Labour and employment in Colombia

Alvarez, Lievano, Laserna S.A.S

Headed by Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Claudia Liévano, Felipe Alvarez Echeverry and Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita, Alvarez, Lievano, Laserna S.A.S‘s exclusive focus on labour law has led to praise for its ‘close and personalised service’ and ‘extensive expertise’ in the field. The firm has seen recent growth in audit processes and cases before the UGPP involving large multinationals, such as Unilever. Pereira specialises in litigation before the Supreme Court, including the representation of DIMAYOR, the professional soccer club association, in a union matter. Liévano designs internal strategies and advised Secretaria Distrital de Salud on its negotiations with public employees, involving multiple unions. Echeverry specialises in the aeronautical sector, working on collecting bargaining processes for clients such as Avianca. Audit specialist Laserna is heralded as an ‘excellent ally’ and an ‘exceptional professional‘, working with international clients. Associates María Fernanda Echeverry and Andrea Ortega are also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Alvarez Pereira; Claudia Lievano; Felipe Álvarez; Maria Lucia Laserna


‘What makes ALL’s practice unique is the close and personalised service. They are not long concepts and that only lawyers can understand, but they are practical and are always accompanied by personalised advice.’

‘The collaboration differentiates ALL from other firms. Maria Lucia Laserna is close, willing to collaborate on issues not only purely legal and conceptual, but also in the development of the company’s labour strategy.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna is an excellent ally for the company’s labour relations area. She is not limited to giving concepts only, but helps us on a day-to-day basis with the company’s work strategy. She is close, gives good insight and advice and above all, any member of my team can contact her and she behaves as if she did with the president of the company.’

‘Extremely flexible. They seek to understand the client’s problems in greater depth than other equivalent lawyers. They “put on the shirt” of the clients and it shows in the quality of the service.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna is deeply committed to her clients. She shows that she “hurts” the problems of her clients and, for this reason, she strives to find ways to solve those problems.’

‘Knowledge and attention of the service: they have extensive expertise in the practice of labour law. Evidencing all the perspectives that a company requires in this regard (occupational risks/good business practice, etc). They are also permanently updated.’

‘Relationship with customers. It is excellent, close and efficient. They understand clients’ needs and are available as a true ally.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna. They differ from the members of other firms by their knowledge, their charisma, their efficiency, and their real and effective customer service.’

‘It is probably the best labour law firm in Colombia, with extensive experience in handling labour disputes, being consultants for Colombian companies with serious problems in this matter, which has served to provide them with considerable experience that they replicate with other clients. Álvarez Lievano Laserna’s speciality is effective insurance for business counselling. In addition, they are clear about their role in defending the employer without having to undermine the employee.’

‘The personal and constant treatment with the partners generates tranquility in the management of the company, that their affairs are attended by the most trained and successful professionals.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna, without a doubt, is an exceptional professional in labour and social security law. Her legal advice is accurate, precise and effective to guide the company in its relations with employees, recognising the cultural differences of the organisations that it advises and providing adequate advice, which is adjusted to the needs and problems of the company.’

Key clients


Daimler de Colombia (Mercedes Benz)

Brenntag Colombia



ABB Colombia

Interconexión Eléctrica / Intercolombia / XM





Johnson & Johnson de Colombia

Sierracol Energy Arauca (formerly: Occidental de Colombia)

Banco BBVA Colombia



Comercial Allan

Bimbo de Colombia

British American Tobacco

Holcim Colombia


Banco Itaú Corpbanca Colomba

Secretaria Distrital de Salud



Work highlights

  • Representing Mansarovar Energy Colombia in litigation involving direct and contractor workers.
  • Advising Sodexo on strategies and legal models for renegotiating working conditions and represented the company in a constitutional action regarding terminated employment contracts.
  • Supported Banco de las Microfinanzas Bancamia in the transformation of its human resources, including the implementation of feedback schemes and models for disciplinary processes.

Baker McKenzie S.A.S.

Receiving fulsome client praise (‘by far, the best labour practice in the Colombian market‘), Baker McKenzie S.A.S. provides expertise in employment, compensation, social security and immigration matters for a range of sectors, including life sciences and technology. Clients benefit from a partner-led experience and the practice’s connections to other teams, such as tax and M&A, and the firm’s international network, allowing it to examine global employment trends. The practice is led by Tatiana Garcés, the firm’s regional leader of employment and compensation who defended an employer in a Supreme Court employment termination case, and Evelyn Romero, ‘one of the most recognised professionals in her area’, who advises multinational companies. Associates Maria Cecilia Reyes and ‘excellent professional’ Daniela Liévano are also noted for their work for the team.

Practice head(s):

Tatiana Garcés Carvajal; Evelyn Romero Ávila

Other key lawyers:

Maria Cecilia Reyes; Daniela Liévano


Baker and McKenzie’s team is one of the most important partners to have on our side. As a large multinational company operating in over 70 countries, it is critical we have the very best legal advice and we count on their advice continuously; thanks to them we have greatly reduced risk while ensuring full compliance with Colombian law. They also pre-emptively provide us important legal information well in advance and were especially helpful as we pioneered the Covid-19 pandemic working in an austere environment successfully and safely while minimising risk.

Excellent work with fast turnaround times, short notice meetings, and highest quality of product. The bilingual staff is also crucial in managing outside counsel advice that we so highly value from the team. Alexandra Silveira has been truly phenomenal in all of the legal advice she has provided as have others on the team.’

People on the team, such as Alexandra Silveira, take the time to return calls immediately even on weekends and when they are in court and can’t answer, the answering service takes note and Alexandra and others are quick to send a follow up email, text, or phone call in return as soon as they are available. They are also excellent at making deadlines and providing fast information and summaries and other products we require such as contracts or legal letters created or reviewed.

Technical competence, dedication and professional client service! I’ve dealt with many lawyers in several countries over the years and this was the first time where I can say that everyone on the team was competent and dedicated; and put our interests first. On several occasions the BM team put personal and professional interests secondary to my company needs; whether this meant working late, working through the weekend, cancelling personal vacation plans and at one point, making a deal (ie “settling”) with the opposing party even though this meant a curtailment in services from Baker McKenzie.

What I appreciated about the BM team in this regard was their ability to understand what our goals were, what our financial constraints were, and what we were willing to accept and not accept. They presented options and professionally provided their opinion – which we often came to appreciate and accept – but also respected our decisions and our reasoning. It quickly became a real team collaboration once we felt that we could trust that BM was truly looking out for our best interests!’

The team we were given acted like a time-tested and true musical performance. Sebastian Quintero was like the “conductor”, Christian Perez the”singer” (ie: he presented our case in court) and Pablo Duran was the bass section – providing the foundation for the orchestra (getting permits and documents, fact checking, investigating, etc.) … together it was like watching an orchestra perform in perfect harmony.

In addition to meeting all of our critical professional needs, they showed a very human and engaging touch by providing working lunches and dinners (when time was tight) and taking us out to enjoy local cuisine when the project wrapped up. Their office location was beautiful, the offices were professional, safe, and clean.’

Lawyers must be specialists in Colombian labour law, have all the updates that may be necessary and stay well informed. With that said, this is one of the most recognised teams in labour matters.’

They always keep in close contact with their clients, send regulatory updates for their clients free of charge and proactively. The partner is always involved in all issues, taking care of every detail and the client, above all.

The personal treatment of the client. The partner is always involved in the different issues and regardless of the relevance or not of the issue, she always knows where each issue is and she cares personally for her clients. Tatiana Garcés is always available to clients, follows up on issues, answers the phone and personally solves doubts without delegating or abandoning the client. I have also had contact with Daniela Liévano, she is always an excellent professional, dedicated to the consultations requested of her and always showing knowledge of her issues.

What makes Baker McKenzie’s Employment and Compensation practice unique in the market is: (i) its great ability to understand business needs and the type of deliverable required for each situation; (ii) its excellent legal capacity and understanding of the labour legal universe in Colombia; (iii) its human team, made up of the best professionals in their field; and (iv) its non-negotiable commitment to quality. It is, by far, the best labour practice in the Colombian market, compared to other teams that design volume commercial strategies, sacrificing quality in work teams and in the consistency of deliverables.

The relationship with Baker McKenzie’s employment and compensation practice has been greatly facilitated by the ease with which it is possible to access anyone on the team (junior, middle, senior associates as well as partners) to attend to any labour issue, no matter how complex. Their response times are clear and they are met. And, most importantly, they go beyond the role of adviser: they are committed to the client’s needs and support you throughout the implementation process.

Main partner Evelyn Romero is one of the most recognised professionals in her area in Colombia and she cares about knowing her clients in detail, ensuring consultations adjust to the client’s needs and not the opposite (as happens with other practices and consultants in the sector). She is committed to quality and providing comprehensive advice on the issues consulted.

Senior associate Daniela Liévano is not only one of the associates with the best understanding of Colombian labour law in the industry, but she also has an amazing capacity to administer matters that allows her to manage the client in such a way that they feel cared for and relevant. Under her direction, the consultations are agile, timely, accurate and with the necessary criteria to make managerial decisions: what a client in our position requires.

Gabriela Delgado (mid-level associate): her excellent technical ability and her understanding of the universe of human resources make Gabriela a strategic ally. When Gabriela is the one who takes care of our day-to-day affairs, we receive comprehensive advice, not only with the legal vision of the situation but with that practical approach that allows us to adapt the business conditions and be efficient in decision-making.

Junior associate Juan David Castaño is definitely a rising star. He is an associate with far more knowledge than many higher-level associates in the sector. He is accessible and understands the specific needs of each situation. His commitment is with the client and he gives you security when it comes to advising you on matters in charge of him. Juan David has all the potential to become a benchmark in the medium term.

They are excellent, they accompany you throughout the process, until the end.

Excellent customer service.

Key clients

Endava Group


National Oilwell Varco de Colombia

Embajada del Reino de los Países Bajos

Johnson Controls Colombia

Envases Puros International

Industrias Vanyplas

Clarios Andina

Work highlights

  • Advising one of the top ten multinational pharmaceutical companies in an important project that had two different phases: the transition of employees during a joint venture, completing the entire process of unifying the compensation structure of two different companies; and the assignment of employees’ employment agreements.
  • Advised Representaciones Labin Ve in the termination, by mutual consent, of the employment agreement of an independent contractor who had been an employee of the company in the past.
  • Successfully represented Nokia – Telealca in a judicial process whereby the plaintiff claimed that he had a services agreement with the company and that it owed him an amount equivalent to $980,000.

Godoy Córdoba member of Littler Global

Godoy Córdoba member of Littler Global‘s strengths lie in its partnerships with global firms Littler and Fragomen, bringing multinational clients, and the ‘enormous practicality and experience’ of its seven-partner team. Founding partner Carlos Hernán Godoy has experience in collective bargaining and M&A and aided General Motors during its temporary closure of offices during the pandemic. Godoy leads the practice along with Ana Cristina Medina; Francisco Buriticá, who handled a voluntary retirement plan for Naslsani; former Supreme Court justice Gustavo Gnecco, a ‘professional with extensive knowledge’; Andrés Fernando DaCosta; ‘visionary’ Santiago Martínez; Federico Bernal, who advised on the construction of social security legislation; and Ricardo Alonso, head of the collective bargaining practice, who was raised to the partnership with effect from July 2021.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Hernán Godoy Fajardo; Ana Cristina Medina González; Francisco Buriticá Ruiz; Gustavo Gnecco Mendoza; Andres Fernando DaCosta Herrera; Santiago Martinez Méndez; Federico Bernal García; Ricardo Alonso Alejandro


Their speciality in labour law is unmatched. Their attention to detail and the friendly and practical way of leading clients by simplifying the topics and making them understandable in everyday language is outstanding.

High knowledge of labour issues, they always keep us up-to-date and at the forefront and demonstrate enormous practicality and experience.

They have the ability to follow up jointly with the client and guide conversations, measuring risks and giving appropriate recommendations. Its litigation tracking platform is a first for many firms.

The Godoy Córdoba team is very close, helpful and fast. In addition, they always act as if they were part of the team and not as a consultant, they build, teach and contextualise each case with their client.

Santiago Martínez is a benchmark in every context of labour legislation and always goes further, he does not remain in a practice, he is visionary and includes his clients in the projects that he considers we must know before they are implemented by our management. His accompaniment is always contextualised, balanced between the personality of the company and the work context, exposing risks but also proposing action plans for their mitigation. Until today, we have never lost a case! Analysing each case with Santiago and his team always generates a lot of peace of mind and support.

Yes, I’d recommend the firm to the manufacturing industry with my eyes closed.

Their strength is in the knowledge, experience and service that they provide us on the legal issues in the labour arena. The main focus is on delving into the business and its internal functioning, this in order to align the purpose we have as an organisation and from there be a true ally in that purpose.

Their professionalism, updating and objective criteria, that makes a big difference. I’d mention Ana Cristina Medina and Daniel Contreras; their closeness to us as clients.

It is worth highlighting the closeness, humanity and opportunity with which legal issues are addressed in an employment relationship.

The firm is best characterised as providing a great advisory service on labour issues; it has managed to understand the needs of the company, providing excellent concepts and recommendations based on the knowledge and experience they have in the matter in a timely manner, within the time established in the proposal and according to the needs of the client and the situation.

Likewise, it is important to mention that they establish a relationship of trust in which – as a client – it is possible to express concerns and requests openly, having full certainty that they will handle the situation in the best way possible.

The firm stands out for the services provided, as well as the timeliness and quality of the concepts utilised.

We would highlight the management of Andrés Dacosta and Sergio Campos.

It is a group of people who carry out their activities with great professionalism, in a friendly and respectful manner and always attentive to our needs as clients. From my point of view they outperform other teams from other firms.

In general, the team that attends us is excellent but it is worth highlighting the following particular aspects. Juliana Visbal always solves our queries in an attentive and timely manner; Federico Bernal, in addition to being a great person, is an excellent professional who efficiently and effectively leads the services they provide us; and Fabio Salazar, who in his advice and involvement in judicial processes, demonstrates knowledge and experience.

I also highlight that the group of correspondents for judicial matters is committed and shows that a reliable selection process was developed.

Direct and personalised relationship and permanent attention through multiple communication channels.

In my opinion, they are the best labour law office in the country when compared to others with which I have had the opportunity to work. I highlight the professional preparation of their team and its willingness to always provide a timely collaboration. I highlight the work of Drs Gustavo Gnecco and Jennifer Molina: they are professionals with extensive knowledge in labour law and social security, friendly in dealing with clients, and always ready to provide quality service.

Godoy Córdoba stands out for having a complete team of lawyers and administrative staff, efficient in providing the service, always innovating to improve it.

Key clients




The Boston Consulting Group

Sophos Technology Solutions

Zurich Colombia Seguros


Geopark Colombia

Hoteles Decameron Colombia


Work highlights

  • Advised Rappi on the construction of a bill to regulate access to social security for people who provide services as independents through digital platforms.
  • Advised and negotiated the collective agreement of Corporación de Crédito – CONTACTAR (the largest company union in Colombia).
  • Structuring and supporting the voluntary retirement plan for 631 Nalsani employees (around 25% of its direct contract workers).

Lopez & Asociados Abogados

Labour boutique Lopez & Asociados Abogados is 'always at the forefront of issues', praised for the quality of its services during the pandemic and for its international connections through its place in employers' counsel alliance L&E Global. The firm advises clients from the transport, oil and gas, technology, finance, retail and telecoms sectors. Managing partner Juan Pablo López is an 'energetic leader' highlighted for his 'considerable experience', particularly in the financial sector. Fellow practice head Angélica María Carrión has concentrated on emergency measures for clients during the pandemic, such as teleworking and compliance with global policies. Labour relations head Rocío Lagos specialises in collective bargaining, advising companies on their dealings with trade unions, with labour relations associate Manuel Germán Torres focusing on the infrastructure and security sectors. Co-practice head Alejandro Castellanos and associate Ismael Orlando Babativa take on litigation and judicial representation, while fellow co-head Ana María Rubiano provides labour law consultancy. The practice is supported by associate Diego Francisco Leal, who leads the knowledge unit.

Practice head(s):

Juan Pablo López Moreno, Angélica María Carrión Barrero, Alejandro Miguel Castellanos López, Rocío Lagos Prieto, Ana María Rubiano Delgado


Lopez & Asociados provide outstanding quality in their work and it is delivered in a timely manner. The lawyers working at the firm have very good experience and solid knowledge of labour and employment law.  The firm’s partners have very solid experience and are well recognised in Colombia.

Juan Pablo Lopez is an excellent lawyer with considerable experience advising employers in union matters and other labour law matters, he has broad experience advising different sectors of the economy, including the financial sector in which he advises a vast majority of entities.’

Alejandro Castellanos has an outstanding litigation practice, which gives the firm an important perspective on court precedents.

‘Angelica Carrion is an excellent lawyer in individual matters providing day-to-day advice to clients.

The most important innovation is their alliance with L&E Global, which has contributed to the internationalisation of the firm and the standardisation of the quality of their services. During the Covid-19 pandemic the firm did not interrupt its services and their quality was not affected by the situation, they continuously offered seminars and symposiums advising employers about the latest regulations and resolving the different inquiries that attendees had. Additionally, it is important to mention that Lopez Asociados has been working hard on diversity matters and has a majority of female lawyers and partners.

It is a firm with a work team that is close to the client and has a lot of experience in handling labour issues. Indeed, it compares favourably with the teams of the best law firms in the country.

I emphasise their closeness to the client and their unconditional collaboration. Their customer service is very good. The key figures for us, are: 1. Juan Pablo López, and 2. Manuel Germán Torres.

As a consequence of the pandemic, they established informative bulletins with relevant and updated information for their clients.

It is unique due to its great knowledge in all labour matters and the preparation of all its lawyers. They are strong in all the issues they handle, there are no shortcomings or gaps, each speciality is managed by experts who have the best knowledge in the country, starting with their partner Juan Pablo Lopez.

I work with the entire firm, doctors Juan Pablo Lopez and Alejandro Castellanos as partners. In each specialised topic I work with Dras Rocio Lagos, Ana Maria Rubiano, Maria Teresa Gonzalez, Monica Sierra, Heidy Jimenez, Dr Camilo Fonseca and many more. All these people have not only the best knowledge, but a human and service quality like no other firm in the country. It is difficult to find this mix and it is what makes this firm unique and successful. We started with them in 2008 and we have never considered exploring another or changing, on the contrary every year we convince ourselves that we could not be with anyone better.

There’s no one like them. They are always at the forefront of issues, they use an informative bulletin with the latest labour regulations, which is sent to their clients and they keep us up to date on everything. In my opinion they have no comparison with any office in the country.

‘It is a team strongly focused on providing their clients with an integral view of labour matters in the context of business, offering solutions that are practical and customised. Juan Pablo Lopez is an energetic leader who  transmits confidence and close advice to every client. I’d also note Javier Daza and Angelica Carrión.

The studies and research conducted by the team have become a source of knowledge and expert insight for clients, colleagues, authorities.

Key clients

Porvenir (Grupo Aval)

Claro (America Movil)

Colombia Telecomunicaciones (Movistar)

General Motors Colmotores

Laboratorios Baxter

Huawei Technologies Colombia

Weatherford Colombia

Colfondos (Grupo Habitat)

Productos Quimicos Panamericanos




DirecTv (AT&T)

Colmédica (Banmedica Group)

Cerro Matoso-South 32

Inteconexión Electica

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

Refinería de cartagena (Reficar)

Brigard Urrutia

The sole Colombian member of Ius Laboris, Brigard Urrutia‘s labour and employment practice works closely with its immigration colleagues to advise international employees. The ‘very knowledgeable’ team provides ‘impeccable’ arguments, such as in its work for port operator Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce, where the firm successfully negotiated with a union to end a collective bargaining process. Practice head Catalina Santos led on voluntary termination matters, including in negotiations regarding over 300 employees for a manufacturing company and in applying a global severance plan for the Colombian branch of the Walt Disney Company. Associate José Alejandro Sierra specialises in litigation and pension work, his work in sports law outside the practice proving beneficial in an international labour matter for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fellow associate Camilo Mutis provides ‘impeccable work‘, aiding in litigation such as constitutional actions filed against a textiles client.

Practice head(s):

Catalina Santos


BU provides excellent services and gives fast, concise and flexible answers as we need today.’

I punctually highlight the great work of Camilo Mutis. He is always available, always willing to turn the subject around, impeccable work.’

Brigard’s team is very knowledgeable regarding employment laws and practices in Colombia and is able to provide practical and objective labour advice.

In my opinion Brigard compares with the best law firms I use in other LAR countries in terms of capabilities, billing practices and collaboration.

I work with Catalina Santos and Luz Maria Velázquez. They are both very responsive and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. They are used to working for big companies, so they are familiar with more complex compensation and benefits structures, which facilitates engagement.

The first point in favour is the disposition of the team in time and speed of response. Second, their arguments are impeccable and very well explained.

Timely information through online newsletters. Constant updates.

Catalina Santos, Julie and Cristian are excellent.

Key clients



Exxon Mobil



The Walt Disney Company

Intel Corporation

US Embassy

UK Embassy


Work highlights

  • Assisted Sociedad Puerto Industrial Aguadulce S.A in a collective bargaining process with the union Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Rama, Servicios de la Industria del Transporte y Logística de Colombia – SNTT in Buenaventura, which was the first collective bargaining process of the company.
  • Represented Concentrix CVG Customer Management and Concentrix Services in several complex inspection processes before the Ministry of Labour.
  • Assisted Austin Ingenieros during a voluntary retirement plan executed in June and July 2020, affecting a total of 334 employees.

Chapman & Asociados

Chapman & Asociados is praised for its ‘specialised service’, with clients highlighting the firm’s inclusion of lawyers with experience in each of the fields of labour law, providing ‘specific and high-level knowledge’. The firm takes on individual matters, such as remuneration and working hours; labour issues after a company’s liquidation; social security matters; and collective bargaining negotiations, particularly with the coal sector. Practice heads Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches are ‘magnificent lawyers, with high preparation, seriousness and decisive capacity’. Chapman specialises in collective labour law and is ‘an excellent negotiator’, assisting Litoplas obtain a declaration of illegality regarding employees’ affiliation with a union outside of their industry. Wilches, described as ‘remarkable’, advises on labour administrative law, labour and constitutional consultancy and payroll audits, and defended a construction supply company in 20 guardianship actions brought by former employees. Director of labour litigation Heimy Blanco aided Chapman in the Litoplas case and in proving the validity of a transactional agreement before the labour court.

Practice head(s):

Charles Chapman López; Mirna Wilches Navarro


With this firm I always feel cared for in the best possible way. Their responses are always very fast and of high quality.

Besides having a national presence, what I like the most is that they know exactly what local procedures are like.’

Mirna Wilches and Mauricio Crespo have been strategic allies for our operation. In addition to always being willing to provide the best possible advice in the shortest time possible, they are lawyers who understand perfectly how our business works and therefore are able to provide us with the best possible advice, according to our needs.’

I really like that this firm is an expert in the topics we consult, which are basically labour and social security. The one that has a lawyer assigned to the account for all the issues that centralises all our needs is great; regardless of the fact that within the firm there are different lawyers specialising in different matters, attending to the issues.’

They are a highly prepared legal team, each of its members is destined to provide a specialised service for particular issues, which allows communication to be very fluid.

They are characterised by: specific and high-level knowledge; their ability to analyse and willingness to change; their very professional service provision; and their expressing of opinions in a professional and commercial way. They are also honest with clients and only carry out processes that are suitable, advising the client so as not to incur extra costs.

‘The joint work with the in-house lawyers allows very strong arguments to be achieved to demonstrate the legal position; collaboration by the firm is considerable, which has allowed positive results for our company.

Chapman & Asociados’ team is very executive, both in the way it expresses itself verbally, and in its writings, reports and publications. This facilitates decision-making for clients and the understanding of the strategic or managerial level of the company. The fact of having an executive and corporate language differentiates it from the rest of the firms.

All the attorneys already act under the same interpretive guidelines. Confidence has been generated in each one of them. I would like to highlight Heimy Blanco, the coordinator of hearings in the litigation area: she has extensive experience and knows how to convey ideas clearly. Luisa Velazquez – the advisory department is brilliant and always looks for different solutions and alternatives that adapt to the corporate policy in question so that the company can maintain legal security. Mirna Wilches and Charles Chapman are magnificent lawyers, with high preparation, seriousness and decisive capacity.

Their adaptation to the Covid-19 contingencies has been magnificent. Legislative updates on the pandemic have been sent expeditiously. Communication has not been affected, nor its quality with clients, despite not being able to hold face-to-face meetings.

It is a team that demonstrates security and handles issues with experience and legal knowledge. Over time, more constant profiles have been consolidated at the firm and these guarantee continuity in criteria and timely attention to processes.

It is a team with a grasp of the local market and with an understanding of business dynamics, they are also focused on the objectives and have the ability to improve every day.

In the last year they have strengthened the support in legal concepts that was very centralised before; they have also strengthened the subject of training and notes of interest.

The Chapman y Asociados team is incomparable in a very positive way as they have staff who are not only qualified to advise on legal matters, but also stand out for their teamwork skills and their treatment of us as clients. It is very gratifying to know that even when they have a person responsible for our company, we can call them and rely on other people on the team who are aware of the process and where we are given the importance that we need as a client, because in this way we can receive timely and accurate answers.

Without any comparison the excellent human quality, professionalism of: Daniel Rodríguez, Mirna Wilches and Mauricio Crespo.

The collaboration is unique, as is the professionalism of each of the people in the firm with whom we have interacted. They have given us peace of mind and security that we are conducting our legal processes in the best way possible.

They offer personalised attention, with permanent availability to understand the needs of the company, presenting alternative solutions for each one of them.

It has active personnel in each of the foci or fields of labour law, provide training in investigations and regulatory updates.

The lawyers Charles Chapman and Mauricio Crespo have a direct relationship with the client; their empathy and closeness has allowed them to know the company’s needs, they are timely and practical in their responses, and they provide comprehensive support. They have extensive knowledge of jurisprudence, their normative interpretations are consistent and truthful, and they have a clear conceptual language.

They are characterised by their ability to react in a timely manner to the difficulties of the company; their closeness and empathy with their clients generate trust in the advice and support provided by them.

I’d highlight their knowledge and the capacity for analysis and research; it is a highly technical and interdisciplinary team with mastery in the subjects. The preparation and serious study of the cases is evident in the way they present their concepts, since they do not limit themselves to giving an answer but to justifying the reason for it. Suffice to say it compares favourably with other teams.

The academic preparation and the rigour of their concepts are, I think, the key points that make them stand out from their competitors.

They are always ready for collaboration and immediate attention.

Chapman offers us a personalised service where we have lawyers with experience in each of the fields of the labour area that we require, not only in terms of the content of the law, but also in terms of practical management. Another of the strengths of Chapman’s practice is their extensive experience in the periodical negotiation of union agreements. In addition to this, for our team legal and human management, the communications they send us in which they care about keeping us up to date on all regulatory developments are very useful.

Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches – we have negotiated specifiations with them obtaining good results for both parties; they’re excellent negotiators.’

‘Juliana Londoño is the person assigned to our company and with whom we have excellent communication and speed in the processes we request.

The Chapman support areas are efficient.

It is a boutique firm, its specialty is labour law, the degree of expertise is very high.

Mirna Wilches is remarkable and thorough in her work; Charles Chapman is an excellent negotiator.

The work is very close between client and lawyer; the relationship is very direct.

We have periodic consultancy with clear definitions and innovative ideas.

The agility in the responses through productive meetings via teams has been very effective.

They have a sense of equity and justice for the employer and workers.

‘They value the generation and maintenance of employment under conditions of sustainability. They understand the context of the employer and generate practical recommendations aligned with the reality of the country and the companies. They also have extensive experience in collective law, which generates a lot of value for the definition of organisational positions based on its concepts.

The main partners at the firm have extensive experience and are recognized at the national level not only by companies but by other organisations such as associations, educational and/or training entities, and even (workers’) unions themselves.

The team that accompanies the partners is judicious, orderly and they advise with good general judgement.

An organised, methodical office – they follow up and listen to the client to understand them and respond to their needs. They handle virtuality well and, especially in an environment like the one generated by the pandemic, it is something that adds a lot of value to the agility and timeliness of the procedures.

Mirna, Charles and Mauricio: human and professional quality… their availability and excellent contribution!

Knowledge, timely service and their determination to support decisions.

I’d highlight the very timely attention and that they adopt or take on the position of the company; we feel truly supported.

Chapman & Asociados differs from the other firms in that they do not limit themselves to giving a concept, but accompany the client in the execution of the strategy.

Without a doubt what makes this firm excellent is its human talent; Charles Chapman and Mirna Wilches are bright, accessible people who are always ready to contribute.’

Key clients

Eternit Colombiana


Industrias Puro Pollo


Ministry of Information and Communication

Technologies of Colombia -MinTic

Atlantico Governorate

Prime Energy

Universidad del Atlántico

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

CI Interamerican Conminas

Work highlights

  • Designed a retirement plan for Grupo Prodeco that would allow the company to disengage a significant number of employees through mutual agreements, avoiding the risk of incurring the prohibition of collective dismissal without prior permission from the Labour Authority.
  • Advised Tenaris TuboCaribe on its suspension of employment contracts due to force majeure or fortuitous event for the majority of its employees, as a measure to preserve employment.
  • Successfully defended Cementos Argos in the Labour Chamber of the Sincelejo Court regarding the existence of a labour contract; if the contract had existed, it would have forced the firm to pay a pension bonus despite an agreement made with the plaintiffs.

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

‘Experts in individual and collective labour issues’, Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría's labour department works with environmental and criminal colleagues to create a ‘very well-founded multidisciplinary team’. During the pandemic the firm concentrated on health and safety regulations, but its cross-border service also covers immigration matters and advice on Colombia’s social security system for international clients, such as assisting the local branch of global animal health company Zoetis with proceedings before the UGPP. Clients are frequently from the pharmaceutical sector, including Mondelez and Abbott Laboratories. Practice head Carolina Porras is ‘exceptionally bright’ and led on the representation of Henkel Colombiana before the Supreme Court in a termination of employment case. Hector Hernandez now specialises in dispute resolution, including labour litigation.

Practice head(s):

Carolina Porras


The PPU team is highly professional and highly specialised in labour matters. Its accompaniment in local labour processes is punctual and very complete; they definitely add value to our business and provide us with the necessary support to make strategic decisions appropriate to the needs of the company.

The PPU team has a high sense of urgency and empathy with customers. They provide timely follow-up to the requirements of the company and provide technical information with a high degree of detail that allows us to carry out complete analyses of the situation that is being reviewed. The service from Carolina Porras and her team is exceptional.’

PPU has adopted to an agile way to handle the new forms of work derived from the health contingency caused by Covid-19; guaranteeing continuity in the services they provide to the company.

The team members are committed to the interests of their clients, the decisions are consulted and analysed as a team so as to advise the client in making the best decisions.

Carolina Porras is exceptionally bright and knowledgeable about all the employment issues that we have consulted her on. She gives us peace of mind and the security of being in the best hands. She has empowered her team and allows us to be sure that we will always have the right answer at the right time. They are our best and greatest allies. We will continue to trust the work team and their professionalism since the results of their labour administration of our employees is a proof of quality.

Immediate availability to resolve any concern and their always-ready attitude.

The PPU team is actively collaborative and concerned with the needs of the company. They continuously carry out legislative alerts that allow us to be attentive to the legislative flood during the pandemic.

PPU has a very well-founded multidisciplinary team in this sector with professionals specialised in this area. Their way of working with legal concepts, their delivery time on our requirements and the accompaniment in the legal proceedings ensure the client has first level professional support. The PPU team knows the way its clients work and so becomes a business partner in the legal area.

I believe that the quality of the PPU attorney is to be a professional who cares about understanding the needs of external clients and supporting them through the process until the closing. I have experienced it on several occasions and with several lawyers, all very diligent and timely. The truth is that I feel very comfortable with the office that supports us.

I want to highlight the way in which PPU has adapted to remote work with its clients during the pandemic, ensuring permanent availability to attend to our concerns. One could say that they are 24/7; behind it, I understand that there is a technological capability supporting a collaborative team. I have also experienced the way they ensure backup by having several lawyers for a large projects.’

Having expert professionals who can transmit (in terms understandable to non-lawyers) the alternatives for handling the work situations that arise, makes this group have a fluid relationship with clients. I highlight Héctor Hernandez and Carolina Porras.

Experts in individual and collective labor issues. Ability to analyse situations and present alternatives for their management.

Solid legal training. The availability of attention via WhatsApp or cell phone call directly with the professional.

It is a multidisciplinary team that sees things in 360°.

‘They have a team of people in areas other than legal to support the numbers. They accept different points of view and seek to adapt to the client’s needs/wishes. They handle information well as to the risks that are run when adopting a particular strategy. And they carry on to the end. Carolina Porras and Melissa Salazar.

Magnificent relationship with government entities and other types of entities with which you have to be in permanent contact because in the end they are the ones that make the final decision.

Key clients

Abbott Laboratories de Colombia

Alexion Pharma Colombia


Nuvasive Colombia

Automotores Toyota Colombia

DSS Sustainable Solutions Colombia


Chevron Petroleum Colombia

Mondelez Colombia

Nokia Solutions and Networks Colombia

Work highlights

  • Provided counsel to Mondelez Colombia in two legal proceedings filed by a group of former employees, who claimed that the settlement agreement they entered into with the company was null and void. Mondelez was acquitted of all claims.
  • Provided counsel to Henkel Colombiana throughout the ordinary labour proceeding filed by a former employee, who requested a labour judge declare the existence of a health special protection, rendering their termination illegal, and consequently order Henkel to pay all labour credits due thereof and reinstate the employee. Henkel was acquitted of all claims.
  • Representing Zoetis Colombia in two ongoing administrative proceedings before the UGPP regarding the audit of social security contributions and payroll taxes and an administrative sanction for not providing information in time.

Posse Herrera Ruiz

Posse Herrera Ruiz‘s labour practice acts for a range of clients on collective bargaining agreements, dispute resolution, the employment aspects of M&A, terminations, immigration matters and compliance. A full-service firm but with a standalone labour team, the practice frequently takes on cross-border work; practice head Carolina Camacho advised an international firm on the termination of its CEO and country manager for Colombia, a multi-jurisdiction matter with complexities regarding employment benefits and avoidance of reputational risk, aided by associate Andrea Ochoa. The practice has worked with a number of global clients from the technology sector in the last year; the firm assisted Equisoft and Gorilla Logic with their setups in Colombia and aided an already established firm in implementing its worldwide HR policies. Associate Natalia Villamil works on labour litigation and judicial proceedings and Andrés Paz is also noted. Hermes García left the firm in November 2020. Since publication the firm has announced the departure of Camacho and the hire of Vicente Umaña -from Holland & Knight– as replacement practice head; effective as of April 2022.

Practice head(s):

Carolina Camacho

Key clients

Ascensores Schindler

Reckitt Beckinser

Placacentro Masisa




Seguros Bolivar



Michael Page

Work highlights

  • Advised Reckitt Benckiser on the termination of its CEO and country manager for Colombia.
  • Permanent advice to Holcrest on day-to-day labour and employment matters in Colombia, including training on a number of different levels of labour matters and changes to benefit plans during the pandemic.
  • Advised and supported the Transport Terminal of Bogotá in the restructuring of its current operation, with a focus on the labour impact of the restructuring.

Escandón Abogados

Escandón Abogados‘ clients are commonly from the agroindustry sector, such as Manuelita, Oganización Roa Florhuila and Sociedad de Agricultores de Colombia, but the firm also advises Drummond, one of the largest coal mines in the country. The firm is known for its conflict resolution and collective bargaining experience, often advising large companies on collective agreements with employees, and has begun to take on more work on UGPP investigations. Clients praise the team’s ‘extensive knowledge’, ability to advise from a business perspective and responsiveness. Co-founding partner Alberto Escandón leads on collective work for the firm and has negotiated over 140 collective bargaining matters. The practice is also headed by litigation specialist María Claudia Escandón; Juan Fernando Escandón, who brings consultancy expertise; and next generation partner María Jimena Escandón, who handles due diligence matters.

Practice head(s):

Alberto Escandón, María Claudia Escandón, Juan Fernando Escandón, María Jimena Escandón


They have extensive knowledge of labour issues, not only of the rules but also they understand the dynamics of these issues very well.

They maintain criteria of transparency and objectivity regarding the issues and tend to give a sense of reality to the concepts and recommendations they give to our company in the advice they provide us. They are open to the needs of the company and are willing to meet the requirements not only of the administration but also of the board of directors.

The treatment is totally different from that of other firms. You do not have to wait days for them to answer, there is great availability of time and work. A collaborative attitude is felt and not an attitude of permanent collection in front of the requirements. In our case we always want to be cared for by Juan Escandón because he gives us not only legal but ethical tranquility in his actions.

What they have as a plus is that they are a firm that is not bureaucratic at all, which makes it easier to relate and attend to requests. They make use of information technology in order to make work more efficient and not to hinder it.

The willingness of the team to meet the requirements with punctuality and speed.

This firm has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of ​​labour law; it stands out for its great experience and for having partners with a long history and other partners with a lot of up-to-date knowledge.

Their knowledge on the subject of consultation is quite broad and provides peace of mind for decision-making. Additionally, it cares about knowing in advance the needs and regulations related to the client’s activities, which allows us to flow very well in the development of joint activities.

The human quality, warmth and simplicity with which they treat us is a differentiating element that facilitates communication with the team.

They understand the situation in its entirety to advise the company not only from the legal point of view, but from a business perspective as well. The sense of urgency and the availability they have to attend to needs.

Key clients




Oganización Roa Florhuila (ORF)

GHL Hoteles

Sociedad de Agricultores de Colombia


Santa Anita Anita Napoles


Aeropuertos de Oriente

Manufacturas Eliot

Work highlights

  • Advised Manufacturas Eliot, one of the biggest textile manufacturers in Colombia, during the pandemic, such as on renegotiating working conditions, working shifts, establishing biosafety measures and applying for government benefits and subsidies.
  • Advised Santa Anita de Nápoles, one of the largest egg production companies in the country, on its collective agreement process.
  • Aided mining company Big Group in negotiations with employees regarding an illegal strike.

Holland & Knight

While counsel Isabella Gandini departed in November 2020 after some eighteen months at the firm, the employment and benefits practice at Holland & Knight, led by the knowledgeable Vicente Umaña, has otherwise proved remarkably stable. Umaña – whose past experience includes senior positions supervising labour relations both in Colombia and regionally, with companies such as Citibank and IBM – directs a six-strong team that covers the gamut of labour matters, including high-end and complex litigation. More generally the practice is focused on advisory matters, collective bargaining, administrative labour procedures, labour policies, and contractual and compensation matters. Key associate support comes from Carolina Castro, who handles litigation and contentious matters, including those before the Ministry of Work and social security authority UGPP, along with arbitration; Jimena Nieto, who focuses on collective negotiations, labour inspections, redundancies and labour risk-mitigation, among other matters; and Camilo García, who advises on filing labour claims and matters involving the labour courts and government institutions, particularly the UGPP. Since publication, Umaña has left the firm - effective as of April 2022.

Practice head(s):

Vicente Umaña


They stand out for their practicality, for seeking a solution for the client with legal solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

Associate Maria Isabel Anaya stands out for her intelligence and practicality, as well as for her customer service.

Permanent availability, high quality and opportunity in the provision of services and deliverables. They represent the interests of their clients with great courage.

They have a great cost-benefit ratio, both for extensive jobs that require a large number of hours, and for specialised jobs that require precision and expert judgment.’

Communication is always fluid and meets customer requests and requirements with great precision. They have a global vision of the contingencies that their clients may have and are a great help to anticipate and mitigate them.’

HK Colombia’s labour law practice is of the highest level, made up of trained professionals who are always ready to collaborate with our legal advice needs. They are also professionals with high human qualities and who understand the idiosyncrasies of foreign clients.’

Carolina Castro de la Torre. She is an excellent professional, trained, with a high level of commitment and customer service. In the cases where we have received advice from her, the results have been very positive.’

Use of information technologies to be in permanent contact with customers.’

We appreciate that there is always a partner in charge as the main interlocutor. This is a very important differentiator.

The quality of the professionals is exceptional.

During the pandemic the firm was a pioneer in keeping customers informed.’

Key clients

Messer Colombia

Crepes & Waffles

Restaurantes Muy

Arthur J Gallagher

Xactly Corporation

Control de Riesgo

WEG Colombia


Growth Acceleration Partners Colombia

Maquet Colombia (Getinge)

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas

Quality Water Services Colombia

Philips Colombiana

CSRA Colombia

Rich Chemical Green

Grupo SM Colombia

Work highlights

  • Advising medicinal, industrial and special gases (and gas-related services) company Messer Colombia in a collective negotiations with a union from the medical and pharmaceutical industry; as well as on day-to-day individual and collective labour matters, and representation before administrative entities.
  • Ongoing advice to major Colombian restaurant chain Crepes & Waffles on its day-to-day labour matters, special support regarding the structuring of the company’s human resources procedures and policies, working hours special schemes and disciplinary procedures; the team also successfully represented the client in complex processes before the Labour Court.
  • Ongoing day-to-day advisory to coal mining and processing company, Drummond regarding social security matters and contributions to the social security system; the team has also advised the company regarding several administrative investigations by social security authority, UGPP (Unidad de Gestión Pensional y Parafiscal).

Pilonieta Alvarez Abogados Laboralistas

With over 45 years’ experience, Pilonieta Alvarez Abogados Laboralistas is one of the oldest and ‘most recognised’ firms specialising in labour law, providing ‘experience, professionalism and good service’. Work over the past year has been strongly litigation-based, representing firms in proceedings and negotiating settlements, and these frequently involve liability for occupational accidents or claims of the existence of an employment relationship, which would mean compensation for dismissal or payment of social security benefits. The department is led by ‘spectacular pair’ Eduardo Pilonieta Pinilla and Patricia Álvarez Ribero, as well as occupational safety director Jorge Enrique Murcia Cubides, Elvira Vera Sánchez and Diana Sepúlveda Reyes.

Practice head(s):

Eduardo Pilonieta Pinilla; Patricia Álvarez Ribero; Jorge Enrique Murcia Cubides; Elvira Vera Sánchez; Diana Sepúlveda Reyes


It is a competent team made up of various professionals, very organised regarding their tasks and their agenda, committed to clients and ready 24/7.

Dr Eduardo Pilonieta and Dra Patricia Alvarez are a spectacular pair, who  carry out work on occupational health and safety to provide a very complete option, according to the reality of the legal work environment.

The team members they hire stand out for their intelligence, integrity and kindness, and generate a lot of trust knowing that they never really let go of their professionals, but rather control cases closely. They have daily messages via WhatsApp, in addition to daily news by mail, and to this is added everything from monthly consultations to focused periodic training; it’s an agile and effective multichannel service.

Responsibility, punctuality, efficiency and strict compliance with the commitments acquired in the pre-established deadlines, added to the quality of the service, give greater strength and results in the satisfaction of the client.’

Through the years the partners have managed to consolidate the firm and its growth is remarkable. At the national level it is the oldest and one of the most recognised in the labour area. At the regional level, it is the most representative.

The dedication and commitment to their responsibilities characterise the members of the firm as great professionals, being a team capable of adequately solving the challenges that are proposed to it.

The team constantly seeks improvement in the consultancies and in each activity it performs at the service of clients. It trains its lawyers in critical analysis, jurisprudential development, composition and grammar. It has created methods to efficiently link legal theory and the practice of handling specific cases.

We have high quality standards, which is why in the region we have only collaborated with Pilonieta Alvarez.’

Since long before the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm had been implementing electronic management in both legal and administrative actions – such as electronic billing, in accordance with the requirements of the national government. It has acquired virtual platforms for meetings and training that allow continuity in the provision of service and customer care, such as Zoom.’

An excellent professional and personal team that is always available, provides excellent service, and seeks alternatives for a better solution; Angelica María Ruiz, Diana Ortiz Vargas, Adriana Gelves and Andrea Hernandez Rueda.

I highlight their innovation in technology, creating closeness with the customer. Our experience has been very positive, I do not have a benchmark of experience in comparison, but it has not been necessary to look for it due to the excellent service provided.

What makes it unique is the experience, professionalism and good service of all the professionals that make up the team.

The plus that the firm’s lawyers have is their experience, the correct and timely advice, which today allows them to enjoy a good name and national recognition.

The adoption of technology and the different ways they have adapted to serve clients that are located in cities other than where their office is located has been impressive.

Pilonieta Alvarez Abogados Laboralistas is a firm that stands out because it studies the needs of clients and provides high-quality advice on matters of individual labour law and collective bargaining.

The team has great strength and experience in individual and collective labour law, all of which make this firm one of the best in the country and in Bucaramanga by far the best. The training and great experience of the  partners and lawyers, especially in collective bargaining, is notable. Eduardo Pilonieta and Patricia Álvarez stand out.

Pilonieta Alvarez Abogados Laboralistas, quickly implemented electronic billing, adjusted all its actions to the special situation of the pandemic, the team is very united and correctly managed by its partners in legal and administrative aspects.

Professional training and timely attention.

Key clients

Acueducto metropolitano de Bucaramang

Centro Comercial (IVth stage)

Apocalipsis 320 Sucesion

Melo y Alvarez Ingenieria

Arrendamientos Roberto Ogliastri

Concretart Logistica de Transporte

Extra Impresores

Metrogas de Colombia

La Casa del Radiador

Centro de Dermatología Avanzada y Estética

Agropecuaria Villa Sandra

Grupo Motor

Alejandro Muñoz Silv

Industrias Alimenticias Baez

Inversiones de Transportadores del Sur (SOTRASUR)



Serrano Gomez Construcciones

Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito San Miguel (COOFISAM)

Compañía de Almacenamiento y Logístic


Compañia Pesquera del Mar


Corporacion Parque Nacional del Chicamocha

Clinica Chicamocha

Clinica San Luis

Atento Teleservicios España (sucursal Colombia)

Grupo Vanti

Eco Oro Minerals (sucursal Colombia)

Italcol (Grupo Carbone)



Banco Bogotá

Universidad de Santander (UDES)

Gases del Oriente

Avicola el Madroño


Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia


Grupo Empresarial Camacho

Grupo Empresarial Santander (GES)

Telares Medellin Hogar


Instituto del Corazón de Bucaramanga

Work highlights

  • Advised Cooperativa de Distribuciones Derivados del Petróleo – Coodepetrol on answering a lawsuit, submitting evidence, and initiating a nullity action for violation of due process and the right to defence.
  • Represented Italcol in a lawsuit involving a staff member who had been outsourced from an associative labour cooperative, who claimed the firm was jointly liable for monetary labour rights; the firm successfully negotiated a settlement agreement.
  • Represented Soisan in a claim brought by an employee for liability for an occupational accident.

Quintero y Quintero Asesores

Boutique Quintero y Quintero Asesores‘ key strength is in the management of trade unions. In the past year the firm advised clients from the food and beverage, public and education sectors on collective bargaining agreements, with a push to freeze agreements during the pandemic and modify salaries. The team also handles retirement plans and pension and benefit liabilities. The practice is led by founding partner Ivan Quintero, who has negotiated over 600 collective bargaining matters; Saida Quintero, who led on a retirement plan occurring simultaneously in multiple cities; and collective labour specialist Dina López. Álvaro Martínez takes on financial law, consultation and UGPP work. Alejandro Arias was promoted to partner in February 2021, heading the procedural area and leading cassation lawsuits for the firm. Katherine Bello left to join Caja de Compensacion Familiar (CAFAM).

Practice head(s):

Ivan Quintero Martinez, Saida Quintero Martinez, Dina Lopez

Key clients

Centelsa – Viakable

Menzies Aviation Colombia

Independence Drilling

Vanti ESP

Promigas ESP

Pepsico Alimentos Colombia



Caja de Compensacion Familiar (CAFAM)


Accor Hotels Colombia

Otis Elevator

Ladrillera Santafe

Ernst & Young



Laboratorios Legrand


Work highlights

  • Advised Menzies Aviation on the design and implementation of a retirement plan of 47 workers on the same day but in different cities of Colombia, such as Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Cartagena and Medellin.
  • Advised Ladrillera Santafé on the design, implementation and judicial defence of a retirement plan for more than 300 workers, which was advanced with 99% reception by the staff.
  • Headed the negotiators’ team for Ingenio Carmelita in a collective bargaining process with different unions.

Scola Abogados

Scola Abogados has seen a growth in collective negotiations for the public sector, gaining public transport company Transmilenio as a new client; the firm secured a favourable result in its collective bargaining agreement despite public order matters. The team is also handling more than 300 legal claims for oil and gas firm Frontera Energy Colombia. Practice co-head Diego Felipe Valdivieso advised multinational company NH Hoteles on employment issues during the pandemic and on the labour aspects of a merger of 14 companies. Valdivieso additionally worked with co-head Nicolás Rico Álvarez on collective bargaining agreements for food services firms. The practice is also led by litigation specialist Pablo Hernández Hussein, who runs the firm’s new office in Cali, and Joaquín Rico Lara. Administrative law head Iván Carvajal is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Diego Felipe Valdivieso Rueda; Nicolás Rico Álvarez; Pablo Hernández Hussein; Joaquín Rico Lara


The firm is very powerful in advising on labour and social security issues. It is also a very important support in litigation. We also appreciated their close accompaniment of the client and prompt response to our requirements.

Solid technical knowledge, good knowledge of the environment in Colombia and a response capacity that is prompt and sufficient to the needs of the client.

Key clients

The Clorox Company

NH Hotel Group

Heel Colombia

Constructora Bolivar

Grupo Gloria Colombia

Grupo Bimbo



Grupo Mapfre Seguros

Frontera Energy Colombia

Grupo Sanfer


Allianz Seguros

Work highlights

  • Advised multinational hotel company NH Hoteles on three key processes that included dismissals and the merger of 14 different companies.
  • Advised Transmilenio, the biggest public transport company in Colombia, on a collective bargaining agreement between the company and its union within a critical public order situation in the city.
  • Led the collective bargaining process for Grupo Bimbo with its employees on a national scale.

Cortés, Romero & Asociados Ltda

A boutique firm 'with extensive experience', Cortés, Romero & Asociados Ltda is praised by clients for its 'personalised' service and direct contact with partners José Luís Cortés, Catalina Romero and María Victoria Romero, who head the team. The firm's key strength is its day-to-day advice for clients such as Seguros del Estado and Hoteles Four Seasons, as well as taking on collective negotiations, litigation, work visas, and social security and pensions. Cortés focuses on advice for public entities and litigation, representing Interactivo in an arbitration case on an illegal clause in a contract to provide temporary workers. Catalina Romero has particular experience in disciplinary measures and employee management, leading on a retirement plan for 200 workers. María Victoria Romero works on alternative dispute resolution and UGPP matters.

Practice head(s):

José Luis Cortés Perdomo; Catalina Romero; María Victoria Romero


It is a boutique firm where the service is personalised, and being small, the partners act for the client directly. In addition, responses are quick and totally correct.

The Cortes Romero team works in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner on each case on which our company consults. It compares favourably with other labour firms, its practice is above the standard.

Ethics, professionalism, kindness, respect and the timeliness of their responses, concepts and suggestions, as well as the constant legal updating they provide.

We are very satisfied with the advice we received as well as with the human quality, ethical professionalism and the timeliness with which any requirement is resolved.

‘They maintain a constant update of everything that concerns the resolution of cases, as well as their affiliation and constant communication with the regulatory entities in different legal specialties.

‘They are very practical in their concepts as a result of getting to know the company and its culture in depth.

Catalina Romero, one of the partners of the firm, attends me directly at any time required. She does not assign me people from her team, but the attention is given in a direct, concise and clear way.

The relationship with the partners is direct, I don’t have to undergo enormous processes to be served.

Cortés, Romero & Asociados is a firm that stands out because it studies and knows the needs of its clients exactly; it is aware that advice must generate trust in those who receive it, and that it must be timely and of very high quality. It has the best technology. The team has great strength and experience in these skills and abilities, all of which make this firm one of the five most prestigious in the country.’

We would highlight the high versatility of the partners and lawyers, especially in matters of practical advice to companies in aspects of individual labour law; the handling of judicial processes, the timeliness of responses to clients, the quality of the concepts and kindness in customer service. Partners José Luis Cortes, Catalina Romero and Victoria Romero, and senior associate Juan Pablo Sarmiento stand out.’

Cortés, Romero & Asociados, quickly implemented electronic billing, technological platforms, adjusted all its actions to the special situation of the pandemic, the remote work service is excellent, the team is very united and rightly directed by its partners in legal and administrative matters.’

It is a boutique firm with extensive experience in employment advice to companies.’

Its main strength is the closeness with the clients who are attended personally by the name partners.

They are very assertive supporting clients in making decisions. Partners: Maria Catalina Romero. Jose Luis Cortes and Maria Victoria Romero – all of them have more than 20 years’ experience in the professional practice of labour consultancy to companies.

Head of the consulting area, Maria Camila Peñaranda, and Juan Pablo Sarmiento, leader of the litigation area, are also recommended.

One of its main strengths is the timely attention to customers thanks to the technologies that allow them to control response times and customer requirements.

The pandemic did not affect customer service precisely because of the technologies they already had in place before it struck.’

The firm undertakes alliances with other law firms for special jobs and projects.

The lawyers are always ready to support, clarify and efficiently accompany their clients. They permanently send capsules of legislative or judicial news that allow us to be updated as a company. They are all very capable professionals, especially the partners Catalina Romero and Jose Luis Cortes who are always willing to help and clarify the concerns that arise in the company.

Up-to-date, relevant, interested in transmitting updates to their clients in an inclusive language. Technological means such as videoconferencing for updates and especially forums that kept us abreast of the multiple challenges that hiring labour has represented during the Covid-19 pandemic. On average, with their platform they lowered the response time to inquiries by 50%, the previous time already being good; they understood very quickly the urgency of the moment.

They have empathy and a very high level of knowledge, from where they become completely strategic allies in the client’s decision-making by giving them a broad overview of the rules, possibilities and risks. I’d also highlight the recognition and respect among their colleagues and in the judicial system, which generates an assertive and correct dialogue.

Personalised service from partners; immediate response to inquiries; and recognition of partners in the sector.

Key clients

Al Agua Patos (Paleb)

Avs Art Office (Avs Colombia)

B-Secure (Softweb Asesores)


Chimeneas De Colombia Ingenieros Arquitectos

Clinica Jose Rivas

Actividades De Instalaciones y Servicios Cobra Sa (Cobra)


Constructora Parque Central



Craft Colombia

Industria Inversiones y Servicios Delrio

Diver Plaza Centro Comercial

Escobar & Martinez

Expreso Andino De Carga


Interactivo Contact Center

Inversiones Libra



Opon Carare (Restaurante Marino Submarino Restaurante El Fantasio)


La Granja Tenjo (Restaurante Granja Tenjo)


Seguros Del Estado

Wireless (Msi Americas)

Concesion Runt


Alfa Producciones

Casa Sobre La Roca-Iglesa Cristiana Integral

Distribuidora De Rodamientos

Oxohotel (Oxo)

Hotel Aeropuerto (Courtyard) (Oxo)

Hotel Artisan Calle 72 (The Artisan DC Hotel) (Oxo)

Hotel Oxo Calle 67 (Hiex Zona Financiera) (Oxo)

Hotel Calle 94 (Hiex 94) (Oxo)

Hotel Barranquilla Buena Vista (Hiex Barranquilla) (Oxo)

Hotel Gran Marina (Oxo)

Oxo Hotel Waya Wuajira (Oxo)

Hotel San Carlos Pereira (Casa Sancarlos Lodge) (Oxo)

Oxo Hotel Yopal (Hiex Yopal) (Oxo)

Oxo Hotel Bucaramanga (Tryp Bucaramanga) (Oxo)

Hotel Cartegena Plaza De La Aduana (Sophia Hotel) (Oxo)

Casa Del Gobernador(Oxo)

Hotel Santa Catalina De Indias Sas (Oxo)

Oxohotel Cartagena (Hiex Cartagena) (Oxo)

Hotel Boutique Cartagena (Tcherassi) (Oxo)


Hotel Cosmos

Hoteles Charleston Bogota (Four Seasons)

Cremades y Calvo-Sotelo Colombia (C&Cs)

Fundacion Universitaria San Martin

Fundacion Empresa Privada Compartir

Grupo Kajuyali

Inversiones Ecologicas

Avicola Toscana  / Distribuidora Mundialista

Carmen Steffens

Fundacion Universidad Ameria


Work highlights

  • Developed and executed a retirement plan for Everis de Colombia of 200 workers, with success for the workers and for the company, because no conflicts or labor claims were generated and the relations ended with a good climate.
  • Advised, planned and executed successfully for Hoteles Cosmos: (i) the retirement plan for 2/3 of the hotel’s workers; (ii) the signing of employment contract suspension agreements, as well as representing the client in 16 guardianship actions filed by workers who refused to sign the suspension contracts.
  • Planned and executed a retirement plan for Flores de Tenjo y Flores Esmeralda regarding 300 workers from the company, and currently handling guardianship and health lawsuits filed by workers who disagreed with the measures taken by the company.

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas' labour and immigration team works on cross-practice matters, such as employee transfers during M&A and corporate restructurings, as well as sole labour matters such as terminations of employment during the pandemic and outsourcing risks. Practice head Lorena Arámbula advises well-known international companies on a long-term basis, providing day-to-day advice, and she and associate Laura Mateus are highlighted by clients as 'accessible, practical and efficient'. The firm is also instructed by international practices on Colombian law matters.

Practice head(s):

Lorena Arambula


Dentons is a traditional firm, with a lot of prestige in Colombia, it has been working with us for many years and we have always received excellent and personalised attention. They are very fast, practical and complete.

They are always at the forefront of legal developments and are attentive to mitigating risks in the company.

Excellent professionals: Lorena Aranbula and Laura Mateus generate a service of the highest quality, they are totally accessible, practical and efficient.

The corporate services are of the highest quality, they have a highly trained resource such as Ana López.

Guerrero & Asociados Asesores Laborales

Over the past year Guerrero & Asociados Asesores Laborales has concentrated on renegotiating collective agreements and advising on more flexible labour models to incorporate home and teleworking. The firm advised Groupe SEB Andean in negotiations with a union, creating a collective labour agreement which fulfilled all the company’s objectives, and additionally in a restructuring. The team also acts for clients in litigation, including representing a chemical manufacturer in ten court proceedings against union leaders. Clients highlight the provision of direct communication with practice head and ‘valuable strategist’ Juan Manuel Guerrero, who leads the team with ‘knowledge, analysis and versatility’, supported by associate Ángela María Barreto, who aided in a collective bargaining process and the design of a method to standardise employee benefits. The firm is looking to expand into Medellín later in 2021.

Practice head(s):

Juan Manuel Guerrero


The team at Guerrero y Asociados is highly qualified to represent the interests of its clients. They are characterised by providing legal solutions to different situations.

The knowledge, analysis and versatility of Juan Manuel Guerrero makes the experience in the firm unique; as clients we feel reassured of the legal advice and representation that he performs, it generates confidence in us.

The firm is always up-to-date and at the forefront of technological changes that impact legal representations. The results are as expected – effective and efficient. Strengths: knowledge and communication skills.

Their response times in real time. And advice with sure results when making decisions.

The administration in general is well-coordinated and organised, with its records, invoices and reports.

I believe that the Guerrero & Asociados firm has an excellent work group, we consider that its guidance on labour matters is correct and very focused on the business strategy.

I believe that Dr Juan Manuel is an analytical person, with charisma, clear and very strategic. I believe that his attitude allows us common ground when requesting a consultation. Finally, I highlight his excellent service and his clarity when it comes to advising.

Similarly, I consider that the firm is very well connected, which helps companies a lot when it comes to seeing alternatives.

The firm makes sure to give us new guidelines regarding the reality of the labour situation in the country, doing so constantly and on a personal basis. We work with them on compensation schemes and collective bargaining, which is a critical point in our activity on union issues.

If I compare with other consultancies, I consider that Guerrero & Asociados has a key knowledge in the market and the industries, that is, they really know what a company like ours needs to implement so as to reduce risks.’

‘Highlights? Their extensive experience and trajectory in the management and domain of individual and collective labour law issues (collective agreement, unions).

We have been working with the firm since 2013; in these eight years we have built a synergy, communication and teamwork that has consolidated the foundations and labor structure of the company, shielding it from the occupational risks that arise in daily labour relations and those derived from collective relations with workers.

Among the points to be highlighted are its capacity for analysis, of immediacy in understanding problems and seeking effective and safe solutions, as well as seeking to minimize risks.

‘In labour matters, we have only worked with the Guerrero & Asociados Firm.’

‘All the lawyers that are part of the firm are characterised by their seriousness, quality of service and their commitment to the client, responding in a timely and assertive manner to the consultations made, and accompanying them in different projects and strategies within the company.

Additionally, the seriousness, reliability, support and confidentiality that the firm has with each of the issues that it works with its clients and the lawyers who are part of the team.’

Dr. Juan Manuel Guerrero is characterised by his discipline, perseverance, comprehensiveness, love for his work, committed and above all for the knowledge he has about individual and collective labour law. He is timely and assertive in the concepts that he emits.’

One of the advantages that make the difference is that we have direct communication with the main partner, Dr. Juan Manuel Guerrero, who personally attends the company, accompanied by a team of quality and professional excellence.’

Another thing to keep in mind is that the firm always seeks to innovate and do things differently, seeking strategies according to the needs of each client company, knowing their history, their development, understanding the internal management, its structure and its workers and with this knowledge, implementing and managing all their advice, always seeking the best legal practices to safeguard any occupational risks that may arise.’

‘They have first-hand knowledge of the way of acting of each entity and judicial office, and propose effective strategies against it. Customer relationship policies are very important, since all communications are filtered through the founding partner. On the other hand, they have been concerned with implementing technological alternatives to make immediate contact with the customer more friendly. Juan Manuel Guerrero’s management stands out in the sense that not only does he dominate the matter, and is always fully up-to-date with changes in the legal context, but also turns out to be a very valuable strategist who contributes a lot to business policies of your customers.’

‘Personalised attention by the partners, their professional knowledge, and the trust they transmit to their clients with their advice and representation. Efficient communication channels are kept open through the use of information and communication technologies. They stand out for having a high commitment to meet the needs of their clients in a fast and timely manner, providing different solutions and alternatives to solve particular cases, and to create an environment of trust and approach that facilitates the attention of particular cases.’

‘Guerrero y Asociados has full knowledge of national labour legislation, has extensive experience in the area of ​​labour and employment, extensive analytical capacity, multicultural intelligence and business management and empathy with our company. Another important aspect of Guerrero y Asociados is the orientation to the service looking for viable and practical options with a view to the solution. We have had the opportunity to work with other firms and we have found in Guerrero y Asociados the best option in the market, they generate confidence and we feel that we are in the best hands. Among the innovations introduced in practice, we find a lot of flexibility and a very good response capacity, factors that we highly value in a highly volatile and complex environment, which requires immediate solutions in many cases. We also perceive a greater orientation towards personalised accompaniment, which we highly value. In relation to other firms, our perception is that in general they have all had to evolve very quickly due to the changing and dynamic market that the pandemic has demanded of us, however we found in Guerrero y Asociados a performance above the average.’

‘We have had the opportunity to work with partner Juan Manuel Guerrero who led everything related to labour and employment for a share transfer process. The support and the results of the entire process were successful, there was even a good teamwork with another firm that handled corporate and tax aspects, denoting maturity and customer orientation. Our perception is that Guerrero y Asociados has handled many cases in Colombia, including some very complex ones, which has allowed it to obtain proven experience and very good case management. The difference compared to other competitors, in addition to the expertise, is the knowledge of the market, allowing you to develop differential strategies in order to obtain strong results in the processes that have been handled.’

Key clients


Grupo Familia

Coordinadora de Tanques

ZX Venture (Bogotá Beer Company)

Cámara de Riesgo Central de Contraparte de Colombia


Sinergy Group

Grupo SGS


Grupo SEB Andean

Crown Colombiana

Helicópteros Nacionales de Colombia (Helicol)

Work highlights

  • Advised Casalimpia on the planning by phases and correct execution of the labour determinations made by the company to face the mandatory preventive isolation period ordered in Colombia as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Advised Groupe SEB Andean on the preparation and design of the negotiation strategy for the list of requests presented by the trade union organisation SINTRASEB Colombia.
  • Advised Brinsa on the preparation and design of the negotiation strategy for the list of demands presented by the trade union organisations SINTRABRINSA and SINALTRAINBEC, as well as acting as the direct advisers of the company in the negotiations with the aforementioned unions.

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA)

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA) handles the labour aspects of commercial transactions, as well as individual labour relations, compliance with the social security system and immigration matters, and acts for clients before the labour courts and government entities. During the pandemic the firm's work focused on biosafety protocols, teleworking and salary reductions. Former practice head Patricia Vergara retired in December 2020, with Mauricio Montealegre taking over as practice director. Montealegre advised Unisono on the termination of 130 employment contracts due to the pandemic and successfully defended the company before an investigation by the Ministry of Labour. The firm also advised on a multi-jurisdictional matter for Tubos Vouga regarding an employee's claim for damages after termination.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Montealegre


In Gomez Pinzon we find professionals who are fully trained and committed to the internal processes of our company.

Its permanent availability and response time to our needs. Knowledge of the norm and clarity for making decisions. I would highlight Doctor Mauricio Montealegre and his associate Lina Isabel Tapiero.

They undertook a rigorous examination of the situation of the company and followed an improvement plan which has been under their supervision and advice throughout.’

Gómez Pinzón lends us its “pro bono” support, and their specialist practice team is essential when it comes to solving our doubts in this area. We have observed that practice at the firm is a great opportunity for those who are starting their work experience and allows them to be in contact with common situations and learn the importance of being updated at all times regarding labour legislation. The work team at GP is very competent, they provide close support and guide their clients.’

The concepts issued by the lawyers of the Gómez Pinzón work area are always very complete, accurate and always make sure to clear up all the concerns that their clients have. The concepts given by the team can always be trusted with certainty and this conveys peace of mind. Although their responses take a bit of delay lately, they always follow up either by email or by phone call.

In terms of outstanding members and associates, Patricia Vergara was an excellent leader, who is no longer around. But we also have the professionalism and kindness of Mauricio Montealegre León, Lina Isabel Tapiero Contreras and Laura Gaitán Gómez.

We have observed that the practice group is always diverse and has adequate rotation.

The firm ensures personalised attention. The team is small, which makes it a boutique within a traditionally large firm and that generates a close relationship with the client. They are attorneys who are up-to-date and have practical solutions based on experience.

They provide very complete and comprehensive advice, and have the availability and willingness to provide the necessary support.’

I’d highlight Mauricio Montealegre León. She works very neatly.

This team is much better than other law firms with general law practice. The reasons are three-fold: on the one hand the technical knowledge is great, and on the other, they understand the client’s needs: that is, they do not give ethereal or theoretical concepts but are adjusted to the business need; and finally their response time of is wonderful.

You feel that they are always available to you and that all customer issues are very important. Mauricio Montealegre is the one who directs the practice and is outstanding.

The team is indeed diverse which makes teamwork solid. They have technological services according to international standards, and are very reasonable in terms of billing. In these areas they are also far above the other firms.

Key clients

Chemonics International

Lulo Bank

IGT Foreign Holdings Corporation

Japan Tobacco International

Didi Mobility Information Technology

Cofco International Colombia

Lexmark International Trading

Metro de Bogotá

Signify Colombiana


Work highlights

  • Advised Unisono on the termination of employment contracts of more than 130 of its employees and the resulting investigation by the Ministry of Labour to verify compliance with legal restrictions for collective dismissals.
  • Assisted IGT by defining a strategy to reduce its employees’ salary due to the pandemic by mutual agreement, creating a proportional reduction of working hours.
  • Advised Tubos Vouga Colombia, part of the global engineering group Tubos Vouga, on an employee’s claim after the termination of their employment contract; the employee sought financial compensation for damages under both the Portuguese and Colombian jurisdictions.

Lloreda Camacho & Co.

Lloreda Camacho & Co. counts international firms The Coca-Cola Company and Boehringer Ingelheim among its clients, who come to the team for day-to-day HR advice. Over the past year the practice has particularly worked with pharmaceutical clients, aided by co-head Enrique Álvarez‘s director role in the firm’s life sciences department and fellow co-head and senior associate Rafael Abuchaibe‘s experience in health and safety regulations. The firm’s expertise in health and safety has been a common theme of its recent work, including working with cosmetics retailer Avon to reactivate its commercial activities in line with biosafety regulations, but the firm also has experience in the labour issues arising from corporate transactions, such as M&A and liquidation of companies. Additionally, immigration matters are handled by associate Angélica Pico, who advises on compliance with regulations for migrating employees.

Practice head(s):

Enrique Álvarez; Rafael Abuchaibe


Broad sector knowledge and capability; superior availability of the team to attend to our matters.

Key clients

Rare Organisation

Boehringer Ingelheim

The Ford Foundation

McCann Erickson

Baxalta (Takeda)

Collective Mining

The Coca-Cola Company

The Embassy of Sweden


Stoller USA

Biomarin Pharmaceutical

Merck Sharp & Dohme

Spirit Airlines

Seguros Confianza

Work highlights

  • Representing Boehringer Ingelheim in a long-term dispute against the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), in which the ICBF was obligated to reimburse the client; recently the firm filed an action of annulment and restoration of rights due to a lack of motivation in a resolution issued by the ICBF.
  • Successfully represented Empresa Colombiana de Clavos in a lawsuit filed by an ex-employee arguing that a confidentiality agreement violated his labour rights.
  • Advising Spirit Airlines on the implementation of a biosafety protocol, the reactivation of its business and compliance with protocols issued to repatriate American citizens to the US during the mandatory lockdown in Colombia.

Tannus & Asociados

Celebrating its fifth anniversary during the pandemic, labour boutique Tannus & Asociados has a tight focus on migration-related consultancy matters. Indeed the small four-strong team found itself particularly busy with UGPP (Unidad de Gestión Pensional y Parafiscales) investigations regarding the social security contributions made by multinationals in relation to their foreign workers. The firm also advised Sanofi and Robert Bosch on hiring and contracts for their foreign workers, as well as aiding Intertug during its acquisition by Chilean company SAAM, particularly regarding its current and future foreign employees. Practice head Rodrigo Tannus is highlighted as 'an exceptional adviser' by clients for his expertise in immigration law.

Practice head(s):

Rodrigo Tannus Serrano


Strengths: knowledge of the subject and clarity and speed of delivery. The firm stands out favourably because few firms are aware of these issues and integrate them with other areas of rights (labour, social security, etc.).

Dr Rodrigo Tannus is recommended for his expertise in immigration law and stands out for being an exceptional adviser on the matter.

The Tannus & Asociados team is always ready to support immigration matters. They are 100% involved in each of the cases and accompany the processes of our foreign workers from beginning to end, with an excellent internal knowledge of the client, which means that they can be a support with excellent quality of service.

Rodrigo Tannus is a technical expert, he is constantly aligned with new migration practices and the best way to carry out these processes. He has a high sense of customer service and practicality.

Collaboration – Tannus & Asociados knows and is involved in the internal processes and policies of us as clients, to provide us with the best possible advice for each case. Communication and interaction with foreign employees is handled directly, making the foreigner who arrives in Colombia have an excellent on-boarding experience.

They take care of all the documents and preparation from beginning to end of the process, relieving the client of all the operational and logistical burden of the migratory processes and assuming it to generate true added value.

They care about understanding the migratory peculiarities of each case, to offer the best support and experience possible.’

It is an expert legal boutique on the subject of immigration law and labour law in Colombia.’

Rodrigo Tannus is very knowledgeable about migration and labour issues.

I have noticed very good advances in their use of technology for the dissemination of their notes of interest and newsletters, etc. on issues concerning this specialty.

The Tannus & Asociados work team, led by its partner Rodrigo Tannus, has highly specialised knowledge in Colombian immigration matters. Additionally, his proximity, opportunity, experience and ability in the previous analysis to present visa applications with Colombian immigration authorities, turns out to be of great value and security for clients. In this way, in our opinion, Tannus Asociados is a benchmark in immigration consultancy in Colombia.

We have direct contact with Rodrigo Tannus; his agility, knowledge, practicality, kindness and willingness to meet the requirements, is outstanding.

Their agility, proximity and practicality, added to the generation of the very specialised knowledge that the firm has in immigration matters (using different technological resources at the service of clients and the market in general, even participating constantly in virtual training spaces and in the newsroom of opinion columns in legal newspapers), means that in our opinion, said firm has a positive difference with respect to others.

Key clients


Massy group

Robert Bosch


Mercy Corps

Procter & Gambler

Flavor Equation

LG Electronics

Carbones del Cerrejón Limited


Work highlights

  • Ongoing counsel on several cases from various companies of the Sanofi group, concerning employment, social security, and immigration issues – including advice on the termination of employment contracts, and training and audits regarding foreign-employee hiring and associated Colombian regulations.
  • Advised Intertug on all the employment issues related to its acquisition by SAAM, particularly those related to current foreign employees and new personnel from Colombia, and on the procurement of all the employment and immigration documents and permits for a new Brazilian director of the company, as well as remote work processes and the hiring processes of new foreign employees.
  • Strategic advice to multinational Robert Bosch regarding the continuity of its operations in Colombia as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; in particular advising the company on employment and immigration related matters for expatriates including contract drafting and review, teleworking, furlough, mandatory social benefits, visa processes and professional permits, among other matters.

Acevedo Abogados Consultores S.A.S.

Providing ‘personalised‘ attention to clients, Acevedo Abogados Consultores S.A.S. was established in 2020 as the labour arm of M&P Abogados, which now acts as a collection of specialist practices. Managing partner José Darío Acevedo advised the Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura S.A. in its collective bargaining negotiations with multiple unions, as well as participating in the drafting of legislative proposals on matters such as the agricultural labour regime and strikes within the public sector. The firm has seen growth in its litigation and migration work, with the former handled by director Juan Fernando Rico. During the pandemic the practice specialised in aiding the oil and gas sector, advising Perenco on the negotiations with its local community and workers’ union.

Practice head(s):

José Darío Acevedo


‘The human and professional qualities that the lawyers of this firm have – specifically the partner and the litigation director – make clients feel truly accompanied and certain of their support. Likewise, the lawyers that make up this firm have the opportunity to learn from those who have already been practising their profession in this field of law for years.’

‘They strive to find alternative methods that meet the needs of each of their clients (who belong to different economic sectors), introducing technological factors, seeking the appropriate value of their advice, etc, as evidenced by the resulting loyalty of its clients.’

‘Jose Darío Acevedo Gámez: Although it is true that he is the managing partner, he is a person who is very human and very modest, he has no problem in providing advice, be it to the largest and most important companies, or to a person who does not have the resources to access said advice. He has no problem sharing his knowledge and it is very valuable to learn from a person like him. Likewise, he is aware, correct and fair in making decisions and is adapted to the structure of the person he advises, in order to provide a complete and useful service.’

‘This practice is unique, because the attention is personalised, tailored to the needs of the clients and the team that provides the advice always has the best knowledge, professionalism, practice and experience in all the matters it addresses. Additionally, it always adjusts to the schedules and needs, regardless of the time invested.’

‘This office is versatile, fast and effective in answering requests and is always ready for personalised attention, mainly by the partner, Dr Acevedo. In terms of billing, they make packages according to needs and clients.’

‘The collaboration agreement that we currently have with this law firm works perfectly in terms of quality, understanding, personalisation, response times and quality.’

‘Dr. Jose Darío Acevedo has a deep knowledge of all the issues and likewise, with his simplicity and fluid and assertive communication, he can express his knowledge in a simple and effective way for all the public or interlocutors who are part of a transaction.’

‘Always available and always up-to-date on all issues, they send regulatory updates through newsletters, which are always on time.’

‘Direct relationship with the partner. Quick response to inquiries, they are fast due to their high degree of experience in labour matters. Young and dynamic lawyers.’

‘Effective litigation.’

‘It is a solid office with exceptional attention to its clients. It is an office that has news and updates every day, they do their homework very well. It is a highly professional team.’

‘The Acevedo Abogados team, in addition to its knowledge, strives to know the internal operation of the company to guarantee that their advice is adjusted to the true needs of the client, which highlights it very favourably compared to other firms.’

Key clients

Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura

Grupo Mesofoods (Franquicias y Concesiones / Restcafe)

Informática & Tecnología Stefanini

Grupo Perenco (Perenco Colombia / Perenco Oil & Gas Colombia)




Inversiones Damasalud

Work highlights

  • Advised Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura on the collective bargaining process with Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Rama and Servicios de la Industria del Transporte y Logística de Colombia (SNTT).
  • Advised Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura on the collective bargaining process with the union ASINTRAINPORPACIFICO.
  • Advised Perenco Oil and Gas Colombia on the negotiation process with the community in the area of influence of its oil projects and the workers represented by the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO).

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero‘s practice is headed by ‘expert in pension issues’ Adriana Escobar, who led on advice and representation for Sanofi, working to reduce the client’s social security debt. The department advises on social security regulations and cross-border bilateral agreements on pension matters, as well as handling employment contracts, dismissals, occupational hazards and immigration matters. The firm also represents clients in judicial and administrative processes and provides due diligence during M&A and UGPP inspections, as well as advising on disability recovery processes before health entities. Associate director Juan Carlos González advises on social security matters and represents clients in disputes before the Supreme Court and Ministry of Labour. Iván Jiménez left to found his own consultancy in June 2020.

Practice head(s):

Adriana Escobar


Experts in pension issues.

Excellent service: Adriana Escobar is always accompanying the processes. She is an expert in pension issues and provides us with an excellent service, with simple and truly implementable solutions for the business.

‘Knowledge of labour legislation, understanding of the particular circumstances during the pandemic and the exceptions offered by the employment protection legislation. Friendly and very timely (quick) in their responses, even with the difficulties of a pandemic. Also, great understand of the needs and capabilities of the contracting company.’

I’d highlight the special attention given to the particular case, the opportune responses, and concepts that were very pertinent to the consultation and useful for employees and the company.

For me, this is a team that is both professional and strategic, and very human and sensitive, which undoubtedly generates value in a systemic way. I want to highlight the professional work of Juan Carlos González, who from the first moment was a professional who gave me, in addition to clarity, a lot of tranquility due to his high knowledge of the subject that he was leading for my company.

The difference from other offices is the monitoring and information on the status of processes.

Key clients

Sanofi Eventis



Productos Alimenticios el Recreo

Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia

Fiduciaria Davivienda

Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía

Beat Colombia

Allied Aviation

Agencia GIZ

Prodigius (Publicis Groupe)

Soluciones Ocupacionales



Grano de Arena



Work highlights

  • Provides permanent advice for Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía regarding labour and employment matters, focusing on stablishing strategies regarding union management, outsourced services, human resources policies and good labour practices, among other relevant topics.
  • Advising Fiduciaria Davivienda on the complete fulfillment of decisions from the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice, through the instauration of settlement agreements on the payments of monthly pensions which has allowed the client to remain harmless from any new claims.
  • Aided Diaco in reducing its social security contingencies, in order to avoid judicial claims that could generate higher costs for the company.

Contexto Legal S.A.

Contexto Legal S.A. provides day-to-day advice on union matters, internal regulations and recruitment processes, as well as acting for clients in litigation before courts and government agencies. Practice co-head Guillermo Villegas Ortega represented El Colombiano in a gender equality case before the Supreme Court, while his fellow co-heads, recently promoted partner Melissa Echeverri Duque and senior associate Ana María Marín Higuita, represented Duratex and Vehículos del Camino in collective bargaining negotiations. The firm has particular expertise in advising clients in the industrial engineering sector, such as Moldes Medellín and Eurocerámica.

Practice head(s):

Guillermo Villegas Ortega, Melissa Echeverri Duque, Ana María Marín Higuita


Contexto Legal is a firm that knows the Colombian market extensively and its lawyers have a comprehensive vision of the company’s needs. It compares favourably with other firms to a great extent. At this moment in our company we have decided to migrate most of our labour judicial processes to Contexto since they are professional, close and very agile.

They are very professional people, technically excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and interested in the company. For us Melissa Echeverri and Ana María Marín are outstanding in their attention.

Provides permanent information, ensures closeness to the client by all means, and provides robust teams that support the client at all times.

It seems to me a very coordinated work team and one willing to provide attention and answers when requested. They are friendly, very organised and follow up on cases.

Their attitude is excellent, they are cordial, kind and very respectful; they communicate very well, their personal presentation is very good, and their treatment with each other and with others is excellent. I feel calm when I speak with them and with the information and support they provide me as professionals.

My appreciation is for the service they provide me – the unity of the team seems excellent.

They are unique because they work as a team, they stand in for each other as necessary and always support each other in the search for/provision of answers.

‘The pluses of Contexto Legal include: timely responses; knowledge and mastery of the subject; respect for the client’s decisions; and advice on risks vs benefits.

What makes this practice unique is the trust and opportunity it has with each of the firm’s professionals. Strengths: clarity, trust, opportunity, closeness to the client.

Ana Maria Marin is an excellent professional with legal knowledge, she is always up-to-date, is opportune, trustworthy and, credible. Melissa is also timely and trustworthy.

Highlights: the relationship with the client, the internal knowledge of the organization, and 360-degree analysis of cases.

The human team is made up of a multidisciplinary work group that covers labour, commercial and corporate areas, providng a timely response to our needs and adequate support.

Personalised attention and furthermore, they analyse each situation in their human and technical contexts, helping to find the best institutional decision.

Their response to requirements is immediate, as is the training in new legislation that may affect the health sector.

Key clients

Moldes Medellín


HMV Ingenieros

Getcom Colombia


Scribe Colombia

Laboratorio Medico Echavarria

El Colombiano

Choucair Testing






Mane Sucursal Colombia


Viappiani de Colombia








Work highlights

  • Advised Duratex on its negotiations for a new collective bargain with the union SINTRATABLEMAC.
  • Advised Vehículos del Camino on collective bargaining negotiations and represented the company before the arbitration court.
  • Handled the labour and employment due diligence for Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) during two different M&A projects.


DG&A-Abogados advises clients from the technology, finance, food and security sectors on individual and collective matters, audits and due diligence, and the requirements of the UGPP, as well as providing representation in litigation. Allied with UK firm DWF, the practice advises the Colombian branches of multinational clients such as Schneider Electric, IBM and American Apparel. Adriana Martínez leads the team in providing day-to-day advice and defence before the Ministry of Labour for food and drinks retailer Koba, assisted by associate Karin Rojas.

Practice head(s):

Adriana Martínez


‘The firm has three key points: knowledge, service attitude and prompt responses.

They have become trusted advisers to the company, especially Adriana Martinez who has great knowledge of our policies as a client which allows her to give an opinion not only based on law but also according to the reality of her client.’

The DG&A team is fantastic. They are always available to support, their response times are exceptional and the accompaniment to clients is very good. They understand the business and its needs.

Lawyers very close to clients and always available. They have a high level of expertise and react quickly.’

They are friendly, they work hand in hand with our team, they have good availability. The quality of their reports and opinions is very good.

‘During the pandemic DG&A demonstrated an ability to adapt to change very rapidly. They quickly implemented communication systems and adapted to the new ways of working in our organisation.

Key clients

IBM Colombia

Braun Medical

Termobarranquilla (TEBSA)

Outsourcing Servicios Informáticos

Fit for all

Banco Pichincha

Koba Colombia



Humboldt Institute

Schneider Electric


Eventos Efectivos y Producciones

Yop Colombia

American Apparel Colombia

Athletic Sport

Terumo Colombia Andina

Work highlights

  • Advising Koba Colombia on disciplinary processes at the national level. The company currently has more than 10,000 workers, so it has sought a strategic alliance in the monitoring of all disciplinary processes in order to carry out efficient and timely decisions.
  • Defending IBM de Colombia in labour proceedings regarding the recent change of jurisprudence on the obligation to contribute to a pension prior to the creation of the Institute of Pensions in Colombia.
  • Provides day-to-day advice for Termobarranquilla ESP on its relationship with its employees’ union, not only regarding collective bargaining and attention to petitions, but also the management of conventional benefits.

DLA Piper Martinez Beltrán

Led by practice director Diana Zuleta, who has experience of employee hires, flexible compensation plans and social security and immigration matters, DLA Piper Martinez Beltrán provides day-to-day labour advice for a range of international and local clients, including Stanley Black & Decker and Cornershop. During the pandemic the practice advised clients including Burger King and Pandora on labour and biosafety standards, and handled a retrenchment plan for Uber. The firm also handles visas for foreign employees. Managing partner Camilo Martínez is also noted. Diego Durán left in 2020 to co-found Baviera Legal. Since publication, Zuleta has been raised to the partnership – effective as of February 2022.

Practice head(s):

Diana Zuleta


‘I work directly with the labour practice: this team is very diligent, they respond to inquiries quickly and in their responses they reflect high knowledge on the subject matter; additionally, if it is a question that does not correspond to their expertise, they put us in contact with the areas of the office that have experience in the matter, thus making the consultations effective.

The service to the client, the speed with which they attend to our requirements and the trust that they have generated in our company due to their successful consultations; none of this is easy to find at other law offices. Congratulations to the labour team!!

Key clients

Stanley Black & Decker








Burger King



HS Colombia


Tecnológica Colombia

White Rabbit


Work highlights

  • Assisted Burger King in planning an efficient strategy for the management of personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Assisted Pandora in its incorporation in Colombia and with its compliance with labour and biosafety standards during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Provides daily assistance to Cornershop regarding the recruitment of shoppers and compliance with social security obligations for independent contractors, as well as aiding the creation of the biosafety protocol of the company during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Garrigues has seen a recent growth in healthcare sector work, such as advising on the labour issues related to the liquidation of two healthcare subsidiaries, as well as in its consultations on termination procedures, senior executive dismissals and immigration. The firm has collaborated with its Peruvian labour practice to advise on cross-border issues. Regular work includes lawsuits filed by former employees, liability prevention and due diligence for M&A and banking and finance transactions. Ignacio Londoño and senior associate Carlos Arturo Silva Burbano head the team. Nicolás Clark returned to the firm’s Seville office but continues to aid the Colombian team. Since publication the firm has announced the hire of Carolina Camacho Solana, formerly head of the labour practice at Posse Herrera Ruiz, as a partner - effective as of May 2022.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Arturo Silva Burbano; Ignacio Londoño


They are very professional, providing legal advice in a timely and accurate manner.’

Permanent availability and agility in responses. Partner Carlos Arturo Silva is a very good professional in labour matters. Rapid adaptation to the Covid-19 crisis and permanent support in the labour changes that this event brought to companies.’

The depth in the concepts and the punctuality to deliver knowledge; also sending news.

Key clients




Nacional De Seguros

Remote Technology

Avaya Communication

Ilunion Lavanderia

Seven Eighths



BME Soporte Local


FCC Aqualia



Best Day (South-Net Turismo)


Fútbol con Corazón (Non profit organization)



Sanchez Cano

Get Justo


Work highlights

  • Labour planning for Ilunión Lavanderia to address the Covid-19 pandemic and support with the hiring of employees with disabilities.
  • Advising Andean Tower Partnerts ATP on the implementation of telecommuting within the company as a permanent measure, as the working from home (WFH) modality will cease to comply with labour regulations when the health emergency state ends.
  • Advising Quirónsalud on several strategic labour issues related to the liquidation of two subsidiaries acquired in 2019, Ecografía Clínica del Prado (ECOPRADO) and Radio Diagnóstico las Vegas, including the termination of employees and avoiding collective dismissals.

Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados

Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados has a key strength in advising sports teams on their employment relationships with footballers, such as acting for football club Azul & Blanco Millonarios in pension claims brought by former players and preparing employment contracts. Practice head Joe Bonilla Gálvez takes on labour-related cases before football disciplinary authority DIMAYOR. This multidisciplinary approach is also seen in the team’s due diligence work carried out with the Corporate and M&A practice, with a concentration on aiding foreign companies to enter and operate in Colombia. Other matters handled by the firm includes a recent growth in immigration services, as well as traditional labour matters such as contracts, litigation and guardianship actions.

Practice head(s):

Joe Bonilla Gálvez


Synergy, knowledge and commitment to the team.

Commitment, knowledge, ethics, transparency and excellent communication.

Remote work, digital tools.

Key clients

Azul & Blanco Millonarios FC

Monster Energy Colombia

Soldaduras West Arco

Aucerna (3ESI Colombia)

Avant Capital

América de Cali

VSM Latinoamérica


Southern Graphic Systems Colombia (SGSCO)

Club Deportivo Popular Junior FC

Work highlights

  • Defended Azul y Blanco Millonarios FC, a major Bogotá football club, during claims, generally related to pensions, initiated by former players who were part of the Corporación Club Deportivo Los Millonarios in the 1970s/1980s, the previous owner of the the club.
  • Provided strategic legal counsel to Avant Capital regarding the review and analysis of a complex case involving the company and one of its long-term employees, and regarding a legal memorandum on (i) the possibility for employees with compensatory days to take them during the period of mandatory isolation decreed by the National Government, and (ii) the possibility of suspension of employment contracts and their different modalities, due to the global pandemic.
  • Provided legal assistance to Aucerna, the company formed following the merger between 3ESI Colombia and Palantir Colombia, on matters including measures during the pandemic to ensure the proper labour management of its employees, including wage and hour reductions, suspension of contracts and granting of early vacations.

Parra Rodríguez Abogados

Led by director Nataly Traslaviña González, Parra Rodríguez Abogados counts international firms among its clients, such as Japanese tech company Netcracker Technology and Ecuadorian infrastructure firm Sudinco. The firm typically represents employers but also represents employees in a small amount of cases. During the pandemic the firm advised on homeworking, wage reductions, suspension of contracts and retirement plans, with additional work in representing clients in litigation regarding termination of contracts and occupational accidents. Clients highlight the firm’s use of tax knowledge to complement its labour work. The practice benefits from the involvement of partners Álvaro Parra Gómez, who leads on negotiations and terminations of employment agreements; Augusto Figueroa Sierra, who advised Obera on its labour hiring structure and Colombian and US compensation regulations; and Bernardo Rodríguez, who led on matters for United Airlines, including a claim of unjust termination of contract.

Practice head(s):

Nataly Traslaviña González


The lawyers understand the sector and the general and specific needs that we have. Communication is excellent and the answers are clear, punctual and forceful.

The team is made up of Nataly Traslaviña, Álvaro Parra and Lina Millan – it has a 360-degree vision of the labour consultations we undertake.

The opportunity and/or response time is better than other firms. Like their answers. They are more detailed.

Parra Rodríguez has a team specialised in labour matters who have great technical knowledge of all the aspects with excellent results.

Knowledge of the Colombian labour environment and legislation.

Complementary knowledge in areas of tax law that interrelate with labour matters.

Excellent follow-up to the topics (requirements, presentation of resources, answers). Knowledge of the company and its activity.

Alvaro Parra and Nataly Traslaviña González are lawyers characterised by extensive knowledge in the labour and tax legal fields. Both have known the company for a long time and know what its operations are, which allows them to give legal concepts adjusted to the company’s activity.

The auxiliary lawyers attend to any queries in the absence of the two leaders.’

It is always up to date on knowledge and legal changes; well-trained staff.

Key clients

Herdoiza Crespo Construcciones Colombia

BMC Software Colombia

Knauf de Colombia

Equipos Toyama de Colombia

Ouro Fino Colombia

Eage Americas

GIS Premium Colombia


Fundación Abood Shaio

Aviareps Colombia

Mónica Colombia

Corporación Instituto de Cultura Brasil Colombia (IBRACO)


Uberflug Colombia

Drillmec (sucursal Colombia)

Soilmec Colombia

Seaboard Overseas Colombia


Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Work highlights

  • Successfully defended the Colombian branch of Herdoíza Crespo Construcciones (now Sudinco) in a claim by a former employee for $300,000 worth of damages and reinstatement due to an accident sustained with injuries.
  • Defended Algranel before a labour judge and secured an acquittal, in a claim by the spouse of a former employee that the company had not paid her husband’s pension contributions.
  • Advised Obrera on (i) the assessment of an existing labor hiring structure, (ii) the main contractor’s labour liability before the subcontractors’ employees, (iii) employer transition or substitution scenarios under Colombian law, and (iv) bars and applicable policies on collective dismissal of employees.


Cavelier's labour and employment work is overseen by the firm's business department, headed by Martha Bonett, with practitioners also working on commercial law, corporate and M&A, and government procurement. The team's experience includes occupational health, social security obligations and injunctions issued by the UGPP, labour proceedings and share purchase option plans. Associate Eliana Arellano left for Duport Abogados.

Practice head(s):

Martha Bonett

Correa Merino Agudelo Abogados

The labour and employment group at Correa Merino Agudelo Abogados handles internal policies for hiring, remuneration and benefits, disciplinary proceedings, termination of employment, and due diligence in M&A and business divisions, including advising Ultraserfinco on the labour matters of its acquisition by Credicorp. The practice also takes on immigration matters for international firms entering Colombia and national firms hiring international workers. Practice head Darío Ramírez provides day-to-day advice to clients such as Grupo Sura and Grupo Phoenix; the firm also acted for Grupo Phoenix in proceedings regarding terminations of employment.

Practice head(s):

Darío Ramírez Montoya

Key clients

Grupo Sura

Grupo Phoenix



Astound Commerce



Laboratorio Clínico Hematológico


Centro Comercial Santafé Medellín

CI Unibán

Constructura Ascenso




Materiales Emo

Constructora Guigo

Maso Consultores Asociados

Gómez Piedrahíta

Work highlights

  • Advised Laboratorio Clínico Hematológico on the setting of efficient alternatives for hiring and remunerating the personnel required for its operation.
  • Counsel to Grupo Sura in the implementation of strategic measures in labour matters and the exchange of knowledge within the business group.
  • Advised Ultraserfinco during its integration with Credicorp on a compensation model implemented for a segment dedicated to Ultraserfinco employees.

Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados

Full-service firm Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados focuses its labour work on negotiations with unions and crisis management. The firm particularly advises the agroindustry sector, working on strategies during the pandemic to protect companies’ financial stability and preserve jobs, as well as aiding the sector with collective agreements, the labour aspects of M&A transactions and medical leave. Another focus is the food and drink sector, for which the firm has advised on foreign welfare policies and compensation and severance during M&A. The firm also handles visas and work permits for companies hiring foreign employees. The practice is led by Camilo Cuervo Díaz, who specialises in collective negotiations, and Diego Mauricio Acevedo Gamez, who has expertise in litigation and UGPP work.

Practice head(s):

Camilo Cuervo Díaz, Diego Mauricio Acevedo Gamez


Cuberos Cortes Gutierrez is a firm that is always in permanent contact with the company where I work, they have experience in labour law and they know us very well. It has a consultant for each branch of the Colombian labour law. They are assertive with their recommendations. It all makes Cuberos Cortes Gutierrez, in my opinion, provide a very good service: timely, reliable and quality.

The firm’s lawyers are empathic people, recognised in the field of labour law; analytical, up-to-date and professors: Camilo Alberto Cuervo, Diego Acevedo and Diana Milena Bolivar.

Cuberos Cortes Gutierrez always has a consultant for the company, practically available 24 hours a day. They constantly update their clients on labour law through webinars, memos, publications, etc. On the other hand, they interact directly with each of their clients. It is a high quality human team.

The person who attends us is Dr. Diego Acevedo, a knowledgeable, analytical, diligent professional, attentive to resolving any questions and with a gift for people.’

Customer service and opportunity. They have very good legal concepts that allow you to always be at the forefront.

Key clients

Gestiones y Representaciones Chia

Biomax Biocombustibles

Gastronomia Italiana en Colombia (Domino’s Pizza)

Masivo Capital (Transmilenio operative)

I-Shop Colombia


Honor Servicios de Seguridad

Publicaciones Semana

Mercaderia (Justo y Bueno)


Work highlights

  • Negotiated Gastronomía Italiana en Colombia (Dominos Pizza Colombia)’s collective bargaining agreement with SINALTRAIBEC, a prominent union for food and drink producers.
  • Advised a client on the suspension of its labour contracts due to the Covid-19 pandemic and  government regulations.
  • Provided legal solutions to Presh Tech to increase productivity, performance and quality levels, while reducing absenteeism, which allowed the company to go from an 85% overall performance to 92% in just over six months.

Gamboa, García y Cardona Abogados

Gamboa, García y Cardona Abogados acts for global clients including Hunter Douglas and national firms including Terranum and Inverlink, on matters such as retirement plans and contract suspensions, due diligence, visas and IDs for migrating employees, and social security and tax payments. The firm is developing its litigation work, representing Standard Chartered Bank in a claim and counterclaim against its former CEO for Colombia. The practice is led by founding partner Ivan Cardona Restrepo, who led on advice to Longport Airport Services on issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, such as handling contract suspensions for around 1,000 workers; and Edna Liliana Torres, who has expertise in negotiations with employees and immigration matters.

Practice head(s):

Ivan Cardona Restrepo; Edna Liliana Torres


What makes the Gamboa, García & Cardona team unique is: 1) Its extensive and always up-to-date knowledge on labour legal issues; 2) Its interest in knowing our industry and properly understanding our needs; 3) And, of course, the warmth, clarity and professionalism of its members.

They are high-level professionals, who also stand out for their personal qualities, being warm, close, clear in their communication, helpful, kind, disciplined and excellent in their results. We’d highlight: Iván Cardona, Edna Liliana Torres and Carlos Andrés Rincón.

Their  ability to provide us with comprehensive advice, linking their concepts to the legal point of view and their comprehensive knowledge of the best practices in the labour market, thereby opening a range of options for the applicability of the concepts, which keeps us at the forefront despite being very conservative on legal risk.

The firm has an excellent team, the lawyers complement each other very well.

Edna Liliana Torrres is an excellent lawyer who has full and up-to-date knowledge of Colombian regulations and jurisprudence. Her personalised attention stands out because she responds quickly and efficiently to the queries that are made to her at any time.

They have a newsletter, which has allowed me to keep abreast of regulatory developments.

Very professional and with a lot of knowledge and experience. They have accompanied us in some judicial processes and thanks to the analysis of the cases, they have been resolved favourably.

They have provided us with excellent information for managing the hiring and retirement of personnel.’

‘Ivan – founding partner; Edna Liliana Torres – junior partner. They handle Colombian legislation very well and have excellent experience. The advice has been impeccable. They look for and find solutions to problems. They are very clear in their explanations so that one can make the best decisions.

The virtual consultations have been excellent, especially during the pandemic that we are currently experiencing. Even the judicial processes were carried out in this way and they were always there. Additionally, we have a monthly advisory contract. It is very convenient because we know that we have coverage for [a certain number of] hours per month with reduced rates. Subsequently, the report of times used is very clear, which allows very good control within our company.

Excellent practical legal support on Colombian labour law matters Responsive practical advice. Available at all hours.

‘The main attributes of GGC Legal are: practicality, in the sense of being pragmatic, digressing little in legal arguments. Closeness, they always have space for the case of one. Effectiveness, in a short time there are reasonable solutions to each case.  Today, in the midst of the pandemic, there has been flexibility to remotely handle cases, view digital evidence, etc. I insist on the proximity factor – that makes them different from other firms in which the lawyers feel they have the absolute truth and the client simply tells a story and walks away. With GGC Legal the client really helps in building the solution.

Key clients

Hunter Douglas de Colombia

Longport Airport Services Colombia





Armour International

Standard Chartered Bank

Producciónes Artísticas y Culturales

Otto Bock Healthcare Andina

Los Nominativos Siete24

Polyone Corporation

DB Solution

Texturizadora Win Lon

Ospinas & Cía

NSF International

Work highlights

  • Advised Polyone Corporation on labour and employment related matters during the acquisition of one of the business units of Clariant Plastics & Coatings Colombia.
  • Advised Longport Airport Services Colombia on all labour law aspects related to the Covid 19 pandemic, involving: (i) designing the labour and employment strategy, and preparing all necessary documentation for the suspension of labour contracts of approximately 1,000 workers due to force majeure; (ii) successfully representing the company in three guardianship actions brought by workers seeking reinstatement; and (iii) successfully represented the client in five petitions by the Ministry of Labour in different regions of the country.
  • Represented Standard Chartered Bank – Rep Office in an ordinary labour lawsuit brought by the former CEO for Colombia of the company, in which he claimed the declaration of an ordinary salary and consequent payment of social benefits and bonuses for $2m.