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Nowadays, companies and organizations are exposed to a greater intensity and quantity of regulations of various kinds and hierarchies. As a result, they are more susceptible to the risk of regulatory non-compliance, which can have financial, operational, and reputational implications.
Alongside the evaluation of business risks and internal controls, the compliance function emerges as a strategic tool to generate greater competitiveness and create value for the organization, clients, and the market. It also aims to minimize the economic consequences of non-compliance. The management of regulatory compliance (compliance) is proposed with the objective of equipping the client with tools based on the best international practices and continuous improvement in terms of legal compliance, transparency, corporate ethics, and good governance, in line with the size, structure, nature, and complexity of the organization.

Consortium Legal provides the following services in the regulatory compliance area:

  • Review of practices and procedures to determine existing legal risks.
  • Identification of risks and delegation of responsibilities (Risk Assessment).
  • Development and alignment with international regulations and standards of the risk management and mitigation plan.
  • Advisory on entity’s legal risk management.
  • Training on the implementation of compliance services.
  • Preventive audits and monitoring of the compliance program.
  • Support in the management of the compliance officer.
  • Sector-specific regulatory compliance strategies.
  • Internal investigations.

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