Firms To Watch: Dispute resolution: white-collar crime

The white-collar crime department at specialised criminal law and litigation firm Alarcon-Araya Abogados focuses on both corporate defence and compliance work; with particular expertise as regards the forestry, finance, fishing, transportation and real estate sectors, the practice is co-led by name partners Humberto Alarcon and Alvaro Araya.
The five-member team at boutique law firm Bartucevic Piergentili is headed up by Rodrigo Piergentili (a former Rivadeneira Colombara Zegers partner), whose longstanding experience encompasses complex criminal proceedings before the national courts, particularly those of an economic nature.
Established in September 2021, Chahuán Letelier Lledó has a close focus on contentious matters and the regulated industries; co-founding partner Guillermo Chahuán (formerly a senior associate at Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados) has substantial experience in representing individuals and companies in dispute resolution matters involving white-collar crime.
One of the firm's to emerge from the dissolution of Harasic Medina & Dal Pozzo in 2022, Dal Pozzo Medina Abogados' founding partners - Sebastián Dal Pozzo and Gonzalo Medina - have solid experience in complex litigation - predominantly financial crime and corporate criminal liability matters, as well as cases involving public officials.
Harasic ǀ Barros opened its doors in April 2022, co-founded by partners Davor Harasic, Ivan Harasic and Natalia Barros who had previously worked together for approximately five years at Harasic, Medina & Dal Pozzo Abogados; the practice is experienced in high-stakes, defence-side criminal litigation, particularly as regards the transport, ports, mining, telecoms, real estate and ports sectors.

Dispute resolution: white-collar crime in Chile

BACS Abogados

Acting for a vast range of corporate and individual clients, BACS Abogados' sizeable bench handles matters across the full white-collar crime spectrum. Representative expertise for the team’s ‘highly experienced and dedicated lawyers' ranges from high-stakes white-collar investigations to substantial litigation and complex compliance matters, with recent mandates for the group including matters arising from the newly-introduced crime of disloyal administration. Among the firm’s key active counsel: Marcos Contreras is an expert in financial fraud, economic crimes, money laundering, and crimes against the environment; Miguel Schürmann's recent track record includes defending a disloyal administration criminal lawsuit; Alejandro Awad (an ‘excellent strategist') is dual-qualified (Chile/New York) and has vast white-collar litigation experience; and consultant partner Antonio Bascuñán is broadly regarded as a thought leader in the white-collar sector, most recently being involved in the development and promotion of bill No. 13204-07 which expands corporate criminal liability. Completing the senior team, former practice director for the penal and compliance areas, José Pedro Silva was promoted to the partnership in March 2023 and specialises in white collar-crime investigations.

Practice head(s):

Alejandro Awad; Antonio Bascuñán; Marcos Contreras; Miguel Schürmann; José Pedro Silva


The service is excellent for its speed, creativity and certainty. That is what one looks for in this type of firm and BACS delivers it.

A strong team with highly experienced and dedicated lawyers.

The lawyers are very prepared, assertive, and with good response times.

Key clients




Sigdo Koppers



Banco Itau

Red Salud

Australis Sea Foods

Grupo Patio

Ilustre Municipalidad de Maipú

Western Union Chile

Magnotta Wineyards

Viña Santa Carolina


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Cementerio Metropolitano

Grupo Bavaria

Inmobiliaria Fuenzalida

Corporación de Educación Municipalidad de Maipú

Jonás Gómez Pacheco





VGCP Astaldi



Ilustre Municipalidad de Mostazal

Mayor of Ilustre Municipalidad de Lampa

Liberty Seguros



Ilustre Municipalidad de Tilti

BTG Pactual

Caja Los Andes

Work highlights

  • Representing Itelecom in an investigation into bribery and money laundering, in relation to public tenders for contracts for the replacement and maintenance of LED luminaires.
  • Assisting Municipalidad de Mostazal, Municipalidad de Til Til and Municipalidad de Maipú with investigating fraud and embezzlement, which were possibly committed by the former administrations.
  • Assisted Jonás Gómez (JG), through the representation and defence of one of his lawyers (who was also a director of a company owned by JG and his siblings) in a criminal complaint filed against him for the crime of disloyal administration.

Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados

Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados is a specialised disputes practice with an enviable reputation for representing individuals and legal entities before the Chilean Public Prosecutor’s Office. The eight-strong criminal law practice is consistently sought out by plaintiffs and defendants to act in heavyweight white-collar cases, as well as substantial investigations into corruption allegations. The team is also increasingly focused on compliance and crime prevention work, including the development of crime prevention models. The practice is co-led by name partner Jorge Bofill, a renowned litigator and 'visionary strategist' whose experience also includes conducting internal corporate investigations on behalf of corporation owners and boards; and criminal law director César Ramos (a partner since late 2021), whose criminal litigation practice covers finance, property, tax and securities. Key associate support is provided by Andrea Lema (whose past experience includes time at the Public Defender’s Office) who regularly acts before Chile’s criminal trial courts and the Santiago Court of Appeal.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Bofill; César Ramos


‘The team is characterised by its quality and legal knowledge.’

‘A fine and deep evaluation of the context, current legislation, as well as the characteristics of Chile’s socio-political environment that can affect cases.’

‘A strategic direction that produces a clear definition of objectives, tasks and ways of dealing with each case.’

‘The technological support, both on the legal and administrative side, is strong and modern.’

‘Jorge Bofill – in addition to his personal skills, is a visionary strategist, which unites the personal involvement and direction of the professionals who handle each case.’

Key clients


Compañía Contractual Minera Candelaria

Julio Ponce Lerou

Luis Alberto Yapur

Sociedad Administradora de Casinos y Servicios Aliservice

Distribuidora Las Lagunas

Casinos Mogado

Juan Emilio Cheyre

Inmobiliaria e Inversiones Chicureo

Desarrollos la Dehesa

High-ranking officers of Empresas Penta

Pedro Guerra Guerrero

Valeria Ronchera

Paula Labra Besserer

Carlos Capurro

Enel Chile

Work highlights

  • Acting for Cintac, its Peruvian subsidiary Sehover and Peruvian litigants, in proceedings initiated by the company following the findings of an internal investigation (conducted by the firm) which determined the existence of fraudulent administration.
  • Representing Compañía Contractual Minera Candelaria in an ongoing investigation regarding alleged bribery charges in relation to an agreement with the Municipality of Tierra Amarilla.
  • Representing Julio Ponce Lerou (controller of SQM), who is accused of stock market manipulation, in relation to transactions carried out between companies of the holding and third parties to the detriment of minority shareholders.

López Escobar del Río

Comparing ‘more than favourably with other criminal offices in Chile ‘, boutique law firm López Escobar del Río accepts a limited number of cases per year, which allows its criminal, civil, and administrative litigation partners to be directly involved in every matter. The specialist complex litigation team covers a wide range of sectors, including finance, retail and electricity, as well as ports, mining, banking, telecoms, and infrastructure. The group is currently in charge of the legal defence of Empresas Penta and Inversiones Penta III, in a high-profile case involving investigations into alleged tax crimes and bribery. Co-heading the team are renowned Chilean criminal procedure expert  Julián López Masle and the ‘tremendously intelligent' José Ignacio Escobar Opazo, who in 2022 was also appointed to defend former General, Cristián Le Dantec, in a major criminal investigation into the embezzlement of public funds. At associate level, senior Ignacio Ananías Zaror ('stand out'; 'really takes care of clients'), and Carla Lagomarsino Talma, both focus on criminal, civil and commercial litigation.

Practice head(s):

Julian Lopez Masle; Jose Ignacio Escobar Opazo


A team that cares about clients – it is available at all times and empathises with clients. The group always keeps the client informed of the case’s development and the decisions made.

Fluid internal coordination and clarity in the exchanges, which shows strong communication channels, facilitating the fulfilment of objectives – thoroughness and exhaustiveness in each of the topics investigated and commissioned. The lawyers provide complete security in what they do and propose.

Deep knowledge of criminal law, with very good availability to meet clients’ requirements. It compares more than favourably with other criminal offices in Chile.

Key clients

Outsourcing Inc

Penta Goup companies

Carlos Alberto Delano

Christian LeDantec


Vitacura Municipality

Crown Companies

EMOAC (Mauricio Olivares)

Doña Inés de Collahuasi Mining Company

Work highlights

  • Representing Japan’s Outsourcing Inc in a criminal investigation initiated against its Chilean partners for the crimes of incompatible negotiation and disloyal administration (through their management of SL Group).
  • Currently in charge of the legal defence of Empresas Penta and Inversiones Penta III, which concerns an investigation into alleged tax crimes and bribery.
  • Defending Carlos Alberto Délano in an investigation into former President Sebastián Piñera and Délano for alleged bribery.

BCP Abogados

BCP Abogados' large white-collar practice is routinely mandated in heavyweight litigatio and for the defence of alleged financial and tax crimes, and crimes by public officials. The team also assists with contentious administrative cases and civil litigation. In a recent 18-month period, the practice acted in over 150 cases. Additionally, in terms of international matters, the firm’s track record includes litigating before the International Criminal Court and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in relation to cases concerning human rights and crimes against humanity. The department is co-led by founding partners Juan Ignacio Piña, a specialist in the development and implementation of companies’ crime prevention strategies; complex litigation expert Francisco Cox; and former Public Criminal Defender Matías Balmaceda. Key senior associate Guillermo Cantin also maintains an active criminal litigation practice.

Practice head(s):

Juan Ignacio Piña; Francisco Cox; Matías Balmaceda


Its main strength, in addition to its knowledge and quality of service, is its availability, particularly during unforeseen situations that require a quick resolution.

Clients have a very good professional relationship with these lawyers, bearing in mind their availability, kindness and professional expertise.

Key clients




Work highlights

  • Defended ESSAL in a criminal investigation (launched by the Public Ministry) into alleged environmental crimes.
  • Defended Andacor against a criminal action initiated by potable water company, El Colorado, which concerned the usurpation of water, damages and violent usurpation.
  • Assisted Contempora with obtaining a conviction for simulated contracts.


Specialising in complex litigation cases at both national and international levels, the criminal law practice at full-service firm Carey ranges from economic and tax crimes, to cybercrime, violations of anti-corruption laws, domestic and international asset laundering, and breaches of industrial and IP laws. The multidisciplinary team advises clients from the earliest of stages, its assistance covering risk prevention and analyses, internal investigations, and how to react to criminal contingencies. It additionally represents clients’ interests during administrative and judicial proceedings throughout the country. The group is co-led by renowned Chilean litigator Gonzalo Fernández, who also heads the firm’s litigation, compliance and anti-corruption team; and senior counsel Rodrigo Aldoney (a February 2022 hire from BCP Abogados), whose expertise covers economic crimes, fraud and environmental offences. Aldoney also advises corporate boards on criminal risks and internal corporate investigations. At associate level, senior Eduardo Alcaíno and semi-senior Caterina Ravera (who has just completed her LLM), both maintain active white-collar crime practices.

Practice head(s):

Gonzalo Fernández; Rodrigo Aldoney

Key clients


Work highlights

  • Assisted Coopeuch with an investigation that was initiated after a criminal complaint was filed for unfair administration against Coopeuch’s employees,who intentionally falsified financial and accounting records preventing the detection of erroneous payments made to businesses partners.

Albagli Zaliasnik

Albagli Zaliasnik's experienced criminal litigation group advises on the full range of white-collar matters. Its track record covers defence and plaintiff-side work concerning complex and high-profile economic and business crimes ( generally involving fraud and bribery allegations), as well as civil, tax, financial and environmental crimes. The criminal litigation group also handles large-scale investigations before criminal bodies, such as the Investigative Police, Public Ministry, and the Constitutional, Criminal, Appeal and Supreme Courts. ‘A unique player in Chile’s litigation market', the criminal law practice of founding partner and group head Gabriel Zaliasnik encompasses economic crimes and extradition proceedings. Former practice director Jaime Winter left to establish his own firm in March 2023.

Practice head(s):

Gabriel Zaliasnik


Great level of knowledge, commitment and work.

Albagli Zaliasnik has quite a diverse team in terms of expertise. It is a full- service office, but with the work attended to by partners.

Without being one of the largest offices in Chile, it has the capacity to offer a impressive series of legal services.

Gabriel Zaliasnik is probably the most experienced lawyer in Chile litigating highly complex cases. He has the ability to direct and litigate criminal, administrative, civil and constitutional matters.

Beyond Gabriel Zaliasnik’s good legal judgment in general and good common sense, his creativity and global approach make him a unique player in Chile’s litigation market.

Key clients

La Polar

Desarrollos Renovables


Sartor Finance Group Finance

Inmobiliaria of Coquimbo

Jaime Mañalich

D&A Licensing

Roberto Guzmán Lyon

Aldo Motta


National Chamber of Commerce



Rendalo Maq

WIT Entertainment

Work highlights

  • Acting for Empresas La Polar in two criminal investigations into alleged counterfeiting.
  • Assisted Desarrollos Renovables with its defence against a fraud action.
  • Assisted Betterfly with filing a complaint regarding criminal threats further to online posts that directly threatened the integrity of some of its employees.

Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos

The white-collar and compliance practice at Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos houses experts in cases involving internal and external frauds, unlawful administration, IP, corruption, and tax crimes. The group’s experience predominantly concerns criminal claimants and victim-assessment matters, but it is increasingly defending companies’ interests during criminal investigations. The group is led by Jorge Boldt, who maintains an active defence-side white-collar crime practice, conducts internal investigations and also undertakes risk assessments. First line associate support is provided by senior Lorena Avendaño, who acts in both civil litigation and criminal defence work; while associate Simona Marquet's experience includes internal investigations into fraud, corruption and medical-device failures.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Boldt


The service provided is excellent, timely communication and accurate analysis.

Jorge Boldt has provided us with excellent, timely and accurate advice.

Key clients






KPMG Chile

Nueva Unión


Norte Abierto

José Ramón Valente

Work highlights

  • Assisted KPMG Chile in relation to the assertion by Innovaciones Forestales’ (IF) CFO that KPMG had issued an audit report for the company.
  • Represented José Ramón Valente Vias (a former Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism), in relation to Guillermo Pattillo’s (National Statistics Service head) filing of a criminal complaint for alleged manipulation of inflation figures by subordinates.
  • Acted for Jorge Mandrú Siebert (a minority shareholder in Aquafarms) in a criminal action concerning the recently-enacted crime of unfair administration.

Etcheberry García Abogados

Long-established penal specialists, Etcheberry García Abogados fields a dedicated white-collar crime law practice that assists with both disputes and risk management. The ‘outstanding' team’s capabilities range from fraud, embezzlement, conflicts of interest and unlawful negotiation, to tax fraud, customs offences, and banking and finance-related crimes. It also advises on money laundering, corporate criminal liability matters, securities fraud and the bribing of public officials. ‘The star of the firm', René García Cusacovich works as a trial lawyer in criminal matters, particularly those concerning patrimonial and economic crimes; founding partner Alfredo Etcheberry Orthusteguy provides further senior support; as does penal litigator Matías Hiriart , a ‘serious lawyer' who is 'responsible, concerned and, above all, unfailingly honest'.

Practice head(s):

René García Cusacovich


The team is outstanding – its vast knowledge of economic, patrimonial and official crimes stands out.

One of the firm’s greatest characteristics is the professional preparation of all the partners, who also directly work with clients.

Dedication, professionalism and particular ability to resolve problems. Compared to other legal teams, there is no question that Etcheberry García Abogados stands out favourably as one of the top criminal law firms in the country.

Personally, I can talk about Matías Hiriart, who is extremely responsible, concerned and, above all, unfailingly honest.

An excellent firm – compares favourably in that its services are personalised and affordable.

Regarding new technological tools, it has implemented good information systems that help the team resolve cases more quickly.

René García Cusacovich is the star of the firm.

Alfredo Etcheberry Orthusteguy is a prominent academic, and recognised nationally by his peers for his vast experience in criminal litigation.


The five-member practice at FerradaNehme is regularly mandated to represent both companies and individuals in financial crime matters, including judicial representation in criminal cases. The team’s experience covers pyramid scams, civil servant-related crimes, and crimes concerning unfair administration and corruption on the part of individuals. It also assists companies with preventive strategies. Criminal litigator Rafael Collado is head of the practice - he also directs the firm’s compliance group and is a recently-appointed member of Alberto Hurtado University’s criminal law department. The experience of senior associate and crime-related compliance expert, Lucía Álvarez, includes an internship at the Criminal Legal Defender’s Office.

Practice head(s):

Rafael Collado

Key clients

Corporación Nacional del Cobre

Jeanette Vega Morales

Clínica Sierra Bella

GC Rent

Pegasus South America Servicios Integrales de Aviación

Transportes Italia

Innovación Social Fundrasing

Sunset tires

Constructor Atacama

Jorge Correa

Ximena Correa

David Rosales

Inversiones Lahuan

Work highlights

  • Assisted Codelco with the filing of a lawsuit against its former executive president, as well as the criminal case against him.
  • Acted for Jeanette Vega (a former Social Development Minister of the current Chilean government) in her criminal defence against a lawsuit, which accused her of obstructing an investigation.
  • Assisted major Peruvian insurance company, Grupo Pacífico, with an internal investigation into a bid-rigging scheme.

Giroux Vial Abogados

In addition to criminal law and criminal administrative matters, Giroux Vial Abogados' ‘excellent lawyers' cover disputes involving antitrust law, and both civil and commercial litigation. The niche, three-member practice is also experienced in compliance work, the criminal liability of private individuals and legal entities, and the prevention of asset laundering; indeed the firm has a genuine specialisation with approximately 75% of its work involving economic crime or white-collar crime cases. The team is co-led by founding partners Cristophe Giroux, ‘a very professional and competent lawyer', who acts in criminal cases involving financial issues, tax, and offences committed by public officials; and Salvador Vial, whose practice includes crimes involving worker safety.

Practice head(s):

Cristophe Giroux; Salvador Vial


The team is very cohesive and works closely with its clients – better than some other larger firms.

Excellent lawyers who also teach at Chilean Universities, which means they are up to date regarding developments in their profession.

Very professional and dedicated to cases.


Lembeye‘s niche, two-member team is regularly retained by both individuals and companies for major criminal cases. Recent highlights include representing Itelecom in a high-profile anti-corruption criminal investigation. The former co-head of Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados‘ white-collar team, Daniel Praetorius, heads up the firm’s dispute resolution and criminal law practice. Praetorius, whose career also includes working at the Money Laundering, Economic Crime and Organised Crime Unit at the National Prosecutor’s Office, is a specialist in civil and criminal litigation, administrative sanction proceedings, compliance programmes, and internal corporate investigations.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Praetorius

Key clients


Work highlights

  • Defended Itelecom against a criminal investigation into alleged bribery during bidding proceedings in municipalities across the country.

Merino y Cía. Abogados

The four-member practice at boutique firm Merino y Cía. Abogados regularly assists with criminal conflict resolution, along with advising companies on compliance and criminal due diligence. The practice’s coverage includes regulatory offences, and crimes against people and property, while the firm’s practitioners also participate in legislative commissions (on behalf of public institutions). The team is co-led by founding partner and ‘very good litigator', Eugenio Merino Palacios, an expert in corporate criminal compliance, and regulatory and economic criminal law litigation; and Javier Wilenmann Von Bernath (‘great technical capacity'), who made partner back in 2019 and whose experience includes being part of the commission responsible for designing a new white-collar crime sentencing framework during the course of 2019/20.

Practice head(s):

Eugenio Merino Palacios; Javier Wilenmann Von Bernath


A team with great dedication to its clients and with timely responses.

A boutique firm with the constant presence of partners, which makes it stand out. It also handles technical-administrative issues that go beyond criminal matters.

Keeps its lawyers in constant contact with the executives of clients’ companies, which allows them to be constantly updated, generating a collaborative environment that notably favours the advice given.

Key clients

Arturo Zuñiga

Forum Financial Services



Subterra Mining Machinery

AB InBev Chile




Work highlights

  • Defending Arturo Zuñiga (former chief of staff to the health minister during the first term of president Sebastián Piñera) against criminal investigations into alleged crimes of treasury fraud and influence peddling.
  • Assisted PatagonLand with analysing and weighing the risks of a lawsuit filed by the the State Defence Council against the legal representatives of four real estate projects.
  • Assisting SKC with the analysis and initiation of criminal actions (where appropriate), in relation to a series of irregularities detected after the resignation of the CFO of a subsidiary of the company.

Montero, Silva & Valdés

Montero, Silva & Valdés' four-member white-collar department is highly focused on significant criminal cases, but the team also assists with the development of compliance models and preventive analyses. Recent highlights include defending senior executive Sebastián González in the Intervalores case, which involves fraud allegations. Founding partner and practice leader Darío Silva Villagrán is a renowned specialist in financial crime matters and corruption offences, as well as compliance models, administrative sanctioning law and constitutional actions. Providing valuable associate-level support are criminal law experts Paula Sánchez (a mid-2021 recruit from the former Bofill Mir Andres Jana Abogados), and Manuela Miquel.

Practice head(s):

Darío Silva Villagrán


A team with great dedication to its clients and with timely responses.

A boutique firm with the constant presence of partners, which makes it stand out. It also handles technical-administrative issues that go beyond criminal matters.

Keeps its lawyers in constant contact with the executives of clients’ companies, which allows them to be constantly updated, generating a collaborative environment that notably favours the advice given by comparison with other law firms.

Key clients

Sebastián González


Marcelo Hernández of Línea Azul buses

Paulo Brignardello


Eduardo Ugarte Ronzier

Agustín Reymond

Eduardo Prieto Correa




Work highlights

  • Defending Sebastián González in the Intervalores case, which concerns a fraud committed by a stockbroker against investors.
  • Defending Paulo Brigardello in the Arcano Case, which concerns hundreds of millions of dollars handed over by investors to venture capital firm Grupo Arcano and affiliate Onix Capital.
  • Representing the victim, a 74-year-old landowner, who granted his nephew a general power of administration of his assets, resulting in the transfer of high-value properties.

Estudio Navarro Abogados

Estudio Navarro Abogados' ‘high-level team of lawyers' is particularly experienced in advising Chilean companies from the energy, metallurgy, pharma, construction, banking/financial services, transportation and agri-food sectors. The white-collar crime practice is co-led by Catalina Navarro, a former head of the Economic Crimes Unit at the Public Ministry’s National Public Prosecutor’s Office; and Carlos Vernaza, whose career includes working as criminal law adviser at the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security’s Undersecretary for Crime Prevention. Acting exclusively on criminal matters, the pair specialise in crimes against property, economic and business-related crimes (including cyber-crime), and crimes involving intellectual and industrial property.

Practice head(s):

Catalina Navarro; Carlos Vernaza


Excellent firm.

High-level team of lawyers.

Good responses that are on time and conform to requirements.