intensified our cooperation in the past year and so far we have been able to give positive feedback without exception . ‘

The team around Boris Reschucha is characterized in particular by the symbiosis of economic thinking and action, legal expertise and negotiating skills. The team always gives 100% for its mandates. Always easy to reach and always with an open ear! Even very complex issues are precisely analyzed and implemented in the shortest possible time. Absolute regular office.

Boris Reschucha: 100% commitment, very high level of expertise (real estate law, company law), very good negotiator, strong economic thinking. Alexander Nast: Juridically excellent, strong economic understanding, notary.

Key clients




Messe Berlin

Inspiration Group



Sozialstation Medizin Mobil

STREAM Real Estate

Losan Pharma

Work highlights

  • Blackstone: Ongoing advice and representation of the Blackstone Group on the Berlin portfolio, especially on tenancy law.
  • SIGNS: Ongoing advice on all rentals of the SIGNA Group’s properties.

Jebens Mensching PartG mbB

Jebens Mensching PartG mbB combines traditional real estate advice with deep expertise in financing, supervisory and tax law matters and is primarily instructed by project developers, financial institutions as well as investors seeking advice on real estate acquisitions and financings. Here, the team behind name partners Philipp Jebens and Oliver Mensching  is particularly active in the asset categories housing and retail and also has experience in investment law issues. Hildrun Siepmann left the firm in December 2020 for Capstone Legal.


Raue is predominantly consulted for advice on real estate transactions in the asset categories care and healthcare as well as on office leasing matters in Berlin. The group also has expertise in project developments in the asset categories housing and logistics. Practice head Klaus Goecke specialises in land transactions and notary work, while Cornelia Gorn's main focus is health care real estate.

Practice head(s):

Klaus Goecke 

Other key lawyers:

Cornelia Gorn  


' Cornelia Gorn deserves special mention for her property law. Very precise and very pleasant in negotiations. '


Real estate and construction law boutique offering WAGENSONNER fields 'an outstanding team across all areas of real estate law', which assists real estate proprietors, industrial corporations and particularly project developers with real estate transactions and leasing matters across all asset categories. Most recently the group around Andreas Helm , who combines 'first-class legal advice with a high degree of tactical negotiations skills in a unique way', assisted particularly often project development joint ventures with acquisitions as well as industrial corporations with property divestures. The expertise of the Munich- and Berlin-based team further spans litigious disputes. Gero Martin 'stays on top of things even in stressful situations'. 

Practice head(s):

Andreas Helm

Other key lawyers:

Gero Martin


' Good negotiator! Strong civil building law! '

' Dr. Andreas Helm – one of the best negotiators in the market. Gero Martin and Dr. Götz Mezger – outstanding expertise in construction law . '

' Wagensonner has a strong set-up of highly qualified partners who are very practical and solution-oriented. The internal interplay of the different disciplines is excellent. '

' Andreas Helm uniquely combines first-class legal advice with a high degree of tactical negotiation skills, which is paired with an economic eye for the mechanics of the overall transaction. '

'' Good quality of advice, attractive fee level, good cross-sector contacts. '

' Gero Martin: very thorough approach, maintains an overview even in stressful situations, pleasant manner, persistence, willingness to compromise, goal-orientation .'

' The team at the Wagensonner law firm is characterized by a high level of professional competence, but also by a very courteous, human, positive cooperation and is therefore very customer-oriented. '

' The open and clear communication of complex issues and advice with a view to decisions is very good and balanced .'

' Dr. Helm – Very good specialist knowledge of real estate contract law, practical and solution-oriented in negotiations and issues . '

'' Outstanding team in all areas of real estate law (private, public building law, tenancy law, sales contracts, etc.). Good interaction / coordination in the law firm and thus few double declarations in different areas of law and different lawyers. From purchase, building rights, tenancy law, WEG law, purchase contract to financing, the law firm can cover everything from its own employees. '

' Good network within the industry but also, in particular, excellent network with politics and authorities .'

'' Extremely good negotiating skills in negotiations (Dr Andreas Helm) in German and English. Extremely fast response times. Professional and “human” appearance and negotiation (Dr. Helm) !! Very very positive! Comprehensive specialist knowledge (Dr. Helm) in the various specialist areas (tenancy law, purchase contracts, construction contracts). '

'' Excellent knowledge of corporate law (Mr. Demleitner) with complex shareholder structures in the interaction between lawyer and auditor. '

' Interdisciplinary support in all real estate legal issues .'

' Dr. Lissack: outstanding network in the political approval bodies of the LH Munich . '

' Dr. Lissak, many years of experience in construction and real estate law and Dr. Pfister is a WEG specialist . '

Key clients

Aurelis Asset GmbH

AXA (diverse Konzerngesellschaften); konzentriert bei AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

Bayern Facility Management GmbH


EMG Real Estate GmbH


Familie Graf

German High Street Properties A/S

Linde AG

Logivest GmbH

Lucroso GmbH (Golden Leaf Hotels / Blattl Hotels)

Rathgeber AG

RF 360 GmbH

RMI Immobilien GmbH

Rock Capital Gruppe

Verkehrswacht Parkplatz GmbH

Versicherungskammer Bayern

Vonovia SE

Württembergische Lebensversicherungs AG

W. Rohrer & Sohn Treuhandgesellschaft für Grundbesitzverwaltung mbH

Work highlights

  • Rock Capital Group, Baywobau und UB Development (Joint Venture): Advising a joint venture of project developers on the sale of the largest component of the “Gmunder Höfe” residential project in Munich to VONOVIA SE by way of a forward sale.